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2010-05-12, 03:54 AM
A four issue mini-series starring Optimus Prime's best buddy in the whole wide universe. Written by Mike Costa (Transformers, G.I Joe: Cobra) and art by Casey Coller.

This is your all purpose Transformers: Ironhide #1 reaction and discussion thread.

Out May 12th.

Preview @ Comic Book Resources (http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=preview&id=5154&disp=table).

http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/7007/ironhide1page1.th.jpg (http://img341.imageshack.us/i/ironhide1page1.jpg/)http://img199.imageshack.us/img199/305/ironhide1page2.th.jpg (http://img199.imageshack.us/i/ironhide1page2.jpg/)http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/4503/ironhide1page3.th.jpg (http://img24.imageshack.us/i/ironhide1page3.jpg/)http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/5037/ironhide1page4.th.jpg (http://img291.imageshack.us/i/ironhide1page4.jpg/)http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/6763/ironhide1page5.th.jpg (http://img193.imageshack.us/i/ironhide1page5.jpg/)

Commander Shockwav
2010-05-12, 10:17 PM

This is one of those issues that I think Marvel fans, DW fans, IDW fans, Figueroa fans, Guido fans, U.S. fans. U.K. fans, Furman fans, McCarthy fans, Costa fans, etc will all come to a very similar conclusion about. This was one damn good read. There's something here to like for everyone.

Costa does an excellent job with this spearhead issue featuring a character I simply have had no interest in in the past. I have found Ironhide to be quite the yawn-inducing bore, and when this was first announced, I yawned yet again. But after this issue, I'm stoked about this mini.

Coller knocks this out of the park. I mean, if you like classic TF, it doesn't get any cleaner than this. Casey channels Guido with some Fig and even a little Pat Lee thrown in. And it works very nicely (despite the Lee part). LaFuente's colors complement Coller's style so well, this issue was nigh flawless. I don't think I have seen such a beautiful classic Prime in a long time. There are some mind-blowing panels. Particularly loved the one with Soundwave standing over Prime. Got chills up my spine with that. Those who were fond of Dreamwave's house coloring style (me) will enjoy the visuals here even more.

And speaking of Prime, Costa has given him his mojo back. It's refreshing to see kick-ass Prime again, as opposed to the passive bot we have in the ongoing.

Costa gives a very humorous nod to the Ramjet spotlight in this one which had me laughing out loud. Nice to see Blurr looking as he did in his spotlight. A UK nod with Maccadams. And Windcharger! Finally, some Windcharger!

Interestingly, Costa's best work has been on the peripherals (AHM Starscream story, Prowl Spotlight, and now this). I think it's only a matter of time, as things unfold, that Costa gets his A-game going with the main title.

If there is a real flaw in this, it's that it read quite fast.

Give it an "A". I had low expectations of this, and perhaps this contributes to the high marks I give it. But I really enjoyed this.

inflatable dalek
2010-05-13, 06:20 AM

This is one of those issues that I think Marvel fans, DW fans, IDW fans, Figueroa fans, Guido fans, U.S. fans. U.K. fans, Furman fans, McCarthy fans, Costa fans, etc will all come to a very similar conclusion about. This was one damn good read. There's something here to like for everyone.

That bad eh?

Red Dave Prime
2010-05-15, 01:58 AM
Oh Behave!

Red Dave Prime
2010-05-17, 11:41 PM
Not so bad here. Some inherient IDW sillyness (Ramjet being grounded) but theres a nice flow to the issue and the cliffhanger is interesting if nothing else. Artwork is very nice but once again, its another artist ignoring the design style of the ongoing - so why bother?

2010-05-24, 08:51 AM
Mediocre tot. Some good bits, but then it turns out the first, what, 2/3s, 3/4s of the comic are about establishing that Ironhide likes Prime. Then the plot kicks in and the issue ends. Some abysmal dialogue (how many times does Prime say some variation of "hold the line"? This is meant to show him being inspiring?). Characterisation isn't too bad, but that should be a given for this sort of thing.

2010-05-24, 03:34 PM
Yeah, I'm not sure why Shockwav is wetting himself with glee over this. It's better than Costa's work on the ongoing, by virtue of just being cartoonish and silly (as opposed to self-indulgent and 'artistic') but it's still got a long way to go before I could call it good.

I wasn't impressed by the art at all. The battle at the beginning of the issue is very poorly done, with both sides clumping together in easily-killable groups like a scene from the Napoleonic Wars. Also, in the first splash page of the fight Prowl is very clearly trying to gun down Blurr, and while I can sympathize with the sentiment I don't think that's what the artist was trying to convey. Collier is pretty good at rendering individual robots, but actually assembling them into scenes is something he needs a lot of work at.

The colourist needs some more practice too, because the brightly-glowing eyes and gunshots are both really distracting.

There's not much to say about the story, because like most Costa books very little actually happens here. At the end I was left thinking "Wait, that's it? Really?" which is never a good thing for a comic book. The dialogue is sub-Furman, and it really takes me out of the story when I read something as hackish as Ironhide's "I love him" line, or the ham-handed callback to Ramjet's awful Spotlight.

I'll also say that Axer's 'disguise' is one of the silliest things to ever work its way into a Transformers comic, and felt like something out of Megatron: Origins.

2010-05-24, 04:20 PM
I also found the pissed-up laddish Autobots to be a human behaviour too far - it's as bad as some of the transferred dog behaviour in the films. I mean, obviously Transformers have chill-out time and there's no reason they shouldn't have vices too, but the way the whole thing was handled didn't gel at all.

My main overriding thought of the almost feature-length flashback or dream or whatever was "What makes this Transformers?". The whole issue could be transferred to anything with minimal changes - it could be about Duke saving Hawk from a Cobra attack and rounding up a convoy before waking up in a deserted Pit, especially as what I mistook for characterisation on first read comes across as lazy archetypes the second time around.

It's a difficult business creating an Awesome Paragon character like the Prime this is trying to convey. Michael Bay manages it with Optimus Prime (probably because cinema allows him to convey it without people going "Wow, Prime's so awesome!" after he does something awesome), and Furman managed it on occasion with Grimlock, but here... It's a bit Drift, isn't it? Prime does something moderately impressive, and we've got characters swooning over him because the deed just doesn't really stand up well by itself.

Plus am I the only one who thought Prime was a little bit of a... show-off there at the start? He's doing all the macho crap in front of the troops just to send Prowl into a tizzy, while all the time knowing he'll have Ironhide to back him up. You reckon that was intentional?

