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2009-08-13, 12:29 PM
I mean, there must be a reason. Whether some fictional appearance impresses you or you see someone dropping it and you snag the character, or the character looks cool, or their special powers, or maybe you have the toy. Or the plot commands a certain character must be in there or else. or you just love the character for no reason at all... there must be a reason. Here's the reasons why I picked up my current roster:

-Blackjack -- That's my name. Go figure... Actually, the real reason behind that name is that I wanted a name that belonged to a G1 character. I was reading IDW's Spotlight: Nightbeat at that time. Nightbeat was taken, obviously, so I typed Blackjack (thought it was a cool name; and I liked Micromasters) and ran with it. Over time, the character grew on me... a gambler who takes on risks. Have to develop his character to make him feel less generic, though.

-Detour, Hyperdrive & Road Hugger -- Members of the Sports Car Patrol. Detour's there to be Blackjack's sidekick. Hugger and Hyperdrive was shoved into the Combaticons plot thread, because... well, just because.

-Shrapnel -- His wide range of super-powers. Electrical control, throwing lightning bolts, shrapnel guns, shrinking capability, eating metal, having guns... Actually that's what originally attracted me to the character. I wanted someone who could actually fight (Considering my original choices were two Micromasters and a Cassette). However, I've developed Shrapnel from a stupid opportunist or a generic soldier into a more intelligent character who wants nothing more to do with his past, and wants only to be a good little soldier.

-Laserbeak -- His cartoon gig impressed me, and I simply adore Transformers that have non-humanoid robot modes. 'Beak was... underused in the RPG (Warcry's more fond of Buzzsaw) so I have to remedy that.

-Bombshell -- Originally an NPC for the Altihex thread, and for plot complications. After dropping him, I felt like I needed a sidekick for Shrapnel, but Kickback's too boring. Now Bombshell's grown into a character of his own, with the betrayals and all. Need to find time to monologue him, though.

-Scorponok -- Always liked the character (IDW/Marvel), though never imagined of RPG-ing him. Reading Scorpy's death in Marvel comics made me love the character, and subsequent research in the RPG Archives revealed some interesting character moments courtesy of Reflector. Those made me try and stake a claim for him.


-Whirl -- "What's this? Warcry dropped him?"

-Misfire -- Originally, Misfire was among my original starting five. He was a character that I felt underused in all fiction. And who could blame the authors? What could a Targetmaster who couldn't shoot anything be useful? I felt like I should expand the character.

-Barrage -- His toy bio is impressive, and I fell for the character. Oh, and the fact that Barrage's a hundred times more interesting than Browning.

-Barricade and Skullgrin -- Barricade I picked because his similarities with Blackjack (Leader of a car-based Patrol, Micromaster, both names start with B, both wants to win at all costs...) so I wanted to make a Gigatron-allied Blackjack-esque character. But really, Barricade and Skully are just there to pad out the scenes. I dunno, the idea of a giant horned skeleton just seemed hilarious.

As for the characters I've dropped over my stay in the RPG...

-Searchlight, Cosmos, Browning, Kickback, Dead End, Blurr and Swindler -- Random picks, to pad out various scenes. Blurr is mainly due to his voice, while Dead End is due to his unique personality. It's tedious to play him, the reason behind his dropping.
-Windcharger -- Magnetic powers. He's the most insanely powerful Autobots ever. I mean, he could control easily any and all metallic things, and transformers are all made up of metal. The reason I dropped him is that... well, there's only so much you could do with him.
-Broadside -- He's a gigantic, air-carrier Wrecker. Hell, yeah. He survived all of Marvel, and his scene in 'Carnage in C-Minor' is just so damn impressive.
-Thrust -- to complement Aero Blade's Dirge.
-Pathfinder -- this one's funny. Originally I wrote another disposable fanmade NPC with the name 'Pathfinder'. Then ziggy went and placed my name under the real Pathfinder's name. I looked at it, shrugged, and retconned him into the real Gobot Pathfinder. True story.
-Scattershot, Strafe and Afterburner -- Actually this is part of my plan to obtain a gestalt team, but the idea sort of fizzled out. Scattershot and Strafe are interesting characters, but I just can't play them. After their roles in Altihex are over, I dropped them.

... Did I miss anyone?

