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2009-11-29, 04:50 AM
Hey. New at this. Anyways i've been watching the extras on the boxset dvd set of transformers and they claimed that the comic gave more informative read than the cartoon. So i'm interested. The problem... price. Graphic novels are perfer but i'm broke. wheres the best place to start. BTW obviously there's way more comics out there than the old one. The newer 2000s look invredible in artwork. again.. graphic novels and low price suggestions would be great. even time wars appears to be a great buy as well. so many choices. I don't have a knowledgeable foundation in TF comic.

action bastard away. HAHAHA :wave:

inflatable dalek
2009-11-29, 06:01 PM
We've reviews of just about every comic ever made in this section:

Personally I'd recommend starting with the Marvel stuff, mainly because just about every storyline can be read in isolation without to many problems. The more modern comics tend to be very interconnected, which can be a problem both in just jumping in and when a three year long storyline gets abandoned as part of a policy change.

Auntie Slag
2009-11-29, 10:43 PM
I've noticed some good bargains in Forbidden Planet if there's one near you. For example, the one near me was selling the both hardback editions of the Generation 2 series (that's 12 issues spread across two hardbacks) for 2.99 and 3.99 respectively.

I've also seen softback titan reprints of Marvel UK stories like Prey, Fallen Angel and Tartget: 2006 for the same money. Like a total muppet of course, I passed them up.

That's coz I'm a muppet, but you might not be. Always a barg' out there, and much cheaper than their book price of, I don't know... 12.99 or whatever it is.

2009-11-30, 08:29 AM
The modern IDW books are good, but you really need to be reading earlier issues without going into 'HUH????' mode. Avoid All Hail Megatron. The art's pretty but it's full of random fighting, random expositioning and plot holes more massive than ROTF.

The following IDW modern books recommended by me:
-Stormbringer arc. Pure action on Cybertron and self-contained.
-Escalation arc. I jumped into IDW at that issue and liked it.
-Maximum Dinobots. A little background may be needed, but the flashbacks are sufficient.
-Spotlight TPBs volumes one through three. They are mostly short stories with cliffhangers. If, however, you dislike TPBs happen on single issues of the following, don't hesitate to pick them up: Shockwave, Hot Rod, Ramjet, Wheelie, Ultra Magnus, Soundwave, Blaster, Optimus Prime and Galvatron.

The Movie tie-in comics, on the other hand, flow more smoothly. But they're rather dull compared to others, and the art aren't top-notch. Not everyone's cup of tea, certainly -- it functioned solely to explain the weird stuff not explained in the movie. And to advertise not-in-the-movie toys. And to kill them off.

War Within is recommended, done by Dreamwave and recently reprinted by IDW.

The Marvel comics (Classics Transformers, repreinted again by IDW) should be good enough. You can practically jump in without prior knowledge of the transformers and yet understand everything. Believe me -- I started with the 'New Order' reprint/collection, then jumped to 'Maximum Force', some ten/twenty issues forward, and I could still get the gist of it. Ironic, isn't it? We progress with artwork yet fail with storytelling.

UK reprints, like Time Wars, Target 2006 or Space Pirates are wonderful as well. Probably the highest recommendation I could give.

Or, I'm sure you could find scans in the internet for a far cheaper price...

2009-11-30, 04:02 PM
Thx to those who replied. are their any internet based comics of transformers perhaps they placed the OG marvel online ( I doubt it). anyways. the cheaper the better:up::up::up::up: btw. some comics are 40$ and more. so the cheaper the better.

2009-12-02, 02:04 PM
Hmmm, you could try google. I do know they have scans of the Universe Wreckers and Primeval Dawn comics at botcon.com, but I can't be bothered to check.

No clue for Marvel comics, though.