Re: the Ramjet reference - I actually love the Spotlight because it's a UK black-and-white gone rogue, it's silly and it actually shows Megatron cleaning house for once. But the nod was leaden stuff.

2010-05-25, 05:49 AM
I liked it. I don't think the art is super-wonderful(Collier's got the body designs down, but the faces aren't so hot), and I have to wonder how Ironhide managed to sneak up on Soundwave(or Ravage, given the alleyway's orientation).

I admit it. If Ironhide wasn't the main focal point, I probably would have ignored it.

2010-05-25, 12:01 PM
Average issue. Nowhere as messy as the ongoing, and not as boring as Bumblebee. The art is okay, with some excellent shading and mood colouring. However, most of it is just establishing the situation on Cybertron. Nothing too spectacular about that... well drawn, but doesn't have much meat in it.

Costa still can't write Optimus Prime.

2010-05-25, 02:30 PM
I think I understand why Costa has Prime being much more caustic in this than in the ongoing. He's presumably just been named Prime. Admitting to Ironhide and Kup, with no one else around, that he was uncomfortable making a big, grandiose speech was a nice touch. He's still growing into the role as leader.

Unfortunately, tying that together with giving commands in the big battle with a tone seeming to say "I'm in charge here whether you like it or not, SO LISTEN TO ME, PRIMUS-DARNIT!!!!!", followed by a party where all the other Autobots are in awe of him for telling Octane that he'll gladly vaporize a large chunk of the city and himself if it means stopping the Decepticon fuel convoy.

That's the other thing. I could see the big grandiose celebration as a result of breaking the back of the Decepticon advance, and stopping the convoy would have slowed it down, certainly. But unless the Decepticons were going to set up shop in the center of the city and give away the energon if the inhabitants would join them, all stopping the convoy did was delay what's probably going to be a major battle.

Costa does have an out with that one, though. Ironhide could simply have missed the big battle royale due to blocking Axer's intended Prime-killing shot. Or it was simply a dream made up of elements of things that happened around that time.

Commander Shockwav
2010-05-25, 05:18 PM
I really fancied the art in this, in particular the coloring. I think that's one of the reasons I enjoyed this so much. It's quite vibrant. Granted, I was a fan of DW's coloring style, so maybe that's why it caught my fancy.

2010-05-26, 12:30 AM
Meh. Not overly impressed. Found it funny Kup was still an old fart in this one as well. Was he just created as dodgy old codger?

Red Dave Prime
2010-05-27, 10:05 AM
he he, yeah, found myself thinking that as well. Whenever we get flashbacks prime is either just in the job or worse without the face plate and verrrrrry fresh faced. Meanwhile Kup and Ironhide (and everyone else for that matter) dont change a bit.

2010-06-02, 10:34 PM
This your all purpose Transformers: Ironhide #2 reaction and discussion thread.

Out today.

Preview @ Comics Continuum (http://www.comicscontinuum.com/stories/1006/01/idwfirsts.htm).

Commander Shockwav
2010-06-03, 08:43 PM
A quick read, but what's there is first class.

Really intrigued by the mysteries this mini introduces, and based on the ending, it's certainly tied in to the overall story arc. Recognized that black bot the second I saw him.

I'm enjoying the way Costa is presenting this tale, with flashbacks interspersed with confused dream sequences that really make things, thankfully, hard to predict. It would appear that Ironhide's internal musings are a fusion of things past and present. Really can't decipher where things are headed which will likely make the payoff at the end that much more rewarding.

Outback! He's, uh...back out!

Again, nice use of prior continuity by Costa, showcasing the races for which Blurr is well known and the underclass miners from which Megatron arises. Not sure, but I think one of those miners is Megatron.

Dialogue is very good. Did not find it annoying in the least, which I can say is where Mike has been most consistently good.

I can almost sense things moving more towards an expanded TF universe with multiple plot strands unfolding. Almost. Not quite as extensive as I'd like to see it by this point in time, but getting there.

And the art, of course, is fantastic. The visuals continue to be amongst some of the most impressive I've seen out of IDW. Good show.

Really, the only real flaw I find in this is how quick it reads. Can't wait for the next issue.

Give it an "A-".

2010-06-04, 06:00 AM
I'm liking this. We're halfway through Ironhide's trip through Hell's Wonderland, and I'm looking forward to what happens next.

And it's good to see Outback again. Even if he's only half the mech he used to be.

2010-06-04, 06:32 AM
I liked this. The flashback was an interesting window into pre-war Cybertron, and Ironhide's reaction to seeing the planet in the state that it's in was very realistic. Nothing much really happens in the present until the last couple pages, though, and that's got me worried that it's really nothing but a framing device for the flashbacks. I'm really hoping for some payoff on Metroplex now, but at the same time I'm worried that it'll just be another layer of setup for something that's not going to happen for another four years.

Costa seems to have a great handle on Ironhide as a character, which is something that I can't say for his main cast in the Ongoing. This is the best issue he's written so far by a country mile, and the first one that I would classify as actually good. I'm hoping he'll be able to keep it up.

Collier's art is a lot better here, too. Although it might just be the lack of big battles in this issue, everything seemed a bit more fluid and less cluttered than the previous issue.

2010-06-04, 08:22 AM
Mmm, quite liked that. Flashback was nothing new (how many of the Autobots is that now who didn't give a toss about the war for ages?), but not exactly bad, and Ironhide's pretty engaging here. The art's good, but I would say Cybertron just looks a bit... bright and clean for somewhere so desolate. Even the damage and piles of rubbish just have a clean look to them, y'know?

2010-06-04, 09:16 AM
Hmm, a little on the light side, but it seems to be approaching something decent.

Umm, yeah, there's not really much else I can add here, but I do like the element of mystery and I always appreciate glimpses into Cybertron's pre-war past. I'm curious to see where it goes.

Oh, and I had to chuckle when Prowl appeared in that, umm, nightmare-ish sequence thingy. Even in dreams, Prowl is still a prick.

I love Prowl :)

2010-06-09, 06:13 PM
I'm really enjoying this, the whole disjointed 'Omega Man' vibe is intriguing, coupled with the kaleidescope perception of Ironhide of what's going on, reminds me a bit of the film 'The Machinist', everything no doubt has meaning and should all make for a nice re-read when there's a pay off.

Nice to see Outback, the fact we seem him mutilated as he was in Kup Spotlight makes me wonder if the two of them are in some kind of macabre last chance saloon of medics, like Ratchet in the US Marvel years when he would tinker with lost causes out of a futile desperation to try make things right. Ratchet's greatest characterisation imo.

