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2010-09-05, 01:12 PM
So anyone picked this up/Looking to pick this up?

For anyone who doesn't know what CLiNT is it's a new magazine in the UK that focuses on comics, I'm guessing it's much liked 200AD, serialised comic strips from upcoming talent, celebrity writers (Frankie Boyle and Jonathan Ross are both writing for it, well I think Ross' is a reprint of a comic he has been writing) and is also printing Mark Millars Kick-Ass sequel in its pages (but in a shorter format than the standard issues Marvel will be printing)

I was really interested in picking it up (price dependant, as I've had to steer away fromt he other comic centric magazine from the makers of SFX cos it carries a hefty 8 quid price tag) but after visiting Sainsburys, Tesco, Morrisons, Asda and WHSmiths I've discovered it is impossible to find (if it's even out, it should be tho) and tbh, it isn't really something I'm gonna be interested in picking up if I've got to venture to my local comic shop to do so.

inflatable dalek
2010-09-06, 07:44 PM
I'll have a look in work later and let you know if we have it. But by all accounts it's basically aimed squarely at 13 year old boys who love Nuts, the text stuff includes features on "Hot Mums" and "Embarrassing things said during sex" for example (mind, I'm not sure how a big picture of Frankie Boyle on the front is supposed to attract either comic fans or someone looking for something to jerk off too). Unless that's really your thing I'd recommend just going the cheaper option of buying the stuff it reprints as it comes out in trades.

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I keep misreading the thread title on the forum index.

Which may kinda be the point, but does keep making me think the topic's about something completely different.

inflatable dalek
2010-09-07, 08:18 AM
Disappointing, isn't it?

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At the very least it makes me think the autocensor's broken.

inflatable dalek
2010-09-07, 08:29 AM
I must admit, the idea didn't even occur to me until the review Speng's linked too pointed it out. I'm either very virtuous or very stupid. Take your pick.

Oh, and no show at Tesco.

2010-09-07, 05:27 PM
Yeh, leafed thrugh it at work and TBH the most impressive thing is the way that most magazines have to follow rigorous regulation, but it's managed to get away with a great big picture of a c*nt on the front cover. No, wait, it's Frankie Boyle. The rest of it is inept. Nuts for nerds, a way for those scared of their own individuality who want to look like they're reading about Chantelle off Big Brother's tits when they're on the tube or posing in Costa.

Mark Millar can be okay (The Ultimates, the Authority), but I'd never take him as an inherent sign of quality. I give it five issues, max. I know we've sold none of the dozen we've got in, though that might be more to do with me biroing the covers this afternoon.

2000AD's still going, anyway, and is a more realistic way of finding new talent - this looks like it's going to have strips written by Gemma Atkinson and Frank Lampard before long.

inflatable dalek
2010-09-07, 06:43 PM
Apparently the idea is it starts off with "Name" writers to get people who wouldn't normally pick up a comic writing before moving onto nurturing new talent. I'm doubtful of that myself.

2010-09-07, 07:03 PM
Yeh, this thing will need big sales to survive, hence the pushing of Ross and the scattergun approach, and if those sales come they're going to be reticent to change to non-name writers. I can even see the actual comic content being pared back if the humour side finds a niche.

Eh, it didn't really work for Crisis or Deadline, and I can't see why it'll work for these.

2010-09-07, 07:23 PM
Nuts for nerds, a way for those scared of their own individuality who want to look like they're reading about Chantelle off Big Brother's tits when they're on the tube or posing in Costa.

I agree with that to a point. It's filled with enough other ranom toss that it can be passed off as any other magazine, looking at the front cover, it makes very little mention of the fact it is supposed to be largely a comic anthology (forgoing the sentence in the top corner).

I picked up the first issue, found it pretty meh, the only stuff with any form of real pedigree is Millars stuff, and I kind of agree with what Dalek said, much much much cheaper to pick up in trades rather than pay 4 quid a month for 1/3 of a Kick-Ass comic.

It could have the potential of being good value for money, I mean you get two full issues of a comic in there, one is Turf by Wossy, and one is Nemesis by Millar, and a coupla other comic strips for 4 quid, which is pretty good. Well, it would be if the comic strips were actually any good. You get Rex Roid (or whatever its called) by Frankie Boyle, which is a complete mess, with some of the worst dialogue I've read in a comic, I could not follow it at all, and you get some pointless little comic strip.

Wossy will be gone soon, as theyre only two or three issues in to Turf I think, and unless theyre gonna drastically lower the page count for issue 2, theyll probs print the whole issue.

Id really like Millar to use this to truly showcase the best british comics has to offer, but like has been said, it looks like this is being tailored for the general crowd who will pick it up because of whichever celeb is writing some crazy comic, or giving an interview.

On the subject of 2000AD, Ive only ever bought it a few times, and every time the majority of the strips have been mid way through a story, so its always put me off buying.

inflatable dalek
2010-09-07, 07:32 PM
2000AD does do a couple of "New Readers Start Here" issues a year with all new stories starting, usually in the summer. Could be worth keeping an eye out for that if you do want a regular anthology as the general consensus seems to be it's as good as it's ever been at the moment (I'm working through Dredd via the casefiles which are only up to the early 90's at the moment, which is apparently just before it starts to go badly wrong).

