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2011-01-04, 11:46 PM
Alrighty, so a bunch of characters are going to require new alternate modes in order to blend in, and I'd say a few of you probably want to modernize some old vehicle modes, so I figured making a thread to post photos of your new forms wouldn't be a bad idea. Works far better than saying "Deathsaurus is some sort of plane-o-coptor thing" by a long shot, anyway.

2011-01-04, 11:51 PM
First up, Deathsaurus as some sort of plane-o-coptor thing. (http://www.aviastar.org/helicopters_eng/ka-22.php)
(note: easily missed, but the thing actually has two rotors and two propellers. It's magic)

Rad as this (http://www.webbikeworld.com/BMW-motorcycles/hp-2-sport/) in appropriate colors.

Gobots as Chevrolet Impala race build (http://www.carsbase.com/photo/photo_full.php?id=48953) though without any sponsors. (also, with headlights.)

Brave Maximus
2011-01-05, 12:50 AM
Good thread :D

I'll need to work on my guys a bit, but just wanted to ask

Why a 1950's plane for Deathsaurus?
Why not go with an Osprey (http://www.air-attack.com/MIL/v22/v22_header.jpg)?

2011-01-05, 12:58 AM
Well, I needed something real, but also something with equal what-the-Hell-is-it to his original space-chicken lizard-monster. You just don't find vehicles like that post-Cold War.

2011-01-05, 06:05 AM
Why not go with the space chicken dragon thing? That's about the only thing that made the name 'Deathsaurus' make any sense...

2011-01-05, 07:04 AM
Probably 'cause Megatron would shoot him if he tried to go out looking like that. ;)

Why not go with an Osprey (http://www.air-attack.com/MIL/v22/v22_header.jpg)?
Megatron already had dibs on it. His transformation and robot-mode layout will mirror his Animated counterpart (http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Image:Animated_megatron_leader.jpg), but with G1 proportions.

Predacon is going to start out as a transverse-rotor aircraft, but a smaller one: the Bell Eagle Eye (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_Eagle_Eye). At some point he's going to go nuts and adopt his more familiar T-Rex mode though.

Lugnut is based on his new toy (http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Lugnut_%28TF_2010%29). He's pretty close to being a B-29, so we'll just go with that...

Soundwave is likely going to stay in orbit, so he won't adopt an Earth mode at all.

Jetfire, Smokescreen, Red Alert and Silverbolt all have reasonably realistic Classics-flavoured toys that are close enough to real-world vehicles to pass muster in my books, although there'll be some tweaks (e.g. Jetfire's cockpit will be F-14-shaped like the rest of his jet is to start with).

2011-01-05, 08:35 AM
Makes sense for Beast Mode guys to adopt vehicles first, if they don't go the Beast Wars style. As for my boys...

Obsidian will remain in his Cybertronian twin-rotor helicopter osprey-thing mode. Why? Because he's a fanatic Cybertron lover, and would never ever deign to get an Earth mode. Even if Megatron threatened to shoot him. (Any humans who saw him would probably think he's some sort of military experiment).

Sixshot wouldn't likely be deployed often on Earth unless in emergencies, so he too will stay the same. Because he's so complex and whatnot, and I don't think we have an Earthen substitute for the gun mode.

Warpath has a perfectly good alternate mode from his original toy. Ditto for Skywarp. Probably going to go on the IDW F22 mode for him, if only to look more modern and at the same time piss Warcry off. ;) Sentinel Prime's not going to make it to Earth, probably. :(

Gunrunner, meanwhile, needs an Earthen alternate mode. His jet mode always struck me as being similar to the Panavia Tornado (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panavia_Tornado) (G1 Darkwing's alternate mode) if you squint hard enough, so I'm going that route. His Pretender shell is Earthen enough, some kind of generic off road vehicle, if you could excuse size changing.

Confused about Scorponok, since I have no idea what could possibly be an analog to a gigantic scorpion. Probably I'll pick a gigantic construction vehicle. A Terex Excavator (ROTF Demolishor), maybe. It's gigantic, twice the size of Optimus Prime and everything... but, meh, I love his scorpion mode. We'll see what happens.

Grimlock, meanwhile, due to a little inspiration from Warcry, will turn into a Ford Mustang. A, uh, T-Rex sized Ford Mustang. Waitaminit... :eyebrow: Good thing Transformers can size-change, whoop-dee-doo.

2011-01-05, 11:16 PM
For Skorponok


what about a larger version of this the digger arm could function as his tail.

it could be a cutting edge new model construction vehicle

2011-01-05, 11:30 PM
it could be a cutting edge new model construction vehicle
IMO there's no need for every alt-mode to be something that actually exists in the real world, especially if we set the game a handful of years into the future (2020ish?). My opinion is that it's fine as long as it could pass as a real vehicle, and there are some pretty damn weird construction vehicles out there.