Certainly Outback and Ironhide would both qualify as those and would account for the Wheeljack/Ratchet appearance. Perhpas as Ironhide is flickering in and out of consciousness, catching a glimpse of Outback on the table next to him etc.

I'm guessing the final bot is Scamper and the city is Metroplex? Might explain for me his lack of dialogue and the random city in the wasteland, plus Metroplex was due to turn up at some point.

Questions to be answered, but I'm hooked, certainly much better than I expected, will be buying next month!

EDIT : The clean lines and art of Coller are a refreshing change from the murk of the ongoing, #7 none with standing. I'm liking it, especially Ironhide's ridiculous chin! Now THAT's characterisation, a robot walks down a street with a chin like that, people know he isn't scared of anything!

2010-06-10, 09:20 PM
I like the ongoing series and the LSOTW was great,the 4 part bumbleebee story left me unsatisfied but this Ironhide series has me cativated.Does anyone know how long its going for?

2010-06-10, 09:21 PM
and I'm very intigued to know who the 3rd autobot on cybertron is

2010-06-10, 09:30 PM
@ Blustreak78: This is a 4-issue mini, and as for who the mystery Autobot is - and I'm assuming you're referring to the black one - I haven't a clue. Scamper maybe.

Red Dave Prime
2010-06-11, 11:32 AM
Scamper seems to be the best bet. Really looked like Metroplex on the last page.

Thought it was ok - hope it all pays off. We're at the halfway point and nothing has really struck me as the main plot. It still feels like its in early set-up.

One funny thing though. On the inside cover the intro bit says that Ironhide was injured protecting prime - but in the ongoing wasnt it Rodimus he protected? So either this really isnt the same ironhide or idw have f**ked up again - and with past record, I cant say for sure.

2010-06-11, 12:26 PM
He protected Hot Rod, but Hot Rod was bound to become Rodimus Prime: the guy who wrote the intro was a bit confused by these changes of names... just like mixing Skywatch and Machination, or something.

2010-06-11, 03:10 PM
Actually, the recap blurb refers to issue 1. It appears, through post-reconstructive amnesia/cloning trauma/whatever brought him back(though the presence of the mutilated Outback in the dream indicates what may be unconscious suppression on Ironhide's part), that Ironhide's last conscious memory before waking up in the ruined medbay was getting shot protecting Optimus Prime. As far as Ironhide's concerned at the moment, when he blacked out Cybertron was battered but still viable as a planet, full of, admittedly warring, Cybertronians.

Now it's full of mutant Insecticons. Which may, or may not, be a step up. :D

Red Dave Prime
2010-06-11, 08:14 PM
Oh ok then, I'll let IDW off with that.

But if it does turn out to be another uck up it wont be unny.

2010-06-13, 05:55 AM
I looked at this in the store, thought maybe it didn’t seem too bad… until I flipped back a couple of pages to the splash spread, and saw the four words of doom:

“Four million years ago…”


One of the things I liked about IDW’s Transformers was that it freed us from that stupid “they’ve been fighting for millions of years” albatross. (Well, at least he didn’t take a cue from the cartoon and add a few million more years on.)

In a way this does me a favor, though. It makes an even clearer demarcation between the Furmanverse and AHM and such. I just have to fudge a little, if any, to keep Roche’s recent stuff in with it, and box Costa/McCarthy in a separate corner…

What are the odds Costa makes some reference to the - non-existent, in IDW-verse - Ark crash into the volcano at some point?

2010-07-07, 07:36 AM
This your all purpose Transformers: Ironhide #3 reaction and discussion thread.

Out July 7.

Preview @ Comic Book Resources (http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=preview&id=5659&disp=table).

Commander Shockwav
2010-07-09, 01:38 AM
Not as good as the last two issues, but not bad.

I enjoyed A3. Thought he looked cool in that outfit. Liked the fact that not only was he an old codger, but he's an old codger stuck on himself.

Liked the fact that Ironhide doesn't remember anything from the past, which should make things interesting after his rescue of a certain down-but-not-out bot.

That artwork is just awesome. Casey, please stick with this. It's your calling. The coloring was perfect too.

But there were some negatives as well, some which just seem to be a running theme for IDW. I mean, is it Hasbro mandate that you have to be able to read an issue in under five minutes? Is it Hasbro mandate that you can only have four panels at most per page, one line of dialogue per panel? This approach really detracts from the experience. It really does, and something needs to be done about it. Andy, I hope you're listening.

Give it a "B-". Skimpy plot progression, poor use of space (again), but enjoyed what was there.

2010-07-10, 04:29 PM
I disagree with Shockwav a bit, because I think the pace picked up a bit here. Earlier in the mini Costa would have padded the story out with flashbacks and then ended it right were Ironhide finds Sunstreaker. That was only the midpoint here, so while the story was still pretty sparse it was a lot denser than the previous issues.

Unfortunately, what those pages reveal isn't to my liking. Reviving Ironhide was enough to make me wary of this series because I hate it when fiction treats death as something cheap and easily-reversed. And now there doesn't appear to be any real explanation forthcoming for it, except for "a wizardAlpha Trion did it". What little Alpha Trion tells us makes no sense. Up until recently Transformers were apparently completely immortal, and could be revived no matter how they died? But now they can't, but Alpha Trion somehow magically managed to do it to Ironhide anyway? Even though Vector Sigma, the equipment that actually let them (magically?) do that before has been destroyed? And Alpha Trion went to all the trouble of rebuilding Ironhide, but he left him to wake up in the middle of an abandoned building instead of doing the work in his shiny base? He's also been working on reviving Ironhide for "years", but says that Ironhide's only been dead for one year? "Huh?" is about the only coherent reaction I can work up to all that.

There's also Alpha Trion himself. IDW still seem to be big on the idea of "reinventing" characters. Unfortunately, they're still very, very bad at it. A good reinvention will leave something of the original character intact, some sort of touchstone that lets you contrast the two. IDW doesn't do that. IDW completely gut familiar characters and turn them into someone unrecognizable. Ramjet, Arcee, Perceptor, Spike, Sparkplug and Blurr have all gotten that special touch, and now they've been joined by Alpha Trion. Because where the 80s Alpha Trion was a kindly, wise and helpful sage, IDW's version is abusive, arrogant and more than a little bit unhinged. I don't care one bit about Alpha Trion as a character, so I probably wouldn't even complain about this...if he didn't come off as a massive irredeemable cock, just like almost everyone else Costa writes.

