View Full Version : [Original RPG] Need a little help with Transformers speech

2009-06-02, 04:12 PM
Alright, so to improve my TF RP'ing skills I was wondering if somebody could help me figure out how TF's define time?
I know there are eons, clicks, cycles, mega-cycles and all that. But what are those in human time?

Thanks in advance for helping a noob out :D

Edit: I found this; http://transformers.wikia.com/wiki/Talk:Units_of_time

But I see multiple options, so my question would be, which one do we use for the TF RPG? :)

2009-06-02, 04:24 PM
Here are the units that some of us use.

2009-06-02, 06:24 PM
How could I have missed that? I feel so stupid now. :lol:

Anyway, thanks again zigzagger! :D