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2011-02-02, 04:43 AM
Cybertron is a glorious jewel, the hub of a culture that spans an entire solar system, a culture that has begun to slowly but surely reach out to other stars as well. A beacon of order and civilization, its government keeps the peace and ensures the free flow of trade, people, information and ideas across inhabited space.

The brightest, most polished facet of the jewel is the massive city-state called Iacon. A shining beacon of wealth and prosperity, Iacon is the capital of Cybertron and the home of the fair and wise Zeta Prime. His soldiers, the Autobots, ensure the safety of all of Cybertron's people while his priests tend to their spiritual needs and a veritable army of public servants keep the machinery of government running smoothly.

But all is not well elsewhere.

In the impoverished, decaying city-state of Kaon, a would-be tyrant called Megatron has seized power. He and his Decepticon thugs have overrun Kaon, oppressing any who dare speak up in favour of Zeta Prime even as they welcome heretics, subversives and criminals from across Cybertronian space into their midst.

No one in Iacon wants to see a war, but as the crimes of Megatron and his followers grow larger and larger can it possibly be avoided?

2011-02-02, 04:58 AM
Trainyards, Iacon

Red Alert looked at the crime scene, a slight frown on his face. "There's your problem," he said, gesturing offhandedly at the cargo lifter. Or rather, at the impaled corpse that was hanging off of one of its' forks.

The beat officer on the scene gave him a weary look and said, "It's obviously an accident. Just sign the papers and we can all go home early."

"Not so fast," Red told him. He slid a pack of energon goodies out of a storage compartment on his leg, slipped one out and slowly started chewing on it. As he did, he walked in a circle around the loader, occasionally stopping to sniff or squint at something.

"An accident, you say?"

"Yes, sir," the officer told him. "All of these loaders get their orders from a main computer. This one's programming hasn't been tampered with, so it must have been doing what the computer told it to. Best I can figure, its motion-sensor malfunctioned. It didn't see the victim in front of it until it hit him, and then its emergency system triggered the brakes."

"Did it?" Red Alert dropped to his haunches. "Funny that there's no skid marks on the ground, then."

The officer's jaw worked, but Red didn't give him a chance to get another word out. "And look at this gentlemech's paintwork. Far too clean and scratch-free for a dockworker. No, something doesn't quite add up here."

The officer looked like he was about to say something else, but Red cut him off again. "Does he have a name?"

"No, sir," the officer said. "He's not in the yards' employee database, and no one who was at the scene recognized him."

"A mysterious stranger wanders into the trainyards and gets mysteriously impaled by a mysteriously malfunctioning loader that mysteriously stops malfunctioning as soon as he's dead, and you call it an accident?"

"I...suppose so, sir," the officer said, abashed.

"Well, I don't," Red Alert told him. "I call it a mystery."

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2011-02-02, 07:13 AM

Weirdwolf loped along

pay going to they were all those who looked down on him had . Those who thought their residual waste products were odourless. He had to restrain himself from his inclination to rip into them. If he made it look like an accident he could get more of them before they realised what was happening. If they running scared were and if the Bronzes got involved then some of them might escape.

Frontiers Download Store

Squawktalk sat on a perch and with a stylus downloaded his signature onto the datapad held in front of him.

"There you go, enjoy Shock Wave the latest aventures of Blade archeologist extroardinaire."

Despite his normal demeanour Squawktalk was a worried mech. His publisher had been acting strange ever since he'd submitted the outline for his idea for a non fiction download. Then there was his appartment he was almost convinced it had been searched. The work would contradict some of the churches beliefs but the evidence was there in the dig. The excavation had shown what it had shown."

Trying to act normally Squawktalk turned to the next in the queue.

"How would you like me to personalise my signature download?"


Trainyards Iacon

Scoop rumbled across the yard heading for the small gaggle of mechs. it looked like there was a story here after all. Good old police scanners.

He transformed and strode across towards the mechs.

"What havewe here then a murder?"

He fished out a datapad and a stylus.

2011-02-02, 08:08 AM
Trainyards, Iacon:

Nightbeat, down on one knee, ran an analyzer over the ground, scowling slightly as he did so. "Impact was back here......" He turned his head, looking at the skidmarks that started roughly ten feet after the impact point. He looked back, keen optics picking up an odd scuff pattern. "Interesting." Standing, he moved over to the hanging body, grabbed the left leg and lifted it to examine the sole of the foot. "The victim walked with a slight limp. Whoever he was, he was supposed to meet somebody here. At a guess, he was early for the appointment. There's signs of him wandering around this area, trying to stay out of sight. And at the time he was supposed to meet whoever it was....." He shrugged. "Whamo! He has an epic failure in the forklift dodging department." He pulled a data reader our of a panel on his hip and hooked it into the forklift's onboard computer. "Hmmmmmm......."

Hub-Palace of the Elders, Iacon:

Fear. Everybody feels it on their first day at work, at their first duty assignment.

But then, most people felt that they'd earned the right.

Orion wasn't so sure that he had. He looked up, taking in the height of the ancient structure, the center of pretty much everything on Cybertron. Here was the hub of power. Here was where all of the politicians and leaders gathered to make laws and policies. Here was where all of the decisions were made that kept Cybertron going.

Here was where he'd been assigned after graduation from the War Academy. Much to Sentinel's apparent annoyance.

The thought that he'd done so well, gotten this assignment despite everything the commandant had put him through, every disparaging remark.... if Orion had a mouth, he'd have smiled at the thought.

"Impressive lookin' junkheap, ain't it."

Orion turned, and standing next to him was the one of the oldest Autobots he'd ever seen. Nobody used the solid tactical display units anymore, nobody'd used them in vorns. Everybody had gone to imbedded H.U.D.s a long time ago. Part of the reason being that having your face completely covered by an admittedly transparent plate was an asset in battle, but not terribly practical at any other time, not to mention the limitation of having the HUD end at the edges of the plate.

"You got a probl'm, kid? Yer starin' at me lahke Ah'm th' second comin'a Zeta Prahme."

"Oh? Oh! Uh.... no.... No, sir. I've just never seen anybody with one of those tactical units before. Aren't they obsolete?"

The old Autobot scowled. "Obsolete's a state'a mahnd. 'Sahdes, Ah got enough built-in gear that Ah don't need th' upgrade." Just 'cause it's new don't mean it's somthin' ya need."

Orion nodded. "I'll.... remember that, sir."

"You better remember that, kid. Yer name's Orion, an' yer mah assistant. Ah'm Ironhide. C'mon, Ah'll give ya th' 5 shanix tour." And with that, the old Autobot strode into the palace, leaving a stunned Orion to come to his senses and follow.

2011-02-02, 08:15 AM
Palace of the Elders

Night Stalker materialised from the shadows.

"alright Boss? Is this the fresh oil then? Pleased to meet ya names Night Stalker.

2011-02-02, 12:31 PM
War Academy, Iacon

Sentinel snorted as he glanced through the window at the greenhorn recruits to the Autobot forces getting inspected by the medical drones. In a few minutes' time he would have to introduce himself to them, and make their life hell for the next few months or so.

The thought brought a smile to Sentinel's face.

He had been frowning more than usual, due to Orion's promotion. The gall of that upstart! Somehow he had been assigned as part of the Hall of Elders...

It wasn't so much that he enjoyed tormenting others, although there is that. It was more of the satisfaction of grinding the new Autobots, the way someone would grind a blade against a flint. Without meeting difficulties and hardness one cannot aspire greatness. Sentinel would be exactly that to the new recruits. The recruits were those who wanted to serve with the army, to get high pay while hunting down criminals and getting ready for any threat Cybertron might face.

To the world, Sentinel was a stuck-up jerk. That stuck-up bit was true, but being a jerk was for the Autobots' own good. It did make him unpopular, but Sentinel's methods was second only to Kup's. Every single one of the Autobots he trained had became successful soldiers.

Sentinel always prided himself with his strict adherence to military protocol. Everything he does, he does it by the book. Protocol was there for a reason. It was the only way, by strict adherence and hardwork, that he could reach the relatively high position he was in now. Something that that accursed Orion somehow could surpass. Who knows, one day he could be a field commander, or, if destiny goes his way, a Prime.

Ah, to be a Prime, to be chosen by the Matrix of Leadership, to be chosen by destiny itself, to lead... it was the ultimate honour.

But Zeta Prime just refused to die- Sentinel shook his head hard to clear those thoughts. No. Don't think about that. Don't ever think about that. "Don't forget that you're an Autobot." Sentinel murmured under his breath.

"Er, something the problem, sir?"

"Nope. Do you see any problem?" Sentinel snapped harshly.

"Um... you kind of shook your head for no apparent reason?" Warpath was unphased, the shorter yet stockier Autobot already used to Sentinel's outbursts.

"Is that a problem?"

"Uh... No?"

"No? Then get a filter on that mouth, soldier!"

"Yes sir."

Sentinel walked out towards the courtyard, Warpath right behind him. Despite the tone he used, Sentinel trusted his bodyguard to do his job. Warpath was a good soldier. Whilst Sentinel wasn't exactly a stranger to warfare himself, he was more a trainer than a real field commander.

Sentinel walked up and regarded the row of new recruits that filed out obediently, an expression of contempt in his optics as he folded his thick arms and scrutinized them. Warpath stood on Sentinel's right, pale blue optics apathetic to the fate of Sentinel's newest cadre of recruits.

Ah, something to let out his annoyance upon. To bad for them. He began pacing as he addressed the recruits. "Now, scraplets, I am Sentinel, your instructor. You will refer to me as sir, and none other. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir!"

"You want to join the Autobot army. You want to become one of the gears that makes this army turn. But not everyone has what it takes to survive the training. Some of you losers just come for the pay, or just for the hell of it. I am here to weed the weaklings and pretenders among you out, so you don't have to die on my watch." Sentinel narrowed his optics as he jabbed a finger onto the chest plate of an Autobot. "YOU are unprepared for war. And you. And you. And you too. And every single one of you down the line. We clear?"

Sentinel drew back and began pacing again. "My word here is law, we clear on that? Everything I say, goes. I tell you to transform, you transform. I tell you to shoot, you shoot. If I tell you to jump off a cliff, you jolly well go jump off a cliff. In battles one does not question their commanding officers' orders, no matter how stupid the order may sound. I am here to drill all of these into your minds. I will put you through exercises that will stretch your physical and mental capabilities as far as they can go. By the end of this day some of you losers will want to cry and go back home to harvest energon or build warehouses or whatever it is you do."

Warpath folded his arms in front of him, resting them on the tank cannon that portruded out of his chest. He didn't agree with the gruelling training Sentinel put his recruits through, but he had his orders. One of the recruits met Warpath's optics with alarm in his, but Warpath only shrugged. Anyone who enlisted in the army expecting anything less deserved to get their exhausts whipped into place by Sentinel.

Sentinel's optics narrowed as he paraphrased something he had overheard Kup saying.. "Now let's see how many of you I can break in this cycle."

2011-02-02, 03:56 PM
Stellar Galleries, Iacon

Obsidian loved this chamber.

This large, spherical chamber that contained a large, meticulously crafted sculpture of Cybertron, depicted in real time as it rotated, models of her satellites rotating lazily around her. It was a beautiful piece of art, with each spire, each sector carved to the utmost detail and the rotation controlled by a system of magnetic fields around the room. It was sculpted by a jointwork of artists. Slog. Buzzsaw. Scrapper.

The Stellar Galleries' main chamber was a substantially more spectacular affair, a huge three-dimensional, fully interactive rendition of the galaxy. It encompassed enough space for several dozen Transformers to fly around. All the stars, all the planets and moons and pulsars and black holes and whatever it is that filled the galaxy...

Hardly anyone who visited the Stellar Galleries ever comes into the humble little chamber that displayed the beauty of Cybertron.

Everybody wants to see the stars.

Can't they understand? They try so hard to reach the stars, when they have everything they had right here on Cybertron. The one true gem among the sea of blackness of space.

And Cybertron's own children were killing her softly. The Golden Age has slowly declined. Corruption is rife and many of Cybertron's regions have fallen into disrepair.

Obsidian sighed. Here he was, the general of Cybertron, the vanguard of her armies, the strategist that had so many times defended Cybertron from her enemies. Obsidian was a veritable legend during his days. While not much of a fighter himself, Obsidian was a master strategist, a chess-master. His strategems did not always mean his soldiers come out alive, but it did mean that Cybertron always emerged victorious.

But how to protect Cybertron from herself?

Obsidian's brain racked at this. When peacetime had came, Obsidian had been happy. No more extraterrestrial threats. But only recently had he realized that the battles he had fought in had been for nothing. Very few others loved Cybertron, which was appalling. All the harvesting of her natural resources, destroying the natural terrain with scientific experiments...

Obsidian shook his head. So sad. His function was clear as day when he had first came online — defend Cybertron. It had always been, first and foremost, the only thing in his mind. It was the sole purpose of existence.

Oh, sure, he still had his wartime ranks, nearly a dozen of them, 'General of Cybertron' being his preferred and default one. But unlike Kup or Ironhide, Obsidian had found adapting to life in the new army difficult and tiresome, with nothing to test his mettle.

So one day he had left.

He hovered around the room. He had to hover — he had no legs to speak off, and his entire lower body from the chest down was a weak sting-like appendage that couldn't support his weight. Rather, it served more for balance, to control where he wanted to go. He hovered and moved with the rotor blades that were stationed over his shoulders, constantly rotating to keep an updraft that allowed him to remain aloft. His fingers — nay, claws — were long, threadlike and sprouted out of his flat wrists. Red, sharp, intelligent optics that had taken in the horrors of war took in the contours of the sculpture Cybertron. It was nowhere as grand as the real thing herself, but it was still beautiful.

From a quick glance Obsidian looked deadly, like a wasp, if horribly fragile. If even one of those rotors were hit, he would've been grounded and without the ability to stand, it would've been the end of him.

Which was why he was created by whatever Vector node that had sparked him with the role of leading and organizing in mind. Physical battle was never his forte, though he had seen his share of it.

Obsidian sighed. In the end, all the battles he had fought would have been for vain if something was not done about the government.

He hovered out of the chamber, shoulders sagging as he hovered out of the Stellar Galleries. "Obsidian: obliterate." Obsidian whispered. Perhaps he was one of the few Transformers left who still used command codes to transform into vehicle mode. While it was unnecessary, and he had the upgrades for automatic transformation installed to him, Obsidian always found the habit hard to break.

As a sleek, twin-rotored helicopter he took to the skies, rotors whupping sadly as he flew aimlessly above an Iacon whose golden luster seemed dull that moment.

