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2009-03-15, 05:24 AM
It was the land of Megatron, once the greatest city-state on all of Cybertron. Then it was a nuclear wasteland, an irradiated hell that none but the bravest or most desperate would dare enter. Now it was neither. Now it was a scarcely-populated wasteland, a barren, desolate land of ruins and debris as far as the eye could see.

But to Astrotrain, it was none of those things. To Astrotrain, Tarn was home.

It had been ages since he'd dared to come here. Even after the radiation had dissipated to tolerable levels, the region had been full of all manner of hellish mutated beasts, things that none by the craziest of people would want to face. But that was a thing of the past now, too. The Quintessons, scabrous vermin though they were, had done a wonderful job of cleaning up the remains of Tarn, making it into a place that was safe to venture once more without fear of death.

Astrotrain knew that his wingman shared no such feelings. Ramjet was Polyhex build and raised, and quite a bit younger to boot. To him Tarn would be nothing but a story he'd heard about from his elders, a parable of how things can go horribly wrong when the Decepticons fought amongst themselves.

What it meant to the person they were coming to meet, Astrotrain could only guess.

They circled the city a few times, then finally set down in the ruins of Victory Square. The plaza was still filled with irrecoverably-huge chunks of Metroplex and a Quintesson citybot, titans which had slaughtered each other during the battle for control of Cybertron.

From Victory Square they proceeded on foot, walking north toward the shores of the Mithril Sea.

2009-03-15, 02:31 PM
Gigatron flew slowly over Vos and then banked over the ruins of Tarn.

He observed the ruins. Tarn and Vos were indications of what happened when Decepticons fought each other. Ruined even before the fight with the Quintessons. It also showed the law of unintended consequences. This small war of mutual destruction had lead to Megatron war with the Autobots and ultimately to this moment in time. Mechs who failed to learn from history were bound to repeat it.

He tipped a wing in salute to the War dead as he passed over the remains of Metroplex before landing and transforming.

2009-03-17, 04:06 AM
Astrotrain approached Gigatron as he landed, a pensive expression on his face.

Was coming here the right thing to do? he asked himself, an edge of nerves starting to creep into his thoughts.

Ramjet had stayed behind at their landing point and had taken to the skies, keeping a sharp eye out for anyone who had the bad luck to wander into their meeting. Astrotrain caught sight of him in the sky above and was glad for his stalwart bodyguard's presence, whatever good it might do.

Swallowing away the nerves that threatened to betray him, he set his shoulders firmly and moved close enough to address Gigatron.

"This can't go on," he told the other Decepticon. "Just today I've had to consign three good soldiers to the morgue, another six who are injured to the point that they're not fit for duty and two who've flat-out disappeared. I can only imagine that things are similarly grim on your side of things, considering the hellhole where you've taken refuge. If we keep this up, there won't be a faction left to fight over."

2009-03-17, 07:11 AM
Gigatron walked slowly towards Astrotrain.

"The situation is not ideal in Crystal City and while it makes no sense to squander good troops and resources in internecine warfare which we will need in order to take on the Imperial threat. I can see no easy solution. I have been monitoring the situation in Kaon and more decepticons are being killed in internal squabbles although my intelligence is out of date as there seems to be a communications blackout.

2009-03-18, 03:50 AM
"The situation in Kaon is worse than you know," Astrotrain told Gigatron. "On my way here I could see at least two explosions on the kiloton scale going off."

The triple changer crossed his arms.

"There is no easy solution to this," Astrotrain said. "If there was, it never would have happened in the first place. But what you need to ask yourself isn't how can we stop this? Before you can answer that, you need to ask how did this happen in the first place?"

Astrotrain tilted his head to one side. "You need to ask yourself why you couldn't keep the loyalty of your men."

2009-03-18, 07:09 AM
Gigatron looked Astrotrain up and down.


He said dryly.

2009-03-19, 05:54 AM
Astrotrain sighed. Was Gigatron really going to make him spell it out? Or perhaps, as absurd as it seemed, the powerful sixchanger actually didn't realize...

"How many of the Decepticons under your command were there at the very beginning of the war?" he asked, his voice suggesting that he knew the answer all too well. "Few, if any. In fact, I'd wager that you don't have more than a handful of soldiers in your force who had joined the Decepticons before the Ark and Nemesis disappeared, and scant few troops who served under Megatron's command after he was revived on Earth."

He chuckled dryly. "In fact, look at your inner circle for a second. You've got Cyclonus, who hates Megatron with a passion for not being Galvatron. Bludgeon, who Megatron killed outright the last time he regained power. Skullgrin, who he sent out to die shortly after that. Venom, who died during the Time Wars fighting Megatron and Galvatron. A gestalt team who no one had ever heard of a decade ago. And then a fair sprinkling of people from Scorponok and Thunderwing's old crews to round things out."

Astrotrain shrugged. "You need to understand something. Most of us joined the Decepticons because of Megatron. People follow him because they want to, regardless of where he'll lead. But you...you inherited command long after most of us joined. Your subordinates followed you because they had to, and for a lot of them, nothing you can do will make them forgive that."

2009-03-19, 07:05 AM
Gigatron looked at Astrotrain

"I know I will never be Megatron and in this timeline my deeds before I arrived here are unknown. But still they cling to this hero from the past.

Does all that I have achieved still count for nothing. I have stopped Jhiaxus from killing us all once, I helped kill Unicron, I stopped that upstart Thunderwing and engineered the liberation of Cybertron from the Quintessons and what it is all for nothing because I am not Megatron.

Megatron who is turning his back on the bigger picture, the greater threat, who is currently getting members of his own faction killed in a bid for territory on a single planet when there is a whole universe out there. Megatron who is trying to relive his glory days and reconquer Cybertron. Megatron who if he had his own way would get us all killed because he is blind to the possibility of the greater threat to our race.

Megatron who is only alive because of that twisted Unicron spawned Chaos Matrix, Megatron puppet of Optimus Prime, the Quintessons and the Space Mafia.

This is the Megatron which they all hero worship and adore, are they blind. This devotion to historical precedence will be the death of us all. I am pursuing the greater good of our race and all Megatron is concerned with is power and personal gain.

There is an Empire out there who will crush us as who consider us dinosaurs footnotes on the pages of history who should be dead."

2009-03-20, 03:34 AM
Astrotrain shrugged, his massive shoulder pads turning the movement into a much more dramatic gesture than he'd intended.

"I'm the last person you need to explain this to," he told Gigatron. "I was there, remember, standing at your right hand throughout all of it. And everything you say is right, every word of it. But you need to understand something: none of it matters, because Megatron is going to win. It might take years and I can only imagine the destruction it can cause, but eventually he'll chip away at your resources until there's no one and nothing left."

The triplechanger sighed, then sat down on a pile of rubble that was the right size to be a makeshift stool.