Of course I'd better think that way, considering Silverbolt transforms into a nonexistent FB-129 supersonic stealth fighter-bomber... :glance:

2011-01-05, 11:35 PM
this is true in a fit of madness I have just brought Power core Sledge the swiss army knife of construction vehicles. He dozes, he digs he saws and the help of his partner he drills

Brave Maximus
2011-01-06, 12:12 AM
Skyfall = Tiny SR-71 Blackbird
Omega = XB-288 Stealth Transport (Basically a modified, Much larger B-2 Bomber, designed as a transport)

Minicon Pryde - Minicon sized Purple and black dragon A la Minicon Nightscream (http://tfu.info/2007/Autobot/Nightscream/nightscream.htm)

Grimstone - Robotic Dinosaurs. Yes, that means he won't come out in public until the TF's have been revealed.

Alpha Trion - Buggati Stratos Concept Car (http://www.diseno-art.com/encyclopedia/concept_cars/bugatti_stratos.html)

2011-01-06, 12:25 AM
Squawktalk will be a open topped Landrover equipped with radios the square blocky profile will help him maintain his transformation scheme.

He will be in the livery of the fictional National Underwater and Marine Agency from Clive Cusslers books. Whose colour schem just happens to be turquoise.

2011-01-06, 06:06 AM
For Skorponok


-boggle eyed-

What the hell is that thing? Does it exist in real life? :o

IMO there's no need for every alt-mode to be something that actually exists in the real world, especially if we set the game a handful of years into the future (2020ish?). My opinion is that it's fine as long as it could pass as a real vehicle, and there are some pretty damn weird construction vehicles out there.

But a gigantic scorpion thing? The Terex is about the only thing as big as Scorponok AFAIK, which also has claws at the same time.

2011-01-06, 02:28 PM

Shockwave = no change. He's highly conservative and will (I have no doubt) be left behind on Cybertron. Anyway, he didn't bother in previous incarnations, so he'll have no Earth mode.

Mirage = I really, really want him to be his Henkai toy, but I think that's impractical. Will he remain a F1 racer or... hm, there was this supercar I spotted yonks ago on Fifth Gear and I just bet Scraplet1 will remember... Update to follow :)

Zeta Prime = he won't even get a chance.

Starscream = I do like the F22 from the Movies, but hate the alt mode with a passion. Anyone think he might not turn into something so ugly i.e. the love child of Apeface?

2011-01-06, 03:20 PM
Rapido -> was thinking about a Dodge Challenger as an update for him.

Highbrow -> Will have him in his normal alt-mode I think. Considering changing it to just a normal helicopter instead of his hybrid jet/helicopter mode. just not sure what kind I would make it.

Topspin -> Thought about going with his new toy, a helicopter, but I'm not sure if I want two characters with similar alt modes. If I did, I might make him an Apache or something along those lines, and Highbrow more of a rescue helicopter like the coast guard uses. Suggestions welcome on Highbrow and Topspin.

Thrust -> Will probably have the same Alt-mode as the other seekers, esp Dirge and Ramjet. Would like to keep the classic alt-mode, but I'm open to new ones.
Clench -> Probably the swat carrier that Onslaught was put out in recently, only recolored.

2011-01-06, 03:26 PM
Clogs: This (http://tfwiki.net/w2/images2/3/3d/Infiltration_4a.jpg) or this (http://tfu.info/2005/Decepticon/EStarscream/starscream.htm) for Starscream, if you want to keep the F22?

2011-01-06, 05:22 PM
What about some kind of Amphibious fighting vehicle / tank for Topspin like this:


Given his ability to operate on land and water it would fit him well plus give him some armament to boot

2011-01-06, 06:04 PM
Jazz: Pontiac Solstice (G1 inspired version)

Kup: Pontiac G8 Sportstruck

Volks: Volkswagen Scirocco SC

Landmine: Sector 7 Dune Buggy

Wheeljack: Saab Aero X (G1 inspired version)

Ultra Magnus: I was thinking about using the Classics version + City Commader armor. :|

Springer: 2010 Lotus Exige Stealth (car) / Bell 222 Airwolf (Helicopter)

Razorclaw: 2007 Suzuki Biplane (Unless somebody has a better idea for an alt mode)

2011-01-06, 08:16 PM
I like that idea for Topspin - a little big for him I think, but could work. Makes him more of a bruiser. Definitely added firepower.

Rapido - Dodge Challenger.

Highbrow - Rescue helicopter.

Topspin - Optimusskid's idea: AFV/Tank

Thrust - Classic alt-mode.

Clench - Onslaught's recent Swat carrier, recolored.

2011-01-06, 11:13 PM
Clogs: This (http://tfwiki.net/w2/images2/3/3d/Infiltration_4a.jpg) or this (http://tfu.info/2005/Decepticon/EStarscream/starscream.htm) for Starscream, if you want to keep the F22?

Ah, yes! The IDW version - kibble included. And he's still pretty :D

2011-01-07, 12:07 AM
Scavenger = Euclid Excavator (they come in lime green)
Weirdwolf = Beast Wars Style Wolf
Squawktalk = soft top Landrover with radio equipment

Scoop= Daewoo Wheel Loader
Bombard = 155mm SpGH DANA
Nightstalker = Ford Econoline van

2011-01-07, 07:26 AM
Optimus Prime: C.O.E Freightliner semi-rig

Ironhide: BotCon 2005 utility van(I think some company actually makes something that looks similiar to it, but I have no idea who)

Tracks: 1982 Corvette Stingray Collector's Edition

Hot Rod: Classics

Roadbuster: He's contemplating a Humvee.