Something has to be done...

2011-02-02, 04:37 PM
Iacon: Deep Underground: The Old City

"C'mon, c'mon. This.. should do... it... There!" The door suddenly swung open and Rad tumbled through. Jumping to his feet, he looked around at the massive chamber he now found himself in. "Beautiful. Absoulutely beautiful. Sunstorm, get in here! We've found it!"

"Absolutley marvelous. I've never seen architecture like this before. And look! Gears and pulleys! Sunstorm!" The Seeker had just walked into the room, and was currently analyzing some writing near the doorway. "When's the last time you saw levers and pulleys all out in the open? It's all done with magnets and circuits now. So much more boring; magnets. Wonder where all the statues are? Old temple, gotta have some statues somewhere, dun'nit?"


Sunstorm was worried this trip might be a waste of time. He remembered Rad from Academy, and he was always a bit flighty. But as he examined the writing in the corridor, he grew optimistic. If this writing was indeed as old as he estimated, then even if they found nothing else (which was likely. Rad had always been lucky, but people had been searching for the old temple for years now.) then the trip would be worthwhile. An on the spot estimate placed the writing between three and five thousand years older than the earliest known copy of the Covenant. Rad had the door open now, but he needed to finish copying for proper study later.

As he finished the last letter, Sunstorm turned and walked into the chamber. Rad was mumbling something about pulleys or some nonsense. Sunstorm gaped for a second. This.. this was it. The old temple. For Sunstorm, this was a dream come true. This was the first temple ever dedicated to Primus. It had been lost ever since the first planetary war. This was the ancillary chamber, where the earliest rulers of Iacon governed. The doorway in front of him must lead to the main hall, which served as the public meeting place. This room, though somewhat decayed now, had obviously been lavishly beautiful at one point. The Seeker ran his hand down the wall and shivered with awe. This is what I live for.

Aero Blade
2011-02-02, 04:51 PM
Hub-Palace of the Elders, Iacon

Two forms approached the ancient structure, both of them as different as could be - one a cybertronian vehicle, and one a metallic animal (somewhat both cat-like and reptilian at the same time). Despite the immediate differences, the style of their builds seemed to match, a fact more made more apparent as they came to a stop at the edge of the structure's grounds and transformed to their robot modes. The vehicle an almost ancient male, the metal-creature a young female, but both of them in stylized armor, distinctive to any Cybertronian that would see them. As different as night and day from the rest of the mechs around them, they were a far closer match for the surrounding they were now in, and yet they still they seemed like they belonged somewhere else. Temple Knights.

The ancient guardians of sacred monuments were not typically seen so far from their structures, not unless something had happened... The two paused briefly, perhaps of some ritual of respect, before they continued towards the political building on foot. Even in the simple act of walking, the fluid movements of their training was evident, causing people to stare. The two seemed immune to the gazes, focused on their task ahead of them, whatever it might have been...

Maitenance Corridors, Iacon Depths

"Hey Raiku, you almost done yet?"

He might be considered your average mech, if not for the viser over his optics - Raiku, average maitenance worker, doing the average underappreciated maitenance work that kept the rest of the city above functioning correctly. Just one of many spending their days out of the sights of everyone else. And yet...

"Yeah, almost done, you know I've got extra to do," Raiku called back to his teammate. He turned to look back at the power relays infront of them, the the power coursing through them visible to him as bright patterns of light beneith his visor, a sight only granted to him. An average mech to most, perhaps...

An internal click, and a moment later the lights and patterns faded, the dull grey piping and corridors returning to his field of vision - the world as everyone else saw it. It was depressing sometimes, having to look at the bland maitenance surroundings, but if he didn't he'd have been stumbling over rubble or walking into walls. Better that he saw where he was going than to be stuck even longer down in the subterranian corridors.

Raiku gathered his tools and transformed, quickly catching up to the rest of his team as they proceeded back to the maitenance station, and their elevator back to the surface. Put away the equipment, update the computers, and once again Raiku was the last one there, sitting longer at the database computer than the rest of his team.

"More of your mystery readings?" One of the crew asked, already clocking out.

"Yeah. Energy anomalies are in different spots every day, seem to keep going even further each time. Don't think the boss really cares, but he wants the stuff documented anyways. Thorough records, ya know?" Raiku answered. "You guys go on ahead, I'll catch up in a few. Still on for Maccadams?"

"Yeah, we'll see you up there. Don't take too long down here or you'll miss all the good stuff. They get the new shipment in today."

"Don't worry, I'm sure even you guys can't guzzle that much fuel. Just save me a good seat," Raiku waved casually as his crew got into the lift for the surface. He plugged himself into the computer and a personal data pad, starting to record the readings from his vision centers. He gave a brief sigh as the mundane process started. Sometimes he really wondered if all of this was worth a handful of credits.

2011-02-02, 05:39 PM
Palace of the Elders:

Orion blinked at Nightstalker's sudden appearance. "Nice to meet you, sir. I'm Orion. I've just been assigned here."

Slums, Iacon:

They called the area "The Dead End", more as a joke than anything. The part of the glittering jewel of the Iaconian city-state that was where the worst elements were, the least opportunities, chronic unemployment, gangs running rampant. It's said that there's only two ways out of the Dead End: either feet first or on a prison barge.

And, as Hot Rod careened down an alley in vehicle mode with five irate gang members chasing him, as well as a squad of law enforcers, he wasn't sure if he wouldn't be the first person to leave the slum both as a corpse and a prisoner.

Pulling a sharp turn down an even tighter alley, grunting as paint scraped off the wing edges on his vehicle mode, he could hear the crunch behind him as two of the gangbangers tried to enter the alley behind him, wedging themselves in tight, not bright enough to try changing modes first.

Laughing, Hot Rod sped away, and kept laughing.... right up until he ran into the enforcers blocking the other end of the alley. Ones who not only were smart enough to transform, but were aiming their guns at him. Transforming and raising his hands in surrender, dropping the oil-splattered bundle of energon cubes, spare parts, and intoxicants that he'd just gutted a rival gang member for. "Uh, hey..... How you guys doin'?"

2011-02-02, 06:08 PM
Skies, Iacon

Obsidian's aimless flying brought him above the Dead End region. Oh, how far had they fallen from their Golden Age! To think that such a decrepit place could exist in the city of Iacon, the capital city? It was really too much. A place where gangs fight, scramble for energon, something the government didn't much care about? Everytime Obsidian even saw the place, it was like a steel knife that twisted in his spark.

He watched as Hot Rod found himself boxed in. The strategist that was Obsidian began automatically devising several ways in which Hot Rod could escape his enemies. There were several, assuming the gangsters were stupid and slow, easy ways of doing that.

But if the law enforcers pursuing the gang ehind Hot Rod was anything to go by, this kid had broken the law. Perhaps instigated the fight himself.

Either way, this was beneath Obsidian's attention. Nothing he could do that would help Cybertron, so he ignored the battle, whupping away silently above the Dead End...

2011-02-02, 07:29 PM
Trainyards, Iacon

(OOC: No skidmarks, Hein. Red Alert noted that. Fuelstains, maybe?)

Red Alert scowled at Scoop. "No comment. And stay behind the tape!" he barked before adding a muttered, "The vultures are circling..."

Walking over to Nightbeat, he watched as the other detective plugged his scanner into the machine's computer. "Find anything?" he asked.

While he waited for an answer, he took a closer look at the victim and saw that his right hand was clenched shut. Carefully prying the fingers open, he pulled a small chain out of the dead robot's hands. Dangling from one end was a small religious icon.

"Interesting," he muttered.

2011-02-02, 11:31 PM
Trainyards, Iacon

Scoop shrugged and shuffled back but not as far as the tape. His token gesture completed he peered intently at what Red Alert was holding up.

He made a note on his datapad and tried to fade into the background.


Palace of the Elders

Night Stalker fell in beside Orion loping along.

"so your first day huh! You'll soon learn the ropes. Don't let the vip's intimidate you they drink their energon just the same as you and me. So what's your speciality going to be? Driver-bodyguard? ,a close-protection officer? or support you know IED detection, electronic "bug" detection, counter-sniper monitoring, pre-searches, and background-checks that kind of thing?

B]Dead End[/B]

Weirdwolf placed the playing card in the envelope and depatched it to the residence of one Mirage.

He giggled to himself.

2011-02-03, 02:19 AM
War Academy

Warpath leant backwards on a bench, arms folded atop the turret that proudly protruded from his chest, watching as Sentinel asked each one of the new recruits to impress him.

If one had a special ability or a particular skill with a certain weapon, it was easy.

Warpath chuckled as he stroked the side of his turret. It was polished, as always. Despite being a tank, Warpath was an expert sharpshooter, with the ability to fire various types of shells from his turret. Acid bombs, sonic charges, good ol' explosive, armour-piercing, cryogenic... you name it.

The first time Sentinel asked Warpath to impress him so many vorns ago, he hadn't had that much variety. But he did impress Sentinel by first sniping an energon cube off the hand of a stunned general lounging on the eighth floor, and then proceeded to impress Sentinel further by bringing down a huge chunk of the training area with a second shot.

"New recruits?" A cheery young voice asked.

The red-coloured Autobot looked up and chuckled. "Yup, Gunnie. Hey, congratulations on the promotion, kid."

"Yeah, can you believe it? Me, in command of my own unit! And I thought Sentinel always hated my guts." Gunrunner was smiling. The orange Autobot flier was holding a stack of datapads in one hand and a machinegun in the other.

"Sentinel hates everybody's guts, Gunnie. But he's a good soldier."

"Those poor kids... I remember when Sentinel trained my batch, we had to trek through the Manganese Mountains in five mega-cycles. I mean, I'm a jet so it's easy, but every member of my team had to get past. Teamwork and everything." Gunrunner grinned as he took a seat beside Warpath, watching as Sentinel shouted at one particularly unlucky cadet.

"Lucky devil, you. My batch had to find a way through the Mithril Sea. Do you know what a tank would do in a Sea? Sink, that's what!" The two shared a chuckle, and Warpath continued, "You heard what happened to Orion?"

"That red-and-blue guy? I heard Sentinel went very hard on him for some reason. What's with him?"

Warpath frowned. "Sentinel hates him for some reason. I mean, really hates him. That's weird. He usually is a jerk but he doesn't pick favourites. In one of his team's exercises somehow they got themselves landed in a live-fire exercise."

"He didn't-"

"Nah, Orion's fine. He's working in the Hall of Elders. He surpassed all expectations and emerged almost unsatched with every member of his team intact." Warpath shook his head. "Amazing record. I'd follow that kid anywhere."

Gunrunner frowned. "You think... Sentinel..."

Warpath shrugged. "Set him up? Maybe. But Sentinel doesn't seem like the type to send someone to their death. The rest of the cadets, if not Orion. He's too by-the-book for that."

"Though hate could do much to a person if allowed to..."

"No." Warpath shook his head, his voice thick with determination. "Sentinel is a jerk, a spawn of a glitch, a glory-hog and a general annoyance, but a murderer isn't in him."

2011-02-03, 03:28 AM
Iacon, War Academy

Hardtop shuffled a bit. What had he gotten himself into? He wanted to go back home and read. Oh, Primus, Sentinel was getting closer to him. Maybe he wouldn't be called on individually, maybe? He could hope...

(ooc: @Blackjack ;) )

2011-02-03, 04:16 AM
War Academy

Sentinel walked up to the next cadet in line, Hardtop, scowling. The instructor's foul mood with Orion's recent promotion had been exacerbated by the woefully unimpressive batch he had today.

"Now, soldier, what can you do to impress me? Let's hope you're the first one that can actually survive out of all you sorry rejects." Sentinel folded his arms. "Do whatever it is you can do, shorty."

2011-02-03, 04:41 AM
Iacon, War Academy

Hardtop gulped and nodded, "Y-yes sir." He carefully drew his rifle and switched to the long-range barrel. He knelt down and searched for something suitable to fire at. Yes, that would do nicely. He carefully lined up the shot and fired. For a few seconds it seemed like nothing had happened, then a small object crashed to the ground about a hundred meters away. A high-altitude cyberhawk, shot down mid-flight. Hardtop stood up and looked to Sentinel sheepishly. Try as he might to hide it, he was obviously quite proud of himself.

2011-02-03, 04:41 AM
Trainyards, Iacon:

(OOC: Fluids it is)

Nightbeat frowned at the screen, tapping a couple of controls. "Not a thing. No power surges, no sensor errors, no technical glitches- Nothing. In fact, I'd almost swear this unit came fresh from the manufacturer if it wasn't for the general condition of the entire machine. Kind of odd, isn't it?"

2011-02-03, 05:12 AM
War Academy

Sentinel raised an optic. Darned fool, what the heck is he doing, shooting right into the blank sky. "Did you just try to snipe the sky?"

The thump of the cyberhawk falling caught Sentinel's attention, and his considerably large lower jaw hung down. "You-" he began, wanting to snap out a depreciating comment, but stopped short.

Sentinel then laughed, clapping Hardtop on the shoulder. "That's got to be the best sniping I've ever seen! From a cadet, I mean. You fresh, but you got potential, kid."

The instructor glared down at the rest of the cadets down the line. "Well? Any of you wannabes could impress me like he did?"

"Dang." Gunrunner whistled, shaking his head. "That's a first. Never saw Sentinel forced into a compliment like that."

Warpath chuckled. "Poor kid. It means Sentinel's gonna be harder than him."

"Hey, War? Can you snipe something from that distance?"

"If it's still? Maybe. If it's moving? On a first try? Not a chance."

2011-02-03, 07:19 AM
Corridor outside Smokescreen's Office

Scavenger shuffled his feet nervously and knocked on the door.

2011-02-03, 08:53 AM
Iacon Stadium

Stadium Announcer: This next bout is scheduled for a last bot standing finish and is a unification bout the All-World Fighting Champion and the Cybertronian Gladiator Champion, with the winner becoming the unified Cybertronian Champion! Introducing first, from parts unknown! Known for his ferocious and relentless style and monsterous alternative mode! The All-World Fighting Champion and bearer of an undefeated record... REEEEPUUUUNGUUUUSSS!

Inside the locker room

Sunstreaker stood before the entrance way jumping up and down on the spot, rolling all of his ball joints to keep them loose. “You ready for a show, bro?” Sunstreaker asked with a grin, looking over his shoulder at his seated manager and brother, Sideswipe.

“I really wish you’d take these fights more seriously. This guys IS undefeated, you know.” Sideswipe replied with a slightly more serious tone.

“So was the last guy.” Sunstreaker scoffed at the worry Sideswipe was showing.

