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2009-12-29, 02:08 PM
Hello again

This is my latest money raising topic. I'm trying to get rid of almost all TFs I have, check to see if there's anything you'd like in the list. I only accept paypal as means of payment, shipping for all items is from Greece, Europe. Lots of feedback on tfw2005, quite an array of trades\sales on this forum as well.

All figures are loose and complete in perfect condition unless noted. Prices do not include shipping.

TFTM Figures

Longarm with reprolabels set--USD 12
Landmine--------------------USD 10
Camshaft--------------------USD 8 [Was given to me modded, can turn his head around]
DLX Arcee-----------------USD 9

Leader Class Optimus Prime [very first version]--USD 20
Leader Class Premium Megatron--USD 28


Human Alliance Barricade
Human Alliance Mudflap
Alternity Convoy [Silver & Black versions]

I can and will trade any of the above items for these two!

PM If there's anything you'd like!

2010-01-05, 09:02 AM
I would be extremely interested in Galaxy Force Starscream, if it is at a price I can afford (and the wife will allow!). Any ideas on price?

2010-01-12, 03:23 PM
Premium Bumblebee here and fine :) Cheers mate!

2010-02-15, 06:12 PM
BUMP, updated with wanted items.

2010-03-17, 01:15 PM
Updated with Alternity wants.