And then there's Sunstreaker. His betrayal and death were one of the few bright spots in AHM, one of the few times where that series felt like it was connected at all to what came before (even though it was written ham-handedly). Bringing Sunstreaker back pretty much stamps out that bright spot, and even though I never believed he would stay dead (IDW are too dedicated to becoming a stereotypical giant comic company to ever do something as revolutionary as not reviving a minor character) it's still a bad choice.

Finally, Alpha Trion's grand plan is to have Ironhide kill off the Swarm (even though Omega Supreme and the other Autobots seemed to kill most of them in AHM anyway) which will somehow (magically?) turn Cybertron into a completely inhabitable world again. This is, of course, monumentally stupid. First off, either Alpha Trion is living inside Metroplex or the artist is drawing Metroplex when Metroplex isn't there. Ironhide is tougher than a citybot, now? Also, killing some bugs won't make a radioactive husk of a world any more hospitable than it was during Stormbringer. Frankly, if you just left the Swarm to their own devices for a few more years the radiation would kill them all anyway.

All in all, this issue (and retroactively, the entire mini to date) seems like an excuse for Costa to retcon all of the Furman and McCarthy plot points he didn't like out of existence. And since Costa is probably the least-capable writer out of the three, my only response to that is a hearty "Fụck you, Costa!"

And it's really a shame, because Costa writes Ironhide very well. I hate Ironhide, and Costa has made me care about him. It's just too bad that he's done that amidst a story that just doesn't make any sense. After the first two issues I wanted to like this one, but I just can't.

2010-07-10, 05:08 PM
But there were some negatives as well, some which just seem to be a running theme for IDW. I mean, is it Hasbro mandate that you have to be able to read an issue in under five minutes? Is it Hasbro mandate that you can only have four panels at most per page, one line of dialogue per panel? This approach really detracts from the experience. It really does, and something needs to be done about it. Andy, I hope you're listening.

Not really. Have you picked up Bumblebee yet? It's got six panels on one page clustered with text. Trust me, it's not a pretty sight. I'd much prefer something like this. Then again, the Bumblebee mini is dire enough without needing to worry about the art and the layout, so it's just another bridge to burn.

Commander Shockwav
2010-07-10, 11:26 PM
At least you can say about the Bumblebee mini that it didn't read ridiculously short. Neither did LSOTW.

AHM could have been told in 6 to 8 issues. The first arc of the ongoing in about 4. And this Ironhide series in mostly likely 2 1/2 to 3 issues.

I want more bang for the buck.

2010-07-11, 01:13 AM
At least you can say about the Bumblebee mini that it didn't read ridiculously short. Neither did LSOTW.

AHM could have been told in 6 to 8 issues. The first arc of the ongoing in about 4. And this Ironhide series in mostly likely 2 1/2 to 3 issues.

Yeah, but for what's inside of the Bumblebee mini, I didn't want for it to be longer to read. The Bumblebee mini read like a bad fanfic. It's about two and a half issues too long, and while the first two issues showed promise, the third and fourth issues have plot holes bigger than AHM, Prime Directive or ROTF.

I want more bang for the buck.

Which is why I never pick up comics anymore until I am convinced they are half decent.

2010-07-13, 04:11 PM
The tattered clothing thing: there's a deep collective memory of people going around in rags because clothes shops hadn't been invented yet. This memory just keeps coming back over and over again in comics, films, etc. Perhaps next time, Alpha Trion could visit the Metroplex branch of Primark, TK Maxx or Asda.

2010-07-13, 09:55 PM
:up:Well I have to admit I'm really enjoying this mini a lot, none of us really no what's going on, is it a dream state? A sub-conscious manifestation of Ironhide's memories? Metroplex getting a bit bored and playing puppet master?

Having not read AHM and only recent re-jumped back on the bandwagon of IDW comics with LSTOW this is all new and mysterious for me as a result the issue of retconning is a moot point for a 'new' reader like me. I'm familiar with the plot details of AHM of course and the origin points of Ironhide and Sunstreakers' plot points in this story. I'm just quite enjoying it in a 'Jacob's Ladder' kind of way, I'm hoping hoping the Alpha Trion role isn't 'The big reveal'.

Alpha Trion can 'manipulate' TFs via touch, well technically he is in contact with Metroplex the whole time while he is stood inside him, so may explain why Metroplex isn't gearing up for some bug stomping and Alpha Trion's relucatance to leave the city state, if he leaves, he loses control.

The outfit Alpha trion is wearing has a suitably dodgy exposition behind it,
Sunstreaker's reaction to seeing him seems to indicate Alpha Trion is a legendary figure of judgement deep in TF lore as opposed to a weirdy beardy, which makes him ripe for a bit of impersonation by cheeky scamp up to some nefarious deed, erm Mindwipe?

I think for sure it's an imposter, but who, I'm not sure, the art is very nice in this issue and the dialogue is decent. Alpha Trion's indignation at not being recognised was particularly amusing.

"He's heard of me!"

That made me chuckle, also Scamper's lack of total compliance with Alhpa Trion's orders seems to suggest to me that something is afoot, but Scamper's limited to how much he can independently, so short of following Ironhide around and giving him pleading looks.

Ironhide's characterisation is coming along nicely, from his blunt indifference and acceptance to A-3, also amusing, to the mumbling swearing as he clumsily navigates a wall. Although dialogue is a bit "Leave no man behind!", but that's Ironhide I guess.

So it's basically erm Hotrod masquerading as A3 with a Bombshell cerebro shell in him to allow for control of Metroplex, continued domnination of the Insecticon swarm and erm....Mindwipe, ah who knows.

Ok I have no idea how this will end, i just hope it's suitably Machievellian. I'm easily pleased when it comes to comics and this is a nice change from the bollocks of the ongoing, both in terms of story and art.

2010-07-19, 02:51 AM
I have to admit it. Even though they hit something I was dreading they were going to hit(Ironhide is the only one who can save Cybertron), I am enjoying this.

To an extent, I can see why. 'Alpha Trion' pointed it out. After 4 hours of smashing Swarm drones, Ironhide's only got a few scratches. And Ironhide's not likely to level entire cities when exterminating the Swarm, either.

That being said, there are problems. Sunstreaker's far too intact to have been at the center of the explosion. 'Alpha Trion' is trying far too hard to trade on his reputation. And no matter how tough Ironhide is, no matter how mean or stubborn, there's still only one of him and billions, apparently, of them.

