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BECAUSE WE HAVE ONE FOR THE G1 SERIES (http://www.tfarchive.com/cartoons/generationone/profiles/), THAT'S WHY.

Also, this is what happens when my insomnia strikes. Expect the something similar on this for the Movieverse and Animated series some time this week.


Optimus Primal: [voiced by Garry Chalk] Optimus Primal is the leader of the Maximal team stranded on prehistoric Earth. Itís just prime. After a firefight with the Darksyde, the damaged Axalon crash-landed, Optimus Primal is forced to lead his crew against Megatron and his Predacons, stopping the Predacon's insane plans to obtain power, and later to wreak havoc with space-time. During these Beast Wars, Optimus Primal had to hone his skills, both as a leader and as a warrior, in order to defeat Megatron and the Predacons. He had no idea that he would be coming face-to-face, and even surpass the actions of those who had fought during the Great War, including his namesake, Optimus Prime. He is honourable, brave, and puts the safety of others above all in battle. During the Planet Buster crisis, however, treachery from Megatron led to Optimus Primal to be vaporized in an explosion. This was not the end, however, for Rhinox was able to commune with the Allspark and bring Optimus Primal back into a Transmetalized Protoform, giving him new life. Primal led the Maximal through the following battles valiantly. However, it isnít all fun and games for several of Primalís soldiers were felled in battle. When Megatron shot the inactive Autobot leader Optimus Prime, creating a time-storm that threatened to destroy space-time, Optimus Primal took Prime's spark into his body while Rhinox repairs Optimus Prime, and it changed him into a larger body, dubbed 'Optimal Optimus' by Megatron. However, the Beast Wars only grew fiercer as the Axalon is destroyed by the Predacons. The Maximals were forced to set up shop in the volcano that housed the Ark. Faced with the loss of many of his friends and allies, Optimus Primal ultimately managed to defeat Megatron and stop his insane plan of destroying the Ark and history itself, and bring him back to Cybertron.

This, however, was not the end, for when they arrived on Cybertron, some freak time incident caused Megatron to arrive earlier and dominate Cybertron single-handedly. Optimus Primal found himself stuck in his original gorilla form, and was unable to transform until he reached the supercomputer called the Oracle. The Oracle reformatted Optimus Primal and his remaining Maximals into techno-organic bodies, and Optimus began his mission of returning the organic to Cybertron, as well as to liberate Cybertron from Megatron's tyrannical rule. Primal was obsessed to turn Cybertron into a wholly organic world, something that doesnít sit well with Cheetor. As the Maximal forces clash with the Vehicons, Optimus Primal and Megatron were torn apart as the Key to Vector Sigma and the Plasma Energy Chamber were used simultaneously. Optimus Primal dies again, but he is rebuked by the Oracle for his fanatical point of view regarding the organic. Realizing that he needs to return Cybertron to a balance between organic and technological and after a convincing speech from Cheetor, Optimus Primal chose to be returned back into life rather than rejoining the bliss of the Matrix. Although he was disheartened by the corruption and death of his old friend Rhinox, Optimus continued to lead the battle against the Vehicons and a reborn Megatron in an attempt to rescue the sparks. Optimus Primal called on the power of the Oracle to give the Maximals a power boost. Their battle rages on, and in their final confrontation, Optimus Primal and Megatron remained as the two last Transformers with sparks on the planet. While Megatron made his bid on godhood at the cost of every other spark on the planet, Primal, encouraged by the sparks of his comrades, slammed onto Megatron, bringing both of them into Cybertron's techno-organic core where the two of them are killed, giving his life to rid the world of Megatron's menace, as well as to return Cybertron to its techno-organic state.

Cheetor: [voiced by Ian James Corlett] Cheetor is full of youthful enthusiasm and overconfidence, Cheetor was part of Optimus Primalís initial team of Maximals that arrived on Earth. Evidently the youngest Maximal in the team, Cheetor is brash and impressionable, always jumping headlong into battle without thinking about the consequences. During this early stages, Cheetor sometimes had precognitive dreams. Cheetor became fast friends with the other Maximals, and he idolized Tigatron (whom he treated like a big brother of sorts) and Optimus Primal. During the Quantum Surge, Cheetor was reformatted into a new Transmetal form with flight-mode capabilities. Cheetor served throughout the remainder of the Beast Wars, participating in almost every battle. He gradually began to be more responsible and mature as the war progressed. At this period, he developed a slight crush on their Predacon ally Blackarachnia, although the feelings werenít reciprocated. During a battle against Megatron, Cheetor was caught in the beam of a device known as the Transmetal 2 Driver. Cheetor was gradually mutated into a new Transmetal 2 form, something that he thought was his changing into a monster. Cheetor finally came to terms with his change, however, and Cheetor remained in that body until the Beast Wars was over.

Cheetor was thrown back into conflict when they returned to Cybertron to find Megatron had already conquered it. Cheetor was reformatted into a techno-organic body, and quickly learnt how to master it. Cheetor was proficient with the use of the two blades his robot mode gave him, and proved a formidable warrior. He has decidedly matured by this point, taking command several times when Optimus Primal was too weak. At one point when Primal became consumed with guilt, Cheetor had to force the issue, taking over command of the Maximals temporarily. Cheetor was initially skeptical of Optimus Primalís plan to return the organic to Cybertron, but stuck with his leader nevertheless. At one point, Cheetor tried to prove his leadership by using one of Rattrapís plant bombs to create a giant vine to rescue Blackarachnia from the Vehicons, but his plan backfired. Maximal and Vehicon forces ultimately clashed, in which Optimus Primal was destroyed. Accessing the Oracle, Cheetor managed to convince Optimus Primal not to join the Matrix. Cheetor had some issues with Silverbolt when the Maximal was returned to the fold, since Silverbolt still treated him like a kid, but Cheetor soon proved himself to Silverbolt. During the final battle, Cheetor served faithfully as Optimus Primalís second in command, and while confronting the three Vehicon generals, successfully shot Obsidian and Strika into Cybertronís orbit and ripping out Thrustís spark with a spark extractor. However, he was downed by Megatron himself, having been placed in a new body. He was temporarily de-sparked until Optimus Primalís valiant sacrifice. After Optimus and Megatronís death, Cheetor has a vision of Optimus Primal from the Oracle.