Nightbeat: Trying to decide between the tried and true Porsche 959 or an Aston Martin Vanquish

Straxus: G6 Howitzer

Bludgeon: Japanese T-90 tank

2011-01-07, 11:27 AM
Both sides are looking more warlike :) which makes sense -looks forward to some potential pitched battles. Artillery duels etc.

2011-01-07, 12:51 PM
I was going for one alt mode for Springer because I just couldn'tcome up with a suitable helicopter mode. However, when I drove home today, it just hit me. The Bell 222 Airwolf Yes, the one from the TV show :p

Don't know if I'm going to have him start out with this mode, because I'm thinking about having Springer evolve into a triple changer as the RPG progresses. It'll give Wheeljack knowledge that he wants and it'll make Blitzwing a target :p

2011-01-07, 03:07 PM
I was to the impression that triple changing's origin would be explored while on Cybertron... although there's nothing to prevent Springer from being upgraded while on Earth.

(Mostly because, hey, Sixshot had to come from somewhere, right?)

2011-01-07, 03:31 PM
I might change Tracks' alt mode to a Mako Shark II Corvette Concept. The downside to that being that they didn't make a whole lot of them.

As for triple changing.... I figured Tracks would still have his flight mode. Although as much as I might want to call him a triple changer, all his flight mode does is add wings and jet turbines. Same with Straxus and his "flying artillery piece" mode(although if I saw that flying over South Africa, I think I'd surrender). It could be explained away as "Earth modes are pretty close to Cybertronian modes, so with a little part shifting, we're back in our original alt-mode or something closely resembling it".

My theory for alt-modes has always been that they are similiar to the original alt-mode. The only ones that would get the "whatever vehicle mode you want" option would be the ones transported in memory storage crystals. They don't have a bodyform to work with at that point, unless specific instructions are left behind.

2011-01-07, 06:44 PM
Nightbeat: ...Aston Martin Vanquish

I like this option. :up:

Also, Astrotrain as Classics body and color scheme.

Sunstorm as an IDW Seeker.

Hardtop would stay mostly the same.

As for dear Sky-Byte,
He needs a vehicle form.
His Bot-Con self.

2011-01-07, 06:58 PM
Hey, haiku Sky-Byte! :up:

2011-01-09, 03:51 AM
So: unable to track down that car... :(

But I found these and Mirage will be one of them!



I like the EvaGT - mainly because it hasn't been made yet and looks very futuristic (within the typical Morgan styling).

2011-01-09, 05:10 AM
Nice and classy, perfect for Mirage. :)

I always liked the Ford GT (http://www.tfu.info/2006/Autobot/AltMirage/mirage.htm) too, even though the Alternator toy they used it for looks nothing like Mirage.

2011-01-09, 04:31 PM
I think the Eva GT suits Mirage as well. :up:

2011-01-09, 04:34 PM
I'm going to claim Finback but at some point put him in energon Sharkticon body which fits neatly with his original shell similar to Bludgeon and Straxus/Skullgrin with some tweaks to fit his new alt mode

His earthen alt mode will be


which very serendipously fits both his original alt mode and the Energon Sharkticon body being a very similar shape.

2011-01-09, 04:55 PM
That's a wicked-looking ship! :up: Awesome!

Will he still have a Pretender shell?

2011-01-09, 05:00 PM
I'm working on the premise that Pretenders don't exist yet and might never exist. It depends on how we decide they interact with humans.

If everyone comes with an IDW style holographic driver there will be less of a need for Pretender shells unless as some kind of protection a la Stormbringer

2011-01-09, 05:06 PM
Yeah, Stormbringer/Revelations had the only plausible explanation for Pretenders (albeit, it's only the second explanation for Pretenders) for the shells to protect the Transformers from the radioactive surroundings.

Gunrunner's 'shell' will not be a Pretender shell per se, but just a separate piece of vehicular armour.

Personally I liked the Movie's spin on Pretenders (but then I love everything about the movies bar the leg-humping) in that it's more like Beast Wars, and for the purposes of disguising themselves as proper organics and stuff.

2011-01-09, 05:08 PM
I always considered it more like a personal vehicle for him and Roadblock etc.

Goes to ponder if we do go down the hologram route who i would have my characters looking like. Pondering Kurt Russel as Captain Ron for Finback

2011-01-09, 05:29 PM
Aye, a personal vehicular armour. Something kind of like the stuff from GI Joe.

Let's make a thread for what our holograms look like!

2011-01-11, 09:56 AM
And another thing, Blaze as a Porshe Caymen (http://www.porsche.com/usa/models/cayman/cayman/) in midnight blue, retaining his neon green in robot mode.

2011-01-11, 02:51 PM
Landmine eventually will have a Pretender shell, for his deep space mining to protect him from Dark Energon and such ;)