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2009-10-13, 03:51 AM
With the Quintessons vanquished and the Decepticons tearing themselves apart, the Autobots could perhaps be excused for resting on their laurels. A growing civilian population is demanding more freedom, more luxury and more of a say in the way things are run. The military-centred society forced upon them by the civil war is slowly coming apart, with more and more civilian control of the government, the economy, the laws...and the military, too.

After a scandal brought down the standing government, an election is looming that will decide, for better or worse, what path the Autobots will follow. On one side stands Hot Rod, who believes that the Autobots haven't faced the last threat to their existence, and need a powerful army to face down potential future threats. On the other side is Sundor, a former Decepticon who claims that the Autobots are slowly becoming the very thing he tried to escape -- a military dictatorship. Meanwhile, Iacon is rife with factions who want a say in how their nation is ordered, and will do anything and hurt anyone they have to to get it.

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are always bad men." -- John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, 1st Baron Acton

2009-10-13, 05:41 PM
Autobase, Shuttlecraft Hangers

“Military resources are stretched thin at the moment. With the civilian population’s growing preoccupation with military affairs, a considerable strain has been placed onto our budget. We are forced to make-do with what we have in the event that our security is threatened. If my estimations are accurate, I would prefer we have some contingency plan in order, scant as our options may be.”


Prowl stood upon a balcony overlooking an enclosed hanger holding five small, slightly battle-worn, shuttles, auxiliary vessels and experimental warships. Descending down a flight of stairs leading to the hanger floor, Prowl held his arms behind his back as he moved along the landing strip while he observed the crafts. He attentively nodded to the report that was being relayed to him by a member of the compound’s staff, who was trailing closely behind the chief strategist.

“....Pardon me for asking, but going by the order you sent me – you were rather specific about what materials we were to use," the shuttle bay officer told Prowl. "The tech you requested is pre-exisiting and/or outdated. It may not be compatible with current developments, and most of these vessels aren't even built for combat.”

"Your concern is duly noted," Prowl told him. "But we have to make the best with what we have to work with. Now, please continue."

"Of course, sir," he replied. "This is Integritas , a light 2-deck, 5-mech experimental assault category vessel. It has seen a good share of combat. Decommissioned shortly after the Reclamation,” .

Prowl nodded approvingly in response.

“…The Calabi-Yau* is a science/research category vessel used by The [insert name] Division. Currently commissioned,” he continued. “Capable of long, deep space voyages, the Calabi-Yau can be operated with a crew as few as two, maximum of six. It is equipped with a transwarp drive and……”

“Yes, very good,” Prowl replied.

“…And over here, sir, is The Vigilare. Formerly used as personnel transport, it was rebuilt during [insert year] into a auxiliary/scout category vessel. Warp capable. The Vigilare was recently taken out of retirement and re-commissioned for supplemental missions…..”

“Hmm. And this one?” Prowl inquired.

“This is Veracitas, an old standard transport category shuttle. Incorporates experimental warp technology. Requires a minimal 2-mech crew to operate it. Decommissioned following the Reclamation….”

“Good,” Prowl said as he moved onto the next shuttle. “Interesting. This is the same class as the Calabi-Yau, is it not?”

“Correct, sir. This is the Mirror-Manifold*, another science/research category vessel,” the officer replied.

“Thank you, officer,” Prowl said. “These shall adequately suit our needs. I want these vessels transported to a more discreet location and prepped for refurbishment as soon as you are able.”

"Yes, of course, sir. We'll start right away."

(OOC: * Yes, The Mirror-Manifold and Calabi-Yau bear the same names as the vessels in the IDW comics)

2009-10-13, 09:37 PM
Snarls optics lit up and he tried to stand up, but he discovered he couldn't move and tried to speak but all that escaped was an unintelegent growl that was rather loud.

"Would you get this guy off me!!" yelled the mech under Snarl.

2009-10-14, 12:48 AM

Nebulon: -shaking his head no frantically, bleeping and squealing in distress at the thought of what the concoction would do to his internal systems-

Stepper: -sits up, takes the drink from Whirl- "This stuff is pretty good."

Nightbeat: -stands, shaking his head-

Road Rage stood over Snarl and the trapped patron. "Think we can shift the drunk dino?"

Nightbeat: "Not sure. I really don't want to throw my back out again......."

2009-10-14, 11:34 AM

Whirl chuckled at Nebulon's reply, before replying to Stepper, "Of course! I made it, of course it's good." Whirl shrugged, "I wish I had a mouth..."

Turning to the detective, Whirl said, "Don't worry, Nightbeat... we can take him down if he goes beserk again. After all, Stepper 'n I are Wreckers. And the little guy too."

Turning his optic towards Snarl next, Whirl said, "You okay, buddy? Can you move?" the gangly Wrecker said as he approached the Dinobot. "Guess you took too much of my new Sudden Death cocktail. You almost killed the bartender, yeh?"

2009-10-14, 06:50 PM
Snarl looked at Whirl and squeaked out " Snarl be up soon."

2009-10-14, 09:17 PM
The Mezzanine

Magnificus and Ga’mede’s chauffeur arrived in the private parking garage behind The Mezzanine, returning from the auction held at Iacon’s Government District as proud owners of a strip of clubs and taverns along Little Sheol.

“Hey, boss,” a bouncer said as they walked past.

“Good evening, Stahll,” Magnificus sung. “Any problems while were out?”

“Nope, just the usual.”

Rather than take the elevator up to the penthouse suite and make arrangements to see their newly acquired property, Magnificus decided to enter from the rear V.I.P. entrance to check up on things on the club’s first floor. As he entered, Magnificus politely stepped aside as a waiter hurried past to fetch a recently arrived party their potations.

“Good evening, Cuhl,” Magnificus told the waiter.

“Oh, hello, Mags. Howzit going, Gammy,” Cuhl answered, obviously too preoccupied to talk.

Nothing terribly out of the ordinary Magnificus quickly determined as he looked around the club. He did, however, espy Blades in a far off booth, alone with a drink and playing with a deck of datacards that the club provided.

“Right. Dealer’s adopted orphan,” Magnificus said. “Ga’mede,” He turned to his partner. “You mind taking care of things. I need to have a little one-on-one with our new friend.”

“You might as well. You paid for the paint-job and the ID,” Ga’mede replied.

Casually, Magnificus approached the booth. Blades, who was deeply immersed in his game, didn’t initially notice the black and grey mech standing over him.

“Hmm, I don’t believe I recognize this game,” Magnificus said.

“Hmm? Oh, umm, yeah, it’s something I picked up on some backwater planet stellar cycles ago,” Blades answered.

“An interesting lay-out. So...where is Dealer at?” Magnificus inquired.

“Off on a gig with some Autobots that showed up here. Escorting them to the Crystal City borders or something. I don’t know, I left before I got any details. ‘Bots kinda make me…uncomfortable,” Blades told him.

“Crystal City? Hrrm, I’ll have a long talk with him about that when he gets back,” Magnificus frowned slightly. “At any rate….”

Magnificus slid into the booth, sitting across from Blades.

“Let’s talk. Since I did you a favor, you at least owe me some worthwhile conversation,” he smiled.

2009-10-15, 04:49 AM
Safe House

Smokescreen looked up from a pile of paperwork, pretending that he hadn't known that Grotusque and Repugnus were there. He and Repugnus had met many times before and he knew the Monsterbot would see right through him, but in his business, the game had to be played regardless.

"Oh!" he said. "I'm glad you could make it. Please, have a seat."

2009-10-15, 10:14 AM
Safe house

It's hard to tell with Repugnus' beast mode face what he was thinking, it was always pulled to a sinister grin (which could be interpreted as a scowl). Regardless, he greeted Smokescreen with a warm voice. "Hey, Smokey. Did we come at a wrong time?"

Repugnus could see through the other Autobot's little charade, and he immediately got to the point. "So, those datapads have the information for my new mission?" The Monsterbot's schyte/sickle claws moved in and out in anticipation.

2009-10-15, 11:32 AM
Safe House

Grotusque looked at the visitors chairs that were lower than Smokescreen's.

"your facilities department still up to their old tricks I see."

2009-10-16, 02:22 AM
Factory Facility A-3147:

Tracks: -making slight 'tsking' sounds under his breath as he leads the way into the shut down factory town, tires thumping along on the rough road surface- "You spent 19 million shanix on this place?"

Hot Rod: -rumbling along behind his erstwhile 'bodyguard', the shrug in his tone of voice- "I think they call it a 'fixer-upper'. Come on, it's jobs for the people."

Tracks: -transforms to robot mode, looking around, the disgust apparent on his face- "And the first job is going to be cleaning the place up."

Hot Rod: -transforms, refusing to be brought down by Tracks' poor opinion of the place- "A little paint, some landscaping-"

-with a creak of tortured metal, a radio tower falls over-

Tracks: "It's going to take more than the Krylon touch to get this factory up and running again."

Hot Rod: -sighs- "Quit it with the negative waves, already." -points to the derelict buildings on the left side of the street- "I'll take that side, you take the other. Let's see what we've got to work with."

Tracks: -making his way to the right side of the street- "What, exactly, is the plan here, anyway?"

Hot Rod: "Simple. If this works, we'll get this place up and running, and more importantly hiring, before Sundor's people get the one they bought going."

Tracks: "Proving that you can steal ideas with the best of them?"

Hot Rod: "Proving that while some talk a good game, I'm willing to back up what I say I'm going to do, and if need be, what they say they're going to do. It's the people that matter, not the politicos they vote in. Speaking of which....." -activates commlink to the frequency that Hubcap gave him- "Redflare, this is Hot Rod. Do you read me?"

2009-10-16, 10:34 AM
Safe House

Repugnus turned to Grotusque and asked, "What, do you mean the chairs? But I prefer to stand." Repugnus knew what some mechs put in chairs. Tranquilizers, perhaps? Or Electrical torture systems? Or some other nastyware? Repugnus trusted Smokescreen, but if he were the one running the secret service he'd install these gimmicks in chairs as well.

"After all, my beast mode isn't really built for sitting down on these chairs. Might get a cramp, y'see."

2009-10-16, 11:32 AM
Safe house

Grotusque chuckled

"nothing bad just the old trick of giving your visitors lower chairs so they have to look up at you although if Q department has got their hands on them...."

2009-10-16, 01:34 PM
Safe House

Repugnus shrugged, "Even without the chairs, I'm not exactly taller than him." After all, Repugnus' beast mode is a little... hunch-backed, to use a human term.

The Monsterbot idly fingered (clawed?) one of the chairs with one of his schytes. "So... does this thing have anything to do with Springer going to Crystal City?" Repugnus asked innocently, picking up a line from what he's heard in the Mezzanine.

2009-10-17, 05:39 AM
Safe House

"If it was a bad time," Smokescreen told Repugnus truthfully, "I wouldn't have invited you. "But as it happens, it's the perfect time."

He smiled at the Monsterbot's nervousness over the chairs following Grotusque's remarks, but grew serious when he mentioned Springer.

"What makes you say that?"

Iacon Arms Hotel

"I hear you, Hot Rod," Hubcap replied. The Minibot was sitting in a pool of bubbling, hot oil, enjoying the sensation as it boiled away the dirt and grime from his ludicrously-shiny bodywork.

2009-10-17, 06:30 AM
Safe House

"I'm a psychic!" The Monsterbot said, grinning. "Hit the jackpot, didn't I?"

His face taking a more serious expression, Repugnus answered Smokescreen, "Overheard it from someone in the bar. One of those human-shelled Pretenders... can't recognize them. One's wearing orange armour, and the other one's black. They were getting transport to CC." Smiling, the Monsterbot asked, "So, y'want me to drag Springer back?"

2009-10-17, 06:42 AM
Snarl continued to try and will his systems back on and managed to get his tail to start flailing which, started to hit the mech underneath him.

"Will you get him off me this hurts" yelled the mech.

2009-10-18, 01:56 AM
Factory Facility:

Hot Rod: -into commlink- "Redflare, I'm out here at this factory I just purchased. The place looks a little rough-"

Tracks: -standing in the middle of the room, stomps a section of the floor a couple of time- "Well at least the superstructure's sound." -looks around- "Now, all I need to fiIIEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOFFFF!!!!" -lands with a clatter somewhere down on the factory floor, voice drifting up wearily- "I don't get it. I'm nowhere near the Noshabkeming......"

Hot Rod: -blinks, still speaking into commlink- "So yeah, the place is a little rough. Any way we can get some investors lined up so we can get this place up and running?" -makes his way over to the hole, looks down- "Klono's tungsten teeth and curving carballoy claws! You okay?"

Tracks: -voice distant yet slightly echoy- "I think I landed on my keys........"

(OOC: Bonus points to anybody who can figure out what I'm referencing. :D )

Road Rage grumbled, reached down to grab Snarl. "At least a drunken Dinobot isn't as bad as a drunken diplomat."

Nightbeat: "Why is that?"

Road Rage shrugged. "Because shooting a drunk dino has less disciplinary consequences."

2009-10-18, 03:33 AM

Whirl crouched down and used his claws to grab Snarl and helped Road Rage to hoist him up. "True, but shooting diplomats are more satisfying." The Wrecker replied in an innocent tone.

2009-10-18, 03:56 AM
Snarls stasis lock finaly cutout and he regained control of his body and, as Whirl and Road Rage lifted him up he transformed into robot mode.

2009-10-18, 05:29 AM
Safe House

"No, that would be...impolite," Smokescreen told Repugnus. "I merely want you to spy on him. And, naturally, to assassinate him if it looks like he's going to jeopardize our interests."

Iacon Arms Hotel

"Depends," Hubcap told Hot Rod. "What sort of investors are you looking for? I could set you up really quick, but most of the big-money types I know in Iacon are the pinstripe-wearing, knee-servo-breaking type. I could put out feelers to some of my contacts in Uraya if what you need is legitimate money, but it'll take longer."

2009-10-18, 05:40 AM

Whirl's optic blinked in amusement as Snarl stood up. "Ah, there we go. Would you like another glass?" The Wrecker asked unashamedly. "Or are you done for the day?"

Safe House

"Assassinate. I love that word." Repugnus said, smiling. "So... I sneak into the Decepticon ranks pretending to be a fugitive... or something... while spying on Springer and his buddies. You sure the target's Springer, not Gigatron?"

Smiling widely, the Monsterbot asked, "So... what's in it for me? Excused from prison, and...?" The Monsterbot let the question hang in the air.

2009-10-18, 06:02 AM
Safe House

"Oh, definitely not," Smokescreen told Repugnus. "I like Gigatron. He stabilizes the Decepticons and keeps them from causing too much trouble. I'll leave it up to you how you actually infiltrate his camp, but I suspect he'll be more than willing to believe you if you say you want to defect, once the news of your escape from prison hits the news.

"Your prison term will be commuted once the mission is over, naturally. And if you return to Iacon afterwards I'll be happy to give you a post in the Secret Service, with your full rank and seniority." Smokescreen shrugged slightly. "Plus, you'll probably have to kill people, which I suspect is a bonus for you."

2009-10-18, 09:25 AM
Safe House

"Secret Service, eh?" The Monsterbot made a show of thinking about it for a while. The deal was actually better than what he deserved after Taagan Heights. And besides, the thought of being sent to assassinate people on a regular basis thrilled him.

"A nice deal. I accept. Although," Repugnus nodded at Smokescreen. "Any chance I could get some upgraded claws? You know, for better slicing and dicing. More... sharper than these. After all, I'm going into the eye of the storm. I need bigger claws." Repugnus said, showing his schyte/pincers. (OOC: I'm trying to upgrade him to his IDW self, with four sickles and all... helps in killing. ;) )

2009-10-18, 02:25 PM
Safe House

Grotusque paused

"how shall Repugnus relay information back to us? We do not wish to jepoardise our truce with Gigatron's faction."

2009-10-18, 02:53 PM
Snarl looked at Whirl and said "Sure Snarl have another one"

2009-10-18, 10:49 PM
Factory Facility:

Hot Rod: -into commlink- "Most decidedly legit, Redflare. This party's had enough inappropriate gaining and distribution of wealth. That's why I'm in this race."


Nightbeat: -watching Snarl willingly ask for another drink- "And that, Road Rage, is our cue to run for it."

Road Rage scowled. "Aren't we supposed to do something about things like this?"

Nightbeat: -grabbing her arm and dragging her towards the door- "We're military security. We're not the cops. We protect Prime, and probably whoever wins the upcoming election. We protect things of import. And there's only 10 of us, as long as you count Omega Supreme six times." -scowling- "And neither one of us can go toe to toe with a rampaging Dinobot and expect to knock them out."

Road Rage grabbed the doorframe. "But we knocked him out once."

Nightbeat: -pulling harder, yanking until her hands let go of the frame- "You don't have stun weapons, and I don't think Whirl and I between us can keep knocking him out. If it's really bad, we can send Ironhide or Chromedome."

2009-10-19, 12:37 AM
(OOC: I'm getting anxious. I'm going to go ahead and move the Guard City story forward :))

Iacon Security Service HQ

“Okay, what do we actually know,” Streetwise thought.

He leaned back in is recliner as he contemplatively tapped his finger to his lip.

“First Aid is found at an abandoned apartment complex in the Border Regions, three solar cycles after our strike on Banzaitron’s mansion. His data banks are wiped, containing no recollection or back-up files between the days of to [insert date]....We have records that verify that he was dispatched to provide my SWAT unit aid at [insert time], but he didn’t report back with the IMR team. He just vanished….The Wreckers reported that Blades had been there too, who had a falling-out with his former-employer….The compound security had been disabled, but we were able obtain sufficient scraps of data from Banzaitron’s neural processor, and we have Whirl’s testimony…The shattered window, the markings on the mansion grounds….He was definitely there and he definitely was in critical condition, but where is he now? Offline bodies don’t just simply walk away….First Aid must have seen something. Something incriminating, perhaps?”

Streetwise paused to ponder this while rapping a stylus pen along the arm of his recliner.

“....Someone is covering their tracks. It’s so plainly obvious. For what purpose, I’m not yet certain, but there's more to it than just Blades.....And then there is the mercenary Doubledealer, who so conveniently provided us with our lead….We kept him in custody between [I][insert date] to [insert date] for questioning, but was released when his “lawyer” demanded he be released from our inquiry….We ID-ed him, though. The lawyer was legitimate…Still, the time frame of his release, only six hours before we received First Aid’s distress signal, it’s no coincidence... Doubledealer, who we know made contact with First Aid prior to the police raid and had valuable information against Tzai Industries; First Aid, whose concern for his former-comrade is well documented; Blades; former-ISS and military operative, and now a former-Tzai employee….They’re connected. In fact, I’m certain of it.”

Streetwise musings would be interrupted, however, when the monitor at his desk alerted him to an incoming call.

“Streetwise,” Red Alert said. “We’re ready. Meet me and Hot spot at the simulation chamber.”

“I’ll be right there,” he answered.

Switching of the monitor, he stood up from his work station and proceeded to the exit of his office.

“Hmph, Project: Guard City, indeed,” he grumbled.

2009-10-19, 03:10 AM
Safe House

"I could bribe one of the junior Decepticons to transmit a encrypted datapack to you. Then I blow the console and report him to Gigs for treachery... trying to transmit to the Autobots." Repungus said to Grotusque.

Shrugging, the Monsterbot added, "What about the Pretenders and any other guys that Springer brought with him? Do I have the right assassinate them as well, if they prove to be trouble?"


"Errrm..." Whirl murmured as Nightbeat and Road Rage ran off. "Maybe not. The drink's too powerf-"

"I mean, you're too powerful for the drink." Whirl quickly reiterated. "Come on, let's find someone to kill." Whirl said to Stepper and Snarl.

2009-10-19, 03:42 AM
"Sure Snarl join, nothing else to do" and walked over to the door waiting for Whirl.

2009-10-19, 09:16 PM
Iacon Security Service HQ, Simulation Chamber

When Streetwise arrived at the simulation chamber’s control room, he found Hot Spot and Red Alert preoccupied by the five mechs on the other side of observation booth's window.

Taking their cue, Streetwise turned to watch the five officers in the simulation chamber as they carried out their exercise. Though he had been briefed before hand, seeing Project: Guard City in execution with his own optics – well, it was a bit unsettling.

The Mezzanine

“So…a former-military and ISS agent who got mixed-up in a bad crowd,” Magnificus said.

“And you're a former-Decepticon military consul,” Blades answered.

This revelation did little to put the former-Protectobot's mind at rest. He had his fill of so-called “former-Decepticons” in the past and paid the price to placing trust on any of them.

“Oh, I know that look,” Magnificus leered. “That was vorns and vorns ago. I assure you there is no love lost. In fact, I’ve made it a bit of a hobby making their lives miserable. You could say it’s one of the secrets to my success. Well, that and being a smart businessmech.”

“Like Banzaitron’s bayonet?” Blades narrowed his eyes. “That somehow related to this hobby of yours?”

“If you’re beholden by some silly honor-bound code to your old master, I’ll be happy to give it back to you,” He snidely answered.

“I'd sooner break it over my knee.”

“Well, at least you and I have one thing in common, then. The circumstances are different, mind you, but you can’t deny that there’s a fascinating parallel,” Magnificus told him. “Betrayed by our causes on more than one occasion. I was even a pitfighter like you, remember. The cause I was once so passionate about? Pfft. You can learn a lot about one’s surroundings simply by looking at from an outside perspective. What I saw was pettiness, treachery, mindless loyalty, oppression. Surely you see the parallel?”

“Hmph, maybe,” Blades muttered. “But you’re still a ‘Con at spark.”

“Alright, picture this: A top tier Autobot solider, member of a decorated military unit. A celebrated killer who proudly put his life on the line to preserve the great, noble cause…. Decommissioned once he expended his usefulness and transferred to a quasi-civilian task force. Scorned and pitied by his peers, he is a grim reminder of an ugly truth. Unable to validate his existence in this unfamiliar new world, they too turned their backs on him. You won’t be-LIEVE what he ended up doing next....”

“Alright, that’s enough!” Blades slammed his fist onto the table.

“Very well, but next time, try not to impugn my integrity because of some age old factional bigotry your harboring,” Magnificus snapped. “You are no innocent bystander, my friend. And by your logic – not to mention your sordid history - I have just as little reason to trust you…”

Magnificus composed himself.

“But, I think we’re getting off on the wrong foot here,” he continued. “As a, ahem, fellow outcast, I’m willing to help you. Give you a second chance – if you are interested, of course. The choice is, and always has been, yours and only yours to make.”

2009-10-19, 09:18 PM
Safe House

Grotusque chuckled.

"Not exactly a way of sending regular reports, I think the Cons may get suspicious after the 2nd or 3rd time."

2009-10-20, 10:30 AM
Safe House

"Then I'll just have to think of another way for the second and third time..." Repugnus smiled. "Of course, Grotusque can always pretend to be a Decepticon double-agent on Iacon..."

"Or I could, heh, 'borrow' one of the communicators of one of the Autobots with Springer..."

2009-10-23, 12:14 AM
Snarl stood near the doorway rather impaitently waiting "We go soon" he asked.

2009-10-23, 03:15 AM
Iacon Security Service, Simulation Chamber

“Project: Guard City,” Streetwise thought to himself. “It can be essentially described as mixing five Autobots from varying backgrounds, add pre-existing Gestalt tech and toss in just a pinch of Protectobot battle and field data. What I see on the opposite end of the control booth is the end product. Despite the individual minds that bring their own talents and experience into the mix, they are near-facsimiles of members of my old unit. The same one that disbanded due to…unforeseen circumstances. Let’s just say, it’s a rather sensitive subject. But this – eh heh - this is wrong on so many levels. What compelled me to participate in this little pet project is beyond me….”


“Well, I guess it’s true what they say: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” Hot Spot said. “Still – it’s kinda creepy."

“Oh, please. It’s not like they’re the first ‘Bots to share the same template with someone else,” Red Alert quipped.

“There a problem, Streetwise?” Hot Spot inquired, interrupting Streetwise’s private musings.

“Me? No. I’ll get past it,” Streetwise feigned innocence.

“That’s good to hear,” Red Alert blurted, seeing right past Streetwise’s stoicism. “I understand you reservations, though. I had my own objections from the get go. But, as you know, this was Prowl’s innovation. So you just know that commiseration didn’t factor, like, at all in this decision.”

“Heh, awfully charitable of him, don’t you think,” Hot Spot chuckled.

“Yeah, right. Still, shameful as it sounds, the ISS doesn’t mind a hand out every so often. We’re stretched thin as it is,” Red Alert continued. “The military provided us with a lot the tech and data to create what you see. One of them is even a military recruit. And, as hard as it is for me to admit, I’m pleased with the results.”

“But you must detect that there’s some ulterior motive. The military is rarely this generous,” Streetwise protested.

“Ha! Of course there is, and frankly I don’t care,” Red Alert told him “As far as I’m concerned, I don’t give frag what Prowl or the military have in mind for them. As long as they use our facilities and resources, Guard City will serve the civilian population – not the military. We’ll “fortify” Iacon in our own way.”

Red Alert pressed a switch on the control panel and the door leading to the simulation chamber slid open.

“But, enough of that for now,” Red Alert said. “Time for you to meet your subordinates. Come along, you two.”

“Right. Let’s whip these newbies into shape!” Hot Spot enthusiastically answered.

2009-10-23, 06:09 AM
Safe House

"I can hardly upgrade a wanted criminal," Smokescreen told Repugnus. "It would raise some eyebrows, to say the least. Once you get home, though, I'll foot the bill to have you reformatted into anything you want."

He listened to the two Monsterbots debating possible ways for Repugnus to report back home. After a few moments, he held up a hand. "I'll provide you with a set of one-time pads for regular communication. You can use them to encrypt routine information into posts on one of the message boards we monitor. If you need to get the information to us more urgently than that...well, I'll leave it to the two of you how you arrange that, but please don't blow your cover unless it's an emergency. Grotusque will be your case officer while you're in the field, by the way. I figured the two of you would appreciate a chance to work together again."

Iacon Arms Hotel

"I'll put out the word," Hubcap told Hot Rod. "That's the best I can promise. Call me back in a few hours and I'll have a better idea of what's what."

2009-10-23, 07:51 AM
Safe House

"Anything I want? Even a city?" Repugnus asked Smokescreen, grinning. In a more serious tone, Repugnus added, "Wipe my slate and get me new schytes, and we're even."

When Smokescreen offered the solution about their communications, Repugnus smiled even wider. "Not as fun as blackmailing Decepticons, but okay." turning to Grotusque, Repugnus nodded, "Yes, I would appreciate that."