“The last guy shattered all the servos in your arm. You couldn’t move it for two cycles before the repairs.” Sideswipe replied.

“It was a lucky shot. “ Sunstreaker snapped.

“Sometimes that’s all it takes. I just wish you wouldn’t treat these as you do practice matches, these guys aren’t push overs.”

“They are pushovers, by your own admission I beat the last guy one handed.” Sunstreaker grinned again, “You shouldn’t worry so much. These guys aren’t good enough to do anything serious. Anyways, we’ll let you whine more later I have business!” And with that quickly transformed and sped forward.

Sideswipe just shook his head, “Sometimes they don’t have to be good… just lucky.”

Iacon Stadium

Stylez: And would you listen to that capacity crowd!
Reflector: Local champion, and my kinda fighter!
Stylez: You’d like anyone that fought dirty and recklessly.
Reflector: A winning style if I ever heard one!

The crowd’s cheers began to die down as Repungus circled the large pit that comprised the fighting area at the bottom of the stadium.

Stadium Announcer: And his opponent! Reigning from Praxus, he holds one the Cybertronian Gladiator Championship, and has one of the most impressive records ever compiled in Gladiatorial history! He is the one! The only! The Golden-bot! SUUUUUUNSTREEEEEEAKERRRRR!”

This time the crowd explodes, to a deafening level as Sunstreaker bursts through the gateway leading to the back stage area in vehicle mode, speeding directly at Repungus. Repungus braces, but Sunstreaker quickly does a one-hundred and eighty degree turn, spraying scrap at his opponent, Repungus before bolting towards the arena wall and transforming and landing on one knee, posing for the crowd, which elicits an even larger cheer from the that section.

Stylez: And there he is! Sunstreaker, the one everyone has paid to see tonight and quite possibly one of the best and longest standing champions in Cybertronian history!
Reflector: He only got there because Megatron stepped aside to focus on his now blossoming political career!
Stylez: Be that as it may, he has definitely not wasted the opportunity! And with that entrance we are under way here at the Iacon Gladatorial and Entertainment Center! In a match between Repungus, the AWF Champion and Sunstreaker the Cybertronian Champion Standing in a unification bout! And right away we see Repungus move into his monster mode and Sunstreaker is going to start with two short energon-swords.
Reflector: Is he an idiot? That’s playing to Repungus’ strengths!
Stylez: That really has always been Sunstreaker’s style and you have to admire him for it. In a fight where he could really be using his speed to his advantage he’s opening up in to Repungus’ strength by going for close-quarters combat. The two fights are circling at the center of the arena now. Sunstreaker with the first move her, a strong vertical cut, and a quick parry by Repungus who comes back with a horizontal slash. Sunstreaker quickly out of the way there.
Reflector: That’s all Sunstreaker has?
Stylez: Sunstreaker again this time, Oh! He led with a left swipe and caught Repungus square on the jaw with his fist! Repungus is reeling now! Sunstreaker with another left slash!
Repungus takes the slash off the armored claw, but as Sunstreaker pushes forward, Rupungus has no choice but to pedal backwards. Sunstreaker starts to alternate quickly between vertical hacks from the right and horizontal backslashes from the left, focusing all of his attack on the right claw.
Stylez: Repungus is doing everything he can to stay vertical right now, that right side is really taking a beating by Sunstreaker! And that last one caught above the armor!

Repungus lets out a howl of pain before letting his top-heavy monster form quickly roll back and away from Sunstreaker and back up to a vertical base in a proper defensive stance, causing Sunstreaker to slow up to not run into a counter-attack.

Stylez: Sunstreaker really show cased his speed there; it was all Repungus could do to stop from being overwhelmed by Sunstreaker!
Reflector: It is hard not be impressed with that kind of ferocity!
Stylez: Indeed, Sunstreaker is one of the best when it comes to bursts of quick damage! They’re eyeing eachother up now, and here comes Repungus! Lunging after Sunstreaker, and this is really not the type of fight Repungus wants to get into, making the first move. Sunstreaker is really having no trouble dodging and parrying here and there’s the counter-attack! Sunstreaker just used Repungus’ momentum against him and landed a solid blow along the back plates of Repungus there!
Reflector: You can smell the sparks and energon from here! Repungus needs to get on things here or this will be quick!

Repungus stumbles forward and ends up on his front, quickly flipping over onto his back as Sunstreaker bears down on him. Sunstreaker goes for a quick finishing blow, but Repungus catches the blade between the two claws and, with a rending motion, snaps the blade mid-way down.

Reflector: That’s more like it!
Stylez: The local champion really displayed his strength there, it takes a lot to make one of those blades to come in two and he cut it apart like butter! Sunstreaker still has the advantage now though, delivering solid kicks to the leg servos and side plating that was damaged by that earlier strike on Repungus!
Reflector: Oooh, I still don’t like where this is going!
Stylez: Repungus really can’t move to guard those areas either with Sunstreaker looming over him and delivering probing strikes to his guard.

The sparks keep shooting off the energon- sword as it collides with the armored claws of Repungus, after each swing, Sunstreaker nails the open wound or knee-joint with a solid, thundering kick that is almost audible over the crowd. After a few exchanges like this, Sunstreaker changes it up and after connecting with the sword on the claws he follows it up with a solid right fist to the face. Repungus howls in pain and loses his guard, leaving an opening for Sunstreaker.

Stylez: And this could be it right here! Sunstreaker with a killing stroke and…! No! Repungus spat acid in Sunstreaker’s face! Sunstreaker is reeling now and Repungus is back to his feet!
Reflector: Haha! I knew it was all a ploy!

Sunstreaker managed to prevent most of the acid from connecting with his face by shielding himself with the arm that was swinging but the immediate pain that shot through his servos was enough for force him to drop the sword.

Stylez: And here comes Repungus now! Sunstreaker is on the retreat! That last one connected! Sunstreaker’s chest has been cut open!
Reflector: It’s game over now!
Stylez: That may be a bit pre-mature as Sunstreaker is still moving and that last swing may have been lucky! Sunstreaker needs to make a plan soon because Repungus is going to pin him to the wall soon!
Reflector: Like I said, game over!
Stylez: Sunstreaker lands a solid punch there, but that is not stopping Repungus! They are only feet from the wall now!

Sunstreaker grimaces as he dodges each attack, knowing he is close to the wall quickly looks back and then leans left to dodge an attack and then jumps back as hard as he can, and as he hits the wall, plants both his feet and pushes off again, barely clearing Repungus he engages two small rocket boosts on his heels and blows over top of Repungus cleanly.

Stylez:And there are the infamous rocket boots!
Reflector:Those are supposed to be illegal!
Stylez: They were and that ruling is now being reviewed and in the meantime is totally legal! Sunstreaker into his vehicle mode and this is the type of situation that Repungus has to be wary of, as he cannot match this speed even at his fastest!

Sunstreaker speeds in the opposite direction until reaching the other side of the arena, and then pulling a one-eighty again and revving his engine before speeding at Repungus.

Stylez: And this is one intense game of robo-chicken! Repungus is staring the speeding Sunstreaker down and here it comes!

Sunstreaker transforms and uses his momentum and speed to catch Repungus off-guard, not quick enough to respond, delivering a solid knee to the face of the monstrous Gladiator.

Stylez: Oh my Primus! What a shot by Sunstreaker! What a blow! Repungus’ face has been devastated! Both of his optics were damaged by that and you can see it from here! Repungus just had no answer for the burst of speed there!
Reflector: Oh no! How did that happen! Repungus should have been ready for that!
Stylez: Sometimes speed kills! And Repungus is reeling! Sunstreaker is taking the opportunity to showboat as only he can!
Reflector: Get up! Get up!

As Sunstreaker moves around the arena motioning for the crowd to get to their feet and cheer, Repungus struggles to his feet, the face area of the monster mode badly damaged and his optics all but destroyed his forced to revert to robot form. He takes advantage of Sunstreaker’s gloating and grabs Sunstreaker’s on sword and quickly moves towards Sunstreaker.

Stylez: Repungus is up! And Sunstreaker doesn’t know it yet! This could do it!
Reflector: Yes! Yes! Beat that punk!

As Repungus moves up behind Sunstreaker he raises his blade and leaps up to bring it down on top of Sunstreaker, but Sunstreaker quickly dips inside the guard of Repungus and nails a devastating upper-cut. As Repungus falls and lands, Sunstreaker leaps up himself and comes down with a devastating knee to the robot face of Repungus, leaving more damage, energon leaking from the mouth and fracture face-plate.

Stylez: And this is why he’s the champion, folks! Sunstreaker has just schooled the formerly undefeated Repungus and I don’t think he’s done!
Reflector: This isn’t good at all!

Sunstreaker kicks Repungus’ arm back into his body and makes a very large and wide tearing motion with his two arms. He transforms again and speeds away from the fallen body of Repungus, and quickly turning back, circling the body of the Repungus, before coming back and transforming again using his momentum to drive his elbow into Repungus’ face delivering another and final crippling blow to Repungus’ face plating which cracked and caved in on the side that the elbow landed.

Stylez: And that has to be it right there! What a devastating final blow and insult to Repungus! And there’s the stadium announcer!

Stadium Announcer: Due to an inability to continue to compete the winner of this match AND NEW, UNIFIED AWF/CG CHAMPION! SUUUUUUUUNSTREEEEEAKEEERRRRR!

As this announcement is made the medical bots quickly rush the arena floor as Sunstreaker begins to celebrate with the crowd roaring behind him.

Iacon Communications Center

Blaster sat in his officer reviewing his notes for an important upcoming interview. He shook his head as he read it. “Bot… this just ain’t good news.” He sighed as he flipped through and then back to the original page.

An intern poked it’s head in, “Blaster, you’re on air on the radio in five!”

Blaster nodded, “I’m all over it, don’t you worry! The masses will get their mix and media fix!” He smiled and the Intern grinned and moved off. As soon as the intern left his smile faded as he stuffed the notes back into his desk. “I just hope I find something good to throw their way.” He got to his feet and moved out of his office.

Construction Site

Brawn was putting a large beam into place as many other bots moved around below him and ferrying more beams up to him. As he finished the last of the beams he hopped down the two stories and landed with a loud thud. “Quittin’ time boys! Time to go get us some energon!” He hollered to the delight of the other bots.

2011-02-03, 09:03 AM
War Academy

Warpath looked at his datapad and shrugged, then opened a commlink to Blaster. "Hey, Blaster? This is Warpath. From the War Academy. You said you wanted to interview Sentinel?"

Gunrunner's optics widened slightly as he chuckled. "Interview Sentinel? Why would anyone want to interview Sentinel?"

"Publicity." Warpath whispered, putting his hand over the microphone. "Public wants to know how the military functions and everything. I just hope Sentinel doesn't act too much of a jerk..."

2011-02-03, 09:33 AM
Iacon Community Center, Corridor leading to the broadcast chamber

Blaster stopped mid-stride as Warpath came through on the other end. "You know it! Just headin' in to start my radio broadcast. Tell 'im I want him for the visual broadcast later on this cycle. That gonna work for him?"

2011-02-03, 10:33 AM
War Academy

"Hmmm..." Warpath mulled the thought over in his head as he heard Blaster's reply. "Sentinel's working on a bunch of new recruits right now, so it isn't very convenient..."

Sentinel really hated to be disturbed when he's already riled up, but Hardtop's little performance with the sniper had put him into a good mood. Plus, Sentinel liked publicity. Guy's kind of an egomaniac.

"I'll ask Sentinel. But if he can't make it to the broadcast studio, would you mind a live video conference or somesuch?"

2011-02-03, 06:06 PM
War Academy, Iacon

Kup's office had a view right on to the training grounds. Kup stood in front of the window and looked outside. He couldn't help but smile as he saw how Sentinel was ripping the new mechs a new one. A new recruit was coming in today that required some special attention and he was waiting for his arrival. Well, recruit wasn't the right word.

There was a knock on the door and Kup always waited a few kliks before allowing someone to enter the room. When cadets and even others higher ranking soldiers came to Kup's office, they were always a little anxious. Well, most of them anyway. Kup's know for being tough on just about everybody. The long time that he has served in the army has hardened him, but he was just fine with that. He has trained just about everybody that's currently serving in the army or has served time with them in the same unit. Kup knows everybody and their skills.

As he looked over at Sentinel, he could only that that Sentinel understood the most that being hard on the recruits will only help them in the future when they're in battle. Maybe a little too well.

"Come in," Kup finally said and the door opened.

"Sir, cadet Volks is here for the interview."

Volks walked in the room and he looked around. "Nice place you got here, old guy."

The soldier that was escorting Volks didn't know how fast he had to get out of the room after he said that. Kup didn't like it when he was called old guy. It was a sign of disrespect and lack of discipline. Kup smirked. It was just the way he liked them. Kup turned around. "Sit your tailpie down in that chair and shut your mouth! You'll only speak when you're spoken to! Do I make myself clear?!"

Volks was shocked. "Wow, okay okay take it easy," Volks replied as he sat in his chair.

Kup walked over to Volks and stood infront of him, arms crossed and towering a little over him. It was very intimidating to Volks and that's just what Kup was going for. "So. Cadet Volks. I've read your profile. You've been charged with 5 Stellar Cycles by Cybertronian court for hacking into a bank's computers and screwing up their systems. Since this was your first official crime, the have given you an alternitive option. That being to join the army and earn yourself a clean slate, am I right?"

"Sir, yes sir!" Volks said as he made a salute.

Kup leaned forward a little more and looked Volks square in the optics. "When we're done with you, you're gonna wish that you took the jail time, boy...," Kup said with a smirk.

Kup walks over to the door. "You're going to be assigned to the group of cadets trained by Sentinel."

Volks groaned. He had heard about Sentinel Prime and the way that he trains he cadets. Kup walked down the hall that lead to the training grounds. Volks followed. "Come on, I'll introduce you," Kup said, "but after that, you're on your own."

As Kup opened the door and walked on the training grounds, he headed over towards Sentinel. "Sentinel!" Kup called out. "You got a few kliks to spare? Got another new recruit for you. One that would perfectly benefit from your kind of training."

2011-02-03, 08:56 PM
Iacon Community Center, Doorway leading to the broadcast chamber

Blaster thought for a moment, looking at his chair. "Sorry, Warpath. I'll have to take what you can give me. I don't have time to chat. Keep me posted!"

Blaster stepped through the door and hopped into his chair quickly flipping two switches.

"Look out and shout! OWwww! This is Blaster blastin' at you live from the top of the Iacon Communication Tower! We got ourselves a jam packed show today so stay tuned or miss out on all the fun!"

