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2009-03-10, 03:04 PM
God damn, this toy is a fine piece of work, everything the Chogokin Zeta wasn't. For a start, the thing has to be pushing 70% diecast. Then there's the mental gold chrome finish - the Shiki never looked this good on the anime, usually looking like a streak of urine. But there? Awesome, and it really stands out on the shelf next to the usual Gundams. the articulation's as good, if not better, than the RX-78, with some very, very good work in the legs. The knock-off Ideon Gun is well done, too - at least the Shiki can actually pose with its' comedy oversized gun, just a shame Char can't shoot straight with the thing. Only a couple of minor quibbles - the backpack detaches a little too easily, even occasionally if the figure is bent over backwards; that and there's no way the robot could draw its' beam sabers without the backpack being absent. Still, marvellous stuff, just the Double Zeta to go in the line for me (I've no real interest in the Zaku mould... ugly suit).

2009-03-10, 07:14 PM
Are you talking about this one, or an older release?


2009-03-10, 07:53 PM
Nope, that's the one.

Basically impossible to photograph, though :(