View Full Version : The Black Bi-Stars!

2009-05-20, 07:43 PM
I got myself some Zakus recently. Both Black Tri-Stars (yeh, MSV caused a lot of this shit). The one standing up is the Chogokin, which is awesome in that podgy Zaku way. The one on the floor is HCM, which is mediocre in that podgy HCM way. It does have a head and another arm, but pays the same price that any figure with easily removable body parts does...

I like the Hi-Zack more, it has that lovely yellow piping, like it's going to a prom or something.

2009-05-21, 01:02 PM
The definite Zaku at the moment is the 2.0 MG model kit, also available in Black Trinity colours.

There was also a MSV Zaku I in Black Trinity, but that's horribly outdated.

2009-05-21, 06:34 PM
I'm quite after a 1/100 regular Zaku to go with my Turn A as a Borjanon. Either that or a Turn A in 1/144 - the old model kit seems to be tricky to find, I'm hoping Robot Spirits or Fix Figuration are going to come up trumps soon, especially as the former has done the Turn X.

2009-05-21, 09:38 PM
Easiest solution-MG Turn A and MG Zaku II 2.0 if you have the patience to build those.

Otherwise, SHCM-Pro Zaku II and wait for a Robot Damashii Turn A...

2009-05-21, 10:06 PM
It's probably the latter, I don't think my skills are up to such expensive kits... I might wait to see if HLJ ever get the old 1/144 Turn A kit back in stock - they seem to be cheap when they do show up, and then that'd be in scale with most of my other Gundam figures, which always makes for a nice display :)