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2009-04-13, 06:14 AM
My brother, six years old, came back from a garage sale on my street. He got, for a dollar, some sort of broken down robot model. I tried looking for a trademark or something, but I can't seem to find one.
I am interested in finding a version of this robot that's not missing an arm and two feet. I need help figuring out what it's called so I can buy it.
.It has scuba tanks on its back. That probably means it was built for fighting under water. Just a guess.
.It has, from the one arm I know of, three fingers, all of them claws that close in and out.
.It has a single, pinkish red sticker for an eye.
.I can't identify colors too well, but the colors are dark blue, very light purple, and the claws are white.
.The chest has little vents on it.
.The chest has a little door on it, and opening it up reveales a man driving it. Using a scale of some sort, the robot would be about 100 feet tall. The actual model is most likely eight inches tall.

I may be able to provide pictures later, but if somebody can help me from just this description, I would be eternally grateful. Thanks in advance.

Energon Hot Shot
2009-04-13, 06:37 AM
That sounds just like a Z'gok (http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/MSM-07_Z%27Gok) from Mobile Suit Gundam.

It may be the very same Master Grade kit that I have:

2009-04-13, 06:46 AM
That's exactly it. Thanks so much!
Now all I need to do is hunt one down...

Energon Hot Shot
2009-04-13, 11:45 PM
Gundam Store and More (http://www.gundamstoreandmore.com/ban919252.html) has it on sale for $31.75, but you have to be in the US. And be warned, it is a model kit, so you'll have to cut the pieces off the runners and put it together.

2009-04-14, 05:34 AM
I used to play Warhammer, so that won't be a problem.
I also live in CA, so that's no problem either.