View Full Version : No power for 3-5 days; internet longer

2009-01-29, 05:13 PM
We had a massive winter storm, and the region is without power. I am at a community center that has power and wifi running off a generator.

Also, some water main broke, so the county doesn't have that either.

Denyer: I don't think I've left any site updates in a state of flux, so all that should be able to wait until things return to normal.

I'll be back in a few days hopefully. On the bright side, people can better appreciate my natural beauty in these harrowing circumstances.

2009-01-31, 04:28 PM
Power is finally starting to trickle back on; I'm at a friend's house at the moment. The house and stores across the street from my apartment had lights on last night, so hopefully I'll have power at my place later today.

Of course, I live within the city limits of Murray; the people out in the boonies are getting estimates of 21-30 days before power can be restored...

2009-01-31, 05:08 PM
Shit, dude... Hope it all works out soon :)

2009-01-31, 06:52 PM
Damn dude that sucks, best of luck to you as well. I know what that shit is like, we used to be without power for days at a time where I lived in NC too, every time it snowed or there was a major ice storm. The last year I lived there we had the worst ice storm in recorded history for that area, there were people without power for 3 weeks over a 50 mile radius. Keep warm....:wave:

2009-02-02, 06:15 PM
As of about 7PM yesterday, I've had power and internet at my apartment. I'm at the early end of restoration, apparently. The radio announcements have given estimates of 2-6 weeks for people in more rural areas.

2009-02-02, 07:59 PM
Sorry, I think I saw this somewhere in-between running to catch things, meant to reply. Glad things got sorted out for you.

2009-02-03, 05:59 AM
Just got power back as well today, after about a week or so. Several trees are collapsed down here and one had the great convienience to smash on top of my truck. Glad to hear everything is okay on your end.