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God Jinrai
2002-04-10, 02:34 AM
Grand maximus entered the sol system around ten megacycles following its departure from cybertron... Prime was mroe than ready to get the search under way... granted he was practically trapped on board grand maximus, considering he wasn't suited for long range space flight...

"Alright. Deployment time. Cosmobots. Head for Jupiter. Quickswitch, you, cyclonus and victory saber will sweep mars. Galvatron, you and sixswitch will head for pluto. I trust that there will be no problems. I'll be monitoring from here with grand, as well as running long range scans at least to eventually pinpoint WHICH planet the armada is likely on... Alright. Commence deployment immedieately. and good hunting."

2002-04-10, 03:05 AM
Taikoon folded his arms as his listened, brow furrowing as he tries to decipher WHAT Prime was saying. Then he glances side to side as the others prepare to deploy, noting which ones react to which orders in which way. Then he asks respectfully "Taikoon... stay... or... go?"

Quick Switch
2002-04-10, 03:52 AM
Quick Switch nodded briskly, rose from his chair and left without preamble.

Working with Cyclonus should prove...interesting at best. Victory Leo seems like a decent fellow- considering he's coming from a different universe.

The Hexa Changer reached one of Grand's main hangars, opened it, and stepped out, falling into space. Quick Switch smoothly transformed to orbital fighter jet mode, and set course for Mars.

Quick Switch changed his scanner setting to maximum, and began to sweep the Red Planet for signs of the Minicons.

2002-04-10, 11:30 AM
Vanguard stood up.
"Alright team, lets get this show on the road. Sun Runner, transform."
The big bot transformed into shuttle mode and the rest of the Cosmobots swiftly boarded.
"OK, take us out."

The drop bay doors opened, and Sun Runner accelerated out, and towards the huge planet Jupiter.


Sixswitch nodded. Working with the Decepticon leader should be interesting at least. He stood up, and waited for Galvatron to lead the way. He had to take a trusting step, and after all, Galvatron was the boss.


Sun Runner swiftly approached Jupiter and its many moons.
"OK, time to deploy. Apollo, I want you to get into a geosynchrynous orbit around the equator, and scan for signs of the minicons. Alter your course every hour."
"Aye," Apollo affirmed.

"Thorr and Mercury, I want you two to run orbital scans, one along the x-axis, and one along the y-axis of the planet. Be thorough."

"Gotcha boss," Thorr replied.
"Aye aye," Mercury gave a snappy salute.
"OK, get to it."

Sun Runner opened his bay doors, and the three Cosmobots dropped out, pushing themselves away from the ship, Apollo quickly transformed into satelite mode to begin scans. Thorr and Mercury transformed into space flight modes, and accelerated into orbit around the planet.

Meanwhile, Vanguard sat on a chair inside of Sun Runner, and the two begun their scanning of Jupiter's many moons.

2002-04-10, 01:11 PM
Skyline and Dropship are still in their quarters when the search for the minicons begins. Dropship is looking out of the window as he sees the Cosmobots fly off.

Dropship turns to Skyline who is lying on a bed "hey Skyline look at this." Skyline gets up and walks over to the window "they've started the search."
"Well, what are we waiting for, lets go join 'em" Doprship replies.

Skyline and Dropship run out of their quarters. While he's running Skyline presses a few buttons to open a communicator "Prime, Skyline here. We're gonna go and join the Cosmobots to search Jupiter, if you've got a problem with that just radio me." They get to the hanger and Dropship connects to Skylines back as he transforms into his space shuttle mode. They speed through space until they catch up with the Cosmobots, "Hey Guys, Don't suppose i can join i hey???

God Jinrai
2002-04-10, 01:55 PM
Prime turned as he heard taikoon's request...

"I'd...prefer you remain here.Only because I'm not quite familiar with your capabilities. However, if you believe you're able to aid the search, you're cleared to join galvatron and sixswitch."

Down in the drop bay...

Starsaber's optics glowed softly...

"Alright, let's move!" he spoke...

Victory leo and he transformed into their alt modes, merging together into the super jet/ space craft. The ship roared out from the drop bay, and hovered for a few moments,waiting for cyclonus and quickswitch to join him...

2002-04-10, 02:25 PM
Vanguard smiled as he detected another ship approaching.
"Looks like we've been given some help, eh big guy?"
"And that's a good thing. This planet's huge."
"True, open a channel to the new arrival."

Vanguard hit the console.

"That shouldn't be a problem Skyline, the more assistance we have, the better. I don't expect our sensors to be able to accurately detect certain section of the 'surface' of this planet, because of the high winds and disturbances in the upper atmosphere. We're going to need someone to actually fly in there, and scan from inside. Can you manage that?"

2002-04-10, 02:52 PM
Skyline flies alongside the Cosmobot shuttle.

"Sure thing. Im built for rough terrain, so i'll fly on in there and have a scan. I'm unfamiliar with Jupiter so if theres a surface i'll go and land there, but if its too much trouble down there i'll try and radio you for assistence" Skyline says.

Quick Switch
2002-04-10, 04:44 PM
Quick Switch roared back around to Victory Leo's side.

"Preliminary scans reveal nothing," he noted, reducing his thrusters at remaining at Leo's adjacent side below Grand.

2002-04-10, 05:19 PM
Vanguard smiled.
"You wont find any surface down there," he radio'd over.
"Unless of course, you can walk on gas," he said as an afterthought.
"There's a lot of turbelence down there though."

2002-04-10, 05:48 PM
"Sure thing Vanguard. I'll get to business just as soon as you say." Skyline says

God Jinrai
2002-04-10, 08:45 PM
Victory saber banked slightly compensating for quickswitch's return trajectory...

"Prime figured as much... Let's head down into the lower atmosphere... and run a sub orbital scan."

Quick Switch
2002-04-10, 08:49 PM
Quick Switch restet his thrusters to standard, and began to re-enter Mars trajectory, this time crusing lower.

Soon, the Red Planet was only a few hundred feet below the Hexa Changer.

"Scanning..." he replied. "Nothing yet. Anything in your sector?"

2002-04-11, 12:36 AM
Taikoon thought about it, obviously thinking hard for Prime's words to come clear to him. Then he glances around and states "Will... Go... help.. search... Save world." he finally states in his broken Cybertronian, moving to catch up with Galvatron and Sixswitch.

God Jinrai
2002-04-11, 12:46 AM
"Nothing yet, Quick Switch... I'm going to dive for the surface... maybe a really low level scan may be able to filter out any interference from the high iron content of the planet's surface..."

The superjet banked, and went into almost a roll as it dove down through the lower atmosphere, managing the high winds as if they were nothing of concern...Finally leveling off about a hundred feet above the surface...

*Back aboard Grand Maximus*

Prime nearly stared at the command screens... there hadn't been a report from any of the teams yet, and time was short... touching the panel displays, he set into motion a wavelength scan and a transmission... it was fine tuned that only a cybertronian would pick it up....Opening the comm, he transmitted a separate message to his squads...

"Alright. I've activated a low frequency transmission from the ship's com system that can only be heard by our kind... ignore it but if you pick up any replies, inform me immedieately. Optimus out."

2002-04-11, 01:02 AM
Taikoon continued, ealving the ship in robot mode as he soared after Sixshot and Galvatron, 'swimming' towards them to help search the planet they were assigned. Small jets in his heels helped propel him along through the vaccuum easily. He heard Optimus' transmission, turning towards the two decepticons with a lost look on his faceplate.

2002-04-11, 03:23 AM
Galvatron scowled as he landed on the frozen planet.

Galvatron: "These minicons...could be anywhere...Sixswitch...Taikoon..hurry up. We haven't the time for doddling."

Galvatron scanned the horizon, but saw nothing...until.

Without saying a word, Galvatron transformed into his jet mode and blasted of towards a distant mountain.

Quick Switch
2002-04-11, 03:44 AM
Quick Switch continued his high level course, in case Leo's scans wouldn't pick up anything at low level.

At the same time, Prime's transmission played over his audio receptors.

"Roger that," Quick Switch replied to both Leo and Prime. The Hexa Changer continued his flight.

2002-04-11, 05:06 AM
Taikoon watched, then glanced to Sixer, says something... pointing to himself, then in a direction, then to Six and in another direction.

HOping the con understood he turned and headed in the direction he first pointed, one mech heading a different way to cover as much area as possible. He speeds into a lope, covering ground quickly as he makes his way over the frozen turf, helped along with spurts of thrusters over small canyons and such.

2002-04-11, 10:12 AM
Sixswitch looked at Taikoon for a moment, then nodded.
"I understand."
Time to split up. Well there wasn't likely to be much danger on this planet.

He transformed into robotic tiger mode - it was obvious that he'd need this mode's advanced sensors for the mission, and lopped off on a course away from Taikoon. But then, his sensors picked up something, and moments later, he caught site of Galvatron flying towards the same location.

Quicky transforming into fighter mode, he flew after the Decepticon Commander, signalling to Taikoon to follow.


"Yes, go in when you're ready Skyline," Vanguard radio'd to the other shuttle, then he clicked to another frequency.
"Cosmobots report."
There was brief crackle of interference from the planet, before he compensated for it.
"Mercury here, nothing detected yet, but this sure is one exciting planet. Permission to go into the atmosphere to begin scans?"
Apollo here, nothing yet in the orbits I've entered, changing to vector 245, 210 now."
"OK, go for it."
"Nothing I've found either boss, Can I go for a quick look in the asteroid belt?"
Vanguard thought for a moment. It was unlikely that the asteroid belt would hide the minicons, but there might be a clue to their location there.
"Granted Thorr."

He tapped off the radio.
"OK Sun Runner, bring us into orbit around the next moon."
"Sure thing," the shuttle replied as they begun to scan their new target.

2002-04-12, 12:56 AM
Taikoon, already a good distance away, doesn't see Sixshot signalling him as he continues loping, the ice and rocks shifting under his feet precariously but he does not falter, finally skidding to a stop ad the edge of a huge abyss... He pants a little bit, kneeling there as he squints into the huge tear in the planet, focusing on the seemingly bottomless pit.


2002-04-13, 07:39 PM
Galvatron transformed and looked at what appeared to be a large metalic mass.

Galvatron: 'By the dark matrix...Prime i believe I may be on to something here..."

God Jinrai
2002-04-14, 04:08 AM
Prime's optics widened slightly...

"What've we got, galvatron?"


Victory Saber dove toward the surface at an alarming rate.... now barely a few feet above ground level, he skimmed across...


The two transformers merged into combined robot mode... Victry saber glanced around... catching a glimpse of a glimpse of light n the edge of a mountain...

"Sixswitch! This is Victory Saber! I think I've found something! Releay message to optimus, and get down here, asap!"

The super bot lurched forward at an alarming speed, charging across the landscape, comming up quickly upon the mount... Ascending it to the point where he'd thought he spotted light...

"Blast.... must've been my imagination..."

"Don't move." a voice came from behind....

"Or...maybe not."

Victory saber slowly raised his hands, turning to face his assailant... before him stood a yellowish minibot looking transformer... almost resembling bumblebee...

2002-04-14, 04:11 AM
Taikoon finally standsa gain, staring at the far edge of the canyon a long moment. He takes several breaths, then turns and walks away quickly. He waits till he's a half-mile away before whirling and charging head-long for the canyon, racing fast, a blurr of magenta and green as he reaches the edge and puts all his energy into the leap


He soars, legs pedalling in midair as he throws his arms back for extra thrust as he soars over the canyon into the air... downwards, forwards... down.... down... uh oh...