Unless........ that could be it. 'Alpha Trion', or whoever he is, may well have been building an Ironhide body for years, figuring that eventually Ironhide would die in the war, or get wounded again to the point that he was in the first flashback. Divert the spark to where you want it to go, and leaving it out in the wastes, surrounded by the Swarm would be the best way to give it a field test.

2010-07-19, 07:51 AM
That's what I thought when I read it too as well--Ironhide died on Cybertron protecting Optimus. Alpha Trion wants to show off and builds a new body, but Ironhide comes back to life on his own/repaired by others, so the Alpha Trion-created body was ignored.

Until Ironhide died in the ongoing, so his spark could now inhabit his new body, sans the memories.

What I couldn't get is if that is really Metroplex... Alpha Trion can control by touch, yeah? Why didn't he simply sic Metroplex on the Swarm?

And Sunstreaker... other than the missing limbs and busted face, he looks pristine clean. For someone who's been laying half-dead, with open wounds, in a radioactive wasteland, for four years. And he still looks pristine.

2010-07-19, 11:55 AM
The good condition of Sunstreaker: I've always thought that Transformers repair and clean themselves on a microscopic level. As long as they have a little energon and plenty of time, they can achieve a great deal of self-repair. This is one of the reasons why they can live so long. They're like sponges living in Earth's oceans: potentially immortal if they're not killed somehow. Most other creatures have imperfections that kill them after a while, e.g. shortening telomeres in humans.

The great lifespan of Transformers indicates that they have been created or have evolved for different life patterns and roles to most other creatures. Some animals and plants live long enough to reproduce, then die. Other animals and plants have the luxury of longer lives because they have some advantage that protects them from the ravages of age, e.g. a large tree is tough and woody, so can live for up to 10,000 years in extreme cases (there was a discovery recently on the frozen border between Norway and Sweden). Transformers seem to be able to go on for millions of years, with indefinite maintenance. Their lifespan seems to approach that of geological formations or even planets. It might be that they are designed to look after Cybertron but their longevity lends itself to other very major projects such as reshaping solar systems, guiding the evolution of life worlds, discovering all the secrets of science and carrying out galactic construction projects. However, I do worry about their state of mind. How can people remain sane for millions of years? I presume that they have to help each other through mind-to-mind connections. I also believe that they have to forget a great deal of information so that it doesn't swamp their brains. Some of this information would have to be stored somewhere else because it is useful.

I wonder if there will be a 'two Ironhides' situation?! In the G1 Marvel UK days, conflicting storylines led to a 'two Megatrons' scenario. The current Ironhide could be a beefed-up version, rebuilt for a special purpose, like G1 Galvatron.

2010-07-19, 01:37 PM
Super-advanced robots healing negligible damage over time is realistic, I'll grant you that. But an explosion that killed what- a hundred Insecticons? And it didn't even dent Sunstreaker's chest?

And not to mention the whole microscoping self-repairing stuff is supposed to be exclusive to Pretenders in the IDW-verse, but the time a mainstream IDW writer acknowledges continuity like that is the time that skies will turn red.

Don't think there'll be a two Ironhides situation. The whole reason why the Trion-made Ironhide didn't get activated until his death (in the ongoing) was because the other, 'original' Ironhide was still running around.

2010-07-19, 02:30 PM
Amazing escapes happen very often in fiction! Cold death is not quite so thrilling. Corpses usually just lie there and don't advance the plot. Zombies, vampires, bodysnatchers, etc. are useful exceptions for writers.

True, explosions usually kill everyone in a certain radius but sometimes there is an obstruction that saves a life. Adolf Hitler was famously saved by a pillar and/or table in the 'Wolf's Lair' bomb plot, 20 July 1944.


Also, Sunstreaker is (I believe) supposed to be one of the Autobot elite and is very concerned with his physical condition. It would make sense for him to be built as well as possible, so that his maintenance requirements are minimised. This would give him an edge in most attacks.

Do I remember seeing Ratchet, Runabout and Runamuck repairing their own dents in 'Infiltration' a few years ago? I can't quite recall the details. I've just remembered the existence of 'memory materials' though:


Much of the damage in explosions is caused by shrapnel (not the Insecticon!). If a bomb target is lucky and receives little shrapnel, survival chances are greater. There were one or two cases like this in the 7/7/2005 London tube bombings, where people survived despite being only a few feet or metres from the bombs.

Commander Shockwav
2010-07-19, 07:46 PM
I'm thinking A3 isn't really A3 at all and he's holding Metroplex captive somehow, employing Scamper to do his bidding, and that Ironhide is another one of his unwitting pawns.

2010-07-20, 06:39 AM
Part of the problem is that we've already seen what kind of shape the explosion and subsequent bridge collapse left Sunstreaker in. His head was still intact, largely, but that was pretty much it.

Of course, that would require paying attention to what's gone before, which would probably require stricter editorial control.

Even in terms of the story narritive, it's problematic. Ironhide can be "exposed" to Cybertron's toxic atmosphere for longer periods of time due to his skin. Scamper is probably sent out to scout and scavenge, and isn't out for long periods. 'Alpha Trion' is wearing heavy robes. Sunstreaker is lying on top of a bunch of dead Swarm drones, largely intact, for 4 Earth years. No recharges, unable to move, and the "well, his armor is pretty tough" argument gets thrown out because it's also damaged. If the explosion didn't get him, and the fall didn't get him, the atmosphere certainly should have.

That being said, there is something of an out for his condition. At least, his barely conscious condition. His systems shut down to protect him, and when his sensors detected an Autobot energy signature, they woke him up.

2010-07-20, 08:38 AM
Amazing escapes happen very often in fiction! Cold death is not quite so thrilling. Corpses usually just lie there and don't advance the plot. Zombies, vampires, bodysnatchers, etc. are useful exceptions for writers.

It's called a 'retcon' in comic-book speech. One writer kills off a character. Another writer loves that character too much, and begins an elaborate storyline just to revive him. One example that came into my mind is DC Comics' Jason Todd. He had one of the better death scenes, too. Some fifteen years later, they decided to simply revive him. So came out this convulted explanation revolving around multiverses and stuff.

It's something very prominent among the comic publishers, really. No second-rate character can stay dead anymore.

McCarthy certainly meant for Sunstreaker to be dead. That Coda issue actually confirms his death instead of leaving it vague.

Adolf Hitler was famously saved by a pillar and/or table in the 'Wolf's Lair' bomb plot, 20 July 1944.

And there aren't any pillars or tables to save poor Sunstreaker, are there?

