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2009-08-07, 02:49 PM


Okay, he's arrived, and he's... sorta nifty. Looks fabulous, despite the small size, with some funky accessories and a very, very neat transformation in places (especially the leg modules). However, this might be stating the obvious, but this isn't Soul of Chogokin - the toy feels incredibly fragile (clipping the legs in is actually terrifying, and a lot of it doesn't lock in place, meaning that the (average) articulation is largely negated - for example, if you set the legs up so the waist tilts to one side, the red wings 'hidden' in the chest just slip out.

I like the guy, but I'd recommend this one for mentals with no sense of value for money only. Plus my saving with HLJ was wiped out by a customs charge - d'oh!

2009-08-07, 03:05 PM
Heh, this one always reminded me of some knockoff gundam.

I've only got one CM's release, the AV-98 Ingram movie ver [for a measly 6000 something yen from hlj] and the quality ain't bad, the size kind of is. It's shorter than SOC's Tetsujin 28 [80ies version] but does pack a lot of die-cast. Many accessories as well.

I'd love to get one of their gaogaigar\gaofighgar combiners when money permits, though. And that Tetsukyojin Gallient...:lol:

2009-08-07, 03:22 PM
I think that's the only one I'm definitely going to get from the line, depending what else they end up with - X-Bomber or Batrain might tempt me, but at the same time I'm hoping Bandai somehow end up with the licence for either. I'd go for the Dorvack Caliber if the price wasn't so high - I've liked the design of the thing ever since Roadbuster turned up in the UK Transformers comic. Brave Gokin is just insanely expensive, though, especially when it's not a patch on SoC. I'd have loved this chap to be 9-10" - the design has enough detail to just scale up, but God knows how much the price would have been then.

For Baldios, I've had the film on loop for a while and just kinda got enchanted by the fella. Always regretted forgetting to bid on a cheap example of the 1980s Nomura ST one, which looks very sharp.

2009-08-07, 04:19 PM
There's a repaint of the Dorvack robot [always talking about CM's] on sale at hlj for about 6000-7000 yen. It's released without an extra add-on armour but should do if you just want one interpretation of the mecha.


Still available, heh. I've read that the leg designs somewhat limits the articulation points it has.

Man, I do need to update that chogokin thread of mine I started a while back...

2009-08-07, 05:01 PM
Yeh, I did see that one, but the colours put me off (not fussed about the armour, as Roadbuster never had it).

Wow, didn't know they were doing Gordian - http://www.hlj.com/product/CMS65323 - I guess that's why SoC went straight for Baikanfu. On the evidence of Baldios, I've got to say I don't trust that to be any sturdier than the Popy original... And that price...

Currently I'm weighing up getting either SoC Leopardon or Lightan... Decided to see about chasing those up before they get scarce. Leopardon will probably get the nod, if only because providing he isn't crap (unlikely!) I can sell the old version to help fund buying Lightan...

2009-08-07, 06:22 PM
Damn some of those robots look like knockoffs...

I'm still spotting Leopardon on e-bay in the $70ies area, but Lightan is incredibly rare [the first, golden version that is].

I'd get that Dorvack thing in a heartbeat if other bots didn't get priority at the moment [SOC and Macross items], hopefully it'll stay clearanced for quite some time.

2009-08-07, 06:39 PM
Yeh, I'm thinking Lightan as priority as there don't seem to be many around... Still seems to be plenty of Leopardon - he looks ace, though, I love the design of the thing, just having one with, y'know, knees would be nice!

Aside from that, I want Godmars, but doubt I could save that much, and am mulling over going for Respect for Voltes-In-Box - though that's a hell of a price for a tweaked figure, I'm trying to keep an eye out for how much the first version fetches second hand as I'm probably going to have to sell to buy. Then I think I'm more or less there for stuff I really want from the line - I was tempted by Raideen, but then the only reason I bought the original was for symbolic reasons... Actually, I wouldn't say no to a reissue of Dancougar, but the price is waaaay too high for the ones that're still out there.

Of course, I'll be in for Dairugger XV, Daitetsujin 17, Laserion and Dynaman if/when they get to them and stop releasing endless Mazingers.

2009-08-07, 08:54 PM
The tweaked version of Voltres-V can be found for relatively cheap prices [got mine for around 160 USD shipped, mind you that the actual retail is over that], but the resale value of the original has sadly dropped.

Raideen is not that fine a figure, not flimsy or anything, but he just doesn't work that well with all his accessories. I would have returned mine to BBTS if my kittens hadn't ripped his box a new one. I even opted for the standart version, as the God Mountain accessory just seemed like another meaningless stand I'd store away, only it added about 80 USD to his price.

Do hunt for a God Mars though, the thing is amazing from an engineering standpoint, his current prices aren't though.

However, you might want to wait out just a bit as many, many SOCs I spot go on crazy clearances months after their release dates. I just got the GX-46 combo [samurai and horse, never get their names right] for 220 USD shipped, when the combo's retail is ~300 USD!

Do not give up looking and don't shy away from HK releases! :up:

2009-08-11, 07:28 PM
Just found out Sar's getting me SoC Getter Poseidon for my birthday, and have Leopardon and Lightan (thanks to Savvy T... I was otherwise on the brink of buying the pointless silver version) on the way. Awesome.

Yeh, God Mars is certainly on my want list, as I find it difficult to save up. With Voltes, he's probably always going to be too expensive for me to justify for a redeco/retool, especially as there's not anything actually wrong with the 'anime' version.

Plus the internet is stupid, and I now desperately want Zambot-3 (http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN922882). Love that crest. There are a couple of what seem like good prices on ebay, but I'll probably have to get my arse in gear and drum up some money beforehand. Might finally get around to listing my 1980s Dancougar (which I hate).