2011-02-04, 04:08 AM
Trainyards, Iacon

Red Alert glared at Scoop, annoyed by the reporter's insolence. He briefly considered pistol-whipping him, but remembering what the precinct captain had said the last time he'd done that he wisely thought better of it.

"Stay out of the way and don't touch anything."

He listened to what Nightbeat had to say, frowning slightly. "Actually, I would have been more surprised if you had found something. There's no point tampering with one of these." He tapped a drum-shaped object inset on the top of the loader. "Microwave antenna. They're controlled from the yards' central dispatch computer, and it would have shut the machine down immediately."

He looked at one of the nearby officers. "Are the holographers done?"

"Yes, sir."

"Then bag our corpse and send him to the morgue. Maybe the docs can get him to tell us more that we can." Turning back to Nightbeat, he added, "Whatever caused this, either the instructions came from the main computer or someone overrode it. Either way, we'll need to pay a visit."

Iacon Mental Health Clinic

Smokescreen reclined behind his desk, reviewing his notes as he waited for his next patient. When he heard the knock, he put his book down, got up and headed for the door. Opening it, he saw Scavenger waiting on the other side.

"Scavenger!" he said with genuine enthusiasm. "It's good to see you again. How have you been?"

2011-02-04, 06:43 AM
Trainyards, Iacon:

Nightbeat shrugged. "An override signal would have made more sense. Certainly be easier to cover up. I'll go check the depot main computer." And with that, the detective turned and started towards the main building of the depot.

Arraignment Court, Iacon:

If there was a revolving door anywhere for the scum of Cybertron, it was here. Hot Rod knew it well. Public defenders didn't really enter it at this point in the proceedings.

What he wasn't sure about this time, though, was the charges. He could always claim self defense.... and hope that nobody pointed out that if he hadn't been trying to rob the other thug blind, there would have been no point in having to defend himself. This was the first time he'd been caught red-handed, and he wasn't exactly sure what that was going to mean. Whatever it meant, it probably wasn't good.

With a hum, the conveyor belt he was clamped to slid him before the judge computer. On the screen before him, his past record of charges started to scroll across the screen. The flat voice came out of the grille. "How do you plead to the charge of larceny and murder?"

Hot Rod quietly and carefully said, "Not guilty due to self defense."

There was another set of whirs and clicks from the computer. "Defendant's past record indicates flight risk. Bail denied."

Hot Rod scowled.

There was another bleep. "Defendant may avoid trial and 90% probability of conviction through service."

Hot Rod's scowl became one of cautious hope. "Service? What kind of service?"

"Voluntary enlistment in the military."

The army. Hot Rod knew about the army. Lots of fresh air. Lots of wide open spaces. Some guards, but he could probably get around them. And anything beat having your personality components pulled and stuck in a cell. Or getting dumped, screaming, into a smelting pit. "I volunteer. Make me all you can be!"

2011-02-04, 06:49 AM
Iacon, War Academy

Hardtop tried not to beam at Sentinel's praise, but ended up beaming at his own feet. Holy slag, I hit it. I mean, I hoped I would. But man, that had to be a little lucky. And Sentinel likes me! This might not be so bad after all!


Blaze walked up beside Warpath and Gunrunner and crossed his arms. He didn't know if either would recognize him, and didn't much care. Sentinel had requested him here, and he knew Sentinel wasn't the type for traps. He'd walked up just in time to catch Hardtop's shot, and while he'd seen better, it'd been few and far between. But then, that kid'd better be a good shot; weedy little runt couldn't have much else going for 'im.

2011-02-04, 07:24 AM
Iaacon Mental Health clinic

Scavenger entered the office.

"OK I guess. The hearing has scheduled my evidence about the Kaon Alpha 17 Mine disaster. I know it wasn't my fault that it happpened but I still worry about if I'd done something differently been more aware I could have prevented. I should have seen that the company was cutting corners."

2011-02-04, 10:08 AM
War Academy

Sentinel looked away from Hardtop and was about to address the next mech in line when Kup called him.

The instructor turned on his heels to face his former trainer, and followed military procedure by giving the old coot a salute. Privately Sentinel always thought Kup could fall apart any time. He was so old! But the old guy refuses to make way for the youngbloods like him...

Of course, none of these resentments showed in Sentinel's expression. "Sir!" He said as soon as he heard his name being called, then listened to Kup. "Another new recruit?" Sentinel looked Volks up and down. Small. Weak. Doesn't look like the sniper material. "Doesn't look like much of anything to me, Kup. You sure he wasn't supposed to be sent to community service or something?"

"No problem, Blaster. We can have Sentinel on air via a teleconference in a cycle or so." Warpath told the broadcaster, then chuckled as he signed off.

Gunrunner and Warpath watched as Kup entered with Volks. Gunrunner shook his head "Must've been caught doing a criminal act or something. What d'you peg him for?"

"Who? The runt?" Warpath asked (though he wasn't much taller than Volks) as he sent a text message to Sentinel to inform him of his schedule with Blaster. "Hacker, maybe. Or a thief. Doesn't look like one of those gangsters to me."

"Hey, listen, Warpath. It's been fun, but I've got a pressing engagement. Got to go to Kaon."

"Whyever for?"

"Volunteered for a military project. A little pickup before I lead my team into the field. Some sort of armour thing or other. It's with Wheeljack..."

Warpath winced. "Wheeljack? He's an old buddy of mine. Been nice knowing you, kid."

"Aw, c'mon. It can't be that bad... anyway, I'll catch you later." Gunrunner grinned, turned around, and transformed into his jet mode, taking into the air. The flier ignored Blaze completely, not recognizing the hitman or his infamous reputation.

Warpath, however, did. He was present, as always, when Sentinel discussed with Zeta Prime about Blaze's conditional release. Warpath hasn't met Blaze before, but he knew of the hitman. Heck, he's the one who had delivered the request from Sentinel to the prison. "Hello, Blaze." Warpath said, turning lazily to regard the hitman. While Warpath knew Blaze wasn't armed with weapons, he was careful enough not to let his guard down. "Sentinel's probably going to see you after he deals with that other runt."

2011-02-04, 11:32 AM
War Academy

Bombard rumbled onto the parade ground and transformed.

"HELLO KUP , just popping in to check you're training me some ARTIlleryMEChs. Don't want them all having their heads turned by the glamour of the INFantry. Hawhawhaw.

2011-02-04, 02:32 PM
War Academy

Sentinel fixed Bombard with a stern glare for interrupting his discussion with Kup, but jerked a thumb at Hardtop. "This little scraplet's a great sniper. Might be useful to get rid of him now by assigning him to your unit..."

Aero Blade
2011-02-04, 07:03 PM
Palace of the Elders, Iacon

Entering the building and passing Ironhide, Orion, and Nighstalker, the two Temple Knights approached the reception desk and waited to be recognized. For ones such as them, it didn't take long.

"We are here to speak with the Elders, whichever one is free to represent them," The elder Temple Knight spoke, firm and emotionless.

"Do you have a preference?" The receptionist asked, alreading begining to go through the computer scheduling.

"Zeta Prime, or whoever else is here..." The elder Temple Knight paused in his list, leaning a bit closer towards the receptionist. "The matter is urgent. We will not be leaving until we have spoken with someone. We will locate one ourselves if need be."

The receptionist, unconciously perhaps, leaned back just slightly in response. "I will do everything I can," She offered, quickly returning to her computer and activating the com system. "Zeta Prime, you have a visitors, two Temple Knights. Master..." She trailed off briefly, looking back at the elder mech again.

"Yoketron," He answered politely to her prompt, "And Terabolt."

"Master Yoketron and Terabolt," The receptionist repeated over the com. "They say it is a matter of urgency, if you are free to recieve them."

Maitenance Corridors, Iacon Depths

"There we go," Raiku spoke to himself, disconnecting from the company computer and his personal datapad. His visual data uploaded to the two databanks, he subspaced his personal data pad before checking the computer one last time.

Everything seemed to be there for now, but it wasn't always, which is why he kept the datapad. Lately his readings sometimes dissapeared out of the computer, and he took the blame for not uploading the info a few times, which was why he now kept the datapad backup. It was an old computer, well overdue for being replaced, but their employer wasn't likely to do that until the thing broke down entirely. That alone wasn't odd, but there was other strange things starting to happen.

A sound down one of the corridors pulled Raiku's attention away from the computer and down the darkened tunnel. That was the other thing... Without thinking about it, Raiku found himself picking up a large maitenace wrench, turning to look towards where he'd heard the sound. His optics couldn't detect anything in the dark corridor, but he started to cycle through the settings on his energy sight, already having an idea what he might be looking for.

2011-02-05, 01:41 AM

As Gunrunner shot away from the War Academy, he put all thoughts of Sentinel and Warpath aside, and considered his position.

He had just been given command of a unit! Sure, it's stationed in a place that's unlikely to see any action, but it was awesome nevertheless. And to think that he was trustworthy enough to be recommended to take part in this 'Pretender Vehicle' project! Life was good.

He shot towards the Border Regions, transmitting his ID signals to the local air traffic controller, as well as the permission to leave Iacon airspace.

Wheeljack... what is this guy like? What Warpath had said just now made Gunrunner imagine a stereotypical mad scientist, with a monocle, a cackling laugh, a sinister dark laboratory with chemicals of all colours, a dungeon, and maybe even a hunchbacked minion. Gunrunner briefly considered this, then laughed merrily as he shot above the city states, moving at high speed towards Kaon.

(OOC: Gunnie now goes to Kaon thread, yes?)

2011-02-05, 03:43 AM
Iacon, War Academy

Blaze nodded, "Warpath, isn't it." He said, more than asked, his voice a raspy growl, "That's fine. I'm in no hurry." The soldier reclined in the bench next to the sharpshooter and chomped a cygar. "Not the most intimidating batch here, huh?"


Hardtop startled at Sentinel's gesture. Did he just? Me in a? But? I? "What?" Oops

2011-02-05, 07:44 AM
Patrol around Iacon:

He loves to fly.

The feeling of the wind, sliding across his wings. The keening hum of his engines and anti-gravs. Arcing through the air like an improbable avian. Sure, he wasn't fast in the air. Agility made up for it. His hope was that he wouldn't actually have to fight anybody in the air for very long. Laser cannon and a black beam cannon, while effective enough in their own right, just didn't have the standoff capacity that missile launchers did.

Not that there was much in the way of enemies to fight.

Tracks chuckled to himself as he swooped down, hovering a couple of feet above the roadway as he throttled his engines back, wings angling back under his fuselage. He hummed down the road, keeping an optic out for anything unusual.

2011-02-05, 01:17 PM
War Academy

"He's not," Kup answered sternly to Sentinel. "Whatever rotten task you can think of is his for the following mega cycles. Courts send him. Seems like this guy thinks he can just fool around with other mechs' credits."

"Hey, what can I say?" Volks said as he interrupted Kup, "I'm good at what I do."

"Don't know when to shut up either. That's why I think that he'll serve us best under your command right now."

It was then that Bombard entered the scene and Kup gave him the same stern look as Sentinel did. Kup hates it when he's interrupted and it always showed. As a matter of fact, he always looked angry so not many mechs could tell the difference anyway.

"You got nothing to worry about," Kup replied to Bombard. "This sawed off runt," he said as he pointed to Volks, "will probably do very wel as cannonfodder on the front line."


Volks didn't look at either senior officers for a second. It wasn't meant out of disrespect. Far from it. He has read many stories about Kup and his missions. He's probably one of the oldest serving Cybertronians in the army right now and sure he looked old, but he can probabaly still kick alot of tailpipe and walk away laughing.

Volks had read that Kup's hard on pretty much anybody and that Sentinel is not that much different. Just my luck, he thought. They're probably going to have me on patrol for a long time.

2011-02-05, 04:12 PM
War Academy

Privately, Sentinel smiled to himself when that single word escaped Hardtop's mouth. Gives him an excuse to admonish the sniper, and not make him too overconfident due to his earlier praise. "Speak when spoken to. Understand?" Sentinel snapped at Hardtop, then turned back to regard Kup and Volks.

A smile that wasn't friendly at all grew on Sentinel's face. "Ah, a rotten criminal-" When Volks interrupted Kup, Sentinel pointed a thick finger at the Minibot's face, and all but shouted. "Mind your vocoders, shorty! You ain't doing yourself any favours. Get down and give me fifty!"

By 'give me fifty', Sentinel meant a transformation drill, of course. Transformation was instinctive, like walking. But do them a lot of times in a short period and it'll be painful, like if you've run for a long time.

Sentinel snorted when Kup had that line about Volks being cannonfodder. "All due respect, Kup, I don't think this little gremlin here's going to even survive my boot camp, much less go into the field."

"Nope." Warpath nodded, agreeing with Blaze.

After a moment of silence he added, "So did they ever tell you why they bailed you out of jail?"

2011-02-06, 01:12 AM
Hub-Palace of the Elders, lower levels:

"First thing we gotta do is get you a weapon'n then make sure ya c'n use it. Nahghtstawker, head on over ta th' target range an' save us a lane. Ah'll grab some guns an' we c'n see whut he's good with."

2011-02-06, 09:00 AM
Orbit Above Iacon

Cosmos flew silently over the city as he felt he needed to keep a watchful eye over it.

Outside War Academy

Bluestreak sat outside as he had nothing of importance and felt the need to brag to a unremarkable autobot who was just standing outside about his exploits , while the autobot silently wished Bluestreak would shut up.

2011-02-07, 03:23 AM
Trainyards, Iacon

"Maybe," Red Alert said, not sure if he agreed with Nightbeat or not just yet. "But any control computer worth its' silicon is going to log it if one of its' drones goes crazy and starts ignoring orders."

Transforming to vehicle mode, he rolled out toward the yards' main office.

Iacon Mental Health Clinic

Smokescreen nodded along sympathetically as Scavenger talked.

"Feelings like that are natural whenever something like this happens. Survivor's guilt is all too common, even when we know rationally that there is nothing we could have done to stop it."

The therapist did his best to keep himself from wincing noticeably as he got a mental image of his old home, the high-orbit Victory Torus station, arcing out of orbit as Smokescreen floated away in a space pod. He'd lost his entire world that day, and almost everyone that he'd ever known.

Smokescreen forced the memories back. It was normal to think of traumatic events like that, he knew, but it was selfish to wallow in his own loss when he was supposed to be helping Scavenger.

"The important thing to understand," he told the engineer, "is that you're not the only person feeling this way. Hundreds of mechs died in the accident, but hundreds survived too. And I can promise you that every one of them are asking themselves the same questions you are. And, well...you can't all be responsible."