2009-08-13, 01:06 PM
Springer: Back when I was a 6 year old , I saw the Transformers Movie. When Springer uttered the words "I got better things to do tonight than die", I was sold on the character. I've been a fan of him ever since.

Pointblank: The only Targetmaster (of the original 3) I never had as a kid, but always wanted.

Freeway: The first Throttlebot that my parents gave me. Also, I love his personality and that he's a saboteur. I hope I can have him blow stuff up soon in the RPG. :lol:

Landmine: First Pretender that I got as a birthday present from my parents. I picked him basically because of the nostalgia value the character has for me. Though I didn't know the character got a little screwed up when I got him lol. Got out of that spot thanks to zigzagger and Blackjack though :up:

Octane: I picked 4 Autobots and because I had a spot left, I picked up Octane. No particular reason other than that I think his Henkei toy is awesome and that he was available. :)

2009-08-13, 02:51 PM
Ratchet: Why? Because it's Ratchet. Mind, he's not off on some Marvel/IDW-esque adventure at the moment, currently relegated to the usual doctor role, but I absolutely adore the character. The fact that he's my all time favourite Transformer definitely influenced my decision. I was fortunate to enough to pick him up when I did.

Fun Fact: Ratchet is my first and longest running character here. I'm, shall we say, a bit protective over him for that reason and don't intend to drop him any time soon.

Cerebros/Fortress Maximus: Because I felt that the Steelhaven needed its captain, so I picked up where Warcry left off. Simple as that. Though, to say what I already said in another thread; he's not easy to play.

Prowl: A few reasons why I picked him actually. Ignoring the cartoon version - really, all one can say about that version is "Well, umm, he turned into a police car and got killed by Scavenger?" - there's a lot of source material to work with. Much like Ratchet in that regard. Yeah, he's a prick out of necessity, but that's how he reached the position he's at today and it's something I sort of admire about him. Plus, there's a lot going on there that I wanted to delve into. Yeah, Prowl is probably considered a high profile character, and I won't deny that appealed to me, but I genuinely enjoy playing him.

Red Alert: He's was initially supposed to be a plot device to Blades' story and to set up the ISS. Because of that, I felt obligated to hold onto him. Honestly, for the longest time I did not have clear plan for him, the paranoid angle, I'm sorry to say, really wasn't all that appealing to me. In fact, I almost dropped him, but I've grown to like him. Once I explored other aspects of his various character profiles, he's actually quite fun to play, hence why I adopted a more bipolar-ish Red Alert, rather than the paranoid Red Alert. He's much more manageable that way.

Inferno: Needed someone to fill out the ranks, really. I like him, but haven't done anything remarkable with him.

The (ex)Protectobots: Oh geez, there's a Pandora's Box that I willingly kicked opened. Yes, I like them - a lot actually. Why I chose them was, I guess, I wanted to prove, to myself anyway, that a special unit of Transformers, in this case a gestalt unit, could actually work as fully autonomous beings without automatically being predisposed to their unit. That's the one thing that irritates me about most gestalts. Most of the members, I felt, had tremendous potential and the only way I could explore these personalities - at least with Blades, First Aid and Groove - I needed to break up the Protectobots. That was always part of the plan form the moment I claimed them. Sorry, Defensor. Now, I will admit it's been a process of trial and error, some things I regret doing, but I'm happy with them. Hot Spot is the only one I have trouble with. He's so....generic.

Banzaitron and Axer: When I was writing the story for Blades (back in 2007, I think), I had some fanmade characters in mind to play the part of, well, the villains, the bots that would throw Blades' life into disarray. Banzaitron and Axer themselves were never part of that plan, but the roles they would assume always were. Warcry was the one that recommended them. So I read their profiles, thought they suited the villain roles I needed...and yeah, that's why I picked them. Had fun with them for awhile too. Proof that just because a character is an Actionmaster doesn't mean that they don't have the ability to tell stories.

Doubledealer: Simply put: I like the character. Would rank him at, oh, I don't know, #4 in my top favourites right after Ratchet, Nightbeat and Scorponok. Was looking through the available character slots, noticed no one was using him, and promptly snatched him up. Had to cram him into the Tzai thing I had going at first, but the neutral angle I adopted just seemed to be a perfect fit, plus sleazy characters can be fun. He's just a character I always wanted to explore.

