View Full Version : Henkei Streak MOSC up for grabs

Rack 'n Ruin
2010-06-26, 04:36 PM
I have just recieved a brand new MOSC TF Henkei Streak as part of a larger bundle of eBay auction loot. As I already have the Universe version (and am very happy with it) I am looking to sell Henkei Streak on to recoup some of the cash I paid.

I will be listing Streak on eBay soon, but I thought I'd give it a go on TFA first as I'd rather sell to one of you guys & gals.

I'm looking for offers in the region of 15 (GBP) for Streak, plus postage to wherever you live. I live in the UK, for those that don't know. Streak (+ bubble wrap & cardboard box) weighs about 500g, if that helps you to work out postage.

Let me know if you are interested... :swirly:

Rack 'n Ruin
2010-07-01, 07:19 PM

Update : I'll be listing my spare Henkei Streak on eBay this weekend unless I hear of any interest from anyone here before then.

Just to recap, I have for sale one brand new, mint on sealed card (MOSC), pristine, minty fresh Henkei Streak from a smoke free home (unless I've been cooking again ;) ).

I'm open to all offers, but was hoping for around 15 plus p&p.

Let me know if you are interested and I won't list on eBay.

Cheers all! :swirly: