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2010-01-20, 07:14 PM
Hey guys,

Sorry if this has been asked before I havn't been here in a while. I just picked up the reissue insecticons and was just wondering if they have any plans on doing reissues for original devestator/ the constructicons? Those were the best.



inflatable dalek
2010-01-20, 07:30 PM
I believe the original moulds are considered to far beyond repair for an official reissue, though things can always change as restoration techniques improve (assuming they are just damaged rather than being lost or completely destroyed).

There are some bootlegers who are making a market out of high quality releases of Transformers Hasbro/Takara consider too far gone, so they may well get round to Devastator at some point (if they haven't already).

2010-01-20, 07:31 PM
IIRC Takara destroyed the original moulds because they didn't give a shit about them, or melted them down for materials to cast child porn figurines. Probably something like that, anyway.

Thankfully, Chinese bootleggers are better at this sort of thing, and have done what is apparently a very high-quality copy - http://www.ioffer.com/search/items/Devastator/text_pics/ioffer/0/false

2010-01-20, 10:24 PM
I vaguely recall something about Takara not seeing commercial value in a reissue since there are decent bootlegs out there...

Certainly the set I've got seems okay, quality-wise.

2010-01-21, 07:47 PM
I vaguely recall something about Takara not seeing commercial value in a reissue since there are decent bootlegs out there...

I like my version better.

Certainly the set I've got seems okay, quality-wise.

That the one I sent you? It's not bad for Devastator, is it? While I'd never go as far as to describe him or the Constructicons as great figures, it's quite scary the way the design department regressed so much for the dull ol' Scramble City (which didn't replace TF:TM in Japan, contrary to common misconceptions) combiners. Devastator's got an almost Popy-esque cinematic combination, you can really imagine them plonking together like that... Always been quite fond of Raiden for similar reasons.

asuka 24
2010-01-24, 10:00 PM
I own the orignal 1985 Devestator(bought it when I was 13 years old) and a bootleg yellow Devestator(I bought a few years ago), and the classic Universe release.

The bootleg is exactly like the original one, just missing a few guns, but nothing major. It's worth getting.

I also own the bootleg of Abominous and Predaking, both of them are perfect, only the colors are a bit different. Wish I could find a bootleg of Piranacon.


asuka 24
2010-01-24, 10:12 PM

Some of the prices at ioffer are ridiculous for bootlegs. One guy there wants $75 , another $85, and another 109 us dollars for a bootleg Devastor.

I bought my bootleg Devestator for only $5.00 USA at a Kaybee Toy store.

Bootlegs depending on what figure your buying should not be between $5.00- $25.00 and not over $30.00. this is my own opinion.

I bought the bootleg Dai Atlus for $10.00 about 2 years ago off Ebay.


2010-01-24, 10:31 PM
Nah, the Chinese ones in the cloned packaging are much higher quality - generally identical to the originals.

Welcome aboard, btw :)

2010-01-26, 02:34 AM
Yep, welcome aboard. I have not owned a G1 Devy for a while, though I do own the Micromaster Japanese Devy repaint and the Western release as well. I also own the Rotf Devy Supreme and the legends class.

I'm a big fan of Devy, always will be. Hard thing on eBay is to find a real original as the knock off release market seems to be in high demand.