Magnificus and Ga'mede: Was entering the profiles for the Japanese exclusive character into the RPG wiki and I liked what I saw. That's really about it.

2009-08-13, 03:23 PM
Glit: I love his Tech Spec Bio and the fact that he is so talented, stubborn, clever and resolute in the face of danger without carrying a single weapon. I was also obsessed on finding a way to integrate KISS Play characters into the RPG in a tasteful manner, and make homage to the line without actually incorporating the questionable story content into the RPG. I'm really happy with how he has turned out, sort of a cross between an alcoholic Macguyver and Doctor Who at times.

Rosanna: Glit and Sundor were in the RPG so I figured why not. I'm starting to like her character though, as I work with her. Interesting to say the least.

Bomb-Burst: One of my favorite character designs from my childhood, I really wanted to play a new angle on the character while staying true to what Warcry had done already. I'm currently re-vamping (pun intended) the character and making things a little more interesting with him.

2009-08-13, 04:34 PM
Ironhide- Simply put, he's my favorite, and always has been. He might be old, he might be ornery, but he's not gonna let that stop him. And rebuilding him to the BotCon version gives a few new upgrade ideas(IE: Using his Battle Deck as something similiar to Prime's trailer).

Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm- When I started in the RPG, I'd just finished watching Headmasters and Masterforce, and while I'd been introduced to Niightbeat, Siren, and Hosehead thanks to the comics, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm were much more impressive in the Japanese Headmasters series. And bringing Minerva in just seemed to fit with Nightbeat's "luck".

Hot Rod- When Warcry gave him up, I looked at the character and having seen what Warcry had done with him, coupled with watching Torchwood, it struck me that Hot Rod was quite similiar, in his own way, to Captain Jack Harkness. Hot Rod's destiny was to be Rodimus Prime, and it may be again someday, but he's a character that everybody labels as "the hotheaded kid", despite the fact that fate made him grow up.

Grimlock- "Me, Grimlock! BAD ASS!!!!" 'Nuff said.

Roadbuster- One of the first figures I ever bought online, I got him in a deal that also included a mint in unsealed box Shockwave. I thought Roadbuster was neat. Plenty of guns, controlled psychotic personality. Part of why Dinobot's in there with him, really.

Stepper- I liked the concept of the character, and giving him a Dirty Harry-esque personality(complete with mismatched partner in Nebulon) seemed perfect.

Optimus Prime- The Big Guy. He's fun to play. If occasionally a little too straight.

Tracks- He's fun to get dirty.

Road Rage- Mainly because Ironhide's security division needed more bodies, and Road Rage seemed the best suited for a bodyguard unit.

And on the flip side of the Coin.......

Black Battle Convoy(aka BBC)- I liked KARR's first appearance in Knight Rider(when he was voiced by Peter Cullen), and making a dark version of Prime for the Quint invasion made sense.

Bludgeon- I always liked Bludgeon. Until I read issue 80, I didn't even know he had an alt mode. And he's fun to play. He's not evil per se, but his warrior's code means he'd make a terrible Autobot.

Ravage- Cool cat.

Thundercracker- My favorite Seeker, and his sonic power's always been underplayed.

Breastforce- Somebody once said that the best villians are the ones who aren't over the top, "I'm so evil" types. I think Breastforce is a good example of this. Doing what you have to to consolidate your position and make sure you don't get caught is just sound, tactical planning. Besides, Liokaiser is the ultimate gestalt.

2009-08-13, 07:12 PM
Razorclaw: When I was a kid, the Predacons were top on my list of toys I desperately wanted to have, but which never actually made it to a store anywhere near me. Razorclaw´s bio was especially interesting ("All good things succumb to those who wait" -how cool is that?), and since I wanted to start things slowly (I´ve only been here for a short time, after all), Isnatched him up (from Warcry, who had used the Preds as NPCs to fill some gaps in the Kaon storyline). Warcry told me that he Predacons had been changed by a prior player into something akin to Beast Wars versions, but since I was unable to find anything about it in the forum, I´ll stick to the original bodies so far and find a way to retcon it should I have to.