Maintenance Corridors, Iacon Depths

When Raiku turned his attention toward the strange sound, all he would see was a bulky, nondescript utility drone, slowly rolling across the floor sweeping up the debris that the less-diligent technicians sometimes left in their wake after doing a repair job.

However, with his attention drawn in that direction he wouldn't see the other drone, which was working on a causeway overhead, as it lost its' balance and pitched over, falling straight toward where the tech was standing.

2011-02-07, 05:08 AM
Iacon, War Academy

"Yes, sir. Sorry, sir." Hardtop nodded almost frantically as he spoke. Whoo. That could've been worse.


Blaze shook his head. "No. Just told me where to go. I guess Sentinel needs something blown up, huh?"


Iacon, Deep Underground

"Ah, Statues!"

"This must've been the forum, Rad. It's where the town would go for news and gossip, and when there were official announce..."

"Sunstorm, I'm a history teacher, remember? Ooh, this one looks nice, don 'cha think?"

2011-02-07, 07:23 AM
Iacon Mental Health clinic

Scavenger continued.

"I should have spotted that Skorponok's company was supplying substandard materials. Plus of course it was also one of the factors that contributed to Megatron 's taking power. Just seeing him there reminds me of it."

2011-02-07, 08:44 AM
War Academy

Sentinel gave Hardtop another glare, but said nothing. Kid knows his place now, hopefully... that's always been his strategy. For every praise a cadet gets, it must be buried under ten reprimands. That way will teach the cadets humility, but with the glory of the praise constantly reminding the cadet of their skill.

Sentinel turned back to Volks. "Well? What're you waiting for, scraplet? The next Quintesson invasion or something?"

He noted Blaze sitting with Warpath, but ignored him for a while. Zeta Prime and him had called him over for the disposing of... well, somebody. Still, Blaze'll just have to be patient. Too many people around. And there's still that interview with Blaster to think about... what to say, what to say... still, publicity is good.

Warpath shrugged noncommitally at Blaze's comment. "Maybe. He hasn't told me yet why or who's the target, though. Only to get you out."

Maybe Sentinel and Zeta wants to use Blaze to eliminate those crazy Decepticons rumoured to be rising up in Kaon. Warpath personally didn't believe these so-called Decepticons would be a proper threat, but still...

2011-02-07, 05:45 PM
Iacon, War Academy

Blaze gave a snorting laugh, "Maybe he was just doing an old friend a favor." He knew Sentinel wasn't the type to break the rules. Barely even bend them. The situation must be pretty bad to get him bailed out.

Iacon, Deep Underground

Sunstorm had left Rad back in the forum while he went to find the sanctuary. Alright, where is it. This is the discovery of a lifetime, and I am not feeling patient. He knew that the sanctuary should hold the temple's Covenant. If it was still here, it would be the oldest copy of all time, written as the temple was constructed. Finding it would make him a target of the church, for certain, but the knowledge, the artifact; it would be worth it. Anyway, he could always flee to Kaon. They were far more accepting of his beliefs anyway.

2011-02-07, 09:06 PM
Iacon Stadium Medical Center

Sunstreaker sat on a medical slab, flexing his right arm. The armor plating was dissolved and he was looking in at the mechanical workings and servos that controlled the movement.

"I told you to be careful." Sideswipe said from leaning on the wall next to the slab.

"That type of slag should be illegal." Sunstreaker muttered as he observed the wound intently.

"You knew he had it and you waltzed in like he was a defenseless protoform." Sideswipe smiled, "Told you not to talk him too lightly." He needled.

"I obliterated his face... both faces. It will go down as a one-sided fight." Sunstreaker muttered looking at Sideswipe.

"The media will report that, yeah. We both know that he was you being an astrosecond slower away from winning." Sideswipe pushed off the wall towards the door. "Two fights in a row that you've been really humble after the match. Maybe it's time to start training again?" He couldn't hide the smile on his face.

"I... I'm just not trying. You know that." Sunstreaker defended himself.

"Yeah, and if you keep not training and not trying you're gonna end up like him." Sideswipe pointed over his shoulder to the medical team working to stabilize the fallen Repungus. "You have to realize it doesn't take skill sometimes. All a mech is gonna need is to get really lucky if you keep taking this lightly." Sideswipe pushed open the door, "I am heading to Refinery. When you get patched up, I'll see you there?" Sideswipe asked but not really waiting for an answer.

Sunstreaker just nodded, "Yeah.. yeah." He replied as a catch-all to everything his departed brother had said.

2011-02-07, 10:33 PM
Topspin walked through the Academy, looking at some of the drills the new recruits were particpating in. As he did, he would notice the bots who seemed to surprass the others around them. He liked to keep track of who had potential, and who could prove to be a threat.

One recruit had recently caught his attention, but he wasn't sure of his name. He'd have to ask around about him later. From what he had heard, the soldier had led his unit out of a live-fire exercise without any casualties.

Topspin continued walking until he neared Kup and Sentinel. While he never liked Sentinel, he had to admit that he produced good soldiers, which earned him some respect in his book. Kup on the other hand was an old friend, one who had more than proven himself to Topspin.

"They may be a pain..." Topspin projected towards Volks, indicating Kup and Sentinel, "but their training will save your life. I'd listen to them."

Aero Blade
2011-02-07, 11:44 PM
Maintenance Corridors, Iacon Depths

Raiku had been watching the sweeper drone with suspicion, but alert as he was from his paranoia, he heard the creaking of metal shifting above him and sprang out of the way. Luckily there was nothing immediately in front of him, Raiku standing and whirling on the fallen maitenance drone as his vision shifted back into normal mode.

Keeping his eyes on it, Raiku began to circle around at a distance, wrench ready as he moved himself slowly towards the exit lift.

2011-02-08, 04:55 AM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

Smokescreen arched one optic ridge.

"It seems to me, Scavenger, that you're blaming the wrong person. You just said it was Scorponok who chose to use substandard materials, not you. The blame for those deaths is his, not yours."

It wasn't completely, true, Smokescreen knew. The truth was that dozens of people probably shared the blame for what happened and Scavenger was one of them even if his part was a small one. But blaming himself wouldn't make anything better. Having someone to hate, on the other hand...

It certainly did me a lot of good to hate Predacon, in those first few weeks after the disaster...

Maintenance Corridors

The drone hit the ground with a loud crunch, then lay there, unmoving.

2011-02-08, 07:55 AM
War Academy

"Don't interrupt, Topspin!" Sentinel snapped at the new arrival to their conversation. He resisted the urge to plant a finger on Topspin's chassis; he didn't want to prolong the conversation any longer. He's got mechs to train, interviews to conduct, cloak and dagger stuff to peruse.

"You may have graduated — Primus knows how that happens — but Kup and I still outrank you. And if this little slagger wants to really survive, he will need to learn how not to steal credits from others."

2011-02-08, 07:59 AM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

Scavenger got up and paced the room.

"Yes I suppose it was alot of it was Skorponoks fault. He is a twisted money grabbing criminal. He just pretends he isn't."

Aero Blade
2011-02-08, 04:05 PM
Maintenance Corridors, Iacon Depths

Raiku had done enough work on the maitenance drones to know a simple fall like that was hardly enough to take it out, and continued to glare at it as he reached the lift and pushed the signal button that would call security up top. All he needed to do now was evacuate, or wait for the guards to get to his location.

It was not he first time it had happened, which was why he had been ready, but his suspicion was mounting. The first time he had been outright attacked, and the drone's memory mysteriously wiped when he had investigated it after he had subdued the machine. His employer had written it off as a drone malfunction and chastised Raiku for the use of excessive force - this time it looked as though it was being more cleverly orchestrated to look like an accident.

Raiku glanced up suspiciously at the sweeper drone, then back down at the fallen drone. Curiosity getting the better of him, Raiku crept back towards the prone form, wrench still held ready.

2011-02-09, 04:35 PM
Trainyards, Iacon:

Nightbeat shrugged, then transformed as well for the drive over to the depot building. "And I'd think it would do more than just log it if it lost control of one of these. One of these running amok through the yards could cause no end of damage. Whoever did this would have had to access the computer either way." Then the detective chuckled. "Or, if they knew what they were doing, they'd loop the appropriate responses back to the central computer to make it think it was still in control. But then, theories abound in a case like this when we don't have much evidence."

2011-02-09, 05:20 PM
Hub-Palace of the Elders

Nightstalker nodded then grinned showing his fangs

"sure thing chief, do you want a lane for your standard weapons or are we going to break out the exotica."

2011-02-09, 09:11 PM
"Kup, can you please help me get it through Sentinel's head that I was trying to give him a compliment?" Topspin replied. "Didn't realize reinforcing the good job you two do of getting recruits like him, and me for that matter, ready for what's out there was a bad thing."

2011-02-10, 04:48 AM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

Smokescreen nodded along as Scavenger talked. "And how did you feel about Scorponok before the accident? Did you know him well?"

It was a leading question, but one that Smokescreen thought could be very revealing.

Maintenance Corridors

The fallen drone didn't move, but as Raiku came closer its' holoprojector came to life. It flickered, showing the engineer a projection full of static. It switched off again almost as quickly as it had come on, but not before momentarily sharpening just enough to convey the impression of the words "BACK OFF".


"That's why we're collecting the evidence, I guess," Red Alert agreed with Nightbeat as he pulled up beside the office and transformed.

As he walked in the door, he asked, "You want to pull the computer logs, or do you feel like interviewing the staff?"

As he spoke he stole a glance over his shoulder to make sure that the irritating reporter Scoop hadn't followed them inside.

2011-02-10, 06:26 AM
Trainyards, Iacon:

Nightbeat slowed to a stop and transformed back to robot mode, following Red through the door. "I'll go pull the logs. I know how much you love to interrogate."

Hub-Palace of the Elders:

"Go with th' reg'lar stuff. Don't wanna scare th' kid too early." Ironhide smirked behind his tactical display.

Orion stiffened slightly. "I don't scare easily."

Ironhide snorted. "Relax, kid. Goin' through awl that with Sentinel must'a knocked yer humor chips loose."

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Suit yerself." Ironhide lead the way into the armory, grabbing a heavy laser rifle and a stack of drum magazines for it. "Ah'd'a thought savin' awl those other cadets'd be somethin' you'd wanna brag about."

Orion scowled. "I'm not the bragging kind, sir."

"Aw, would you stop cawlin' me 'sir'? Ah ain't a sir." Ironhide tossed the rifle to Orion, who caught it one handed. "Sentinel really pounded that inta you, didn't he."

"Sentinel and I didn't really see optic to optic, s...... Ironhide."

Ironhide walked over and handed the stack of magazines to Orion. "Sentinel don't really see optic ta optic with nobody but his own ego. Ah bet th' fact yer here really burned his circuits."

With a practiced movement, Orion locked a drum magazine into the mount on the weapon, priming it and aiming, optics taking on an amused cast. "I think you're right."

2011-02-10, 10:16 AM
War Academy

"I know that's a compliment, but interrupting is still rude." Sentinel told Topspin, resisting the urge to argue with the other soldier. But the gall! Sentinel still outranked Topspin, and furthermore, Topspin should've known better than to interrupt...

2011-02-10, 12:32 PM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic.

Scavenger shook his head.

"His company was just another supplier. It was only afterwards when I investigated that I uncovered his name."

Hub-Palace of the Elders

Nightstalker nodded and grinned flashing some more fangs .

"sure thing boss, consider it done."

He loped off claws skittering on the flooring.


Scoop smiled as he surveyed the wide expanse of window running along the side of the building.

Carefully staying out of sight he picked up a parabolic mike and adjusted it to pick up the vibrations from the window.

2011-02-11, 05:10 AM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

Smokescreen nodded. "Exactly. You can't be expected to perform a painstaking investigation of every single supplier you use, Scavenger. He won the bid, his references checked out and you assumed that he was bargaining in good faith. In hindsight it might be easy to see, but if you put in the footwork you'd need to put in to thoroughly investigate every supplier...well, they still wouldn't have broken ground on the mine, would they?"


Red Alert grinned. "You know me too well, Nightbeat.

Letting himself into the front office, he waved over the receptionist. "I need to speak to your manager," he told her, flashing his Iacon Police Department holo-badge.

"Right this way," she said in a flat, disinterested tone.

Aero Blade
2011-02-11, 05:37 AM
Maintenance Corridors, Iacon Depths

The sudden holographic image made Raiku jump back briefly, but then with a scowl he surged foward again, moving in on and starting to work on the drone. With this one still online, perhaps it would supply some answers to what was happening around here... He pulled open a maitenance panel on the drone and started to get to work on it.

2011-02-13, 03:39 AM
Iacon Communications Tower

Blaster sat within the radio communications area of the tower, across from Eject.

"And welcome back to The Daily Report with me, your main bot, Blaster! And I think it is time for us to switch gears and move onto the wide world of the Gladiatorial arenas! As always we are joined in studio by that tough little bot, Eject and on the line with Slamdance who is reporting live from the Iacon Gladatorial Arena and Entertainment Center where the final fight of the night has just concluded!" Blaster's voice was high energy as he set up Slamdance.

"Well the Arena is almost empty now but it was a great night. Not many surprises on the card, but the final match did not disappoint. Sunstreaker won with strikes and other than a small scare mid-way through never really looked out of control." Slamdance's voice came through crisply

"That makes another smaller title that Sunstreaker has amalgamated into his Planetary Championship." Blaster added in.

"That's right. You can't help but feel that it is a foregone conclusions that Sunstreaker will win when he fights right now. The way he not only controls the bouts but he also has such great control over the fans and getting them going at a moments notice. In other matches Skullgrin, the former Planetary Champ, lost another bout."

"This time to another lowerlight in Blot. You just can't really fathom how a former champ fell so far." Eject interjected

"It really is a huge surprise." Blaster added.

"Well you could tell by his body language that he is really down on himself. He refused any interviews after the bout. Sideswipe, Sunstreaker's mold-brother, had a very strong singles showing against Dreadwind. Apeface had a very hard fought battle against Saw that ended with a body killing blow. We've been told that Saw's spark was preserved but he will likely be needing a new body after refusing to quit despite medical intervention." Slamdance replied.

"Always tough to hear about that, but ya gotta remember that this is a sport that death has been known to happen in." Blaster spoke solemnly.

"It's true, but his spark was preserved and stabilized and he's got a bit of money set aside so I suspect he'll have a temporary drone body and a replacement body done fairly quickly." Eject added.

