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2010-04-27, 10:46 PM
Buy it. Read it. Then buy the next one.

I know, I'm uber-helpful.

Edit: I probably don't have to say this bit, but I will- it's got zombies. It's basically following a group of survivors as they do their "surviving" thing. I like it. Ignore the fact that it seems to start the same way as 28 Days Later.

I suck at blurbing. Google it.

Sir Auros
2010-04-28, 12:27 AM
It was especially unfortunate that the first issue came out so soon after 28 Days Later. I've been reading it since issue #1, and it's the only ongoing comic series I can respect. Sure, I've had a Batman subscription for longer, but Kirkman can actually allow a story to progress instead of this Groundhog Day crap every five to ten years that superhero books can't break away from.

I haven't liked every turn the story's taken, and some of the characters have been pretty cartoonish, but at least you don't have to worry that some dead character is going to come back to life later on (Hi Batman, and I'm sure Captain America if that hasn't happened already!).

inflatable dalek
2010-04-28, 03:16 AM
I had the first one for crimbo a couple of years ago and enjoyed it enough to plan on geting more but have't yet. Now you all make me feel bad for failing even simple life goals.

I wouldn't worry about the similarity to 28 Days either, they nicked the opening from Day of the Triffids anyway (or the 1981 TV version anyway. Well worth tracking down).

2010-04-28, 03:57 PM
Love it!

I actually bought the mega-huge omnibus, which I'm currently half way through, I think it collects Trades 1-10 or something, I like the black and white art, the storytelling is a tinsy bit genre cliche in terms of zombie story telling from what I've seen so far. The main character, Sherriff was-is-face is a bit of a do gooder, I preferred his deputy, shame.;)

I'm a big zombie lover, Max Brooks 'World War Z', a bit racial stereotype, but great ideas in that book, his own graphic novel, or one based on his work was very much an homage or rip of 'Walking Dead' depending on your train of though.

Zobie novels are hard to track down, certainly a decent apocalyptic scenario one from patient zero onwards, that's the stuff I really like, the break down of scoiety etc. That's why I prefer the original Romero films and Snyder's glorious remake.

Any reccomendations?

2010-04-28, 05:38 PM
Perfect series, begun reading it about two years ago and have been hooked ever since. Somewhat big delays in getting the issues [71 isn't out yet], though.

The only other zombie series I know on paper [besides those zombie versus robots stuff] is zombie high school or whatever. It's a japanese manga, and it's much less serious than TWD.

I'm actually going back to re-read TWD. You bastards. You all made me do it again.

2010-05-02, 02:18 AM
I googled zombie comics and got this. (http://www.allthingszombie.com/comics.php) :o Not sure how helpful that is though, I barely looked at it. It looked helpful in the five seconds I spent scanning it?

Kidding. Some of the stuff on there seems worth checking out, and I might just do that myself.

The BF came home with Vol. 1 one day because he'd heard good things about it, and he knew I was playing Urban Dead and all of this so he thought I'd get a kick out of it, too. Now I've just finished the fourth TPB and I'm pretty well hooked... these guys just can't catch a break, can they?

2010-05-07, 08:06 AM

Why did no one tell me this was on the cards and directed/written by Frank Darabont no less! Andrew Lincoln? Inspired!

This totally snuck up under my radar, it was only when I saw an interview on BBC Breakfast about some Gulf War guff he's currently flogging that he mentioned he was splaying Rick Grimes in a zombie apocalypse t.v. show.

Successful pilot has apparently led to the first six episodes being commisioned, zoombie apocalypse, from an established source, with a quality director on board and origibal writer approved.

Too good to be true?

My Fanboy Gland just squeezed a dolllop of win into my circulatory system!

2010-05-07, 06:03 PM
I heard about that and completely forgot to work it into this thread. I'm probably going to have to get cable again just to watch this, assuming we can afford to have it and I can't find it on the internets.

Sir Auros
2010-05-08, 05:17 AM
That is fan****ingtastic!