Rampage: I mainly picked him up because it seemed to be the proper thing at that moment (since he and Razorclaw are now at the same place), and to lift some weight from Warcry´s shoulders (he wasn´t doing much with him anyway, except for following Razorclaw´s track). And of course, he´s one more piece in my Predacon collection. ;)

Snaptrap: I loved the toy as a child, and I still think he´s pretty cool. His bio was terribly boring, though, so I searched for story hooks to make him interesting. I found one on his tfwiki page, where it says that he showed some surprising engineering abilities when he repaired the Megatron clone for Shockwave (UK comics), and another hook in the bio of one of his repaints, where it said that the responsibilities of his improved rank had changed him beyond the psychopathic killer he used to be. I interpreted both things a little strangely:

In my version, Snaptrap has this weird engineering abilities that interfere with his killer personality, but he doesn´t know where they´re coming from. And he had the Seacons retire from the Decepticon civil war and built a secret hideout for them in the Mithril sea, waiting for the moment when a true leader would reunite the different factions I don´t quite know where I´ll be going with these angles, but I think there´s some serious roleplaying potential. However, not much going on in the Tarn thread, sadly, so I´ll might have to wait a while longer before I can truly play these traits out.

I´m thinking about picking up the rest of the Predacons, and/or an Autobot for a different epxerience (I had the Getaway toy as a child, his bio´s not uncool, and he´s free), but I think the Autobot stroylines are to far advanced already for me to "get a foot in the door" there...

2009-08-13, 09:47 PM
Funny story: if you had waited another day to claim him you wouldn't have been able to, because I logged on about an hour after you picked him up with the intention of claiming him for myself.

'Course I ended up with Hot Rod instead, so I'm not complaining.

Shit, that was a long time ago.

Rampage: I mainly picked him up because it seemed to be the proper thing at that moment (since he and Razorclaw are now at the same place), and to lift some weight from Warcry´s shoulders (he wasn´t doing much with him anyway, except for following Razorclaw´s track). And of course, he´s one more piece in my Predacon collection. ;)
I appreciated that, BTW. :)

I'll stick to my current characters for now, since I would run the risk of blowing up the forum if I tried to list every character I've ever run or NPCed...

Acid Storm is a bit of the odd person out in a G1 game, since he's only existed as an official named character for about a year and a half. Unlike some of the 'Neo-G1' characters that Takara created, though, his personality and bio are such that he can slot in nicely to the preexisting universe without hitting you over the head with fanwank stupidity (Sunstorm and Hauler, I'm looking at you guys). Above and beyond that, I like him because I see a lot of myself in him: he shares a lot of skills, interests and personality traits with me. I added to that a bit when I adapted him for the RPG by assigning him to a role in Darkmount that isn't all that different to what I do for a living (although he's ended up being drawn into a situation in Kaon for which he was totally unprepared).

Astrotrain is a character I took on because I thought it was an absolute shame that he was going unused. He had, for the longest time, been played by a former RPG mod who went by the handle Quick Switch (I don't expect very many of you to recognize that name, because it's been around 5 years since he stopped playing). Quick was the one who had developed A-Train from a generic background goon into being one of the Decepticons' highest-ranking officers (I was never quite sure whether he'd done this on purpose or whether it was some thing that just sort of happened and he rolled with it). I really liked his interpretation of Astrotrain -- essentially a bureaucrat who was disgusted by the backstabbing and incompetence that was rife among the Decepticons. He was basically the anti-Starscream: a loyal officer with no ambition to rise any higher than he already had, doing his job with quiet efficiency. After Quick left no one wanted to use him for a long time, and I picked him up because it made me sad to think that all of the hard work that he'd put into the character had been left to stagnate (and even more so, because I couldn't stand the thought that someone who didn't know his history might pick the character up and devolve him back to his original characterization).

Crosshairs is the character that I've held onto the longest -- over six years now. Originally I think my rationale for picking him up was somewhere along the lines of "I've still got his toy from when I was a kid". The reason why he's stuck on my roster for so long now is because he's a very interesting character. Because of his function, when I started with him I characterized him as someone who'd seen very little actual combat in his career. That made him a bit naive, but also gave him a different perspective on things than his more military comrades. He's grown out of that in the time I've run him, and the efficiency and precision he was noted for in his bio has grown into something close to single-minded ruthlessness, especially after his Targetmaster partner died. He's a very different character than the one I initially picked up, and honestly, I don't think the old Crosshairs would like this guy very much. I suppose you could say that there's no reason why I picked him up, because he's not the same person anymore.