Also, Sunstreaker is (I believe) supposed to be one of the Autobot elite and is very concerned with his physical condition. It would make sense for him to be built as well as possible, so that his maintenance requirements are minimised. This would give him an edge in most attacks.

He got totally blown up by a bazooka in Escalation...

Do I remember seeing Ratchet, Runabout and Runamuck repairing their own dents in 'Infiltration' a few years ago? I can't quite recall the details. I've just remembered the existence of 'memory materials' though:

Ratchet, I believe, mentioned that he could repair 'internal damage' he sustained on a short road battle with two Decepticons, and even then he needed help from a human mechanic for the extremities.

Much of the damage in explosions is caused by shrapnel (not the Insecticon!). If a bomb target is lucky and receives little shrapnel, survival chances are greater. There were one or two cases like this in the 7/7/2005 London tube bombings, where people survived despite being only a few feet or metres from the bombs.

Which raises the question. Sunstreaker shoots a bomb basically beside him. Said bomb creates a chain reaction that demolishes an entire bridge and kills all the insecticons on them. How is he, the closest to the bomb, the one who survives?

Sunstreaker was in the epicenter of an explosion. Now even if the explosion didn't kill him, even if the fall didn't kill him, even if the shrapnel wounds didn't kill him, even if other Insecticons didn't cannibalize him for parts, even if he survived four years of radiation on open wounds... why didn't he leak to death?

2010-07-20, 11:16 AM
Yes, so much in fiction can be seen as ridiculous, yet there are other kinds of ridiculous things in real life, e.g. man tries to rob shop with paper bag on head and no eye-holes - actually happened. Also, people keep buying products that they know are probably disappointing.

To paraphrase a very wise old rapper from the 1980s, 'He's too darned tough'! And so is Iron-bottom. They must have so many little defence mechanisms. Their creator designed them to be so. (I think that Simon Furman said that a Transformer can survive as long as the brain chip and spark chamber are intact. By and large, I tend to agree.) Yes, they are also being protected by the rampant forces of artistic licence, human sentiment and commercial drive. Again, continuity falls apart.

Artistic licence: anything seen in a comic could conceivably be inaccurate because different creators interpret scenes, characters and events in different ways.

I just had an idea about self-healing in Transformers. Consider the Borg in Star Trek, who can rebuild (or 'heal') their star-ships. Consider insects on Earth, which can metamorphisise from egg to larva to caterpillar to pupa to butterfly. Consider the microbes in 'The Andromeda Strain', which changed their entire structure to protect themselves from harm. Transformers could metamorphisise internally in order to heal themselves. They could rebuild themselves so that materials were reused in different components. Circuits from system A could be reused as part of system B. As long as there were enough components and energy, survival could be eked out indefinitely.

I wonder what sort of chemicals are used in standard Transformer explosives? For some reason, they don't teach people about explosives very much in school. Sure, we see a few compounds go up but not all the possibilities. Cybertron has a different mix of chemicals in its geology. There may be a shortage of certain elements normally found in human explosives but also a greater abundance of other elements. If we talk about such things too much online, the secret services could take an interest!

I imagine that the Transformers went out into space and brought back chemicals needed for explosives. However, certain explosive chemicals have the side effect of being corrosive, so the war could be affecting Cybertron's metal structures in another way. As if the explosions themselves weren't bad enough, the corrosive by-products of the explosives could be eating away at the buildings and also the ground beneath the Transformers' feet. Hmm, this is something that hasn't been discussed much, as far as I know. The Transformers will have to do some serious repair work if there is such degradation of the Cybertronian lands.

I was thinking that there might be some deeper connection between Alpha Trion and Ironhide. Might they be old friends but so long ago that Ironhide forgot? Ancient memories on this timescale could fade away almost totally. If there is time travel involved, could Alpha Trion and Ironhide be the same person, only greatly modified?

Red Dave Prime
2010-07-20, 09:55 PM
Interesting debate on the effects of shrapnel and explosions but I dont think that its that much of a stretch to say Streaker survived in some condition. Blaster floated in dead space for a while and was ok. I can always allow a little stretchy for the sake of the overall story. Not sure why we need streaker back but lets see.

as for the issue, I thought it was good. AT is a pompous dick and all the better for it. I can almost imagine that when he claimed to be working on ironhides body for years (even though Iron butt was only dead for a year) is more an example of the hyperbole he's become prone to. There has to be something wrong with the guy.

Most importantly (from Costas point of view) this series seems to be sorting out the cybertron / swarm issue in a fun way. and lets be fair, the swarm were botched so badly in AHM that theres little point in dragging out their participation in the overall TF universe.

Next issue could be good. I'm waiting for the twist in relation to Alpha Trion. Depending on whats done, it could be a good end to an alright mini. Its no LSOTW but its not bad. In a way it reminds me of maximum dinobots in that its fun and not offending, even if it is fluffy. And its probably the nicest looking mini since Stormbringer. Fingers crossed for a decent end.

2010-08-04, 08:20 PM
Your all purpose Transformers: Ironhide #4 reaction and discussion thread.

Out Today.

Preview @ Comixology (http://www.comixology.com/previews/JUN100318/Transformers-Ironhide-4?utm_campaign=rss&utm_term=preview%252bJUN100318).

2010-08-04, 10:08 PM
It’s interesting to look back at my review for the first issue and review my speculation about just how Ironhide had been returned to life. I’m glad to see that none of the standard sci-fi avenues for resurrection were correct, and indeed that this isn’t actually a resurrection at all in the standard sense of the word. It’s more like buying a new computer and installing an older operating system on it, or something to that effect. Ironhide’s comeback is something uniquely possible because the Transformers are mechanical life forms.

So, issue four. Ironhide goes out to kill every remaining member of the Swarm on Cybertron, all by himself. I have to admit that I still have something of a problem with this, given how much trouble a whole squad of Autobots had with them back in “All Hail Megatron”. I could come up with a couple of explanations, such as Ironhide’s new body being a lot tougher than the standard Autobot body, or that he’s fully charged by Alpha Trion’s battery pack, while the Autobots stranded on Cybertron were operating on low power. It still seems unlikely that one bot could prevail where fifteen or twenty really thought they were going to be overwhelmed.

And I didn’t exactly get the other shoe that I thought would drop. I was half-convinced that Alpha Trion had some hidden scheme in place, and the cover where Ironhide has obviously attacked Alpha Trion briefly convinced me that I was right. But I wasn’t… Alpha Trion was absolutely on the level and serious about wanting Ironhide to take out the Swarm single-handed. I’ve explained why I thought this was unlikely, but apparently Alpha Trion is just crazy enough to think such a plan is viable. And to be fair, he was right. It did work.