2010-09-18, 08:40 AM
here is my thoughts on Clint # 1;

Beyond the tee-heeing of a comic that looks from a brief glance like it says c*nt - and also looks like its marking out Frankie Boyle as a c*nt (although that beard possibly marks him out as one – arf!) – this is actually a pretty good read and a pleasing inclusion to Britain’s lack-lustre comics industry. The big selling point is the first viewing of the sequel to Millar and Romita’s Kick Ass mini-series. Or at least it would be, did we not get only a measly five pages of it. Difficult to judge at only five pages, but it picks up with Mindy trying to teach Kick Ass how to fight. Witty enough, but the crack about Rhianna seems crudeness for crudeness sake and a bit like a line someone used in a pub that was thought funny enough to be included here.

Frankie Boyle and Jim Muir’s Rex Royd is a bizarre proposition, and is one I will have to re-read, but it seems like its about some fella who is dead rich and powerful and has some mad thing going on where he has his mind implanted in duplicates and goes out doing dangerous stuff until he gets bored. He utters a code word and returns to ‘reality’ and his real personality resurfaces. I think. I’m not sure. The story isn’t very clear, as it jumps about a bit, suggesting there’s a working out of how the format of comics works. It also reads, weirdly, like Boyle’s autobiography. In so much as there’s an ongoing narrative thread overloaded with ideas and divergences. Interesting.

Nemesis gets a reprint here, which is enjoyable, if something I’ve come across before in Marshal Law.

Huw Stephen’s Space Oddities is a glib two page strip that isn’t particularly good and seems to be included just to make up the page count.

The real gem is (and I am surprised by this) Johnathan Ross’ Turf. A tale of prohibition era-New York mobsters being muscled in on by a family of Vampires, looking to ensure their longevity and bring about the return of the ancient one. Its quite wordy and dense, which makes a nice change from the brevity of most modern comics, and looks a bit like its been pulled from Metal Hammer. I’m just not sure about the seemingly random inclusion of space aliens. At any rate, its a good read and suprising coming from a man who spent his £18 million BBC contract doing little more than making crude and unfunny jokes about oral sex and masturbation for an hour on a Friday night.

The features in Clint are largely awful, sadly . Aside from a decent interview with Jimmy Carr, all we get is the kind of unfunny crap that clogs up drug-based ‘humour’ comic Wasted. The ‘hot mums’ feature is Heat-level witless and a two page spread on Hollywood actors dubbed by actors in foreign countries for foreign audiences is beyond pointless. It makes me wonder what age range Millar is pitching this at. I think its aimed at the same crowd that buy 2000AD, (although the adult content warning will no doubt have this languishing on the top shelf next to Viz and Nuts, thus missing its potential audience by a wide mark)so why fill it with a load of crappy features that only a ten year old would find funny? Bloody Titan.

inflatable dalek
2010-09-23, 06:47 AM
Apparently David Baddiel (remember him? Used to play football or something) is on the front of issue 2. How down with da kids is that?

2010-09-23, 11:05 AM
I've seen it in work a few times and considered picking it up for Kick-Ass and Turf, but from what you've said I think I'd be better off waiting for TPBs.

The name reminds me of when I used to talk people into joining the Clint Eastwood fan club and wearing the appropriate hat . . . good times.

2010-11-26, 12:21 PM
American Jesus got added to the comic (another Millar penned comic - which makes this now feel like a bit of a vanity project). The features are slowly improving, with some good interviews with Tarrantino and Pegg & Frost, but it doesn't feel relevant. If this had lauched in the 1990s, it'd be selling like hot cakes. But its not. Frankie Boyle's strip has started to develop some kind of narrative strand, but it still doesn't make much sense.

I think a Deadline approach would have been a better idea. Deadline was a successful title mixing music articles and comic strips primarily because it tapped into the right audience. Their only mistake was to relauch as Tank Girl Magazine in 1995 off the back of the film, which was a big mistake. You're not going to convince a Nuts reader to pick this up - there's no naked ladies. You'd be better chasing Front magazine's format (which, naked ladies aside, actually feels very comic like in design and approach) and adding comic strips to that.

2010-11-26, 12:38 PM
Mmm, where Front's gone right is by carving a niche with its' naked ladies by going for the goth/emo market and parring down the laddishness. TBH, Clint could probably do worse than chucking a few SuicideGirls or similar in there - it wouldn't be any more demeaning than trying to pander to the Loaded market in the way they are now, and geeks like naked ladies too...

inflatable dalek
2010-11-29, 08:09 PM
Issue 1 seems to have sold enough for a reprint with a different cover (would that be a first for a British comic?):


Though from what people have been saying on another forum I frequent the "New" writing talent they'll be nurturing for the next few issues are Stewart Lee and Jimmy Carr.

2010-12-29, 02:52 PM
Nope. Death's Head II #1 & 2 of the original mini-series both got reprinted due to phenomenal sales back in 1992. The second printing nixed the backgrounds in favour of shiny silver ink. Not new covers as such, but the only other occasion I can think where a British comic got reprinted.

2010-12-29, 03:23 PM
I'm fairly sure some Warrior issues went through multiple printings, they just didn't feel the need to do a different cover for the second runs. Maybe the law was different or technology was more advanced in the 1980s so they could successfully reproduce the cover instead of having to come up with a new one?

inflatable dalek
2010-12-30, 06:40 AM
The odd thing is, I don't know anyone who works in a newsagents where all the copies of any of the issues have sold out. Or even slightly shifted. Perhaps I live in a CLiNT black hole?

2010-12-31, 07:31 PM
No you don't. I've seen plenty of copies standing forlornly on shelves everywhere. Hell, my comic shop of choice had huge piles of the things. As for the reprinting thingy, Warrior seemed to have a relatively low print run, and went to multiple printings as demand increased. Either way, I stand corrected :)