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2010-10-27, 12:30 PM
Come on! Where's the thread for this series? :)

I brought it. It's a great prequel, and a great, great improvement to the disastrous Nefarious and the mediocre Reign of Starscream/Alliance/Defiance/TOTF whatnot.

The art doesn't try to be bright and spectacular... it's moody, foggy and sets the mood like a sepia picture. It really suits the tone of the time, kind of like that Dreamwave GI Joe crossover with the gritty art. And, after months of trying to decipher Carlos Magno's horrendous art, the new artist is a nice foil.

It interweaves the first Movie Prequel and Tales of the Fallen superbly, explaining where Jetfire was and who the generic Sector Seven guys in the Prequel were. The story is okay, even though they did mix up the names of the people quite a bit. Jetfire's appearance is a surprise and adds a plot to what would otherwise be a boring issue. There is intrigue, there is characterization, there is continuity that gels together well...

And to top it all? No annoying cliffhangers, no superfluous 'story line' stretched in six issues like Nefarious. The story is precise and to the point, ending in one issue before jumping to the next era, and goes into the history of Sector Seven, an interesting organization compared to Skywatch or Nefarious or whatever IDW's going to pull up their arse next.

Not as spectacular as Last Stand of the Wreckers, but pretty great. Different in a good way, and it has everything that a good story must have -- setting, mood, plot, characterization, climax, ending, and a subtle hint of dry wit -- I like it.

2010-10-27, 03:20 PM
Hear that. I am going to read it.

2010-10-28, 04:54 PM
I just got issue 2. There's quite a lot of violent action, plus a family at home is under strain. The humans start to understand the cube.