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2008-05-16, 02:39 PM

Through a mix up with Amazon I've ended up with an extra copy of the IDW Transformers Premiere Hardcover. This collects Infiltration, Stormbringer, the first 5 Spotlights and Escalation all in a spectacular oversized, beautifully presented book. It is even signed by Furman, Don and EJ on a tip in plate.

This book is in mint condition, absolutely untouched and unread, still in the box Amazon sent it to me in. It's sold out though Diamond and Amazon and went for £65+ in the shops. I want £40 + postage for this item. Anyone interested? LMK

Here's the listing on Amazon:
For strengthening forearm muscles, or getting the full story of the Transformers' "IDW-verse," look no further than the "Transformers: Premiere Edition". At just over 500 pages of non-stop 'bot action, if you only buy one "Transformers book", ever, this is the one you need! Journey from Cybertron to Earth and back as the Transformers' legendary war spans the galaxy in a quest to return peace to their home planet, and restore harmony between all mechanoids. But while the noble Autobots seek their freedom, the Decepticons await with treacherous plans of their own. This collection includes "Infiltration", "Stormbringer", a collection of "Spotlights" (Shockwave, Nightbeat, Hot Rod, Sixshot, Ultra Magnus), and the latest addition, "Escalation".

2008-06-03, 07:48 PM
What’s that in Canadian dollars, plus overseas shipping?

2008-06-04, 08:10 AM
No clue, but a lot. I'll look it up tonight.

2008-07-08, 09:00 PM
Sh*t! Forgot to do this. Are you still interested? Sterling to Canadian dollars is about 2:1 so you're looking at $80 Canadian straight away. Shipping will probably be a lot as its very heavy. I'll look it up if your interested but you'd probably be better getting it from Amazon in Canada or even America. LMK what you do.

2008-07-12, 04:25 PM
sorry, to much.

thank you though.:wave:

2009-01-23, 04:04 PM
Hi. I have an Ark Vol 1 from IDW that I'm considering selling if someone makes me a good enough offer, so ask away and we'll see what happens.

Also, I have a New copy of the Premiere Edition up for grabs @ £50 + P&P if anyone's interested.


2009-01-26, 11:25 AM
I'm having a clear out and have listed some stuff on ebay. Take a look and see if anything grabs you. Cheers


2009-01-26, 05:27 PM
If you click on "Go advanced" in the inset edit box, you should be able to edit thread titles yourself. Gimme a shout if it doesn't work, 'cause it should...

2009-01-26, 09:21 PM
If you click on "Go advanced" in the inset edit box, you should be able to edit thread titles yourself. Gimme a shout if it doesn't work, 'cause it should...

Cheers. It's just my level of ignorance, not anything else wrong.

2009-10-13, 02:36 PM
I'm leaving the country next year so most of my collection is going to be up for sale in the next few months. I've started to list things on ebay so give it a look if your interested.

There'll be figures from Armada, all the way up to movie toys and everything in between. Most figures are mint in their boxes, some are in sealed boxes and almost all are complete. So have a look and see what grabs you. I've also got graphic novels and comics up for grabs too.

Here's the link:



2009-10-29, 04:58 PM
I've got a whole box of comics I need to get rid of in the next months. Here's a list to start with, more to follow. Let me know if you're interested (neuronutter@hotmail.com) with an offer.

Micromasters #1-4
The War Within #1
20th Anniversary Summer special
Armada Sourcebook 1-3

Beast Wars Sourcebook #1
Megatron Origin #1-4
ROTF Movie Prequel Defiance #1-4
ROTF Movie Prequel Alliance #1-3
New Avengers/Transformers #1-4

UK comics
Transformers 1-8 including all the tat they put on the front covers in mint condition.

All of them are in mint/near-mint condition and they'll be sent in hardbacked envelopes. Buyer pays P&P but I'll keep it to a minimum. Cheers!