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2009-07-17, 08:38 PM
Against my better judgement, I finally got around to buying one of the actually complete sets of episodes from IOffer, where none of them have horrible playback problems either. I skipped the first disc, because it's the opening 5-parter I've seen too many times already (http://counter-x.net/gobots/tv/challenge/episodes/index.html). I'm 9 minutes into the sixth episode, and my God, I want to hurt someone. The episode revolves around this guy with easily the most irritating voice in the world (he's in direct competition with Frank Welker here, that's pretty ****ing irritating), and is currently hitting on AJ, who's about 15. He even looks like a damn paedophile. When you watch something shit like Transformers and find yourself thinking "Christ, how did anyone watch this crap?" here's your answer - the other option was Challenge of the Gobots.

2009-07-22, 09:57 PM
Although bizarrely GoBots seemed to be on air in the UK longer than Transformers. I dare say it was cheaper to buy the rights to.

Not a favourite even as a kid, although I have developed a drunken fondness for the Rock Lords film.


inflatable dalek
2009-07-23, 05:48 AM
So does that mean you won't be giving the episode guide the full Ideon treatment?

2009-07-23, 01:13 PM
I am actually planning to, a) because I get about five emails a week asking for more cartoon content, b) it's about the only thing I haven't really covered in depth and c) because I'll have a pile of negative reviews on the site so I sound less like a gushing moron.

It's just likely to take an awful lot longer... I'm currently trying to work out what order I'm doing them in, as the broadcast order makes no sense. The problem is that CotG has so many massive continuity errors it's basically impossible to work out a 'proper' order - for example: -

-Tork first turns up as a Renegade, then as a fully-fledged Guardian (Guardians are kinda like cops - they're just Gobots who've been to the Guardian Academy and trained up), then as a Guardian cadet, with no explanation whatsoever given...

- Royal-T turns up as a Renegade, then later on as a Guardian who changes sides in an episode that has to happen after the former.

- Dart starts off as a Guardian in a lost civilisation that no-one remembers, but is then seen in flashback as a Guardian in a time after this, and then turns up with the Renegades.

- At the same time, both the Last Engineer and the Master Renegade appear to hang around for pretty much the whole length of the series, but just offscreen before reappearing in the tail end episodes.

You think you've got something worked out between two episodes, and then a third one comes along and outright contradicts it.

Despite a few flubs, I've managed to work out that the two five-parters should open the thing narrative-wise. After that, all I know is the Rocklords film comes at the end. The fact it's not actually much fun to watch doesn't help either.

2009-07-23, 01:24 PM
Personally I'd embrace the lack of continuity and just do them in broadcast order. After all, it's how they were inflicted on the public in the first place and it's as good a sorting method as any.

2009-07-23, 01:40 PM
True... Outside of about half a dozen on either side, the other characters seem to be deployed randomly, often aren't referred to by name and tend to have very generic voices and personalities, so I'd probably go mad trying to sort it all through.

Though doing Turn A Gundam first is looking more likely.