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2009-08-17, 03:14 AM
Right, so icanhascheezburger recently showcased this picture of a toilet with eyes giving a cat a funny look (http://icanhascheezburger.com/2009/08/16/funny-pictures-understand-your-human/). I thought it was a Ghostbusters toy back in the eighties, and was sort of right. That line featured this toy instead (http://www.blackmarketantiques.com/1989-ghostbusters-ghost-toilet-working-figure-p-6044.html), roughly doubling the amount of anthropomorphic toy toilets on the market (ah, capitalism). Ackula thought that the first one might have been a Pee Wee Herman toy, but, needless to say, an internet search for "pee wee herman toy toilet" yields entirely different results than desired.

So, anybody recognize the first toilet from from the ICHC site?

2009-08-17, 03:53 AM
Clay has just driven me officially crazy searching the internet for a toy toilet that seems vaguely familiar.

It's like that song title you know you knew but can't recall.

2009-08-17, 03:57 AM
Yeah me too, I'm pretty damn sure I have seen it before and possibly even owned it. But I have found nothing but dead ends and bad jokes....

2009-08-17, 04:00 AM
Yeah! I'm pretty sure my brothers and I had it as kids, at some point. That's what drives me nuts.