View Full Version : 'Battle for Terra' thoughts and opinions?

2009-04-27, 02:21 PM

3D for life yo!

Well apart from probably screwing up the link, this trailer actually looks pretty darn good. I'm really loving the conflicting viewpoints of mankind versus aliens, but it seems we're the bad guys. DEATH TO THE ALIEN SCUM!

Hinting at a level of depth beyond your ususal animated fare? Who knows, in all probablility there will be a sappy ending where both sides come to a benevolent understanding and live happily ever after with mankind having the planet every other day and bank holidays,but it looks genuinely interesting to me at the moment.

Plus it has Brian Cox in, which is just awesome and erm...Justin Long.

Did i mention Brian Cox was in it?

Anyway thoughts and opinions? I've heard nothing about this other than on a few web sites.

inflatable dalek
2009-04-27, 03:59 PM
I'd not heard of it before, but the central idea of nice bug eyed monsters being attacked by evil humans is one I've often thought would make a good jumping off point for a film. Some of the dialogue ("The great qualities that made us great...") is a bit ripe though.