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2009-10-14, 12:39 PM
Oookay, so here's my first draft at the summary for Tarn's thread. No idea about Altihex, though. Feel free to edit it as desired. Also, to keep with Warcry's theme, I think I need a suitable quote. Ideas?

A deserted, barren place since the Reclamation of Cybertron, the city-state of Tarn had been quiet, with only the ruins of the mighty warriors of those who had fallen in battle there. However, lost souls and other more ambiguous characters have arrived, either to pursue their own agendas or for more personal reasons. The likes of Huffer, Sunstorm and the Seacons have arrived, and with their conflicting views, the situation is heated even more by the arrival of some of Gigatron's Decepticons, in search of an Underwater base to use against the upcoming battle against the Imperials. Stretched to the breaking point, a conflict would soon ensue...