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2009-10-08, 06:04 PM
There's like a bunch of really good stuff I've read lately that I wanted to see if anyone else was into.

Ok, so first I just read Planetary 26 again, then 27 and it was pretty damn good but there is a thread for that comic already so go talk about it there.

I'll stay with Ellis for this next comic. Astonishing X-Men 31. I loved it. Of course it helps that I love Jimenez so much more than that Bianchi guy that did the Ghost Box story before, which I hated, mostly because the art was terrible. I was going to stop reading this series, then I heard they were changing the artist and was like, "Damn! Now they get somebody cool. Well ****, I can't stop reading now..."

Ok so awhile back I was ****ing around on the net and googled something like "best comic stories ever". Anyway what I happened to stumble on was this (http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2008/02/22/DD48V60PV.DTL). "Eight comic books to read before you die." I took a glance through it and noticed I'd read all of them except one. I'll say I agree with most of the comics on that list but there are a couple I'd throw out and replace with Preacher and Miracleman/Marvelman. The one comic I hadn't read was Bone. So I mention this webpage to the owner of the comic book shop I go to and that Bone was on a "Top 8" list of best comics and he says, "Yeah, that sounds about right." I'm like, "Well hell, I guess I'll give it a read." So I got vol.1 of the collected editions yesterday and was anxious to see if it was any good so I started reading it first. Now it's about 140 pages long but I couldn't put it down, I finished the whole thing in an hour. The art is beautiful and the characters are great. Now this looks to be a long epic type story so there isn't a complete story that starts and finishes in this first volume, it's just the beginning and introduction of things but it's a good beginning and I plan to pick up the next one. I don't know that I'd call it a comic to read before you die just yet but It's good so far and a lot of really great comics usually have an ok beginning at best and then get better from there so if this gets better I can see it being right up there with Sandman and Swamp Thing and the others. That and it's quite a bit cheaper than most TPBs on the shelves so it's got that going for it.

Next I'm about caught up on the Fables TPBs. I just got vol.6 of Jack of Fables and that's the last before whatever happens in the "Great Fables Crossover", which doesn't get collected until January I think. I gotta say thank god that the comic shop is letting me sorta work there because I went through this comic so fast that I'd never have been able to afford it and still have food to eat. It was so good. All the characters are just awesome. You start out the series and the main, like big stars, of the book are introduced and they're great and I love them and there are these side characters that are just kind of there and they're ok and all as supporting casts go. Then as the series goes along he does these story arcs that focus on one of the side characters and you're like, "Whoa! This guy is awesome!!!" and then he does another side characters and that one's awesome too and it just goes on and suddenly you're in love with just about every character because they're all awesome.
Oh and they better bring Boy Blue back or I'm going to be super-pissed!
I will say that I didn't care at all for the Jack Horner character and was mystified as to why they'd spin him off into his own book and not someone like Bigby who I thought deserved it more. Then I started reading those after getting all the Fables books and while I still think Jack is an asshole I love the stories they're doing in Jack of Fables. I get that he's supposed to be an asshole and you're not meant to like him. It works. It's great.

Now lastly, Blackest Night. If you're not reading this comic, or at least not planning to ever read it and you are a fan of good comics then you're an idiot. This is easily the best event/crossover thing I've ever read. Assuming the ending doesn't stink, and I've no reason to believe it will as Johns has been pretty good at delivering a good ending to a story, this may get to be one of my favorite comics ever. It's meant to be a sort of super-hero horror story and so far it's got me scared as half the time I worried that someone I really like is going to get killed. So many dead characters. So far all the spin off mini-series have been really good but none of them are necessary so that's awesome. You could probably get away with just reading the Blackest Night book but I'd recommend reading Green Lantern and GL Corps as they deal with a lot of the really important stuff too. Oh and I can't wait for the rings to come out in November, then I'll have all eight corps' rings and can put them all on and cackle like and idiot, it will be glorious...

2009-10-08, 06:13 PM
I adore Fables, as I think I may have inferred in the past. The sheer quality and depth of the cast is a big part of it. The Foresworn Knight was genius, and obvious when you realise, but I'd never even paid him a second thought after his mention in one of the early stories. And Goldilocks may be one of my favourite ever comic book villains, as surreal as that is to write.

Have they released volume 12 yet?

Only done the first two trades of the Jack spin-off so far. Wasn't massively enamoured, but it was good fun at any rate.

2009-10-08, 06:31 PM
Have they released volume 12 yet?Yes, it came out last month.

2009-10-08, 06:34 PM
Bollocks. More spendage necessary this weekend then. :(

2009-10-08, 06:55 PM
Speaking of Goldilocks, here's a tidbit from Jack of Fables vol.5 to encourage you to read that also...

2009-10-14, 01:37 PM
Right, I've now done vol 12 of Fables (lurrrrved the whole "what if this isn't the Mundy world - what if it's another storybook universe" throwaway bit) so am upto date. Take that, Rose Red! Also massive points for the handling of the Adversary's integration to the main cast.

Also done vol 3 of Jack, which was again good fun. I adore the whole notion of The Literals being the walking manifestation of literary devices. And also the fact he got such a crackingly fun tale out of addressing the continuity ****-ups that happen whenever an author makes a mistake. A walking typo. Hahaha.

Why can't everything be this good? :(

2009-10-14, 01:46 PM
Why can't everything be this good? :(

Because of the Bad Thoughts you have about girls.

2009-10-14, 03:23 PM
But you told me that's why Deadwood got cancelled. It's not fair that it caused this as well. :(

2009-10-15, 05:00 PM
Going by that list, there are some I've read and some I haven't. I haven't read Marvels, Swamp Thing or Davedevil: Born Again. I'll give those a look.

Bone is magnificent. It's one of the few graphic novels I've manged to get my girlfriend to read and she loved it as much as I do, which is unusual. The other main series I've convinced her to read are Runaways, Fables and Sandman. Fables is also magnificent and I'm so glad it's still running.

Others I'd put on this list include Planetary (of course), Whedon's Astonishing X-Men run and walking dead.

Y-the last man I didn't quite get. I read the first few volumes and enjoyed it, but couldn't quite see what the fuss was about and neither could my gf. Did I miss something?

Oh and Halfshell, stop thinking bad thoughts about girls! You'll get all the good things cancelled!

2009-10-15, 11:11 PM
Ok I read Jack of Fables vol.6 and it has one of the best endings ever.

I also just read Bone vol.3 and I'm hooked. Cannot put this book down!