View Full Version : Is it... Amuro Ray?

2009-04-26, 08:02 PM
Okay, I need the help of you people. I've long been told that Amuro Ray makes a cameo in the 7th episode of Ideon, but never quite been able to spot it... but someone's made a suggestion when I posted the video on YouTube, and I'm after a second opinion... So it's the chap standing up with the gun. I can sort-of see it. Weird thing is he actually gets to kill a regular if it is him...

2009-04-27, 10:20 AM
Right, obviously I've got no idea who or what you're talking about, but I feel that lack of preconceptions frees me to fulfill the role of Impartial Observer.

And our survey says...

Could be.

A Google search for Amuro Ray throws up enough images for me to establish that he's a scrawny white dude with a mop of brown hair.

And that description certainly matches the guy you've posted an image of.

And, let's be honest, one scrawny white anime dude with brown hair is pretty much indistinguishable from the next. There's similarities in uniform, but that means sod all.

So, er yeah. If you told me it was him, I wouldn't be in a position to disagree, but as far as the notion that it's definitely positively supposed to be intended to be him... I'd say that's pretty tenuous. He's got a similar haircut, but that's about it.

A bit like saying that Phoenix in Masterforce is really Wolverine.

2009-04-27, 12:41 PM
Cheers, all input is appreciated... I probably should have said that the uniiform is a generic military one from Ideon. The weird thing is he looks more like Amuro from series made after Ideon - one of the reasons I disregarded that particular extra before is he's got much darker hair than in the Gundam series that had been made up to that point.

I'm half-wondering if it's one of these things that the director/writer or whoever has pointed out at a convention or something, and nobody would have spotted it... or if it's some long-term fan 'truth' based on several other Gundam references in Ideon just based on a guy who looks a little similar.

2009-04-27, 01:09 PM
There's no mention of an Ideon cameo on the character's page in the Gundam Wiki, which is the sort of banal and joyless trivia I'd expect to find on such a resource.

Take that for what you will.

Only direct reference I can find that claims he's in it is an uncited claim in the Ideon article on Wikipedia (and also another site that has the same text word for word). And considering that Wikipedia also claims the green Autorollers are honourary Constructicons...

2009-04-27, 01:33 PM
Aye... I've watched the episode through looking for little else. As it's the same episode in which the Gundam nebulae is mentioned, I'm beginning to think wires have been crossed.