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2009-03-03, 09:34 PM
Afternoon, all

I'm selling two TFCC exclusives:

Landquake (the red tank)
Breakaway (the red jet)

Each comes with all original accessories (IE weapons/combiner hands/feet and energon stars), and are in excellent condition. No instructions, sadly, as I can't find them anywhere. no lenticular bio cards either.

These are two of the 'limbs' to nexus prime / nexus maximus the club exclusive combiner with all it's transparent-y goodness.

Offers welcome, please email
toyskwerl (at) gmail (dot) com

looking for $40 each / $75 for the pair, shipped to USA. will post worldwide, just let me know your country so i can factor in the postage (country depending, add about $10 for international).

paypal, money order etc

2009-03-03, 09:49 PM
I would help, but I'm a broke mother****er right now. Where you moving to?

2009-03-04, 01:34 AM
I would help, but I'm a broke mother****er right now. Where you moving to?

Wherever Mrs-to-be-borg72 ends up working; most likely Ohio/Virginia/Maryland. She's had some good (if not firm) offers so far, so its looking good, so long as the schools remember that they do actually need to hire new teachers at some point before september... I can't even begin to officially jobhunt myself until i'm over there and fully immigrated, but i'm fairly skill-flexible so am not especially region-specific.

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updated with all new stuff, 22 July 09.

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Bump for August update

Termite walks into a pub, and asks the guy serving: "Is the bar tender here?"


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Bump for the new comics post.

My neighbor has the record for the most concussions ever received; he lives close by, just a stones throw away...

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2010-02-28, 10:58 PM
Make sure you do international on the Gobots; Bent Wing is very rare Stateside, and the line has what seems to be a sizeable following in France/Italy. Also, assuming Wrong-Way's got the big chunky button for pushing up his head, mention it in the listing - many, many examples are missing that, and tight knees. His European name (Skygun) might be worth editing in the description too :)

Stickers all look fine from what I can see. In short, I'd be very tempted if I didn't already have minty-fresh examples of all three.

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can't think of any jokes. sorry.

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bumpan fer sale