Rattrap: [voiced by Scott McNeil] Rattrap is a pragmatic fellow. He has seen enough battles to know when they are outnumbered, and remarks without hesitation whenever he thinks they are all going to die. He is sarcastic, sometimes insubordinate and always distrusting of Predacons and Decepticons. Thus, this had led him into a rivalry of sorts with the Predacon-turned-Maximal Dinobot, and Rattrap relishes every moment to rile Dinobot. However, despite his bluster Rattrap is a loyal Maximal. He specializes in sneaking around covertly, and has a simple solution to problems: guns and grenades. While he initially disrespected Optimus Primalís authority, he gradually grew to respect their boss once Primal had proved his leadership. While initially unlikable, numerous battles had caused him to grow close to Cheetor and Rhinox. During the Quantum Surge, Rattrap was upgraded into a Transmetal body with the ability to become a rat-on-wheels. Ironically, it was the time when Rattrap began to trust Dinobot, that the Predacon betrayed them. However, when Dinobot was ordered to run Rattrap through, he refused and rejoined the Maximals, cementing their mutual respect. Rattrap agreed that Dinobot should stay with the Maximals. When Dinobot finally sacrificed himself nobly, Rattrap was the most emotional, trading insults and reconciling remarks as his friendís spark extinguished. Upon Dinobotís death, Rattrap was the first to salute fallen hero. In the subsequent battle where Megatron allied themselves with the Decepticon Ravage (Rattrap told Primal he couldnít be trusted, but noÖ) to kill the dormant Optimus Prime in the Ark. During the resulting battle, Rattrap single-handedly made his way into Ravageís ship and blew it up, killing both Ravage and Tarantulas, as well as putting Rampage out of commission when the shipís debris knocked him out. Rattrap served along the Maximals throughout the rest of the Beast Wars, always skeptical about new arrivals (especially Blackarachnia) but never hesitating in defending his fellow Maximals. When the Beast Wars were finally over, Rattrap was prepared to relaxÖ

And was thrust back into conflict, when they arrived on Cybertron to find that Megatron had arrived some time earlier during the transwarp journey, and had subjugated Cybertron. Rattrap was soon reformatted into a techno-organic rat with a tail interface. He found it difficult to find the focus in order to transform, and was more or less useless during battle. Another blow came when he finally transformed, only to realize that his robot mode is not equipped with any kind of weaponry. Rattrap then served as the Maximalsí infiltrator as well as resident technician (now that Rhinox is gone). Rattrap was at one time tempted by Megatron into working for him, but after facing off against the Maximals he declined the offer. As he rejoined the Maximals, he often found himself as the middleman while Cheetor and Primal argued about leadership, and when Nightscream and Blackarachnia expressed their own problems. Rattrap later developed plant bombs to use in battle to substitute for his lack of weaponry. Rattrap fought alongside the Maximals as the battle tilted alternatively in the Maximals and Vehiconsí favour. When the plant Maximal Botanica arrived on Cybertron, Rattrap found a new verbal sparring partner, although the two began to be attracted to each other. He proved a key player when Megatronís depolarized spark roamed Cybertron, placing Megatronís spark in a Diagnostic Drone. However, Megatron escaped, and with the help of his remaining Vehicon generals began to rile a full-scale assault on the Maximals. During this battle, Botanica is deprived from Cybertronís organic core and she began to die. Despite orders to the contrary, Rattrap deactivated the shields protecting the Grand Mal to rescue Botanica. Rattrap and Botanica defended the techno-organic orchard from the Vehicons, but like the others was de-sparked. When the battle was over, Rattrap happily hugged Botanica.

Rhinox: [voiced by Richard Newman] Rhinox is most acutely described as a Ďgentle giantí. The Maximalsí resident technical-minded guy is infinitely patient, slow to anger, and inclined towards working instead of fighting. Rhinox would prefer sit and smell flowers, or work to repair some machine, instead of fighting. However, when he does fight, he is an unstoppable force of nature. With his massive strength as well as his deadly Ďchain guns of doomí, Rhinox is a force to behold in the battlefield. He has also displayed a devious streak when he was temporarily reprogrammed by Megatron, and thus it is a good thing that he remains gentle and on the side of the Maximals. He is always the most level-headed, seldom showing anger or frustration, and always the peacemaker when a fight breaks out. Rhinox always held life and its preservation as the highest calling. He would be responsible for Airazor being brought into life, as well as Optimus Primalís first resurrection. Rhinox was Optimus Primalís most trusted friend and advisor, and stood by the Maximals throughout the Beast Wars. He played a key role in defeating Megatron, by valiantly commandeering an Autobot shuttle to ram the Nemesisí bridge and stopping Megatron from firing on the Ark. However, the ending of his story would not be a happy one. When the Maximals returned to Cybertron, Rhinox, not being a Transmetal, was affected by Megatronís transformation virus, and was de-sparked. Rhinoxís spark would later be utilized by Megatron as the Vehicon general Tankor. (see Tankorís section for what he did).

Dinobot: [voiced by Scott McNeil] Formerly second-in-command to the Predacon Megatron, Dinobot is a warrior whose life is ruled by his sense of honour. He rebelled against Megatron when it seemed that Megatron had failed in leading them to Earth, and accosted Optimus Primalís party. He challenged Optimus Primal in a duel to the death for leadership over the Maximals, but Primal soundly defeated him, yet rescued him from certain doom moments later. Dinobot joined the Maximals, although it is uneasy at best. In particular, Dinobot often comes to blow verbally with Rattrap. Dinobot proved a great asset to the Maximal forces, providing brute force as well as understanding of the enemy forces. Despite his Predacon heritage, Dinobot respects the Maximal code enough, as well as the chain of command. He also likes to quote Shakespeare now and then. However, after the Planet Buster crisis and discovering that Megatron actually led them to the correct planet, Dinobot became worried on whether his destiny is preordained. He stole the Golden Disk and the Vok Disk from the Predacon base, hiding them in a secure location. Knowing that the artifacts are supposed to tell the future, Dinobot decides to find out about his own death, for he could not live if his death was pre-ordained. At one point, Dinobot questioned his own allegiance, and nearly defected back to the Predacons (going so far as to hand over the Golden Disk to Megatron). However, when Megatron ordered him to kill an unsuspecting Rattrap, Dinobot refused to destroy his Maximal comrade and rejoined the Maximals. He downloaded his consciousness to the Axalonís database when Protoform X resurfaced. However, some time later Dinobot contemplates suicide and endures Rattrapís angry rants about his earlier treachery. He decides to right his wrongs, and discovers that Megatron is testing the Golden Disk that Dinobot had given him. The Disk records the future, and when Dinobot saw that the future could be changed, proved by Rampage destroying a mountain, he knew that he was master of his own fate. However, this arrived with the dread that Megatron could change historyÖ beginning by wiping out the Protohumans that would become the humans thatíll aid the Autobots during the Great War. Dinobot single-handedly took on the entire Predacon army, valiantly fighting while ignoring the damage he suffered. Dinobot refused to yield, even when near death, and destroyed the Golden Disk with the last vestiges of his energy and saved the protohuman village. The Maximals found him, and he died in peace, telling the Maximals that history would tell his tale, both the good and the bad parts. The rest is silence, as Dinobotís spark left his body.