Whirl turned to Stepper and asked, "Any idea where to go?"

2009-10-23, 11:49 AM
Safe House

Grotusque turned to Repugnus

"watch out for Venom, I understand he's so paranoid that he has someone follow him and not just anyone but a duocon so they can't be subverted because the 2 halves never agree on anything. He's in charge of Gigatrons personal security and is bound to view you with caution.

2009-10-23, 01:45 PM
Safe House

"Watch out for Venom. Got it." Repugnus said, "The ex-Mayhem Insecticon fella, right? He has a Duocon partner, hmm?" The Monsterbot made a show of digesting the information.

"Anyone else I should watch out for? Pit, anyone else that's even there? I've been out of the loop." The Monsterbot queried.

2009-10-24, 09:15 PM
Factory Facility A-3147:

Square Bash wandered after the other 2.

"place like this was built to last. We can get it up and running quite fast all we need is info from the past."

Fly Past trailed after him.

"The old Mark 52's I thought they'd scrapped them all, reliable machines if a little antiquated."

2009-10-24, 11:10 PM
(OOC. Catching up - long post - soz, chaps!)


The pleasant buzzing, soothing her so gently, changed into an incessant throbbing. There was an extremely unpleasant, furry taste in her mouth... but she did not have a mouth... Ugh! The whole of her ingestion tract felt coated with something thick, potentially rusty and, in a brutally simple word, nasty.

Glyph lifted her head out of her cushioning arms and stared blearily at the table top. Where was she? Why were her specialist archaeological tools lying among drinking vessels? She groped, picking up the two complicated devices (of her own design) and staring at them.

"Er...?" she began and then, remembering her friend had been with her, asked the air vaguely, "Tap Out?"

Templar Hall

Misericorde sat at the top of one of the flights of stairs flanking the stage and glowered. It had got out of hand in an instant and for no more apparent reason than reporting Spyon's transmission about Hot Rod purchasing the Tzai Building Materials Industrial Settlement...

A shadow fell across her. "My lady?" Strike asked, concerned.

"Thanks to your intervention, Squire, I am undamaged," she replied. "My professional acumen is somewhat bruised, though. I am at a loss as to my misjudgement; what is the importance of that Settlement?"

"I've not been able to find out," Strike apologised. "Most of the audience has been removed by the peace-keepers, Camouflage and Dogfight, and those who remain awaiting medical assistance are unusually tight-lipped."

"Hmm, Cincerous made himself scarce before the fighting started. Did you note that, Strike?"

Strike bowed, his smile grim. "Yes, my lady. The two Heralds also!"

Misericorde nodded, considering. "Their presence was meant to indicate the College's support, but that has rather proven too fair-weather for my liking."

"Indeed." Strike spotted Cincerous then, a presence among his three oh-so-obvious bodyguards. "Please excuse me, my lady."

The Chaplain waved him away, returning to her thoughts. The Beta-Tzai factory complex bought by that little choir-girl cast-off, Rosanna; where did she - Sundor! - get funds enough to offer 28m credits? Spyon had suggested criminal support for the party, but his delving has found few leads and those were dead (literally in two cases) ends. And those silly promises! Obvious Magnificus would bid on 'Little Sheol', but I would never guessed at that knock-down price; maybe I should have instructed one of our bidders about it!

She shrugged, stood, dusted green paint flecks from her left shoulder.

Hope Strike didn't hit that fool hard enough to kill him... On second thoughts, maybe he should have!

There was a small mech making his way purposefully towards her; a Micromaster, his approach would have remained unobserved among the various groups of Church mechs and those damaged in the fight if she had not risen. She recalled this was Camouflage and moved to greet him with an excellently feigned friendly smile.


Tabbiloid slunk along the alley behind the Hall and found somewhere to lick his wounds. His beautiful, perfect finish was scratched and chipped! Stupid, blundering idiots! It would cost a fortune to put right!

He put aside the anger, dropped his paw, flicked his tongue away. Misericorde had reported the activity at the auction, giving the crowd a blow-by-blow resume of the lots and buyers. Someone on the inside, no doubt. Rosanna's win for Sundor had been a bit of a shock, considering the price... Perhaps he should be asking for more shanix?

Felinely, he sprang up and moved silently through the shadows, the friendly shadows, for a certain small residential complex just outside The Core business centre.

2009-10-25, 12:01 AM
Iacon Security Service HQ, Simulation Chamber

The dubbed “Guard City Unit” were in the middle of a simulated exercise when Red Alert, Hot Spot and Streetwise entered.

“End simulation, please,” Red Alert said towards the control booth. The virtual environment warped and de-materialized, reverting back to the gun-metal grey of the simulation chamber.

“Good work, all of you. Now scoot on over here,” he continued. “There’s some bots here I’d like you all to meet.”

The five officers placed down their sparring equipment and gathered in front of Red Alert and the others.

“Chief, Safety, Sparkride, Fly-Up, Streetstar – this is Detective Streetwise and Captain Hot Spot,” Red Alert told them. “They’ll be overseeing your progress.”

“Here to whip us into shape, eh?” Safety replied. “Lookin’ forward to it.”

Sparkride cordially nodded.

“Nice to meet you, Detective Streetwise and Captain Hot Spot,” Fly-Up eagerly said as he enthusiastically shook their hands. “Wow, I can’t believe I’m working under you guys! You’re, like, the best!”

“Umm, hello,” Streetstar nervously replied.

“Greetings, fellow patriots!” (Fire) Chief announced in a thespian-like tone. “It is an HONOR to work under such, fine upstanding officers such as yourselves! I shall do my best to live up to standards you so proudly uphold!”

Streetwise and Hot Spot stared blankly at Chief, the former struggling to conceal his smile when he glanced at the captain in awkward silence.

“Okay,” Red Alert clapped his hand together “Now that you’ve been properly introduced – I hand them over to you,” Red Alert told Streetwise and Hot Spot.

“Alright you five, show them what you’re made of,” Red Alert added as he took his leave.

2009-10-25, 03:33 AM
Safe House

"I've got a personnel listing," Smokescreen told Repugnus, tossing a data card across the table to the Monsterbot. "It's about a year out of date, though, so I can't promise everyone you meet will be there. I would suggest steering clear of Bludgeon, in case he uses his supposed mystical powers to divine your true mission. Also Spinister, because he's a fanatic who won't take well to an ex-Autobot in their ranks, and Fangry because...well, because he's Fangry and he'll probably think that you're an acceptable target." Smokescreen paused, then said, "Also, rumour has it that Bug Bite is there. If you get the chance to kill him without compromising your primary mission, I know quite a few Autobots who would appreciate it a lot."

2009-10-25, 05:27 AM
Safe House

"Avoid Venom, Spinister, Bludgeon, Fangry and any Duocon. Also, kill Bug Bite if he's around. Got it." Repugnus said as he transformed into robot mode and caught the datapad.

"I'll update this list as soon as I can and send it to you guys. Figured intel from behind the enemy lines would be... beneficial." Repugnus added. "When do I leave?"

2009-10-29, 02:36 PM
Safe House

"Right now," Smokescreen told Repugnus. "Or as soon as you can manage, anyway. Springer has a significant lead on us, so we can't afford to lose any more time than we already have."

He leaned back in his chair slightly.

"Do you have any other questions before you go?"

2009-10-30, 08:12 AM
Safe House

Repugnus shook his head, "Nope, Smokey. So... what shuttle do I take? I think we should stage a chase between me and some Autobots, just to make it more convincing."

The Monsterbot stretched and transformed back into beast mode, and sauntered over to the exit.

2009-10-30, 12:33 PM
Safe House

Grotusque stretched

"isn't that rather a cliche."

2009-10-31, 04:44 AM
Safe House

"Actually," Smokescreen told Grotusque, "I think it would be rather apt."

Turning to Repugnus, he said, "Head to the civilian spaceport and steal or buy a ride to Crystal City. Ten minutes after you've left, I'll tip off the ISS to your location. You'll get your heroic police chase, and it will preempt any suggestions that you're actually working for us."

2009-10-31, 07:15 AM
Autobase Security HQ:

Chromedome: -looks up as Nightbeat and Road Rage come in- "How did it go, Captain?"

Nightbeat: -shrugs-

Road Rage scowled as she moved around behind the entry desk. "Lots of drinks, lots of laughs, and we nearly got wiped out by a rampaging dinobot."

Chromedome: -getting up so Road Rage can take over the station- "Sounds exciting."

Road Rage's scowl deepened. "It would have been. If Nightbeat hadn't made us leave."

Nightbeat: -sighs the sigh of somebody who's been repeating himself constantly for the last few minutes- "I keep telling you. We're not the police. We're security. We're a bodyguard unit. There aren't enough of us to act like any kind of a police force."

"And why is that?"

Nightbeat: -meeting Road Rage's glare- "Because we're what are technically known as 'redshirts'. Prime's giving a speech and somebody pulls a gun to shoot him? One of us needs to jump between Prime and the assassin's shot."

Chromedome: "We are?"

Nightbeat: "Security as a whole is, yes. We, however, represent something else. Ironhide brought me in to help identify potential threats, Therefore, we can investigate. Better to stop the assassin before they can shoot us, let alone Prime. But we don't have the numbers to act as military police as well as a bodyguard unit."

Road Rage crossed her arms. "So why don't we recruit more people?"

Nightbeat: "The negative connotations, most likely."

2009-11-01, 01:00 AM

Tap Out groaned

"no they's just put on a new barrell. Oh you mean me ."

He glanced around.

"Where's your friends gone maybe we should make a movee."

2009-11-01, 01:41 AM
Safe House

"Okay then. See you guys around!" Repugnus transformed into beast mode and exited the safe house stealthily. Once he was sure no one's following him, Repugnus broke out in a run, piling into his appropriated motorbike from Altihex.

Revving the engine, Repugnus shot towards the spaceport. Moving like a speed demon, Repugus slammed into several pedestrians before the spaceport came to view. Mentally picking the vehicle that looked like it's the fastest, a sleek javelin-shaped shuttle named Velocity, Repugnus screeched to a stop next to it and jumped off the bike.

As he jumped inside the open doors of the shuttle, he was greeted by the pilot and copilot of the shuttle. Before the two could comprehend what's happening, Repugnus' eyes glowed green, causing the pilot and copilot to be disoriented by the dazzling optical illusion.

Repugnus transformed to robot mode, clunked their heads together before tossing the two of them out of the shuttle. "Take the bike!" The Monsterbot shouted, as the shuttle's doors closed and he shot off into the atmosphere, fully expecting the ISS to be on his tail in a few cycles.

Skies above Maccadams

Flying upside down and sideways at the same time, circling the establishment, Whirl was thinking what to do next. Bar fights are fun, but then...

Vaguely he saw the orange form of Repugnus on a motorbike, terrorizing the pedestrians as he made his way towards the spaceport. Deciding it's not his business, Whirl commed Stepper, "Hey, you done down there? 'Cause I'm bored."

(OOC: any idea on what he could do?)

2009-11-01, 09:17 PM

I feel sick...

Glyph examined the weird sensation in her fuel processing tank and then wondered how exactly, if it came to it, the system would purge. That made her feel even more ill. She located Tap Out by his burblings and, pausing until there was only one of him, asked, "What movie? No, forget it... I want to go home."

2009-11-01, 10:13 PM

Tap out looked up blurrily at Glyph

"where's home?"

2009-11-02, 04:49 AM
Safe House

Smokescreen briefly considered calling Prowl, but decided against it. He didn't want to jeopardize his newly-repaired relationship with his product-line brother by using him to cover up an operation.

His henchmen, on the other hand...

He looked up a comm code in his database, then typed it in. When a receptionist answered, he said politely, "This is Major Smokescreen of military security," he said, using his cover rank rather than his real one -- the receptionist certainly didn't have the clearance to know what he did, and frankly he thought things would go more smoothly if the subject of his call didn't, either.

"I would like to speak to Red Alert, please."

2009-11-02, 06:51 AM
Tempplar Hall

Cincerous emerged from the shadows.

"You too will find that discretion is key above all else given time."

2009-11-02, 06:54 AM
Iacon Security Service HQ, Red Alert's Office

As Red Alert exited the simulation chamber and made his way back to his office, his receptionist contacted him. As he walked, he placed his hand over his audio receptor to activate his built-in com-link.


"A Major Smokescreen wishes to speak to you," the receptionist informed him.

"Hmph, what do they want now?" he grumbled to himself.

"Sigh, fine, put him through," Red Alert answered, then waited as his call was transferred.

"What is it, Smokescreen?" He said, his tone indicative of having little patience with military bots.


Simulation Chamber

"A clichéd drill sergeant sub-routine, then? Well, have at it," Streetwise smiled at Hot Spot, gesturing to the five waiting officers.

"Alright, protoforms, fall in!" Hot Spot militantly announced.

Safety immediately straighten himself up and held his arms stiffly to his side. Sparkride followed suit. The others - Fire Chief, Streetstar and Fly-Up - however, stared confusedly at each other.

"Psst, fall in line, fraggin' clowns," Safety grumbled.

Clumsily, they took heed and followed Safety's example as Hot Spot gave each a hard glare.

"Welcome to the Guard City Unit," Hot Spot continued. "Now that we've been all introduced, were going to spend the next couple of solar cycles getting know each other a little bit better. Have a little one-on-one. I understand you all come from varying backgrounds, so we're going to do some exercises. We want see what you're made of. See if you're cut out for the job. You guys like exercises, don't you?"

"Yes, sir!" all five responded in unison.

"Oh, that's good. Because were expecting 110% from each of you. Got that?"

"110%, sir!"

"Listen to him. Don't think for a moment that any of this will be easy," Streetwise intervened. "While these simulations are not lethal, they certainly can inflict pain. So stay on guard."

"That's right. These simulations will all be based on your individual level of experience," Hot Spot added. "You'll be split up between me and Detective Streetwise. Chief, Fly-Up, Safety - you're with me. Streetstar and Sparkride - you're assigned to Streetwise."

2009-11-08, 06:15 AM
Safe House

"I thought you'd like to know," Smokescreen told Red Alert in as guileless a voice as he could manage, "that one of the soldiers in my department just called in to report that he'd seen Repugnus walking through the Iacon spaceport."

Smokescreen paused, then added, "After the last...unpleasantness, it's common knowledge that he was sent to Altihex to be locked up for the next vorn. It's possible that he's been released early, but it's also possible that there's a dangerous fugitive in the city. The military doesn't have sanction to carry out a manhunt on the spaceport grounds, but the ISS does. If Repugnus is really at large, I think you might want to alert whatever officers you can spare."

2009-11-08, 09:29 AM

Repugnus steered the javelin-shaped shuttle towards the direction of Crystal City. Now ten cycles isn't much of a headstart, and the Monsterbot kept glancing over his shoulder to see whether the ISS had caught up yet.

"Come on, come on..." The Monsterbot growled, as the checkpoints came into view...

2009-11-09, 09:03 PM
Iacon Security Service HQ

"Oh?" Red Alert halted in his tracks.

As he listened to Smokescreen, Red Alert simultaneously accessed the ISS’ data net and quickly drew up a report.

"Hmm, alright. One moment," he told him then placed Smokescreen on hold. After completing the report he promptly sent it out.


Recipient(s): 000-1932, 000-3212, 034-0004........

Attention: All available SWAT and aerial support units.

Summary: Unit designation: Repugnus [case history: see attachment] is in motion; Iacon Spaceport. Tac-teams are to intercept. Unit is considered dangerous. If unit resists arrest, lethal force is authorized......

[view entire report]
[view Unit Designation: Repugnus case file]


“My people have been dispatched. Anything else?” he impatiently asked.

2009-11-11, 05:54 AM
Safe House

"That's all I know," Smokescreen told Red Alert. "Good luck to your men."

He cut the line before Red Alert could ask any more questions -- and also because he knew the security officer would appreciate the brevity.

2009-11-11, 11:21 AM

Flatfoot shook his head groggily, woken up by Red Alert's transmission. "Damn Waverider, I'm going to make sure he ends up in the brig when he-" the ISS officer cursed when he realized how long he had been out. "Red Alert, the Pretenders Landmine and Waverider have escaped ISS jurisdiction about a couple of megacycles ago, they knocked me out and I've just came online again. They're off to Crystal City, I overheard. Meanwhile, I've received your message. Engaging in pursuit."

The Interceptor transformed into his sports car mode (idly wondering why sports car are so popular with ISS members) and shot off towards the airfields in pursuit of Repugnus.

(OOC- and thus continues Flatfoot's continued existence as the ISS whipping boy... ;) )

Shuttle Velocity

Repugnus idly tapped his fingers on the dashboard, admiring the sleek design of the ship as it passed over the Iacon borders into the Tygun Span. "Come on, ISS, come to me." the Monsterbot growled. "Gotta give these 'Cons a show."

Over Maccadams

"Repugnus? Interesting and quaint." Whirl said. Flying upside down as well as sideways, and flying on an odd angle, Whirl tilted himself into a more standard flying position (he was still flying at a particularly odd angle, though) as he engaged his boosters and shot off towards the Spaceports. The Wrecker had been bored and homing into the police wavelength, and it did not disappoint. A fight with Repugnus would liven up his day, and the Monsterbot was almost as mad as him.

"Stepper, I'm heading off to beat up Repugnus for a while. The ISS wants him and I want to have a little scrap with someone. Feel free to drop by." the Wrecker said as he made his way over Iacon's bright skyline towards the spaceport.

2009-11-12, 07:31 PM
Iacon Spaceport

Following Red Alert's assignment, an ISS SWAT team sped down the Iaconian highways, en route to the spaceport to intercept Repugnus. Four aerial support units hovered above, following closely behind the squadron.


Iacon Security Service HQ

Concluding his brief discussion with Smokescreen, Red Alert was alerted to yet another incoming call. While he was pleased to hear Flatfoot called in to confirm that he was en route to the spaceport, he was rather puzzled by the officer's other news.

"Yes, thank you, but...you mind explaining the first part to me again?" Red Alert inquired. "I don't seem to recall Landmine and Waverider being held under ISS custody..."

(OOC: You know that they weren't, right? It was a military matter.)

Red Alert's expression grew sour.

"Hrrrrm, me and Prowl are going to have a few words about this. I don't take kindly to military bots attacking ISS officers," he added. "Though, if you have sustained injuries I'd perfer you not join the tac-team at the spaceport and return to HQ, Flatfoot."

2009-11-13, 09:58 AM
(OOC: Yup... sort of. I knew that Landmine being captured was classified, but didn't know that Red Alert wasn't aware of it. I know most of the ISS weren't, but I assumed Red Alert was aware. But in any case, Landmine had leaked the information to Flatfoot... I could change the post if it's necessary...)

Moving into the Tygun Span

Repugnus saw the ISS SWAT team on the radar of the Velocity and cackled, rubbing his schytes together in anticipation. He knew he shouldn't kill those Autobots, but there's nothing that said against simple battles. Repugnus stepped up to the control station and transformed into robot mode, and was disappointed that his newly-acquired shuttle had no aft weapons.

Ah well, sometimes you have to do everything yourself...

Repugnus sauntered up towards the hatch of the shuttle and opened it, wind whistling around him as he peered out of the door. Any sane mech wouldn't dare do such a maneuver, but Repugnus was far from sane. Pulling out his venom blaster, Repugnus opened fire on the two nearest Air Support unit, aiming for the rotors. The venom laser should slow down or temporary disable the Air Support unit's rotor blades.

Repugnus then ducked back inside the shuttle, in preparation for the inevitable return fire...

Nearby, Whirl whupped at a dangerous speed into Iacon spaceports, diving through and between massive spaceships. As people ducked away and dodged the ululating Wrecker, Whirl dived down, transforming into robot mode and using his ski-like legs and the momentum from the fall to slide under a particularly large cargo shuttle, just for kicks.

As he emerged at the other side of the cargo shuttle, Whirl spotted Repugnus firing at the ISS Air Support Units, and transformed back into helicopter mode, firing two incendiary shells and photon beams at the Velocity...

Nearing the Spaceport

"Don't worry about me, boss." Flatfoot said to Red Alert. "But Landmine told him he was under military custody or some such? Ah, not that it mattered..." the Interceptor zipped through traffic, and the group of ISS SWAT officers came into view in front of him...

2009-11-13, 05:52 PM
Near Maccaddams:

Stepper: "That actually doesn't sound like a bad idea."

Nebulon: -bleeps and whistles-

Stepper: "You know me. Killing just because you can isn't enough." -transforms, Nebulon locking into the pindle mount in front of his rear spoiler- "Now, Repugnus has obviously done something illegal. Time to teach him what justice is." -engine roaring, heading for the spaceport-

Autobase Security HQ:

Ironhide: -walks out into the main area from his office- "Somebody cawl a staff meetin'r somethin'?"

Road Rage sighed. "No, Nightbeat's just giving me a lecture on why we can't get involved."

Nightbeat: "It's not that, and you know it."

Ironhide: "It's 'cause th' AH-ESS-ESS is doin' mainly whut we use'ta do. Big difference b'tween military an' civilian stuff now. That's part'a whut th' big headache is, really. They know whut they'll respond to, an' we know whut we'll respond to, an' a lot'a that overlaps. They'll wahnd up gettin' a lot'a new recruits 'cause that's where th' action'll be, if it comes down ta that. Think about it fer a minute. Would you rather break up some gang'a thugs an' get yer name in th' news, or take a fusion blast in th' face fer Prahme an have yer name etched on th' memorial wall?"

Nightbeat: "I'd rather subdue the assassin before they get into position and keep everybody from dying."

Ironhide: "Which is whut we should be doin'. Kahnda hard with only six'a us, though."

Nightbeat: "I thought there were only four of us."

Ironhide: "Ah had Tracks transferred in so's he could keep a optic on Roddy. An' Ah'm only countin' Omega once. Yeah, he's got more fahrepower'n awl'a us put together, but it ain't lahke Ah c'n have him sneak in anywhere."

Chromedome: "What we need is a recruitment drive. Put up some posters, advertise in the media."

Ironhide: "Much as Ah hate ta say it, yer prob'ly rahght."

2009-11-14, 10:46 AM
Spaceports, Headed towards Tygun Span

Repugnus cursed audibly as Whirl's assault scored hits on the Velocity. "Gnn. A Wrecker? I'm gonna kill Smokescreen." The weight of his words sank in and the Monsterbot's expression brightened up. "A Wrecker! I'm gonna hug Smokescreen!" Cackling, Repugnus pulled out his venom blaster and, poking out of the door, opened fire on Whirl.

The Wrecker was flying at Repugnus' ship while spinning, rotating and bobbing through the air, but moving straight towards Repugnus. The Monsterbot theorized that Whirl was trying to draw fire away from the less-experienced ISS officers, and perhaps to allow them to snipe him. Whatever the case, Repugnus must remove Whirl from play.

Repugnus transformed into creature mode and his segmented optics flared into life, creating a dazzling holographic display which would give those unequipped for it seizures. Repugnus, however, was taken by surprise when Whirl avoided the attack by rotating in the air, so the Wrecker was flying backwards, tail-first at Repugnus. The photon beam launcher and incendiary missiles rotated and opened fire on Repugnus again. The Monsterbot cursed as a photon beam burned a gouge on his shoulder, and a missile exploded inches away from his clawed feet.

Repugnus roared in pain, and his jaws opened. The silvery pincers on his mouth moved away as a plume of flame was unleashed at Whirl...

Whirl was enjoying himself. Repugnus was as crazy as him, if not crazier. And the Monsterbot certainly had a knack for weird and wacky weapons like himself... take the optic light show, for example. Whirl considered telling Roadbuster to recruit Repugnus as a Wrecker after this fiasco is over, but for now he'll settle for beating the Monsterbot up to an inch of his life. "Damn, bug-boy... you're good. But not good enough."

Repugnus' answer was to attack Whirl with a tongue of flame. Whirl solved the problem by flying ninety degrees to the ground, the vortex created by his rotors creating a whirlwind which sent the flames flying away from its intended target. Whirl moved closer, the rotating blades acting like a shield in front of him. Repugnus wavered for a nano-klik, before slashing into Whirl's spinning rotors with his schyte-like claws. Whirl let out a curse of pain, and transformed into robot mode. "Heh. You're good."

"Hahaha! You ain't that bad either, Wrecker." Repugnus retorted, clacking his razor-sharp mandibles. "Too bad you're in my way."

Whirl's reply was a whoop and the Wrecker pulled out his null-ray module and blasted Repugnus' beast mode's optics. "Talk less. Shoot more. Wreck and rule!" As he shouted the trademark warcry of the Wreckers, Whirl charged the stunned Repungus, claws outstretched...

2009-11-15, 07:18 AM
Spaceports, heading for the Tygun Span:

Stepper: -engine roaring, tires squealing as he barrels onto the spaceport landing field, watching the Velocity take the attacks from Whirl- "I think that's our boy."

Nebulon: -whistles-

Stepper: "Picking him out of the doorway would be nice, but given the way Whirl's flying, I'd rather not risk it." -flooring his accelerator- "Take over steering. I'll target the engines."

Nebulon: -bleeps, crossconnecting to take over navigating Stepper's vehicle mode, warbles a warning-

Stepper: -linked into his targeting systems, the servocontrolers on the pindle mount responding- "That's why you're steering. Make sure we don't hit the fence." -picking his aim point, locking the Blaze Cannon just forward of the Velocity's engine section, firing 15 Inferno shells at that section, hoping to melt the engine control components-

2009-11-15, 11:15 AM
Velocity, Iacon Borders

As the wind whistled and roared along the Velocity, the shuttle shuddered as most of Stepper's inferno shells impacted, causing flames to break out along the ship's hull, and those which connected on thee javelin-shaped ship's engines began to release its deadly phosphoric content, and began to burn...

Both Repugnus (now back in beast mode) and Whirl did not lose their footing even as the ship shuddered as one of its engines went offline. the two of them circled each other, the former swinging his schytes and snapping his jaws menacingly while the latter training four different weapons on his foe. "You rock, Stepper!" Whirl whooped as the inferno shells impacted, punching his claw into the air.

"At this rate, I'm gonna need a new ship." Repugnus grumbled.

"You ain't gonna get one, buddy. Trust me." Whirl said, oh-so-slowly aiming his null rays and paralyzo-box at the engines, while keeping the incendiary shell launcher and photon beam blaster trained at Repugnus.

