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2009-05-10, 12:35 AM
I am planning on re-reading the IDW series from the beginning. The major arcs are easy enough to put together, But I have found it difficult to figure out exactly where to put all of the spotlights.

I have tried sorting the series by matching events from each issue EX: matching Infiltration #3 and Stormbringer #2 so I read them back to back thereby connecting Megatrons conversation with Razorclaw. That method got horribly confusing, especially around Devastation.

I decided then to read them in the order they are numbered within each arc. The way I have it so far is:

Stormbringer 1-4
Infiltration 0-6
Spotlight Nightbeat
Spotlight Hotrod
Spotlight Sixshot
Escalation 1-6
Spotlight Prime
Spotlight Galvatron
Spotlight Ramjet
Spotlight Arcee
Devastation 1-6
Revelation 1-4
Spotlight Grimlock
Maximum Dinobots 1-5

Im not sure where to put the rest of the spotlights. Shockwave, Ultra Magnus, and Soundwave have plot threads that dont pick up until MD but they also came out way before that and thats sort of an ongoing plot thread. Spotlight Grimlock could also fit earlier, as MD 1 has that recap at the beginning.

The rest dont realy seem to connect to anything and I would assume can be put anywhere to fill in a reading gap. It would be cool if there were a way to make it all structured around six issue sets ex: stormbringer 1-4 then maybe spotlight shockwave and Kup, then go into Infiltration (0)1-6.

If all of that seems confusing and dumb and excessive, then you know how I feel. If anyone else has done this or has suggestions, I would love to know.

2009-05-10, 01:29 AM
I agree with you. The spotlights are meant to be self-contained stories that feed into the larger storyline. However, IDW managed to collect them in five-issue TPBs:

TPB volume 1:
Hot Rod
Ultra Magnus

TPB volume 2
Optimus Prime (even though this preceeds Galvatron...)
Ramjet (this preceeds Optimus Prime as well...)

TPB volume 3

TPB volume 4

As for chronological, this is what I figure.
Shockwave happens in the distant past, some sort of prequel.
Nightbeat also happens in the past, although more recent (Stormbringer-ish)
Hot Rod, Sixshot and Ultra Magnus... Ain't very clear, but they happen before Escalation.
Soundwave has the year. Before Infiltration and Stormbringer.
Kup happens after Stormbringer.
Optimus Prime happens after Escalation.
Galvatron happens after Spotlight Optimus Prime, but before Devatation.
Ramjet happens during Escalation.
Blaster happens before Devastation. (What with Nightbeat so relaxed in the Ark)
Arcee happens during Devastation.
Mirage is a throwaway mosaic, out of continuity for now.
Grimlock happens immediately after Devastation and before MD
Wheelie happens in the distant future, after AHM.

2009-05-11, 11:00 AM
I'd put Ultra Magnus happening before Infiltration at a push as it seems as if the Machination are already a well-established group at the end of Infiltration.

2009-05-12, 07:38 AM
Here is the order I have it in now:

Stormbringer: 1-4(i feel its a stronger opener than a spotlight even though Shockwave is in the past)

Spotlights: Shockwave, Ultra Magnus

Infiltration 0-6

Spotlights: Hot Rod, Night Beat, Six Shot, Kup, Soundwave

Escalation: 1-6

Spotlights: Ramjet, Optimus Prime, Galvatron, Mirage, Blaster, Arcee

Devastation 1-6

Spotlights: Grimlock, Cyclonus, Hard Head, Double Dealer, Sideswipe

Maximum Dinobots: 1-5

And then do Jazz, Blur, and Drift all fit inside AHM? I havent reat those spotlights yet.

The only other problem would be Wheelie. Is there any way to make some lame fanboy excuse as to how the Reflector three could still be alive? Do you think Furman, McCarthy, or the new writer for the ongoing will attempt to fix or explain it?