View Full Version : Facebook page?

2011-01-29, 04:45 PM
Just a thought, might be good for people who only dip in and out of the forums or who only visit the site now and then. It'd also be good for regular users as a means of notifying folk of new reviews, news etc.

2011-01-29, 05:43 PM
The front page already does that.

2011-01-30, 01:58 PM
Who will remember to update the Facebook page if we make it?

And what Cliffy said: the front page is there for a reason.

2011-01-30, 06:12 PM
Could bring new people to the site...

2011-01-31, 04:14 AM
Who will remember to update the Facebook page if we make it?

Well I could do that. I already manage two others, it isn't hard to make one or manage it.

inflatable dalek
2011-01-31, 07:47 AM
I suppose it's fairly standard to use social networking to plug yourself these days, though if we were really going to be down with da kids we'd be looking at Twitter.

2011-02-01, 06:57 AM
Neither one of those are bad ideas. I nominate someone who isn't me to set it up.

2011-02-01, 10:05 AM
If Ackula wants to do it, then by all means I'm behind the idea. :)

inflatable dalek
2011-02-01, 12:26 PM
I'd suggest the simplest way would be for the same people who update the main page to have the power, that way when doing the former they can just cut'n'paste the text into the network/s of choice.

2011-02-01, 03:36 PM
I think dalek's onto something here.

2011-02-03, 07:39 PM
Yeah, you don't want just anybody doing it, might just as likely do something malicious, than helpful.

inflatable dalek
2011-02-03, 08:39 PM
It saves time and effort to do it all at the same time in a simple cut'n'paste more than anything.

The advantage is that not everyone is as sad as we are and don't necessarily come here every day. If you're specifically interested in the toy/comic reviews/manga/recipes and there isn't an update to that section for a month you could easily fall out of the habit of coming here at all. A facebook/Twitter thing would keep more casual visitors up to date on the bits they're interested in (in theory anyway).

Of course, it might not have any impact whatsoever, but if it doesn't it's easy enough to give it up.

Mind, that's all being said as the person who doesn't update the main page and thus wouldn't have to worry about any of this.

Though we should probably wait for the next super amazing thing to come along, it'll probably be communicating entirely by smilies.

2011-02-03, 08:58 PM
Though we should probably wait for the next super amazing thing to come along, it'll probably be communicating entirely by smilies.http://www.msnheaven.com/content/emoticons/63/rolleye0010.gif

2011-02-04, 09:42 AM
Cool, don't have a twitter account but that's easily rectified. I myself am a casual user of the site posting only now and then and occasionally visiting the reviews section, having a feed on a social network site might be quite handy. I already get updates from TFsource and Seibertron in my feed which is what gave me the idea. Totally agree with you about having front page mods run the account if they're up for it.

2011-09-15, 05:09 AM
By the way, was there any consensus on whether we'll be creating a Facebook/Twitter account for TFArchive?

It's a simple matter for quick copy-and-pasting for updates, come to think of it.

I'm up for managing Twitter accounts, it's simple from the Blackberry. Facebook might see less updates, though.

If we're up to it, what email do we use?

2011-09-15, 05:17 PM
Facebook might see less updates, though.

Fewer updates.
Less updating.

The more you know.

2011-09-15, 06:11 PM
No need to copy-paste. Can build an RSS feed for the main page and automatically import it to FB as notes. Something similar can be done with Twitter via third-party sites. In that sense it doesn't need running, although someone'd want to monitor things.

If I have time at the weekend I'll look at it.

edit: Succumbed to sinus infection by Saturday, likely to take a while longer before I can sit down and focus on non-work stuff.