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2009-07-16, 01:07 PM
I did a 'Hardest Character' thread some time back, so now I guess I'll make this. What's the easiest character that you've ever played? Easiest to write about and whatnot?

For me, Detour is very easy. A coward that likes to hide behind his larger comrades... I love the little yellow guy.

Laserbeak is another easy one. Although unlike Detour, his cowardice is not as pronounced, and he's more to the 'self-preserving pro' part. Besides, writing for Laserbeak is just great fun. A loyal minion to Soundwave... however, I do find a little problem writing his more sadistic tendencies out.

Shrapnel is also a personal favourite. A psychopath with an array of powers, now working for a greater authority. while biding his time to rise in rank. But what Decepticon doesn't?

Both Barrage and Barricade are so wonderfully fun to write for. Barricade's a win-win fanatic. I can relate to that. Barrage, meanwhile, with his 'destroy all' attitude... I just hope he gets out of Stanix alive.

2009-07-16, 06:53 PM
Even though I've been here for only a month, I have to say that Freeway is pretty easy to handle. Little to no backstory in the TFRPG. Aside from that, he can be a little obnoxious and a jerk from time to time, which is easy to play for me lol.

2009-07-16, 10:38 PM
If it's easy, you're doing it wrong. ;)

Ramjet is a thick-headed thug, so I really didn't need to put too much brainpower to run him. But usually, if the character doesn't challenge me in some way I don't keep them for too long. :)

2009-07-17, 01:17 AM
Probably a toss-up between Nightbeat and Ironhide. Nightbeat because he's.... well, Nightbeat. Same with Ironhide.

Tracks is kind of easy. The hardest part for him is keeping his dialogue straight. Harvard lockjaw and tone means he ain't gonna tawk lahke Arnhahde, or anybody else, for that matter.

2009-07-17, 05:48 AM
Pipes always seems the easiest to me, I guess perhaps because I play him like he's a child: endless energy and enthusiasm with a dangerous feeling of invincibility and absolutely zero self awareness.

I think I have a pretty good handle on all my character now, actually, which is why I still have them (or have them again, I guess). I'm not sure exactly where they're going, but I know who they are.

The characters I don't really have a good take on their character I tend to drop. Never really figured out Bumper, and Apeface and Snapdragon were more or less stereotypes for the short duration I played them.

2009-07-17, 07:28 AM
Easy? Hmm, going to have to agree with Warcry on this. Characters like Ratchet or Red Alert took a lot trial and error before I was fully satisfied with them.

Let's see...

I will have to go with Prowl. For a character that takes his job very seriously, unusually so, I think the dry tone and the eloquent manner in which he speaks is vital to his character, otherwise it just wouldn't be Prowl. It conveys intelligence nicely.

Also, though my take on him is a bit radical, Doubledealer is a character that is a lot of fun to work with and thus makes him easy for me to play. I felt for a guy that is willing to work with anyone, given the right price or circumstances, he needed to be a smooth talker, not a stoic loner. True, he's a bit of a chatterbox, but that's his strategy.

2009-07-21, 08:59 PM
An interesting topic, though I can't add to it as I've not actually played in the RPG yet.
I'm still trying to think of the right character to start with, looking for someone easy to help me find my feet with working within the RPG.

The candidates I've thought of so far are:
Air Raid - Fun seeking, risk taker.
Skydive - Military history buff, more a tactician then a fighter.

Both have a bit in common with me but I think Air Raid would be the easier character to start with.

2009-07-21, 10:50 PM
I've been tempted to pick up an Aerialbot myself now that I've cleared out most of my NPCs. If you'd like a bit of company for Air Raid or Skydive, drop me a line.

2009-08-08, 07:36 PM
Bug Bite.

I love mad scientists.....