Repugnus' reply was a gush of flame from his mouth. Whirl tried to sidestep away from the attack, but the wide range of the flamethrower singed his body. The Wrecker roared as he opened fire randomly with his weapons, sending null rays, paralyzo beams, incendiary shells and photon beams flying all around the ship's interior. A blast of null-ray hit the navigational computer, shutting it down, while a stream of photon beams and incendiary shells exploded in Repugnus' face.

Seeing that Repugnus is stunned, and that the burning gel from Stepper's inferno shells beginning to spread, Whirl decided not to press on the attack, firing more incendiary shells at Repugnus.

However, as the smoke from the attacks cleared, Whirl realized too late that Repugnus' optics was flashing the catatonic holographic images. Before Whirl could turn away, his optic saw the mesmerzing images, and was enthralled by it. A small part of his mind told him to look away, but the hologram caused the Wrecker to slowly lower his weapons, oblivious to the schytes moving closer towards him...

2009-11-15, 11:00 PM
Spaceport, rushing towards the fence:

Nebulon: -feeling slightly dizzy(he's a droid, darnit, not a driver), manages to steer Stepper towards an opening in the fance-

Stepper: -keeping the Blaze Cannon locked onto the Velocity, sending another stream of Inferno shells, 45 this time, at the shuttle's engines, steam hissing from the Blaze Cannon's overtaxed cooling system-

2009-11-16, 12:46 PM
Skies, entering the Tygun Span

The Velocity, now with streaks of flame breaking out on its frame, began to descend as the pursuit moved out of Iacon borders and entered the Tygun Span. Stepper's second assault slammed to another one of the Velocity's six engines, causing them to burn and explode. Some of the Inferno Shells found their way into the Velocity's hangar bay before releasing its combustible content. The shuttle began to noticeably lurch forwards, albeit still headed towards the Wastelands, and ultimately towards Crystal City. Repugnus was worried that the shuttle wouldn't make it halfway through the Wastelands...

"Heh. Two Wreckers? Didn't go exactly as I planned it..." Repugnus said, scowling. He lunged at Whirl, headbutting the Wrecker, causing him to stumble out of the shuttle's open door, and was picked out by the whistling and burning wind.

Repugnus felt bad by attacking a fellow Autobot, but he didn't regret it. There were others who would come to Whirl's aid, and even if they didn't, the Wrecker was tough enough to take care of himself. Repugnus transformed into robot mode and rushed towards the controls, and cursed as he tried desperately to make the shuttle pull up.

Whirl came out of his vertigo sooner than Repugnus had calculated. Pehaps it's because he only had one optic to contend with. Perhaps it's his stronger willpower than the average mech. Whirl did not care. Reaching out with his claws, Whirl dug them into the Velocity's outer hull, creating grooves in the silver metal as he wa pulled by the wind. Fortunately, his claws dug in deep enough for him not to be thrown off violently to the ground.

Unfortunately, this landed the Wrecker on where Stepper's Inferno Shells had ignited the hull. Whirl's paralyzo-box instantly flared to life, creating a temporary force-field of sorts around him, causing the flames to be distorted around him.

"I'm coming for you, scissorboy..." Whirl muttered as he moved slowly on the hull.

Flatfoot shouted at the ISS officers, "Open fire! We gotta bring that damned ship down before it gets away! Air Support Units, assist Whirl!" Flatfoot's missile launcher clicked into place and the Interceptor launched a missile towards the conflangration caused by Stepper...

2009-11-16, 06:57 PM
Spaceports, heading for the Tygun Span

The ISS Air Support units caught up with the Velocity as the ISS vehicles tailed underneath.

“Target identified as Repugnus,” one of the fliers commed.

“Repugnus,” he bellowed out over a speaker. “You are in direct violation of…” The Monsterbot interrupted as he fired at the officer’s rotors, forcing him to stop and pull away.

“Unit is hostile! Repeat, unit is hostile,” he yelled over his com-system.

The SWAT vehicles caught up with Stepper and Flatfoot as they raced underneath the fleeing ship.

“Wreckers? What are they doing here?” one of the officers said.

“Nevermind them, target the engines and thrusters,” the ISS helicopter commed. “We’ll assist them from up here. Try to steer the ship away from the populated area.”

As they drove, the armoured SWAT vehicles aimed the cannons mounted on their roofs and fired at one of the rear thrusters, hoping to lower the Velocity. Meanwhile, the four ISS helicopters converged then hovered over Whirl’s position and fired a warning shot at Repugnus.

“Lower the ship – now!”


(OOC: Alright! Time for some self-indulgent fun! One mini-spotlight for each member of the Guard City Unit. Yay!)

Iacon Security Service HQ, Simulation Chamber

“Fly-Up - I hear you’ve recently graduated from the academy,” Hot Spot asked.

“Yes, Captain. With high honours,” Fly-Up proudly told him. “I’ve been with the ISS for almost a stellar cycle now. Usually for aerial support and recon.”

“Good to know,” Hot Spot answered.

He looked to the control booth and called out a command. Instantly, a new environment materialized around them to reflect Fly-Up’s level of experience.

“This exercise is simple. See that alley over there?” Hot Spot pointed. “Four disgruntled customers are beating down a tripwire dealer due to an ill-informed transaction. The perpetrators are armed, and each has a nasty disposition.”

“You want me to subdue them, Captain?” Fly-Up inquired.

“That’s the general idea,” Hot Spot signaled to the observation to commence the session. “Alright, kid, you’re on. Show me what you got.”

“Yes, sir, Captain sir!” he eagerly replied.

Hot Spot watched attentively as Fly-Up attempted to negotiate with one of the attackers, who responded in kind by unsheathing an energy-blade. As Fly-Up grappled with the attacker, Hot Spot held his hand towards the control booth once more.

“Pause the simulation,” He called out.

“Did I do something wrong, Captain?”

“No, not quite. That’s standard Diffusion technique you’re using, isn’t it?” Hot Spot inquired.

“Yes, Captain. I-I-I thought that was standard ISS procedure,” Fly-Up nervously told him.

“It is. Don’t worry, you’re doing fine. I’m more curious than anything else,” Hot Spot assured him. “The rest of the Guard City Unit was imparted with pre-existing combat and field data. Weren’t you?”

“Com…bat data? I’m sorry, but I don’t follow you, Captain,” Fly-Up answered. “I never received additional combat or field data along side my new body, sir. Was I supposed to?”

“Heh heh. Oooh Red Alert, you sly, sly spawn of glitch you,” Hot Spot chuckled to himself.

“Excuse me, sir?”

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing,” Hot Spot reassured him. “Shall we resume?”

2009-11-17, 11:02 AM
Tygun Span, Skies

The Velocity lurched even further as the continued barrage from the ISS Officers and Stepper took its toll. As the third engine ignited in a fireball, the shuttle began to slowly descend.

Repugnus, seemingly oblivious to the inferno raging behind him, switched on the autocannons on the ship, and six swung out from the shuttle's smooth hull, targetting the ground-bound Stepper and the ISS SWAT team with mortar shells. The impact wouldn't kill them, but all the same, it would hurt a lot. After all, it would buy him some time, perhaps until he gets to the Wastelands before he had to go on foot...

Whirl transformed into helicopter mode, and spun his razor-sharp blades. Spinning and corkscrewing like a buzzsaw, the Wrecker sliced a small hole on the side of the Velocity. The helicopter opened fire with his photon beam cannon at one of the autocannons, obliterating it, before swooping into the Velocity's hangar bay.

Driving beside Stepper while witnessing Whirl's madcap acrobatics, Flatfoot murmured, "That guy's seriously got some wires loose in his head." the ISS Interceptor, however, had to swerve aside to avoid a mortar that landed in front of him, the unexpected force slamming him onto the side of a bulky ISS SWAT officer.

"Mother-" Repugnus began, when firepower from the ground-bound ISS members as well as those airborne smashed through the windshield, peppering the cockpit with bullets and laserfire. "You want a piece of me? Fine! I'll show you why I'm called a Monsterbot!"

Saying so, Repugnus transformed to beast mode and spewed three fireballs at the airborne ISS Support Units. "Amateurs! If you can't take the heat, get out of the-" Repugnus' words were cut short when a part of the shuttle fell inside, followed by Whirl, flying upside-down as he sent a barrage of incendiary shells at Repugnus. "You're persistent, aren't you?" Repugnus growled as he ducked down, the shells flying over his head and blowing up the console he had just been manning before. Powerful hind legs launched him forwards, hissing terribly as two sets of schytes -- two on his hands, two on the sides of his jaws -- swung dangerously.

Whirl mumbled something about using his helicopter blades as swords while he hovered vertically up, before moving down at a great speed to meet Repugnus with his spinning rotor blades. As the surprised Monsterbot was driven back by the unexpected attack, Whirl transformed into robot mode and opened fire with the null ray on his hand. "Scissorboy, I'll beat you to an inch of your life, before handing you off to the ISS. I'm sure they'll have a field day listing your crimes. Should've killed you personally, but, ah, well... some days I'm just insane."

Repugnus cackled as he unleashed a plume of flame, the meeting between the fire and the null rays causing an unexpectedly large explosion, which bathed the room in dangerous, dancing flames. Coupled by the fire caused by Stepper's inferno shells earlier, the entire cockpit was literally burning. Repugnus made a throaty growl, as the flames danced around the two mechs, causing both of them to look like demons of some sort. "Oh, you act like you're crazy." Repugnus drawled. "But you're not. It's just an outlet for your own dark side, your need for violence and killing. But you disguise it with a facade of daredevil acts. As for me, I have no need for a crazy facade. I'm a violent soul, outside and inside."

Those accussations stung Whirl, and the Wrecker was troubled by how true it seemed to be. Roaring in rage, the Wrecker opened fire, sending photon beams and incendiary shells at the Monsterbot. Repugnus grunted as the hits scored home and burnt off miscellaneous bits off his armour. Repugnus transformed into robot mode and pulled from subspace one of the shotguns he appropriated from Altihex earlier, and opened fire onto Whirl. The Wrecker grunted as the hit tore off a piece of his right shoulder plating. "Oh, do shut up. It's not like you're any holier than me." Whirl retorted, as he lunged at Repugnus, slicing at the Monsterbot's shotgun with the rotor blades on his back.

As the shotgun's barrel was torn off, Repugnus tossed it away and roared, leaping at his adversary whilst transforming. Whirl did the same, and soon schytes clashed with the rotor blades of a tilted helicopter, both Autobots too proud and stubborn to give in to the other...

2009-11-18, 06:02 PM

Glyph was day-dreaming: A quiet cottage on the outskirts of Abingdon. Green fields, bovines and flowing water. If she stood up in the parking space and parted the clematis, she could see the vapours rising from the towers of the Didcot power station. A little further was The Ridgway; take a gentle run along to the White Horse. Quiet days in the company of a quiet old lady with silver hair who yet declaimed Shakespeare with contagious enthusiasm...

"Home..," the teal-coloured minibot murmured and started back to reality. For Glyph, home was where she was studying at the time, getting to understand a species’ present so as best to understand its past. She saw Tap Out was watching her and sighed. "As I am back on Cybertron for the present and without a project to work on, I am homeless, I suppose. I further suppose you, too, are without domicile at this time, my dear friend?"

She rose and could not help but pick up the fact that a number of other patrons took more than a passing interest in her.

"We might present ourselves to the Council," she suggested looking towards the pub door and the ever-present form of Rocky. “Or the Archives.”

Templar Hall

Strike, standing perforce beyond the wall of body-guards (there might only have been three, but they were definitely a wall) bowed to Cincerous. "I will remember," he said. "Perhaps the Chaplain should? She did insist on standing still and shouting for calm, although I doubt many could hear her over the ruckus.

"Are you retiring to the Chapel, my Lord? To consider the gains our agents made at the auction?”

2009-11-18, 06:36 PM
Approaching Tygun Span:

Nebulon: -squeals, wrenching the wheel to the side, at times like this missing Stepper's old hoverracer mode, the mortar shell's explosion sending shrapnel clattering off of Stepper's side and windows-

Stepper: -would be scowling if he'd been in robot mode- "Disengage." -retaking control of his vehicle mode's steering-

Nebulon: -whistling in relief-

Stepper: -slides to a halt, transforms to robot mode, both phased plasma blasters drawn, aiming up at the rapidly twisting Repugnus and Whirl, onboard targeting computers calculating vectors and angles, studying the pattern of the chaotic fight, both guns tracking, starting to anticipate which movements are going to bring Repugnus into shot-

Factory Facility:

Hot Rod: -looking around as the facility returns to it's former glory- "And you thought this wouldn't work, Tracks."

Tracks: -casting a somewhat jaded optic over the whole operation- "We're not up and running yet."

Hot Rod: -smirks- "Oh ye of little faith. C'mon, what's with you? We've got this setup, we're going to show the people that we mean the best for them, and they can trust us to do what we say we'll do."

Tracks: "I'm more worried about what the peace party's going to think about you moving in on their goodwill towards the people."

Hot Rod: "Since when did you become a worrier about things like that? Worry causes wrinkles, doesn't it?"

Tracks: "Since Ironhide had me seconded to be your security guard. In this case, it's not Sundor I'm worried about. It's his backers." -mock scowls- "And I'm more worried about getting a rust infection from this place than I am about getting wrinkles."

2009-11-18, 07:34 PM
Factory Facility

Flypast looked up

"rust rashes , you won't get a proper rust rash round here. Now the Toxic Sludge Swamps back in 47 now that was rust rash and a half.

Templar Hall

Eminence Cincerous looked scathingly at Strike

"it is impertinent to try and second guess your elders and betters. But in this case you are correct. Would you like to accompany me?"

This last statement was very definitely not a question.


Tap out stood clinging onto the table.

"Don'tthink my head can take P-poli ticians at the moment somewhere quiet like the Archives sssounds besst yes. I tink Iwas born under a wonderin' star never really had any place to call home. Longest I been any 1 place was in Con prisson camp."

2009-11-19, 10:27 AM
Velocity, Tygun Span

The shuttle, flying at a south-easternly direction towards the Wastelands, began to shudder more as the fourth engine blew up. Repugnus was unaware of Stepper (and presumably some of the ISS Officers as well) taking aim at him. His whole attention was given solely to his light-blue adversary spinnning his rotors in battle against his own schytes.

Repugnus roared as his maw glowed red, and he spewed another tongue of flame at Whirl, as well as unleashing another holographic display. The Wrecker transformed and covered his single optic with a claw, and activated his paralyzo-box, creating a stasis field around him which reduced the damage from the fire attack, although it still burnt. His other claw opened fire randomly with null rays, while the incendiary shell launcher and photon blaster swiveled, shooting Repugnus in an attempt to drive him backwards.

Unlike Repugnus, though, Whirl was certainly aware of Stepper taking aim at Repugnus, having seen his fellow Wrecker transforming right before Repugnus forced him to cover his optics. Trusting the sniper to be still taking aim at the Monsterbot, Whirl transformed back into helicopter mode, and flying at an angle of forty-five degrees, screamed out of the gaping hole in the windshield.

Repugnus jumped aside to avoid the sudden attack, leaving him exposed to an attack from Stepper...

As Whirl did a barrel-roll in the air and twisted to chase the plummeting shuttle, he shouted at Stepper and Nebulon, "Take him! Take him now!"

2009-11-19, 05:39 PM
Ground, Tygun Span:

Stepper: -locking his plasma pulse blasters onto Repugnus' optics and his Blaze Cannon onto his torso, opens fire, plasma bolts and Inferno shells screaming towards the Monsterbot- "No trial, no reports to file....."

Nebulon: -steam venting from his Blaze Cannon mode's cooling vents, chirps a question-

Stepper: "It's like the song says. 'Go ahead, make my day'."

Factory Facility:

Tracks: -looking over at Flypast- "Well..... that's... um.... good to know?"

Hot Rod: "Don't worry about him, Flypast. He's more worried about damaging that precious auto mode of his than anything else."

Autobase Security HQ:

Nightbeat: "I do know one way we could boost our ranks."

Ironhide: "Lemme guess. Transfer Sahren an' Hosehead in, prob'ly Hardhead an' Brainstorm too, rahght?"

Nightbeat: "Siren and Hosehead, certainly."

Ironhide: "They ain't security tahpes."

Nightbeat: "And Tracks is?"

Ironhide: "Naw, he ain't. But he is a warrior, an' a darn good one when he puts his mahnd to it. Hot Rod don't really need a lot'a lookin' after, so it's better ta put somebody who ain't gonna be hoverin' over him lahke a reg'lar secutiry guard'd do." -waves his hands around to indicate everybody- "We ain't fahre rescue, though. Ain't got no need fer inventin' stuff, neither. Hardhead we could use, but Ah ain't so sure 'bout th' others." -shrugs- "'Sahdes, whut we really need 'round here's new blood."

2009-11-19, 09:27 PM
Tygun Span, Ground

The ISS SWAT team swerved and skidded away as mortar shells sprayed down from the Velocity. As they careened, Flatfoot slammed into the side of one of the armored vehicles, pushing the two away from the others.

“Oooh,” the officer moaned as they screeched sideways to a halt. “Ungh…hey. Hey, you alright?” He asked Flatfoot.

The others soon regained control and continued their pursuit as they fired up at the Velocity’s rear thrusters.

“We’ve entered the Tygun Span, away from civilians,” one of the SWAT cars commed. “Take it down!”


Repugnus' fiery attack once more forced the ISS helicopters back as a stray shot smacked against the side of one causing it to twirl out of control.

"Nnngh...Spawn of a glitch," the officer grumbled as he tried to stabilize himself.

When Whirl was momentarily flung away from the Velocity, the three remaining helicopters seized the opportunity and opened fired at Repugnus.

Border Regions, Little Sheol

Deciding to continue their discussion elsewhere, Magnificus and Blades exited the Mezzanine and strolled along Methuselah Avenue.

“As you probably know, I recently acquired a substantial chunk of real-estate along the Little Sheol strip,” Magnificus gestured to a group of buildings along the strip. “I trust you recognize these?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I do,” Blades answered. “Axer and Banzaitron used to own them.”

“Feeling a little déjà vu? I can sympathize.”

“Can you blame me? So…there a reason why you brought me out here?” Bladed asked.

“Why, because of your familiarity with these fine establishments…as well as it’s, eh heh, illustrious clientele,” Magnificus grinned. “To the point: I’m a busy mech, Blades. I need someone to keep an optic on things, make sure things run smoothly. With Banzaitron and Axer gone, competing rackets will try to fill the void. Put simply; I need you to keep the trash out.”

“Whoa, whoa, hey, I’m done being a thug,” Blades protested.

“I didn’t say you would be. Besides…that’s Dealer’s job,” Magnificus assured him. “Though it’s probably not as exciting as you’re probably used to, it’s an honest living.”

“Hmph…honest,” Blades whispered.

“Sigh, for Primus sake, Blades, this sulking and pouting is hardly productive. Give it a rest,” Magnificus said in an irritated tone. “Look, this is all about you getting a second chance. You have to start somewhere, and though you probably don’t want to hear this, that’s usually from the bottom. But, hey, I can always give the position to someone else if you’re not interested.”

Magnificus expression grew softer. “But since this is the legacy that your former-employer left behind, I figured you’d take up this rare opportunity to make sure the crimes he committed don’t happen again.”

2009-11-20, 09:45 AM
Tygun Span, Velocity

The ISS Officers manage to blow up the Velocity's fifth engine, causing the long-suffering ship to be running on a single, sputtering engine. It was definitely tilting towards the side, and the mortars have ceased firing. The Velocity made a loud creaking noise as parts and assorted bits flaked off and flew out, littering the sky and ground with burning debris.

Whirl circled the shuttle like a vulture, launching incendiary shells and photon beams seemingly at random, causing more explosions to occur on the hull of the ship.

The Velocity began to plunge, the once javelin-shaped shuttle plunging down into the deserted borders between the Tygun Span and the Wastelands...

"Eh, I'm fine." Flatfoot said as he picked himself off the ISS SWAT officer, and looked up at the tilting burning wreckage of the Velocity.

In the ship it was another story. While the Velocity was as good as dead, Repugnus was not.

The Monsterbot grunted as his sensitive monster-mode optics registered Stepper's attacks shot towards his torso. The Monsterbot managed to swing aside, dodging the more lethal inferno shells (although one did blow up on his shoulder, setting it painfully on fire). However, Stepper's accurate plasma blasts scored home, blackening the Monsterbot's chest armour. As he transformed into robot mode, the Monsterbot flat-out ignored the ISS Air Support's fire as they pinged around the blazing inferno in the shuttle. Repugnus winced as the readings on one of the computers showed that the fifth engine had winked off, and he growled in a rage.

Turning towards the open window, Repugnus shot randomly at the remaining ISS Air Support units with his venom blaster, trying to discourage them from entering the ship. He walked back into the burning inferno, even as the ceilings and floors began to gave way, groaning as the ship tore itself apart.

"Time for me to leave the scene." Repugnus muttered, as he crept into an escape pod, which was miraculously unmolested by the destruction. It jettisoned spectacularly out of the flames even as the Velocity crashed onto the ground. The escape pod would be in view of all the combatants in the area, and that included Whirl.

The Wrecker swung down, flying at a mad angle towards the escape pod, firing four incendiary shells as he did so. "Destroy him!" the Wreckers shouted at the ISS members as well as Stepper.

(OOC: since there isn't enough drama here... :glance:)

Paperweight, sitting on a civilian hovercar he chartered, was recording the pursuit. The amateur reporter filmed the chase as the ISS and Wreckers attacked the Velocity.

"Now showing live news as our valiant ISS officers as well as the Wreckers attempt to subdue a deraged madmech who had stolen a shuttle and is attempting to flee Iacon. Rumours penned the perpetrator as the Monsterbot Repugnus, once part of the Autobot military. This leads us to question how the military could be trusted with training their troops..."

2009-11-20, 12:26 PM

"Yes, unnatural as it is: the internment camp is the only place I have put down roots," Glyph told Tap Out. She reached out a hand to steady him, gently propelling him into a walk. "I met you there."

Templar Hall

Strike opened his mouth to protest to Cincerous' oblique order, but chose to bow in compliance instead. Better face Misericorde's anger than the more final disapproval the higher ranks could inflict.

"I shall inform the Chaplain," he said. "Is she also to accompany you, my Lord?"

Core Residential District

Warily, Tabbiloid passed his bright green optics over the somewhat insignificant building across the street from where he crouched, half-hidden behind a public waste compactor. Sundor had several of his legal representatives stationed there; with luck, Rosanna might have come by with the 'paperwork' for her recent purchases.

He would not mind talking with her. Equally, he would not mind getting sight of the transfer deed information...

Stealthily, he slipped across to the non-descript door and transformed before knocking.

2009-11-21, 04:21 PM
Templar Hall

Eminence Cincerous looked at Strike.

"make it so."


Tap Out nodded slowly and very carefully.

"t'wasn't all bad you know."

he put his arm round Glyph to steady himself.

Factory Facility

Square Bash knuckled over.

"if always worried about state of skin. How you expect battles to win."

Flypast looked Tracks up and down

"I've known my fair share of "wax heads" didn't tend to last long. Can he fight?"

2009-11-22, 02:07 PM
Tygun Span:

Stepper: -transforming back to vehicle mode, burning rubber as he zooms off after the escape pod-

Nebulon: -in Blaze Cannon mode, glad he's locked into the pindle mount, bleeps a question-

Stepper: "Not for this. Don't need the exact precision."

Nebulon: -chirps in relief, aiming at the pod, opens fire, flinging 30 Inferno shells at the capsule-

Factory Facility:

Tracks: -cocking an eyebrow-

Hot Rod: "Actually, he's pretty good in a fight. Moans a lot over what the battle is doing to his finish, but he doesn't let that stop him."

Tracks: "Thanks.... I think."

2009-11-22, 10:22 PM
Templar Hall

Strike bowed again and turned to locate Misericorde. She was standing in a hunched posture, conversing with the small peace-keeper who had introduced himself (once the fight had broken up) as Camouflage. As he approached, Strike could pick up the conversation:

"...can assure you, Chaplain, there were no serious injuries."

"I am relieved. Do you have any of the trouble-makers for questioning?"

"Yes. Dogfight has restrained two mechs who will be moved to headquarters as soon as the transport arrives. I reckon an orn or two in a cell on short rations will have them talking!"

Strike shuddered; at least the two would not be in Church hands. As a warning during his indoctrination process, he had been taken to see what became of anyone from whom the Church wished to gain information. Co-incidentally, the Inquisitor had been ably assisted by Misericorde...

"Please forgive me," he interrupted. "My Lady, His Eminence wishes to return to the Temple and we are instructed to attend on him."

Misericorde smiled, pulled herself upright and said, "To hear is to obey. Squire, order our members to close the Hall and follow." She nodded politely to Camouflage. "If you do learn anything about why this affray started, I would be happy to hear of it. You can contact me via the Church public communications wavelength."

Camouflage watched the two striking 'bots make their way towards the somewhat grand individual he worked out was 'His Eminence' and gave a quiet grunt. She was nice - to look at and to talk to - but something about Chaplain Misericorde grated; she was too nice.

Dogfight should be waiting outside. He radioed ahead: 'Show's over. Any sign of that transport?'


Glyph accepted the arm draped over her shoulders. How many times had she helped Tap Out back from the Arena, supporting his damaged body? He had done the same for her, though, thankfully, she had not been called to that many bouts.

"It was bad enough. I do not believe that I will ever forget what happened to us. But we had each other and we survived."

She 'smiled', observing Tap Out still seemed to be experiencing more after-effects of the drinks than she was, presumably because he was able to imbibe more than she could. True, her processors felt a little off kilter and her internals required time to cleanse...

"Come. We shall head for the Archives."

2009-11-23, 12:32 AM

Tap Out staggered.

"all those poor mechsss, I didn't want to kill them you know but I had to it was the only way I could sssurvive and make sure you were ok. It wasss too cruel making usss fight each other that way. I'm ssso glad they never paired usss off against each other . I couldn't have done that you know. I sstill see there faces all there facesss..."

Factory Complex

Flypast patted a machine

"It's all good solid stuff old but reliable. Just need a cre to operate it don't know many mechs who'd know there way round these antiques."

2009-11-24, 03:03 AM
Tygun Span

The ISS air support team pulled away as they watched the the Velocity crash to barren region.

"The fire depo has been contacted," one of the ISS helicopters commed. "SWAT team, you have your new objective. Continue pursuit and stay underneath that escape vessel."

Likewise, the four helicopters followed. "Repugnus - land your vessel at once!" the officer called over his speaker.

Not intending to destroy it lest they take the fleeing Monsterbot with it, they fired at the capsule's wings.