But that aside, its fun watching Ironhide smash the mutant Insecticons and watch purple goo go everywhere. It’s really fun when he finds the wrecked Wreckers spaceship from AHM and turns the batteries on the Swarm quite enthusiastically. And then he takes out presumably hundreds of them by self-destructing the ship. Also fun is Ironhide’s indignation when Metroplex stomps the remaining Swarm into pulp. “Why didn’t you just do that to start with?” AT’s explanation for why he didn’t makes sense. And his explanation for how he knew to bring Ironhide back is hilarious.

Several things in this storyline exist not only to service the story, but also to tie up some loose ends from “All Hail Megatron”. The Wreckers’ spaceship is one such loose end, the Swarm is another, and obviously Sunstreaker’s return would be a big one. But there’s a final revelation that really solves a major problem with “All Hail Megatron”. The radiation present on the planet during “Stormbringer” was lethal after prolonged exposure, but it’s just about gone by the time the Autobots are stranded, despite Jetfire predicting that it would take hundreds of years for the planet to repair itself. It turns out that Alpha Trion is responsible for cleaning up the atmosphere, and that his planetary recovery project has been going on for some time, long before he brought Ironhide into the picture. It’s a retcon, but one that ties up a big plot hole, so I’m glad to see it. Good for Mike Costa, who’s clearly read Furman and McCarthy’s storylines and has made the attempt to adhere to past continuity, and to use that continuity to tell new stories.

Overall: I’ve enjoyed this series far more than I thought I would four months ago. I had assumed it was going to be a flashback storyline since Ironhide was killed in ongoing #1. Instead we’ve gotten an Ironhide that’s missing 4 million years of memories, mad genius Alpha Trion, and the restoration of Sunstreaker. This has been an excellent little series.

Commander Shockwav
2010-08-04, 10:12 PM
I'm going to say it, but I shouldn't.

Alpha Trion rocks.

I know, I know, it's crazy. His donning that silly brown robe (which I've grown quite fond of) makes it even crazier.

But this series was worth reading just for him. He's a hoot, and his mockery of Ironhide throughout the series was gold. I think redefining and then injecting a character like him into this mythos is going to make for some good times and a lot of laughs. Costa got the guy right. I found myself laughing out loud four times, and it wasn't the sneeringly sarcastic laugh I let out reading the past few issues of the ongoing.

Liked the way Costa gives a valid explanation for one of McCarthy's plot flaws in AHM for why Cybertron was habitable when the Autobots got beamed to Cybertron and survived it's caustic atmosphere. Always nice when someone other than rabid message board fans fill in the gaps that exist in IDW's TF continuity.

Coller's art is superb. One thing I appreciate in his work is proper use of layout in the panels. It seems all too often artists are hesitant to shrink down the action so that it easily fits within the panel and so that it doesn't seem too crowded. Casey gives us shots from far off, for example, of the Swarm attacking the ark to stress their numbers, and I think this makes for good storytelling. Or when Ironhide ejects from the ark. Rather than fill the panel up with Ironhide in his ejection chair, he shrinks him down so we are left with a view of the Swarm on the ark as well. I like that kind of use of space and hope to see more of it.

The flaw is, again, this story could have been told in two or three issues. If the creative team can address the pacing issues, I think it would go a long way into winning fans back over, even if they are disgruntled by the current story arc.

Give it an "B+".

2010-08-04, 10:45 PM
It might just be sloppy editing but while Ironhide refers to 4 cycles A3 refers to 4 hours whether thats a clue to him not being who he says he is or just a mistake I dont know.

2010-08-05, 09:23 PM
PIcked up today and enjoyed it without being blown away, the action sequences are fun, but nothing spectacular. I do like the fact Alpha Trion is clearly insane, despite the fact he appears to be held in some sort of reverence by the average TF, he is a total ham!

I'm slightly disappointed by the fact he wasn't some sort of imposter, but I suppose the silly face mask and dubious exposition just adds to the red herrings of the middle issues. It can't detract that he's a fun character and likeable, for me anyway.

I love the 'Lost in Space' riffs with AT and Scamper, AT is a bit Doctor Smith amd when Ironhide decks him , Scamper in the background shouting 'Danger! Danger! Danger!' genuinely raised a smile.

Likewise, the "You want me to attack them? But I'm Alpha Trion!" made me chuckle, it's nice to see a character usually portrayed as some kind of quasi-religious elder of all knowing knowledge actually written as the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz, something of a big phoney. Can you imagine Furman's take on him as opposed to this?

AT aside, Ironhide bombing around blowing stuff in a cack handed action hero kind of way is fun, but in criticism Sunstreaker feels a bit redundant to the story and I groaned inwardfly with his attempt at redemption via exposition, although Costa just about gets away with it as Ironhide really isn't interested and just wanders off to sit on a box.

Which leaves me with the amusing image of Alpha Trion zipping around the galaxy on Metroplex with only Scamper's monsyballic conversation for company, all we need now is for them to meet up with Impactor and Guzzle for a surreal and dare I say comedic adventure, involving hamming it up and gratuitous violence.

I liked the mini as a whole and it was certainly better than I expected it to be, the over all plan of AT was a bit meh, I struggle to buy into the fact he thought Metroplex couldn't tactically nuke the swarm before he was overun. But hey ho, Ironhide was well characterised and his character fits the gruff, amnesiac action hero mold well!

"You're Ironhide, you were going to die sooner or later!"

Good stuff!

2010-08-06, 04:10 AM
I liked the mini as a whole and it was certainly better than I expected it to be, the over all plan of AT was a bit meh, I struggle to buy into the fact he thought Metroplex couldn't tactically nuke the swarm before he was overun.
Since the planet isn't supposed to have an atmosphere anymore, Metroplex could have killed them from orbit using his antimatter guns.

Also, despite his claims to the contrary Alpha Trion couldn't possibly have been working on Cybertron for years before AHM, since we know he and Metroplex were entrenched on Salvvatan VIII during AHM and must have been there for a long, long time (since it would be really hard for the Autobot research base in that system to miss Metroplex coming and going).

The idea of Ironhide singlehandedly defeating the Swarm, even the fraction that was left after Omega Supreme stomped them (which puts the lie to "Metroplex can't fight them", no?) is, as said above, just silly. After all, he was there the first time around and they were all going to die before Omega showed up.

