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Shadomus Primary
2010-06-26, 02:39 PM
I would love to get in on this TF RPG. It seems well put together, the rules seem pretty straightforward & easy enough to learn. I understand that I gotta intro myself in chat to get in, but I just learned I have to make a few posts in the Forum before getting chat access. I'll chill a few minutes to see if someone replies here & hit the top of your page & check out your Thread. By the way, am I understanding correctly that we can use origional Transformers that we created ourselves?

2010-06-26, 04:01 PM
-moves post into its own thread-

Hi there! We would love to have more players in the RPG. Copying something that ziggy posted a while back...

After you've had a look through the rules:
http://tfarchive.com/rpg/site/rpg_rules_and_guidelines (http://tfarchive.com/community/../rpg/site/rpg_rules_and_guidelines)

...Go to the role call thread (linked below) to make a character claim:

An easy way to know if a character you are interested in is claimed or not, simply go to the RPG Wiki (http://tfarchive.com/community/../rpg/site/) to see if the character is available. The link to the character page is below:
http://tfarchive.com/rpg/site/characters (http://tfarchive.com/community/../rpg/site/characters)

This is where the RPG is:

If you are confused as to where to start, speak to one of our lovely RPG staff members (http://tfarchive.com/community/../rpg/site/tfarchive_rpg_team). They'll point you in the right direction.

Nah, you don't need to go to the chat thing. I never did. Just introduce yourself in the Roll Call thread (or this one), and you can play. Claim a free character and begin posting.

And yes, you can use original fanmade characters, but with staff approval. No fanmade cities or combiners, or super-powered ones. I recommend that you play with a canon character first to get the grips of the game.