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2009-11-18, 08:20 AM
Well I just watched the first Punisher movie tonight, for the first time in over 10 years at the very least. You know the one that starred Dolph Lundgren and was released in 1989 (or 1991 if you were in the US like me).

Dear god this film is amazing, granted I did watch a rare uncut print of the film with added gore and violence, but still this movie is really what the Punisher was like in the comics. Granted I haven't read a Punisher comic in something like 15 years, but this movie is exactly how I remember him being. I mean he kills something like 50 guys in the first half hour of the movie. He is totally brutal, dark, and brooding. Dolph Lundgren was born for this part wasn't he? Certainly better than his role as He-Man.

I saw the other Punisher movie, the one with Thomas Jane, and it just felt really dull to me. I mean, yeah he was wearing the skull on his costume, but I rather like the hard, dirty, realistic version of the Punisher from the original film. It feels less like a comic book, and more like a realistic movie...sort of like the Christian Bale Batman movies...more realistic.

Now I haven't seen the latest Punisher movie, mostly because I can't fathom a 3rd reboot already, so if its the cat's meow...do let me know. But it looks like the same sort of shit as the last one. Just give me Dolph Lundgren again, yeah?

Am I the only person that loved the original?

2009-11-18, 05:35 PM
I've thought all the Punisher films were pretty ropey to be honest. The Thomas Jane film being the most hilariously bad of the three. The fact that they felt the need to wipe out everybody with even a trace of Castle dna at the start was very OTT.


2009-12-05, 04:43 AM
Really? I always thought that that was the kind of thing the Mafia was known for, you know destroying an entire family for revenge against one man for (in their eyes) killing one of their own. Sure, it's over doing it but that's probably something that they would do.

2009-12-13, 04:57 PM
The third one mostly did it right. Very messy Punishment. I really liked Thomas Jane as the Punisher, but I didn't think it was a great movie.

2009-12-13, 08:04 PM
I still haven't seen the third one, but I think it would be hard to top the brutality and bloodshed of the first one with Dolph, without being tasteless about it. I'll try to hunt it down though and give it a watch. ;)

2009-12-14, 04:57 AM
Oh, it's kind of tasteless, but then so are the comics. It's just quite faithful in that regard.

asuka 24
2010-01-30, 04:55 AM
The Punisher Movie 1989(1991) was awesome and so was Punisher Warzone 2008, both had the full feel of the original comic book.

Punisher 2004, was a totally different story than that of the comic books.

I use to read the Punisher comic books back in the late 1980's to early 1990's.