View Full Version : Heroic Age, anyone else picked up these new books at all?

2010-06-09, 07:37 PM
Not a big comic reader as I've mentioned before and have asked for a suitable jump off point for comics, X-Men and Avengers noteable.

So with the advent of this new 'Heroic Age' I've jumped in with both feet and snaffled 'Avengers' and 'Secret Avengers', secret mostly because it has Ant Man in! Although O'Grady's characterisation is a bit leaden thus far, he says girls a lot. But that's how Eric rolls!

Enjoying 'Avengers' much more, genuinely amusing in places, I'm not a hyper critic, I've next to no knowledge of what's happened before, but I'm enjoying it!

Also my love affair continues with the genius art of Allred with 'izombie', deliciously dark. funny and with sumptuous art.

Will probably have a look at Heroic Age X-Men when it comes out, undecided on 'Secret Avengers' thus far, come on Ant man you can do it!

In other news...


Haha 'Guardians of the Galaxy', awesome and I quite like Abnett from some of his Black Library work, the series is winging its way to me as we speak, I had no idea he was still an ongoing character. Space comics eh? I have no idea what's going out there, but it's all ab out Annihalation and Conquest and raccoons and i want a part of it!

Also picked up 'Thanos Imperative' too....

So from no comics to buying several all in the space of one ill advised late night search of an onliner retailer.

2010-06-13, 06:54 AM
Well, I've got a couple, though I've not read them all yet...

Hawkeye and Mockingbird #1 was pretty good; nice establishing of their situation, bringing in of a couple of arch-enemies... Though, thi sbook seems like it might have a special place for people familiar with mid-late 80s West Coast Avengers - which I somewhat am, and I have a feeling writer Jim McCann definitely was...

Thunderbolts is still on my pull, despite what Ellis did with the book, but i've not quite gotten there in my pile yet; may update here when I do...

Actual Avengers title I may not touch, as long as Bendis has his crappy name attached to it....