"Well, his manager said that the drone body was already enroute. He is said to be feeling quite lucky that he managed to stay alive. There are some reports that Ape Face may get a fine for continuing to try and attack the body even after the medical teams had rushed the field at the end of the fight. It's a barbaric sport, but you really have to know when to draw the line." Slamdance reported.

"But back to the biggest story of the night and the champion in Sunstreaker. I know we've asked it before and I know we'll ask it again but are we at the point were he's moving up from one of the best ever to the best ever?" Blaster asked.

"Well, you definitely have to be asking the question. Is the answer yes? I don't know. Personally I don't think so. You have to remember he's been fighting in an era where some of the greats just aren't active or even fighting anymore." Eject replied.

"Well there's no Megatron. There's no Whiplash. You definitely have to wonder how Sunstreaker would have fared if he started fighting a few solar cycles earlier. I don't doubt he'd still be a big name. He'd still be a championship contender but considering all of his matches and he still only has that one loss against Megatron, which kind of speaks to this point." Grandslam added.

"Well that fight against Megatron was really at different stages in the career of the two. Sunstreaker was just coming up and Megatron had long been established." Blaster questioned.

"I think you definitely see a different, closer fight now. But I don't know if the outcome would be different. Megatron was so driven, determined and focused. I just don't think you'll see any thing like that again. You'd never see Megatron come out like Sunstreaker did tonight and try and be cocky and toy with a bot like Repungus." Eject surmised.

"Well, that has always been the knock on Sunstreaker. I mean if you ask Sideswipe or really anyone who knows Sunstreaker other than Sunstreaker they'd all tell you the same thing. If Sunstreaker loses, it'll be Sunstreaker beating Sunstreaker by just not taking things seriously enough and showboating more than he really should."

"That's true, Slamdance, but really is there anyone out there right now who could offer that challenge to really get Sunstreaker with out a lot of luck?" Blaster asked.

"No." Eject replied succinctly.

"I agree, but to an extent. Obviously of the known fighters available Sunstreaker has not only beat most of them but he did so in a really convincing fashion. Who do you give a rematch too?" Grandslam asked. "I think there might be an argument for a couple of them, but they were handled so easily can you really justify saying, 'Yeah you earned another shot go have it.' It'd still be a huge upset if they even did serious damage, let alone won considering the first bout for some of these guys. The blown arm and the acid tonight are really all you see happening to Sunstreaker, and that's with him showboating more than fighting." Slamdance concluded

"Superficial wounds that are easily compensated for by a fighter of Sunstreaker's caliber," Eject added to the point. "Especially with the damage already done by him to his opponents at the points in those fights. The real challenges are really back in the lower leagues. If you watch some of the fighters coming up you see some challenges. Over in Kaon there was a gauntlet match with a bot named Grimlock and you hear some of the stuff they're saying about this bot, and it is very similar to what you used to hear about Megatron. Big, fierce, strong, quick, that killer instinct that Sunstreaker just doesn't really have." Eject finished.

"Now, is that mech really good enough though? I've seen some matches of his and he doesn't really look like he has the speed to go toe-to-toe against Sunstreaker." Blaster asked.

"Well that's the thing right now, we won't know what he really is until his level of competition is upped. I think if you threw him up against Sunstreaker right now, Sunstreaker's experience and savvy would probably carry the day. But down the road if he shows he can learn the game and keep up with some upper tier guys then you have to imagine someone like Grimlock would have to get a shot sooner than later." Eject finished.

"And until then?" Blaster asked."



"Go ahead, Slamdance."

"Thanks. Until then, well what can you do? Sunstreaker is doing a pretty good job of keeping interest for himself and fans of the Gladiatorial arenas. He is really seeking out guys in the smaller tiers with lesser known championships and doing something that is sort of unheard of." Slamdance pondered.

"Last word, Eject." Blaster pointed.

"Can't really disagree. Sunstreaker is playing the waiting game as he waits for a real challenger and he really is doing the best he can to keep interest there and everyone watching and in seats."

"Allllllright! That was Eject, our in-studio gladiator analyst and Slamdance reporting live from the Iacon Gladtorial Arena and Event Center. Stay tuned for some hot tunes after the break and make sure to tune in later tonight as we get friend of the show, Sentinel on line for the video-casted show."

And with that they cut to a commercial.

Main Iacon Highway

Sideswipe chuckled to himself as the broadcast finished, speeding down the highway. "Sunstreaker is gonna hate that." He mused happily about the mentions of himself.

2011-02-13, 08:20 PM
War Academy

Kup turned his head towards Topspin. "Fight your own battles. I'm not here to hold your hand," he replied. Kup already knew that trying to convince Sentinel of anything is an impossible task.

Volks scratched his head. "Fifty? Are you nuts?! I'll likely short circuit! No way I'm going to do that!" Volks crossed his arms. "You'll find me much more of use behind a computer. "I can track just about anybody that you want found."

"There's no way you're getting anywhere near those things," Kup said. "Don't let him get behind thoose things, Sentinel. He'll glitch up the system worse than you can imagine."

2011-02-13, 11:18 PM
War Academy

Sentinel narrowed his optics at Volks, bringing his face in close to the Minibot, jabbing a finger at his chest. "Don't be such a wuss, shortie. You're lucky you didn't get thrown into prison. Pretty-bots like you won't survive five clicks inside the Altihex prison. Let's get this straight: I don't give a scrap if you can hack your way to become Prime. Ain't gonna do you any good if someone finds their way to your place and beats you up. You're in my world now. If you want to survive, you do what I say, when I say. Transform NOW. Or you'll learn first-hand what the punishment for refusing to be punished is."

Welcome to hell, little criminal. I'll make sure you suffer badly for your crimes... Sentinel thought.

"Sentinel, your good press is just about ready for you..." Warpath's voice rang in through his private commlink.

Sentinel's visible reaction to that was a curt nod at Warpath's direction. "So are you going to do SIXTY transform-ups now or do you want to do something you'll regret in front of these high-ranking officers?" Sentinel indicated Kup, Topspin and Bombard.

"Open defiance and acting like a pampered wuss." Warpath said calmly after he shut off the communique, probably for Blaze's benefit, probably for himself. "Oh, that little Minibot is only making things worse for himself. From the looks of it Sentinel's gonna put him through a mock battle with him. But since he's gonna go on air, either I get pulled into humiliating the shortie, or we crack up the humiliation with a paint-fire exercise."

Sighing, Warpath opened a commlink to one of the staff working in the Academy. "Maintenance, get a portable video conference system down here."

2011-02-14, 05:16 PM
Prime's Chambers, Tower of Pion

...so what do I do? What can I do?

Zeta Prime stood at the window of his Chambers, hands clasped behind his back, staring out over the Council Pavillions towards the Decagon. His solution might lie with military intervention, but the Council wanted negotiation; that was the root of the matter.

To whom should he listen?

His thoughts wandered to better days, to the golden past he recalled more fondly and with greater clarity, it seemed, than recent happenings.

"Hm?" He turned his head, slightly puzzled. Was that someone paging him? He rallied, walked over to the comm and opened it. "This is Zeta Prime - go ahead."

Aero Blade
2011-02-14, 05:39 PM
Hub-Palace of the Elders

The two Temple Knights had wated for a while as the secretary tried to send the com transmittion through. She sent them a polite smile every so often, which they returned out of cuortosy, but they already knew what the situation was like. After a while, the two eventually nodded to eachother, then started past the reception desk before they could be stopped.

"Oh wait, please, you can't- oh dear..." The flustered receptionist stammered, not sure how to stop the two of them, if that were possible or if she even should. It was just after that Zeta Prime finally responded. "Prime sir, there are two Temple Knights here to see you. They're already on their way up I believe..." She trailed off briefly as she looked around for them again, but they had already dissapeared onto a turbolift or some other passage.

"Master Yoketron, and his apprentice I believe," the receptionist clarrifed. It was not the first time Yoketron had visited, so she knew the old mech knew his way around. She just hoped they didn't detour elsewhere.

2011-02-14, 07:33 PM

Weirdwolf prowled the streets, his mind going back.

He remembered it as if it were Yesterday.

a downturn in the markets had led to straitened times for the Iacon hunt. A decision had been made to dispose of 1 pack of Weirdwolf's beloved hunting dogs in order to save funds. Weirdwolf had made an impassioned , eloquent speech to the Board outlining another way other areas where savings could be made, a not so good vintage at the hunt dinners, still a perfectly acceptable Energon just of a slightly less good quality plus other measures. Shortly after his speech had been the accident. The accident which had put him in a coma. A coma from which Weirdwolf had awoken to find that the hunting dogs had been disposed of, culled. Weirdwolf still not recovered from his head injury had slapped a member of the hunt who had made an insensitive remark about the pack this had led to his dismissial although the official story was a medical discharge.

2011-02-15, 12:28 AM
Prime's Chambers, Tower of Pion

"Hm, Yoketron?" Zeta Prime frowned, heavy brow-ridges shadowing his optics. "What now? Send in Scribe... ah, no... he's at the Oracle. Very well, hold further communications."

He flicked the comm off and sat down in his large, almost throne-like chair to await the guests enforced on him.

It was then he remembered that Scribe had left his service over forty vorns ago.

2011-02-15, 05:04 AM

Obsidian sighed. The flight hadn't helped cure his mood any better. If any, it had only made him more depressed.

Is this what Cybertron had fallen into? Where was their Golden Age? It was peace. They told him that with peace a new Golden Age would come. Nova Prime told him that. Zeta Prime told him that. Ironhide, Kup, they all told him that.

But now, he found himself questioning everything. This isn't what peace should be like. With peace there shouldn't even be crime, there shouldn't be oppression. Why are the higher-ups turning a blind optic to regions like the Dead End, or to entire city-states like Kaon? Cybertron is dying, and all these people care about are their bank accounts.

"Obsidian: Obliterate." Cybertron's General said as he transformed into his hovering robot mode as he re-entered the Stellar Galleries, moving through it's blindingly silver corridors -- it hurted Obsidian's optics -- towards the tiny chamber with that sculpture of Cybertron, hoping to lose himself in his planet's beauty once more...

Strika would've been disgusted with his inactivity, but what could he do? Obsidian only knew how to fight, how to plan, how to strategise. How could he fight against bureaucracy when they are Cybertron's leaders?

The general extended two reed-thin fingers towards his forehead and massaged it, optics frowning in confusion. This wasn't how it was supposed to go...

2011-02-15, 06:52 AM

Red Alert sighed as he looked across the desk at the yards' manager. "So you don't recognize him, no one saw him and no one knows why the loader went haywire and killed him. Is that the gist of what you're telling me?"

"It is," the manager told him officiously.

"And you don't have any video of the area he was standing in because the scanners in that sector have been mysteriously malfunctioning."

"Yes, sir."

And his ID wasn't scanned when he came in, even though there are armed guards posted at every entrance."

"Uh...yes, sir."

"And you just expect me to swallow this crap?"


"Either you're deliberately obstructing my investigation because you have something to hide," Red Alert finished, "or your management of this facility is so absurdly negligent that you've let every one of your safety and security procedures fall by the wayside. Either way, I'm sure I'll be able to figure out something to charge you with. Get him out of my sight."

As a pair of low-ranking officers dragged the loudly-protesting manager away, Red Alert looked up at the other office workers and asked, "Alright, who's next?"

Maintenance Corridors

As Raiku set to work, the drone's self-destruct protocol triggered and its' innards fused together into a black mass of melted wiring and circuit boards.

2011-02-15, 07:28 AM
Trainyards, Iacon:

Nightbeat shrugged. "I'm a detective. It's my job." He then headed down the corridor, looking for the main computer room.

Target Range, Hub-Palace of the Elders, Iacon:

"Don't jerk th' trigger. Jus' give it a gentle pull."

Orion's optics narrowed in annoyance. It wasn't like he didn't know how to fire a gun. But he did have to admit, this one had a lot more kick than the ones at the Academy had. He aimed at the glowing target down at the other end, and gently squeezed the trigger. And at first, all was fine. The rifle roared, the digital counter discretely mounted where he could see it on the gun started to once again count down the shots in the drum at a frightenly high rate. He felt the gun bucking in his hands, trying to wrest the grips away from him. And the jerking slowly started, once again, to ruin his aim. Particle bolts went from thudding into the glowing target to slamming into the reinforced wall behind it. He then tried to correct, to bring the bucking machine gun back onto target..... but instead of holding it perfectly steady, he'd wind up over-compensating, sending rounds slamming into the wall on the other side of the target. He let up on the trigger again with a snort of disgust.

Ironhide sighed. The kid apparently figured that he should be able to pick up one of the high power/high volume guns and use it with no problem on full auto. "'Rion, if ya want ta use that gun-"

"- squeeze the trigger, don't jerk it. I know," groused Orion.

"Ah was gonna say, switch th' fahre select ta short bursts. Ain't nobody Ah know of who c'n fahre one'a them on full." The old Autobot eyed his new assistant with a look that had pity in it somewhere...... possibly. "Whut th' slag did Sentn'l do ta you, anyway?"

"I don't want to-"

Ironhide grabbed the younger Autobot, spinning him to face him, glaring into Orion's face "Kid, Ah been patient. Ya don't wanna tawk a lot, fahne. But in case it ain't sunk in yet, yer in Zeta's person'l pro-tection unit. We protect th' Prahme. An' th' last thing Ah need is some punk kid still dealin' with whut some slaggin' egomaniac run him through at th' Academy! Now yer gonna tawk, 'r Ah'm gonna start bouncin' ya off the walls!"

Orion could, as some small part of him maintained, have taken the old Autobot with one hand welded to his back. Fortunately for Orion's general health, he didn't listen to it. For one thing, this ancient Autobot was the head of Zeta's bodyguard unit, which meant that he wasn't a pushover in a fight. For another, the fact that his name was Ironhide probably meant that hitting him would be far more painful for the hitter than the hittee. With a weary sigh, Orion relented. "All right."

Ironhide let go of the younger Autobot and waited.

"I know Academy training is supposed to be hard, and Sentinel was hard on everybody in my class. But if you watched him with the other cadets, you could tell it was largely an act. With me, it was personal." Orion set the rifle down, almost as if he were afraid to hold it while going over these feelings. "If I did exactly the same thing he'd praise the other cadets for, I'd get derided or punished."

Ironhide cocked his head to one side, still listening, remembering rumors he'd heard.

"The few times I'd had interactions with you and others from the actual military, he got worse."

Ironhide remembered praising the cadet to Sentinel, saying that the 'kid done a real good job', and jokingly adding that he was far better than Sentinel when Sentinel had done the same thing vorns ago.