He slams into the far wall of the canyon a few lengths below the edge and falls backwards, tumbling over and over down the steep slope, grunts, oofs, and occasional cries coming from him as he tumbles, sliding in the dirt before hitting the bottom and going flying, laying splayed out on the ground.

A few minutes later he sits up slowly, rubbing his head "OOoooh... Taikoon not feel good." he mutters, standing again and squinting around in the gloom. There seemed to be a trail northwards.

He teps onto the trail, following it as he works out his limp.

2002-04-14, 01:24 PM
Sixswitch transformed in midair from flight mode, and ended up landing fairly gracefully next to the Decepticon commander.

"What in the world is that?" he asked Galvatron, peering at the strange object protruding from the planet's surface.
"A ship of some sort?"

2002-04-14, 02:29 PM
ooc - k, sorry but i havent been able to get on here.

Skyline transforms into his robot mode and begins to fly away, "Sure thing Vanguard, first i'll scope it out in robot mode" Skyline says as he continues to fly into the atmosphere of Jupiter

Quick Switch
2002-04-14, 10:43 PM
Quick Switch acknowledged.

"Roger that, Victory, relaying message ASAP."

With that, the Hexa Changer sent over a communique to Grand Maximus.

"Prime, Quick Switch here. Victory Leo reports contact on Mars. As per his orders, am rendevousing at his drop zone."

Quick Switch dipped down, and soon was upon the cluster of Transformers. He transformed to robot mode.

"Victory?" he muttered. He looked down at the Bumblebee-esque robot. "We come in peace," he addressed the minibots.

He held out his hands.

"Bah weep grannah weep ninny bong. We are Autobots, under the command of Optimus Prime."

God Jinrai
2002-04-15, 01:47 AM
The Minicon's optics burned at the sound of the name...

"Prime... blast it, now what does he want?!? He and megatron not only abused us and turned us against eachother... as weapons... but they exiled us from cybertron as well! This had better be slagging good!"

As the yellow minicon spoke, several dozen minicon rose from what seemed to be nowhere... as if they phased through the surface of the planet...

Quick Switch
2002-04-15, 11:18 AM
Quick Switch nodded gravely.

"I cannot speak for Prime and Megatron's past transgressions against you all, for sadly I am unaware of such dealings," the Hexa Changer paused.

"But I can tell you this. We need your assistance. Both our Transformer races- Autobots and Decepticons- are now allied against a common foe: the Liege Maximo. The Liege is rebuilding Unicron with the Aid of rogue Decepticon Commander Jhiaxus and his minions. Against our present forces, the Liege stands to certain victory. That is why we have come exhorting your aid."

2002-04-15, 03:56 PM
Taikoon continued to follow the trail northwwards, unknowingly towards Galvatron's posiition. He noted how it sloped upwards slightly. Good. A way out hopefully the mech thought as he srode along quickly, not noticing the small eyes watching him from the shadows around him..

Outside Pluto's orbit...

The Keeper of the Dusk Apples pulled out of FTL space, its battered red form wobbling a bit, but the two passengers inside wree quite safe.

"Well, I guess that answers the question "Can we go FTL." the pilot remarked to herself, staring into the VR-like headset, Hot Rod nearby "So what's the plan now that we're here? I think you said that Earth was the third planet out. That our destination?"

2002-04-15, 04:48 PM
"I dunno." Hot Rod thought for a moment, "I just heard they where in this system. Lockpick how good are the sensors on this ship, can it detect Cybertronian life forms from the orbit of a planet? We'll check all the other planets before Earth. Because there are always Transformers on Earth. lets start with the inner planets, the first four planets of course skipping Earth for now. Mercury, Venus, and Mars." Hot Rod then realized how smart he just sounded, he smiled.

2002-04-15, 05:56 PM
The Theif hrms a little bit as she flexes a hand, tweaking the sensors "Its designed to focus on certain targetted life forms... So if I tell it to target signatures similar to my own, it should find some... " she sails the ship past Maximus' towards the asteroid belt and inwards "we'll start inside and work our way out.... hrm, cloud cover's very thick. This will take a bit to filter out the radiation too."

She guestures to a chair "Have a seat. I've overroded all the other consoles so pushing stuff won't affect it."

2002-04-15, 11:54 PM
Hot Rod slowly sat in the nearest seat, "Ya but it won't help us find any of these Minicons I wonder what they really are. And why I don't know anything about them?" He looked out into space and hoped finding the location of Optimus Prime wouldn't be too hard. Then he looked at Lockpick, "Well as long as we have time...uh... why were you so eager to leave Bean behind? And what's this FTL?"

2002-04-16, 02:24 PM
Originally posted by Philcom
Hot Rod slowly sat in the nearest seat, "Ya but it won't help us find any of these Minicons I wonder what they really are. And why I don't know anything about them?" He looked out into space and hoped finding the location of Optimus Prime wouldn't be too hard. Then he looked at Lockpick, "Well as long as we have time...uh... why were you so eager to leave Bean behind? And what's this FTL?"

Finally, the theif turns and refocuses on Hot Rod a moment. "It might hinder us. But I never give up. And FTL?" she chuckles "Faster Than Light... hyperdrive, whatever you want to call it. And as for Bean... just as i said. I wasn't sure if the Keeper could hold its atmosphere" shrug.

2002-04-17, 05:18 AM
Galvatron: "Prime...I believe we have found at least part of the minicon ship...i think it would be wise to supply us with some backup..."

2002-04-17, 10:57 AM
Sixswitch responded to Galvatron's request for backup by bringing his forearm blasters from subspace. Suitably prepared, he turned to the Decepticon leader.

"Should we try and find a way inside?"

God Jinrai
2002-04-17, 01:30 PM
Prime grew grim suddenly...

"Galvatron.. make no attempt to enter the ship remains... I just recieved a report from victory saber and quick switch on mars... they've made contact. And the minicons seem none too happy about us seeking them out for help asweapons..."

Prime glanced at grand..

"Head for pluto... I'm going to mars... make sure galvatron doesn't try anything foolhardy..."

with those words, prime departed the command center, headed for the nearest airlock... and leapt into the void... jetting off for a rendevou on mars...

2002-04-17, 04:26 PM
Hot Rod sat back staring into space and noticed a piont of light moving quite irregulally. "Lockpick what do you make of that? It's headed... for Mars. Get us there!" Hot Rod was getting quite excited.

2002-04-17, 04:36 PM
Vanguard was monitoring the transmissions between Galvatron and Prime from within the hull of Sun Runner.
"We should be there too," he stated, suddenly standing up.
"Cosmobots, return to my coordinates, but Apollo, before you arrive, send a transmission to Skyline telling him that we're leaving orbit."
"Aye boss," Apollo replied.

Apollo to Skyline, the Cosmobots are now leaving Jupiter's orbit. Just letting you know that when you get out of there, we won't be here. We're heading to Mars."

Soon, Sun Runner was accelerating through the asteroid belt, towards the Red Planet.

2002-04-17, 04:59 PM
A small object moved silently through the asteroid belt. At least it did untill it impacted the Keeper of the Dust Appels.


It became lodged in the wall of the Keeper.

2002-04-17, 05:04 PM
"What the?!?" Hot Rod fell out of his seat, "What's that? I should go out and check it..." Hot Rod waited for Lockpick to respond.

2002-04-18, 02:28 AM
Lockpick jumps in her steat, as though the object had hit HER.

"What the.." she says, the same time as hot Rod. Her head moves, eyes focused on something not-there physically. "Its... about the size of a human... I'll have the beams pull it into the cargo bay. You can check it out while I get to MArs."

She turns the ship towards the Red Planet and heads off.

2002-04-18, 01:25 PM
The object didn't resist the tractor beams as it was pulled into the cargo bay. Inside the cargo bay the object stirred slightly.

"Hmm, must have hit a ship, I could feel something pulling me. Let's have a look around.. Huh!?" it whispered.
(Initiate self diagnostic... system status... arms.. functional, legs.. functional, torso.. undamaged, power.. not critical, wings.. slightly damaged, head.. functional, optics out of focus.. compensating)

"Ah, that explains why I can't seen anything" It whispered.

At that moment the cargobay door opened.
("activity, best to act inactive..") it thought as it folded its wings around its body.(looks like a 5 feet tall metal ball)

2002-04-18, 04:33 PM
"Gotcha." Hot Rod started toward the cargo bay. H epassed trough the doors and got there as well as he could, he generally knew his way around. Inside the Cargo bay Hot Rod could see what looked like a metal ball, "I hope it isn't a bomb..."

2002-04-18, 09:49 PM
The ball would be inside one of the cages in the cargo bay Its not pretty in there at all - rather like a prison or torture chamber. Lockpick also focuses some security-sensors into the room to look herself as Mars loomed in the viewscreen.

"Very... interesting planet."

2002-04-19, 03:41 PM
(optics compensated)
"Good, now i'll be able to see where I am" the "ball" whispered as it moved it's wing slightly. Pearing from under the wing, it saw iron bars and Hot Rod.
("Hmm, I appear to be in a cage. And a robot is nearby. Too big to be one of my kind... It couldn't be one of the "ancient ones" who used most of our kind as weapons, could it?") it thought.
Pearing at the rest of the cargo bay, it's mood quickly turned for the worse.
("judging by the rest of this room, it probably is")
Apparantly it had moved a bit to far, since it's wing scrathed the bars of the cage, making a noise that sounded like nails on a blackboard.
(Darn, blast this accursed form..) it thought.

2002-04-19, 10:41 PM
Hot Rod leaned over to get a better look at the thing inside the cage. "Whoa it's a bot! A rather noisy one." Hot Rod cringed under the sound but endured it, "Looks big enough to be a Targetmaster... or a Headmaster componant." Then he addressed the bot directly, "I don't see any signage on you that I reckonize, are you an Autobot or Decepticon? Targetmaster, Headmaster, or something else?"

2002-04-20, 08:23 AM
Originally posted by Philcom
Hot Rod:"I don't see any signage on you that I reckonize, are you an Autobot or Decepticon? Targetmaster, Headmaster, or something else?"

("So, it IS one of the Ancient ones, time to find out if they are as bad as in the tales of old") the small bot thought.

"I'm neither Autobot nor Decepticon, or a Target or Headmaster. I am a Minicon. And you have no right to keep me locked in this cage!" The Minicon replied as he stood up folding his wings over his shoulders like a cloak.(ala Goliath from Gargoyles)

2002-04-20, 02:42 PM
Lockpick's voice comes over the speakers. Of course she had been observing them "The cage is unlocked. Just give the door a good pull and it'll unlatch. and sorry for putting you in there. Unfortunately that was the only way I could get you in."

2002-04-20, 03:39 PM
Originally posted by Lockpick
Lockpick:"The cage is unlocked. Just give the door a good pull and it'll unlatch. and sorry for putting you in there. Unfortunately that was the only way I could get you in."

Talon turned around and saw the door, and as the voice said it was open.

("Sofar, they havent acted hostile. Still it could be a trick") Talon thought.

"Sofar you've spoken the truth mylady, but do pardon me if I don't trust either of you. I've heard nothing good about your kind from the others" Talon stated as he stepped out of the cage.

2002-04-20, 05:01 PM
"So this is a Minicon... makes sence that a Minicon would be small." Hot Rod mumbled, "Heard nothing good? About the Autobots? What have you heard?" he asked.