"That can't be allowed to happen."

2009-03-20, 07:49 AM
Gigatron settled himself into the rubble

"We may not have that long, a move by the Imperials is long overdue. But your point is a valid one. Our options are few with regards Megatron. Co-operation, Assimilation or Assasination. If only I could persuade him of the Imperial threat."

Gigatron paused.

"In Fearless' cells there are survivors Commodore Bastion and Captain Archer and their crews we never had a chance to transfer them to Darkmount. However their should be prisoners from some of our earlier scouting missions in the cells maybe we should introduce Megatron to the Imperials face to face."

2009-03-21, 04:10 AM
"He's met them," Astrotrain told Gigatron. "In fact, he actively tried to kill them for a while...for pretty much the same reason he currently wants your head on a platter. But introducing him to a room full of green-painted soldiers wouldn't be half as effective as if we had one Imperial senior officer to introduce him to, someone he would see as a threat to his own grip on power. But unless the Imperials managed to kill him that would only be a temporary reprieve, not a solution."

The triplechanging admiral sighed. "There's one thing you need to understand about Megatron," he said. "He's not fighting you because he thinks you're a bad leader, or that he thinks you're bad for the faction. He's fighting you because it's inconceivable to him that anyone else lead the Decepticons." Astrotrain scoffed. "He tried, you know. For the first few years after the Quintessons were driven off, he tried to stay away. But eventually he convinced himself that he had to come back."

Astrotrain kicked a chunk of debris that was lying nearby. The rock hopped and skipped along the ground until it landed in the Mithril Sea without so much as a ripple. With a slight shake of his head, he hoped that wouldn't be a metaphor for his and Gigatron's discussion.

"Megatron won't ever cooperate with you, no more than he would cooperate with Shockwave, Scorponok or Jhiaxus. So really, you have two choices. Either you submit to his rule or you kill him. And I don't mean assassination, because the only one who would even stand half a chance of killing him would be you."

2009-03-22, 01:21 AM
Gigatron nodded as he watched the stone sink

"So Megatron has got himself a case of Manifest destiny, some how I'm not suprised. If I subjugated myself to him there would be no guarantee he would allow me to continue my plans to defend ourselves against the Quintessons. A merger of our two faction means we would lose time in political infighting. And then theres my troops Megatron isn't going to welcome them all with open arms and even if he did there are certain elements in his forces which would see them as a threat to be eliminated. I owe it to the ones who have stood by me... Does Megatron know about all the Imperial planets could we sway him by tempting him with potental conquests. If I tried to kill Megatron and lost we would be worse off and would surely fall beneath the heels of the Imperials........

2009-03-22, 04:53 AM
"All of those are perfectly valid points," Astrotrain agreed with Gigatron. "My only suggestion would be to find a way to turn him to your way of thinking, and quickly. If you could..." The triplechanger shrugged, "well, it would be a start, anyway. I don't think he really objects to making preparations for an Imperial assault, or to pro-actively moving against them."

Astrotrain made a noise that could have been called a laugh, if it hadn't been almost entirely devoid of any trace of humour.

"The problem," he said dryly, "is that you didn't get his express written permission before doing it."

Astrotrain considered Gigatron's suggestion and nodded slowly. "I'm sure he would be tempted by that," he said. "Conquest has always been one of his main obsessions. The question is, how do we get him to listen long enough to be convinced?"

He scoffed.

"What we really need right now," he said, "is an Imperial incident."

2009-03-22, 11:52 AM
Gigatron nodded

"I was thinking along similar lines , what did you have in mind?"

2009-03-24, 04:05 AM
"A visit from Jhiaxus or Thunderwing would be ideal," Astrotrain said dryly. "Something to remind Megatron that there are people other than you and him who would claim to be the leader of the Decepticons."

Picking up a fist-sized chunk of rock, Astrotrain turned it over in his hands, watching in silence as it crumbled at his every touch until he was left with nothing more than ash. Then he turned back to Gigatron.

"I don't suppose they would come if we simply asked them politely. They probably have agents on the planet, though. If we let slip some sensitive information to one of them, something that would draw a response from a top-level Imperial operative, that might do the trick."

2009-03-24, 06:57 AM
Gigatron shifted on his temporary seat.

"I would be uncomfortable drawing their attention too much, especially at our current level of preparedness. Also how would we identify the Imperial operative? I could have Hellbat prepare some of our prisoners and release them. Although would Megatron see through such a ploy."

2009-03-25, 03:51 AM
"He might," Astrotrain said, not happy with it. "And it's even more likely that his henchmen would. But Megatron is a creature of emotions," he told Gigatron. "If we could make him angry enough, he won't be able to see through his rage to realize he's been played."

2009-03-25, 06:55 AM
Gigatron nodded

"What target would be enought to do that , there must be something that would push his emotional buttons. Also one that would look feasible as a potential Imperial target."

He steepled his fingers together

"I wonder how they are getting their intelligence. Transmission would be right out if Soundwave was doing his job. It must be by ship, one of the merchant ships however our customs patrol is stopping all the Polyhex bound shipping and we haven't been accepting commercial space flight. Has there been a particular vessel that has been landing at Protihex but trading with Polyhex and ourselves A regular, someone with an Autobot registration we wouldn't stop or a neutral."

2009-03-27, 03:43 AM
"I wouldn't rule transmissions out entirely," Astrotrain told Gigatron. "After all, you and I have managed to exchange communiques for months with Soundwave being none the wiser. It's just a matter of disguising them well enough, or burying them in civilian communications traffic. Polyhex is a living city, after all, not a military compound."

Astrotrain stared off into the horizon for a few moments before continuing.

"It almost doesn't matter what target you choose," he told Gigatron. "Megatron's vulnerabilities are tied more to personal attacks than military ones. What the Imperials go after would matter a lot less than how they do it. If they can embarrass him, no matter how, that would drive him to distraction."

The admiral chuckled. "You said there were some Imperial prisoners still locked up in Darkmount, didn't you? If an Imperial strike team broke them out, it would raise Megatron's hackles quite a bit."

2009-03-28, 09:04 AM
Gigatron nodded

"however they still must have some way of getting the information off planet, which merits investigation."

He pondered the suggestion.

"I believe amongst our prisoners we have some of the Ships Marines who would make a believable commando unit. I dislike having to trust Hellbat but he is the only alternative."

2009-03-29, 03:16 AM
"I can't launch an investigation into Imperial activities just yet without raising suspicions," Astrotrain told Gigatron, "for obvious reasons. I'll continue to keep a quiet watch on the situation, though."

He listened to Gigatron and silently agreed with his distrust of Hellbat -- well, of all of Breastforce -- and said, "I thought you had some hypnotic capabilities as well, in your bat mode. I know you're not as practised as he is, but Imperial soldiers are notoriously weak-minded."

