View Full Version : whatever happened to....

2009-09-12, 12:20 AM
1) Sargeant Savage, the GI Joe spinoff. That was an interesting, Captain America-like cartoon, had great toys from what I remember owning and the animation was phenomenal for the toon.

2) Skeleton Warriors.

3) Exosquad

4)W I L D Cats. They brought it back in graphic novel form, but the cartoon was awesome, and the toys were pretty decent.

5) Gundam toys in general. I used to be able to walk into any TRU or Walmart and find them, but they have seriously all but disappeared.

There are a few other cartoon and toy line tie ins, but those are the ones I wonder about the most. It's a shame some of the shows to cartoons only lasted a season or two, and then were canceled, or as in Gundam's case, Sept. 11th happened and then the cartoon pretty much disappeared almost altogether.