View Full Version : [CUSTOM] 3 (more) versions of Sunstorm!!!!

2009-01-27, 06:22 PM
Been very bust lately, but finally got a minute to get on the computer and upload some new pics. One of these was a commission, the other 2 might be bought (unsure)

All 3 were built from the TFU Starscream mold, (2 of which came from Acid Storm redeco) They were all painted with 100% enamel paints and clear coated with testors clear coat. The insignias on the wings were applied using water-slide decals (new tutorial on my site explaining the process) I wanted to keep each unique, however carry the Sunstorm persona across. Almost a year ago, I made "Version 1" which can be found on my website. In addition, more images of these all will be uploaded to my site later this week.

Anyway, enjoy and please leave some C&C...

Sunstorm Version #2




Sunstorm Version #3




Sunstorm Version #4




Group Shot


electro girl
2009-01-27, 06:27 PM
Very nice, I like version 4 but thats because I'm a sucker for tose forearms. I'll check out the tutorial somtime (great site BTW) great work as usual.:up:

Transformer Kamen
2009-01-27, 11:28 PM
That's another vote for enamels...have to try them out on my next project.

Anyway, those look great! Three different takes on the same character, and all very well done. My person favorite is #3, just because it seems more "Sunstormy" (and it has nothing at all to do with 'he's on FIRE!' shot at all, no sir. ;)).

Just out of curiosity, which is the commission?

2009-01-28, 12:03 AM
Just out of curiosity, which is the commission?

Not sure, the commissioner guy has to pick one of the 3, then I got the 2nd lined up for someone. Third will end up on the ebay.

Treadshot A1
2009-01-28, 12:46 AM
Very nice, I like version 4 but thats because I'm a sucker for tose forearms.

I just like version 4 because it's kinda midway between all the red of #2 and all the white of #3.

Though i say i like #3 over #2.

I hope #4 ends up on Ebay. :D

another tf fan
2009-01-28, 02:24 AM
I'm a sucker for monochromatic paint jobs so I vote for #3.

Treadshot A1
2009-01-28, 03:09 AM
I pity the commisioner...It'll be so hard to choose. :lol:

Treadshot A1
2009-01-29, 02:44 AM
For those who don't know, all three were bought by someone at tfw.

2009-01-29, 10:15 PM
My vote goes to version #2. I REALLY like the metal/gray of the joints and upper legs, even if the white is more his character. I especially like how you painted the 'elbow joints' too--that was a pretty good move. :) *Suddenly can't remember if you've done that before...*

2009-01-29, 11:25 PM
Me likely #2. Strangely enough, I like #3 too, just a little. Not too keen on #4. I think it's too much white in the apps. As always, though, you amaze me with your work.