2009-03-30, 06:22 PM
Gigatron nodded

"Could you pull some pesonnel files I'd like as much background as I can get on some of my recruits. You make a good point I will conduct experiments to see how well it works. We need a plausible mode of transport for these "commandos"

2009-03-31, 03:42 AM
"I can do that," Astrotrain said. "And speaking of recruits, did Sixshot ever make it to you? He had some information I needed delivered into your keeping, but I've heard nothing of him in months."

He pondered Gigatron's statement for a few moments before saying, "Not necessarily. If we inserted them via one of the neutral city-states, it could be made to appear as if they'd simply come in undercover on one of the off-world commercial transports. We could even fabricate some evidence suggesting that the Space Mafia might have helped them make their way here."

2009-03-31, 11:04 PM
Gigatron paused thoughtfully

"He did arrange a meeting but he was a no show, do you think somethings happened to him?"

He shifted his position

"Covert infiltrators would work."

2009-04-01, 03:58 AM
"I don't know," Astrotrain admitted to Gigatron. "It would take a great deal of firepower to make someone of Sixshot's calibre disappear. To do it so subtly that we didn't even notice...well, I doubt even you could have managed that. He's not the type to simply disappear, though. I think something untoward might be going on."

The triplechanger sighed. "At any rate, he had managed to dig up some very interesting information about how exactly Megatron came to be among the living again. I'll have to make sure you get it."

2009-04-01, 06:06 AM
Gigatron nodded

"I had wondered about his sudden reappearance. As far as I was aware he was dead. I presume he is the genuine Article?"

2009-04-03, 03:53 AM
"So it would appear," Astrotrain told Gigatron. "Although I suppose it's possible the Quintessons fabricated the records purely to sow confusion in our ranks. It appears that they actually went to the trouble of recovering his corpse and reanimating it in an attempt to use him against Galvatron." Dryly he added, "That didn't turn out well for them."

2009-04-06, 08:31 PM
Gigatron nodded

"Megatron is no-ones puppet, which is why we must be very careful with our planning. What are his plans after Kaon more conquest ?"

2009-04-07, 04:32 AM
"I doubt he's thought that far ahead," Astrotrain told Gigatron. "Megatron has never been one for much forward planning. He'll conquer until there's nothing left to conquer, and then he'll look for some other jewel to add to his empire."

2009-04-11, 09:41 PM
Gigatron looked thoughtful

"Could the Imperials tempt him offer him a position to suit his needs or would he reject them as he has rejected other Decepticon leaders."

2009-04-13, 03:46 AM
Astrotrain chuckled. "You weren't around then," he told Gigatron, "but when Megatron first heard that the Empire existed, the mere concept of it was enough to drive him into a genocidal frenzy. Unless the Liege Maximo throws himself at his feet and offers Megatron his throne, nothing and no one could convince him to throw in his lot with them. Subservience, no matter how much power it would bring him, just isn't in his programming."

Astrotrain sighed and added, "Frankly, the only reason he's not trumpeting the anti-Imperial chorus himself is the fact that it would seem like he was following you if he did. I was there to watch his reaction to Jhiaxus and his troops first-hand, so I think it carries some weight when I say that Megatron probably agrees with you on the subject already, in the deepest recesses of his spark. But without a good reason, he can't act on it without looking weak."

2009-04-14, 09:57 PM
Gigatron nodded

"So there is some hope for our plans."

2009-04-15, 03:37 AM
"Perhaps," Astrotrain told Gigatron. "Perhaps. Time will tell." The triple changer rose from his perch and nodded toward his former commander. "Time will tell. I need to return to Darkmount before my absence raises suspicions, though. We'll be in touch?"

2009-04-15, 06:06 AM
Gigatron nodded.

"I will initiate our plan hopefully the hypnosis will work."

2009-04-17, 03:38 AM
"Good luck," Astrotrain told Gigatron. "Once I return to Darkmount, I'll send you the data I'd mentioned."

The triplechanger sent out a quick comm burst to summon Ramjet, then nodded once to Gigatron. "It was...heartening to see you again, sir. The empire would be better off with more officers like you in it."

2009-04-28, 06:22 AM
Gigatron nodded

"Likewise Astrotrain it's always a pleasure."

Gigatron turned and transfomed jetting into the air.

He answered a com.

2009-04-29, 04:17 AM
Astrotrain watched Gigatron jet away, then transformed to shuttle mode, rendezvoused with Ramjet and returned to Polyhex.

(OOC: That was fun. :) )

2009-06-24, 03:59 AM
Victory Square, Tarn

Huffer drove slowly into the square, the fading light of the sun gleaming off his chromed smoke stacks and orange hull. He transformed into his robot form and looked around him slowly. A slow ticking sound from his wrist registered the minimal radiation in the area. He ignored it.

All around him lay the shattered remains of Metroplex. Staring at the colossal scraps and fragments of metal, his thoughts returned to the long journey he and several other minibots had made when they had fled Cybertron from the Quintessons so long ago. Separated from their autobot comrades for several years, stuck in a battered wreck of a shuttle, the bond they had formed had changed him. He had become confident in the autobot cause, and in himself. That confidence had given him the strength and inspiration to rebuild Metroplex, stronger and more advanced than ever. And here he lay, another one of his efforts blown to bits.

"Such a waste..." he said to the fading light.

2009-06-25, 08:00 AM
Victory Square, Tarn

Huffer sat down on what appeared to be part of a finger, or maybe just an especially large piece of interior tubing. He couldn't tell. He leaned back and looked up at the sky. The stars were shining, and it was really rather peaceful here in the quiet of the wasteland.

2009-06-29, 05:01 PM
Victory Square, Tarn

A cold, flat voice rang out from the shadows near Huffer, "Enjoying yourself?"

2009-06-30, 01:12 PM
Edge of Victory Square, Tarn

Snaptrap sorted through the debris, searching - embarassing as that was for him - for more parts for his "construction project"...

He and his Seacons had turned their back on the civil war, waiting for a moment in time that a true leader would unite the diverse Decepticon factions with Strength, as it was meant to be. In the meantime, they had established a secret hideout in the Mitrhil Sea, a hideout which - and that was the part that infuriated Snaptrap - the Seacon leader had built with his own hands.

Ever since the Seacons had taken refuge within the depths of the Mithril Sea, Snaptrap had faced challenges he was not used to - commanding his team on an extented mission was one thing, but setting up a (potentially permanent) camp for his warriors, finding the necessary resources for repairs and refuels... those were things he, as a warrior, had found himself ill-suited for.

A least at first. After a while, something activated some sort of secondary programming, engrams that enabled, no forced him to build, to construct, to repair... so he had built the Seacon hideout with parts salvaged throughout Tarn - the leftovers of the citybots had proven especially valuable. And he had hated every nanosecond of it.

