View Full Version : [CUSTOM] MP Grimlock CROWN!

2009-03-22, 02:45 AM
Hey guys, adding the prototype to my live auction, however this WIP was something itching to be created. Still in early stages, here is a sneak peak to my MP Grimlock Crown!

I will be casting 999 more of these, and will keep you all up to date with information regarding that as soon as it's available.

The crown design was built using images of the early prototype for inspirations, as well as the comic images, like this one:


Created using 1/16" styrene and some secret parts, this crown clips onto Grimlock's robot mode head. I will make available 2 types: the first will be painted with a chrome like gold and feature a thin red pinstripe along the bottom of the crown. There will also be a "Premium" version which will feature diamond like gems crested around the Crown's points.

I still have lots of detail work to go on the original, including sanding the edges, etc...it's gotta be p-e-r-f-e-c-t. Once I get more refined images on this, I will post them...Then it's on to some major casting.