Blackarachnia: [voiced by Venus Terzo] Blackarachnia is a Maximal protoform reprogrammed into a Predacon by Tarantulas. Initially, Blackarachnia served alongside the Predacons for a long time, and is a highly competent warrior and data analyst. The sinister Tarantulas was behind her reprogramming, however, and he had ulterior motives for Blackarachnia. Like Tarantulas, Blackarachnia is a power-hungry opportunist, and is an excellent manipulator, even outwitting the Decepticon air commander Starscream in one occassion. She forged an alliance with Tarantulas, discovering that Tarantulas is actually planning to create an escape pod. During the Planet Buster crisis, Blackarachnia aided Tarantulas in furthering his agenda to escape the planetís destruction (whilst in reality wanting to steal the pod for herself), and was linked to Tarantulasí mind during the operation. Tarantulasí mind fled into her during the battle, however, and Blackarachnia was repulsed to know that Tarantulas now shared a mind-link with her. Blackarachnia resented being put under Tarantulasí leash, and when Tarantulas is unconscious, she downloaded the contents of the Golden Disk (including the key to the Ark) and destroyed the computers. Afterwards she forced Tarantulas to sever their mind-link after threatening to kill them both. Blackarachnia then met the naÔve and chivalrous Silverbolt when Protoform X was first discovered. The two traveled together for a while, and an attraction begin to develop between them. Blackarachnia, in particular, is disturbed yet intrigued by Silverboltís unconditional love towards her. Later on, Blackarachnia and Silverbolt made an alliance and managed to uncover the Ark. However, Megatron soon arrived and held Silverbolt at gunpoint, forcing Blackarachnia to open the doors to the Ark. Megatron then proceeded to shoot the head of Optimus Prime. This threatened to erase every single Maximalóincluding Blackarachnia, who was originally a Maximal protoformófrom history, and thus with Silverbolt and Rhinoxís help, Blackarachnia helped to repair Optimus Prime. Blackarachnia was soon disowned by Megatron, however, and she then formed an alliance with the rest of the Maximals. During this moment, the romance between Blackarachnia and Silverbolt blossomed. She managed to get her hands on the Transmetal 2 Driver, and planned to get stronger. Blackarachnia agreed to undergo an operation to remove the Predacon shell program, but an attack by the Predacons caused Rhinox to slip at the final critical moment. While she seemingly went offline, her former exposure to the Transmetal 2 Driver caused her to be upgraded into a new deadly form, which she put into use in immediately. Now fully Maximal, Blackarachnia served alongside the others until the end of the Beast Wars.

When the Maximals returned to a Megatron-conquered Cybertron, Blackarachnia was one of the few Maximals who survived the transforming virus, although her beloved Silverbolt did not. She was reformatted into a new techno-organic body, and was responsible in finding the events that transpired in the gaps in their memory. When they discovered that the Vehicon generals in fact contained sparks of Maximals, Blackarachnia was convinced that the Vehicon Thrust contained Silverboltís spark, since Thrust had saved her inexplicably before. With a vial of techno-organic goo, Blackarachnia accosted Thrust, but was shocked to discover that the Vehicon contained Waspinatorís spark instead of Silverboltís. She then discovered that Silverboltís spark laid within Jetstorm, and began to try and awaken the goodness in Jetstorm every time they battled, kind of what Silverbolt had done to her before. Eventually, with the help of a device Rattrap had constructed, Blackarachnia was able to trick Jetstorm into flying into a pool of techno-organic goo and force him to be reformatted. Silverbolt returned a dark, vengeful soul, but Blackarachnia did not give up on Silverbolt, just like he never gave up on her before. The two are reunited, and stood side-by-side against Megatron and the hordes of Vehicons. She was de-sparked but was restored when the techno-organic is restored to Cybertron, finally finding peace again with Silverbolt.

Tigatron: [voiced by Blu Mankuma] Tigatron was one of the first stasis pods that crash-landed on Earth. After being reformatted as a white tiger, Tigatron saw that the Predacons were willing to destroy innocent life to get what they wanted, and thus he joined the Maximals willingly. However, he did not burden himself with the chain of command, and served as a loosely-affiliated scout out in the wild, preferring to remain with his tiger friend Snowstalker. However, during one of the battles, Snowstalker was caught in the crossfire between Maximal and Predacon, and Tigatron decided not to participate in the Beast Wars anymore. Dinobot and Optimus Primal managed to convince Tigatron to think otherwise, and Tigatron returned to the Maximal fold. Tigatron is a fierce fighter and a protector of nature, hating to see if nature should get ruined during a battle. Tigatron was close to the female Maximal Airazor, and the two began to be attracted with each other, due to their similar love of nature. However, they met their end at the hands of the Vok machine Metal Hunter, a plant-like organism that abducted both Maximals. They were kept comatose in Nexus Zero until near the end of Beast Wars, where the Vok reconstructed their bodies as Tigerhawk. Tigatron and Airazorís sparks pursued their body, and inhabited it after Tarantulas killed the Vok within. Sadly, their revival was short-lived for Tigerhawk was killed soon afterwards.

Airazor: [voiced by Pauline Newstone] One of the stasis pods that crash-landed on Earth, Cheetor and Rhinox defended Airazorís stasis pod from the Predacons, and donated some of their circuits in order to save the protoform that would become Airazor. Airazor is a formidable aerial combatant, and views Rhinox and Cheetor kind of like siblings due to the role they played in her birth. Like Tigatron, she finds more kinship with the nature and often spends her time outside the base. Thus, Airazor and Tigatron were close, and hints of a romance brewed between them. They met their end at the hands of the Vok-controlled Metal Hunter, a plant-like organism that abducted both Airazor and Tigatron. The two lay comatose as the Beast Wars raged on, until the Vok reconstructed their bodies to form Tigerhawk. Airazorís spark, alongside Tigatronís spark, chased the Tigerhawk body to Earth and finally inhabited it after the Vok were killed. However, Tigerhawk was killed soon afterwards.

