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2010-10-26, 02:14 PM
Okay, I've hit a dilemma. I have, through a mixture of OCD and Paypal surplus, I've ended up with two 25th Anniversary Lady Jaye figures. I can't choose between them at the moment. I can't start having two versions of figures or the whole thing could snowball.

This one (http://www.yojoe.com/action/08/agu/ladyjaye7.shtml) has better green on the trousers/gloves, better boots and cleavage. On the downside, the legs are weird - a bit too long.

This one (http://www.yojoe.com/action/09/agu/ladyjaye8.shtml) has better overall proportions, plus reworked hip and elbow articulation. On the other hand, the green on the gloves and legs is a bit off, while the boots really remind me of Lift Ticket for some odd reason.

Either way the brown hair/lack of lippy and spear that doesn't bend under its' own weight (albeit at the cost of looking like something a Roman Legionary should be hefting) are staying, as is the green pistol holser if I can get them to come off.

inflatable dalek
2010-10-26, 07:33 PM
Cleavage pwns proportions.

2010-10-26, 07:49 PM
legs look fine to me...

2010-10-26, 08:13 PM
They look alright when she's by herself... When she's next to anyone else they look very thin and long, and her torso quite small seeing as she's about the same height as everyone else. Lots of the 25th females are quite thin, but better proportioned... The first Lady Jaye's not as bad as the first Baroness they did (whose crotch was level with Cobra Commander's stomach, again despite them being the same height), but she still looks a bit weird. The crotch design means it always looks like she's leaning back too...

2010-10-27, 04:37 AM
You can pose her next to another bad looking figure and they'll look better by comparison. "Y'know Gung Ho actually looks pretty good, doesn't he?" or something like that.

Shrapnel Clone
2010-10-27, 09:41 AM
For some reason, the first one makes me think of the cartoon, and the second one doesn't. Don't know exactly what's off.

The first one has the cleavage, and looks more feminine overall.

2010-10-27, 06:32 PM
Both seem decent, but I'd give it to the second because the torso join is less obvious.

2010-10-27, 06:32 PM
Trouble is I've never really thought of Lady Jaye as being overtly feminine - she always seemed to be a bit of a tomboy in the comic, especially compared to Scarlett and her slapper suit. The weird thing is, poking around the murker areas of the internet (i.e. doing a Google image search in the hope of finding box art scans, but forgetting you have the filter turned off) Jaye seems to be the one with the following.

I'm not sure Gung Ho's even going to make the shelf... My painstaking measurements tell me my shelves can fit 72 figures from each side, and I'm not sure Gung Ho's going to make the cut... Jaye's got to be on the front row with Flint, Dusty, Beachhead, Airtight and Barbecue, so she's got to look like she's from the same species...

2010-10-28, 12:04 AM
Dunno if its just the lighting in the picture or what, but the green paint on the jacket in the second pic really looks awful. Like pottery glaze after its roasted in a kiln or something.

So for that reason alone, I'd take numero uno.