(OOC: Now for something that's intended to be just a bit of fun :))

Iacon Security Service HQ, Simulation Chamber

Lifting up a flag bearing the Autobot insignia from a pile of rubble, Chief drove the pole into ground, gripping it firmly with one hand while extending the other to point reproachfully at three simulacrums that were advancing towards him.

“Hault! You will not harm these civilians. While I am on job, you shall not prevail!” Chief told them. “As a duly appointed enforcer of the ISS Guard City special unit, you are all under arrest.” Despite Chief’s demands, however, the simulacrums lunged forward. “I do not do this lightly, but you must be shown the error of your villainous ways!”


After quickly dispensing with his assailers, Chief grabbed two of the attackers by the back of their necks and knocked their heads together. The simulacrums de-materialized as he loosened his grip.

“Help! Heeelp!” a mech suddenly cried out from the top-story window of a burning apartment building.

“GASP! Never fear, civilian, I will save you!”

Producing a grappling gun from a compartment at his hip, he aimed the anchor at the roof of building and fired. As he pulled himself upwards, more simulacrums appeared from the windows stories above him, each pointing rifles down at him. As he rose higher, Chief, with his free hand, disconnected a fireball cannon magnetized to his back and returned fire. In droves, simulacrums began to burst into flames and drop screaming out of the windows.

Soon, Chief reached the top floor and climbed through the window. “Come with me, civilian. I shall bring you to safety!” he extended his hand to the holographic civilian.

Suddenly, another simulacrum appeared, waving a small, but extremely powerful explosive devise in his hand.

“Stand back, innocent civilian!” Chief told the bystander before he leapt at the assailer.


Quickly knocking the simulacrum to floor, he took the small explosive and shoved it into the attacker’s mouth. “Taste justice, fiend!”

With his closing bravado, he flung the civilian over his shoulder, fired off his grappling gun and swung out the window. Landing safely on street bellow, he placed the city dweller down.

Chief dramatically propelled his hand forward and held out two fingers in a ‘V’ formation. “Darkness withdraws by the burning light of justice!” he cried.

In a display of dramatic irony, the apartment exploded behind Chief in a huge, fiery blaze. Burning debris came crashing down onto the street as bystanders scrambled in terror, while a stray piece landed directly on top of the mechanoid Chief just saved.

“Damn it!!!” Hot Spot yelled from the observation booth. “End the simulation! Now!”

The door to the hidden room swung open as the simulated environment defragmented and disappeared.

“I can list at least 50 things that you did wrong! What in the pit were you DOING out there?!!!” Hot Spot demanded as he stomped angrily forward.

“I apologize, Captain. I shall do my best to honour the noble ideals this fine establishment upholds better in the future,” Chief replied.

“You got that right. I won’t tolerate this sort of reckless, showboating – or whatever you want to call it – on this team,” Hot Spot sternly told him. “Now – let’s try that again. But this time, try not to blow anything up. And for Primus sake, stay focused. You’re saving lives, not endangering them. I know this is just a simulation, but take this more seriously.”

2009-11-24, 02:17 PM

"They weren't all innocent..." Glyph realised that, in his current state, Tap Out might not appreciate what she was saying, but it was the truth and she had found some small consolation in it. The Decepticons had used the Arena to play with Autobots' sensibilities, turning out some shockingly effective warriors in the process; and these warriors were then pitted against rogue 'Cons.

"Come on - do not think about it - let us walk..."

2009-11-24, 08:32 PM

Tap Out staggered forward.

"Some of them were Autobots and if I didn't do what they wanted they said they s-said I'd have to fight you. I have this recurring nightmare of us fighting and I let you win to keep you safe then they kill you anyway."

2009-11-25, 03:53 AM
Tygun Span

The ISS might've wanted to take down the shuttle's wings, but Whirl was not interested in restraint. As soon as Stepper's inferno shells had latched onto the escape pod and ignited, Whirl shot off photon beams from his weapon onto the escape pod's center of mass, hoping to obliterate it.

Repugnus, meanwhile, unsheathed his schyte-like claws and sliced himself an opening on the side of the escape pod, jumping out of it just as Whirl's and the ISS Officers' attacks impacted, which no doubt would've hurt him a lot had he still been inside. The explosion was the end of Repugnus' hope of escaping in a vehicle, so he had to continue to Crystal City on foot.

With the Wreckers and the police behind him.

Repugnus scowled as he faced his pursuers. "You'll never take me alive!" he screeched, as he stalked away from Tygun Span and into the dangerous Wastelands bordering it...

"No one said anything about taking you alive." Whirl called out, pursuing Repugnus and opening fire with his null rays and incendiary shells.

Flatfoot, meanwhile, had transformed into vehicle mode and shot off after Repugnus. The Interceptor transformed into root mode and launched a missile at the Monsterbot, while opening fire with his laser pistol.

Repugnus turned around and with two swift slashes, amputated Flatfoot's right hand at the elbow and created a massive gash at the Interceptor's legs. Then, the Monsterbot opened his maw and unleashed a plume of flame at the ISS member, causing him to stumble backwards onto the others behind him.

Repugnus stabbed Flatfoot's chest with his schytes, using him as a makeshift shield as he swung the ISS officer to absorb Whirl's attacks, before tossing the catatonic ISS Interceptor towards Stepper, hoping to delay the Wrecker.

Repugnus turned tail and ran into the Wastelands. The terrain of the Wastelands would hopefully delay the vehicle modes of the Autobots long enough for Repugnus to make good his escape. He'd hate to kill another Autobot. It's not the conscience stuff bothering him, but rather the thought of the paperwork he'd need to fill once this is done...

2009-11-25, 07:01 AM
Tygun Span:

Stepper: -grunts as Flatfoot lands across his windshield, slamming on his brakes and slewing around-

Nebulon: -bleeps and whistles-

Stepper: -slamming into reverse, rolling Flatfoot off of his hood- "No, I'm fairly certain his name isn't Bobby. And we both know he can't fly." -slamming back into drive, tires screaming as he roars forward- "And who the slag is Clarence?"

Nebulon: -pivoting and locking onto Repugnus, chirps-

Stepper: "So I haven't seen Robocop. What's your point?"

Nebulon: -sighs, opens fire on Repugnus, his Blaze Cannon mode flinging 10 Inferno shells at the fleeing Monsterbot-

2009-11-25, 10:16 AM
Tygun Span/Wastelands, Borders

Repugnus grunted as the inferno shells landed onto his back and spontantaneously combusted. Turning around, Repugnus gave a savage snarl as he shot off a fireball at Stepper, attempting to cause Nebulon to fall off his peg.

"Hey, Scissorboy... I owe you a cheap shot." Whirl called out, firing null rays into Repugnus' mouth, disabling the mechanisms for the Monsterbot's flamethrower.

Repugnus growled as he tried to scamper off again, hoping to lose the Wreckers inside the Wastelands. The Monsterbot weaved through outcroppings and metallic plates inside the Wastelands, trying to disorient or lose his pursuers that way. (OOC: think terrain like Thunderhead Pass in Stormbringer. All jagged edges and mountain-like things... because both of them are Wastelands of sorts.)

Whirl sighed and simply opened fire with his incendiary shells and photon beam launcher, trying to bring the terrain collapsing on Repugnus.

2009-11-26, 07:32 AM
Iacon, a dark alley

Sunstreaker was calling in every favor, every debt and everything else he could. Sideswipe couldn't get a new body, apparently the best they could do is repair the old one, but most of the damage would be permanent. He'd be a cripple, which was unacceptable.

He had just attempted to cash in a debt owed to him by a low level mob enforcer who had managed to not get caught up in the recent crack down. Part of that was Sunstreaker hiding his record from the systems. He got word of a possible opportunity to get some of the titanium-cybertronian metal his body was composed of, enough for a new body if he chipped in his own spare parts.

The biggest problem was it was deep inside Decepticon territory. It was time for him to call in another favor. He transformed and rolled toward Autobase.

Catalyst Dragon
2009-11-26, 10:02 AM
Dogfight radioed back to Camouflage: "No, not yet." Sighs heavily into the mic. "They sure are taking their Fragging time...Oh wait here they come."
"Are you almost done in th..." the mic cuts to static amid a loud clang of metal on metal that sounds very much like a scuffle.

"Camouflage!, Get out here and watch this one, the other thinks he's an escape artist!"

2009-11-26, 01:18 PM
Templar Hall

Camouflage ran for the main door, dodging between the legs of startled Church operatives, and pulled the two halves of his electro-rod out of their back holsters. 'I'm there!' he radioed to Dogfight.

He burst (despite being a stealth-trained Micromaster, Camouflage could make a convincingly dramatic entrance if duty demanded) out into the street. Dogfight was waiting with the second detainee, but obviously itching to get after the one disappearing into the dark distance.

"Go get him," Camouflage said. He turned and gave the other mech a cold stare. "I'm tired of being diplomatic. Right?"

The mech, a battered green construction unit named Gritspitter, carefully stayed very still and muttered, "Right." He was more than a little embarrassed at having already been publicly brought down by this particular Peacekeeper earlier.


Glyph nodded her gratitude to Rocky when the big bouncer held the bar door open for them.

"I know..," she murmured to Tap Out. "They told me that you would be put into an unwinnable battle if I did not comply with their orders. But we cannot change the past by regretting it now, dear friend.

"Can you transform?"

2009-11-27, 07:13 AM

Tap Out staggered forward and transformed slowly. He ended up slewed across the street at an angle.

"Course I can letsssss goooo to the archivess."!

2009-12-02, 04:08 PM
Tygun Span:

Stepper: -skids away, transforming to robot mode and scowling slightly-

Nebulon: -transforming to robot mode, scrambling onto Stepper's shoulder, whistling and bleeping frantically-

Stepper: "Quiet." -drawing, aiming, and firing both of his plasa pulse blasters at Repugnus' position, adding his fire to Whirl's-

2009-12-04, 01:00 AM
Tygun Span/Wastelands

Repugnus grunted as one of Stepper's plasma pulse grazed the tip of his head, while a photon burst from Whirl narrowly missed his left foot. Okaaaay. Maybe I'm a little over my head in this...

Repugnus turned around, and unleashes a plume of flame at the ground behind him, aiming to use the flames and smoke to cover his escape.

The Monsterbot scrambled away, just as the copter-mode Whirl hovered down, rotors whupping loudly in the air as incendiary shells launched at the Monsterbot. "Come on. Stop running away and die like a proper Autobot." Whirl mocked.

Repugnus shot back as he retreated: "See? You are the same like me. Evil and bloodthirsty at heart. The Wrecker job is just an excuse to let loose your rage on the battlefield. Not that I could talk, mind you..."

Whirl's reply was another barrage of incendiary shells, which tore apart the area surrounding Repugnus. The Monsterbot leapt down through a cliff, landing on his feet, before moving in and out of sight as he scampered through the uneven terrain...

2009-12-04, 01:50 AM
Tygun Span/Wastelands

"Go! I got this one," one of the ISS SWAT vehicles called to the other ground-based vehicles as he stopped near Flatfoot. Transforming, the officer knelt at the Interceptor's side.

"Not your day, is it?" he said. "You okay? Do I need to call for a IMR unit?"

Above, the air support unit followed, easily spotting the bright yellow and red Monsterbot as he retreated towards a jagged terrain.

"There!" one commed to the rest.

As they beamed their search lights down onto Repugnus, the armoured SWAT cars, meanwhile, took cue and gave chase. Speeding up, the officers extended their "cowcatchers" and pressed on, undaunted by the Monsterbot's fiery projectiles. Well past negotiating, the armoured vehicles smashed through the pointed rubble along their paths with ease with the intent of ramming into Repugnus.

2009-12-04, 08:17 AM
Tygun Span:

Nebulon: -transforming to Blaze Cannon mode, locking into his shoulder mount-

Stepper: -scowling as he runs along the edge of the cliff, trying to keep Repugnus in sight- "I should trade you in for a jetpack."

Nebulon: -razzes Stepper-

Stepper: -jumps off the edge of the cliff, still firing at Repugnus as he falls, bending his knees as he lands to absorb the impact, then starts forward at a run-

High Security Holding Cells Observation chamber:

Prime: -looking into the monitors, optics narrowed-

Roadbuster: -looking at the monitors as well- "It still doesn't make any sense. Why send them?"

Prime: "That's what we don't know. Brainwashing and sending Star Saber and Victory Leo to spy would make a lot more sense than completely rebuilding them, painting them black, and sending them to cause problems."

Roadbuster: -chuckles- "There's nothing better than a dumb 'Con."

Prime: "That may well be the case. Or, more likely, what we're dealing with is multiple agendas in the Cybertronian Empire. For the most part, they don't care about us, want to forget us. But certain higher-ups in their command structure think about us a great deal, want us dead."

Roadbuster: "And either have the resources, the clout, or the sheer gall to pull something like this."

Prime: "Probably Thunderwing."

Roadbuster: "You could send us after him. If you were Xaaron, you would send us after him."

Prime: -sighs- "I'm not Xaaron. You know that. What we need right now is information, more than anything else. To take on the Cybertronians, we need to be a united people fighting for one cause, not Autobots and two different flavors of Decepticons fighting for individual causes."

Roadbuster: "Spouting that stuff is well and good, but we should actually be doing something about it. Why do you think we're suddenly in all of this electoral turmoil? The Cybertronian in the street doesn't give a turbo-rat's teeth about a war that, to them, is over."

Prime: "We aren't a totalitarian society. Huffer once pointed out that we aren't fighters. In that, he's correct. And unfortunately, it doesn't look as if our people have learned anything after millenia of war. Depending on who wins the Decepticon civil war, we will either have peace or war."

Roadbuster: "I'm hoping for war, myself. Be it against the Decepticons or the CYbertronian Empire."

2009-12-04, 10:32 AM

"I don't like... mashed peas, mommy." Flatfoot mumbled incomprehensibly, his optics glazed over. The stump that used to be his right arm bled freely, while his charred body sent surges of pain through his nervous system.

Repugnus cursed as the land-based ISS Troopers and Stepper continued the pursuit, the terrain seemingly unfazing them. Whirl, meanwhile, hovered above the charging ISS SWAT units, using his paralyzo-box to create a beam that repelled the flames away. "Why don't we get you a jetpack after we kill Scissorboy here?" Whirl asked his fellow Wrecker. "No need for trading the gremlin in."

Repugnus whirled around, and his compound insectoid optics began to deliver his hypnotic/vertigo-causing light display, intent on causing his pursuers to lose his balance.

"Damn, not agai-" Whirl started, but the strobe effect messing up his equilibrium and control system, causing the helicopter to spin around and crash onto the ground beside Stepper, rotors spinning weakly.

Meanwhile, Repugnus, seeing that he could not outrun the charging ISS vehicles, bared his scythe-claws and lunged for the top of the nearest SWAT member, swinging the schytes around in an attempt to rip open the turret on the armoured car's top. "A cornered beast is more savage and all that." Repugnus quipped happily as he used the SWAT member's vehicle mode as a springboard, leaping away without seeing whether his attack had hit.

2009-12-09, 02:42 AM

"Yeah, sorry, stupid question," the SWAT officer answered Flatfoot. He tapped his audio receptor, opening a com channel. "Got an officer down. I need a pick up over here fast."

"Understood," one of the ISS helicopters responded. Pulling away from rest of the aerial support team, who were currently hovering over Repugnus, he followed the SWAT officer's signal.

As they waited, the SWAT officer produced a small thermal blade and, rather hastily, began to cauterize the severed fuel lines. "I'm no medic," the SWAT officer told Flatfoot. "But this should stop you from losing any more fluids."

Soon, the air support officer arrived, transformed and ran to Flatfoot's side.

"Give him here," he told his fellow officer. "I'll take him to the IMR unit. They just crossed the Iacon border. They'll take good care of him."


As Repugnus tore away the roof-mounted cannon of one of the SWAT vehicles and sprung away, the officer transformed, disconnected an EMP rifle magnetized to his back and fired.

The remaining tac-team, now opting for a new strategy, pulled away and began to move around the Monsterbot in a wide, moving circle, swinging their turrets at the bouncing target. Meanwhile, the three ISS helicopters continued to hover high above the scene, shining their search lights down onto Repugnus, their target systems locked on and ready.

"Stand down," one officer called out over his PA. "You're surrounded."


Iacon Security Service HQ, Simulation Chamber.

(OOC: Enter Sparkride aka Prick)

“I followed the clues planted throughout this imitation city to a commercial airfield. An effortless, but elaborate exercise. I’ll humour Streetwise and Hot Spot if it massages their egos, though. Still, while it may be a game, I may as well get into character.”

Atop a stack of crates, Sparkride lay chest down as he surveys the scene. His optics zoom in as an incoming flight comes in.

“Right on schedule...”

He spots a group of mechs approaching as the supply shuttle’s bay doors folded open, taking note of few others scattered throughout the area.

“…And here comes the welcoming committee. Smugglers. Or more specifically; slave traders - or so these simulacrums are programmed to be. Looks like they have security detail. My mission is simple: prevent their transaction and capture the one called ‘Fraaus’. Pfft. And here I thought Streetwise and Hot Spot wanted to test me.”

Sparkride sprung off the stack of crates while simultaneously activating his optic-camouflage. He deftly landed onto the ground below just as his body vanished. While it certainly gave him an advantage, Sparkride knew better not to solely rely on stealth camouflage. He was still detectable to heat-sensors, and ripples caused by occasional electrical fed-back could potentially leave him visible. He considered this as he quietly sidled along the aisles of large crates, slowing making his way to the guards posted around the airfield.

Hiding behind one, he waited for the first guard to pass by, then reached out, grabbed him by his neck and pulled him back into his hiding spot. After giving him a dose from his EMP baton, he moved on to the next, and then the next, picking each one off one by one as he inched his way closer to his target.

“There. That ought to raise some suspicion.”


“It’s too quiet out here,” Fraaus said as he watched his ‘cargo’ slowly march out of the shuttle bay. “You - go check up on the others.”


”Hmph, predictable. This program is pathetic.”

Once again, Sparkride bided his time before nabbing up his prey. But, after concealing the guard, rather than move on, he scanned the unconscious guard’s exo-structure.


Frauus took notice when the guard he dispatched earlier had returned.

“Well?” He demanded.
“They’re fine. Found ‘em goofin’ off on the eastside of the airfield,” he replied. “Said nothin’ out of the ordinary.”

With the slide of the hand, the guard rolled a conclusive grenade at a group of nearby smugglers. When it went off, it sent out an EMP wave that immediately knocked out all of them - except for Fraaus himself.

“What the frag?!” he exclaimed as he watched his crew suddenly flop to the ground. As he spun around, a gun nozzle pressed against side of his head, just in time to see his hired muscle’s outer-form morph back into Sparkride.

“Bang,” Sparkride said in a calm yet disinterested tone.


The environment, along with the simulacrum, de-materialized, reverting back to the gun-metal grey of the simulation chamber.

“That was…well, very good, Sparkride,” Streetwise said as he stepped out of the observation booth. “You reached your target, no civilians were harmed, and you not once resorted to lethal force. Though with your resume, I wouldn’t have expected less.”

“Thanks,” Sparkride answered. “Hate to sound rude, but I’m starting to feel a bit over-qualified at this point. If you two are wanting to test me – well, test me then. I’m no chipper, young rookie, Detective.”

“We’ll keep that in mind,” Streetwise dryly told him, unappreciative of Sparkride’s facetious tone.

2009-12-10, 01:28 PM

"Oh, no! I am surrounded! Whatever shall I do?" Repugnus mocked the ISS members, ducking down to dodge the EMP blast, before pulling out his remaining shotgun which he had appropriated from Altihex before. "Let me tell you this, bub. No way am I surrendering to you ISS flunkies." the Monsterbot snapped of a few shots in a wide arc at the ISS SWAT vehicles. No doubt the SWAT vehicles' armour would be too thick for the shotgun fire to penetrate fatally, but Repugnus was aiming to slow them down.

"Bring it on! Bring it all on! I'll take all of you down!" the Monsterbot screeched, before transforming into his beast mode, and unleashing another light display. The light display was a useful tool, as it causes vertigo and imbalances on whoever looks at it intently. And with the helicopters' spotlight, everyone is looking at it.

"Frikkin' Monsterbots. No respect for clean fighting." Whirl muttered as he painfully dragged himself up to his feet. "Definitely Wrecker material." he grumbled again. "Too bad I gotta kill him now."

The Wrecker found himself landed near Flatfoot and the ISS Air Unit. "Hey, he okay, kid?" Whirl queried the ISS helicopter, his voice a little slurred.

I knew drinking that much at Maccadams before a flight was a bad, bad idea...

2009-12-10, 05:35 PM
Tygun Span:

Stepper: -moving among the piles of rubble and debris, looking for a good vantage point-

Nebulon: -warbling a question-

Stepper: "He needs to be brought to justice, not shot down like a dog in the street."

Nebulon: -bleeps and whistles-

Stepper: -finds a good outcropping, starts climbing, especially as he starts hearing weapons fire start up again- "Well, being shot while resisting arrest and trying to escape is it's own form of justice. That's the difference between Autobots and Decepticons, or even Autobots and Wreckers. The Autobots arrest him and lock him up, hoping he doesn't break out. The Decepticons just shoot him. While we Wreckers injure him badly enough that escape isn't likely for a while, then lock his horribly damaged body up."

Nebulon: -chirps and warbles-

Stepper: -finally reaching the top- "Fine. I probably am the only one that would do that."

2009-12-15, 06:00 AM
Iacon Arms Hotel

Hubcap punched in Hot Rod's comm code.

"This is, uh, 'Redflare'," he said. "I've got good news. I've got two communications magnates, a manufacturing tycoon and a richer-than-Primus publisher willing to bankroll you. I'm pretty sure some of their wealthy friends will jump onboard once they get a few photo ops in, too." He chuckled. "Also, I've found a market research firm willing to take care of all of your polling needs for a cut rate."

2009-12-17, 07:26 AM
Factory Facility:

Hot Rod: -activating commlink- "Thanks, Redflare. If we can get some press coverage out here, we'll be good to go."

High Security Holding Cells Observation Chamber:

Prime: -activating commlink- "Prowl, Smokescreen, I need you both to come see me immediately. Prime out."

2009-12-17, 09:16 AM

“Yeah, he’ll be fine. There’s an IMR unit waiting at the Iacon/Tygun Span border,” the aerial support officer told Whirl. He turned to the SWAT officer. “Give me a hand.”

Producing a gurney from subspace, the two ISS officers carefully lifted Flatfoot and placed him down onto the waiting stretcher. After securing the straps and harnesses to the narrow bed and to the wounded Interceptor, the air support officer transformed and slowly lifted off. As he hovered, the SWAT officer promptly latched the straps to the helicopter, tugged on the lines to ensure their strength and then signalled to the ISS helicopter.

“Hang on,” the aerial support officer told Flatfoot as he took to the air.


The ISS SWAT vehicles screeched and careened out of control by Repugnus’ disorienting light show.

“Gah!” one of the SWAT vehicles grunted. “Uggh, the searchlights…you’re making it worse! Switch to infrared,” he commed to the three air support officers above.

Forced to comply, the helicopters switched off their searchlights.

“Switching to thermal imaging," one officer commed. "Display resonance overlay. Target acquired…Fire." As instructed, all three helicopters fired down at the Monsterbot.

Autobase, Prowl’s Office

After overseeing his business at the Spacecraft Hangers, Prowl returned to his office. Other projects demanded his attention, and he was amidst making the usual arrangements to meet with the department heads to discuss them when his com-system alerted him to an incoming call. Optimus Prime required an audience.

“Of course, Prime,” he answered. “I will meet with you momentarily.”

Prowl closed out his work station and stood up from his desk. After speaking with the receptionist, he made his way down the stretch of corridors to his superior’s office.

2009-12-17, 11:48 AM

"Right." Whirl slurred at the SWAT officer, as he hobbled towards the conflict, arming his weapons in the process. "Good to know one of us is."

Ignoring his injuries as always, Whirl transformed into helicopter mode and doozily hovered up, the unstable flight pattern not on purpose this time.

Repugnus scampered away from the ground-based ISS members, but not before taking the time to try and slash the tires off one of the bulky SWAT vehicles. Without seeing if he had succeeded, he leapt away, but the attack from the Air Support members screamed towards him.

One missed him completely, exploding on a nearby pile of debris, while the second one grazed his left thigh. The last one, however, exploded beside him, the force of the explosion throwing the Monsterbot deep onto a massive pile of scrap metal and debris, obscuring the Monsterbot from the Autobots' sight.

That was when Whirl arrived on the scene, flying like a drunkard. "Nice shooting, kids. You hurt him, but he ain't down yet. Scissorboy could take more damage that that." saying so, Whirl let loose a barrage of incendiary shells at the mountain of debris, intending to either bury the Monsterbot, or to blow him up.

2009-12-20, 07:33 AM
Iacon Arms Hotel

"I'll forward you all the info you'll need to make your announcement," Hubcap told Hot Rod. "But for a lot of very obvious reasons, I won't be joining you."

Safe House

Smokescreen looked up from the latest report he had been reading and replied to Prime's comm.

"Of course, sir. I'll be there right away."

What in the universe could he want? Smokescreen thought. It must be important, or he wouldn't risk openly summoning me. If my activities came out, it would reflect badly on him.

2009-12-23, 05:36 PM
Factory Facility:

Hot Rod: -grinning- "I know, I know. You're just worried that your snazzy paintjob will steal the spotlight from me, 'Redflare'." -looks over at Flypast- "Even with upgraded equipment, we'll still need Cybertronians who are trained in this kind of thing. What about it, Flypast? Think you and your pals are up for the job?"

High Security Holding Cells, Observation Chamber:

Prime: -deactivating commlink, looks over at Roadbuster- "Get your troops ready. I want to be sure we can bring as much force as possible to wherever the Imperials land in as short a time as possible."

Roadbuster: -nods- "There aren't that many of us, you know."

Prime: "I'm going to put the Dinobots on standby as well. And pray that they don't attempt to land more than two beachheads on us at once."

Roadbuster: "And if Saber and Leo were sent here just to be an annoyance instead of a probe of our defenses?"

Prime: "Then by keeping the Dinobots corralled, hopefully they won't cause too much of a disturbance during the campaigning."

Roadbuster: "Ah. Good luck with that." -heads out of the room-

Prime: -looks at the monitors again, staring at the dormant Star Saber and the occasionally pacing Victory Leo- "Why go to all of this trouble........" -shakes head wearily, heads out of the room, heading for his office, activating commlink again- "Ironhide, Grimlock, I need to see you both at once. Report to my office immediately."