Still, useful as these new skills were, Snaptrap resented them. He was a warrior, no a Killer, not some sort of engineer. Only once had he shown any sign of mechanical abilities, way back on planet earth - when he helped Shockwave repair the body of what later turned out to be a Megatron clone (ooc: taken from the Marvel uk comics). And even then, the Seacon hadnīt known how he had done that. He was a killing machine, the "butcher of the bogs", yet he could not stop this secondary programs to kick in at the most unopportune times...

Reaching for some actuators that had once been part of Metroplex, Snaptrap let his optical sensors wander around Victory Plaza. There, sillouetted against CYbertronīs night sky, was the form of a mech - an Autobot, perhaps? And wasnīt there some sort of voice? Slowly, and as careful as his massive bulk allowed, Snaptrap moved towards a pile of rubble behind which he would have a better view of what was going on...

2009-06-30, 01:52 PM
Victory Square, Tarn

The voice shocked Huffer out of his torpor. His head jerked around, scanning the area in the growing darkness for any sign of movement. He retrieved his laser pistol from subspace and called out tentatively, "who's there?"

2009-07-01, 03:18 AM
Victory Square

Sunstorm strode confidently from the shadows, hands raised to indicate no ill-will, "Just I, a lonely rejected Seeker. Tell me, what's a lone Minibot doing traversing this irradiated Hell-hole? It's not a particularly scenic route, and if you have memories here, they're probably best forgotten."

2009-07-02, 11:17 PM
Victory Square

Huffer eyed Sunstorm suspiciously for a few seconds, then subspaced his pistol. He glanced at his wrist as the constant low tick tick tick of its rad counter picked up as the radioactive seeker approached. "I guess, in a sense, I'm mourning. Whether for Metroplex himself," Huffer patted the massive piece of Metroplex's body he was leaning against, "or that yet again something I built has been utterly destroyed I can't tell you."

2009-07-02, 11:50 PM
Snaptrap watched as the Seeker stepped out of the Shadow. He fully expected a firefight to break out, but instead the Autobot subbed his pistol, while the two engaged in a conversation.

Whatīs that supposed to mean?, the Seacon asked himself. Autobots and Decepticons shouldnīt talk, they should fight, just like in the good old days of Cybertron. What did the Seeker think why his kind was called "Seekers" in the first place? What did he suppose was he built for to seek, if not Autobots?

Feeling Anger rising inside of him, Snaptrap summoned his shield and rifle from subspace. This looked like the perfect opportunity to let out his anger and frustration, to punish someone for what was wrong with the Seacon leader. But he would do it with style, like he used to. His opponents had to respect, no FEAR him! A battle cry, that was the idea! He spent some moments searching his memory for battle cries he had used in the past, until he found the perfect one. Powerful, frightening, just the right ring to it to make his opponents realize that their lifes were over.

Snaptrap jumped up behind the pile of rubble, and aimed his gun at the two mechs, but - seeing Hufferīs hand on the Metroplex fragment - felt his secondary programming take over, split seconds before he could shout his war cry.

Instead, he was deeply unsettled by what he actually shouted, before he could take even one shot at the mechs all across the plaza:

"Get away from my SPARE PARTS!"

whoever did this to me will pay for it, he thought depressed...

2009-07-03, 03:32 AM
Victory Square

Sunstorm nodded at Huffer "Mourning, huh? It's safe to say we've all had our share of that recently." Sunstorm's optics flickered momentarily before his attention was diverted by Snaptrap's spectacle. The Seeker raised his energy cannon, but could only manage a blink in response to the Seacon.

2009-07-03, 07:37 AM
(ooc: this is going to be fun. We've got three lunatics in the middle of nowhere :) )

Victory Square

Huffer spun around to locate the new voice. The logical, analytical part of his mind (which was most of it) processed the threat and identified the angry individual as Snaptrap, the leader of the seacons and a very powerful Decepticon. He further analyzed and recognized that he was far from Autobot territory and that Tarn was virtually surrounded by Decepticon held land.

A smaller, less refined portion of his mind, tucked away in a corner in the back and rarely accessed, was terrified.

And yet another portion of his mind, one he didn't recognise and didn't have a fully catalogued and referenced file on, made itself known. To use a phrase, something within him snapped.

"Your what?!" he shouted back, surprising himself.

2009-07-03, 07:53 AM
Snaptrap waved his rifle around, aiming first at Huffer than at Sunstorm. then again at the Autobot. And while his combat-experienced brain fed him targeting solutions and kill probabilities, his secondary programm kept informing him about the potential damage he would cause, and the to be expected repairs to fix that damage again. That prevented him from shooting altogether. So, with a frustrated "FRAAAAAAG", he fired his gun into to air, before he returned it to subspace as well. (he kept his shoulder-mounted shield, though, just in case...)

Strolling slowly forward the other mechs, he said aloud:

"Mymy, what a beautiful band of misfits we have here. An engineer who is depressed that his creations keep gettin blown up", (looking at Huffer), "a seeker who cries over the fact that nobody likes him", (looking at Sunstorm, "and a killer who canīt kill anymore because he might actually damage something or someone in the process", (looking to the ground)... "really, thatīs quite a tea party we have here! And now take your hand of that power coupling, Iīm afraid a part of me for which Iīll have to punish someone in the near future needs it for a project!"

2009-07-03, 10:26 AM
(ooc: out of town for the weekend :) )

Victory Square

"What?" Huffer asked. "You mean this power coupling?" He brought his gun back from subspace and vaporized the item in question. He left his gun pointing at the smoking remains of the power coupling as he stared back at Snaptrap.

2009-07-03, 01:55 PM
Snaptrap sighed. "look, little Autobot, Iīd glady tear you to pieces, but I would probably just end up putting you together again, which in turn would make me so mad that Iīd have to destroy you again, repair you again, destroy you again... I really donīt have time for this; but if you insist, Iīm up to it!"

Turning towards Sunstorm, Snaptrap added: " What were you doing here again?"

2009-07-03, 02:50 PM
Victory Square

Sunstorm lowered his cannon and crossed his arms, "Honestly? I was hiding. I became sick of my faction's constant infighting, so I abandoned my post. Decepticons aren't know for their kind treatment of deserters, and I certainly wouldn't relish destroying whoever they sent after me. So, I came here, this irradiated wasteland being the one place I would go unnoticed. Now, little Seacon, what are you doing here, and what are you yelling about?"

2009-07-03, 04:45 PM
Victory Square

Snaptrap turned towards this Seeker unit that had dared to call him little. He waited a moment, then started to laugh. "you sure have some spark in your fragile frame, Seeker. I could make you suffer, of course, but you are right with one thing -there has been too much infighting recently, at least too much indecisive fighting. Me and my team have withdrawn from the minor skirmishes, waiting for a true leader. Until one Decepticon actully remembers what it means to be a warrior, and who our real enemies are", (at this point Snaptrap glanced at Huffer, "we Seacons will mind our own buisness. Talking of which, what exactly Iīm doing with the parts I collect here surely isnīt any of your buisness!"