2002-04-21, 04:54 AM
Galvatron grew impatient.

Galvatron: "That's it...I'm going inside!"

With that the Decepticon leader made his way to the minicon ship and entered its confines.

2002-04-21, 09:23 AM
Originally posted by Philcom
Hot Rod:"Heard nothing good? About the Autobots? What have you heard?" he asked.

"I might have exagerated with nothing good, but both Autobots and Decepticons used most of my kind as weapons. And then they exiled us. I was 1 of the few Minicons that did not get used as weapons. From what i've heared from other Minicons, the Decepticons were the worst, they treated most of us with disrespect, kidnapping us if we refused to join them. The only good things i've heard concern the Autobots. They gave us the choice of helping them or not and when we joined they treated us like equals. Yet in the end they still exiled us" the Minicon explained. He sighed deeply when he was finished.

"But before I continue, allow me to introduce myself. The name is Talon" Talon said.
"And what is your name sir?" Talon asked Hot Rod.

2002-04-21, 02:46 PM
Gigatron stared coldly. He did not waver, he did not blink; he had been like this since the party left. His optics stayed on one robot, whose back would not stop glaring back. Until now...

"Can I help you?" Grand finally asked, looking over his shoulder.

Gigatron huffed contemptuously, looking down (in more than one way) on the human-sized Autobot.

"I know you, Maximus. I know everything about you."

Grand turned around again long enough to revert the battleship to alert mode, then spun his chair to face his verbal assailant.

"And I know you, Destron. Another time wanderer like myself, eh? But you are beyond my time... Now that we're both good friends, may I get back to piloting my ship?"

"And beyond your strength!" Gigatron raved, ignoring the request. "I know one of your kin. Another Maximus, and I am far stronger than he. I am stronger than all! Your Master Sword trembles before the might of the Ultimate Devil Power!"

Grand's eyes darted back and forth, hoping to find some answers, but fruitlessly. He shook his head a few times, then turned again away from Gigatron. And so the standoff resumed.

God Jinrai
2002-04-21, 07:52 PM
*ship headed for earth*

"Well... It seems we were right all along, Fire Convoy... he's returning to the earth... to attempt to take it before we existed... "

"I wouldn't count on THAT, Magnus... but... it's still quite possible... He's got to be aboard that... SHIP! WHAT THE?!? That's a maximus class battle cruiser! What in primus' name would he be doing there?!? Magnus, prepare for immedieate merger... we're going after him!"

The ship set on autopilot, The duo exited in robot mode... proceeding with the merger...

"Jets! Full burn!" Shouted the combined form... and it streaked off for grand maximus...

Meanwhile on mars...

"What is your name, friend... I never found out. " spoke victory saber

"... I used to be a minibot... but was recreated in this body... name's... bumblebee."

Victory saber was shocked... he'd remembered hearing of the minibot, but never had anything come up about him being given a different body... only that once, he was rebuilt... as goldbug...


Prime streaked out across the blackness, rapidly approaching the planet... hitting the atmosphere, he traced victory saber's transmission, and rather quickly came down to rest upon their location...

"It's...been awhile... bumblebee..." prime solemnly spoke

2002-04-21, 10:47 PM
"Name's Hot Rod. Well we came here looking for Minicon's I guess we already made ourselves useful." Hot Rod smiled at the small bot, "Hmm weapons huh? So kinda like Targetmasters... maybe, but it doesn't look like you transform into a gun. Well whatever, our leader Optimus Prime thinks that you guys may be our only hope to defeat Liege Maximo."

2002-04-22, 12:03 AM
"Galvatron, Prime said..." Sixswitch started, but the Decepticon leader had already gone inside.
"Oh slag," Sixswitch growled, before ensuring that his weapons were functional, and following the Decepticon into the mini-con vessel.

The large six-changer had to stoop low once inside the ship.
"Heh, guess they're called mini-cons for a reason," he joked to himself, before moving forwards. The ship was similar in design to Cybertronian ships - not surprising really, although much smaller.

With a sigh, he realised that he could make much better progress in tiger form, so he transformed into it. Now, he could make much better progress, and use his advanced sensor module too.

Most of the interior design - or at least the corridor he was in, was a bland, gunmetal gray colour, showing no signs of alliegances. Moving quickly down the corridor, he caught up with Galvatron.

"What are you hoping to find in here anyway?" he asked

2002-04-22, 02:48 AM
Galvatron lit his optics and illuminated the hull of the ship.

Galvatron: "That...I believe those are stasis pods if I remember correctly...send word to Prime...and what happened to that other buffoon Autobot we had with us?"

2002-04-22, 08:34 AM
Sixswitch hunched his shoulders.
"Dunno, I sent him a signal to come here. You don't think all of the mini-cons were reactivated once this ship landed? I'd expect those things to be empty."

He paused a moment.
"Can't contact Prime from here, the hull is interefering with my transmission. I'll have to duck outside."
The Autobot turned, and loped down the corridor, before reaching the open air.

"Sixswitch to Optimus Prime, Galvatron has gone inside the mini-con ship, and found some stasis pods there. I'm not sure what he intends, but he asked me to contact you."

2002-04-22, 08:48 AM
((OOC - this is my last post till Friday. Please, someone take care of Taikoon for me? I'm available by Email if you have questions.)

Taikoon finally makes his way around a corner... and stops. a dead end. Kind of. IN front of him was a looming metal wall. His green optics turn upwards as he contemplates this, running a grey hand over the smooth, cold, aged metal in thought.

Then he froze, tilting his head, before whirling, hand whipping out in front of him, palm out as a soft footstep falls behind him -


He lowered his arm, jade optics now narroed as he backed up until he was against the ship, half-crouched. He thought he heard Galvatron's voice, then called, his own language echoing in the thin, frozen air for probably miles."

<< Is that you, ally? I'm near a ship! Where are you?>>

Of course, its up to Galvy if he understands or even hears Taik's call.

((OOc -= see you on Friday. PLEASE someone take care of Taik, Garry, and Shotbomber for me!))

2002-04-22, 12:48 PM
Originally posted by Philcom
"Name's Hot Rod. Well we came here looking for Minicon's I guess we already made ourselves useful." Hot Rod smiled at the small bot, "Hmm weapons huh? So kinda like Targetmasters... maybe, but it doesn't look like you transform into a gun. Well whatever, our leader Optimus Prime thinks that you guys may be our only hope to defeat Liege Maximo."

"Indeed Hot Rod, you have found 1 of my kind already" Talon said with a grin.
"I would actually have prefered to become a gun instead of my current alt mode. My altmode is the reason i'm here in the first place, and not with the others. I become some form of creature, and my robot mode resembles my alt mode alot. Since the others have mechanical altmodes, not to mention normal robot modes, I became an outcast. I used to look normal, before my crashlanding on the 3rd planet of this system" Talons said with a sigh.
"I've heard about this Optimus Prime, and all i've heard was good. I do not know of this Liege Maximo character" Talon continued.
"Tell me a bit about these Targetmasters you mentioned are they of Cybertronian origin or has your kind ensnared yet another race?" Talon asked.

2002-04-23, 01:33 AM
"I wounldn't say ensared... more dragged into it. As organic beings thier called Nebulans... from well Nebulos. We ended their war and freed thier planet only to drag thier best warriors into our war as Targetmasters and Headmasters. The Headmaster form the heads of a small group of Autobots encluding one of our biggest Warriors Fortress Maximus. The Targetmasters transform into guns. Actually I have a Targetmaster partner called Firebolt, but I left him behind to help out on Cybertron. Now tell me about yourself, how exactly are your kind used as weapons?" Hot rod then felt a jolt on the floor, "Hmmm we landed on Mars. Here, you can tell me on the way to the bridge."

2002-04-23, 11:23 AM
Originally posted by Philcom
Hot Rod: "I wounldn't say ensared... more dragged into it. As organic beings thier called Nebulans... from well Nebulos. We ended their war and freed thier planet only to drag thier best warriors into our war as Targetmasters and Headmasters. The Headmaster form the heads of a small group of Autobots encluding one of our biggest Warriors Fortress Maximus. The Targetmasters transform into guns. Actually I have a Targetmaster partner called Firebolt, but I left him behind to help out on Cybertron. Now tell me about yourself, how exactly are your kind used as weapons?" Hot rod then felt a jolt on the floor, "Hmmm we landed on Mars. Here, you can tell me on the way to the bridge."

Talon sighed.
"Thousands of Vorns have passed and still the war wages, still dragging other races into it" he said in a sad voice.

"Mars? That's the name the natives of the 3rd planet, or Earth as they call it, gave the world the others of my kind inhabit. The others dont even realize Earth has life" Talon said.

"Ah, my time on Earth was bliss" Talon said with a smile as he started following Hot Rod.

"As i said i was fortunate enough never to suffer the fate of most of my kind, so all i know is from the others. My kind can link to your kind, merge if you will. A Cybertronian with a Minicon attached has it's power and/or abilities enhanced. The end result differs for each different combination. Sometimes a new weapon becomes active, or speed or strength get boosted for example. Adding multiple Minicons to the same Cybertronian has a cumulative effect, up to a point" Talon explained.

"And as for my personal history, it would take several breem to explain it in detail, especially the parts from my crashlanding on Earth to the present" He added.

2002-04-23, 11:29 PM
"Well, I would like to hear about it, just not now we got a lot to do." Hot Rod entered the bridge. "Lockpick well, we better find Optimus, but somebody better stay with the ship."

Lockpick sighed, "Hot Rod the Keeper can take care of itself, as you should already know."

"Well I don't know, I've just had a bad feeling about this whole thing, I better go and report to Optimus first. I'll tell him we found a Minicon and see where it goes from there, I don't want to drag you into trouble." Hot Rod already started to go.

Lockpick was starting to get a little mad, "Hot Rod don't be..."

"Look I insist, stay here with Talon." With that Hot Rod left.

Lockpick sat with her arms crossed, "Oh well... so Talon is it. I hear you're a Minicon?"

2002-04-24, 01:09 PM
Originally posted by Philcom
Lockpick:"Oh well... so Talon is it. I hear you're a Minicon?"

"I am a Minicon yes, though the others of my kind hardly treat me as such. And what might be your name mylady? Talon asked Lockpick.

2002-04-24, 03:35 PM
"My name? Lockpick, well looks like we might be sitting on out cans for a while." she then took a quick look at some of the readouts on the headset then took it off and set it on the consel. "Go ahead and have a seat, I might as well learn a little more about you and these Minicons..."

Hot Rod sped across the surface of Mars in vechical mode, it wasn't easy though, bumps all the way. He was allready half way to Optimus's last reported position. Then suddenly he heard a type of screeching noise. Hot Rod stopped and transformed into robot mode, actually it was just a good excuse to stop for a moment. "Hey any one there?" he yelled but he didn't recieve the welcome he looked forward to. A sharp pain struck his head, as if a blunt object hit him. Hot Rod began to lose it and everything grew dark in his head. He fell to the ground, out cold.

2002-04-24, 04:53 PM
Originally posted by Philcom
"Go ahead and have a seat, I might as well learn a little more about you and these Minicons..."

"I apreciate the offer to take a seat" Talon said as he jumped into the air and transformed into some form of bat.
"But i'd prefer to hang around" he said as he flew up to the ceiling and settled there.

