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2009-06-26, 05:38 PM
With the recent addition of a rake of Autobot classics to my collection, I've noticed that my poor Decepticons are ridiculously outnumbered, and to compound their disadvantage their side also contains the bulk of the Micromasters! Any ideas for Decepticon toys to fill out the purple army? I'm more looking for actually good toys, I've no great attachment to any of the decepticon characters. Picked up Animated Swindle recently to balance the scales bit, an absolutely beautiful addition.

Detective Barricade
2009-06-26, 06:17 PM
Universe Cyclonus with Nightstick is always a good choice. Classics or Henkei! Astrotrain is another. And at least one version of the Classics Seeker mold.

Rattrap's tail
2009-06-26, 07:36 PM
TFTM Dropkicks, good for you Insecticons...

2009-06-26, 07:42 PM
Yeah, I'm looking for universe cyclonus alright, seems to be sold out on past generation toys. Have the classics starscream as well as the acid storm redeco. I didn't register classics astrotrain at all, I must have a look

2009-06-26, 07:49 PM
The truck Dropkick, is it?

2009-06-26, 08:08 PM
that really sucks cause the stores around here are all out of universe stuff except for cyclonus, hound, cheetor, and g1 redeco starscream. The elusive figure for me is Ratchet and Im filling that in with the Henkei version. theres universe bruticus and superion sets coming out soon so maybe the combaticons will help you out. If you can manage to find a music label soundwave than that can fill in your soundwave void. maybe even movie...as a last resort I'd say.

I started focusing on classics when it was out, but only the main G1 cast... I do understand where it would be frustrating if you "missed the boat" on that one. I'm not getting the Universe Blaster though in favor of Device Label USB Hub. did you manage to find Tankor? I think hes still on clearance @ Bigbadtoystore.

RID Scourge
2009-06-26, 08:34 PM
Cybertron Crumplezone. He was my surprize favorite for Cybertron. Also Energon Demolisher was a Surprize favorite for me too.

Movie Rampage! :up:

2009-07-01, 05:19 PM
I bankrupted myself on ebay, found Alternator Shockblast, the 10 changer Megatron, G1 Flamefeather, G1 Galvatron, movie dropkick and movie stockade. Waiting on their arrival now. Finding ebay an addictive pastime!

2009-07-02, 02:31 AM
I agree. I used to spend a lot of time on eBay. I find sometimes just browsing through is an incredible time-sink.

2009-07-02, 08:47 AM
I've started going through my figures and putting them on display if they can be repurposed as Classics/Universe 2.0 figures. Some of them would probably be considered a stretch (Crumplezone as Aquablast for example), but some fit really well, like Energon Scroponok as G1 Scorponok.

And if they don't fit in? Well, still not sure what I'll do with them (the exception being certain movie figures and Animated).

2009-07-02, 10:41 AM
Depends which line you want.

Classics: the Seeker mold, Astrotrain, Cyclonus and Onslaught (Ultra) come to mind. They are wonderful toys.

Animated: Blitzwing. Very reccomended. Shockwave is awesome as well.

Movie: Dropkick, Bonecrusher, Swindle suprisingly became favourites to me. Scorponok is wicked, and Blackout's not half bad either. Too bad he's short. Brawl is okay, but the ROTF reissue (Deep Desert Brawl, deluxe class) repairs some of his problems.

ROTF: Soundwave, if you like the design. Scout class toys should bulk up your Decepticon collection. Dead End, Scalpel, Ejector, Ransack, Dirt Boss all reccommended. Sideways, Demolishor, Rampage are recommends as well.

Cybertron: Thundercracker, Sideways, Soundwave and Crumplezone are nice toys as well.

2009-07-02, 10:49 AM
and to compound their disadvantage their side also contains the bulk of the Micromasters!

Micromasters = win.

I fail to see how this is an issue.

2009-07-03, 06:39 PM
Just from the point of view of size Halfshell, it makes a small crowd look smaller! G1 Galvatron arrived today, dwarfing all but Powermaster Prime. No cannon though unfortunately, any kitbashers have any ideas about what to use instead? Movie Stockade too, an absolutely fantastic TF!

Gouki do you mean the Stormtrooper Aquablast?

I got a few animated toys Blackjack, Swindle and Lockdown are brilliant. Was put off Blitzwing by the stubby tank though, you think he's a good one?

2009-07-03, 06:41 PM
Just looking at that Energon Scorponok figure, he's a good fit for G1 alright Gouki

2009-07-04, 01:15 PM
ROTF Demolishor.

The guy's made out of pure win.

2009-07-05, 10:34 AM
Blitzwing has his faults, but I like him. The tank mode could be better, I concede that. Animated Oil Slick is nice as well.

But... But Micromasters are fun!

If you want to pad out crowd scenes, deluxe class or voyager toys should work.

From the new line, ROTF Dead End, Dirt Boss, Rampage, Sideways, Demolishor, Scalpel, Mixmaster... The new toyline is great if you like the new movie designs.

Detective Barricade
2009-07-05, 10:58 AM
ROTF Voyagers Megatron, Starscream, and The Fallen I think are all pretty good Decepticons. Ransack and Scalpel are just Scout sized WIN.:up::up:

I'd also recommend Animated Voyager Shockwave. (either the normal grey or the True Colors Target exclusive)

2009-07-06, 09:27 PM
I only thought I had bankrupted myself before, now I've spent money I don't even have. This ebay shopping is compulsive. At least I've started getting (slightly) better prices, it was a steep learning curve. Today I got a big box, containing RID Megatron (the 10-changer) - cool looking, would've been more impressive but for the arrival of G1 Galvatron last week, but still a massive TF. Only gone through around 4 of the modes so far, he looks great in Robot or Dragon mode. Also in there was Movie Dropkick, a fine recommendation from this thread, I love the decepticon paint job on the alt mode. Last, and least, was Flamefeather, still sparking (slightly). He's tiny though, I was under the impression the Firecons were bigger, all that closeup photography playing tricks on me! I'm going to try and stop buying TF's now for a while, at least until I get some more money somewhere. There's enough on the way, and 10 mode Megatron should keep me occupied for a while!