"So I figured I must be doing something wrong, but nobody would tell me what it was. I tried all the harder." Orion chuckled. "The other cadets started listening to me before they'd listen to Sentinel. And as funny as that was, I don't think it helped my case any."

"Prob'ly not."

"As for the incident you were wondering about....."

"You got nothin' ta be ashamed of. You got awl those cadets outta there in one piece."

"I'm not ashamed of it. I know Sentinel did it on purpose. I've talked with others who've done the night survival course, and I was the only one who ever got sent through that rough terrain, mainly because the terrain was so rough. What I'm not sure of is if he knew they were going to be doing live fire artillery tests aiming at that area because nobody ever goes there."

Ironhide's jaw dropped. He knew Sentinel had an ego problem. Part of it made him a good commandant for the War Academy. He'd break down the recruits and build them up again. But it sounded like he'd taken a different route with Orion. The fact that he hadn't been able to completely break the kid said more to Orion's character than to Sentinel's. But even at his most obnoxious, he could imagine Sentinel actually trying to kill the cadets on purpose.

Aero Blade
2011-02-15, 05:02 PM
Maintenance Corridors, Iacon Depths

Raiku stood up, a scowl of absolute disgust on his face. A second drone behaving out of parameters, and again he couldn't investigate it. To top off the perfectly miserable day, the security crew finally decended on the lift, just in time to miss the entire disaster.

As the guards begain to investigate what had happened, Raiku's hand went to the side of his head, activating his com and calling the rest of his work crew. "Hey guys. Sorry, but yo'd better get startd without me. Again..."

Prime's Chambers, Tower of Pion

It did not take long for the two Temple Knights to navigate their way through the Palace of the Elders and over to the Tower of Pion; Yoketron knew the route well. Out of all the Knights, Yoketron was one of the oldest, and perhaps knew Zeta Prime the best out of all of them. For this reason, though, he also often found himself the bearer of bad news, and thus his familiarity with the buildings.

Yoketron gave a short, quiet sigh to himself as they rode the lift up the tower, causing Terabolt to look over at him briefly. When Yoketron continued to stare at the lift door, Terabolt returned to doing the same, all silence except for the sound of the lift's mechanisms opperating. When the lift docked at their destined floor, the two moved smoothly off, and the elder Temple Knight began to lead the way again.

At the Prime's chambers, Yoketron pushed the call button, waited one moment, then proceeded inside, knowing Zeta would be waiting for them. When the door openned, Yoketron's stoic expression melted into a warm smile.

"Zeta, good to see you," Yoketron greeted, coming over to shake the mech's hand. "You remember Tera don't you? Though I think she was much smaller back then..."

"Yes yes, you always seem possessed to remind people I started off as sparkling," Terabolt spoke, picking a chair and reclining in it as though taking a break. "I know it's rare, but I'm not unique. Move on already," she responded drolly, recieving a chuckle from Yoketron.

Brave Maximus
2011-02-15, 10:01 PM
The old mech walked through the crowds, un-noticed and un-obstructed. He was confident in the fact that no one glanced his way - today he was a ghost, a fade of ages past. He stopped to look at one of the representations of Cybertron, created by one of it's greatest artists, several lifetimes ago. He remember watching the craftsman's hands move over it's surface, creating it, shaping it, giving it life. As he stood, no one bumped into him, jossled him, they just went around him, going about their day.

A breeze came, rustling his beard, the fine wires blowing. He absently stroked the beard and laughed to himself. He wasn't here to admite the sculptures or the people. He wasn't here for inner piece or a place to think. Some thing had brought him here.

Alpha Trion was looking for someone....

2011-02-15, 11:37 PM
Target Range, Hub-Palace of the Elders, Iacon:

Nightstalker leapt from perch to perch firing his hip weapons at the targets.

"Look Orion , if you weren't good , you wouldn't be here always rember that, don't let it get to your head though. Pride comes before a fall and if you don't believe me check out the Flanker files. Flanker was what now 2 or 3 chiefs back,Ironhide? Anyway he got some of his team killed , plus innocent civilians. On the other hand theres nothing wrong with some constructive pride shall we call it. The Chief here."

He nodded towards Ironhide."

"He's not Sentinel he's not going to ask of you anything he's not prepared to do himself and he's not going on any power trips or play any mind games. We protect the Prime so we can't afford to screw around. Course if it helps, we could reprogramme a target drone or two to look like Sentinel to let you blow off some steam."

2011-02-16, 09:34 AM
Stellar Galleries

Obsidian maneuvred through the silver halls, passing through a particularly long hall called 'The Glory of Cybertron', where portraits and lesser sculptures of Cybertron were displayed. Few were there but art critics and astronomers.

Obsidian floated past an old-looking robot, but paid him no attention as he reached the end of the hall. The doors slid open for him and he hovered inside, finding himself back in the room with the majestic sculpture of Cybertron.

As usual, other than the tiny, bubble-like drone that hovered in the air, the room was empty.

Obsidian's optics, normally a shade of blood-red, was pale and dim. He stretched out his right hand, nightmarish fingers caressing the sculpture of Cybertron with such care and gentleness as a mother would stroke a newborn child. "Cybertron..." Obsidian's insectoid lips moved, his optics lost in the beauty as two of his fingers trailed a line down the Manganese Mountains. "What has became of you, my home?"

Obsidian hovered higher, his scorpion-like tail helping to maneuver him to reach the top hemisphere, where his fingers traced the swirling towers on Iacon. It was painted gold.

So very unlike the real thing that Obsidian has just passed over moments ago.

His powerful shoulders slumped as. He remembered all the battles he had led and fought alongside his consort Strika. Against those Quintessons, against those insectlike Microcons, against the techno-organics, the Renegades, the Malignus Insurrection, the Cult of the Chaos Bringer, against the Tarnians... But those battles were gone. Even Strika was gone now...

War Academy

Warpath commed Blaster, "Sentinel should be ready. One of my men are setting up a vid-con link right now."

A generic-looking officer trotted up towards the field with a bunch of cameras and modems and cables and routers, then gave Sentinel the thumbs-up.

Warpath shrugged as he stood up, knowing Sentinel will need him to deal with the cadets or the officers or the particular ex-Autobot beside him. "Ah, the media, Blaze. Can't live with them, can't live without them."

Sentinel's optics narrowed. He spoke to all present. "Allright, ladies, I have a meeting with the press. You all transform and give me fifty laps around that circuit. Fliers, eighty hovering laps. At the fortieth lap onwards paint cannons will open fire at you scraplets. The one with the most paint colours will be forced to clean up the academy's waste disposal unit with our good friend Volks here, who just volunteered."

"Oh, and those who cut corners will be punished personally by physical combat with me. None of you stand a chance against me, however, so unless you want your afterburners switched with your optics, you better do it properly."

Sentinel then turned to Kup, "Kup, do you want to oversee these grunts, or shall I have Warpath or Scattershot do it?"

2011-02-16, 11:44 AM
War Academy

Arms folded tightly across his broad chest, Scattershot watched with an amused expression as Sentinel Prime issued instructions to the new cadets present in the Academy's training grounds. Fresh as they were, a couple of these recruits did exhibit a certain degree of potential, if appearances were a reasonable enough indicator to follow.

A smirk flourished on the red and white Autobot's features. They were able to "walk the walk", most of them, but could they "talk the talk"? It was something Scattershot was about to discover very soon, whether he was selected to supervise these tin foil toys or not.

2011-02-17, 07:24 AM
Trainyards, Iacon:

There were days that Nightbeat hated his job.

This was one of them.

He glared at the display on his padd. No matter how hard he checked, no matter what he looked at or manipulated the data, there was no sign that the system had been hacked. There had, however, been a glitch.

And that glitch, that hiccup in the system, had cost a mech his life. A tragic, terrible accident.

But....... There was always a but.

Whoever the victim was, he didn't belong here. Wrong look, wrong design. And the odds of some random guy who didn't belong here getting 'accidently' killed were remote in the extreme.

Somebody'd had him killed for some reason. Figuring out who the victim was looked like the only way to figure it out now.

2011-02-17, 08:03 AM
Communications Tower

"I hear ya, Warpath! We're just makin' the change over to the visual feed now. He got a list of questions that are off limits?" Blaster asked.

2011-02-17, 02:19 PM
War Academy

"Don't ask anything about his chin." Warpath told Blaster with a deadpan tone. "Not unless you want your airing permits revoked."

"Come on, ladies!" Sentinel shouted at the cadets as he strode away from them towards Warpath.

His tone turned normal again as he added, "Oh, just don't try to put the military in a bad way, and I suppose everything is fair game. Sentinel knows his way to maneuvre around these stuff. Hopefully..." Warpath waved at Sentinel as the boot camp commander strode towards him.

"Hey, Scattershot, you wanna test your mettle against these weenies? They are about to run the Obstacle Course while I'll get pretty for my public." Sentinel walked up to the portable broadcast, gave Warpath and the techie a nod, and sat down on the chair prepared for him. Sentinel glanced at Blaze, scowled, and mouthed 'wait' before turning back to face the camera. The camera and microphone buzzed as the technician fiddled around with cables and the connection, and then he gave Sentinel the thumbs-up.

Sentinel put up a winning and friendly smile as he waited for the cue from Blaster. A friendly smile.

"We're ready, Blaster." Warpath spoke to his comm, as he strode towards the cadets and assorted officers. Shaking his head, he patted Topspin and Bombard on their shoulders. "I swear, when the media is involved, that guy's the best actor I've ever seen... he deserves an award..." he muttered under his breath.

2011-02-17, 02:33 PM
Prime's Chambers, Tower of Pion

Zeta rose to firmly clasp the hand of Yoketron. He grimaced at Terabolt's non-protocol behaviour, but then he could forgive her just about anything and she knew it.

"It is good to see you, my friend. And to know that you," he addressed Terabolt with a warm smile: "...have not really changed so much inside."

The ancient Prime gestured for Yoketron to sit and resumed his own chair.

"What brings you here?"

2011-02-17, 03:12 PM
Topspin laughed at Warpath's comment, and looked over at Bombard. "Wanna watch them go through the Obstacle Course? I'm on leave at the moment, and I'm curious to see if any of them can make it through."

Aero Blade
2011-02-17, 04:01 PM
Prime's Chambers, Tower of Pion

"I wish it were a social call my friend, but but we both know too well that it isn't," Yoketron spoke with a somber tone, sitting down in the chair while Terabolt straightened up to a more proper posture. "I'm sure rumor has reached you by now and the rest of Cybertron, but it is no rumor. Ancient monuments, sacred grounds, even the temples themselves are under attack."

Yoketron paused briefly, leaning back as though recalling all of the information. "So far it has been mostly property damage, the outwards apperances of vandals taking out fustration on all things representative of the faith in Primus, but such is not so. There is too many altercations in too many different areas, the vandals too well armed. Someone is going to great lengths to orchestrate things to not look orchestrated, but the growing scale of it makes things clear."

Brave Maximus
2011-02-17, 08:02 PM
Alpha Trion wandered through the galleries, following a path he didn't know. He trusted his instincts, they would lead him where he needed to be. He clasped his hands behind his back, smiling at the young Transformers around him. He entered the largest chamber in the Galleries, one that held Cybertron.

The old mech smiled to himself, knowing that it wasn't always like this.

He spotted the figure floating around the sculpture and his optics widened. He'd found the reason.....

"It's quite beautiful isn't it? It's amazing what we've done to it's surface....."

He allowed his defences to drop against the other mech. He could be seen, and heard and remembered, if at least a little bit.

2011-02-17, 08:30 PM

Red Alert sighed as he finished talking to the last of the yard employees.

"Useless," he muttered. "Absolutely useless..."

The detective wandered back into the server room where Nightbeat was working.

"Well, I hope you've had more luck than I did," he told his partner. "No one saw a thing and all the yards' security systems that should have IDed our vic or recorded the killing managed to mysteriously fail over the last week."

2011-02-18, 07:30 AM
Stellar Galleries

Obsidian jerked at Alpha Trion's voice, fingers at his left hand retracting back into their ports on Obsidian's wrist. The General aimed his hand at Alpha Trion, and the manner he did so made it no question that they were artillery ports.

Obsidian let out a sigh, and his fingers extended back from his wrist. "You surprised me. Not many come here nowadays. Sorry about that. Old habits." Obsidian told the unfamiliar old Transformer.

He hovered down so he was optic level with Alpha Trion, although even then the tip of his 'tail' only reached Alpha Trion's waist. "Yes, it is beautiful. What else could describe our home, the great jewel in the endless void of space?"

Obsidian's shoulders sagged, and his head drooped down. "But no one appreciates it, my dear fellow. Why, this chamber... I've been here every day for almost a stellar cycle. But the only mech who isn't the caretaker that's ever visited this chamber is you. Everyone's more interested with what's out there, what's in space... Anyone who visits the Stellar Galleries would go to the main Chamber of Space... it is just so sad... they all want to fly to the stars... nobody cares about our Cybertron anymore..."

Obsidian then let out a bitter chuckle.

War Academy

"I'm supposed to be here to act as Sentinel's security, so, yeah." Warpath told Topspin. "You were close to untouchable for the Obstacle Course in your batch, if I remember correctly?"

2011-02-18, 07:33 AM
Trainyards, Iacon:

"What I found, Red, is absolutely bloody zip. It looks like a simple software glitch. All nice, neat, and tidy." Nightbeat scowled. "It's too perfect. We're going to have to figure it out by who wanted the victim dead, which we can't do until he's identified."

2011-02-18, 07:34 AM
War Academy

Bombard nodded

"SOUNDS like a plan , I remember when we did it."


Scoop moved away from the office and went over to examine the body. He knelt and drew out a subspace probe.

2011-02-18, 02:02 PM
War Academy

"Sentinel trained you too? Or did you guys get Kup or someone else?" Warpath asked Bombard and Topspin. Saying that, he gestured towards the bench where he had just been sitting in with Blaze. Sentinel and his equipment stood some distance behind the benches to avoid random stray shots. "Let's have a seat, guys. We don't want to mess up the training by standing around."

Well, as long as they don't ask too many questions about Blaze, that is...

2011-02-18, 04:01 PM
Iacon, War Academy

Blaze nodded at Sentinel's silent command, then turned back to the obstacle course. Maybe he thought I'd blow up the studio otherwise, huh?

He chuckled a bit when Warpath sat back down, "The orange one there in the middle," he pointed towards the recruits, "I think he's gonna get pelted. However, I think the purple one at the end is the most likely to panic and drive through the film set. What d'you think?"