Cyclonus is an interesting contrast: collected and calm on the outside, but fragile and desperate for approval that he will never, ever get on the inside. He's also a character who had been (IMO) treated very poorly in the history of the RPG, first getting displaced from his position at Galvatron's side by Gigatron and then finding people like Starscream, Bludgeon and even Thundercracker and Ramjet ahead of him on the rank chart. It got to the point where he was no more than your regular rank-and-file Decepticon, and I just couldn't see how he could have stood for that. That's why I picked him up, and over the past couple years I think he's seen more positive growth than any other character under my control. He's become a much stronger person on the inside, and while he hasn't completely moved past his need for Galvatron's approval, it's no longer an all-consuming obsession for him.

Smokescreen is a character that interests me because there are two wildly-different takes on him that are fairly prevalent in the fandom. One is that he's a genuinely nice guy who uses his psychological talents to help out his friends when they're in trouble. The other is that he's a stone-cold manipulative bastard with no scruples who will lie, cheat and decieve anyone to achieve his ends. I tend to think that the nice guy is who he wants to be, but the bastard is who he often has to be to get the job done -- and also that he's so used to deceiving people that he has a very hard time being straightforward about anything, no matter how simple or benign (Aero Blade could tell you guys all about that :) ). Striking a balance between the two (IMO equally valid) ideas of the character is something that really interested me when I first started playing him, and still does today.

Soundwave is twelve kinds of awesome, and I'd be lying if I pretended there was more to it than that when I started playing him. He's not the sort of character that lends himself easily to growth or development, though, and sometimes he feels more like a plot device than a person.

Spinister is probably my favourite character, although I don't think he became that until after I'd been playing him for a while. All of the things that I like about the character now (his fanaticism toward Gigatron, the character arc he went through after his Targetmaster unit was butchered, the way he's slowly 'softened' over the years and become more personable and his somewhat unique attitude toward Autobots) are all things that developed over time in the game. Without those, I think the only thing that would have been there to begin with were a few quotable lines from the old Marvel comics along with the absurd arsenal that he carries around (including an arsenal of nuclear bombs).

Black Shadow and Megatron are both here as plot devices more than anything else, although the sheer absurdity of the Space Mafia concept is what led to them being included originally.

Sundor is entirely Ackula's fault. ;)

Bluestreak, Cobalt, Needlenose, Rage and Skullcruncher are just scene-fillers.

I keep Buzzsaw around because he's a more sympathetic and likable character than Soundwave, and I find that it sometimes pays to use him as a 'front man' for his boss's machinations. Plus, he's accidentally become one of the most deadly characters in the game's history, with a record of named-character kills that rivals the likes of Grimlock or Thunderwing (a habit he picked up from the comic, I suppose). I think he was originally picked up to bring up the numbers for the war against the Quints, though.

Onslaught and Swindle were meant to add some intrigue to the Protihex thread, but alas I think the Combaticon storyline has fizzled out. Gotta find a way to kick-start it, I guess.

2009-08-14, 05:58 AM
Sundor is entirely Ackula's fault. ;)

Sure, blame me! Honestly, if you wouldn't have taken him on I would have eventually, But I doubt I'd have been as clever as you have been with him so far. ;)

2009-08-14, 07:58 AM
I appreciated that, BTW. :)

Glad I could help! Besides, it´s always a good thing to leave a good impression with the people running the show, isn´t it? ;)

2009-08-14, 12:07 PM

LIEZ. Needlenose is Spinister's sidekick/whipping-boy/guy to order around (much like Detour is to Blackjack). Besides, it's not like his character is uninteresting... Needles has potential to sneak into your main roster, mainly due to his close ties to Spinister.

Onslaught and Swindle were meant to add some intrigue to the Protihex thread, but alas I think the Combaticon storyline has fizzled out. Gotta find a way to kick-start it, I guess.

Ooookay... It's a Road Hugger conversation time! Hmmm... Road Hugger should meet up with Ratchet some time. It'd be interesting how that turns out.

EDIT: Added expansion for my own explanations.

2009-08-23, 04:56 AM
Blaster - Favorite character at the time.
Sunstreaker - I was 15, and I recognized the name!
Brawn - I was 15 and recognized the name/kinda liked him from Fire on the Mountain and Ultimate Doom.
Sideswipe - I had Sunstreaker and knew I could play them well off of each other.