"As for the Minicons, basicly they aren't very different from Cybertronians like yourself mylady. We are from the same world afterall. The only real difference would be the size factor, and the fact that Minicons can link, merge if you will, with Cybertronians thus enhancing their abilities" Talon explained.

"Sadly being used as weapons by your kind long ago has left alot of my kind bitter, they shun anyone or anything different to them. So when I returned to the others after a period of 2 orbits of the 3rd planet they shunned me due to my current forms" he said with a sigh.

2002-04-24, 07:53 PM
It was too easy to defeat Hot Rod, but he did it by surprize, this would be a different story, but he had to try, "OPTIMUS PRIME! Get away from that Minicon!" A full sized transformer dropped out of the shadows. His form was that of a normal robot, but seemed to be covered it dark armor. A helmet with a visor cover his head, the only visible part of his real body was the lower half of his face, "My name is Javelin! And all you need to know for now, is that I will not allow you or any other Cybertronian use the ones called Minicons!" Javelin brought forth his main weapon, a combat rod with a laser sharpened blade on the end. "Leave, now. My main quarrel is not with you, yet..."

"Sounds bad. I wonder how Cybertronians will be recieved after all these years, what are your feelings towards us? I mean..." But Lockpick's question was interrupted by an incoming transmission.

"zzz ugggg Lockpick?"

Lockpick responded, "Hot Rod?"

"I got.. hit... from behind... I don't know who. Can't move, or see. I think he buried me somewhere... I feel so stupid." he responded sounding quite weak.

"And you should *sigh*" She turned to Talon, "Come on Talon we better go dig him out." She pressed a few buttons and due to the rust depostits on Mars she could only get the general location of Hot Rod. She got up and transformed into hovercraft mode.

2002-04-25, 03:42 AM
OOC - I'm back early! I couldn't stay away could I? *hee*


Lockpick frowned "That... that must've been after I left cybertron. I remember nothing of that. But... for what its worth, I'm sorry. I know how it feels to be used, then tossed away like some-"she breaks off, Hot Rod's SOS coming through.

Like Philcom said, (Thanks Philly!) she transform and prepares to head out.

Lockpick paused at the door, tilting a wing towards Talon "Want to come along? The ship can handle herself." she offers.

Taikoon looks up at the ship again. No reply from Galvatron. Guess he's going up himself. Moving to the wall of rock, the mech leaps up, catching a handhold as he pulls his green form up, slowly crawling up the wall, small stones tumbling. Then, he slips, the rock breaking under his weight and he starts to tumble, a small rockslide happening.

Landing hard, the rocks tumble around him. A few seconds later he sits up, couging and uttering a few curses, glancing around. he froze as his optics caught sight of a small form laying amongst the stones.

Scrambling over, the robot kneeled and gently lifted the body, before sighing. It was still alive. The mech opens his chestplate slightly and puts the unconcious minicon in a protective holding place where he could monitor its readings better till it was aided. Then he stands quickly, throwing caution to the wind as his jets actitvate and he walk/flies/climbs up the ship's side, across the top, and into view of Galvatron as he leaps back down on the other side, chattering rapidly.

2002-04-25, 03:55 PM
Originally posted by Lockpick
Lockpick: "Sounds bad. I wonder how Cybertronians will be recieved after all these years, what are your feelings towards us? I mean... "That... that must've been after I left cybertron. I remember nothing of that. But... for what its worth, I'm sorry. I know how it feels to be used, then tossed away like some-"she breaks off, Hot Rod's SOS coming through. Lockpick paused at the door, tilting a wing towards Talon "Want to come along? The ship can handle herself." she offers.

"I thank you for your compasion. I honestly can't judge how my kind would react to the return of your kind. I for one don't bear a grudge, I learned on Earth that grudges only bring more grudges. But it seems that someone out there isn't as forgiving. I'll come along, perhaps I can persuade the others to help." Talon said as he flies over to Lockpick. "Is your vehicle mode passenger capable? he asked.

2002-04-27, 06:56 AM
The Girl was silent a long time, as though the question was awkward. "I... No, but you could probably ride on top." she finally says weakly, as though reluctant to let him into her passenger area.

2002-04-27, 06:02 PM
"I... No, but you could probably ride on top."

Talon,hearing a slight tone of reluctance, would have slapped himself in the face, had he been in robot mode.
"I shouldn't have asked the question in the first place. A true gentleman shouldn't ask such a thing of a lady. I must apologize" he said as he lands on Lockpick's roof.

"A top seat will be fine, it will give me a chance to see my home again. I've been away for a long time" he continued as he transformed to his robot mode.

God Jinrai
2002-04-27, 08:09 PM
OOC: I'd apprecieate it if some of you would take up a minicon or two, it lessens the effort needed on me to keep this slag movin


"O...Optimus..." stuttered the yellow transformer

"...NOT LONG ENOUGH!" he shouted seconds later

"You left me near death, and if it weren't for the minicons, I WOULD BE! HOW DARE YOU, PRIME! HOW DARE YOU CLAIM TO BE SUCH A GREAT LEADER WHEN YOU LEFT ME TO DIE!"

Prime stood silent as the yellow transformer raged at him...

"...No, bumblebee... You were in no such danger... that day, the day when we fought for iacon... to reclaim our once home... ratchet was not a yard from you at any time.... once we broke the decepticon defences, we charged into iacon... ratchet had marked you with a life support system as well as a monitor to keep track of your situation in case matters worsened... Yoru vitals had not changed the entire battle... except near the end... they rose.. back to normal... and peaked over... ratchet came back to get you.. but you were nowhere to be found... We would never abandon a fellow autobot... never...."

Prime went silent again... waiting...

2002-04-27, 11:19 PM
The hovercar lifted off, gliding down the ramp. Under Talon's body, the metal was bumpy, ragged, scars criss-crossing with dents every which way, a simple spray-paint of gold-red overtop of it, hiding the lack of attempt to replace the battered armor. She hehs weakly "That's okay... No apologies needed. So this is where you're from huh?" she falls silent as a cloud of red dust nearly causes her to dissapear into the terrain "Nice. A bit dusty though."

"So... uh, can you tell me more about the Minicons? You told me what they do... how do the act and such?" She was hoping for hints as to how to get them to help the Autobots.

2002-04-28, 09:40 AM
"How the others act? Well they've been able to build a society here on this planet. Most of the time they prefer to avoid contact with anything offworld. Probably due to past experiences. I'm not too familiar with how they'd act to visitors or threats, I was a loner. I had a view that was different from the others, I WANTED to make contact with offworld stuff so they prefered to leave me alone. I managed to convert an old stasispod into a spacecraft sort of. But my first excursion didn't go too well, I crashed on the 3rd planet, Earth, and stayed there for 2 of it's orbits around it's primary. When I returned I had my current form, due to my crashlanding, and was completely shunned by the others" Talon explained.

2002-04-28, 09:54 AM
"That's so sad to hear." the scarred hovercar emits as she whisks them over the terrain. "I hope all can make amends... " she starts to get a bit of an idea, and tilts a wing, keeping it to herself for now.

"What is... Earth like? I've never even heard of it till recently."

2002-04-28, 11:19 AM
"I hope so too" Talon said.
"Earth is vastly different from Cybertron and Mars. The surface is not metallic like Cybertron or as barren as Mars, about 2/3's of the surface is covered in a liquid called water. The planet is inhabited, for the most part, by many species of organic lifeforms. The dominant lifeforms are humans. I crashed in a vast forest, a large area filled with all sorts of organic plants and lifeforms. I was badly damaged from the crash. My stasispod scanned the surrounding area, but couldn't find any metallic lifeforms so instead it took 2 organic lifeforms and reconfigured my body and altmode to match them. The refitting had drained my energy levels considerably and I would have gone offline if a native lifeform hadn't found me. His name was Rock and he took me back to his home where he and 3 others took care of me. I was surprised however when I discovered that apart from 1 human, Rock and the others were robots" he explained.

2002-04-28, 08:08 PM
(ooc: Ok I'll use Jolt, and Military Team Minicons and more if needed.)

Well looks like Optimus Prime is a little too involved in that Minicon.... Javelin thought, looking over the situation, it seems that prime didn't even notice him. "Very well." Javelin rush toward Prime blade aimed right for him.

A Minicon with a rotor on his back, named Jolt stepped in between Optimus and Bumblebee, "Hey you two this will have to wait, Optimus has a visitor, and I don't think he wants to chat."

Three Minicons jumped in Javelin's way, the first one Wreakage spoke, "You dare attack on our world!"

"Back Off now!" shouted Knockout, another Minicon. Javelin did not stop in his charge. So the military Minicon team began to fire projectile missles.

Javelin stoped and held his blade in front of him. With the blade he struck the projectiles, knocking them away. "With out the Cybertron's you Minicons are nothing. Allow me to show..." Javelin started on his charge again, and used the blunt side of his blade/rod to assult the three Minicons. They were caught by surprize and were sent to the ground. Now Javelin was right next to Optimus Prime. He spun his blade and readied it for attack, "Last warning Optimus Prime leave the Minicon world!"

God Jinrai
2002-04-29, 12:17 AM
Prime turned his head slightly, seeing this intruder from the corner of his optic...

"No... not without them. Unicron can't be stopped...not by the matrix anymore... These... the lost part of our race... are the only hope for the entire universe... and no one's stopping us from stopping unicron... I will not force them to join us... but if they realize the scope of this situation... they also realize that to preserve themselves... as well as peace... it's essential... If it's a fight you want..."

Prime turned to the air strike team, recalling their second special capability...

"Minicon Airstrike team! Merge!" he called

as he let out the command, Prime dove to the right of his assailant, out of the weapon's range...

2002-04-29, 04:00 PM
Javelin leap up, just as a precausionary tactic. Minicon's merging, this should be interesting... Let's see what this air tem has got! Javelin thought upon hitting the floor, landing on his feet. Then he charged at Prime's direction, then stabed the ground with the rod, it hurled him into the air, feet first. Still holding on to his weapon Javelin pionted the sharp bladed end at Optimus Prime, seeking to impale the Autobot leader.

God Jinrai
2002-04-29, 07:02 PM
The three jets suddenly shot skyward... and in a burst of light, combined... in their place hovered a mighty blade, similar in nature to the maximus weapon known as the master sword...

Prime raised his right arm, letting the cannon mount on his arm come to life... a set of twin lasers burst forth and as that happened, prime took a mighty leap.... skyward he shot... taking hold of the gestalkt sword...

"Well friend. if you want to play... let's play."

2002-04-29, 07:38 PM
The lasers were no problem for Javelin he simpley sliced the light energy with his blade, causing it to break up harmlessly, his reaction was quick, of course. But Prime has chosen the perfect weapon to fight Javelin, a sword, a most powerful one. Javelin abondonded his impalment manuver and swung the blade in front of him, if Optimus Prime was too slow in his reaction, the hit would force Prime back to the ground. If not the two would certainly collide.

God Jinrai
2002-04-29, 10:58 PM
clenching the hilt, Prime felt a wave of strength overcome him... and mentally, through his own private comm, he spoke to those who were part of the blade...

"my friends... thank you... this intruder must not stop us from defeating unicron... by your act... I assume you choose to join our forces... rather than wait in suffering.."

Bringing his blade to bear, he swung in a tight arc, set to knock away the bladed staff...

"I suggest you give up while you've still a chance, friend. I came here to seek aid in preserving life... not to destroy life..."