Abent-minded, Snaptrap had picked up some broken parts from the ground and had reassembled them into some complicated kind of gearbox. Realising what he had done, Snaptrap growled and threw the thing across the plaza.

Returning his attention to Sunstorm, he added: "But I wouldnīt worry about being called a deserter, Seeker. If anyone asks, just say youīve created your own faction - seems to work for everybody else so far..."

2009-07-08, 11:09 PM
Victory Square

The anger vanished from Huffer in an instant, and with a tiny gasp at the realization of what he'd done, he subspaced his laser pistol once again. Thinking like an engineer, he treated the situation he was in like a project. He tried to imagine a blueprint where he could extricate himself safely, but couldn't see a way.

2009-07-12, 11:41 AM
Victory Square

Snaptrap took a long look at Huffer.

"I see your little show of aggression is over. A pity, really, I kind of liked that side of you. At least I know now that this cursed secondary programs that keep interfering with my main function have not been copied from you; in my current state I would have actually been unable to cause this kind of destruction."

The massive Seacon leaned closer to the Autobot.

"Still, I understand your frustration. Must be hard for you, now that you Autobots have the peace you crave so much. Nothing left for you, engineer. No fortifications to built against Decepticon attacks, no installations to repair after a battle. Thereīs nothing left for you, except the remains of your destroyed creations, and no reasons whatsoever to rebuilt them. This, my little Autobot friend, is the utter stagnation of peace which we Decepticons have been trying to avoid for millions of stellar cycles. You are the best example, the proof we never needed, that we were right after all. But you are starting to realize that, donīt you?"

Snaptrap laughed.

"Hoe strange - you, the peace loving Autobot, have become useless with the end of our wars, and me, the Decepticon Killer, I have been busier than ever building my very own base. Doesnīt that fill you with despair? Doesnīt that make you mad? Is it sadness or rage youīre feeling? Or do you have some larger plan, to reconstruct your own purpose in this existence?"

Turning to Sunstorm, Snaptrap changed the subject.

"I think I remember you now. The levels of radiation I receive from you kind of gave you away. To be honest, to me, all you Seekers look alike - the only reason I could recognize Starscream from the rest of your kind was that he just wouldnīt shut up... ah well, not that it matters any more. So, whoīs side have you been on in the civil war? Who do you think will emerge victorious, who will become our next, glorious leader? Megatron? Gigatron? One of the smaller players? Or did you decide to turn your back on all Decepticons, all of our ancestral conflict? Itīs not like youīre radiating confidence."

Snaptrap laughed again.

"haha, radiating. Whoever had been the source of my engineering programs must have possessed some sense of humor."

Frowning, he added in a much more serious tone:

"If I ever find the one who did this to me, I will personally kill him - a thousand times if I must..."

2009-07-13, 12:53 AM
Victory Square

As if there was a short somewhere in Huffer's mental circuitry, and a subroutine that kept popping in and out of existence, as Snaptrap mocked him, the anger flared back into being.

"Nothing left for me, huh?" He asked over his shoulder as he strode off towards Metroplex's forearm. "You see this?" Huffer said, pointing at the remains of Metroplex's left hand, missing two fingers and a joint off the thumb. "This is still left for me," he said, and without another word he lifted the massive hand above his head and turned towards Snaptrap.

2009-07-13, 07:43 AM
Snaptratransformed into his Giant tortoise form, the massive barrels of his back mounted sonic-shell cannons aimed squarely at Huffer, and snarled in a bestial voice:

"Go ahead, little engineer, show me how you fight for these scraps of metal!"

2009-07-15, 07:11 AM
Huffer threw Metroplex's hand at Snaptrap.

2009-07-15, 06:08 PM
Victory Square

Sunstorm raised his cannon and fired at the hand as it passed by; he glared at the two combatants, "Now, what exactly would be gained from this fight? A little bit of injured pride? Is that what this whole war is about? Bruised egos? You're both pathetic. Your whole race is pathetic."

2009-07-24, 07:53 AM
(OOC: Sorry for being away for a while, I moved and switched providers)

Victory Square

Snaptrap didnīt even bother to evade the giant hand. He would have been to sluggish in his turtoise mode to escape anyway, but his hardened outer shell shielded him from most of the impact. Still, he was knocked back several steps.

"Not bad, Autobot. Now my turn!" he snarled, firing the sonic shell cannons at his back at the wide-open Huffer

He ignored Sunstorms comment for the moment, but thought: Watch and learn, seeker, and before the end you might remember what it truly means to be a Decepticon

2009-07-30, 01:30 AM
Huffer dove out of the way, realizing for the first time that his melancholy had got him into some serious trouble, more serious than the trouble he had already been in. He dove to the side in an attempt to dodge the blast Snaptrap shot at him, avoiding most of the blast as he landed behind some debris. As he rolled over to take his bearings he felt a terrible burning pain in his legs, as if most of his outer layer of protection there had been burnt away.

2009-08-01, 03:10 PM
Snaptrap hadnīt expected Huffer to react that quickly, but at least there seemed to be some damage to his legs. Maybe that would slow the Autobot down enough for the sluggish Seacon to pin hm down. Firing more sonic shells at Huffer, snaptrap began a slow approach at the enigineer.

I wonder how Sunstorm will react; he seems at least as unstable as Huffer...

2009-08-03, 10:54 PM
Huffer kept to his cover to avoid more damage, but his cover was rapidly getting destroyed around him. He picked up the biggest thing he could find and lobbed it at Snaptrap to try to distract him from his incessant shelling.

2009-08-04, 03:42 AM
Sunstorm's frame crackled with energy as he clenched his fists, superficially he was angry. Very angry. But deep down there was a kind of dismayed determination: If he couldn't even convince two deserters to remain civil for five minutes, how could he ever hope to impact the war on a significant scale? No. He would get through. The fighting will stop. Starting with These Two...

The seeker aimed a cannon toward each combatant and fired, intentionally aiming away from vitals. It would be a warning shot, albeit a painful one.

2009-08-07, 09:51 AM
Snaptrap heard more than he felt the piece of metal thrown at him by Huffer clang of his armoured outer shell, distracted by Sunstormīs outburst. Transforming back into his robot mode (which was actually faster than turning towards Sunstorm in his sluggish turtoise form), Snaptrap brought his shoulder mounted shield between himself and the seeker, who suddenly seemed much more threatening than the Autobot.

" Jokeīs over, light bulb. Iīm kind of busy here, so what do you want?"

On a side note, Snaptrapīs secondary programming drew up a schematic of how Sunstorms radiation could be tapped as a power source. The Seacon leader shook his head, distracted. At the moment, he was in the mood of turning the decepticon before him into a pile of scrap metal, not a battery...