Autobase Security HQ:

Ironhide: -holding up a hand, cutting Nightbeat off mid sentence to answer his comm- "Be there in a couple'a minutes." -looks back at Nightbeat- "It's a good ahdear, but there ain't no way yer gonna get me ta make a commercial." -stands-

Nightbeat: "It would be great publicity. Think of how our numbers would swell in people think that being an old security guard and a bold security guard aren't mutually exclusive?"

Ironhide: "'Cause they ain't that dumb. Ah been dead once, just 'bout ever'body knows that. And it ain't lahke any'a you guys got issued trithyllium-steel alloy skin when ya became security guards."

Nightbeat: "I've been wondering about that....."

Ironhide: "It's 'cause trithyllium's in real short supply. Ah gotta wonder where they scrounged up enough ta build me a new body." -walks over to the door- "Ah got no problem tryin' ta recruit Hardhead, but yer gonna have ta sell me on Siren an' Hosehead. Fair?"

Nightbeat: -nods-

Ironhide: "Good." -leaves, heading for Prime's office-


Grimlock: -answering commlink- "Me on way." -deactivates commlink, starts making his way through the milling throng of would-be Dinobots to the entrance-

Tygun Span:

Stepper: -targeting the maelstrom of falling debris, fire, and smoke that seems to be centering around Repugnus, aiming for the center of the mass, opens fire with both phased plasma pulse blasters and his shoulder-mounted Blaze Cannon-

2009-12-24, 07:34 AM
Factory Complex

Flypast nodded slowly.

"I'm sure in the retirement complexes I can round up enough Autobots who are just itching to be able to make a useful contribution who still remember the old machinery ."

Square Bash looked at Hot Rod

"if you ever need mechs to fight. Their is lots of retired mechs who can do it right. We have skill and we have will."

2009-12-26, 04:18 AM

Repugnus was still recovering from his fall when Whirl's incendiary missiles struck the mountain of rubble, causing it to slowly — but surely — collapse on top of him. "Crap." The Monsterbot cursed, but it soon turned into a ruder curse when Stepper's plasma blasts raked his chest and gouged out a chunk out of his side.

The Monsterbot scrambled deeper into the debris pile for cover, whilst searching for a way into Crystal City...

Whirl's incendiary missile launcher reloaded, and fired again, sending four shells, trailing smoke, at the debris pile.

The Wrecker hovered close to where Stepper was standing and quipped, "Nice shot, Steps. I think you got 'im. Let's finish him off." With that, Whirl's photon beam emitter hummed to life and joined the assault.

2009-12-28, 02:23 AM
Factory Facility:

Hot Rod: "Hmmm......" -thinking for a moment- "All right, Flypast, get on it. Gather up as many qualified retirees as you can find and get them back here. As for you, Square Bash, gather up as many as you can that are still capable of fighting. This place is going to need site security."

Tracks: -shaking his head- "I have a bad feeling about this......."


Roadbuster: -activates his commlink- "Whirl, Overdrive, Topspin, Scoop, Broadside, and Stepper. Drop whatever you're doing and report to Debris at once."

2009-12-28, 01:10 PM

"Wait, what?" Whirl replied to Roadbuster. "No fair! We were about to kill the little insect!"

Transforming into robot mode and landing next to Stepper (and clutching his injured knee in the process, Whirl turned to the other Wrecker, "Well, show's over, I guess... RB's calling us to go back home. These ISS boys can handle 'Pug. I hope."

2009-12-29, 06:36 AM

Stepper: -shrugs, holstering his blasters- "The point is to capture him, not crush him. Can't bring him to justice if he's dead." -looks down from his sniper's perch- "I wonder what the boss wants."

Prime's office, Autobase:

Prime: -strides into his office, sits behind his desk, making notations on a padd-

2009-12-29, 06:59 AM

Whirl shrugged, "Dunno. Must've been important if RB wants a full meeting of all the Wreckers, though. Might be wantin' to integrate us back to the army again. I mean, look at those ISS! They aren't the best soldiers we have, you see." The Wrecker sighed. "Let's go."

Whirl transformed into helicopter mode and hovered above Stepper, "Need a lift?"

In the debris pile, Repugnus scrambled deeper, making his way out of the other side of the mountain. While those idiots are talking, I'll make good my escape!

2009-12-30, 09:39 AM
factory facility

Square Bash saluted

"security force from retirees I will source."

Flypast nodded

"I have a couple of mechs in mind and they're bound to know people."



Scoop pushed his energon back on the bar.

"On my way Roadbuster."


Firing Range

Overdrive aimed his rifle and gently caressed the trigger.

His com beeped and he missed.

"What's going on Roadbuster?"

2009-12-31, 07:32 AM
Prime's Office, Autobase

Smokescreen rapped on the open doorframe, then walked in and said, "You wanted to see me, sir?"

He did his best to seem casual and respectful, even though the summons had left him highly suspicious of just what Prime knew and what he planned to do about it.

2009-12-31, 11:23 AM
Outside Maccaddam's

Tap Out reversed and then straightened out.

"After you Glyph."

2010-01-01, 09:18 PM
Autobase, Optimus Prime’s Office

(OOC: Needed to come up with an excuse why Prowl was tardy. Sorry about that :))

As he neared his superior’s office, Prowl was alerted to yet another incoming transmission – this one from Red Alert.

“We need to talk – now,” Red Alert immediately said. Naturally Prowl was unappreciative of the ISS Security Director’s tone but nonetheless maintained his usual poise.

“I am afraid it will have to wait, Red Alert. I am currently en route to meet with Prime,” Prowl answered. “Surely it is a matter that the civilian branch can handle.”

“Oh, but it does concern you. But fine, whatever. I’ll stream you a report,” Red Alert told him. “But I’m not happy with this, Prowl. I’m not happy at all.”

Prowl examined the report that the security director sent to him, his expression gradually growing sour by each word. “Landmine and Waverider,” he muttered as he read on. “...No – no, this will not do at all.”

“Hmm, yes, thank you,” he answered. “I will contact you as soon as I am able to resolve this matter. Now, if you will excuse me…”


Prowl continued down the corridor until he reached the door to Optimus Prime’s office. Rapping on the frame of the doorway, the entrance slid open and the chief strategist stepped in. Smokescreen was already present.

“Optimus Prime, sir," Prowl dutifully nodded. "You summoned for me?”



While the ISS SWAT vehicles collected themselves from Repugnus’ disorienting assault, above the three remaining ISS helicopters scoured the area, searching for the fleeing Monsterbot who, for the moment, had disappeared among the smoke and falling rubble.

“Spread out,” one officer commed to the others. “He couldn’t have gone far. Maintain thermal imaging and target all heat sources.”

Meanwhile, Stepper and Whirl, rather abruptly, had ceased in their pursuit and were preparing to depart (OOC: At least the latter seems to be. I can’t tell if Stepper is planning on sticking around).

“The Wreckers are…leaving?” one aerial officer inquired.

“Never mind them,” another replied. “It doesn’t change a thing. We still have our objective. The Wreckers don't factor into that.”


Iacon/Tygun Span Border

A lone ISS helicopter arrived where a small IMR unit waited, a severely injured Flatfoot in tow. As the aerial officer slowly hovered downward to the ground, two medics and an ambulance rushed over the lowering stretcher and carefully disconnected the harness and its occupant.

“Okay, we got him. Get going,” one medic said to the air support officer. The helicopter then lifted off to rendezvous with the others back at the Wastelands.

Unfolding the wheels underneath the gurney, the two medics pushed Flatfoot towards the rear twin doors of the ambulance and lifted him onboard, one climbing inside with him. Once the Interceptor was secured inside, the remaining medic slapped the side of the ambulance signalling it to leave. With sirens blaring, it raced off back towards Iacon.

2010-01-02, 04:51 AM

Although Repugnus was crawling under the mountain of debris, he could hear snips of the conversation between the ISS Officers. Two parts piqued his attention.

"Spread out..." one officer said. Repugnus smiled. This would make picking them off one by one easier.

"Wreckers are... leaving?" when he heard this part, Repugnus smiled, although he doubted that it was the case. After all, unless there is some sort of crisis, it's probably misdirection on the officer's part.

Still, Repugnus searched for an entrance to the underground tunnels. Whirl's photon beams, being blasts of heat, would stall the ISS' thermal scanners for a while, but that only buys him a couple of seconds at best. The Monsterbot dug deeper into the debris pile, and found what could be described as a manhole. Not seeing any other way, Repugnus transformed into robot mode and tried to pry open the manhole-shaped thing. It was bolted shut.

Cursing, Repugnus opened his maw and unleashed a ball of flame towards the manhole, before realising too late that it'll show up as a huge heat spike in the ISS scanners. "Crap." The Monsterbot cursed himself, but watched in glee as the manhole melted. Repugnus leapt into the hole and started running again, for no doubt the ISS and Wreckers would be after him.

2010-01-08, 07:30 AM
Tygun Span:

Stepper: -reaching up, grabbing Whirl's landing skids- "You sure you're okay to fly?"


Roadbuster: -into commlink- "I'll fill you in when we're all here, Overdrive."

Prime's Office:

Prime: -looking up as Smokescreen and, a few moments later, Prowl come in, stands, making a few final notations on his padd- "We have a situation that's starting to develop-"

-door opens, Ironhide and a distressed-looking Grimlock come in-

Ironhide: "Whut happened ta you?"

Grimlock: -shuddering- "Me never been mobbed by fans before. Think Me need shower." -looks at his slightly shaking hands- "Possibly delousing."

Prime: -clears throat-

Grimlock: "What?"

Ironhide: "Organize yer fan club later. We got bigger problems."

Prime: "As I was saying, we have a situation that's starting to develop." -hits a button on the padd, and a wall screen lights up showing images of the repainted Star Saber and Victory Leo- "Prowl, you may recognize these two as the ones the ISS tangled with at the spaceport. Ironhide got them under protective custody as fast as he could. If they look familiar, they should. It's Star Saber and Victory Leo. They apparently didn't return to their own timeline, or they did and then came back. Ironhide?"

Ironhide: -pulls out a padd of his own- "Best th' techs c'n figger is that they got grabbed somewhere, got their brains well an' truly washed, got completely rebuilt, an' sent here. They ain't really said nothin' since we captured 'em, though."

Prime: "The technology they've been rebuilt with is something we've encountered before. It's Imperial in origin. What we can't figure out is why they were sent. If they were sent to infiltrate, why rebuild them and paint them black?" -looks over at Smokescreen and Prowl- "Have either of you heard anything about Imperial attacks anywhere else on Cybertron? Do you think these two were sent to test us?"

2010-01-08, 02:56 PM
Tygun Span

Whirl tilted himself to one side and then the other, making a gesture that seemed like shrugging. "One way to find out, right? Hop on!" The Wrecker replied to Stepper. "Worst thing that could happen is that we crash. Nothing new."

Directed towards the nearest ISS member, Whirl called out: "Hey, give that Scissorboy one for me!"

2010-01-12, 06:49 AM
Prime's Office, Autobase

Smokescreen stroked his chin thoughtfully as Prime spoke, thinking to himself, Just how much does he know? Obviously I wouldn't be here if he was still under the impression that I was just a mid-level security officer. But does he know how extensive our network has gotten?

"There have been...rumours," Smokescreen said carefully. He didn't want to tell Prime too much, but he still wanted to give the Autobot leader an accurate picture of what was going on. "Nothing more solid than that, but I don't like the picture that they're starting to paint. I have some friends in ISS Counterintelligence who tell me that they've been seeing more and more new faces popping up on their radar, asking the sort of questions that legitimate businessmechs would have no business asking. I've been hearing the same from some of the cargo pilots I know...stories about increased patrols in the sectors surrounding Cybertron, ships that they don't recognize that will swoop in, scan their cargo bays and then disappear."

He sighed, an expression carefully calculated to make it seem like he was reluctant to say what he was about to say. Prime would know better, of course -- Prime knew him well enough to see through most of Smokescreen's casual deceptions -- but appearances had to be maintained for everyone else's sake.

"What I've heard from Polyhex, though, is worse. Officially, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary has happened. Unofficially, someone showed up out of nowhere, kicked the stuffing out of Darkmount's security, ravaged some of the surrounding city districts and caused some serious damage to the fortress itself.

"Obviously we weren't involved," he said. "And if it was Gigatron, the entire planet would be drowning in propaganda by now." He shrugged. "By my count, that only leaves one suspect."

2010-01-15, 01:53 AM
Autobase, Optimus Prime's Office

(OOC: I wasn't sure what to write :()

Prowl patiently nodded as he watched Smokescreen closely, allowing him to say his piece before he spoke up.

“Though I cannot confirm the reports from Polyhex, Smokescreen’s claims can be verified, though it is more than likely nothing that has not already been brought to your attention,” Prowl told Optimus Prime (OOC: Uh…We’ll just assume he sent Prime the reports off-page. There’s no reason why Prowl wouldn’t have/). “Over the past stellar cycle, satellite surveillance has spotted several Imperial starships over Cybertronian space. They have thus far remained static, only periodically changing position. Notably, starships have been marked over strategically significant regions of the planet – Iacon included. Based on their numbers and targets, current patterns suggest some form of progressive surveillance, as well as counter-espionage based on surveillance patterns and the data retrieved from Victory Leo and Star Saber. I have no doubt our temporally displaced visitors were, as you say, sent to test us. To what ends, I am uncertain.”

Tygun Span

As the ISS helicopters continued to scour the jagged landscape below for Repugnus, the ISS SWAT cars – those that were not damaged by the Monsterbot’s attacks – gathered their bearings and continued their pursuit from the ground, driving towards the smoky rubble their target was last sighted.

Iacon Security Service HQ, Simulation Chamber

(OOC: Continuing in my Guard City mini-spotlight-thingy. It's for my benefit mostly. Feel free to skip.)

“Don’t know what the pit Sparky was whinin’ about? He get’s to clobber ‘round some slave traders. But me? I get stuck evacuatin’ a fraggin’ virtual city under siege by some fraggin’ imaginary threat,” Safety thought to himself. “Looks as if ‘Spots and Streetwise upped the rules of the game with me. Guess I should be flattered.”

“Okay, all you listen up!” Safety told a small group of frightened civilians. “There’s gonna be some choppers arriving up the next block. Stay close together and these ‘bots’ll get you to shelter…”

As he helped escort the civilians to the rescue vehicles, Safety espied two more at the far end of a street, one of which had lost most of a leg and was profusely leaking fluids.

“Damnit,” Safety quietly grumbled as sprinted down the rubble strewn road. “You! Stay the hell down! I’m on my way,” he shouted at the two civilians

Ducking and weaving his way over to them, he knelt down and immediately went to work. “This prosthetic ain’t gonna look pretty,” he told him while amputating the damaged appendage and cauterizing the gushing fuel lines. “But you’ll live to make to a hospital.”

However, as he worked, a wandering invader spotted the combat medic, aimed his rifle and fired. Safety threw up his hand and generated a protective energy dome, surrounding him and the two virtual civilians.

“Heh, you see that? Pfft, comin' after a medic and two unarmed civilian. Slag, ain’t no honor among scum,” he chuckled to himself. He resumed his task, undaunted by his opponent. “Hold still, will ya? I’m almost done.” he told his patient.

This seemed to anger the simulacrum, who charged at the energy bubble with the intent of crashing through it. Detecting this, Safety - without looking over his shoulder - disconnected the shotgun magnetized to his back, pointed his arm backwards and fired. The invader fell, de-materializing as it hit the street.

“…And there you go. Now, up on your feet,” he ordered his patient.

As he provided cover for the fleeing civilians, Safety tapped his left audio receptor to open a comlink channel. “Hey! What the pit are you ‘Bots doin’ up there? Where the frag is air support? Get your fraggin’ skidplates down here, we’ve got wounded civilians that need pick-up!”

“Fraggin’ simulacrums are ‘bout as reliable as government service droids,” he mumbled.


When the helicopters did arrive, Safety corralled the civilians towards them. Once the last one was onboard, the simulation, as programmed, ended and the chamber reverted back to its normal, bland state.

“Well, how’d I do, Spots?” Safety said as the virtual environment around him vanished.

“I’m impressed,” Hot Spot answered. “Remarkable, in fact - in no small part to your prior military experience, of course. I can see why Prowl recommended you. In my opinion, you’re just what the Guard City Unit needs. And, while it’d be nice if you toned down your vocabulary, I see nothing but great things from you.”

2010-01-16, 11:37 AM
Tygun Span

Repugnus moved through the manhole he had just entered, not wasting any time as he scuttled out in what he thought was the correct direction.

Well, at least he hoped the path he randomly picked was correct....

Catalyst Dragon
2010-01-17, 10:01 AM
In his typical fasion that would normally make other flyers cringe, Dogfight, makes just a small leap into the air before transforming then rocketing off.
Just a meter or so off the ground he flies, full afterburners, toward the escaping 'bot.

"Leave it to me little guy!" He yells to Camouflage almost as an afterthought.

2010-01-21, 07:31 AM
Hanging from Whirl's landing skids:

Stepper: -keeping his hands locked on Whirl's skids, pointedly not looking down- "Any idea how long it'll take to get back to base?"

Factory Facility:

Hot Rod: -looking out from an office window at the crowd of reporters that's starting to form-

Tracks: -also looking at the crowd- "Do you think we can pull this off?"

Hot Rod: "Of course we can. The people will see that we're trying to do the most good, and I'll be voted in in a landslide."

Tracks: "And they think I'm vain...... It won't be that easy."

Hot Rod: "Probably not. One thing I've got to overcome is the fact that my party dropped the ball, big time. But don't worry, that's why I'm here."

Prime's Office:

Prime: -taking in the information provided by Prowl and Smokescreen-

Grimlock: "So why Me here?"

Prime: "I want you to assemble the Dinobots. Both the Dinobots and the Wreckers are going to be ready/reaction units if and when the Imperials land in Autobot controlled territory. If they attempt more than two beachheads, I have a feeling we'll be hard-pressed to slow them down."

Grimlock: -scowling- "Me hope you realize we not completely indestructable."

Prime: "I know. I also know that you can hold them there long enough for reinforcements to arrive." -narrows optics- "We also need to begin in-depth interrogations of Star Saber and Victory Leo."

2010-01-21, 10:52 AM
Skies Above Debris

"We're there, actually." Whirl said, his rotors whupping noisily, even more so than usual. The helicopter considered a more suicidal dive, but he decided against it and slowly lowered himself and Stepper down. Once the Targetmaster's feet had touched the ground, Whirl transformed into robot mode.

"Thank you for flying Air Whirl, we hope you have a pleasant flight. If you didn't... well, that's just too bad." The gangly Wrecker strode up towards Debris' door and opened it. "Roadbuster! We're home!"

2010-01-21, 12:33 PM

Scoop clattered down the steps

"Hello there?"

2010-01-22, 05:49 AM
Prime's Office, Autobase

Smokescreen put on a show of mild discomfort as he raised his hand and said, "I suppose that would be my area of expertise, Prime. I would suggest moving the prisoners to a location off-base before we start working on them, though. Right now they're a curiosity, but we can say we're holding them because they're a danger to themselves and others. But as soon as we start interrogation they become prisoners of war, and the last thing we want is for the media to catch wind of us holding Imperial POWs."

Iacon West District Six Constituency Office

Sundor kicked back on his perch as he read the latest poll results.

Autobot Reconstruction Party.......26%
Alliance for Peace.................24%
Primus Heritage Party..............20%
Iacon Republican League............14%
Altihex Separatist Bloc............6%
Maritime Alliance..................6%

Alliance for Peace.................27%
Autobot Reconstruction Party.......22%
Primus Heritage Party..............20%
Maritime Alliance..................8%
Altihex Separatist Bloc............5%
Iacon Republican League............4%
No Preference......................9%

Sundor's beak hung open in a smile. Over the course of the campaign, he and his people had closed the gap between the Alliance and the Reconstructionists to within the margin of polling error. He knew that a huge chunk of that was due to Rosanna's popularity and all the tireless work she'd put in on his behalf, but he still felt a glow of pride for himself and for the team he'd build.

Now we just have to keep this up until election day. If the numbers keep moving in the same direction, not only will we form government, but we'll be approaching majority territory.

He didn't really believe that he would be that lucky, but for the first time, he let himself hope. It would, after all, make everything he had to do a whole lot easier...

2010-01-24, 08:11 PM

Scoop looked up as Overdrive arrived

"Any ideas where everyone is Scoop?"

"I only just arrived myself"

2010-01-25, 10:47 AM

Whirl waved at Scoop and Overdrive, "Hey, you two! Any chance we've missed the meeting? I hope we did. You know how Roadbuster gets once he starts a speech..."

Wastelands, Sewer System

Repugnus kept weaving through the complex underground tunnels, feeling right at home at the disgusting and repugnant surroundings

2010-01-25, 06:04 PM

Stepper: -following Whirl in, leaning against a wall-

Roadbuster: -walking in- "I'll pretend I didn't hear that." -looking around scowls slightly- "We'll bring any stragglers up to speed as needed." -moves over to a lightboard- "In the tradition of the Wreckers getting handed all of the easy jobs, we've got one that's going to be very, VERYeasy." -taps a key, and an image of the black painted Star Saber and Victory Leo appear- "These two attacked Iacon's spaceport not too long ago. Security forces stopped them, but they got rushed into custody by Autobot Security before the civvies could even get a good look at them. They are Star Saber and Victory Leo, two Autobots from an alternate timeline. Well, under all of that black paint, they are. At the moment they're more nonverbal and prone to trying to kill things." -hits another button, showing the regular look of the two- "It was believed that they went back to their own timeine. From the tests they've run at Autobase, it seems more apparent that they got grabbed before they went home, torn apart and completely rebuilt by the Cybertronian Empire." -scowls- "What they haven't figured out yet is why they're here. It's either a test of our defenses, or the Imperial command structure is starting to come apart. We're here because, if it is a test, we're one of the two ready/reaction teams the Autobots are going to have. Any questions?"

Prime's Office:

Prime: -nods- "Do you have a way to get them off-base?"

2010-01-27, 04:59 AM
Prime's Office, Autobase

Smokescreen nodded. "I can probably arrange something," he told Prime, deliberately not giving out any details. "What sort of a timeline are we looking at?"

2010-01-27, 06:14 AM
Prime's Office:

Prime: "As soon as possible, Smokescreen. We need to find out what they know."

2010-01-27, 07:43 AM

Scoop looked thoughtful

"I wonder why they are playing such games it's as if they don't take us as a serious threat. They're treating us as some kind of toy or museum exhibit they can poke and prod."

2010-01-27, 12:29 PM

As Roadbuster came in, Whirl gave a loud groan, although he listened to Roadbuster intently. After the debriefing, he clapped his hands together in mock excitement. "Oh, goody! We've got the easy job! Being ready for Imperials... it's so easy I could do it with my eye blindfolded and one claw tied behind my back."

The Wrecker took a more serious tone. "But Star Saber and Victory Leo aren't exactly cakewalk, if what little records I've read about them were any indication. To brainwash them, and to actually subject them to black paint..." Whirl shrugged, "Yup, this job is very easy. Who's the other lucky team?"

2010-01-28, 07:01 AM

Roadbuster: "Much as I hate to say it, Scoop, look at the Autobot army, then look at the Decepticon armies. Of the two, the Decepticons on the whole are the bigger threat. Prime's got a hunch that when they come, they'll concentrate more on the Decepticon-held territories."

Stepper: "Hunch or hope?"

Roadbuster: "Probably more hope than hunch. He's a little soft in the head like that." -sighs- "If he's right and they only try to land in one spot, we'll have the Dinobots working with us. If they try for two beachheads, we'll be on our own until backup arrives. If they go for more than two landing points, we're probably in trouble."

2010-01-29, 06:23 PM
Wastelands, Sewer System

Now on foot, the ground-based ISS officers continued in their search for the fleeing Repugnus, who for the moment had eluded them.

"There's an entrance to a drainage system nearby," one of the air support officers commed.

"We're on our way. Send us the coordinates," one of the SWAT officers replied. "Come on, this way," he waved to the others.

Sure enough, they soon located the utility hole. Before venturing inside, they inspected the entrance for any evidence that the Monsterbot might have left behind.

"Think he's in there?" one officer inquired.

"Only one way to find out," another answered. "Hey, flyboys!" he commed to the helicopters hovering above. "Any idea where this leads?"

"City records say its a complex drainage network that connects to a purification chamber near the Mythril Sea in Valvolux. Leads to settlements throughout the Wastelands, with several pipelines leading in and out of Crystal City."

(OOC: Kind of make sense that Gigatron would do that, I think. Valvolux and Crystal City are both his.)

"Not far from the latter, are we," one officer said. "We'd better hurry then."

After checking the charges in their rifles, the small SWAT team entered the sewers.

2010-01-30, 05:22 AM

"Well, hope is overrated..." Whirl began, before a thought entered his mind.

Whirl's claw shot up into the air. "Roadbuster, I've got a question. what about the Warworld they stole from the 'Cons? What're we gonna do if they sicced it on Cybertron? That gives little meaning to whether they attacked the Autobots or the Decepticons first, does it not?"

Wastelands, Sewer System

Repugnus cackled as he moved through the sewers, each step sending splashes of Primus-knows-what liquid around, his laughter echoing through the pipes of the sewers.

He took random turns and at times retraced his steps, to better confuse the ISS Members. At some places, he slashed pipes to mark that he had been there. At some places, he went without disturbing a single speck of dust. Let's hope those police idiots split up. That way I can pick them off one by one.

2010-01-31, 05:47 AM
Prime's Office, Autobase

"I can take care of it right away," Smokescreen told Prime. "Do you need me for anything else, or would you like me to go see to it right now?"

If he was honest with himself, Smokescreen was eager to start work on the two captives. But at the same time, he didn't want to miss anything important that Prime or the others had to say.

2010-01-31, 06:42 AM

Roadbuster: "How they use the Warworld will probably depend on who's leading the attack. If it's a smart commander, they'll do surgical strikes on the cities and then send in troops to clean up. If it's Thunderwing, he'll want to take Cybertron for himself, make Prime and Megatron bow and kiss his feet."

Stepper: "Which would be hard if both Autobase and Darkmount have been vaporized."

Roadbuster: "Exactly."

Prime's Office:

Prime: "Yes. The sooner we can get some kind of information, the better."