2009-09-30, 12:59 PM
Some of the newer NPCs... Hey, I'm bored right now... :(

-Repugnus -- The Monsterbots are one of the awesomest (is that a proper word?) sub-teams ever. Unique alternate modes, and simply wonderful characterizations. No one bothered with them after their debut in Marvel's Headmasters series until the recent Maximum Dinobots series. Seeing what optimusskids had done in the RPG with Doublecross (and some awesome fanfic on this site by optimusskids and Warcry on Grotusque and Doublecross) spurred me to take on Repugnus after Lord Zarak disappeared. His appearance in Maximum Dinobots was awesome, his character profile was amazing, he's an obscure character, he's a rogue, he has a cool alternate mode (scythes for hands!)... and he's a loose end that needed to be tidied up! What more could I want in a character? Oh, and Warcry (and Springer85 as well) helped out with finding a plotline for him! In fact, I like him so much that he might just displace Detour in my roster of seven... :)

-Bonecrusher -- miked23 wanted to drop him, and he needed to find a substitute player. I was around. End of story. Now I missed out calling dibs on the Constructicons before they were revived, and I liked Bonecrusher (seconded only to Long Haul and Scavenger). Like Hook, he's a perfectionist. Unlike Hook, he's not a refined Decepticon, and destroys imperfection not by repairs, but by destroying them.

Hmmm... still bored. I know! My fanmade cannonfodder NPCs!

-Tinker and the (now deceased) Starfall -- the Seeker twins. When I introduced Starfall, Polyhex was short-staffed, as most of its population were at Altihex at that time, and Howlback needed someone to talk to. When the Decepticons returned, they needed an extra medic. Bam! Enter Tinker. Over the Constructicon plotline, Tinker began to more... useful compared to Starfall. With so much going on in Polyhex, I thought it would be proper to kill off some of the Decepticons to add to the weight of the situation, and Starfall never did do anything. So she died. (which is just as well, as the thread became action-packed soon after) Tinker might stay for a while longer, though, helping out the medics and seeking vengeance.

-Monocole and Paperweight -- originally he was introduced in Maccadams, observing Grimlock and Jazz and everyone else. The plotline disappeared in favour for ziggy's Tzai industries drama, and Monocole disappeared and was replaced by Broadside and Cosmos. And he didn't even get a profile! Later, though, Springer needed someone to talk to. I had the idea of using Monocole as an informant, and Paperweight as a reporter (never knew that Paperweight had been used twice in the RPG, one as Astrotrain's aide and one as a cannonfodder Tzai henchman [ironically, Paperweight II was also created by me]). Paperweight's still around, asking questions to Hot Rod when it seemed necessary, but he has since disappeared. Monocole would only stick around as long as Springer needs him.

-Webweaver -- one of the escaped prisoners from Altihex, which somehow got aboard Skystalker's shuttle. He's hanging around in the background somewhere...

-Backstab -- a crowd-filler that outgrew his role. BAM! Instant imperial double-agent.

-Galestorm's group in Kaon -- are all there to DIE! Mwahahahahahahahahah. Er... :glance:

2009-09-30, 04:04 PM
Eh, why not....

Quickshot- If he had a voice, it would probably be Richard Widmark. I'd prefer Richard Jordan(watch Logan's Run and you'll know why), but when I read the brief bio Warcry had cobbled together for this guy, the first thing that popped into my head was this one Spirit story by Will Eisner. The main character was this maniacal, gun-toting nutcase who'd been set up and gunned down by his fellow thugs. His ghost, not realizing at first that he's dead, spends the story making life miserable for his former gang.

The inspiration for this character(not to mention his look) came from the fact that Eisner had seen the movie Kiss of Death, and he'd based the character on the performance and appearance of Richard Widmark's character, who was also a maniacal, gun-toting nutcase.

Quickshot has yet to push any old ladies in wheelchairs down a flight of stairs, but it's mainly due to lack of opportunity than anything else.

2009-10-20, 01:34 PM
Hey, we have a thread like this? 'Kay...