2009-08-19, 12:15 AM
Sunstorm glowered at Snaptrap, cannons lowered, fists clenched. "I want you to listen. To think about what you're doing. About what your life's doing. Are you accomplishing anything with these petty feuds? No. You just find a few million others holding the same grudge and fight it out. Look around you," the Seeker gestured at the surrounding wasteland, "this is the cost of what we're doing. Countless lives are being lost. Do you even know what you're fighting over, anymore? Or are you just living off of the propaganda you're being suckled with?"

2009-08-19, 08:08 AM
"I am a warrior, light bulb. I was built to fight, and Iīm damn good at it. Yes, things are getting destroyed, to be replaced by new buildings, errected for the glory of the Decepticon Empire to come. People get killed, but those who survive emerge stronger and more capable than ever. Evolution through Chaos, Strength through adversity. That is what it means to be Decepticon. There was a time when I would have executed you on the spot for what you just said, but I didnīt. You want to know why? Because I, too, have been changed by the challenges of war, by the responsibilities of leadership in a conflict situation, by the constant struggles.

Slag, I have built a complete base with my own hands because me and my team needed a place from where we could prepare for the coming battles. Iīll be damned to the smelter pools if I knew how I did it, and it isnīt perfect..." (Snaptrap shuddered as he remembered an incident the Seacons would later refer to as the `Sector 3 collapseī); "but still I did."

"War does not need purpose, War is purpose. Destroy and conquer, that is the Decepticon way. Not politics, not propaganda, not peace talk..." - Snaptrap got more furious with every word, his frustration at how things were with the Decepticons pouring out of him - "Look at the little Autobot behind me. Do you think he would ever have created anything like he did if he hadnīt been forced to do? And you, without the need for more warriors, you would have never even been built!"

Snaptrap calmed down a little, dropping his shield a fraction.

"But youīre right with one thing, Sunstorm. Petty feuds accomplish nothing. The Decepticons are divided beyond all reason. We have `strayed from the pathī, if you will. All that infighting leads to nothing. We fight amongst ourselves while the Autobots revel in their peace. But peace is stagnation, and stagnation is death. And one day, a leader will arise who realizes this, who will reunite the factions into a single Decepticon army. It is our way to be led by the strongest warrior - not the most eloquent politician, not the most devious backstabber, only a true warrior. There had been a time when Megatron had been the embodiment of all our values, and if heīs anything like he was before, he will lead us again. But it doesnīt really matter who unites us, as long as it is done by a true Decepticon."

Snaptrap paused for a moment as a thought came to him.

"Sunstorm, you could come with me to the Seacon base. You could hunt with us, train with us, remember what it was like when you were sure of what you did, what you were. Slag, we could even reformate you, give you a form better suited to aquatic enviroments. Or not, whatever you want. Noone could follow you, prosecute you for your desertion. And even if they did, I dare them to face the might of Pirranacon underwater. Maybe there would be others who would join us there, who are sick of the infighting and want to get out of it until we have a single leader again."

"Come with me, Seeker. Prepare for the glorious days to come, and remember what it is like to be a true Decepticon!"

(ooc: sorry for the long post, but I had some spare time and got carried away a little. And itīs a way to take up some space in this idle thread, I suppose :p And the offer to reformate Sunstorm came up because I recently watched Beast Wars, and thought that the body of Depthcharge would look great as an undersea Seeker. "Seaker", hehe...)

2009-08-25, 03:18 PM
(OOC: sorry for the delay, as the absenses thread says, haven't had internet access for a while, but I have regular access again and will be posting regularly now)

Huffer crumpled as Sunstorm's blast hit him in the gut. He wasn't built for fighting, dodging one overpowered Decepticon had been more than he could really handle for long, dodging two was impossible. Wheezing from the sting of the blast, he replied, "no one forces me to build anything."

He paused to breathe, half bent over, one hand holding his side.

"I live to engineer. The greatest thing I have ever achieved, lies around us in ruin."

Another pause for breath.

"He died retaking this planet for all of us. Not just Autobot, not just Decepticon. All of us. And you two psychos are surprised when I find you scavenging his corpse!? How do you expect me to respond?"

2009-08-25, 07:41 PM
Snaptrap turned his head sideways so he could talk to Huffer, but he wasnīt foolish enough to let Sunstorm completely out of his sight.

"This creation of yours is gone, live with it. At least, I am giving the parts I salvage a new purpose. If you live to engineer, as you say, you should see the Seacon Base, how the "corpse" as you call it gets reborn into something new, something powerful. I will even admit that "he" died while doing us all a favour, but thereīs nothing left of him or his spark, just parts and machines to be used as a ressource - or as a hiding place, right light bulb?"

(ooc: for some reason, I like the idea of Snaptrap calling Sunstorm "light bulb", if you donīt like this nickname Iīll stop of course!)

2009-08-29, 02:00 PM
Huffer's eyes glowed red as he began to lose control again. He pulled his laser pistol from subspace. A pathetic weapon for this situation, but it was all he had, and he was far from thinking clearly anyway.

"You're crazy if you think I'm going to let you scavenge his body for your stupid base."

2009-08-29, 03:33 PM
Snaptrap turned half round, prsenting his flanks to Huffer and Sunstorm.

"Slag, this is getting rather bothersome with the two of you. If anyone of you lunatics wants to get slaged, just say it, so I can go on with my work!"

2009-09-06, 12:44 PM
Still wheezing from the blast to his stomach and in pain from the damage to his legs, Huffer leveled his pistol at Snaptrap.

"You can do whatever you want. I could care less. But you're not taking any more of Metroplex's remains."

2009-09-08, 07:56 PM
"I guess I should say Iīm sorry, but Iīll take what I want and do whatever I want with it, and no Autobot will tell me otherwise!"

With that, Snaptrap fired a volley of shots at Huffer, protecting himself with his shield from the Autobotīs gun as good as he could, but in his anger leaving his flank dangerously open to Sunstorm...

2009-09-08, 10:08 PM
Huffer dived out of the way...too slowly, firing off a shot reflexively as he did so. The shots hit him on the left part of his torso and along his left arm. He gasped in pain as he pushed himself back into a standing position and leveled his gun again.

"I said..."

Huffer paused to breath.

"...you're not taking any more parts from here."

2009-09-10, 09:16 AM
Huffers shot took a part out if Snaptrap shiled, the fragment bouncing off the Seaconīs head.

"Not bad, you show remarkable spirit for a mere engineer, Huffer. Of course, you know this wonīt save you, donīt you? But maybe, if you keep up your fight, I might be satisfied by just taking your parts and leaving your precious scrap heap alone, at least for the moment."

Snaptrap aimed his gun at Huffer again, curious to see how long the Autobot would be able to fight, or even stand.