At the end of it all, the entire series seems to be built out of ideas that fall apart under the slightest scrutiny. It's entertaining, but it's filled with silly contrivances. Overall, I'm left with the impression that Costa didn't really have a story to tell here. Instead of having Ironhide's return forced by the plot, the plot (such that it is) only exists as an excuse to bring Ironhide back and clean up some other loose ends (Sunstreaker, the Swarm, etc).

The whole thing could easily have been told in two issues, or as a backup story in the dreadfully-thin Ongoing book. Since the mini itself doesn't resolve most of the plot threads that it starts -- Ironhide still doesn't have his memories, Sunstreaker still hasn't fessed up to what he did they're both still stuck on Cybertron and despite all the killing the Swarm still isn't wiped out -- there's really no reason at all for this to be a separate story. There's no climax, and the journey that Ironhide and Sunstreaker start here doesn't really go anywhere. It just ends, presumably to be continued later in the main book.

The fact that this was probably planned ten seconds after Ironhide was 'killed' in the Ongoing makes the whole thing ring a bit false to me. IDW was advertising "ZOMG MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH" not only knowing full-well that wouldn't he stay dead, but with the script for his return sitting on the editor's desk.

Despite all my criticism, this is a million times better than the main book. Throughout, Ironhide comes off as a sympathetic and interesting lead character, someone I can care about and root for. That stands in stark contrast to Spike in the Ongoing, who I (and most fans) actively want to die and be forgotten about. It's just too bad that that's really the only good thing I have to say about it.

2010-08-06, 05:21 AM
Actually, I figured they were going to bring him back from the outset. I didn't think it would be this way. And, mostly, I liked it.

It wasn't perfect. Alpha Trion's a complete nutcase. Sunstreaker's remarkably intact. But it was fun, and Ironhide's back..... if a little different than he was before.

2010-08-06, 10:22 AM
Yeah, Metroplex could have used anti-matter on the swarm but the damage to Cybertron would have been pretty serious. Anti-matter explosions are proportionally much worse than nuclear explosions. The script says that Alpha Trion just spent a long time trying to fix the planet (who knows if he actually did but someone or something has been having a go), so they don't want further damage.

Alpha Trion refusing to fight? I'm reminded of Willy Fogg the cartoon, aristocratic, English lion (1980s TV show, 80 Days Around the World), who often let his servant cat do the fighting for him!

I'm guessing that Alpha Trion's eccentricities are due to his great age and long periods of relative isolation. Also, he might be holding secrets that are gnawing away at his mind, so to speak, because he can't tell anyone about them. Alternatively, perhaps he tried to comprehend IDW's continuity and failed, leaving him with substantial trauma.

2010-08-06, 02:49 PM
Well, it's better than the ongoing, for a start. Although by this point even the direst Fun Publications stuff are better than the ongoing.

The conclusion doesn't feel as good as the rest of the miniseries, however. The whole Metroplex problem -- why they didn't just bombard the Swarm from orbit, or just shell them with his big gonzo cannons, and the fact that Metroplex was seen entrenched in whatever planet it was in during the events of AHM.

As expected, Sunstreaker's only there to be returned back for future use. Boo.

Ironhide doesn't get his memory back, a nice little twist to the ending.

Not sure whether I like this new Alpha Trion. Never been much of a fan of his character, but it's a little too... overboard. Still, he and Ironhide did get some good lines between them.

The Swarm could be stepped on by Omega Supreme, but Metroplex can't kill them buhwha?

However, the issue itself falls a little flat. The whole battle against the Swarm feels several pages overlong, although at least this is more interesting than watching dialogue-less panels of Combaticons blowing shit up. It could easily be condensed into three issues (keeping the wacky flashback one), but otherwise Ironhide is not a bad miniseries.

2010-08-06, 02:51 PM
I think it was Alpha Trion that was the most jarring, for me. The whole thing of him spending all these years on Cybertron trying to fix the damage done to the planet's atmosphere would make more sense if it wasn't for the fact that Jetfire and the Technobots had been monitoring Cybertron's general condition for quite some time, and things really weren't getting better, or if they were, it wasn't going to be fast enough to allow the Autobots to have landed on a planet they could have survived on at the beginning of AHM.

Then again, this could have been part of what Metroplex was doing in his Spotlight. No reason was given, really, as to why he was on the planet that the Throttlebots landed on, and if Alpha Trion has convinced/brainwashed him into being a willing servant, the odds are good that he was performing experiments to repair Cybertron's atmosphere. But the impression I got from Alpha's little speech was that he'd been on Cybertron for centuries trying to repair things.

Still and all, I think this mini highlights one of Costa's strengths, while the ongoing is highlighting his weaknesses. His Ironhide is a well rounded out character. As is his Alpha Trion(whether or not you like him), and so, to the little extent that he talks, is Sunstreaker. He seems to do very well with single or small groups of characters. He starts going into larger groups, and that's where he runs into trouble.

Red Dave Prime
2010-08-16, 08:06 PM
In fairness, Alpha Trion could have been on cybertron for 5 years - its 3 years since AHM and that was at least one year after the end of revelations, plus stormbringer is relatively early at the start of the -tions series.

Anyway, this wasnt too bad an issue really. Theres not much in the way of reveals but it works well enough. Trion is an interesting take on a character and I'd like to see them expand on it in the future.

Overall its been an okay mini that would have fit just as easily into the ongoing alongside the earth story - I rant about that in Ongoing #10 thread so I wont go on here as well. Nothing terrible but nothing outstanding either.

2011-01-13, 04:50 PM
I'm considering getting the Ironhide trade as I skipped the issue. Would anyone like to venture an opinion on whether the series is worth picking up?

2011-01-13, 04:52 PM
I read the first two issues, but then I forgot about the miniseries :(

Red Dave Prime
2011-01-13, 10:55 PM
Its not terrible. The art is very nice in places and theres some nice wacky dialogue. The ending is a bit of a let down seeing as its so much more run of the mill than what the earlier hinted at. One of the better minis though, ahead of Bumblebee & Drift.

2011-02-21, 03:44 AM
I picked up the TPB today. The only extra in it is a few pages of character design sketches. One thing Collier did in the figure models that he didn't manage to pull off in the book is age Ironhide. The security guard at the racetrack Ironhide character model looks a lot younger than his Optimus Prime bodyguard or Alpha Trion's Swarmbuster versions.

If you went out and picked up the individual issues...... probably not really worth getting, unless you hate ads and really love character model skketches.