Silverbolt: [voiced by Scott McNeil] Silverbolt is naÔve to a fault, with idealistic values about chivalry and honour that even the Maximals find vexing. He also has a penchant to say corny lines. Silverbolt was one of the stasis pods affected by the Quantum Surge, and he emerged as a Fuzor, with the alternate mode of a winged wolf. While initially duped into fighting for the Predacons, Silverbolt defected to the Maximals soon enough. He proved a valuable asset, giving the Maximals some much-needed aerial support after Airazorís loss. During a battle with the indestructible Protoform X, Silverbolt was separated from his fellow Maximals and was stranded alongside the female Predacon Blackarachnia. Silverbolt refused to strike a woman, something that the manipulative Predacon foundÖ amusing. Silverbolt, being the chivalrous, constantly rescues Blackarachnia from danger despite her not wanting his help. Silverbolt and Blackarachnia soon felt attraction towards each other (although the latter would not admit it). Silverbolt is determined to bring back the goodness within Blackarachnia to the surface and Blackarachnia soon relented. The two entered the volcano containing the Ark during the Agenda crisis, and Silverbolt disobeyed a direct order to bring her in. Silverboltís unconditional love for her would later cause Blackarachnia to ally herself with the Maximals after Megatron disowned her, and finally his efforts were rewarded when Blackarachnia defected to the Maximals for good. Silverbolt was very protective of his beloved. After the Beast Wars, however, Silverbolt was affected by Megatronís transformation virus and his spark was captured alongside that of Rhinoxís, and was placed in one of Megatronís Vehicon generals, in his case Jetstorm. (see Jetstormís section before reading the rest).

After Blackarachnia returned Silverboltís personality, she was shock to discover that Silverbolt has changed. He no longer believed in chivalry and honour, instead being obsessed with retribution and redemption. He admitted that he reveled in his time as Jetstorm, subconsciously not wanting to be rescued. However, Blackarachnia managed to spur the sullen Silverbolt back into action, and the reborn Maximal soon exacted revenge by attacking Megatron savagely. Silverbolt began to warm up to the other Maximals, as well as vice versa. Like the other Maximals, Silverbolt was de-sparked during the final battle and restored after Megatron has been defeated, Silverbolt and Blackarachnia found peace at last.

Depth Charge: [voiced by David Sobolov] Depth Charge, hunting the dreaded Protoform X, arrived from the future during the later stages of the Beast Wars, caught in a transwarp portal that transported him into the past, during the time of the Beast Wars. Depth Chargeís body was altered into a transmetal manta ray. Depth Charge held a long-seated grudge against Protoform X (now known as the Predacon Rampage) due to his friends and the colony he was responsible over being destroyed by X. Depth Charge was a wild card, driven by vengeance and refusing to work with Optimus Primalís team. However, after a fashion Depth Charge began to warm up to the Maximals and worked alongside them, albeit in a loosely-affiliated way. Depth Charge was able to travel both the seas and the skies, giving the Maximals a great advantage in battles. While normally a cold, vengeance-driven loner, Depth Charge ultimately understood what was important. He was dispatched to destroy the Nemesis before Megatron could use it, and ignored Rampage in favour of his mission. However, Rampage accosted him and the two engaged in a bloody duel. Depth Charge held the indestructible Predacon at swordís point with an energon shard near his chest. Rampage stopped struggling, and Depth Charge slammed the energon shard into Rampageís chest with a determined look, his life being the price he had to pay for his obsession. The explosion that resulted, however, did not slow down the Nemesis in the slightest.

Tigerhawk: [voiced by Blu Mankuma] Created from the abducted bodies of Airazor and Tigatron, Tigerhawk was used as an empty shell to contain two Vok that went to Earth to destroy Megatron. When the Vok were killed, Airazor and Tigatronís spark entered their proper homes, and Tigerhawk the Maximal was born. Gifted with the elemental powers, Tigerhawk is able to command weather itself, as well as unleash other sorts of powers like manipulating earthquakes and energy. Tigerhawk played only a small role in Beast Wars after his revival, however. When Megatron commandeered the Decepticon warship Nemesis, Tigerhawk stayed behind to hold the line while Optimus Primal rallied the other Maximals. Tigerhawk managed to slow down the Nemesis with his powers, as well as disabling several of the battleshipís weaponry, but Megatron opened fire with the Nemesisí main cannon. Despite trying to hold the beam back with his elemental powers, Tigerhawk was overwhelmed and destroyed.

Nightscream: [voiced by Alessandro Juliani] The only survivor of Megatronís Transformation virus, Nightscream is an arrogant techno-organic bat that Optimus Primalís crew encountered. While the rest of Cybertronís population fell to Megatronís transformation virus, Nightscream fell into a crevice deep within Cybertron where he scanned the skeleton of a bat-like creature. Racked with guilt for not sharing this with other Cybertronians, Nightscream refused the aid of the Maximals, instead hiding behind a faÁade of rudeness and paranoia. However, he was convinced to join Optimus Primalís team, for Optimus Primal saw what was troubling the young Transformer. After initial frictions with Cheetor and Rattrap, the youthful bat was inducted into the Maximals. Nightscream proved great help against the Vehicons with his sonic screams and energy-draining teeth. He proved a key player when Megatron made his first bid for godhood. Driven into a rage at Nobleís death, Nightscream unleashed a sonic scream that depolarized Megatronís spark, causing him to lose hold of the Grand Mal. Nightscream served throughout the rest of the battle, and survived to see a new techno-organic Cybertron.

Noble (a.k.a. Savage): [voiced by David Kaye] Initially, Noble was a fully organic transformer, who was able to transform between a sentient wolf and a mindless, two-legged dragon (dubbed Savage by the Vehicons). He appeared after Megatronís initial defeat in Beast Machines due to the mixture of energies that exploded, and seemed to be a lost soul, part of Megatronís experiments. He made a friend in Nightscream, who helped him enter Megatronís Citadel. Once there, however, Noble showed his true colours by revealing himself to be Megatron. Megatronís spark had apparently resided in the grotesque organic form, and he wasted no time in placing his spark into the Grand Mal. The Noble/Savage beast, however, was still alive after Megatronís spark left him, and followed Nightscream like a puppy. Noble participated during the battle against the Grand Mal, but was killed when he tried to engage Megatron.

Botanica: [voiced by Kathleen Barr] While Optimus Primalís crew landed on Earth and adapted the form of beasts, Botanicaís crew landed on a planet with sentient plants, and adapted the alternate mode of a four-handed plant with a face. She returned to Cybertron during the Beast Machines saga, and was initially driven mad by being unable to transform, attacking everyone she encountered. Optimus Primal managed to reformat Botanica into a techno-organic body, but she refused to participate in battles, much to Rattrapís chagrin. However, when Thrust led an army of tank and cycle drones to the techno-organic orchard and destroyed the plants she protected, Botanica flew into a rage, and, unleashing her powers, destroyed the drones. Botanica helped the other Maximals to develop plant-based weaponry. While initially having a haughty and holier-than-thou persona, she soon warmed up to the other Maximals, and a love-hate relationship soon emerged between her and Rattrap. During the Endgame, Rattrap was prepared to sacrifice the war to save Botanica (who couldnít be separated from the organic core of Cybertron). The two fought side-by-side to protect the techno-organic orchard, and while Botanica and Rattrap were both de-sparked, Optimusí sacrifice revived them. A romance blossomed between her and Rattrap after the battle was over.


