View Full Version : [CUSTOM] Shackwave to Shockwave, three years later...

2009-06-07, 05:28 PM
So, I'm pretty sure on this board is probably a thread regarding this custom. Being it was about three years ago, I figured it's probably best to restart.

So, going back that three years, I had set out and pretty much finished the repainting of a gray Shackwave into a more cartoon-colored Shockwave. I used a Krylon Decor Satin Plumb latex spray that, sadly, they don't make anymore. In fact, I nearly ran out while painting this guy and couldn't find any even then. Still, I got the job done.

Only problem was--and it was pointed out quite often on various boards--he still had the Shackwave trigger. The...erm...really endowed one.

Well, I know a guy named 'nok from TFW2005, and I got to meet him in person while at Botcon. The need for the trigger had come up, and it turned out he had one. So thanks in great part to 'nok, I can finally call this repaint COMPLETE. :)




'Cool pose' time. :)

And some fun effects:

Finally, some gunmode pics:




Another cool aspect of this trigger piece is that all the gray Shackwave parts are molded the exact same color as the gray Shockwave parts. So, everything works together perfectly. I've always enjoyed how the paint came out on this guy, (never had to worry about paint scratching when transforming him, it's really sturdy stuff!) but having him "done" is a very nice thing. Hope you guys enjoy. :)

2009-06-07, 06:18 PM
Really nice work. The paint job is so nice, I don't even notice it's a custom. Looks like a really well done retail piece. :up:

Catalyst Dragon
2009-06-11, 11:13 AM
Man, I wish they did still make that paint cause I would so use it on my Grey one!!!

Good job.