Razorclaw might be the cat, but this is MY mouse to play with!

2009-09-13, 03:23 AM
Sunstorm had had it. It was obvious he wasn't getting anywhere with these two, and, well, he'd tried to warn them, hadn't he? With that, he aimed both cannons at the Seacon and fired. These were no warning shots and, while he didn't expect them to down the beast, he was hoping to at least stun it for a follow-up attack. The seeker kicked off and followed his shots, firing a wild shot somewhere in the vicinity of Huffer as he did so.

2009-09-16, 04:35 AM

(OOC: Assuming this is where we're supposed to be?)

Hooligan looked at Jury Rig, "So what're we supposed to find here? This place looks kind of deserted to me..."

2009-09-16, 05:59 AM

The ship rumbled low over Tarn

"What we need is underwater" Jury Rig said

2009-09-16, 06:30 AM

Hooligan looked at Jury Rig and repeated, "Underwater?" Turning to Octane the Cyberjet whispered, "But all of us have airborne alternate modes! We need something like flippers, see? Or at least a submarine..."

Hooligan rummaged in his subspace pockets, searching for anything that might aid in the mission. Whoppee cushions? Nah. Gryo-blasters? Might help for enemies? Smoke grenades? If they work underwater... Permanent paint? Definitely no. Sugar? Not now... Hooligan looked at Octane, and considered placing sugar in the triple changer's fuel tank. That'll be a gag...

2009-09-16, 08:05 AM

Octane looks back at Hooligan. "What're you looking at me like that for?"

Octane crosses his arms and shakes his head. "I'm going to tell you what we are going to do for one last time. Remeber it, because I hate to repeat myself. We're going to remodel the Underwater Base and turn it into a space station with a dock yard. This all in preperation for a possible Imperial attack."

Looking around him he says. "You'll have to realise that you are not with Megatron's Decepticons anymore and that you have allied yourself with Gigatron. No more mindless destruction."

2009-09-16, 09:16 AM
Victory Square

Sunstormīs shots hit Snaptrap unawares, searing two painful wounds into his side. Again, the Seacon leader transformed into his turtoise mode.

"Shoot me in the back, would you? Glad to see you show your true Decepticon colozrs after all. Too bad I will have to crush you for this, you would have been useful!"

With that, Snaptrap began a slow advance on Sunstorm, firing shells from his dual barrelled sonic cannon at the Seeker like some sort of four legged assault tank.

The enigineer will have to wait for now; first I have to get this lunatic off my back...

The low rumbling sound of a spaceship could be heard from the direction of the Mitrhil Sea, echoing from the debris left by Metroplexīs fall.

Now, what is THIS?

2009-09-16, 10:22 AM

Skullgrin nodded at what Octane said. "That's true, Hooligan. No tricks from you. I've read your records, it's a surprise that you're still alive. Any funny business that impedes with the mission, and my shell here eats you. Got it?"

Skullgrin's shell growled in anticipation.

2009-09-16, 02:37 PM

Octane smiles at Skullgrin trying to intimidate Hooligan. It's good of him to try and keep the Cyberjet in line, because he needs discipline.

Octane walks over to a monitor and sits down in the chair in front of the monitor. He looks through different readings on the screen and notices smal energy spikes. Hmm.. I wonder what those are..., he thinks. Small energon readings like that could indicate a battle. If that is the case, our mission could be in jeapordy. I wonder if it's worth investigating?

"Jury Rig," Octane says without knowing if he should adress him as commander or not, "Readings on my monitor indicate that there's a small battlle in progress. Should we investigate or do we choose to ignore it?"

2009-09-16, 09:09 PM

Jury Rig nodded

"let us investigate"

2009-09-17, 09:54 PM

"Will do," Octane replied to Jury Rig. Octane looks back over his shoulder at Hooligan. "Hooligan, are you up for a reconnaissance mission? Readings indicate that there's a battle in progress at what seems to be Victory Square."

Octane gets up from his chair and walks towards Hooligan. "I would like you to investigate and give us a sit rep. Are you up for it? At least it'll give you something to do."

2009-09-18, 01:30 AM

"And don't open fire unless fired upon." Skullgrin, seated in front of electro-binoculars, added to Hooligan. "I see them." he said. "Near Metroplex's body. Three or four mechs, can't be sure... interference from weather. One's positively Sunstorm, though."

2009-09-19, 01:05 PM
Huffer flinched involuntarily as Snaptrap pointed his guns at the diminutive engineer, and with his attention thus diverted, he was taken completely unaware by Sunstorm's blast. The blast threw him from his feet, and he landed in a heap amid some scrap metal and rubbish. His vision blinked in and out several times before coming to a precarious equilibrium. His internal diagnostics protocols had been mostly knocked offline, so he couldn't even assess the damage done to him.

How in Primus did I get myself into this? he thought.

2009-09-20, 03:33 AM

Hooligan: -narrows optics at Skullgrin's hospitality, but not doing anything for fear of angering the Pretender- "So I just go down and recon them, no shooting, yeah, Skullboy?" -turning back to Octane- "I'm up for it." -transforms into jet mode, shoots off at the direction where Skullgrin pointed out the battle was. Once he is in visual range, he comm-linked Jury Rig, Octane and Skullgrin- "I can positively identify Sunstorm, like what Skullboy said. Can also see Snap Trap, the Seacon leader, and a little orange-purple Minibot. Huffpuff? Hugger? Huffer? Something like that. I'm not too familiar with Autobot names."

2009-09-20, 01:04 PM

"Copy that, Hooligan." Octane replied to the incoming message. "Positive identifications on Sunstorm, Snap Trap and Huffer. Stand by for further instructions."

Octane pulls up the profiles on the three. He skims their profiles for a moment. "So Skullgrin, what do you think? Huffer's engenering skills could be very usefull to us and with Snap Trap on scene, he could be able to help us out with the exterrior side of the Underwater Base." While scratching his chin, Octane says: "I doubt Huffer will come on his own will. I don't suppose we can make him do what we want? With the truce and all."

Octane looks over at Jury Rig. "What do you think, Jury Rig? Sunstorm could pose a possible threat to our mission. He's as unpreditcable as they come."

2009-09-20, 01:31 PM

Skullgrin grunted as Octane and Hooligan identified the three mechs. "Sunstorm's a fanatic." he stated flatly. "Snap Trap, on the other hand, might as well as found the base we're searching for. But the fact that he's here either means that he's Megatron's men searching for the same base we are, or he's sitting on the fence. Either way, he should be able to be persuaded into our side."

"As for Huffer, no one will notice if a Minibot died in a wasteland like this." Skulllgrin said without emotion.

2009-09-20, 07:10 PM

Octane nods. "I agree, Skullgrin. It won't be noticed. For a while at least. However, if word did get out that we were responsible for his death, the truce between Lord Gigatron and the Autobots would be over. I don't think that will suit Lord Gigatron's goals. Not yet anyway."