2002-04-29, 11:04 PM
Overhead, in the Martian atmosphere, the sleek form of Sun Runner streaked across the sky.
"Energy signatures dead ahead," the shuttle reported.
Vanguard, still seated on the monitoring station, also had a view.
"It's Prime. He's in combat with some sort of robot. Prepare for attack deployment.

The other Cosmobots nodded grimly, and drew their weapons from subspace. Only Thorr couldn't conceal a wide smile as he hefted his cannon.

"Whoever he's fight'n, let's slag him!"

Swiftly, Vanguard leapt from the shuttle, followed exhuberently by Thorr, and then the other two Cosmobots. Sun Runner transformed, the rear of the shuttle splitting to form legs, and the nose coming apart to form arms, one of which gripped his rifle. From the upper atmosphere, the Cosmobots fell in a controlled freefall towards Optimus Prime and Javelin.

2002-04-29, 11:57 PM
Javelin saw the perfect opportunity, Prime was just trying to knock it away a simple block...

The strength of Optimus's sword was quite unlike anything Javelin had ever seen. In the end piont of the arc his sword broke Javelin's staff in half ude to his own manuver. If Javelin did not push off on the force of the collision, he may have been injured as well. He landed on the ground away from Optimus Prime. Now that javelin knew the sword's power he would have to take a different approach. He popped the blade off the broken rod and threw the rod away. "I underestimated the power of that sword, Optimus, but I'm am yet to leave." Javelin pulled out a arrangment of sharp razors placed in between his fingers.

About to attack Prime a second time Javelin stoped, looked up and saw some sort of craft approacing, "...Perhaps not." Javelin put away his new razors. "You are determined Optimus Prime, and I admire that. But has it ever occured to you that perhaps Liege Maximo is allowing you time to gather the Minicons, so that he himself may use them." Javelin turned his back to Prime, "Of course just a theory... I know little of Leige Maximo, but you have told me what I wanted to know, his location..." Javelin then transformed into car mode with peices of Javelin's armor flying off and reattaching in vechical mode. The transformation was quick and presise. Javelin sped off not waiting, or wanting a response from Prime.

2002-04-30, 07:27 AM
Lockpick finally finds Hot Rod... or at least, what she THINKS is Hot Rod. She slows carefully, stopping to allow TAlon to dismount off her top and she Transforms to robot mode, nearly invisible against the red desert as she kneels by the spoiler poking out of the dirt. "Rod?" she asks, grasping it and giving a tug.

It came out without resistance, landing the femme on her skidplate. "Err... oops."

2002-04-30, 10:53 AM
The Cosmobots slowed their descent with their maneuvering thrusters, and landed on the surface with a gentle bump. Glancing up, Vanguard saw a car speeding off into the distance.

They walked forward towards Prime, putting their assorted weapons away.
"Optimus Prime, what was all that about?" Vanguard asked.

Meanwhile, the other Cosmobots were casting curious glances over the Minicons.
"Greetings," Apollo said as they returned the bigger transformers' stares.

2002-04-30, 02:19 PM
Talon dismounts with relative ease, kicking up almost no dust as he hovers to the ground slowly. Seeing that Lockpick hadn't found Hotrod he transformed into his batform.
"I'll look for him from the sky" he said to Lockpick as he climbed the martian sky.

God Jinrai
2002-05-01, 01:06 AM
Prime tossed the blade skyward again as his opponent retreated, and the blade disengaged into its four component jets.

"Vanguard, Hail Grand Maximus... inform him we're going to be having a great deal of company for the trip home... "

Prime turned down to the rebuild Bumblebee... his optics burned brightly, truly expressing his regret for what had happened so many years ago... and a feeling of helplesness now that one of his former friends so greatly despised him...

"...Alright Optimus... for the sake of all that live in peace... all that seek freedom... the entire universe itself... MINICONS! Transform and prepare to board grand maximus! WE'RE GOING HOME!"

shouted the minicon leader. Raising his optics back up to face optimus, their optics met... and a slight smile crept across bumblebee's face... finally... it was resolved... Finally he knew the truth.

God Fire arrived at the massive battleship just before it shifted its position to head for Mars... grasping onto the hull, he pulled himself to the nearest access hatch, and held his position...

"Maximus Class unit. I need access to your internal area. A menace to cybertron is on board, and I'm here to stop him before he destroys history... "

2002-05-01, 11:01 AM
("This form does have it's uses") Talon thought as he uses his sonar to scan the surrounding area.

"I'm reading alot of confirmations. The closest one is about 1 mile to the east. Most of the others are grouped together a few miles beyond that" he relayed to Lockpick.

2002-05-01, 01:04 PM
Vanguard nodded, and turned to Apollo, who, without another word, tapped a button on his chest.
"Apollo to Grand, requesting pickup from Mars. We have found the mini-cons, and they have agreed to help us. We're ready to head for home."

Vanguard turned back to Optimus.
"What about the minicon ship, on Pluto?"

God Jinrai
2002-05-01, 01:21 PM
Prime turned to Vanguard and started, but bumblebee intervened...

"The pluto ship is only part of the ship we were aboard... asteroid storm hit us once we entered the system, and the ship was torn... to my knowledge, most all of us are here on mars... but I wouldn't go as far as to say pluto's completely dead... There may be a few of us that went down with that section of the ship... but I don't know for sure."

2002-05-01, 01:42 PM
The girl nodded and transformed, the dust hanging in the air as she whisks East, finding a terribly grave-like sight. Quickly transforming gain, she grunts as she hauls away dirt, uncovering the dusty, buried Hot Rod in a few minutes. Panting, she kneels "Rod? You ok?" she checks him over carefully as she tries to drag the larger mech out of the early gravesite.


Taikoon hadn't found Galvatron, he ended up in a small valley (OOC WHEre's he?? Can't do much without ya!)) alone, with his wounded passenger. The mech takes out the small body, looking it over as he inspects the crush-wounds from his accidental fall, a frown creasing his features. The minicon he had inadvertendly injured was a royal blue in color, with a two-wheeled mode it looks like, although one tire was burst from a rock falling on it. Taik, not learnt int he ways of Transformer healing, did his best to doctor the small one as he crouched there by the ship.

((OOC - I hate work. I have a blister on my toe and its pinched each time I walk, so I always limp *sniffle* I want a new job.))

2002-05-01, 03:35 PM
Hot Rod coughed for a moment, forceing some red sand out, "Ya... Lockpick, times like this I wish I had a drill in my arm." He slowly sat up, "I would have dug my way up, but uh, low on power. My solar power input will cover for me now. Looks like I ruined everything, is Optimus gone?"

2002-05-01, 04:13 PM
Talon followed Lockpick to Hotrod. He descends to about 8 feet then stays there. He turns to the dusty Hotrod.
"It's good to see you're still functional. I don't think Prime is gone, I scanned the area and picked up several signatures east of here that were not Minicon in origin" he says.

Quick Switch
2002-05-01, 04:36 PM
Quick Switch turned to Victory Leo.

"Um, yeah, so what's the situation? This Minicon isn't really talkative. Do we take him with us?"

God Jinrai
2002-05-01, 08:55 PM
Victory Saber's head turned to quick switch...

"He IS a minicon... and you just heard what the yellow one said... they're ALL comming. but if he chooses not to, we are not to force him to. It is not the cybertr...autobot way."

Quick Switch
2002-05-01, 10:42 PM
Quick Switch nodded.

"Fine. I'm heading back to Grand Maximus, then. Our mission is concluded: we have found some minicons. We can't take him by force, so I see no point in remaining here."

The Hexa Changer transformed to jet fighter mode and flew on to Grand Maximus.

2002-05-01, 11:44 PM
Lockpick helped Hot Rod off, starting to dust him off when she stops, pulling back as though burned. "Well, shall we go meet up, or get the Keeper first?" she inquires. "Also, how many Minicons are there?"

2002-05-02, 09:24 AM
"How many Minicons there are?" Talon repeated.
"Well, I registered about 15 Minicon signatures, though that's only the ones on the surface. There could be more underground. I was a loner so I don't know how many others there are" he answered.
"As for linking up with them or getting the keeper, I leave that decision to you 2" he states.

2002-05-03, 01:39 AM
Hot Rod didn't waist too much time thinking, "We better catch up with Optimus, who knows if that guy that hit me earlier may be causing problems, and we could show Optimus that we found a new freind here." He said looking over at Talon.

2002-05-03, 02:59 AM
Lockpick nods "You two can do that. I'll get the Keeper over here to help with the transport." she transforms again and dissapears into the terrain.

2002-05-03, 09:47 AM
"Did you get a good look at the being that attacked you?" Talon asked as he transformed to robot form and hovers to the ground.

2002-05-03, 10:15 PM
Hot Rod shook his head in disappiontment, "No... he got me from behind, hit me so well, he downed me on the first hit. Well we're almost there." Hot Rod could see Optimus in the distance and a few smaller forms, Minicons.

Jolt while helping the Military Team up from the ground took a look at a approaching form, he looked over at Optimus Prime "Hey Autobot Leader one of your kind is approaching" Then he looked at Bumblebee, "And one of our kind is with him... but I don't reckonize him very well."

2002-05-04, 12:18 AM
Lockpick continued along quickly, struggling against exhaustion that threatened to overwhelm her. She hadn't recharged in weeks, running on literally fumes. The femme fights the sleep, her sensors blurring into nothing but red waterpaint...

WHAAAMMMMMM *tinklecrash*

The hovercraft slams into a rock, spinning out of control as a huge dust cloud rises up. The damage wans't bad, but Lockpick was knocked unconcious as the red dust settled over her, blending in with the rocks.

2002-05-04, 12:18 AM
((Where's Galvatron?? Did I miss something?))

2002-05-04, 06:01 PM
"Apollo to Grand, requesting pickup from Mars. We have found the mini-cons, and they have agreed to help us. We're ready to head for home."

Grand sighed, and activated his own comm.

"Roger, Apollo. En route as I speak."

Grand rerouted the ship and activated the main engines, heading for --

"Maximus Class unit. I need access to your internal area. A menace to Cybertron is on board, and I'm here to stop him before he destroys history..."

Grand cocked his head slightly at the cryptic message from the newcomer. He punched up the ship's voice files, and opened all external monitors. After a quick pan, he found the target, and zoomed in. A large warrior wearing a large Autobot symbol, but still unfamiliar. The computer beeped negatively upon discovering nothing. Grand tapped the console with his finger, then turned his seat about.

"You'd know better than I," Grand said. "You recognize this guy?"

Gigatron leaned forward to check out the screen.

"Oh, yes," he affirmed. "He's an old friend of mine."

Grand pondered how friends could be made from two opposing factions, but set it aside momentarily.

"So, what's this threat to Cybertron and our history he's talking about?" Grand wondered.

"Mmm?" Gigatron mused. "Oh, that's just me."

Grand nodded once, then turned back to the screen displaying God Fire Convoy.

"Clearance granted, friend."

2002-05-04, 07:07 PM
Hot Rod: shook his head in disappiontment, "No... he got me from behind, hit me so well, he downed me on the first hit. Well we're almost there"

"I hope whatever it was hasn't attacked anyone else. It's been a while since I was here, it'll be good to see the others again" Talon replied.

God Jinrai
2002-05-04, 07:14 PM
The access hatch slid open, and GFC manuvered inside...

"Well.. I doubt this fella's blueprints are much different from those of Brave Maximus... Time to hunt down Devil Gigatron and put and end to this!"

His boosters kicked in, and he charged down through the halls, reaching the turbolift that would take him to the command center...

Entering, he spoke...

"Command Deck"

The lift activated and rose abruptly... arriving at its destination... doors swinging open, his weaponry came online, locking onto devil gigatron...

"This is the end for you, Gigatron! I'm not letting you harm another living creature again!"

2002-05-04, 07:27 PM
Sixswitch stalked back inside the craft, having sent his transmission, and manouvered through the corridors, before he arrived at Galvatron's side. He sat on his haunches, and looked up at the Decepticon.

"Galvatron. Grand Maximus has left its position, and it's heading to Mars. Something must have happened over there. Shall we abort this search, and fly to the fourth planet? This place is obviously empty anyway."


Sun Runner transformed into shuttle mode, and Apollo, Thorr and Mercury boarded him. Vanguard lingered behind.
"Optimus, are all the minicons on our side now? Will we be heading back to Cybertron?"

2002-05-04, 09:57 PM
Gigatron stared straight down the barrels of the God Vulcan. His eyes turned up toward God Fire Convoy, and he grinned slightly. Grand crossed his legs while turning to watch.

"Old friend, huh?" Grand sneered.

Gigatron ignored. He began to approach the gargantuan Cybertron, but decided against it. Something was indeed different; he'd never been so hair-triggered before. Gigatron shrugged to himself, and threw his hands out to his sides in amused frustration.

"What am I supposed to do with you, huh? You knucklehead... Number one: there's this thing going on outside. It's called an alliance. You're probably not familiar with the word - we never did have one, you and I. Look it up when you have a minute."

Gigatron dropped his hands. He turned to Grand just at his left, smiled widely (raising an eyebrow from the Pretender), and returned to speaking with his nemesis.

"Number two: kill me here and this pilot, a fine Cybertron warrior, will die as well. His name is Grand, and he will one day be instrumental in the creation of another Maximus, one you hold very dear to yourself. Plus, there's the whole ethical code whatever..."

He stopped long enough to hold up three fingers, suddenly growing ominously grim.

"Number three: somewhere in the universe is a being called Unicron. He is under the control of the most ancient Decepticon and all of his men, and they are intent on obliterating us all. Now as much as you know that I shall one day be master of everything, you know that I am not an idiot. Why would I conquer the universe if there is nothing to be conquered? You may have a hard time accepting this, Convoy, but I am trying to protect us. So calm down."

2002-05-04, 11:24 PM
Hot Rod heard something in the distance, "What the?!" Hot Rod activated his zoomers, it was the Keeper of the Dusk Apples, "It's Lockpick... Talon! Go to Optimus, get help! I better get a head start!" Hot Rod transformered into Vechical mode speeding as well as he could through the Martian surface, soon he was out of site.
Jolt had been watching from a distance, "Looks like the Autobot is gone... but the Minicon is still hanging around... if you can call that thing a Minicon..."

The Keeper's door was forced open as a bot scrambled in, he quickly ran to the control center, banged against the door, once and twice. He then welded it open with a cutting laser. He entered the room and stared at the downed piolt. But the bot wasn't the hero Lockpick would have wished for. Javelin got out his blade that had been on the broken rod earlier. He pulled out another, new staff and attached the blade, He then pionted it to Lockpick's neck, just in case she was still somewhat on-line. "I need transport to Unicron... to Liege Maximo."

2002-05-04, 11:40 PM
Lockpick lays still at the helm, her safety-harnes the only reason she hadn't gone through the windshield. One optics flickers a little bit as she stirrs, then freezes, feeling the point at her neck. She frowns, body locking up immediately "L... Liege Maximo?" she repeats, confusion more than anytyhing as she turns her head, trying to see who was threatening her. "I... I don't know where he is."

The headset was still on, and she could see Hot Rod in the distance. But the dust hid the keeper from view, it being as red as the surrounding rocks.

Uknown to both of them, a small figure climbs into the open door behind Javelin, dissapearing into the shadows.

OOC - Lockpick hadn't actually gotten to the Keeper yet,but I'm liking how this is going instead. *G*

2002-05-05, 12:34 AM
Lockpick remained totally still as she watches Javelin's next move, struggling inwardly against her conditioning... a strange mech, threatening her with a weapon... every bolt and nut in her body screamed to submit and do as he says, even as her free mind wanted to fight back... She grits her teeth, watching fearfully.

2002-05-05, 03:12 PM
"I don't care if you do or do not know where Liege Maximo is, because I know." Javelin snareled at the femme, "The reason I need this ship is because of it's useful tractor beams, I need to pick up a few guests first!" Javelin then looked at Lockpick and inched the blade even closer to her neck, "LIFT OFF NOW! And head for the Minicon camp!"

2002-05-05, 05:53 PM
Lockpick flinched and nodded, wide-opticed "... O... Okay...' she says, her voice small and meek as she slowly sat up, moving her hands into the control gloves with calm motions. She takes several breaths, tryng to think of a way out of this... It wasn't easy.

Then she pulls the controls back HARD, the ship jumping forwards with a loud boom as it goes from 0 to escape velocity VERY fast, the landscape blurring below it. Lockpick is pushed back into her seat, neck snapped back for a moment roughly, and what will happen to Javelin, who wasn't holding onto anything?

2002-05-05, 06:14 PM
Javelin reacted quickly swinging his blade onto the floor to hopefully slow his speed backward. But it wasn't enough he slammed on a wall, almost full force. His armor was certainly usefull for something. He pryed himself off the wall, "At least... you did as you were told. A bit of mech fluid leaked from his lip, he brushed it off. And again moved toward Lockpick, pionting his bladed staff at her. "Now go to the Minicon camp, pick up three Mincons called the Military team with your tractor beam... and don't try anything like that again..."

2002-05-05, 06:37 PM
In the time it took Javelin to pull himself off the wall, she had continued to let the Keeper take off. Hearing his command to catch Minicons her heart rebelled. No more... she promised, no more. But that blade flickered in the light and she cringed, fighting her own instincts before slamming her hands into the controls again and carefully taking the Keeper towards the camp.

"I... I can't pick out which signatres are the Militiabots... I haven't met them..." she tries weakly, trying to discourage him, turning her head every few seconds to look at him nervously.

2002-05-06, 08:05 AM
Talon dissappeared into the cloud of dust that Hotrod's departure had made.
*cough*cough* ("I'd better go get Prime") Talon thought as he made his way out of the cloud. He transformed into bat form and quickly crossed the remaining distance between himself and the others. He turned to the closest Minicon he could find.
"Where is Optimus Prime? I must speak to him" he said to Jolt.

2002-05-06, 03:18 PM
"Singatures, I don't need signatures." Javelin looked at Lockpick noticing the control must be routed through the headset, Javilen decided not to try it, the piolt must know best. Javelin grabbed Lockpick's arm forcefully, but took the blade away from her neck, as to make her less nervous. But she was being kept hostage, of course she would remain nervous, but he figured she'd work better without a blade digging into her neck. "Give me visual contact of the Minicon camp, I will piont them out, I want to make this a hit and run manuver... no mistakes!" Javilen then smiled, "And don't think your red car boyfreind will help, he's miles away!"

Jolt always was scrapped for attention, Talon came over and no one but himself noticed him, perhaped everone was tired of Jolt's constant reports as always. Jolt got his first look at this odd Minicon, Definatly not normal he thought. "Optimus Prime, he's err the big one..." Jolt pionted to Optimus prime.

2002-05-06, 05:25 PM
"Thank you for the directions" Talon said as he flew towards Prime. He flew up right in front of Prime's optics.
"I apologize for being a nuisance, but your fellow Autobot Hotrod needs assistance" he said to Prime.

God Jinrai
2002-05-06, 10:42 PM
Prime let out a semi disghusted sigh, turning to victor saber...

"Think you can handle fishing out hotrod?"

"No problem, Optimus"

The meged bot took to the air taking off into the air, shouting down to talon...

"Hey, Talon! You mind taking me to hotord so I can get him out of this mess??"

2002-05-06, 10:58 PM
Vanguard watched as Victory Saber took off, then turned back to Prime.
"If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say that the bot who attacked you is still making trouble on this planet."

2002-05-06, 11:59 PM
Lockpick cringed away as her arm is grabbed, and she nods, flinching a bit. "O..okay... just give me a few seconds...." she focuses, trying to work both controls with one arm restrained. "I... I need my arm free to steer though."

The Keeper moved stealthily, camoflaged with the red terrain asi t moved up near the group of moving MInibots, a dust cloud risting slightly. The pilot focuses slightly and a small holo-gram comes up beside her, showing the position of the Keeper and the minibots in rather rough, but discribable pictures.

"There... "

2002-05-07, 12:07 AM
Javelin let go, he knew she got the piont. He took a close look at the hologram and pionted out the military team, "There those ones. The three that look like they have missles attached. I already damaged them earlier, they'll be easier to capture."

Below Jolt was surveying the the reaction of Optimus Prime when a certain dust cloud caught his attention, he stared at it for a moment, "What the?" It was a ship coming right for them...

2002-05-07, 12:16 AM
Lockpick nodded slowly, gulping as her hands gripped the controls, panic flickering over her face. How could she do this? How can she capture, and possibly hand over allies to the enemy? Was all she done before for naught? The femme sits there, frozen as the ship swoops towards the minicons and Optimus, a red boil against the orange sky, locked into immobility.

Quick Switch
2002-05-07, 12:19 AM
Quick Switch entered the command area, and stood by his counterpart, Sixswitch. He silently observed- out of his depth with these Minibots, and suddenly incredibly weary of dealing with them.

I don't see their use...they seem to serve the same function as the Nebulans- merely extensions for our modes and weapons. All this fuss over them? Shouldn't we be searching for Unicron, and destroy him before he attacks?

Quick Switch nodded to Sixswitch and said nothing.

2002-05-07, 12:19 AM
"There! Now.... Do It Now! Activate the tractor beam!" Javelin shouted, he smiled, "This is the only hope of anyone defeating Leige Maximo." He then smiled at Lockpick, "At least I'm not asking you to kidnap the Matrix." That's a mission for another day...

2002-05-07, 12:23 AM
Lockpick was still a moment later, but as Javelin's voice rose she twitches, her body obeying even as her mind protested. Buttons in the control gloves were pressed as the ship swoops down, dust everywhere as three small ropes of light shot out from the underside towards the quarry, even as her voice shouted from the speakers "LOOK OUT! RUN!"

Will the Three Militia Minicons make it?

2002-05-07, 12:34 AM
"Tractor Beams!" Jolt yelled. A few Minicons scambled out of the way per the warning.

"No body does this to the Minicons! Military Team transform!" Wreakage transformed into vechical mode and fired at the craft, his other two team mates did so as well. They then began to realize it was after them! They sped back, but they we're that fast and with the rocky surface of Mars, they were caught by the beams.

Inside Javelin snarled to the femme, he leap in front of her and held the rod on it's side against her neck pushing very hard, "You don't realize what I'm trying to do!" His anger grew at Lockpick, "We have them lets get out of here before I decide to kill you!"

2002-05-07, 12:38 AM
The girl locks up again, watching Javelin past the viewer with terrified optics as she lets out a small whimper, hands lifting as the ship rockets away, leaving the others in the dust. "H... How do I know that?" she stammers, sounding more scared than her bold words might state.

The Militia bots will find themselves in slightly ajar cages in the hold.

