View Full Version : Transformation 2011 - new(ish) UK TF Convention

2010-10-05, 11:57 AM
Transforce - everybody's favourite Londonish TF convention organised by Paul Cannon - is reborn. With a new name. Huzzah.


Saturday 16th April 2011 - Fairfield Halls Croydon.

Confirmed acts so far include Simon Furman (obviously), Dan Abnett, Steve White, Jon Davis-Hunt and a bar.

2010-10-05, 02:25 PM
Ooooh, exciting . . .
The only problem is, I might not be able to afford to go to two conventions every year.
Actually, there are probably loads of problems. I'd imagine running this sort of event is quite complex.

2010-10-08, 10:03 PM
Hmmm I've never been to a convention before... are they worth it?

inflatable dalek
2010-10-08, 10:15 PM
Simon Furman and the Dan "Death's Head II" Abnett in the same room at the same time? That should make for some interestingly awkward conversations at the signing table.

Croydon's a bit to far to go for the day though, and in terms of getting the Sunday off work for an overnight stay it would likely be impossible. :(

2010-10-10, 10:05 AM
Hmmm I've never been to a convention before... are they worth it?

Most definately. ComicCon etc is good, but an actual TF convention is something else. Just being surrounded by people with the same interest, who get all the same jokes and know the words to all the films; it's magical. Then there's the shelves of toys, the guests...
It was weird on the bus home. Optimus Primal fell out of my bag and I picked him up and started playing, then looked around and realised I'd gone from a room where 500 people all had toy robots to a room where no-one did.

Auntie Slag
2010-10-10, 11:42 AM
Any ideas on roughly how much this'll cost? I wanted to go to the Auto Assembly '09 but it was extortionately expensive, like 150 for the weekend? Its not like I want caviar every meal of every day whilst i'm there or anything.
You could have a sunny weekend in er... Costa Del Sax on the Beach for that, right on Candy Dulfer!

If they're happy with 50 squid and favours for sailors then I'm in; especially if someone wants to do the sailors bit for me.