View Full Version : [Original RPG] Wanted: Seeker goons. Ammo provided, must bring own energon. Apply within.

2010-09-02, 03:21 PM
Aero Blade and I have hatched a plan, but we need to find players for Thrust and Skywarp to make it work. We'd rather not run them ourselves, so if you're interested in playing either one of them please post here. If more than one person is interested in either one, we'll draw straws or something. :)

The plan itself is ultra-secret (mwa-ha-ha-ha!) so we're not going to say exactly what it is, but it'll involve the other seekers as well and it'll be a lot of fun. Obviously we'll let the people who sign up to play these two guys in on the secret, though.

Who's in?

2010-09-02, 09:44 PM
Am I allowed to play Skywarp? Please pretty pretty pretty please? I'll drop Barricade or Misfire or something...

A teleporting prankster is too much to pass up!

2010-09-03, 03:35 AM
Assuming no one else wants to fight you for him, since it's your doing that we ever realized that he wasn't dead I guess it's only fair.

2010-09-03, 07:20 AM
Assuming no one else wants to fight you for him, since it's your doing that we ever realized that he wasn't dead I guess it's only fair.


I'll probably drop off Misfire to trade for Skywarp... (since Misfire had been doing nothing significant for the past few months)

2010-09-03, 02:16 PM
i thought aero-blade had Thrust?

Aero Blade
2010-09-03, 02:24 PM
Thrust is only being NPCed by me, and was taken up strictly because I simply couldn't abandon him someplace when his player dissapeared. If I was gonna have Dirge hauling him around, might as well play him a bit. For the miniplot we have coming up, though, it would be best done if someone else were playing Thrust's perspective as a dedicated character (at least for a bit anyways) ;)

2010-09-03, 02:32 PM
I don't mind playing him for whatever you have in mind, but I'd have to read up on him and his history in the RPG and see how he's been played so far so it would be fairly consistent. Only familiar with his recent history - being drug around by Dirge in Altihex.

Aero Blade
2010-09-03, 08:02 PM
You shouldn't have to read too far back, just to the activity when the prison was under attack and Dirge and Thrust encountered eachother. Other than that, he was just in lockup beforehand, so there's not much to see. Let me know when you're ready for him, and I'll toss his remote over ;)

2010-09-03, 08:44 PM
There's not much to learn about Thrust, honestly. Out of all the Seekers he's done the least in the RPG. Yes, even including Sunstorm and Acid Storm.

Off the top of my head:
He sided with the Insecticons and tried to backstab Galvatron
He was there for the battle with Unicron and died
He was revived by Thunderwing and worked for him until TW was overthrown
And that's about it, IIRC, until he landed in prison. He's had a few players since then but I don't remember him doing much other than standing around in the background and being an extra body.

2010-09-08, 04:00 PM
Think i'm up to date with Thrust now. May take a few posts to get his character down, but I can take him over whenever you release him.

Aero Blade
2010-09-08, 10:09 PM
All yours whenever you're ready :)

2010-09-09, 10:01 PM
alright. i'll grab him next time he is spoken to!