View Full Version : What was your most important/favorite single comic issue for 2008?

2009-04-21, 10:56 PM
Just curious what everyone thought was their favorite single issue of any comic they happened to be reading for 2008. Any publisher, any title, whatever your fancy was in a single issue.

For me, it was Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns because, even though it was tied to the Final Crisis event which I had no interest in, it laid some important groundwork for the GL mythos and upcoming Blackest Night.

First off, we had the Red Lanterns- Atrocitus and his connection to Hal and Sinestro was interesting regarding the whole crash landing with Abin Sur, which would be explained more fully in the Secret Origins Arc. To just look at Atrocitus was nothing special- the visual alone just reminded me of an extra from Resident Evil, but coupled with a good background and ties to what will be happening, it made him a breakout character for me.

Then there was the wordplay between Hal and Sinestro- the questioning of what is "right" between two former friends, and how it relates to the change in procedure of the GL's. We also got a nice play by Guardian Scar, who seems to be the most instrumental character in the Blackest Night Prophecy. She hid her agenda well from the other Guardians, and the whole "Lantern Symbol in the eye" was killer (literally, for some of the GL's and Sinestro Corps). Another BN nod was the Controllers, where we get a tidbit of introduction to LarFleez, aka Agent Orange.

Most importantly, for me, was the three-way showdown between the Red/Yellow/Green Lanterns. First an ambush to free Sinestro (courtesy of Scar), then the invasion of Atrocitus & Co. A battle that was so short, yet very bombastic. I would have loved a double issue on just that battle. And the lasting point of this issue was the introduction of Saint Walker.

Basically, this one issue gave a taste of just about everything, sans the other Lantern Colors of the Emotional Spectrum.

2009-04-22, 12:43 AM
I gotta agree. I don't usually reread a comic immediately. I read a lot of comics and it's not until I find myself in a place where I've nothing new to read that I go look through my back issues but this comic I read again and again. I think I've read it four times. Which I don't think I've read a comic that many times since I first started collecting.