Megatron: [voiced by David Kaye] When the Predacon and Maximal leaders signed the Pax Cybertronia declaration of peace, one Predacon general refused to bow down to peace, and this rogue general stole the Golden Disk, which contained instructions from the original Megatron, and with a motley crew of five Predacons, headed off through a transwarp gate to prehistoric Earth. They were pursued by Optimus Primalís Maximals and in the resulting firefight were stranded on the planet. While they initially thought it was not Earth, Megatron continues with his plan. He is a vaudevillian mastermind, extremely skilled at orchestrating grand schemes and manipulating others to do his work for him. Be it his nemesis Optimus Primal, or his backstabbing Predacons Blackarachnia and Tarantulas, or the Vok, or the Decepticon Ravage, Megatron knows exactly how to provoke and manipulate them. He has no friends, only minions, and would not shed a tear even if his most loyal minions were to die. The only thing he had shown affection for is his rubber ducky toy. However, he has an Achillesí Heel: he is a ham, and has an over-developed sense of drama which sometimes overrides common sense. He was later upgraded into a Transmetal body during the Planet Buster crisis, and when he discovered that they were on Earth, set off to alter history. While he first attempted to wipe out mankind from existence, this plan was thwarte by Dinobot and his heroic sacrifice. After several other schemes, Megatron began to unravel his master plan. With the help of the former Decepticon Ravage, Megatron shot Optimus Prime straight in the head and very nearly altered the course of history. Megatron became more of a threat, especially when he took the original Megatronís spark into his own body in an attempt to gain more power. He was mutated into a draconic body, and he began to be more and more unhinged, and after he commandeered the Decepticon warship Nemesis, believed that the Covenant of Primus was talking about him. Not caring while the rest of his troops died, he set off to destroy the entire Ark, yeessss. Only the valiant efforts of the Maximals and the betrayal of Dinobot II (as well as his own pride) would stop Megatron. Megatron was chained to an Autobot shuttle as the surviving Maximals left for Cybertron.

However, during the transwarp journey, a freak time-storm caused Megatron to break free of his restraints and arrive back home in Cybertron before the Maximals did. He used this opportunity to release a transformation that subjugated the entire population, extracting their sparks one by one and placing them in his citadel. Now supreme ruler of Cybertron, Megatron created a massive army of Vehicon drones from the bodies of the Transformers. Now supreme ruler of Cybertron, Megatron only had several problemsóhe wanted to be the head of a perfectly technological Cybertron, yet his own body was impure due to the organic matter he had obtained while fighting the Beast Wars. The Maximals soon returned to Cybertron, and while he nearly wiped them out, they persisted and began fighting a guerilla warfare against Megatron and his newly-created Vehicon generals. Megatron has connected himself directly into Cybertronís interface, able to see almost everything that his legion of drones is seeing. He was obsessed at purging his organic contamination, but manipulation from Tankor, as well as growing organic growths by the Maximals, drove Megatron to drastic measures. The clash of energies from the Key to Vector Sigma and the Plasma Energy Chamber vaporized Optimus Primal, Tankor and Megatron. However, following Megatronís apparent death, his citadel (the Grand Mal), shaped like a big Megatron head, floated into the sky, although it seemed lifeless. Megatronís spark, meanwhile, was trapped inside a grotesque purely organic Transformer. Masquerading as a Maximal named Noble, he gained the trust of the naÔve Nightscream and was able to access the Grand Mal to place his spark into the giant fortress, a fully mechanical body at last. After several battles, Megatronís megalomania ascended to a new level. Megatronís spark began to consume some of the sparks he had collected, seemingly in a bid to become a god. This was thwarted by Nightscream, but Megatronís spark endured, possessing random corpses until Rattrap depolarized his spark and trapped it in a Diagnostic Drone body. Megatron ordered his remaining generals to assault the Maximals while he created a new body of himself, a copy of Optimus Primalís ĎOptimal Optimusí body. While the other Maximals and Vehicons were de-sparked, Optimus Primal and Megatron clashed with each other one last time. Gaining the upper hand, Megatron is prepared to absorb all the sparks, but Optimus Primal managed to end Megatronís insane ambitions by dragging him down into Cybertronís organic core, killing both of them but freeing the sparks absorbed by Megatronís body, and heralding a techno-organic Cybertron.

Waspinator: [voiced by Scott McNeil] If fate ever picked on someone specifically, it would be poor old Waspinator. In every single battle, Waspinator always gets shot at, with limbs and heads and wings and other body parts always blown off him. Every. Single. Time. Despite this, Waspinator is one of the most diligent Predacons, very eager to please Megatron. Throughout the early stages of Beast Wars, Waspinator was often partnered with Terrorsaur. Upon Terrorsaurís death, Waspinator found himself either working alone or, often times, with Inferno. Whomever he fights, if it isnít Silverbolt, heíll be blown apart. Be it Maximal, Predacon or even (humiliatingly!) a Protohuman girl, Waspinator always finds the wrong end of fate. He had been beheaded, sliced into ribbons, forcibly dismantled, shoved into a trash compactor, squashed, shot, blown up, possessed by Starscream, used as a living shield, blown away by a tornado, stuffed into Rampageís cannon, shredded, mutilated, mauledÖ no matter how great he was at shooting the Maximals or carrying stuff around, he never got any respect. Megatron evidently treated him as disposable, so at the final conflict of the Beast Wars, an exasperated Waspinator declared that he was no longer part of the Beast Wars. He was blown up by Inferno and Quickstrike soon afterwards. This, however, proved to be a life-saving move, for Inferno and Quickstrike would later be killed by friendly fire from Megatron. Waspinator managed to put himself back together (as always), and while the Maximals returned to Cybertron, Waspinator ruled the Protohuman tribe, happy at last. That didnít last long, however, for by some way or another, Waspinator found himself back on Cybertron, among Megatronís spark collection. Megatron selected Waspinator to be one of his three generals, the bike general Thrust. (see Thrustís section for more details)