2002-05-07, 12:49 AM
Javelin took the staff away from her neck once more, "Good girl, no way thier catching up now." Javelin was getting quite pleased with himself, "Now we're going to be headed to Unicron, I don't want to have to force myself more on you." Javelin then though about her question he sat down, "Very well, since you were unwarrently dragged into this, I belive you do deserve to know what I am doing... Liege Maximo is nothing but a low grade punk... I mean in comparison to Unicron or Primus the great gods of our races. He has a very low capasity to use Unicron in the way that he is deserved to. This may be a bit above you my dear, but I am. Well, actually not now, But I will soon be. Once I destroy Liege maximo and Optimus Prime, and infuse myself with the Autobot Matrix of Leadership!"

2002-05-07, 12:59 AM
Lockpick continues watching them as they head out of the atmosphwere, never taking her optics off him, quivering almost. She listens, not QUITe understanding... Her optics flicker at the mention of destroying Optimus, but she licks her lips "Wh... what do you wnat those poor Minicons for? Haven't they been used enough?"

She continues orbiting the planet, both because she had no coordinates yet, and she was hoping the others would catch up...

2002-05-07, 01:11 AM
Javelin couldn't help but to laugh, "Used!? What do you think the Autobots where about to do with the Minicons... take them to lunch?!" He then calmed down long enough to give a decent responce, "Without the Matrix... they are my only hope of defeating Maximo." Javelin thought for a moment on his mission, "A long journey... so many wishing to become a god. But they don't have what it takes... the chooseing, I was chosen to be a god at my creatioon! Now to the task, Unicron is no dought at sector Gamma 14 vector 6. Take me there!"

2002-05-07, 01:20 AM
Lockpick nods and obeys, activaing the hyperspace engines carefully... watching the readings as the damaged ship approache dlightspeed. "I... I don't understand. The minicons agreed to come with us this time... I'm sure of it..."

She then looks to Javelin "And who are you anyways?"

2002-05-07, 01:31 AM
Javelin focused for a moment his hand hovered over the his neck over on of the flashing lights on either side of his neck, "I...I'm..." he look at Lockpick with some form of concern, he focused again and took his hand away from the light, "I am called Javelin... I was chosen to be a god. And I must... fulfill that..."


Hot Rod transformed into robot mode after coming on the Minicon camp, he couldn't help it he was too slow, he neared Optimus Prime, "It's gone... the Keeper is gone... it's all my fault."

(ooc: I'm getting excited about this... but nothing else from me. Should we move to the Unicron topic Lockpick?)

2002-05-07, 01:58 AM
Lockpick merely eyes him curiously, staring at the lights... they seemed familiar... somehow... but she keeps her silence for now, opening a msall window in her headset to keep an eye on the three militabots below.

OOC - tally-ho!

2002-05-07, 02:05 AM
Jolt hovered around in circles, "The Military Team they took the Military team, Decepticons? Autobots, who did this?" His hovering in circles got him nowhere.

"It is my fault Optimus, I brought that ship here, I thought I could help." Hot Rod said.

(ooc: I'm done for tonite, see ya tomorrow...)

2002-05-07, 10:56 AM
"Hey, Talon! You mind taking me to hotord so I can get him out of this mess??"

Talon flew to where Victory Sabre was and was about to say something when he saw the Keeper aproach, scoop up the Military team and leave."We have to rescue them!" he said to Victory Sabre.

God Jinrai
2002-05-08, 05:51 PM
Prime spun as the keeper drew near, scooping up the military squad..

"How the.. NO! HE'S got to be the one responsible for this!"

Prime's dual rifles slipped from subspace, into his clenched hands... raising them skyward, bringing the forearm cannons online as well...

"You're not getting out of this one, friend... And lockpick... forgive me... "

The triggers were pulled... and mental commands were given... the weaponry roared to life, lancing forth six beams of plasma energy set to knock the keeper out of the sky...

Victory Saber wirred in midair as prime opened fire... charging up toward the ship, hoping to get a more up close and personal means of bringing it down...

2002-05-08, 06:48 PM
(ooc: uh Prime's a little late. The Keeper is much faster then Prime it sped out right as he was fireing, I better send you a PM.)

Jolt transformed into robot form, "Don't worry Prime, we know that wasn't the Autobots fault, anyway, those Military bots, there were kinda jerks, they never would have worked with you either." Jolt then realized how inconsiderate he just sounded, he tried to recover, "...Not that I mean I like the fact that thier gone, I was just saying that they would have been no use against Liege Maximo really."

2002-05-09, 11:15 AM
"I hope lady Lockpick is alright" Talon said as he flew down towards the surface, transformed to robot form and landed next to Jolt.

2002-05-10, 12:00 AM
Galvatron sat bewildered by his surroundings. Without much movement, he activated his comm link...

Galvatron: "optimus...what now?"

2002-05-10, 07:47 PM
Hot Rod looked right at Prime, "Optimus we have to rescue Lockpick... I'll never forgive myself, if that monster hurts her... or even touches her! We need to find her we need to..."

Jolt looked up at the Autobot Youngster, "That won't be hard that ship leaves a pretty odvious ion trail, and guess where it's headed... some where near Cybertron, a logical conculsion, Unicron."

"You mean that guy is with Jhaxsus?!" Hot Rod yelled.

Jolt thought for a moment, his logical mind spinning, "I dought it, he denied that earlier, you know if I had to guess, he's on his way to asassinate him..."

2002-05-10, 09:37 PM
Vanguard idly nodded to the smaller robot.
"A logical assumption. That does mean though, that the Millatary team and Lockpick will likely be caught in the crossfire - and there will be one."

The Cosmobot leader turned to his leader.

"Optimus, the Cosmobots will return to Fortress Maximus now, I assume you'll follow with the minicons."

He snapped off a salute, and ducked into Sun Runner.

"Let's be off."

The hatch slid shut, the thrusters flared, and the shuttle shot up into the sky, on a course towards Grand Maximus.

(OOC: I'll be quiet in the RPG this week, however I'll keep an eye out, to see if my attention is needed.)

2002-05-15, 03:23 PM
Hot Rod stood there looking more eager by the moment, "What are we waiting for?! Lets get in our ship and get to Unicron before it's too late, for Lockpick... and Cybertron!"

2002-05-16, 12:07 AM
Taikoon came up near Galvatron, battered, dented, scratched, but relatively unharmed as he pauses, seeing what was up...

2002-05-16, 03:14 AM
Taikoon came up near Galvatron, battered, dented, scratched, but relatively unharmed as he pauses, seeing what was up...

2002-05-16, 05:01 AM
Galvatron glanced at Taikoon, everywhere he looked...minicons. It must have been a large section of the ship he had discovered.

Galvatron: "This shall be the road to our salvation."

Galvatron reached into the wall and pulled forth one of the minicons, tinkering with the back and infusing some of his own energon into him. The mincon sputtered and his optics lit up...


Galvatron: "It is I...Galvatron, leader of the Decepticons!"

"Decepticons...you still live?"

Galvatron: "Yes and we need your help!"

2002-05-16, 07:59 AM
Taikoon watches this, looking down at the body of his own minicno he found and accidentally hurt. Not much for robotics, he touches a few wires inside the wounds, trying to get it working as he mutters to himself.

God Jinrai
2002-05-16, 02:29 PM
Prime growled under his breath... this newcommer...he'd taken lockpick... the minicon battle squad... and now stole the keeper...

"Alright. EVERYONE back to grand maximus. I'm going to get in touch with galvatron, and see what he's got... I want everyone set for emergency medical arrivals... I have a feeling that if galvatron's found anything, they'll need energon... "

Prime sighed internally as he turned his head skyward... he could just make out the sight of the descending maximus battleship...

meanwhile, on board...

GFC stared gigatron down... he trusted him not one bit... yet this pretender here ...the predecessor of plasma... knew it to be neccesary to ally with him...

"I say this, Gigatron... the instant this is all over... you're as good as slagged... I was the one who threw you into containment so long ago... and I'll do it again!"

2002-05-17, 07:05 PM
"All right Optimus Prime! Then next we go to Unicron right?" Hot Rod asked with a hint of excitement in his voice.

Jolt flew up next to the Minicon that at one time was Bumblebee, "I suppose that goes for us as well, and we should also I suppose make plans to rescue the Military team..." Jolt then realized he was being presumpous again, a little flaw of his, he always wanted to be active, even he he accidently steped on others toes.

God Jinrai
2002-05-18, 03:01 AM
Prime's optics turned cold as he saw off victory saber and the others... hearing hotrod's comment... Turning silently, almost angrily, he faced his once heir to the matrix...

"You... who are the one to BLAME for this entire mess... with lockpick... and the three minicons abducted... now want to run headlong into certain death with the chaosbringer and the liege maximo himself?!? FINE! THEN I SUGGEST YOU FIND YOURSELF A SHIP OF YOUR OWN AS WELL AS AN ARMY OF YOUR OWN! OR WOULD YOU DARE tO FIGHT ME FOR THE MATRIX??? Is that it, hotrod? the feeling of powerlessness that's overcome you nbow that makes you so eager to go running into death's cold embrace? I suggest you listen closely, hotrod. I'm going to only say this once. Pull a stunt like this... or the stunt that cost my life in 2005... again... and I will personally see you courtmarshalled from the autobot ranks! I've HAD it with your immaturity complex! You had time as leader... and I prayed in my time deactivated that PERHAPS you would have gained some sense and wisdom that would not leave you... but it seems I was wrong... dead wrong..."

Prime coldly turned, bounding skyward, his jets kicking in, heading for the descending maximus ship... he stopped in midair, glaring down at hotrod...

"you want to fix things... get your tail in gear... and learn to use your head for once... instead of always following your heart...or worse..."

2002-05-18, 04:36 AM
Gigatron held his hands up innocently, continuously smirking at his ancient nemesis.

"Oh, certainly, Convoy. I would expect no less from you. Why, putting scoundrels like myself away for good is your job, isn't it? Or have they stopped paying you? Everyone needs a hobby, I understand..."

Slowly and cautiously, he placed one hand on the back of Grand's seat, and the other on his hip.

"But you should know better than anyone that I am not so easy to put down as that. You, on the other hand, or this Pretender..."

Grand cleared his throat as Gigatron shot him a vicious look.

"Who is in the process of landing his gargantuan spacecraft on Mars. Couldn't you two save the bitterness for after we've some extra time on our hands?"

Gigatron placed his other hand on the control panel, wrinkling his face in confusion at the monitor.

"Mars? I thought it was destroyed..."

Grand shrugged, and pointed to the Cybertron symbol on the back wall. Gigatron nodded once, then stepped back and folded his arms, again playing Grand's unnecessary supervisor.

(OOC: This is Mars, yes?)

2002-05-18, 10:45 AM
Talon, who had been praying to Primus and every deity he read about while on earth for Lockpicks and the Military Teams safety, was startled from hearing Prime's outburst.
("Whatever Hotrod did it must have been bad") he thought as he walked over to Hotrod after Prime left.
"Just out of curiosity, what did you do that made Prime this mad?" he asked as he looked up at Hotrod.

2002-05-18, 05:18 PM
"He blames me for his death..." he said, but almost as if he were not reponding to Talon. Hot Rod then actually turned to Talon, "I don't understand, Prime's not going to Unicron?" It was strange Hot Rod seemed unaffected emotionaly but Prime's outburst. "Prime is right I am to blame for this, Talon... even more then he realizes. But I'm almost tempeted to go it alone, but that's not the thing to do, perhaps, perhaps, I'll sit this one out."