Jackpot has never been used before in the RPG before me, so I have a clean slate to start on. Guy's an Action Master. Now while I don't actually love those guys, Jackpot's character appeals to me. He's just a lucky guy, but in an RPG I think it would be fun for him to express doubt about his mysterious luck. I'm looking forward to a time (maybe it'll be soon, what with the Space Mafia attack and everything) where his luck runs out and he needs to rely on his pals (or his skills) to get him to safety. Why did I pick him? I don't exactly know. His character, I guess.

Blurr is one that I succeeded immediately from his former player. Always loved the character. Blackjack (the player) did his little reinvention for Blurr, making him sort of like the Flash from the DC comics... normal unless he wants to be fast, then he can really be a speed demon, drawing on built-up kinetic energy or something like that. After sending him death-threats a little persuasion, I convinced Blackjack to give Blurr to me. Now I'm striking a balance with him being the hyperactive guy in the cartoon and Blackjack's more cool-and-collected version.

Skyjack is my first Decepticon. I wanted someone obscure, yet having enough characterization. After much searching, I decided on the Cyberjet. He's a friendly guy rumoured to be in cahoots with the Autobots. Who knows, once I have more time for the RPG, I can do a plotline about that. For now, though, he's just running around in Darkmount, with his own agenda and all. (I just haven't decided what exactly that is. Whether he's a spy for Gigatron, an Imperial or just an opportunist like Swindle.)

Blitzwing is probably (other than Blurr) the only high-profile character I have. I loved his interpretation in the IDW comics, although he's more graphic appeal than anything else. (He's a tank, he's a jet, he has a sword!) After talking to Blitzy's former player (zigzagger) I easily started out with him in Darkmount. Apparently he's a former traitor to the Decepticons, which adds to his play value. I want to see what'll happen to him when he meets some of the more... unstable Decepticons like the Stunticons or the Insecticons.

Hooligan is someone I exchanged Cliffjumper for. Can't get a feel for the little red Minibot, sorry to say. So I searched around for any obscure character from G2, and I found this Skywarp-type character, minus the teleportation. So he's more of an impulse pick than anything else. Haven't found something interesting for him to do, though. And by interesting I mean spray-painting Bludgeon or Scorponok pink while they're asleep....

2009-10-21, 11:47 AM
After sending him death-threats a little persuasion, I convinced Blackjack to give Blurr to me.

You laugh. She did sent me death-threats... :)

In any case, your interpretation of Blurr is much better compared to the short time I held him, so I have no regrets. I do regret letting Broadside off, though. And the guy who took him from me never posted more than three or four times before disappearing...

Of course, I have Repugnus and Whirl now, so that makes up for Broadside. Might pick him (or Windcharger) back up in the future when I have much less characters, though.

2010-02-17, 01:38 AM
Yep, I'm reanimating the corpse of this thread. And I'm bored. I think enough time has passed and I'm getting a better feel for some of the characters I didn't elaborate on earlier in this thread.

Inferno: Yeah, I think I'm getting the hang of this character. Tried a few things since I've claimed him, briefly threw him in with the ISS to fill out the ranks, but in the end, it really wasn't a good fit. Like, at all. It was an experiment that didn't have any long term repercussions, so I dropped that idea quickly. Don't think anyone noticed, anyway. But, I think I found just the riiiight balance. Okay, sure, there's a pinch of Sunbow Inferno tossed in, but, as always, inspiration comes from the profiles/comics and, most importantly, his past roles here in the RPG. The lax attitude I adopted for him comes from his experience as a Wrecker (not just in the comics, but here as well). He may not be working with them at the moment, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't act like one. And it works! It works really well, I think.

Magnificus and Ga'mede: Initially used them as plot devices, but what a fun bunch of characters they are. Even if has been, what, about a month or so since they've appeared in the Iacon thread. Aside from the former-Con angle, I basically had to start from scratch with them, unless, you know, I resorted to borrowing from the yaoi subtexts their profile/backstory suggests ;) I'm glad I picked them. They're a hoot, though Ga'mede does seem to present a challenge. Don't have any future plans for them. They'll probably just end up disappearing into the background unless some upcoming story arc has need of them (and honestly, RPG-ing is not as fun when your characters aren't interacting with other people's characters).