Tarantulas: [voiced by Alec Willows] The enigmatic Tarantulas is always working for his own agenda. Unlike Terrorsaur, Tarantulas would not be satisfied with just leadership of their measly bunch of Predacons. Hiding out in his lair, the unhinged Predacon scientist is obsessed with figuring out the mysterious aliens. While initially he appeared relatively harmless as far as Predacons go, Tarantulas was more sinister than he appeared to be. Constantly inventing weird pieces of weaponry, as well as reprogramming Maximal protoforms, are only Tarantulasí least dangerous hobbies. Tarantulas weaves a web of deceit and manipulation, creating an alliance with Blackarachnia during the Planet Buster crisis. He ultimately planned to create an escape pod to escape the Vokís weapons, but his plans were thwarted by Inferno and the Maximals. While Tarantulas was seemingly killed by Inferno during that battle, his mind had fled into Blackarachniaís psyche, and Tarantulas was able to force Blackarachnia to do his bidding via that mental link. Tarantulas was reformatted into a Transmetal during the Quantum Surge, and continued using Blackarachnia as his unwitting minion until Blackarachnia threatened to kill them both. Tarantulas is a sadistic monster, manipulating Maximal and Predacon alike to suit his ends. He drifted further and further away from the Predacons and spending more time in his lair. Later, he revealed himself to be an agent of the Tripredacus Council. He worked alongside Ravage during the events of the Agenda, but was blown apart alongside Ravage by a daredevil stunt from Rattrap. His little swarm of spider-like drones re-assembled him, however, and he kept his relative independence from Megatron. However, he does work with Megatron from time to time if it serves in both their interests. Tarantulas attempted to blow up the Ark after double-crossing Megatron, stating that both he and the Tripredacus are not of Autobot or Decepticon origin. However, his plans were thwarted, and he was again banished from the Predacon ranks. Tarantulas finally met his end when the Vok-controlled Tigerhawk arrived. Hoping to exact revenge on the aliens, Tarantulas used a weapon he had constructed specifically to kill the Vok. However, the Vok exited Tigerhawkís body and entered Tarantulasí own, and the mad Predacon was blown apart by a weapon of his own design.

Terrorsaur: [voiced by Doug Parker] Terrorsaur is to Megatron as Starscream is to the original Megatron. Terrorsaur makes no secret how much he coveted Megatronís leadership, and would try to enter into schemes to overthrow Megatron. He nearly succeeded once when he defeated Megatron with an infusion of Vok-powered energon, but the Megatron-loyal Scorponok rebuilt the Predacon leader, and Terrorsaur was humiliated when his leadership ended in tatters. Terrorsaur constantly served alongside Waspinator as the air strike team during the early stages of the Beast Wars. He was killed during the Quantum Surge, and was knocked into a lava pool alongside Scorponok.

Scorponok: [voiced by Don Brown] Scorponok is Megatronís loyal second-in-command when the Predacons initially landed on prehistoric Earth. He is very loyal to Megatron, but he is dim-witted and unable to give out proper commands, leading to him being put at the end of jokes by even Waspinator. He is loyal to a fault, however, and never betrayed Megatron even when others, like Tarantulas or Terrorsaur, did so. Scorponok also utilizes a Cyberbee drone to spy on enemies. Scorponok would meet his end during the Quantum Surge, where he was knocked into a lava pool alongside Terrorsaur.

Dinobot: (defected to the Maximals as early as season one, see bio in Maximals section)

Blackarachnia: (defected to the Maximals in season three, see bio in the Maximals section)

Dinobot Clone One: [voiced by Scott McNeil] A clone of Dinobot created by Megatron early during the Beast Wars to infiltrate the Maximal base. While intelligent, Clone One was unable to transform into robot mode. He battled the real Dinobot, and was defeated and eaten.

Inferno: [voiced by Jim Byrnes] While originally a Maximal Protoform, Inferno was reprogrammed by Tarantulas and Blackarachnia to serve the Predacons. However, Infernoís brain was so damaged by the crash of his stasis pod that he began to think that he is really the soldier ant that he had been reformatted into, and began fiercely defending his Ďcolonyí, the stasis pod that he crashed in. In the resulting battle both the pod and Inferno were blown apart, and Megatron managed to convince Inferno that his new colony is the Predacon base. Thus equipped with a new purpose, Inferno began to loyally serve Megatron, his ĎQueení, with a fanatical outlook. He would do anything for his royalty, and is an overzealous pyromaniac in battle. The flight-capable Inferno proved very hard to kill, similar to his beast mode, being able to survive numerous situations where he was thought to be killed. Megatron utilized Infernoís undying loyalty, promoting Inferno to second-in-command after Scorponokís death, and often entrusts Inferno with secretive missions and spying on other Predacons, knowing that the ant will never betray him. During the final stages of the Beast Wars, Megatron aimed the Nemesisí weaponry on the protohuman who had defied him before, not realizing that Inferno and Quickstrike are in his line of fire, and they were, ironically, killed by Megatronís hand. His parts would later be used by the protohuman tribe as musical instruments and a grill.

Quickstrike: [voiced by Colin Murdoch] Quickstrike was one of the stasis pods mutated by the Quantum Surge. He was a Fuzor, his alternate mode a combination of a scorpion and a cobra. Quickstrike is a violent soul by nature, and did not need any persuasion to join the Predacon army. Talking with a cowboy accent, Quickstrike proved to be a trigger-happy goon that is susceptible to persuasions by Tarantulas to betray Megatron. For the most part of the Beast Wars, Quickstrike is an enthusiastic warrior, eager to please Megatron and to get into a good scrap or two. Quickstrike is a brash and rude warrior, eager to engage in conflict, be it verbal or physical. He finally met his end in the final battle of the Beast Wars. Alongside Inferno, Quickstrike attacked a Protohuman colony. However, Megatron, riding on board the Nemesis, targeted the village chief, Hammer, who had defied him before. As the Nemesis opened fire, Quickstrike and Inferno were killed, with Megatron never realizing that they were in the line of fire.

Rampage (a.k.a. Protoform X): [voiced by Campbell Lane] Prior to the Beast Wars, Maximal scientists tried to replicate the immortal spark of Starscream. The result of this experiment is an indestructible, blood-thirsty, merciless monster dubbed Protoform X. X went on a rampage and destroyed colony Omnicron, killing hundreds of Maximals before he was finally stopped. Placed into stasis, X was part of the Axalonís cargo, where Optimus Primal was ordered to dump himÖ somewhere far. The Beast Wars happened, however. Xís stasis pod was discovered some time after the Planet Buster crisis, and after a fierce confrontation, Megatron approached an unconscious X with an energon dagger, and cut out a piece of his spark. Having a means to control the indestructible monster, Megatron dubbed him Rampage. The sadistic, unruly Rampage proved to be one of the Predaconsí most deadly warriors, since he could regenerate almost spontaneously from any damage given to him. Rampageís vengeful nemesis, Depth Charge, soon arrived, tracking him. They finally had their final confrontation as the Nemesis powered up. Rampage and Depth Charge battled underwater, and, with Depth Charge gaining the upper hand, Rampage allowed the vengeful Maximal to run his spark through with an energon shard, laughing sadistically, resulting in an explosion that destroyed them both.