2010-01-31, 10:29 AM

Revolution wanders in data pad in hand

"do we have any intelligence on the composition of their forces. Did we get any intel on their soldier sfrom the recent attack on Darkmount. I believe we should be working to ally with the Decepticon forces. United we stand divided we fall."

2010-02-01, 03:25 PM

Whirl waved at Revolution. "Ah, our resident chaplain." the Wrecker managed to just restrain himself from blanching at the Peace Marshall's suggestion of allying with the Decepticons yet again.

"Come on! We ally with the 'Cons too often. Every little crisis -- Insecticons, Combaticons, Quintessons... and we have to turn to the Decepticons for help? It's not like we're helpless or anything." Whirl stopped, and scratched his head. "It's bad enough that we have to fight the Imps, but to watch our back for two Decepticon factions, with Primus-knows-how-many backstabbers in their ranks? Didn't we learn our lesson last time with Thunderwing?"

2010-02-01, 04:07 PM
Wastelands, Sewer System

The small SWAT team stomped through the underground drainage system, splashing a thick, indeterminable liquid onto the cylindrical walls. As they navigated deeper into the complex network of pipelines, they switched their optics to infrared.

"Hey, look at this!" one bellowed out to the others, pointing to a gash on the sewer walls. "This abrasion is fresh," he ran his hand across the scar.

"Confirms he's down here, at least," another answered.

"Hold on a klik there. He might be trying to throw us off. Still," one officer said. "You three," pointing to the group. "Follow this route. The rest of us will continue down this path."

"Got it," they said in unison.


Wastelands, Above

As the ISS air support team hovered above the utility hole below, they were alerted to an incoming transmission. Red Alert was demanding a status report.

"...Two ships have, so far, been shot down in Tygun Span territory - in no small part to the Wreckers meddling - and you're current position is the Wastelands?! Where is Repugnus now?" Red Alert inquired impatiently.

"In the old Mythril Sea pipeline. We're assuming he's heading towards the Crystal City borders. The SWAT team is in currently in pursu..."

"And out of our jurisdiction," Red Alert interrupted. "DAMN IT!" he shouted, causing brief interference in the frequency.

"Sigh. Fine," he composed himself. "Continue pursuit, but once the SWAT team near the border, I want their skidplates out of there."

2010-02-02, 12:12 AM

Revolution pondered

"I think that we cannot dismiss it as an option. however is it not written Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster."

Scoop looked at Revolution

"I hate it when he does that."

Overdrive nodded.

"intelligence is the key."

Revolution nodded

"is it not equally true that if you deny thy enemy his position of strength then it becomes his weakness."

Scoop thought for a moment

"They'll need ships to attack if they take the high orbitals we'll be weak and helpless at the bottom of a gravity well."

Overdrive scribbled on his data -pad

"so we deny them the high orbitals we force them to come to us for us to choose the terrain."

2010-02-02, 04:50 AM
Wastelands, Mithril Sea Pipeline

Repugnus kept moving through the corridors and pipes, and he could hear the voices of the ISS Members behind him. It won't do to have me captured, not when I've been so far...

The Monsterbot leapt at the ceiling of the pipe he's in, and used his schyte-like claws to anchor himself onto the ceiling, and he began to scuttle upside-down like the insect he was modeled after.

Although the Monsterbot did not know it, he's moving ever closer to Crystal City...


Whirl leaned towards a wall and folded his arms as he heard the various inputs of ideas from the other Wreckers. "So, Roadbuster, while we're at it, what do we do in the meantime?"

Aftershock's Bar and Grill

Well, popularity has its perks, but this certainly isn't what I had in mind.

Swoop scowled as he watched the numerous Dinobot cosplayers inside the newly rechristened Dinobot-themed bar and grill. The bombardier shook his head and sighed, getting up from the table he was seated at. That place was too crowded. While not antisocial, Swoop didn't like being in crowded places. He was built to fly, to be free in the air.

Things have gone awry. They've gotten a new member, a friggin' chaplain. Sure, Striker could hold off in the little squabble against Snarl, but he didn't really like preachers.

After giving a wave at Aftershock, the Dinobot stepped out of the building, shoved aside a cosplayer who blocked his way and transformed. Plates shifted, gears turned and great silver wings unfolded from their dormant position on the Dinobot's back.

The Pteranodon flapped his wings once, twice, and took off into Iacon's skies, once more enjoying the freedom that flight allowed him. Until Grimlock or someone else has something for him to do, he was content to glide in the air, enjoying the relative calm that would no doubt herald a storm. In which case, Swoop would always be ready to face anything the Decepticons or some other wannabe faction would throw at him.

2010-02-02, 03:27 PM
Aftershock's Bar and Grill

Snarl sat in the bar with his feet up on a table. The table is almost collapsing up the weight of his legs. He looks around the bar and is still amazed at the amount of fake dinobots that are walking around. He just saw Swoop leave and wonders if he should have done the sameas a drunk mech dressed up as him walks up to him.

Drunk mech: Shaaayy! You ish Snarl! You ish SNARL! Me am big fan! Can I take your picture with me on it?!

Snarl: "No."

Drunk mech: "Hey, come on! You're a hero! You have to do things like this! The mech puts his arm over Snarl as he stands next to him. Snarl however pushes him away, sending the mech halfway across!"

Snarl: "I said, no."

Snarl sits back again and imagines what Slag would've done to the mech if he was around and it makes him smile. Though hardly noticable.

2010-02-02, 10:28 PM
Aftershock's Bar and Grill

Sludge looked up at the sign, Aftershock's Bar and Grill, this is the place... or was it Master Shake's on Capitol Hill. Well in any case if none of the other guys are here I'll just leave and go to the other place.

He hesitated another moment, and then opened the door and went inside, looking around for one of his team mates. Oh there's Grimlock, and he's talking to... me? And that's him talking to to snarl, but snarl is over there talking to swoop. Sludge started to panic a bit, What's going on here?

2010-02-04, 05:15 AM
Prime's Office, Autobase

"I'll take care of it right away, then," Smokescreen told Prime. "If you need my help with anything else, give me a call and I'll take care of it."

He gave Prime a quick salute before he left, then strode off toward where the two brainwashed prisoners were being held.

2010-02-06, 12:08 PM

Overdrive sat upright

"Mines, lots and lots of mines. We need to choose where we fight so either we make them come down here or restrict the high orbitals leaving only parts we want them to fight in."

2010-02-07, 02:07 PM

"Yup, that's a good idea." Whirl said when Overdrive and Scoop suggested their strategy. "Force the imps out of the sky and blowing them up at the ground. Not as fun as it should be, however."

Whirl shrugged, "Preferably we should force the impies to land on 'Con territory. Let them soften each other up before we kick the Imperials back to whatever pit they crawled out of."

2010-02-10, 05:51 AM
High Security Wing

"Well, here goes..."

Smokescreen activated the illusion he had pre-programmed into his electro-disruptor. Then, his true identity safely concealed, he stepped out of the turbolift and headed for the security office.

Blowout sat behind a console, playing the Cybertronian equivalent of Minesweeper and waiting for his shift to end, when Jazz walked in.

"Uh, sir, I was just..."

"No, it's cool," Jazz told him. "Don't worry. I remember what guard duty is like. Are my prisoners ready?"

"Your prisoners? We, uh, only have two people in here, but Prime said they stay put."

Jazz shook his head. "I was afraid of this. No one's been here to give you a hard copy of the transfer order?"

"What transfer order?" Blowout was completely confused now.

"This one." Jazz passed a datacard over the table to Blowout. "Prime called me back from Altihex for a 'debriefing', but the real reason is I'm taking these two back with me. You've gotta keep that hush-hush, though."

"Oh...of course, sir. I'll have them prepared for transport right away."

"Send 'em down to bay six," Jazz told the smaller Autobot. "Me and my boys'll take care of it from there."

"Of course, sir. Sorry I wasn't prepared for you. The paperwork..."

"No worries," Jazz told him as he walked out. "Someone probably just sent it to the wrong desk. No biggie. Thanks for taking care of it for me."

'Jazz' walked to a nearby turbolift, tapped the call button and got inside the first car that arrived. But as soon as the doors shut, the projection of Jazz disappeared and Smokescreen let out a heavy sigh. Using his electro-disruptor like that was very draining.

Pretending to be Jazz is even more draining. I don't think I got the tone or the diction quite right, but thankfully Blowout doesn't really know him...

The little ruse had been a necessary evil. With a paper trail that pointed toward Altihex and the prison there, anyone who wanted to reclaim the duo of assassins would be looking at Altihex-bound traffic. Meanwhile, Smokescreen and his people would be able to quietly ship the prisoners' CR chambers out to the outskirts of the city under the guise of surplus medical equipment. By the time anyone even thought to ask questions, Star Saber and Victory Leo would have disappeared so thoroughly that no one would be able to find them.

And then they'll be safe, Smokescreen thought. Unless, of course, they turn out to be an even greater threat to Prime's safety than they already are...

2010-02-12, 03:49 AM
(OOC: @ Heinrad - I'm a bit stumped, so feel free to have Prime ask Prowl what he has done to address this whole Imperial business. If you want to, that is. Just need some kind of segue that allows Prowl to re-enter the conversation :) Or are they done there? )


Wastelands, Sewers

Now split up into two smaller groups, the SWAT team trudged through the underground pipeline, uncertain if this strategy would bring them closer to Repugnus.

The drainage system was old and complex, veining out into multiple routes. It seemed infinite. "What's with these scanners," one officer complained. "Stupid pipelines are causing interference. I'm not picking up anything. He must be in really deep."

"Records say there should be a pipeline to Crystal City about, ooooh, 10 kliks that way," another officer pointed. "I'm guessing that's where he's headed. C'mon."


(OOC: Time to wrap this bad boy up. Feel free to skip)

Iacon Security Service HQ, Simulation Chamber

“Now that I have a clear idea of your combat capabilities, let’s test your deductive skills,” Streetwise told Streetstar. “This will be a very basic exercise to determine your level of understanding.”

Streetwise signalled to the observation booth and a virtual environment instantaneously materialized around them.

“Here are the details: You’re at a crime scene, the setting is inside a Border Regions hotel. Top floor. The victim you see here was an inner-city resident visiting a friend. You’ll find an ID card and 74 shannix on him. He was stabbed repeatedly by some variety of blade. The nature of the crime or the assailant has not been determined. That’s all the details I’ll give you."

Streetwise looked to Streetstar, "Now, tell me what you see.”

Streetstar produced a hand-held diagnostic scanner, approached the body and knelt down next it. “Hmm. Okay, let’s see here,” he muttered as he waved the scanner over the body. “8 lacerations along the chest, 2 along the left arm, 1 along the right shoulder. The wound here,” pointing to the center on the victim’s chest. “punctured the victim’s laser core, resulting in his termination. His death was slow.”

“Mm-hmm,” Streetwise replied. “Tell me about the wounds themselves.”

“The circuitry is cauterized, umm, by some heated or caustic instrument,” he told him.

“Yes, and what else are you able to determine about the weapon?”

“Umm…umm…well, the wounds suggest that the attacker must have applied additional force…and the cauterization is inconsistent in some areas. A substandard instrument, perhaps?”

“Very good. Now, tell me about the crime scene,” Streetwise asked.

Streetstar looked around the room. “There was a struggle,” he immediately determined. “These scrapes….The upturned chair…the victim initially fell here. The attacker pinned him down, the victim struggled and then died there.”

“Going by what you just told me and what information I gave you, do you think the attacker knew the victim?” Streetwise inquired.

“Possibly. I would need more data to fully determine that, though,” Streetstar answered.

“Oh? And what can you tell me about the attacker?”

“Well, the position of the scrapes on the floor panels, while further proving there was a struggle, there are traces of metallic sediment here. A factory worker, perhaps,” he said.


Streetstar mulled over Streetwise’s question, but struggled to give an adequate response.

“Heh, you’re fresh out of the academy, aren’t you?” Streetwise smiled.

Streetstar embarrassedly hung his head.

“It’s alright, it’s alright. You’ve got natural analytical skills, Streetstar, but I’m noticing a tendency to appraise data at only face value. While crime data is indeed quantifiable and plays important role in solving a case, don’t forget that it also has a story to tell. Stories that can uncover bits of data crucial to cracking a case – or, at least point you into the right direction. The worst that could happen is that you're wrong.”


(OOC: I think that'll do for now :))

2010-02-12, 12:13 PM
Wastelands, Sewers

Although the ISS SWAT Team didn't know it, they were very close to Repugnus. In fact they were almost on top of the Monsterbot (well, technically they were under him, but that's beside the point).

Repugnus scuttled as silently as he could, moving in shadowed areas of the ceilings, taking into advantage the mass of pipes and whatnot which stemmed out of the ceiling. As he moved away from the ISS members, he couldn't help but overhear their conversation.

10 kliks from here? Repugnus' grin grew larger. Hell, yes. The cards are turning in my favour alright...

2010-02-15, 04:25 AM
Aftershock's Bar and Grill

Warpath pushed the doors of the bar open "is it explosive in here, or is it just me, BOOM!"walking over to the bar he got himself an (oo.c cube, pint?) energon that would fancy him and sat down.

2010-02-15, 05:57 PM
Prime's Office:

Prime: -turning to face Prowl- "What do we have in place for general defense against the Imperials?"


Roadbuster: "The only thing we can do in the meantime is be on standby. It's better if we're all in one place when the Imperials show up. Make sure we're locked and loaded, restock on ammo, get in some target practice."

2010-02-17, 09:01 AM

Whirl nodded at Roadbuster's orders. "In other words, do what we usually do in our free time." The gangly Wrecker stretched and plopped himself onto one of the vacant seats in the bunker. "Only difference is that we're expecting an impending disaster about to occur."


Swoop glided over the skies, feeling the wind buffet his face with no small measure of enjoyment. The Dinobot looked at the various sights to be seen from up there, and smiled. Small wonder that the Decepticons want to take over Cybertron. From up here, the people below look so weak, so pitiful...

2010-02-18, 09:58 AM
Aftershock's Bar and Grill

warpath surveyed the room noticing the varied robots until he came to the small batch of dinobots strolling over (oo.c can a robot stroll?) " sludge! swoop, and the other guy!"warpath said, his memory getting the worse of him, " how we all 'BAM!' been? any new adventures for you 'KABOOM!' guys?"

2010-02-20, 07:09 AM
Secret Service HQ

Smokescreen watched as the two stasis pods were taken off of the furniture truck that had delivered them.

"Where to, boss?" one of his subordinates asked.

"Take them downstairs," Smokescreen told him. "Thaw them out and put them in the conversation room."

North Iacon Secondary School

Flip Sides sat in one corner of the teacher's lounge, sipping a glass of energon and doing her best to ignore the mountain of term papers she still had to grade. Instead of looking at them, she was watching a news feed about the Sundor campaign.

"You a fan of his?"

Flip Sides almost jumped out of her chair. She hadn't realized that there was anyone else in the room. Turning, she saw that she'd been addressed by Peacoat, one of her colleagues in the school's history department.

"Not really," she told him when she'd calmed down. "In a perfect world...maybe. He says all the right words, and Xal knows there's still a lot of rebuilding that needs to be done. But we can't just...stand down half the army with the world the way it is. Maybe one day, but not now."

"Well," Peacoat told her, "I never knew you were so political."

"Neither did I," Flip Sides told him. "I don't know...maybe it's just Hot Rod getting to me. He can be really inspirational when he wants to be."

"Can't argue with that," Peacoat admitted. Then he shrugged. "Ah, well. I guess we'd best get back to work, eh?"

2010-02-20, 07:11 AM
Aftershocks Bar and Grill

Carrion the Bartender looked across at Warpath

"What will it be Sir?"

2010-02-20, 08:26 AM
Aftershocks Bar and Grill

warpath spun his chair over to Carrion get me a 'BAM!' round of your strongest, powerfulest, cheapest energon, for me and my dinobuddies here!"

2010-02-20, 09:52 AM
Outside Aftershock's Bar and Grill

Slag was hesitant to enter the bar knowing what awaited inside. He knew he'd be expected to resist his primary urge when confronted with all the attention that he didn't want. It would be too easy to give in to that urge especially after a few energon shots. So he waited outside for now.

2010-02-22, 09:53 AM
Wastelands, Sewers

As the now-divided trio of ISS officers moved down the pipeline, little did they know that their target, Repugnus, moved directly above them as they passed by.

(OOC: Will he continue on his way, or will he fight? It's up to you :))

Autobase, Optimus Prime's Office

“To prevent our preparations from being disclosed to the general public, we have utilized pre-existing resources with minimal outside funding. For now, I am afraid it will have to suffice,” Prowl answered Optimus Prime. “As we speak, several experimental and auxiliary class shuttles are undergoing the necessary renovations to make them combat capable."

From his optics, Prowl projected the holographic schematics of five of the aforementioned shuttles. "Vigilare, Integritas, Veracitas, Mirror-Manifold and the Calabi-Yau near completion. Each can man a crew from 2 to 6....."

He switched off the projection and resumed.

"Galaxy Shuttle is currently on standby, as are our available flight-capable officers. Trainbot, Multiforce and Turbomaster units are on reserve should you require them. I have also been informed, via our liaison with the ISS, that ‘Project: Guard City’ has produced promising results.”

Prowl handed Optimus a datapad as he continued.

“In an effort to defend Iacon from invasion, I have already prepared a proposal for your consideration,” he said. “Based on available resources, listed are several possible drafts to augment Autobase’s fortifications and pre-existent electromagnetic railgun, three recovered GADEP units and a prototype energy field. They await your approval.”

2010-02-22, 12:56 PM
Wastelands, Sewers

Repugnus considered ambushing the ISS officer directly underneath him, but decided that the less casualties, the better. After all, he had to remember which side of the fence he was on... sometimes the other Autobots make it too difficult. The Monsterbot thought bitterly.

The Monsterbot trudged on, crawling with his sickles along the ceiling, moving in the direction the ISS officer had said Crystal City was.

(OOC: and he'll reach there in a couple days, if you don't mind. :) )

Aftershock's Bar and Grill

Swoop espied Slag standing outside Aftershock's, and smiled. He folded his wings, aimed for his fellow Dinobot and allowed himself to drop like a stone. Well, a javelin. At the last minute, he transformed in breakneck speed and screeched to a stop in front of his fellow Dinobot.

"Fanboys getting to you too?" the bombardier asked his fellow Dinobot, smiling wryly.

2010-02-22, 01:47 PM
Aftershocks Bar and Grill

A mech vaguely reminiscent of Shockwave but binocular and ambidextrous walked up to the 2 Dinobots.

"Is Grimlock around his biggest fan wants to meet him."

Iacon Colonial Club

Buffer looked up as a club servant brought him a note and he took it from the silver tray and read it.

"Bullseye! a chance to serve the old stat e agian what !!"

He opened a com link to Prowl

"Brigadier Buffer Autobot Artillery Corps retd reporting in as requested. How may I be of service "

2010-02-22, 05:31 PM
Prime's Office, Autobase:

Prime: -takes the padd from Prowl, reading through the contents, signs where appropriate- "Consider them approved, Prowl. The more we can accomplish without drawing attention to it, the better." -sighs- "I never thought we'd have to worry about our own government interfering with defending our planet."

Grimlock: -snorts in disgust- "Me think we do better if simply break up government."

Prime: "That's where you're wrong. We need a government. We aren't a military dictatorship, and never will be. However, we can't be hamstrung by a civilian governing body who refuses to face the fact that whatever peace we have now is a temporary one."

Ironhide: "Yeah. Try pointin' that out to 'em. Ain't gonna get ya too far."

Prime: -ruefully- "True." -hands padd back to Prowl- "How long will it take the shuttles to scramble once the retrofitting is finished? And how well equipped is the ISS to fight off an invasion?"

2010-02-23, 06:49 AM
Secret Service HQ

Smokescreen watched as the first of the prisoners was put through a preliminary interrogation. Victory Leo had been stripped of his weapons and placed in a nigh-unbreachable containment cell, but as he watched Victory Leo throw himself, snarling, at every surface in the cell, Smokescreen was very grateful for the foot-thick glass between him and the berserk Transformer's claws and fangs. Cobalt's voice continued to play in the background, asking a series of simple questions, but it was obvious that Victory Leo didn't hear anything that he was saying.

Smokescreen turned away from the sad display, then crossed the entire width of the building's sub-basement until he reached the door that led into the prison infirmary.

"How is this one doing, Piper?" he asked the medic on duty.

"Better than the other one, by the sounds of it." The blue and white Micromaster looked up from where he was working. "Star Saber is actually a two-part robot, much like Ultra Magnus. Because of that he's got a very redundant neural net split between the core Micromaster and the outer armour. But I don't think whoever did...whatever they did to him, realized that."

"Interesting," Smokescreen nodded. "But what's the upshot here?"

"Well," Piper told him, "I can't be sure until I've actually tried it, but I think that the brainwashing protocol was only hard-coded into the transector's memory."

"Meaning that if we separate him from his armour, we might actually be able to talk to him."

"Maybe," Piper said. "The code has probably copied itself into the Micromaster's RAM by now, which means we'll have to put him into a deep stasis lock and shut down all of his neural functions entirely."

"But once he's done, assuming he lives, we'll be able to have a chat with Star Saber?"

"I'm not so sure about that," Piper told him. "From what I can tell, his memory chips have been reformatted or replaced recently. If he lives you'll be able to talk to him, but I can't promise he'll be able to remember anything useful...or anything at all, frankly."

Smokescreen thought for a second, then nodded. "Do it. I'll be watching the interrogation, just in case we manage to break through somehow. Let me know when it's done."

"Aye, sir," Piper said. Then he ducked back down and started his work.

2010-02-23, 01:28 PM
Aftershock's Bar and Grill

Swoop looked at the Shockwave-esque-bot and narrowed his optics. "No, he isn't here. Unless you count the three dozen wannabes dressed up like him inside the bar, anyway."

2010-02-23, 08:41 PM
Aftershock's Bar and Grill

The Shockwavesque mech nodded slowly

"Crush will be disappointed."

2010-02-24, 10:23 AM
(OOC @ Blackjack: Sounds good to me. Head on over to the Crystal City thread when you're ready :))


Optimus Prime's Office

"Production is on schedule. I estimate 2.5 solar cycles until retrofitting is complete," Prowl told Optimus.

(OOC: And you know that Prowl will happily crack the whip on the production team involved if Prime needs the ships sooner :))

Prowl produced yet another datpad and handed it over as he answered Optimus' next question.

"Sufficiently, though the situation required that I intervene. Under the appropiate pretext, of course," Prowl disingenuously smirked. "A, hmph, expiatory offering, if you will, to gain Red Alert's compliance. It is a project the ISS have dubbed Guard City. Not my choice, but appropriately named since that is essentially what we need it to do."

Prowl paused when he received an incoming transmission. "My apologies. Please excuse me for one moment," he said politely.

Turning away from the others, he took the call.

"Impeccable timing, Buffer. We were...just discussing you. I am currently in a conference. Are you available to meet with me afterwards?"

2010-02-24, 12:44 PM
Iacon Colonial Club

Buffer stroked his upper lip sub consciously as he replied to Prowls com.

"All good I hope as forf the meetingn Not problem at all old thing just name the time."

2010-02-25, 10:45 AM
Wastelands, Sewers

Repugnus kept on going, with the single thought of reaching Crystal City on his mind... (OOC: and he's off!)

Aftershock's Bar and Grill

Swoop shrugged at the Shockwave-lookalike. "Your name's Crush?" the aerial Dinobot asked.

2010-02-25, 12:35 PM
Aftershock's Bar and Grill

The mech shook his head.

"no I'm Bore , I'm Crush's targetmaster Crush is outside."

2010-02-26, 04:19 AM
Aftershock's Bar and Grill

Sludge eased his massive form into a chair next to the real Snarl, or at least who he hoped was the real Snarl. He then points to Warpath “Does he realize he’s not talking to us?” The one dressed as me is a few meters too short.

2010-02-26, 07:47 AM
Aftershock's Bar and Grill

Swoop shrugged. "Bore, isn't it?" the Dinobot stretched a little, and then sighed. "Why don't I get you a drink? Come on, Slag." the Dinobot entered Aftershock's, and strode over to the bar.

Seeing Sludge, Snarl and Warpath, Swoop smiled. At least I recognize some of the people here...

2010-02-28, 09:01 AM
Aftershock's Bar and Grill

Bore trotted after Swoop.

"Crush really is your biggest fan that is unless Omega Supreme has a secret thing about you."

2010-03-03, 11:18 AM
Aftershock's Bar and Grill

Swoop shrugged as he turned to the bartender. "Give me the strongest you got for me, the guy with the horns and him." Swoop said, thumbing Slag and Bore, respectively.

Turning back to the Shockwave-lookalike, Swoop grinned. "So, where is this 'Crush' fella?"

2010-03-03, 04:30 PM
Aftershocks Bar and Grill

"He's outside somewhere , he's too big to fit into lot of buildings. He sometimes gets mistaken for a small one. so to speak."

2010-03-05, 04:56 AM
Aftershock's Bar and Grill

"Ah, a massive... Citycon Targetmaster thing, isn't he?" Swoop said, grinning. If this guy is his gun, now he must be very big... "You two been in any fights before?"

2010-03-05, 06:09 PM
Factory Facility, Main Office:

Hot Rod: -sitting at a desk out of the way of the bustling support staff as they get ready to bring the factory back online shortly, working on a speech on a datapadd, activates commlink- "How do things look out there?"

Skies over the Factory Facility:

Tracks: -flight mode, circling the facility- "Looks good. We're getting quite the crowd here." -voice taking on a slightly worried edge- "I don't know about this...."

Hot Rod: "What? It's just a bunch of reporters and supporters."

Tracks: "My entire security training was a slap on the shoulder from Nightbeat and my marching orders. I'm not even sure what I should be looking for."

Hot Rod: "Just look for anything unusual."

Tracks: "It's a political rally and plant reopening. They all look pretty unusual."

Prime's Office:

Prime: "If you can get those ships operational any faster, Prowl, then please do." -turns to Grimlock as Prowl takes his call- "Check a shuttle out of the bay and get the Dinobots together."

Grimlock: -nods, stands- "Not planning to stay in one spot, though. Work better if we move around some." -strides out of the office-

Ironhide: "What'cha want me ta do?"

Prime: "Start checking weapons, ammo, and energon stores. I want to make sure we're ready when they come."

Ironhide: -gets to his feet- "Be easier if we just went ta alert status."

Prime: "It would also be easier if we didn't have to worry about the civilian government watching our every move. No matter what happens, we'll likely take the blame." -rueful tone slipping into his voice- "As much as I'd like to think they're not coming....."