Octane thinks for a moment. "What about we save the Autobot? He might repay us for saving him with helping us out. His help will definately speed things up for us and it'll send out a good message to the Autobots. To show them that we are serious about the truce."

Octane stares at the monitor, thinking some more. "I think Sunstorm could be a problem and we should take him out, just in case. However, he could be a very powerfull ally to our cause too. What do you think, Jury Rig?"

2009-09-25, 02:20 PM

Hooligan: "So, guys? Should I engage?" -arms missiles, adding neon permanent paint into the warheads just for kicks-

2009-09-26, 03:32 PM

Jury Rig pondered.

"We will negotiate the Seacons experience may prove valuable and where there is one there may be others. The Autobot enginner might have some value as for Sunstorm if he does anything threatening be prepared to terminate him."

2009-09-29, 08:04 AM

"Negative, Hooligan, Octane replied. "Do not engage. I'll be on my way towards your postition in a few kliks." Octane gets out of his chair and looks over at Skullgrin. "You want to come and try to convince these mechs to help out with our goals?"

2009-09-29, 10:07 AM

"Why not?" the Pretender said, as he walked towards the exit hatch. "It'll give me some relaxing time, right, shelly?" he gestured to his lumbering shell, which grunted in response. The shell soon disappeared as Skullgrin recalled it to subspace.

"You see, I have a multiple personality disorder. Sort of. Outside my shell, I'm like this. With my shell on, I'm all 'Skullgrin SMASH'. So since we're going for negotiations, I'll leave my shell out of it until any of them turns aggressive." Pulling a jetpack from a rack, Skullgrin put in on and nodded to Jury Rig, "We'll supply you with updates, chief."

2009-09-30, 01:33 AM
Sunstorm was already speeding towards Snaptrap when the Seacon began firing. The seeker struggled to twist and fly out of the way, firing blasts at as many of the shells as possible. Despite his best efforts, however, a few shells got through, grazing a leg and completely demolishing a wing. Sunstorm spun out of control and slammed into the ground, digging a trench in his wake. As the seeker struggled to lift himself, he heard the approaching Tyrant.


2009-09-30, 10:29 AM

Hooligan: -hovering above Huffer- "Go, Snap Trap! Kick the Seeker's skidplate from here to Earth!" -answers Octane; retracts wrist missile launchers- "Copy that. The fight's more interesting anyway."

2009-10-02, 01:49 PM

Skullgrin opened the hatch, and winced as the hot radioactive-laden atmosphere whoosed around him. "Well, Octane... you up for it?" the Pretender activated his jetpack and swooped down dangerously, moving towards Hooligan's position.

Blight, meanwhile, watched all this from a corner.

2009-10-03, 11:58 AM
A sense of dread descended upon Huffer as he became aware of the spaceship and the approaching decepticons. He had been alone out here in this wasteland just an orn ago, alone with his thoughts. Now he was battered, surrounded, and out of options. He lowered his gun and waited to see what would happen next.

2009-10-03, 04:54 PM

"I'm coming," Octane said in reply to Skullgrin. Octane walked up to the hatch and jumped out, transforming into plane mode mid air and is now en route to Hooligan's position. "Hooligan, this is Octane. We'll be with you in a few kliks."

2009-10-04, 03:44 AM
Skies near Tyrant

Skullgrin had a head-start, but Octane's superior engines and aerodynamics allowed the triple-changer to catch up with Skullgrin fast enough. "There." Skullgrin growled, pointing at Hooligan's back as he swooped towards the smaller Decepticon.

Hovering beside the Cyberjet, Skullgrin waited for Octane to arrive before addressing the combatants below. "Snap Trap, Sunstorm and Huffer. We are representatives of the Decepticons. Cease fighting, we have a... proposition for you." Skullgrin didn't reveal much, waiting for the three to reply.

2009-10-08, 09:49 AM

Hooligan: -pulls out missile launchers as Octane and Skullgrin arrives- "You bastiches better do what the skull-headed guy says, or I'll enforce it for you."

2009-10-08, 11:48 AM
Victory Square (ooc: that's where everybody was right?)

Octane transforms to robot mode in mid air and lands. He takes a full scope of the area and scans the remains of Metroplex briefly. "Now, now Hooligan, I'm sure that there's no need to threathen anybody here, yet. We're all fellow Decepticons here. Well, except for you off course," Octane says while pointing to Huffer.

Octane looks down at Huffer who seems to be hurting a bit. "You seem like a bot that could use a hand. According to my files, you are an engineer, right? We could use somebody with your talents for our current mission. How about we help you with your current predicament, and you help us out?"

Looking over to Snap Trap. "We could also use your underwater talents for Lord Gigatron's mission too, Snap Trap." Octane then looks at Sunstorm. "While I'm not sure if we have anything particular for you yet, a powerful Transformer like you is always a welcome addition to our ranks, I'm sure. Right, Skullgrin?"

2009-10-09, 01:02 AM
Sunstorm stood to his feet and turned the face the new arrivals. Neither his face nor his voice betrayed any emotion as he spoke, "I appreciate your offer, but I'm afraid I have to turn you down. I refuse to take any further part in this war. So, while I cannot side with you, neither will I be against you. And if, by some unforeseeable occurrence, I do have to fight, I swear to you it will not be on the side of Megatron."

2009-10-09, 07:01 AM
Victory Square

Hooligan: "Meh, Sunstorm... isn't it? If you don't get in our way, you can go about your business... whatever that is." -shrugs- "In fact, what are you doing here?"

2009-10-09, 02:47 PM
Skies over Victory Square

Skullgrin gave Hooligan a short glare when the Cyberjet threatened to fire on Sunstorm, Snap Trap and Huffer. Fortunately for the Pretender, Octane handled all the 'persuasion' part. (The triple changer was more suitable for the part, anyway).

When Sunstorm rejected Octane's offer, Skullgrin frowned. "What's the matter, Sunstorm? Aren't you a Decepticon? Why wouldn't you join our cause? Are you resigning from the Decepticons as a whole, or are you just waiting for the Civil War to end?" shrugging, the Pretender mused. Understandable, really. If Megatron hadn't sent me to death, I would've waited in the sidelines as well.

2009-10-11, 07:49 PM
Victory Square

Huffer glanced sidelong at Sunstorm and then looked at Hooligan. "How about I just go about my business as well?" he said, not for a second thinking the decepticons would go for it. He was feeling snarky all of a sudden, but even as he said it, his joints and outer armor burned and he was leaking at least three types of fluid.

(ooc: out of town for two weeks, some rpg mod can move huffer around in that time if need be)

2009-10-13, 04:30 AM
Continued here: http://tfarchive.com/community/showthread.php?t=47651