Dinobot II: [voiced by Scott McNeil] Cloned from the original Dinobot (Megatron has quite an obsession with him) with the power of a mysterious device, the Transmetal 2 generator, Megatron created this second Dinobot clone. Giving him part of Rampageís spark (to help rein in the insane Predacon), Dinobot II proved to be every bit as powerful as his namesake was, but without the honour and restraint in battle. Dinobot II is a shambling monster of violence, liable to tear and rend and blast. Being a Transmetal 2, he is faster, stronger, and owing to Rampageís spark he also has limited regenerative abilities. However, following Rampageís death, flashes of the original Dinobotís personality begin to emerge, and he begin talking back to Megatron about honour. His betrayal would prove a key point to the end of the Beast Wars, by informing the Maximals about a shuttle they can use and finally refusing to open fire on the Ark. Dinobot II is destroyed when the Nemesisí bridge exploded, his task in life done.

The Tripredacus Council (Cicadacon, Ram Horn and Sea Clamp): [voiced by Scott McNeil, Lee Tockar and Ian Corlett] The ruling council of the Predacons, the Tripredacus Council operates from the shadows, when reports of a Quantum Surge was discovered, they arranged events so the Maximals on Cybertron would not discover it. Having sent a mole (Tarantulas) among the rogue Megatronís group, the Tripredacus Council would later dispatch Ravage to eliminate Megatronís rogue band of Predacons and the Maximals with them. The Tripredacus Council was presumably killed when Megatron took over Cybertron in Beast Machines.


Megatron: (see bio in the Predacons section)

Jetstorm (formerly Silverbolt): [voiced by Brian Drummond] When Megatron realized that mere drones will never be able to vanquish the Maximals, he took three sparks from his collection and inserted them into more powerful drone bodies, while placing shell personalities to bury their original personalities within. One of these generals is Jetstorm, who was given rein over Megatronís armada of identically-shaped jet drones. Jetstorm is an arrogant, wise-cracking Vehicon with an air superiority complex. The Vehicon generals became polar opposites of their original personalities, and thus Silverboltís noble and chivalrous spark was corrupted into the cruel and arrogant Jetstorm. Jetstorm, Tankor and Thrust served at the vanguard of Megatronís Vehicon forces, and Jetstorm served Megatron loyally. At one point, Blackarachnia spilt some techno-organic goop on him, and the Silverbolt personality emerged. From that moment on, Blackarachnia became obsessed with turning Jetstorm back into her beloved Silverbolt (of which Jetstorm found incessantly irritating). Some time later, Blackarachnia traps Jetstorm in an organic cave, and forced him to be reformatted. Silvreboltís personality is brought back to the surface and the shell personality of Jetstorm is banished forever. However, it wasnít immediately a happy ending for the couple. (see Silverbolt again for the rest of the story)

Tankor (formerly Rhinox): [voiced by Paul Dobson] Initially, Tankor is a simple minded idiot, only knowing how to destroy and blow things up with his tank mode and the drones he commanded. The polar opposite of Rhinox, Tankor was a simple violent brute, and a blunt tool that seemed like the weakest link compared to the more intelligent Jetstorm and Thrust. However, after several intrusions by the Maximals into his mind, it was discovered that Tankorís spark is in reality that of the gentle Maximal scientist Rhinox. With Rhinoxís personality awakened, the Maximals are appalled to discover that Rhinox, under his own free will, had embraced Megatronís vision of a Ďpeacefulí Cybertron under one rule. However he sees one flaw in Megatronís plan, namely Megatron himself. Now acting as one being, the twisted Rhinox-Tankor, still pretending to be a simple beast in front of Megatron, manipulated events, reprogrammed Megatronís Diagnostic Drone, obtained the Key of Vector Sigma, even faking his own death to fool Megatron and the Maximals alike. Tankor manipulated events, causing both Maximals and Vehicons to take drastic measures against each other, letting them each discover their own doomsday weapons. His gambit nearly worked, for Megatron nearly activated the Key to Vector Sigma on a large scale (which would wipe out every organic in the planet), while Primal nearly used the Plasma Energy Chamber against Megatron. The three sides clashed, but Tankor-Rhinox found that, as a precaution, he was unable to shoot Megatron. Megatron swiftly took him offline, and during the resultant clash of energies Tankorís body was destroyed. When Optimus Primal entered the Allspark, Rhinoxís spark reached out to Optimus Primal, expressing great regret upon what he had done.

Thrust (formerly Waspinator): [voiced by Jim Byrnes] Megatronís third general was Thrust, who commanded the cycle drones. Originally, Thrust was a cold, brooding loner, only caring about what Megatron had told him to do. He is staunchly loyal to Megatron and his goals, despite the dangers. He is completely fearless, not afraid to challenge Maximals that outnumber him, or, on one occasion, telling Megatron how crazy he is. When the Maximals realize that the Vehicon generals were, in fact, shell programs powered by the personalities of their comrades, Blackarachnia became obsessed with Thrust, thinking that he is his beloved Silverbolt. This is caused by Thrust saving Blackarachnia several times prior. However, when Blackarachnia spilled some techno-organic goop on Thrust, it turned out that Thrust was, in reality, Waspinator. Spurned by Blackarachnia, Waspinator flew into a rage and allowed the Thrust psyche to take control. Thrust continued to be a thorn among the Maximalsí side. However, with the loss of both Tankor and Jetstorm, Thrust was nothing more than a hindrance in later battles (although he did get to command the jet and tank drones). Despite this, he remained loyal to Megatron, even when other Vehicons were not. Thrust, Obsidian and Strika organized the final strike against the Grand Mal. He avoided being thrown into space by Cheetor, but his spark was ripped out by Cheetor. After Cybertron was reformatted, Thrust was converted back into a tiny wasp with Thrustís head. Apparently back to being Waspinator (the Thrust persona is presumably deleted or joined together with the Waspinator persona), he laments his lot in life and buzzes off.

Diagnostic Drone: [voiced by Christopher Gaze, later Paul Dobson] The Diagnostic Drone is a semi-sentient drone that Megatron uses to assess his condition. Being the only thing that could get close to Megatron, Tankor reprogrammed the Diagnostic Drone into serving him. Suspecting foul play, Megatron later dismantled the Diagnostic Drone. In a delicious twist of irony, Megatronís spark would later find itself inhabiting a different Diagnostic Drone.