Ironhide: -finishing the thought- "We ain't that lucky." -heads out the door-

Prime: -looking at the second padd Prowl gave him- "Is this Guard City program fully operational?"

2010-03-05, 07:56 PM
Optimus Prime's Office

"One mega-cycle (http://tfarchive.com/rpg/site/glossary/time_units), in my office," Prowl answered Buffer. "I look forward to our meeting. Now, if you will excuse me…"

Prowl disconnected his comlink and turned back around to face Optimus Prime.

"I apologize for the interruption. That was Brigadier Buffer of the Autobot Artillery Corps," Prowl told him (OOC: I hope I got the corps’ name right). “But, yes, ‘Project: Guard City’ is fully operational, all officers currently active. Volunteers have shown no adverse or discernible side effects. I can arrange a meeting if you wish to inspect them.”


Wastelands, Sewers – Near Crystal City

The SWAT team trekked through the vast network of pipelines underneath the city state, who had thus far managed to lose Repugnus. Aware they were drawing closer to the Crystal City border, time was rapidly running out.

Meanwhile, the ISS aerial support unit scoured the site from above, streaming the SWAT team’s progress back to ISS headquarters in Iacon.


Iacon Security Service HQ

“What are your orders?” a communications officer asked.

Red Alert glowered down at the officer’s work station as he watched the icons that represented his officers move along screen, ill at ease as they neared Crystal City. He let out a long sigh, then placed his hand on the communication officer’s shoulder.

“Open a channel to the tac-team in the Wastelands,” he quietly told the officer sitting below him. “Call them back.”

“Of course, sir.”

2010-03-06, 08:40 AM
The Slums of Iacon:

The battered old mech creaked along. He knew he'd be dying soon. Vorn upon vorn upon vorn of cheap fuel and intoxicating(and very corrosive) additives, not to mention being used as a Sharkticon and Gatorcon chew toy during the Quint occupation, hadn't done him much good.

But he'd fought back as well as he could, given as good as he could. He wasn't exactly a hero, but he'd done his duty.

By some miracle, he'd survived the insanity of the retake. He'd been dying at that point, savaged by Sharkticons that had been part of a reinforcement wave. What hurt the most, disemboweling aside, was the fact that he wouldn't be able to enjoy the freedom when all of the Autobots and Decepticons who'd fled came back and destroyed the Quints would bring.

And then........ He was there. His saviour. "Give me your life", he'd said, "and I will save you." The dying mech had readily agreed.

He'd been repaired, and his first task for his master had been to set up a network among the old, forgotten, and dying derelicts, to make them the optics and audio receptors of his master.

He saw the bench he'd been heading for and made his way over to it, sitting down to what appeared at first glance to be another derelict. The old mech sighed. "It is a beautiful day today, isn't it?"

The other derelict nodded, keeping his voice low. "Xal brings us many gifts, my son. How is it with you this day?"

Recognizing his master's carefully modulated tones, the old mech struggled to keep his relaxed pose. "I fear I will not live much longer. But each day, each breem, each astrosecond is a glorious gift from Xal."

"Very true, old friend. Very true. I do have one last favor to ask of you, though."

The old mech's gaze wandered down, noting the small datacube on the bench, covered by his master's hand. His master then slid it over to him unobtrusively. "Where do you wish it delivered?"

"I do not wish you to deliver it anywhere. Take it to the comm terminal three blocks over and plug it in. It will do the dialing and send the message."

The old mech covered the cube with his hand as his master removed his own. "As you command." The old mech stood, and started to make his way to the comm terminal three blocks away.

"Go with Xal, my son." The second derelict got to his feet, the holofield shimmering slightly around him as he started to head in the opposite direction.

Prime's Office:

Prime: -nodding to Prowl- "Arrange it, then. I'd like to meet these Guard City troops. And find out what kinds of resources Brigadier Buffer can bring. The more the better."

Meanwhile, back at the Slums.....:

The old mech, wheezing with the strain and the pain, made his way to the comm terminal. He knew his systems were going, but this was too much, too fast. Concentrating as much as he could, he plugged the cube into the comm terminal and thumbed the terminal's activator switch. As the handshaking protocols flashed across the screen, he felt his fuel pumps spasm and sieze for a moment, then shudder back to life. Clutching his chest, he watched the screen, saw the dialing indicator, saw the name of who was being called. Flip Sides.

He heard the ping as the message was uploaded into the system, reaching out a shuddering hand and removing the cube as his pumps spasmed and siezed again, the pain causing him to crumple the cube slightly. He staggered away from the terminal as his pumps siezed for the last time, his optics gazing darkly at the street as he collapsed lifelessly to the ground.

2010-03-06, 12:38 PM
Aftershock's Bar and Grill

warpath sat there with his drink finishing it off when he turned to the bartender "barkeep! get me a *BLAM* another drink, will ya?" spinning back to the dinobots there he said "so my fellow *KABOOM* dinobuddies, what adventures are being planned for the future? surely you *WIZZ-BANG!* have something planned that you can let your red buddy here and that crush guy join in on"

2010-03-08, 06:17 AM
Secret Service HQ

After another two hours of nothing but destructive rages, Smokescreen had told his men to sedate Victory Leo and put him back into stasis. The shell program that the Imperials had loaded was just too deeply ingrained into his memory systems -- without his real self there to fight it, the shell program had complete control and there was nothing Smokescreen could do about it.

Star Saber, on the other hand, at least had a shot at survival. The last time Smokescreen had checked, Piper had almost finished separating the core Brainmaster from the infected transtector body. Whether they would be able to extract anything useful from the inner robot or not was still up in the air, but at least he would be alive.

North Iacon Secondary School

As she heard the class bell start to ring, Flip Sides quickly checked her messages. She opened one in particular, then smiled broadly and stepped into the classroom.

"Good news, protoforms!" She practically beamed as she made her announcement to the students. "I had to pull a few strings to do it at the last minute, but we're going on a field trip today!"

"Where are we going?" one of the younglings asked.

"We're going to a rally for Hot Rod," she told him, "to see democracy in action!"

Some of the students groaned and some of them smiled, but most of them just looked happy to get out of the classroom for a few hours.

2010-03-08, 02:13 PM

Whirl, bored, began to pace around. After a while, he headed off towards Debris' target range. "One of these days, we'll have to get ourselves a holodeck or something..."

Aftershock's Bar and Grill

Swoop finished the drink handed to him by the bartender in one gulp, scowling at it. "Weak." The Dinobot growled. Turning to Warpath, he shrugged. "Dunno. The boss is being cooped up with Prime and all the others, so I figure we might be shipped off to some suicide mission sooner or later."

Flexing his fingers, Swoop grinned devilishly. "Basically, we have no idea where we're being pointed to next, only that we'll blow up whatever is in our way."

2010-03-08, 04:19 PM

Roadbuster: -surrounded by a small mountain of weapon parts as he cleans all of his guns- "We would have had one, or at least something similiar, if it wasn't for Hubcap."

Stepper: -finishes reassembling his plasma pulse blasters, twirls them and holsters them- "Not that we have to worry about him anymore."

Roadbuster: "True." -looks over at Whirl- "Might as well go get us a shuttle. We'll probably need it."

Shuttle Hangar, Iacon:

Grimlock: -strides in, pushing a handcart full of guns and extra ammo, adds it to the four others already in the shuttle, closes the cargo pod in the shuttle, gets into the pilot's seat, and starts warming up the shuttle's engines-

2010-03-09, 01:25 AM
Prime's Office

"It will be done," Prowl told Optimus. "Is there anything else you wish to discuss?"

(OOC: Uncharacteristically short :o)

2010-03-09, 08:18 AM

Whril shrugs, as he picked up a strip of incendiary shells to replenish those which had been spent during the chase with Repugnus. "You know, 'Buster, a shuttle would only be wrecked in a day or two. Wreckers... it's not just a name, y'know."

Shrugging, he added, "Still, not a bad idea to get one while we're waiting around for the scary Imperial forces to arrive. Imperials... Damn, I feel like I'm in a Star Wars movie..."

2010-03-10, 03:56 PM

Roadbuster: -shrugs- "So when you pick up the shuttle, remember to fill out that little insurance card. Then we won't be responsible." -using a delicate brush to clean the breech on his assualt rifle- "And given the firepower we've got, they might as well be Imperial Stormtroopers. The downside being that there'll be thousands of them and only a few of us."

Stepper: -smirking- "I call Han."

Aftershock's, Outside:

Grimlock: -lands the shuttle, gets out, starts heading for the entrance to the bar-

Prime's Office:

Prime: "We're done for now, Prowl. Until we have more information, there's not much more we can do."

2010-03-10, 05:23 PM
Aftershock's Outside

Crush loomed over Grimlock casting a shadow over him.

"Grimlock me big fan can you my armour sign and give me scar with your claws."

2010-03-11, 08:26 AM

Whirl made a sound that sounded like a chuckle. "Insurance companies? Hell, they avoid us like the plague. Some people say they're insured against us..."

At Roadbuster's comment on Imperial Stormtroopers, Whirl shrugged. "They've got a Death Star too. You know, it'd be good if they are comparable to Stormtroopers. Their shots never hit their targets..." turning to Stepper, Whirl shook his head. "No, that won't do. Han Solo has a big ape thing as a partner... Your little gremlin won't make a good Chewbacca."

Another shrug, and he said, "I call Wes Janson. I like obscure characters."

Aftershock's Bar and Grill

Swoop turned to look outside the bar and espied Grimlock from one of the windows. "Okay, Dinos, the boss is here." He called out to the other Dinobots.

Turning to Bore, he grinned. "Your partner's big. I like him... he seem like good to have on your side in a fight."

2010-03-11, 05:24 PM
Aftershock's Bar and Grill

Bore nodded.

"you definitely want him on your side , and out of your way he tends to step on mechs accidentally if he gets distracted. He's very friendly and even tempered although he does tend to take this Dinobot worship too far , no offense intended.

Bore lowered his voice.

"He has me decorate his internal corridors with Dinobot memorabilia. He even has a section of Elite Flying Corps memorabilia. Also just between you and me he's been having parts replacement surgery to make him more dinobotey."

2010-03-12, 01:56 AM
Aftershock's Bar and Grill

Sludge listened to the conversation not wanting, or even knowing what to say. He found himself wondering how a small meeting of the team, became such a large gathering of mechs. There were the five Dinobots, warpath, some bot that was suppose to be their chaplin, another one named Bore who was apparently a target master that belonged to someone the size of Omega Supreme.

He picked up his drink and turned it end up feeling the cool liquid flow down his throat. The feeling was over all too quickly They never make these things big enough. He was going to need a lot more to drink if things got any more complicated.

2010-03-12, 05:29 PM
Aftershock's, Exterior:

Grimlock: -looking up, Up UP at Crush, thinking to himself- 'Me think him escaped from Cybertron's version of Godzilla movie.' -transforms to dino mode, rising into the air on the jump jets in his legs- "Where you want me to sign?"


Stepper: -shrugs- "I'd rather have a good blaster at my side than depend on some mystical mumbo-jumbo." -smirks again- "So we just put the midget on stilts."

Nebulon: -perched on Stepper's shoulder, manages a gurgling bleep-

Stepper: "It's not like anybody else understands him."

Security HQ, Autobase, Exterior:

Omega Supreme sat in base mode, his tank continually patrolling. The tank track stretched around the base perimeter, and after all of this time, there was a part of him that wondered if maybe, just maybe, he should stand down. He didn't mind being assigned to security, after all, that's what a Guardian Unit did, really. Guard. He knew that, one day, the war would start again, once the Decepticons figured out who was really in charge.

He didn't even mind being on a continual state of high alert. He was used to that, too.

What was getting old was the constant, and unnoticed by the other Autobots, bumping of them over his tank track. It wasn't painful, per se, but it was like a constant minor itch somewhere you just couldn't reach.

He passed, yet again, his rocket and gantry units, situated just outside of security HQ. He still wasn't sure why Ironhide wanted them there. The old Autobot had mentioned something about "extra cells", and Nightbeat had said something about Omega being the "best place to store something we need to keep secure". He supposed both made sense. Ripping through his layers of duralloy, flintsteel, and endurachrome armor was something not much out there could accomplish. At least, not something that was prone to being sneaky. Predaking wasn't known for subtlety.

He also passed, took note of, and wondered in another part of his mind, why that old derelict had set up almost directly across from where his rocket and gantry units were. True, Autobase wasn't in the "swanky high society"(as Nightbeat would put it) parts of town, but just outside of a military instillation didn't seem to be the best place for the homeless to live......

Temple of Xal, "The Dead End":

He was bulky for a priest. He didn't carry himself with a military bearing, but his size and mass indicated that he'd started life as a soldier. His visor-covered optics looked out on his congregation of the poor and homeless, the derelict and destitute, the 'old mechs of Iacon'.

His optics and audio receptors.

Inwardly, he smiled. True, as an army, they'd be crushed in picoseconds, but as intelligence gatherers, they were quite good at what they did. After all, barring a few helpful souls, nobody noticed them.

And those helpful souls were, in time, more than willing to help him, as well....

2010-03-12, 08:48 PM

Scoop looked puzzled

"What the Frag are you are all blethering on about?"

Overdrive chuckled

"Doesn't that make him R2D2 and you C3PO."

Outside Aftershocks

Crush peered down at the rising Grimlock.

"Me be honoured of you can sign chest then everyone will be able to see it."

2010-03-13, 04:50 AM
Aftershock's Bar and Grill

Swoop grinned as Bore told him more about Crush, but his limited attention span was focused on Grimlock hovering and signing on the massive Autobot.

"Hmm. Hey, Sludge, Slag, Snarl, why don't we go out and say hi to Grimlock? The sooner we get to slag someone, the better. Warpath, Bore, why don't you two come along?" Gesturing to them, Swoop stood up from his chair and strode over to the door.


Whirl shook his head at Overdrive's comment. "Nebulon'd make a good R2-D2. But Stepper as C-3PO? Nah. He's not golden enough." jerking a claw at Scoop, Whirl said, "He'll do for a 3PO. He's stuffy enough..."

Placing a claw under his chin, Whirl clapped his hands together and said in mock exhiliration, "Ooh, I want to be Darth Vader! He gets to wear a black cape and he can choke people in the air and... and..."

2010-03-13, 12:42 PM
Aftershock's Bar and Grill
"that would be great! KABLAMOO thanx," warpatth said as he downed his drinks and stood up getting ready to walk outside with his new autobot pals

2010-03-13, 09:06 PM

"Very well, I take my leave then," Prowl bowed to Optimus Prime. "I will keep you updated on our progress and will have the Guard City Unit see you as soon as they are able."

Prowl turned away from the Autobot leader and exited his office.


As he strode down the stretch of corridors back to his own office to meet with Buffer, Prowl opened a com channel - first to the staff of The Decagon.

"Sir?" A voice answered.

"The word is given," Prowl said. "Reconstruction of units 001 and 002 may commence. You have 1.5 solar cycles. I expect to be updated on your progress in regular intervals."

"Of course, sir. It will be done."


Prowl closed the channel and opened a new one - this time to the Decagon staff overseeing shuttle retrofitting.

"Yes, sir?"

"How goes the renovations?" Prowl inquired.

"On schedule as per your instructions," the officer replied.

"Good. Should Optimus Prime require those shuttles sooner, you will have no objections to speeding up production," Prowl told him rather than asked. "Within the end of this solar cycle, perhaps?"

"Err, umm, with all due respect, sir, staff is working as fast as they can. It would be impossible to..."

"Then you will be provided the additional manpower," Prowl interrupted. "The [insert construction firm] should be sufficient. I will be by to oversee your team's progress as soon as I am able."

"Of course, sir. End of the solar cycle it is," the officer nervously answered. "We look forward to seeing you."

2010-03-14, 12:16 AM
Aftershock's, Exterior:

One advantage to this body that his shell had rebuilt, Grimlock had to admit, was that it gave him a couple of more options for attacking things in dino mode. The improved jump jet control was one. The other was the fact that he had a very big, very powerful gun mounted on his back.

Of course, blowing chunks out of your fans, while somewhat satisfying, was ultimately detrimental. Huge numbers of fans meant huge numbers of people willing to back you if...... say...... you decided that the current Autobot leader was weak and should be replaced.

But that was a thought for another day.

The Guardian blaster that was his main weapon now, according to what he'd been told after they checked him over post-close encounter with plasma streamer, destroyed baby pocket universes and converted the energy of their destruction into..... something. At that point, his mind had started wandering because the tech geek they'd sent to explain this to him was really, REALLY boring. He didn't care about quantum thermodynamics and trans-dimensional universal engineering. All he cared about was this: 'Me pull trigger, what Me shoot at go boom.'

Blowing a large hole through Crush's chest was the last thing he wanted to do. The Guardian blaster could still come in handy, though. The bayonet, after all, is more powerful than the pen.

Grimlock: -hovering at chest level- "Want autograph to be permanent, or want paint?"

2010-03-14, 09:20 AM
Outside Aftershocks

Crush looked down at Grimlock

"me want it to be permament of course and if after you have signed you could slash armour with claws to underline it."

Crush's optics glowed eagerly and he looked like an over eager puppy dog.

2010-03-14, 06:41 PM
Aftershock's, Exterior:

Grimlock: -thinking to himself- 'Well, he ask for it.' -moves in a little closer, head lowering slightly as the bayonet blade extends, the diamond-carbide tip gouging into Crush's chest armor, gimbals and servos in the Guardian blaster's mount whining slightly as he managed to write, in somewhat sloppy Cybertronian 'GRIMLOCK', then manages some artful manouvering with his legs and jump jets to rake both sets of claws across Crush's torso beneath his signature-


Stepper: -to Whirl- "I thought you were going to be Wes Janson."

Roadbuster: -reassembling his assualt rifle and setting it aside- "I call Judge Dredd."

Stepper: "He's not in the Star Wars pantheon."

Roadbuster: "Maybe not." -picking up the dismantled grenade launcher, starts cleaning it- "But I'm not that huge a Star Wars fan."

Securiity HQ, Autobase:

Nightbeat: -looking at what he's typed, scowls-

Chromedome: -leaning back in a chair, looks over- "What?"

Nightbeat: "I've managed to type up this wonderful, eloquent report detailing why I want Siren and Hosehead in security. But......."

Road Rage: -sitting at the comms switchboard- "But what?"

Nightbeat: "It doesn't feel right."

Road Rage: "Too long? Too much information?"

Nightbeat: -nodding-

Chromedome: "So why do you want them in security?"

Nightbeat: -looks over as the door opens and Hardhead walks in- "Because while we're fine at keeping things that don't require much man-"

Road Rage: -scowls dangerously-

Nightbeat: "Er, personpower, safe, we can't really investigate. They've worked with me enough, they know what to look for."

Chromedome: "Hey Hardhead."

Hardhead: -nods-

Road Rage: "So why not simply tell him that? You know the boss isn't one for flowery words and huge, overly long reports."

Nightbeat: "Makes sense." -hits delete, starts typing again-

2010-03-14, 07:43 PM
Outside Aftershocks

Crush angled his head down to examine the gash on his armour.

"me like, you my hero Grimlock. Me think dinobots are best Autobot team ever. Me written poem about Grimlock would you like to hear it?"

2010-03-14, 08:22 PM
Aftershock’s Bar and Grill

Sludge stood up and quickly headed for the door. It’s about time. This place is overcrowded, and all these mechs are crazy in my opinion. In his rush for the door he bumped into a quite a few of the other patrons. Several rude comments followed him out the bar, but they died down when everyone noticed who it was.

Once outside Sludge gave a bit of pause as he watched Grimlock attack the giant mech's chest. He's a little big to be picking a fight with...

2010-03-15, 03:02 AM
Secret Service HQ

Smokescreen watched as Piper finished closing off the last panels that he'd cracked open in the process of excising Star Saber's core Brainmaster. After a few minutes worth of checking instrument readings, the medic turned around and said, "I can bring him online any time now."

Piper hopped off of his surgical table and walked toward Smokescreen. "But understand one thing: however much of his previous life he remembers, that guy in there isn't the enemy. The guy who tried to kill Prime is locked up in there," he nodded toward the transtector at the back of the medical bay. "I don't want you interrogating him about something he had no part of."

Smokescreen tilted his head to one side and said, "Of course not. I'm not Roadbuster. I'm a professional."

Piper stared at him for a few seconds with a not-quite-insubordinate look on his face, then adjusted a few settings on his control pad. A few seconds later, the Brainmaster started to stir.

"Uh..." The small Autobot, only marginally larger than a Micromaster, slowly pushed himself up into a sitting position. "Where am I?"

"You're safe," Piper told him. "You're in the infirmary of a secure Autobot base."

"You...you look familiar. Do I know you?"

"We've never met," Piper told him. "But my body frame is fairly common. You've probably met a different field medic who looks like me."


Smokescreen took a step forward, and something about his body language made it clear to both Piper and the Brainmaster that he was taking charge of the situation. "Do you know who you are?"

"I...no, not really," the Brainmaster told him. "I think...I think my name is Saber? They did something to me, but I can't...I'm not sure--"

"It's OK," Smokescreen told him. "Some of it will come back, given time."

"That's easy for you to say," Saber snapped. "You're not the one who's brain has been messed with! Slag, for all I know it was you who did it! Maybe that's why I recognize your runt over there?" He glared at Piper. "What was your name again? Pipo?"

"Piper," the medic clarified. He was momentarily confused -- after all, he hadn't introduced himself at all. "The big guy is Smokescreen. He's the boss around here."

"If I said we didn't do anything to you," Smokescreen added, "that would be a lie. When we found you, what the Decepticons had done to you...well, it was horrendous. They wiped your memories, then loaded a shell program onto the blank datatracks. Piper did the best he could to fix you, but..." Smokescreen shook his head. "There was only so much he could do. I know it's disorienting, and it will take a long time before you start to feel whole again. But we're here to help."

"So you say," Saber retorted. "But I don't know you. And him? He looks like someone I used to know, but he says he isn't. I don't trust you."

"I can't blame you," Smokescreen said evenly. "In your position, I wouldn't trust me either. But there must be something we can do to help you along."

Saber pondered that for a moment, his head dropping down to stare at the floor. To Piper it looked like he was sifting through the fragments of memories that he still had to his name, desperately looking for something, anything he could grab a hold of. After a few minutes of silence he looked up and stared Smokescreen right in the eyes.

"You can take me to Optimus Prime."

North Iacon Secondary School

Flip Sides watched as the students were loaded into one of the school's transports -- not trusting that they would go where they were supposed to go, if she had let them drive themselves -- before climbing aboard herself.

2010-03-15, 05:14 PM
Aftershock's, Exterior:

On the face of it, the casual observer of standard Dinobot behaviour would be surprised that Grimlock hadn't attempted to kill, or at least seriously injure, Crush by this point.

That being said, what Grimlock hadn't been prepared for after the earlier.....retasking.... of Iacon's only Decepticon poser bar into Cybertron's only Dinobot poser/fan bar was, well, fans.

Every civilian Grimlock had had the misfortune to deal with up to this point would either see him coming and run frantically in the other direction, groan at having to deal with what look(and acts) like a dim-witted knuckle dragger, or be knocked out of the way because Grimlock didn't have time for them.

Seeing hordes of Autobot civilians cosplaying him, at first, made him shudder. It wasn't what he was used to. But even Grimlock has that great Achilles heel, ego. Suddenly he's got groupies who are willing to stroke his ego.

What he has yet to figure out is how to get away from them......

Grimlock: -lands, transforms back to robot mode- "Hope it short poem. Me here to get other Dinobots."

2010-03-16, 04:12 AM
Aftershock's, Exterior

Swoop exited the bar after Sludge, mildly amused to see Grimlock autographing Crush. Swoop patted Sludge's massive shoulder when he recognised the confused look on his fellow Dinobot. "That's not the enemy. They're just fooling around."

Walking up to Grimlock, Swoop grinned, "Dinobots are here, boss. I see you've met your biggest fan."


"Yeah, but Wes Janson is good with shuttles and starships. I crashland them whenever I get my claws on the controls." Whirl answered Stepper, waving his claws, "These things aren't made for precision flying, you know... But you're right, I like Wes Janson more than Vader."

Shrugging, he said, "Well, that said and done, Whirl Janson is going off to get the Wreckers a shuttle. Cross your fingers and hope that I don't crashland it on the way, yeah?" turning to the others, he asked, "Anyone wants to come along?"

2010-03-16, 11:30 AM
Outside Aftershocks

Crush shuffled nervously as he prepared to read his poem to the Grimlock. In doing so he demolished a selection of street furniture and small delivery vehicle.

Crush nodded slowly

"it got 47 verses but if Grimlock in hurry will just read first few.

"Tremble at the sight of Grimlock
surrounded by his loyal flock
he is mighty, he is fierce
he your armour plate will pierce
with his cutting wit
he from no one takes any slag
like a star shining so bright
you can rely on him in a fight
even Fruitloop Multipuck look down on Him
there is no-one quite like Big Grim..."

2010-03-18, 12:05 AM
Prowl's Office, Autobase

Prowl returned to his office and took his place at his desk. Concluding his business with Optimus Prime earlier than expected, he kept himself occupied with defensive measures while he waited for his scheduled meeting with Buffer.

Situating himself in front of the monitor at his desk, Prowl opened a com channel.

"Jetfire," he said. "Could you report to my office? There is a project that I would like you to oversee."



Millions of miles outside of Cybertron, two large star cruisers, appearing out of nowhere, suddenly disengaged from warp speed.

The ships were battle worn. At least by all appearances they were. Twisted masses seemingly comprised of wreckage, one might assume the ships underwent hasty repairs. How the cruisers were able propel through space at such velocity defied all logic...

At least to the uninitiated it did.

As they approached Cybertron, one of the ships transmitted a distress signal, playing a strange message in a continuous loop.

"...I'll send an SOS to the world. I'll send an SOS to the world. I hope that someone gets my. I hope that someone gets my. I hope that someone gets my. Message in a bottle..."

2010-03-18, 12:59 PM
Aftershocks, heading outside

Warpath manuvered his way through the crowd and made it outside to see grimlock and the giant robot,"RUUUNNN ITS GODZILLA!" he screamed " then realized there was an autobot symbol " oh, its cool every one he's with me" i think he thought to himself, looking at all the dinobot fanboys building up his speech problem he found a way to get all the dinoboys running. "BOOM" he yelled out into the crowd, and watched as allot of the fans ran away except for 3 or 4 of the deaf-reallly desperate fans of grimlock " there you *BAM* go buddy, i thought you may needed some *ZOOM*room to discuss to some stuff to your fellow dinobots"

2010-03-19, 12:54 PM

Snarl got up from his seat as he saw Swoop and Sludge walk out. Guess it's time to go, he thought and headed towards the exit, pushing other 'bots out of his way.

