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2009-08-03, 10:40 AM
Is anyone reading this peculiar series by DC?

For anyone that isnt aware of what Wednesday Comics is -

Its a weekly series by DC published in newspaper format, featuring some of the best and brightest the industry has to offer (apparently). The comic is 15 pages, with each page assigned to a different story/character/creative team, each week follows a new page that continues the story from the week before so that (i think) by the end of its current run (its 12 issues) each story will be 12 pages long.

Anyone confirm thats what it is going to be like?

I purchased #1 (for an extortionate price, especially considering I thought it was meant to be cheaper) and I dunno, I thought some of the concept was good, and some fo the stories had real potential, but so many of them just left me feeling incredibly empty, and I'm not sure I enjoyed the idea that purchasing all 12 issues to get one pretty short story.

My biggest issue is that in a situation like this I feel that each single page has to stand up in its own right as well as serve the larger story, and I just didnt feel enough of those pages did that for me.

What are other peoples opinions? Over-rated or worth the hype?