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Pissin' Poonani
2010-01-16, 03:08 PM
Hi all

Due to the current economic climate, I'm looking to sell a few things-among which are roughly 40 carded (both red and green) MOTU action figures from the 200x toy line. They're pretty much mint, although I think a few cards may have been slightly bent / damaged due to them being bashed while in storage.

I've looked online for a price guide but couldn't find anything useful, and these figures seem to be a bit scarce on ebay at the mo, so I was wondering if any of you good people could offer me some insight as to their worth, or maybe point me in the direction of someone who does?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

(Please note that I'm not trying to use this board to sell my stuff-I sincerely would just like some help in determining the value of what I have)

Sir Auros
2010-01-16, 03:54 PM
The forums at www.he-man.org would probably be helpful for you. I have a pretty big collection of those figures, but I don't know what their current prices are. Unfortunately, in their death throes, Toyfare has eliminated their price guide entirely.

Pissin' Poonani
2010-01-16, 03:58 PM
Cheers mate.

I've been to He-Man-org, but couldn't see anything useful. The annoying thing is that I used to be registered there, but can't remember my password or the account I signed up with, and the 2 email accounts I've tried to use to register with today have been deemed unworthy-never mind.

Thanks for the advice though!

2010-01-16, 04:43 PM
You'll probably find the market between fan traders has been glutted by people liquidating collections. If there's still any credible chance of a movie and you can wait a bit, leave it until casual fans are drawn in again.

Pissin' Poonani
2010-01-16, 05:18 PM
That's a good point.

I may just bung them on ebay as a job lot, and if the reserve doesn't get met just hold out a bit longer.

2010-01-16, 05:56 PM
As with any toy line, I believe the best way to figure out what something is worth is to check completed listings on eBay. That will give you a better insight into what you can actually get for a figure, as opposed to what a book/magazine/website says you should get.

In my experience over the years, nothing hardly ever sells for the prices given in any price guide. Your best bet is to check eBay completed listings and devise an average ending price of the toy for yourself. It is pretty pointless to try and sell something for what its "worth" if no one is paying that for it anymore.

Pissin' Poonani
2010-01-24, 05:21 PM
Thought I'd tack my next question onto this one, rather than start a new thread-hope you don't mind.

I'm looking to start selling on ebay-I've bought plenty in the past, but have yet to sell anything, so I was wondering...

...how do I do it, basically? I looked at their info ages ago and got a bit lost, so I was kind of hoping that you guys who've been doing it for a while could break it down for me.

I understand the basics of getting the auction up, but I don't get how much they charge, what fees they take and when...everything really.

Also, when setting up a paypal account, can the money from the auctions be transfered to my regular bank account, or does it stay with paypal?

Sorry for asking so much, it's just that I know you guys have a wealth of experience and can most likely steer me in the right direction with various trickery and tippery (I'm in the Uk, if that makea any difference).


2010-01-24, 11:24 PM
You can transfer out of PP to a bank account at any time, but if it's below a certain amount they'll add a small surcharge to do so.

I jacked in eBay selling at the point it became apparent that eBay were trying to get rid of private sellers -- limiting sellers on the basis of anything less than 5* ratings, ignoring years of existing feedback and calculating only on the basis of the last twelve months, forcing PayPal even for collected items (so someone could pay then claim item-not-received), etc.

Pissin' Poonani
2010-01-25, 12:23 AM
(so someone could pay then claim item-not-received), etc.

That had me concerned too. I'd planned to send everything recorded delivery, but that still wouldn't stop some people from claiming it arrived damage and trying to pull a fast one.

Sir Auros
2010-01-25, 12:46 AM
I think ebay's gone downhill to the point where I would never consider using it to sell anything, and I'm not really keen on using it for purchases, either.

2010-01-25, 12:54 AM
That had me concerned too. I'd planned to send everything recorded delivery, but that still wouldn't stop some people from claiming it arrived damage and trying to pull a fast one.
PayPal claims require the buyer send a damaged item back by a trackable method, so non-delivery claims are more likely. But since sellers were prevented from leaving meaningful feedback about buyers, there's also the problem of open extortion for refunds with the threat of negative feedback.

Personally I think negative feedback should be its own beast -- i.e. people should be able to read it and take heed, but eBay shouldn't limit search rankings or block accounts on the basis of it. Far too much scope for abuse.