View Full Version : 3.75" Marvel Legends

2010-11-25, 05:41 PM
Anyone got any of these things? Are they any good? I ask because I was toying with kitbashing a GI Joe Union Jack (because he's ****ing awesome... well, in theory), but it seems there's inexplicably been an ML one released. Does anyone have any of these figures? What's the articulation/sculpting like?


2010-11-25, 06:26 PM
I'm not sure if these are the figures you are looking for, but there are some reviews of some 3 3/4 inch marvel figures here.


I'm not sure how useful it is though, but it's a try.

2010-11-25, 06:41 PM
That's excellent, thanks! The guy even uses GI Joe figures in review pictures so that gives me a better idea... Hmm, definitely think he's worth a punt - articulation seems on a par, but the proportions seem a little cartoony for some; mind, Union Jack had no real superpowers and wasn't even especially muscular, so here's hoping... Just got to find a cheap one now.


EDIT: Though, looking at the pictures, I do kinda fancy the WW2 Ultimates Captain America...

2010-11-25, 08:09 PM
Just a little note on the reviews, they are a bit old by now. The hppt-line suggests that they are form 2005, so it might be a bit difficult to find them now.

2011-03-06, 11:14 AM
Kind of an old topic now, but I've had the Union Jack figure for ages, its actually one of my favourite figures. I noticed they also released a Captain Britain, which I'll pick up if I ever see it around. I bought Moon Knight the other day, too.