View Full Version : 36ème festival international de la bande dessinée

2009-01-28, 11:48 PM
Ever heard of a place called Angoulême?

Every year they hold an international comic book festival. In fact, it's so sucessfull that the city has built itself around the reputation of being a hub of comic book activity. It's one of the few places in France to actually have a dedicated school devoted to comic artists for example. The festival starts tomorrow and lasts 'till Sunday, and while I suspect that not many people here plan to go, perhaps some of teh boffins might have heard of a few artists that are coming:
or to be more precise:

Anyway, my point is that I'll be there, so if that's any use to anyone... probably not, but you never know.

[/out of the blue]

edit: uh, I think that Panini are one of the french distributors for state-side comics. TBH I know **** all about the business end of things :(