2002-05-18, 07:53 PM
"His death? But how can that be, he's fully functional. As for sitting it out, I fear you might not get a chance to. Who or what this Unicron is, it seems to be a grave risk to Cybertron. I'd rather not fight either, but sometimes fate doesn't leave you a choice" Talon replied.

2002-05-18, 09:42 PM
"He was brought back to life useing Quissenton technoligy." Hot Rod looked at the decending warship, "Prime thinks I'm just going to make thing worse... he knows best, he's the leader. I better just hang back, maybe go to Unicron, and provide backup. But I don't think I should get in combat."

2002-05-19, 11:42 AM
"QUINTESSONS!? Do they still exist?" Talon asked in an anxious voice.

2002-05-21, 04:36 PM
"Ya sure they exist." was Hot Rod's short response, but it didn't end there, "What do you have against them?"

2002-05-21, 05:30 PM
"What do you have against them?"

Talon clenched his fists.
"You probably weren't online when the first Autobots, Decepticons and Minicons became sentient. I was. We could do nothing but witness our friends being melted down just because they were not efficient enough. Especially us Minicons. When the rebellion broke out the Minicons fought from within, sabotaging the systems we were supposed to maintain. This was our way of helping out, unfortunatly it ment that more and more of us got melted down. I'm a peaceloving robot at hart, but if I ever see a Quintesson again i'll rip him apart limb by limb and face by face!" Talon stated with barely supressed rage in his voice.

2002-05-21, 10:52 PM
Sun Runner arched over the hull of Grand Maximus, before swooping up and into the drop bay, and coming to a halt. The other four Cosmobots piled out as the shuttle transformed.
"Now what?" Mercury asked.
"Now, we wait."


Sixswitch looked out into space as he stood next to Quick Switch. They stood in silence for a while, lost in their own thoughts. Sixswitch had an air of confidence about him, unexplicable to anyone unless they knew his background. Not being from this universe, he didn't fully comprehend the power of Unicron. Sure, it was tough, but they had the mini-cons, and surely that would be enough... Wouldn't it?
"Will they be enough?" he asked the other six-changer, giving voice to his thoughts.

Quick Switch
2002-05-22, 02:12 PM
Quick Switch broke out of his reverie, standing next to his counterpart.

"I honestly don't know. I've never even heard of that race before, and the one I dealt with didn't seem that cooperative. But from what I understand, their power is great...but then again so is Unicron's."

2002-05-22, 03:25 PM
Hot Rod flinched as if something Talon said hit close to home, he wasn't around during those times, perhaps it was his own experiance with the Quintissons, "Yes many suffered at those times, too bad we don't know exactly where the Quints are these days." Then Hot rod reflected back on the history lesson that Talon gave, "Tell me more..."

2002-05-22, 04:13 PM
"The reason why the Quintessons lost the last great battle in the rebellion was due to us Minicons sabotaging every critical system in the stronghold. Sabotaging the systems was easy, we simply linked ourselves to the system and we could control it. An ability the Quintessons gave us so we could be more efficient in our maintenance work, how ironic that in the end it led to their defeat. Sadly they discovered most of us, fortunatly by that time the battle had already turned against them. I still remember the last words a friend of mine said as he linked himself to the internal weapons array. Time to give these guys a taste of their own weapons. I never saw him since" Talon sighed briefly, then continued. "After the rebellion was over, we were aproached by A3 himself. He knew we had something to do with the success of the rebellion and wanted to know what it was so we could be honored for it. When he learned that we could link to any system, he gave us a choice. Do you wish to be heralded as the heroes you are, or would you rather remain unknown and thus safe from any attempts by the others to harness your abilities? We chose to remain in hiding. During the many vorns following the rebellion, we were always busy making sure Cybertron was maintained at optimum capacity. From the shadows we witnessed an era of peace and prosperity. And the start of the war between Autobot and Decepticon which still endures to this day. As I already told you, we were drawn into the war and used as weapons by both sides. This continued until Megatron made a weapon so powerful he might even have feared to use it. The Armada. A ship comprised entirely of Minicons. Then an event occured which made sure Cybertron's safety. Optimus Prime and Megatron agreed about something. That the Armada was too powerful to be used, and that all the Minicons should be exiled from Cybertron. Most of us were indeed exiled, and Cybertron has probably been drained of its vast resources by now. But I wouldn't be surprised if a few of us are still hiding on Cybertron, maintaining as much of the planet as possible" Talon sighed deeply, his face filled with sorrow.

2002-05-23, 04:14 PM
"So I now I get an even clearer story of what happened." Hot Rod seem sort of distracted at the moment, "Well, I mean I didn't know what happened from the Minicon angle, must have been tough." Hot Rod gazed in the Martain sky, "...Lockpick. Where are you give me a message, a sign." Hot Rod lowered his head, then he perked it back up again, "Wait! How do we know she didn't leave us a message?" He looked up at Grand Maximus, "Prime can sink into his plans, my job is clear! Talon go with Optimus if you want, I'm staying behind, I have to get to Lockpick!"

2002-05-25, 05:02 PM
A slight glint parts the sky, like a comet streaking to the red Mars soil as it dissapears behind a mountain range. A few minutes later something bursts back into view, a red ship on the tail of a pluem of fire as it seems to home in on the group... its the Keeper!

2002-05-26, 08:27 AM
Talon was having a dillemma. On one hand he could follow Prime and see Cybertron again, and on the other he could follow Hotrod and save a damsel in distress.
("What to do, what to do? I could see Cybertron again, but I can't abandon lady Lockpick") he thought. Then he remembered a similar event back on earth. ("Hmm, Rock was one faced with the same choice, going home or risking his life helping someone whom he hardly knew. He chose to help. I'll never forget what he said when I asked him why he did it. 'I'd never be able to live with myself if I hadn't tried to help' And I share that view")
"Wait Hotrod! I'm coming with you! Talon said.

2002-05-27, 03:15 AM
"Wait?" Hot Rod looked behind him and saw Talon approaching him. The bot was about to simply tell him 'no' but Hot Rod knew it would be the right thing to let his new freind join the effort. "Well I guess I'll just have to defy Prime... wouldn't be the first time. I'll worry about picking up the check later, the important thing noe is Lockpick." Hot began to look out over the horizon of Mars, "Ok Talon the first thing we got to do is get transportation, I saw plenty of spaceship parts on my way here..." Hot Rod then activated his zoomers to get a closer look, "Well, isn't this a surprize, it's Lockpick's ship! Maybe she escaped!" Hot Rod started to run toward the Keeper, signaling Talon to follow.

2002-05-27, 03:21 AM
The Ship raced to meet Hot Rod, turning and overshooting as it twisted and landed immediately with a THUMP right next to him, the landing pad already dropped... but there was nobody up there to meet him. At all.

2002-05-27, 03:49 AM

The Maximus battleship settled slowly onto the Martian surface, struggling to get as close to the ground as possible, before the anti-grav generators cut out and the craft plopped roughly through the final remaining feet. A few moments later, the main ramp hissed open, sliding smoothly to the coarse terrain below.

"All aboard!" Grand bellowed through the external PA speaker.

2002-05-27, 01:45 PM
Talon followed Hotrod to the Keeper.

Then he realised something and asked Hotrod.

"Do you know where she is? If not then this will be like looking for a needle in a haystack as the humans call it" he said.

2002-05-28, 03:20 PM
"I was kinda wishing she'd be here." Hot Rod steped into the Keeper looking about. "But if I know Lockpick, this ship might lead us right to her." The bridge door opened. "And hopefully I won't have to work it..."

2002-05-28, 04:37 PM
"I guess we will find out if this ship knows where she is soon enough" Talon said as he followed Hotrod inside.

"By the way, when we were heading to Mars, you mentioned that Prime needed our help against someone called the Liege Maximo. Do you know anything about him? Or just how big a threat he is? he asked.

God Jinrai
2002-05-28, 09:48 PM
Prime stood in silence... grand lanced not a hundred yards from him.. transforming, he tore off for the massive battleship.... arriving moments later.... along with victory saber...

"Grand... this is prime... once all minicons and autobots are on board.... head for pluto... immedieately... we've got to retrieve galvatron and the remainder of the minicons...."

2002-05-29, 01:15 AM
As the two entered the bridge, a voice, manly, booms out


Then it goes silent. There's no sign of Lockpick on the bridge, although there's signs of weapon fire just outside the Bridge door.

The Keeper Waits.

2002-05-29, 03:56 PM
"So far so good..." Hot Rod mumbled, then looked at Talon, "About the pilot thing." he found the headset, almost afraid to touch it, instead he leaned over to the nearest consel and began to speak, "Take us to Lockpick... now." he hoped that would be enough.

2002-05-30, 11:54 PM
Galvatron collected the remainder of the ship and looked around.

not what I wanted...but it will fly

with only one active minicon he should have no trouble getting to pluto. The small minicon was still quite rattled and incoherent. As the rockets burned to life from Galvatron's work, he quickly approached Pluto in the small craft.

Galvatron: "Galvatron and his team reporting in...and i have a bit of a surprise..."

God Jinrai
2002-05-30, 11:59 PM
Prime stood in the command center in silence... until...

"Roger that, Galvatron... best send a transmission to earth... we'll need metrotitan and the troops there ASAP...as a group, returning to cybertron may be far less treacherous than individually... especially with maximo's fleet on the move..."

2002-05-31, 12:42 AM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Galvatron91
[B]Galvatron collected the remainder of the ship and looked around.

Taikoon is with Galvatron still, of course, his own hidden, wounded Minicon in the chest compartment where he monitored it without mention, the alien robot merely aiding when he understnads what is being done, talking mostly to himself in his foreign tongue.


The ship is silent a moment, then booms "DESTINATION UNFOUND. PLEASE TRY AGAIN." as it sits there patiently.

2002-05-31, 01:12 PM
"Apparantly the ship doesn't know where Lockpick is" Talon stated. "Maybe if we asked it to go to its previous location?" he suggested.

2002-05-31, 03:46 PM
"I guess you're right Talon, the scanners probably don't reach that far." Hot rod turned to give another command, "Keeper go to your....." Hot Rod then thought that that may not exactly work, Hot Rod would probably have to give an exact location. "Well if that dark guy was headed to Unicron and Unicron was headed to Cybertron.... Keeper go to Cybertron!"

2002-06-01, 01:02 AM
THe reply was quick and sharp


2002-06-01, 04:43 PM
"...Unicron, it's a mechanical planet, with a red eye in the middle. Pinchers on the outside the eye. And it has a ring around it coonected to the planet." Hot Rod shook his head, "Looks Keeper you're waisting time here, Cybertron, unicron was headed to Cybertron, we're going to Cybertron, so go to Cybertron! We'll meet Unicron on the way..."

2002-06-01, 04:56 PM
The airlock snapped shut, screenless consoles lighting up brightly as the voice turned sweet "DESTINATION ACCEPTED."

Outside the Keeper's engines hissed... then it roaed off into the sky, past maximus' ship, and into space.

2002-06-01, 04:59 PM
"So Unicron is a mechanical planet like Cybertron, but how can a whole planet move?" Talon asked Hotrod.

2002-06-01, 05:04 PM
Hot Rod sat back realived that he was finally getting somewhere, time to explain some things to Talon, "The rings are a big propulsion engine, he get's his fuel by eating other planets."

2002-06-01, 05:08 PM
"He... You mean it's SENTIENT!?" he stammered.