Guard City Unit: That's Fire Chief, Fly-Up, Streetstar, Sparkride and Safety, by the way. And their unit doesn't even have a name! Anyhow, aside from their combined form - which is your standard, cookie-cutter Autobot - there wasn't much there to work with. Seriously, look them up. There's nothing there. So, with a little work, I re-purposed them for the RPG, gave them backgrounds and something that at least resembles personality. I even shook up the whole boring gestalt status quo by NOT making the "middle bot" the unit leader. No big plans for them, though. It's just me having a little bit of fun. I'll let 'em loose eventually.

Aero Blade
2010-02-18, 04:40 AM
Smokescreen.... -- and also that he's so used to deceiving people that he has a very hard time being straightforward about anything, no matter how simple or benign (Aero Blade could tell you guys all about that :) )
Don't I know it. My poor boys :lol:

I think overall the reason I picked up my set of boys is I thought they'd be fun to play. Aero's my fanchar, so that pretty much speaks for itself :p

Dirge I felt had developed into a very interesting character with a great story. Something as impacting as the events that turned him genuinely to the Autobots makes for a great story for him, and I was kinda sad when Quick left and there was no-one to play Dirge. Later on, after he was picked up by another who was going to lead him back towards returning to a Decepticon, I felt as though it cast aside all the work Quick had put into developing Dirge. When Dirge idled again, and character claims came up, I snatched him. If the cons want him back again, they're gonna have to work for it. It was a rocky road to get him here, he's not turning back so easily :swirly:

Hound falls in the "I just like him" category. Maybe it's that he's a jeep. Maybe it's the nature appreciation. Maybe the hologram. Anything you could suggest, probably a yes. He's just appealing.

And with the overwelming Autobot lovefest on my roster, I've gotta have a Decepticon in there to at least balance it out a bit. He was a little known character, good for building personality with. And just look how far he's come :D

Hmm..... still, the bots do outnumber the cons I've got (ignoring the traitors). I wonder if I can find an excuse to pull Breaker out of board retirement...

2010-02-19, 01:23 PM
These are more reasons why I haven't dropped the rest of the Sports Car Patrol, since I haven't written anything substantial about them in my original post...

-Detour: Unlike Blackjack, Detour has a knack for getting into action scenes. I mean really. In all the posts I wrote for Detour, almost all of them are of battle scenes... the attack on Kolkular, the destruction of Kolkular, with the clones, that fun fiasco with Stratus... funny for someone who's supposedly a coward. Detour's pretty fun to play with, a nice change from the majority of my characters, who are either plotters/schemers (Scorponok, Blackjack, Laserbeak) or nutjobs (Shrapnel, Whirl, Repugnus). He's just a soldier who's a little cowardly, but knows when he needs to do the job. Kind of took some cues from BW's Rattrap about that.

-Road Hugger: Probably the most likely Micro for me to drop in the forseeable future. I can't get myself to write much about him... never did much, but he's needed there to keep the Combaticon plot as well as his friendship with Blackjack. He haven't got his chance to show his rebellious streak, and I think I'm moving away from that interpretation of him and instead make him actually competent, with the rebellious streak buried under him.

-Hyperdrive: Ah, the psycho who broke up the group. Can't stand being without action for more than two days. Gotta love him.

Plus, some others who I haven't written much about...

-Whirl: I've always enjoyed Warcry's depiction of Whirl. I'm a fan of the original Wreckers, and I am drawn to transformers with unusual body shapes. I loved how Whirl was potrayed as a sarcastic, slightly loony guy with biting wit, so much that I wanted him. Playing as Broadside previously gave me some experience on handling a Wrecker. As much fun as Broadside could be with his aircraft carrier mode, Whirl's a barrel of laughs. Still haven't found the tone to write him with, though.

-Swoop: A new NPC addition to the ranks, to replace the now-begone Skullgrin and Barrage. Well, mostly it's because Hein asked for volunteers to play the Dinobots in the Jurassic Park thread, and I was among the first to read the thread. My first choice was actually Slag- he's a pyromaniac who loves to burn things. How can you not love him? I was torn between him and the more adorable Sludge (the potrayal of his stupidity by some previous RPG players are simply amazing). Snarl and Swoop were two I didn't consider initially. But somehow, I decided on Swoop. Perhaps it's because of that UK story with Divebomb, which I liked, or maybe it's a remmant of my childhood love for pterodactyls. Who knew?