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2010-01-01, 08:01 PM
It's been a while, so I thought I'd ring in the new year with some WIP goodies. I decided to do a Universe Trailbreaker from this mold after seeing how well Jei's turned out (blacklion29 of Sector70, for those wondering). Not sure who else did one from the Universe Ironhide mold, but I know there were others and they all inspired me a bit because it had me torn between using this mold or the Marvel Crossovers Wolverine that I've had for a while.
I modded the Ironhide head with some thin sheet styrene and I started out doing the head more like the G1 cartoon. Once I had it done, I didn't care for it much due to the height of the forehead and the overall "big head" syndrome that it had. It just looked goofy on him, at least in my opinion. So I scrapped it and took the dremel to the top of his noggin' to make it shorter and I worked on the sides of the head and back to bring it all together a bit better. I then decided to try and make it a cross between the 'toon head and the Universe and Spotlight Kup heads. I then took one of the bits from an extra Sunstreaker engine exhaust (or whatever it is) and used the extra Prowl missiles (one cut down with the engine piece glued on with a small styrene rod and the other left in-tact). I drilled two small holes to allow them to snap right into the piece on his back, so these are removable and do not really fit into the transformation. It's still a WIP, so we'll see if I go a different route or not. I then took the left hand weapon from TFTM Crankcase (cut it with my dremel) and glued it onto the hacked up hand of Ironhide. It can still fold in and out like the original transformation. I just need to patch up the area around the hand where this weapon is now glued. This is still in a WIP state since it got sidetracked to start on my Dinobots. Hope to get this one (and a few others) done soon. Don't mind the crappy paint you see in some shots--it was basically a test to see what it would look like in color (instead of the white and red--after doing it, I sanded more and built a bit more, so it's definitely not final).













Treadshot A1
2010-01-09, 12:53 AM
Wow. That works. BTW, did you do the mod that lets him look straight?