On his way out, he the otehrs and walks towards them.

2010-03-19, 03:32 PM
Aftershock's, Exterior

Swoop couldn't help but chuckle as Warpath got rid of a majority of the cosplayers around Aftershock's. Well, there goes the crowd. Maybe we'll actually have some peace of mind.

Snarl then exited the bar, and Swoop regarded the desert warrior with a brisk nod and a cocky smirk. He knew how moody Snarl could get, so he didn't try to strike a conversation.

2010-03-22, 01:37 PM
Aftershock's, Exterior

"So," Snarl said with his arms crossed over each other as he stood next to Swoop, "What's the plan?"

2010-03-23, 09:47 AM
Aftershocks, Exterior

"Dunno." Swoop answered Snarl. "Waiting for big Grims to finish talking to our number one fan."

2010-03-24, 12:24 AM
Aftershock's Exterior

Crush rumaged in subspace and pulled out a camera

"Can Crush get photo of all Dinobots together."

2010-03-24, 06:04 AM
Aftershock's, Exterior:

Grimlock: "Fine. Only one. Then have to take Dinobots and go."

2010-03-24, 06:00 PM
Aftershocks, Exterior

"Ah, the pains of being a celebrity..." Swoop said as Crush requested a photograph. "C'mon, guys. The sooner we get this over with, the faster we get to whipping the butts of whoever pisses off the Autobot high command today."

Shrugging, the Dinobot strode over towards Grimlock.


Whirl took into the air, his mind filled with thoughts of shuttles (and Star Wars), thinking which sort he should get for the Wreckers.

2010-03-25, 03:57 PM
High Science Lab, Iacon:

Hanging on a magno-hook on a wall in this lab is a set of heavy boosters, part of a Fuel And Sensor Tactical pack. On a table beneath them are a pair of heavy-looking bracers and a helmet, completing the pack equipment, along with the sign "Test Set #578". Scrawled in neat Cybertronian beneath it are the words, "Let's hope it works this time."

Jetfire: -activating his commlink- "I'll be there in a couple of minutes, Prowl." -deactivates his commlink, turns away from his workbench, strides out of the room-

2010-03-25, 04:30 PM
Aftershock's Exterior

Crush removed a large tripod and adjusted it and attached the camera ,crouching uneasily between 2 rows of buildings.

"Me take picture quickly."

Striker moved forward next to Swoop

Crush frowned

"no not you me just want proper Dinobots."

2010-03-25, 10:13 PM
Aftershock's Exterior

Seeing Swoop and Grimlock move into position, Snarl grunts. He hates all this extra attention that he's getting an prefers to be left alone. "Fine," he says as he takes place next to Grimlock for the picture. He crosses his arms over each other. "Hurry up."

2010-03-26, 09:44 AM
Aftershocks, Exterior

Swoop chuckled when Crush shooed Striker away. Grinning, he told Crush, "Nah, big guy... he's our newest member, Striker. Some sort of priest fighter assigned to the Dinobot."

Swoop gestured to Slag and Sludge to join them.

2010-03-26, 08:57 PM
Aftershock's Exterior

Looking at his team mates Sludge figured he didn't get a choice in the matter and slowly walked up behind Grimlock Swoop, and Snarl. Maybe I could try and hide behind them? He gave up the idea knowing there was no way he could do it with out making it obvious. "I'm with Snarl, lets get this over with."

2010-03-26, 09:35 PM
Aftershocks Exterior

Crush muttered

"not been same since they got rid of Paddles, original line up was best."

He backed up framing the shot. He crushed a hover-car in the process.

Bore sighed

"would you prefer I took the photo."

Crush scowled

"no me no need you fussing over me all time. Crush can take photo on own."

He looked over at Dinobots

"ok camera lined up now please say fermented lactose product."

2010-03-28, 09:40 AM
Aftershocks', Exterior

Swoop smiled when Crush told them to, just not too widely. After all, they had the reputation of being badass, ruthless killers to maintain. "He means cheese, Sludge." The aerial Dinobot whispered to his larger comrade.

2010-03-28, 11:48 AM
Aftershocks', Exterior

Snarl just stood there, arms crossed and not smiling.

2010-03-28, 02:05 PM
Aftershocks Exterior

Crush pressed a button on the camera and the flash went off like a flare and a giant polaroid slowly appeared out of the bottom.

2010-03-28, 11:55 PM
Aftershock's Exterior

Rubbing his optics sludge looked to where he remembered Swoop standing, "I don't think it made a difference what we said."

2010-03-29, 01:03 PM
Aftershocks, Exterior

Swoop shrugged at Sludge, "So long as it keeps the fans happy. Better to have them come with us with polaroids than with sickles and torches. Hell, it's better this way than to be locked up in a cupboard back at the Ark."

2010-03-29, 05:18 PM
Aftershock's, Exterior:

Grimlock: -slightly dazed by the flash, wondering idly if he was going to have red optic in the picture.... then remembering that his optic band is red anyway, so the question is moot, starts trying to herd the rest of the Dinobots towards the shuttle- "It very nice to meet you, Crush. Must do it again sometiime."

2010-03-31, 10:47 AM
Aftershocks, Shuttle

Swoop waved good-naturedly at Crush, Bore and Warpath, "See you guys around!"

As soon as he entered the shuttle, the smile, as well as all pretense of friendliness, disappeared, and is replaced by a more Dinobot-like scowl. In here, with his friends, he had to re-adopt his scary attitude, for establishing that he is still a Dinobot if not for the benefit of their newest recruit. It's a little personal tragedy, having to hide his real good-natured temperament. "So, Grimlock... what's the plan?"

(OOC- edited. Swoop is a nice guy pretending to be scary, not the other way round...)

2010-03-31, 11:06 AM

"Finally," Snarl snarled. He entered the shuttle following Swoop. He took a seat and turned it into the direction where Swoop and Grimlock are standing. "As if the Dinobots need a plan. Lets just do something."

2010-03-31, 10:52 PM
Aftershock's, Exterior
Waving goodbye to the dinobots in the shuttle Warpath looked up at Crush, he said " wait hold on is that a tear?"

2010-04-01, 06:07 AM
Secret Service HQ

Smokescreen sat at his desk with his fingers steepled and a frown on his face, pondering his conversation with Saber. He didn't move at all for a few minutes, staying so still that it seemed like he'd been carved out of stone.

But once he'd made his decision, he jolted to life so quickly that it would seem like he'd been struck by lightning. His hand reached out for the comm system built into one side of his desk and he punched in a familiar -- if not often used anymore -- contact code.

"This is Smokescreen calling Optimus Prime," he said.

Factory Facility

The school bus pulled up, and Flip Sides mentally counted the students as they filed out of the vehicle.

"Hurry, hurry," she urged them. "We've got to get in quickly, or we'll miss the speech."

2010-04-01, 07:37 AM
Iacon-Tygun Span Borders

Returning after an extended, and rather unexpected stay on board the Fearless, The Fortune arrived outside the Iacon-Tygun Span borders. As the small shuttle crossed the city-state line, Doubledealer was hailed by the nearby control tower.

“Passenger of custom-category shuttle, please state your designation and the nature of your visit,” a customs officer asked.

Dealer pressed a switch on the console, transmitting a simulacrum avatar - a unassuming orange and white armoured mechanoid - onto the monitor of the officer waiting on the other end of the line.

“Uh, yeah, hi. My name? It’s Spoons (http://counter-x.net/gobots/reviews/series2/spoons.html),” Dealer answered (OOC: Yay! Spoons! :)). “I’m from North Iacon. I’m returning from a metallurgical study in the Wastelands. I made a rather fascinating discovery. Amazing stuff. Did you know that radiation levels…”

“Please transmit your clearance code,” the officer frigidly interrupted.

“Oh, yeah, sure,” Dealer’s simulacrum frowned feignedly. “Here you go.”

Pressing another switch on the console, he waited as the forged ID went through.

“You’re cleared. Continue on your way,” the regulations officer said.

“Okie dokie,” the simulacrum smiled.

After closing the channel, Dealer gripped the steering apparatus and guided the Fortune into Iacon.

"Home sweet home!"


Border Regions, The Mezzanine - Penthouse Suite

Ga’mede sat at Magnificus’ desk in front of a monitor, going over the books when a message popped up on the corner of the screen.

“Hmm, what’s this?” Ga’mede said as he examined the message. “…Crossed Iaconian border?" he reiterated outloud.

Ga’mede looked over the screen at Magnificus.

“Okay. Why, pray tell, did our system just alert me that Dealer crossed the Iaconian border?" Ga’made raised his brow.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just a little safeguard I had installed,” Magnificus waved dismissively.

“Really?” Ga’mede grinned. “You don’t trust our associate?”

“Ha! Now what would give that idea?” Magnificus chuckled. “You mind doing something for me?” he then asked. “Call Blades. I have a little assignment for him.”

2010-04-01, 03:43 PM
Prime's office, Autobase:

Prime: -mutes the vidfeed from the factory facility newscoverage, activates commlink- "Prime here. What is it, Smokescreen?"

Prowl's office, Autobase:

Jetfire: -hits the door buzzer- "Prowl? It's Jetfire."

Factory Facility:

Tracks: "What the......"

Hot Rod: -finishing his speech, looks up- "What?"

Tracks: -squinting- "We just got a busload of students."

Hot Rod: -chuckling- "Great. They're here to see democracy in action. They're the next generation, the ones who will take the planet forward-"

Tracks: "You're not that much older than they are."

Hot Rod: -shrugs- "It's the thought that counts." -hits a switch, speakers around the facility start playing "Dare" followed by "Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way" to psych up the crowd-

2010-04-01, 07:21 PM
Iacon Imperial Club

Buffer opened a com link to Prowl

"I'm my way over old chap shall we meet in your office, what ?"

2010-04-02, 09:30 AM
Prowl's Office, Autobase

Prowl, in usual fashion, sat at his station reading through a stack of datapads piled on his desk when Buffer called.

"Yes, of course," Prowl answered. "I have a prior arrangement before our scheduled meeting, but I should be finished by the time you arrive."

On cue, the buzzer at his door chimed.

“Ah, and there he is now,” Prowl said. “I will see you soon, Buffer.”

Prowl ended the transmission and looked across the room to the door.

“Enter,” he called out.

The door slid open, revealing Jetfire on the other side.

“Punctual,” Prowl told the science officer. “Excellent. Please come in.”

He gestured to an empty chair in front of his desk.

2010-04-03, 03:31 PM
Secret Service HQ

"I've finished my first stage of interrogation on the prisoners," Smokescreen told Prime. "The results aren't good. It appears that both subjects have had their memory cores either removed or erased, and were then infected with a persistent shell program that was burned into their firmware. Victory Leo is non-responsive, and doesn't appear to be interested in anything other than eating my staff."

He took a deep breath, then said, "Star Saber is a different story, though. My medic investigated and found out that the shell program only infected his transtector. We managed to separate him, and he is responsive and cooperative...but he's also a complete blank slate with almost no memories of his past life."

Smokescreen paused again, and despite his best efforts it was obvious that he was reluctant to relay this last part. "He must have some memory, though, because he's asked to talk to you. I'm not sure that would be advisable, though."

Factory Facility

Flip Sides escorted her class into a section of seating not far from the stage that had been reserved for them. She took her seat at the end of the aisle, then sat down and waited with proverbial bated breath for Rodimus Pr -- No, it's just Hot Rod again. Pity. -- Hot Rod to show up and make his speech.

2010-04-03, 06:53 PM
Aftershock's Exteriror

He pushed past his comrads to the seat closest to the front. We do everything they ask why would anybody be crying? Sludge thought when he heard warpath. He didn't even care to look around and see who it was.

As he sat he heard the chair grown from his weight. "Are we leaving yet?"

2010-04-05, 06:27 AM
Prime's Office, Autobase:

Prime: "Advisable or not, we need whatever information he can give us. I'll come down to see him. On his own, there's probably not much he can do." -stands- "I'll be there shortly." -heads for and goes through his office doors-

Factory Faciility:

To a wild tumult of cheers and applause, Hot Rod strode to the podium. Tracks followed, his optics sweeping the crowd.

Hot Rod smiled at the crowd as he started his speech. "My fellow Autobots, thank you for coming here today."

2010-04-05, 10:35 AM

"Yeah, don't keep us in suspense." Swoop said, looking at Grimlock in expectation. "Where are we headed next?"

Above Factory Facility

Whirl hovered above the factory where Hot Rod was giving his speech. Things seemed to go well for the kid, the Wrecker decided. -No sense in going in and ruin everything.-

"Now where in the world am I going to find a cheap shuttle?" he mused to himself cheerfully as he flew upside-down around the general area.

2010-04-06, 03:54 AM
Secret Service HQ

"It's not that easy," Smokescreen replied to Prime. "The last thing either of us wants is for you to be photographed walking in the front door. We might as well hang a big 'Secret Intelligence Service' sign up, and it really wouldn't play well in the media with an election coming. I'll send you the address of one of our safehouses, though, and have one of my people bring you in through a secret entrance."

He paused, then added, "One more thing: I'm not entirely sure I believe that this isn't just a new wrinkle in his 'kill Prime' brainwashing. Bringing a bodyguard wouldn't be a bad idea."

Factory Facility

Flip Sides got up to cheer along with the crowd as Hot Rod arrived, but she quickly found herself weak in the knees. She sat down, then chided herself, Stop it! You're responsible for all of these sparklings -- stop reacting like one of them would at a Rosanna concert!

2010-04-06, 05:35 AM
Outside of Security HQ, Autobase:

"Might as well face it, old son. You're a dead mech walking. A casuality waiting for that fatal energy blast." He briefly shuddered remembering his last mission. "Or a zombie horde....." He stopped, looking at his transfer orders on the datapadd in his hand, then he looked at the simple plaque next to the doors. "Security Headquarters." He chuckled, marvelling at how the Fates occasionally worked their ways. "Why'd anybody think that I'd make a good Bronze?" With a bemused sigh, Outback walked through the doors.

Prowl's Office, Autobase:

Jetfire: -walks into Prowl's office, sits down- "What's up?"

Corridors, Autobase:

Prime: -striding along, into commlink- "You raise a valid point, Smokescreen. I'll swing by security and bring someone with me."

2010-04-06, 07:01 PM
(OOC: Sorry about the length, folks. It's stuff that needs to be told. Honest. Most of it will eventually help other people move their stories/characters forward :) )

Prowl’s Office, Autobase

“A great many things,” Prowl flatly told Jetfire. “Preparations, defensive measures and the like,” he quickly added.

Prowl slid a datapad across his desk to Jetfire.

“The schematic I just handed to you is for an experimental deflector shield generator,” he continued. “Included is an index of the required materials and technology. Resource availability should not be concern; you will find that the parts are readily on hand.”

Prowl pointed to the screen on the datapad

“If you observe the simulation model,” he said. “For a project of this scope, we would require four generators to maintain the field’s integrity. Take note of the chart enclosed. When properly positioned, the generators will create a multi-layered ‘dome’ over Autobase. Shield energy distortions are projected to contain high levels of gravitons* and should deflect most matter or energy that comes into contact with it.”

(OOC: * Hey, I’m just winging it with the sci-fi technobabble. Just shooting in the dark and hoping it sounds plausible :o)

“This is where you are needed,” he told Jetfire. “The, shall we say, inhospitable political climate necessitates that not only should this project remain undisclosed to the general public, but that we must devise an alternative energy source to power these generators. One that is not reliant on public utility since energy expenditures for this project would be substantial. I need you to devise this alternative. The science and technical division is at your disposal should you need them, or if prefer, you may select your own staff.”


Iacon Medical and Research Institute

Several months had passed since First Aid was recovered from a condemned Border Region’s apartment complex. What drew him to such a place, however, remains a mystery. Even to him. Three solar cycles of his life seemingly erased from existence – or so the ISS investigators handling the case more or less explained.

After gruelling interrogations and psychoanalyses, the ISS permitted First Aid to resume his post at the IMR. Trying his hardest not let the mysteries of the past trouble him, First Aid kept himself preoccupied with his usual duties as well as all the monotonous administrative paperwork that his mentor Ratchet passed down to him.

At the moment he was supervising an operation. First Aid looked on, watching his student’s movements attentively as the young surgeon guided his tool into the open chest compartment of a offline patient.

“Mmm-hmm,” First Aid nodded. “Steady your grip...narrow the beam by 9 percent…Oh, careful not to cauterize those valves together…Good. Now patch him up,” he gently placed his hand on the nervous student’s shoulder.

First Aid turned away from the slab and entered the sanitation booth that separated the operation room and the observation chamber. He stood still in a ‘T’ formation as a wide beam of green light scanned over his body.


As First Aid exited, he activated his com-link and contacted his receptionist. “What’s next on the itinerary?” he asked.

“You have a scheduled inspection in the upper west wing in 1.5 breems,” the receptionist informed him. “And at [insert time] you’ll be giving a lecture in the Mederi Hall…”

“Inspection? Oh, yes, that’s right,” First Aid said. “In long-term care. Tell them I’ll be by soon.”


Doubledealer’s Place, Border Regions

Soon after crossing the Iacon-Tygun Span border, the Fortune whizzed through the Border Regions, close to the Alithex/Iacon city-state line, until reaching Doubledealer’s home. The small shuttle slowly lowered down as the hanger adjoining the main building yawned open. Once the shuttle touched down, Dealer stood up from the cockpit, approached the side hatch and strode down the ramp onto the hanger floor.

“Ah, be it ever so humble,” he said as moved through the garage and into the loft of the main building.

“Right. Business first,” he muttered. “Okay, where to start?”

He glanced around the large open room until his optics rested at the computer sitting on his desk.

“The Tagan Heights business first, then,” he said silently as he plopped down in front of the monitor. “Need to get those documents in order if Sao’s going to take me or Giggy’s proposition seriously.”

2010-04-09, 06:34 AM
Prowl's Office, Autobase:

Jetfire; -blinks a few times- "Well, I might have a few ideas. How soon do we need it?"

Security HQ, Autobase:

Outback stood just inside the doorway, staring at the room before him. There was a red and black fembot that bore a striking resemblence to Tracks seated behind a large desk who was fixing him with a cursory stare(and appeared to be aiming both of her overhead magnabomb launchers at him). There were a couple of Headmasters off to the side, watching a newsfeed. Further back, he could see a couple of office doors, and one wall appeared to be made up of holding cells.

With a swagger that felt rather forced, Outback walked up to the desk. "G'day."

Road Rage cocked an eyebrow at him. "Yes?"

Outback smirked. "Don't get all narked, Shelia. Oi'm ya new recruit."

Road Rage sighed. "Great. Just great. First I have to practically run a translation program to understand the boss when he gets royally ticked off, and now I have to figure out what a reject from The Road Warrior is saying."

Chromedome: -looks over- "Calm down, 'Rage. Hot Rod's starting his speech."

Road Rage scowled. "Then tell Crocodile Dingbat here to speak normally."

Outback shrugged. "Oi am speakin' nahmally." As he stood watching her, he began to wonder if maybe he should cut back on the accent a little, otherwise, if her expression was any indication, she was going to rip his legs off and beat him to death with them.

Prime: -walks in- "I need one of you to come with-"

Road Rage smiled sweetly. "I've got your mech right here, Optimus. Outback, go with him."

Prime: -looking down at Outback- "Uh..."

Outback looked a little hesitant as he looked up at Prime, then looked back at Road Rage. "Kinda hopin' Oi could talk ta the boss-fella first."

Road Rage kept smiling that sweet smile as she pulled out a datapadd and tossed it to him. "Here's your manual. The boss is busy. Otherwise he's the one that would be going with Optimus."

Prime: -nods- "Very well. Come on, Outback." -walks out-

Outback sighed, and with that sudden sense of impending doom rushing back with even greater intensity, followed Prime out of the office.

Grimlock's shuttle:

Grimlock: -looking at his Dinobots- "We all here in this shuttle because Prime think Imperials going to attack soon. Him want us to hit one of their landing zones when they start attack. Hope we can slow them down enough for rest of army to arrive."

Factory Facility:

Hot Rod: -smiling his most winning smile at the crowd- "I've asked you all to join me here today to celebrate the reopening of this factory, to celebrate the fact that this represents a new beginning for this place, and for all who will be employed here, regardless of what party they support!" -waits for the laughter to die down- "I know it's been a long road, and many of you aren't sure what to think of me. But I'm here to show you that I can get results!" -pauses to let the cheering continue-

Tracks: -scanning the crowd, still not sure what to look for, wishing he'd had time to read the manual.....-

2010-04-09, 11:45 AM

Swoop grinned, smacking his left fist into his right palm. "In other words, the five of us get to face the Imperials single-handedly. This is just perfect!"

The Dinobot paused for a moment, then added, "You sure high command isn't just trying to get rid of us?"

Factory Facility

Paperweight, following the Hot Rod story, sat several rows behind Flip Sides' class, camera rolling and broadcasting live.

2010-04-09, 11:46 AM
Factory Facility

A mech in the crowd raised his hand.

"Hot Rod where do you stand on the Nautiform question ? Do you believe that there is discrimination against those with Maritime Alt Modes? How do you feel about the Blue Armies coup in Altihex and their proposals to make it into an independent state where Natical Autobots can live free from discrimination."

2010-04-09, 01:14 PM

"Who cares?" Snarl replied to Swoop.

Snarl smiles as he leans back in his chair. "The Dinobots against impossible odds... good."

2010-04-09, 04:03 PM
Grimlock's Shuttle

Swoop shrugged. "That's our job, Snarl. We give 'impossible' a new meaning."

Wrecker's Shuttle

Whirl frowned. Or at least did a well enough impression of a frown with one eye, anyway. The buyer at the spaceport seemed eager enough to sell him the shuttle at a low price, and the Wrecker had not forgotten all the insurance stuff Roadbuster told him before.

The shuttle handled nicely, but it does feel like parts might fall off soon. -Ah well, doesn't matter. In a couple of days, it'll blow up anyway...-

The shuttle wobbled slightly, a testament to its pilot's maniacal piloting skills as it moved towards Debris.

2010-04-10, 01:37 AM
Prowl's Office, Autobase

"I do recognize that developing experimental energies is a delicate and time consuming process," Prowl answered Jetfire. "Not to mention that it would no doubt involve the handling of volatile compounds. But, preferably, I would like to have these generators up and running within three solar cycles. If that is a viable time frame, of course."


Iacon Medical and Research Institute, Long Term Care

First Aid soon arrived in Long-Term Care on a routine evaluation of the facility’s conditions. As he moved along the aisles of stasis pods a nurse trailed closely behind and reiterated the patients’ stats to him.

Stopping at the end of one bed, First Aid lifted up a datapad chained at the foot examined it. “Hmm. Extensive trauma throughout the neo-cortex.…93 percent loss of all neural activity. Explains the advanced cydraullic tetraplegia.…Fitted with a placeholder lasercore to maintain spark,” he read out loud.

“Industrial accident. Very tragic,” the nurse said. “He’s a blank.”

“I know,” he sighed. “I heard about this patient. And sadly, spark and memory transferal is looking less and less like an option. It's a choice I wouldn't recommend taking lightly, but ultimately, we may have to consider the worse."

"I'll contact those he’s acquainted with,” the nurse ruefully replied.

Moving on, First Aid began to read through the diagnostic of the next patient when he noticed a pod sitting two aisles ahead from the corner of his optics. Though slightly obscured by the chamber’s transparent lid, he recognized the figure inside.

"Could you...hold on a klik," he said. Placing the datapad down, he weaved his way through the rows to take a closer look.

“Sideswipe,” he quietly gasped. The name on the chart confirmed it. As he examined the report, he took note of the date Sideswipe was admitted. “That’s right. He was there,” First Aid whispered. “It’s the last thing I remember being told before I left Debris…Primus, what did those monsters do to you?”

“Beg your pardon, doctor?” the nurse inquired. “Do you know this patient?”

“Yes. Well, sort of,” First Aid answered. “I know his ‘brother’.” He gave the nurse a firm look. “Sunstreaker. Has he – has he been here?”

“Sunstreaker? A while ago, yes. He brought him here,” he said. “Though he hasn’t been by to visit for quite some time now. It’s been half a stellar cycle. Showed up everyday for a while, but then stopped. Something to do with expenses, we suspect. The components needed are rather costly,” he frowned. “Whoever did this to the patient, they did a thorough job…He requires a complete overhaul, as well as extensive neural repairs. Honestly, we’re amazed he’s still online after all this time.”

At first, First Aid said nothing. He stood as firm as stone, lost in thought, as he pretended to skim through Sideswipe’s chart before impulsively breaking silence.

“Have this patient transferred to the east wing. Room 1006,” he turned to the attendant. The

“What? Right now?!” the nurse jerked his head back. “With all due respect, doctor, you can’t do that. There’s, you know, formalities. Other patients have higher priority. You’d have to appeal to the board and…”

“The board that I’m currently sitting on while Ratchet is on leave,” First Aid sternly added. “Don’t worry, I’ll see to it. As well as the expenses. Besides, one of the purposes of these inspections is to free-up space, correct?”

“Well, yes, it is, but…”

“Then please allow me to do my job,” First Aid interrupted. “This patient can be saved.”

“Okay, if you say so,” the nurse sighed. “I’ll send for someone to move him.”

“Thank you,” First Aid nodded. Turning away from the stasis pod, he switched on his com-link. “I need you to cancel my appointments for today,” he told his receptionist. “And I need you to draw up some paperwork for me.”

2010-04-11, 03:07 PM
Secret Service HQ

"I'll be waiting," Smokescreen told Prime.

After signing off, he tapped his comm unit again and said, "Grotusque, can you head out to our Iacon West safehouse? I need someone I can trust to bring Optimus in from there."

Factory Facility

Flip Sides' face split open into a huge grin as soon as Hot Rod started speaking. This was it! For the first time in her life she was seeing history in the making rather than reading about it second- or third-hand in a book.

She was so engrossed in the speech that she didn't feel the strange tickle at the back of her head, and didn't notice her that her right arm was slowly moving of its own volition toward a storage compartment in her torso.

2010-04-12, 01:06 AM
Dinobot Shuttle

“Once again Optimus decides to send us off to do the hard work.” Sludge thought out loud.