Obsidian: [voiced by Paul Dobson] Obsidian was one of the most revered generals during Cybertronís past. When Megatron needed more generals after Tankorís death and Jetstormís defection, Megatron installed Obsidian and Strikaís sparks into new Vehicon body. The insectile Obsidian, constantly hovering on his two rotor blades, commanded an army of identical helicopter drones. Obsidian and Strika proved worthy adversaries with their military stratagems. The two defected to the Maximals for a while when Megatron was believed to be destroyed, but returned back into being Vehicons after Megatron returns. During the Endgame, Obsidian and Strika were launched into space by Cheetor.

Strika: [voiced by Patricia Drake] Obsidianís Ďconsortí, Strika was one of the most revered generals of Cybertronís past, who defended Cybertron. And since Cybertron is now Megatron, Strika and Obsidian are obliged to defend him. Commanding an army of ground assault drones in her likeness, the brutal and ruthless Strika proved to be a more dangerous foe than the previous Vehicon generals. She stood alongside Obsidian throughout their battles, and defected to the Maximals for a while when Megatron is thought to be destroyed. However, upon Megatronís return, Strika returned to the Vehicon fold. During the Endgame, Strika was launched into space by Cheetor alongside Obsidian.


Optimus Prime: [voiced by Garry Chalk] Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, was asleep in the Ark throughout the Beast Wars. When Megatronís agenda came into full fruition, he entered the Ark and shot the inactive Optimus Prime point-blank in the head, causing time to unravel and the Maximals to begin to disappear. To save Optimus Prime, his successor Optimus Primal took Primeís spark into his own body (thereby reformatting it into a larger and more powerful form) while the Maximal Rhinox repaired him using the equipment in the Ark. After Optimus Prime has been repaired, his spark is returned to him. He seemed to be awake for a moment, but returned to dormancy soon afterwards.


Megatron: [voiced by Garry Chalk] The original Megatron had left an imprinted message in the Golden Disk, spurring his namesake, the Predacon Megatron, to travel to prehistoric Earth in an attempt to change history. As the Beast Wars proceeded and the Maximals and Predacons unearthed the Ark, the Predacon Megatron took the Decepticon Megatronís spark into his own body in an attempt to bolster his power. The result was a mutation into a new draconic form. It is unclear if the original Megatronís spark influenced the Predacon Megatron during this time. After Megatron has been defeated, it is assumed that the original Megatronís spark is returned to his body.

Starscream: [voiced by Doug Parker] The Decepticon armyís aerospace commander has a unique, indestructible spark, evidenced by his ability to return as a ghost post-mortem. Prior to the Beast Wars, Maximal scientists had attempted to replicate Starscreamís immortal spark, which resulted in the monstrousity called Protoform X, later known as Rampage. Starscreamís spark, meanwhile, had somehow traveled back into the past. And during a lightning storm, the Decepticon possessed Waspinator, and allied himself with the Predacons, while planning to betray this new Megatron all the while. In a delicious twist of irony, however, Starscream was betrayed by his supposed-ally Blackarachnia, and was sent tumbling into space once more.

Ravage: [voiced by Lee Tockar] One of the most loyal Decepticons to Megatron, upon the end of the Great War, Ravage was granted amnesty and is rebuilt into a Predacon body (although he retained his original Cassette mode). Working directly for the Tripredacus Council, Ravage was dispatched to the past in order to eliminate the second Megatron by all means necessary, as well as the Maximals in the past. However, Megatron revealed to Ravage the plans that the original Megatron had left in the Golden Disk. Loyalties to his original leader took over, and Ravage betrayed the Maximals to work with the rogue Predacon. Ravage met his end, however, when a daring stunt by Rattrap caused his ship to explode. With a cry of ĎDecepticons forever!í in his lips, Ravage met his end alongside Tarantulas. However, while Tarantulas was re-assembled by his swarm of drones, Ravageís head was left as scrap.


The Vok (also the Aliens): [voiced by Blu Mankuma and Richard Newman] A mysterious race of aliens living in a plane called Nexus Zero, operating to keep the balance of space-time, the Vok have seeded prehistoric Earth with Energon, calling it an 'experiment'. However, the Beast Warriors arrived on Earth during this time, leading the Vok to send several of their probes (including a floating island) to investigate. The Vok then activated the Planet Buster, a weapon disguised as a moon, to purge the contaminants. The sacrifice of Optimus Primal destroyed the weapon, but it caused a Quantum Surge that turned many of the Beast Warriors into Transmetals, as well as affecting the Protoforms still in orbit, giving rise to the Fuzors. The Vok would return again with the device called the Metal Hunter, abducting both Airazor and Tigatron. The Predacon Tarantulas really hates the Vok, and is obsesesed with them, leading the Predacons to be able to commandeer the Metal Hunter weapon before the Maximals destroys it. After some time, two Vok used Airazor and Tigatron's bodies to create a new super-powered Transformer shell, Tigerhawk. The two Vok inhabited the lifeless body, and is ready to destroy Megatron, who had tried to wreak havoc with space-time earlier on. However, intervention from Tarantulas caused the deaths of Tarantulas and the two Vok inhabiting Tigerhawk's body. Tigerhawk's body was then inhabited by its true owners -- Airazor and Tigatron's spark. Where the Vok came from, or what the full extent of their powers are, are likely not be known by anyone.

Transmutate: [voiced by Susan Blu] A strange protoform mutated heavily by the Quantum Surge and raw energon, the misshapen Transmutate was reviled by Predacon and seen as an unstable threat by Maximals. The only ones who accepted it was the idealistic Maximal Silverbolt, as well as the destructive Predacon Rampage, who saw a kindred spirit in Transmutate. Transmutate met his end trying to stop his two friends from killing each other, and was mourned by both Rampage and Silverbolt.

Chak: A protohuman boy that has befriended the Maximals.

Una: A protohuman girl that has befriended the Maximals.

Protohuman Chief: [voiced by Garry Chalk] 'Hammer' is the leader of the Protohuman tribe whose village was defended by Dinobot prior to the Maximal's death. He was the hostage that Megatron held during that battle. Picking up a makeshift hammer that Dinobot used during his stand-off against Megatron, Hammer taught his tribe how to defend themselves. Hammer would meet his end by Megatron's hand, when the Predacon, drunk with power, opened fire with the Decepticon warship Nemesis onto the lone protohuman, not realizing that his troops are in the way.

The Oracle: [voiced by Carol Savenkoff] A supercomputer located deep within Cybertron, the Oracle is also known as Vector Sigma from the days of the Great War. Throughout Beast Machines, the Oracle constantly helps Optimus Primal, constantly giving him cryptic riddles and messages in order to revitalize Cybertron to its proper techno-organic state. The Oracle acted almost like a semi-religious guide that helps the Maximals in their way. The Oracleís vision was finally fulfilled when Cybertron was transformed into a techno-organic paradise by the sacrifice of Optimus Primal.