View Full Version : Walmart exclusive Universe Ultra redecos: Skyfall, "G1" Powerglide, Hardhead

2009-08-10, 03:58 PM
All three first shown at BotCon.

Skyfall, meant to be G2 Skyjack but not named so due to trademark reasons:

Powerglide in "G1" colors similar to Takara's "USA Edition" release:

The third one is Hardhead, a redeco of Onslaught.

All three will be exclusively available at Wal*Mart stores circa October.

2009-08-10, 05:49 PM
Dear Wal*mart,

My Fiance, an avid TF collector of a few years now, will be (with the assumed blessing of the US Central Immigration Service), moving to America permanently, in order that we can be married and live 'happily ever after'.

I would like to express my gratitude that you have now saved us the expense/stress of button-hole flowers, or a table decoration or two at our wedding. Seriously, flowers are such a pain to organise anyway. Or that redecorating one of the rooms of our new matrimonial home can now wait until we can actually afford paint.

Seriously, what were we going to do with a decorated set of walls? Bare concrete is deur rigure, as per the post-apocalyptic shique you know I crave. Pastel colors - pfft!

Once again, thanks for releasing the next wve of universe toys in October. It's much appreciated, that extra money in his wallet would only have weighed him down anyway.

Yous truly,
Borg72's soon-to-be-wife

(hey, she came to botcon 08 with me, it must be :love:)

RID Scourge
2009-08-10, 05:56 PM
There's no such thing as a Walmart exclusive. They're just figures that Hasbro doesn't really want to release so they pretend to make them Walmart exclusives because everyone knows Walmart won't carry them anyway. :p

Well at least this time I don't really care about the figures so I'm not disappointed that I'll never find them. :up:

2009-08-11, 09:01 AM
They'll no doubt become UK shelf-warmers while we all wait for new waves of ROTF or other mainstream figures...

2009-08-15, 05:03 AM
Since I already have the original Classics releases of these figures I don't see any point in getting these redecos.

2009-08-23, 06:44 PM
Hardhead in packaging:

2009-08-23, 07:37 PM
Well thank God I didn't buy Powerglide the first time around.

2009-08-23, 08:07 PM
Hardhead looks pretty cool

2009-09-21, 08:15 AM
Apparently all three are out.

2009-09-21, 01:17 PM
Why doesn't Hasbro wait until II have money to release these things? They couldn't wait 3 weeks?

Money-grubbing bastiches. On the up side, if the local Wal-Mart stays true to form, it'll be a bit yet before they show up, allowing me to get the Human Alliance Bumblebee as well.

The Doctor
2009-09-26, 05:15 AM
Since I have the original version of Powerglide I doubt I will be spending extra cash on the repaint. Imo this is the version that should have been released in the first place.

2009-10-16, 02:23 PM
i might get powerglide

2009-10-16, 10:29 PM
Why they ever released the first Powerglide, I don't know.
Though I have to admit, with all the ROTF figures that have me salivating at the moment I doubt I'll pick any of these up

2009-10-17, 01:30 AM
I picked up skyfall and I have to say, I like this figure alot. I didnt pick up the original version of this mold or the TRU exclusive repaint, so when I saw this was going to be black and red( my 2 favorite colors) I had to get it. And the all black really makes this look like an actual jet and not a robot with a plane stuck on his back.

This will be the last tf for me, until I start seeing new rotf figures come out. I am turning my attention to kamen rider dragon knight til then.

2009-10-17, 04:43 AM
I saw these today, and the red of Powerglide somehow makes it look very cartoony. I know that shouldn't be a bad thing for a cartoon character's toy, but it just really looked like a Playskool toy somehow. I can't quite put my finger on it.

2009-10-19, 05:51 AM
I saw these today, and the red of Powerglide somehow makes it look very cartoony. I know that shouldn't be a bad thing for a cartoon character's toy, but it just really looked like a Playskool toy somehow. I can't quite put my finger on it.

Is... is this a joke post?

2009-10-19, 06:54 AM
wow, i was just on walmart.com, and i saw that if you buy any of the three, you can get a $10 e-gift card with each

with free site-to-store shipping, that makes them a bit more tempting of a purchase at net $20 each.


hope everybody didnt run out and buy them already... :|

2009-10-19, 03:39 PM
Is... is this a joke post?

No, I'm serious. The shade of red they used just doesn't look right. Like I said, I can't put my finger on it, but it really makes the mold (in airplane mode at least) look like a cheap little kids' toy.