Hardtop frowned, Driving? Driving I can do. I'm not the fastest, but I ain't the slowest either. Dodging. That'll be a problem. Of course, I could just stay beside tubbo here, he glanced at the rather large mech next to him, and let him block most of the shots. Is that legal? Well, not really much choice. Sorry big guy.

2011-02-18, 04:27 PM
Topspin laughed a little as he sat down with Warpath and Bombard. "Yeah, I got tripped up by another bot towards the end of the course. Had been killing the time up to that point. I still ended up with a good one, but could have broken the record if not for that. I was so close..." Topspin sighed.

"Kup originally was training my group, but when he went on a mission, Sentinel took over. They both did a good job, even if their methods differed."

2011-02-18, 04:31 PM

Subject: New Draftee

Another offender has accepted the option of service instead of imprisonment. Offender's name is HOT ROD. Criminal record attached.
(OOC: most of it is minor stuff, theft, assualt, b&e, and one count of 2nd degree mechslaughter. It's about as long as one of Omega Supreme's arms, though)

Hub-Palace of the Elders, Target Range:

Orion looked over at Nightstalker. "That may be true. I think what Sentinel did the most was make me cautious about who I take my orders from."

2011-02-18, 04:50 PM
B]War Academy[/B]

Bombard smiled

"I had old Warmonger. How about we put a Shannix on it."

2011-02-18, 09:07 PM
"I'm game." Topspin replied to Bombard. "Just don't let Sentinel see it. He'd blow a gasket. So... we trying to guess which bot will have the best time, who was the best marksman, or who ends up with the best overall score? If nothing else, we could just focus on one bot and see who can guess the closest to his particular score."

2011-02-19, 12:37 AM
War Academy

Warpath nodded at Blaze's assessment. "Little orange guy is a hacker sent here. Sentinel's already giving him hell."

He turned to Topspin and Bombard. "When Sentinel's ego is talking he won't notice our gambling, heh. That one over there, the purple one, is one of the best marksman I've ever seen." Warpath then tapped his chest-mounted cannon. "Ain't got nothin' on me, though."

Warpath produced a datapad from a hip compartment, which had the list and portraits of all the cadets in this batch. Volks' profile was placed on the most top, highlighted with green to indicate his criminal status. Warpath's optics looked at the portraits as his fingers scrolled the touchscreen down. Eaglekiller, Hardspark, Spoons, Speedbreaker, Boltflash, Fetch, Blue Maximus (what kind of name was Blue Maximus?), Bound Rogue... "Ah. Here we go. Kid's called Hardtop."

2011-02-19, 02:22 AM
Prime's Chambers, Tower of Pion

Zeta Prime shook his head at hearing the information Yoketron brought. It was not unexpected, but it was unwelcome.

"I have already received similar conclusions from the Archive Monitors. There have been some untranslatable message bursts which appear to originate from non-static equipment - moving mechs, in other words - and seem to promulgate ahead of each outrage.

"This has to stop. It has to be stopped no matter the cost."

The Prime stood again, suddenly, his shoulders pushed back, his helm held high.

"I want these blasphemers apprehended and on their way to The Smelting Pits!" he declared.

Aero Blade
2011-02-19, 03:31 AM
Prime's Chambers, Tower of Pion

"It's not so easy," Yoketron spoke, keeping his own tone calm as he answered Zeta Prime. "Judging from the rabbles that have been doing the deeds, they are likely just hirelings, and are probably easily replaced by whoever is orchestrating the attacks. Times are bad in the outer regions, making it easy for them to find disposable minions."

"Places like the Dead Ends have always been bad," Terabolt spoke, entering into the conversation. "Digging through scrap bins, tussling over energon chips; there's plenty of mechs who would do anything if it meant decient pay, even doing a suicide run at a temple. If you suceed, you come out with some credits to your name. If you don't, you're probably out of your missery. Most won't even care to ask who's hiring, so long as they get a few credits up front."

Yoketron nodded solemnly as Tera finished. He knew well what she was talking about, having removed her from the Dead Ends while she was young, before it had a chance to harden her, but it seemed she still clearly remembered it...

"For us to gain any ground, we'll need to find who is the source of the attacks," Yoketron spoke, returning to the original subject. "Whoever is responsible, they are starting to gain ground. Slowly they are managing to weaken our forces. Temple Knights are starting to fall. One here, one there... it is slow progress, but the are suceeding, and it will encourage them further. If we stem the source, the rest will ebb away."

2011-02-19, 05:24 AM

"Yes, a software glitch that just happened to kill a mysterious stranger that no one saw entering the yards," Red Alert said dryly. Then his face hardened. "Someone is playing us for fools, Nightbeat. Either they think they're so much smarter than us that we'll never be able to catch them...or their up to something bigger and they think this will keep us distracted."

One of the 'uniformed' officers saw Scoop by the body and shouted, "Hey you there!"

2011-02-19, 07:27 AM
Iacon Communication Tower

"Alright, thanks Warpath!" Blaster said with a grin as he hopped into a chair in the middle of a talkshow like set.

"We're going live in five!" A voice rang out from behind the Camera. Blaster set himself up straight and waited for the count down to finish and the holo-camera to start rolling and immediately kicked in.

"Heeeey hey hey! This is Blaster blastin' at ya from the top of the Iacon Communication tower, broadcastin' live tonight and he got a huuuuge show for you tonight! And lets get things going with a bang! On the line with me now is friend of the show, Intructor Sentinel from the Autobot War Academy. Welcome to the show!"

2011-02-19, 11:17 AM
War Academy

"We on? We live?" Sentinel asked the techie, tapping the side of the microphone. The techie nodded, and Sentinel settled himself as the similar countdown Blaster was seeing appeared on the tiny computer screen nearby. He smiled as he let Blaster introduce him, and gave the camera a winning grin.

"Greetings, Blaster! It is a pleasure for me to be part of your show tonight. And a good evening to all you listeners as well!" Sentinel said. He wanted to add a little more dialogue about himself, about how he's still in the War Academy despite having an opportunity to go to the Iacon Communications Tower, but refrained from doing so to allow Blaster to do his stuff.

It was, after all, Blaster's show.

2011-02-19, 12:44 PM

Scoop grabbed his probe without examining its contents and strode casually towards the office building.

2011-02-20, 02:35 AM
Prime's Chambers, Tower of Pion

"Just do whatever is necessary, my friend."

Zeta Prime half-turned so he could glance out of the panoramic window.

"Have you heard what they are saying, Yoketron? The Councillors? They want me to find out exactly what is going on and make a deal with whomsoever is behind it. No rocking their hulls. And, then, my own mechs are starting to ask why I do not demand that the Council declares an emergency situation."

He articulated a sigh.

"I know what I want - the perpetrators brought to trial and sent for execution. It is imperative that these attacks on the Church are halted forthwith or the populace may believe Primus cannot defend his own."

The Towers Estate

Mirage knew that he was seen as three things: a rich mech-about-the-City; a potential candidate for the position of Master of the Towers, should there ever be a need to replace the current incumbent, his own creator; and the best hunter in nineteen generations. What the multitudes did not know was that he hunted more than turbofoxes...

Nor were they aware that he was being hunted.

He knew it simply because many of his old hunt acquaintances had been... taken out of circulation.

He nodded to the two Honour Guards at the gates, and stepped out from the luxury and safety of the quiet Iacon Estate into the busy boulevard. Cybertron was a crowded planet, with hundreds of under-levels below and the wonderful Orbital Torus States rising above - outside the areas given over to the Estates of the old programme lines which effectively produced all the ruling political elite. And somewhere, out there, was the unit who intended to terminate him.

Mirage did not intend to be the prey.

Brave Maximus
2011-02-20, 03:26 AM
The old mech smiled at Obsidian's comments.

"I've seen it happen before, and it will happen again my friend. Don't let it worry you. Of all the burdens, this is not yours to bear.

Cybertron is great, and shall continue to be, as long as our race has bots like you to help show them the way.

There is no question, Cybertron and the very Transformers race is at a crossroads, and how we act now will determine everything."

Alpha Trion looked the weary bot in the optics:

"You feel this as well, don't you?"

2011-02-20, 04:04 AM
Stellar Galleries

Obsidian nodded glumly, allowing his arms to dangle by his side. Alpha Trion's words struck a chord within him that he couldn't deny to be true. "I... yes. I feel this as well. We are at a crossroads. Anything could happen now. Anything could affect the future of our home, our race."

Obsidian paused, then continued. "You speak wisely, friend. Pray tell, who do I have the pleasure of speaking to? I have never seen you around before, though you seem rather familiar, but from whence I had seen you, I can't place. You are no ordinary Transformer, that I can tell."

Aero Blade
2011-02-20, 01:29 PM
Prime's Chambers, Tower of Pion

"That situation may infact be the senario," Yoketron responded, his voice serious and solemn. "Primus's gift to his chosen protectors, the protection arts of my order, are now becoming our weakness. You know better than most how long it takes to train Temple Knights, and this unseen enemy is starting to slowly pick them off one at a time from the outer regions. We cannot replace them as fast as they fall, and our enemy knows it. If we send too many knights out to cover the lacks at the monuments, the main Temple itself will become weakened. I fear this may ultimately be their goal."

"For now the Temple Knight elders are having most of the relics and extraneous supplies moved to the hidden caches, but that has to be done carefully or those will be found as well. That's even more Temple Knights tied up in other activities instead of defense," Terabolt added in.

At this point Yoketron stood up, and indication that he'd finally reached the objective of his visit. "I would like permission for Terabolt and myself to visit the training academies, see this military force that Iacon has started to put together in recient times. We may very soon be working along side them, and the rest of our order will need to know what to expect of them."

2011-02-20, 05:16 PM
The Tower Estates

Weirdwolf dropped from underneath the undercarriage of the delivery vehicle.

This was to be a reconnaissancemission several of his intended prey lived here including the Master of the Towers. So far it had been easy almost too easy.

2011-02-21, 06:14 PM
"Going with Hardtop?" Topspin commented on Warpath's choice. "Well, seeing as I haven't had the luxury of observing these bots, I'll go with Speedbreaker, and hope he lives up to his name."

2011-02-21, 11:57 PM
Prime's Chambers, Tower of Pion

"Yes, yes - permission granted." Prime seized on the opportunity that Yoketron had presented. "The new militia has been developed out of my own defence forces and I think you will find them quite impressive. You had best make contact with Sentinel; he's my senior training officer."

Zeta Prime shook his head again, expression pained.

"I will authorise access to a vault in the Archives. At least, if you can store items here, in the High Council Pavilions, you will not have to worry about them being found. There are security protocols down there that would daunt any potential blasphemer."

2011-02-22, 04:56 AM

One of the police drones intercepted Scoop and buzzed, "You are interfering with a criminal investigation. By the Criminal Investigations Act, you are bound by law to leave the scene immediately or face arrest, fines of up to 4,000 shanix and two stellar cycles in prison."

Iacon Mental Health Clinic

Smokescreen made a tut-tut noise as Scavenger fell into silence, and made a show of writing notes on his datapad until his patient was ready to talk some more.

Aero Blade
2011-02-22, 06:31 AM
Prime's Chambers, Tower of Pion

"Oh we've heard of Sentinel already. He's that fool that makes offhand female comments."

"Tera, be nice," Yoketron spoke, a slight warning in his tone.

Terabolt had drawn her sword, and was examining the edge. "Define nice."


"Don't worry old man, he's reasonably safe," Terabolt spoke in a reassuring manner, then added in a lower tone. "Can't teach him anything if he's dead..."

"You may not be my apprentice anymore, but you still rank under me. You will behave during our visit," Yoketron instructed firmly.

"Only if he doesn't start anything."

Yoketron supressed a sigh, and resisted rolling his optics as he turned back towards Zeta Prime, but there was still a hint of a smile. "Perhaps you should warn Sentinel of our arrival. I thank you for the offer to use the Archives and I will forward it to the Temple Knight Elders upon our return. Thank you for seeing us."

2011-02-22, 07:12 AM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

Scavenger nodded

"part of me realises that logically I couldn't have prevented it but another part of me still feels guilty."


Scoop shrugged

"ok I'm going , I'm going, I was just going to give this to the officers."

He showed the drone a datapad."

2011-02-22, 05:20 PM
Prisoner Transport, en route the the Cybertron War Academy:

This, Hot Rod mused to himself, was not quite what he'd expected.

Sure, the mode lock made sense, although it did itch a little. As did the deactivator units clamped onto his arms. It shut down his weapons and inhibited movement.

The shackles and chains, on the other hand..... those were a bit much. He could manage a slow shuffle when he walked, and he really couldn't raise his arms above his waist. He was fairly certain that he wasn't the first to take military duty over prison, but he was starting to get the sinking feeling that he also wasn't the first to contemplate taking foot-bail at the earliest opportunity.

But, he reasoned, they'd have to take the cuffs and chains off eventually. Hopefully the mode lock as well. A fast getaway goes faster when you can roll for it instead of run......

Hub-Palace of the Elders, Target Range:

Orion had to admit it to himself. Getting most of it off of his chest did make him feel better. He knew that most of what Sentiinel had put him through was probably due to petty resentment(as to why, he had no clue), but it also let him know that the problem was just Sentinel, not Sentinel and all of the higher-ups.

Dropping the spent drum magazine out of the rifle, he slotted another one in, switched the fire selector switch from full to semi, and fired five accurate short bursts into five different targets.

"Works a lot better that way, don't it?"

Orion nodded, then flicked the switch back to full, picked another target, and imagined Sentinel as the target. With a roar, the rifle emptied the rest of it's magazine without straying more than an inch from the center of the target. Switching it back to semi, Orion dropped the spent magazine. "It also helps to focus on what you really want to shoot."

Brave Maximus
2011-02-23, 12:50 AM
Alpha Trion looked at the old warrior, his optics seeming to take in every part, every molecule of his being. He studied Obsidian, weighing and measuring him.

"The simple truths often strike a chord. But they're also the easiest to hide behind facades and lies."

His old face smiled, his beard ruffled by a passing breeze

"Once, long ago, I was known as A3. I've never had much for names though. They're just an easy reference for someone else.

"I have a question for you, my young friend" Alpha Trion's voice growing low and rumbling. "What keeps you in these halls, in these mirror images, instead of in the world?"

2011-02-23, 04:45 AM

"Proceed," the drone buzzed at Scoop. It floated at his shoulder watching to make sure he didn't bolt back toward the corpse again.

Iacon Mental Health Clinic

"That's only natural," Smokescreen told Scavenger, "and nothing you or I can do is going to make it go away."

It was a lie, of course. Smokescreen could perform a quick software patch that would erase Scavenger's feelings of guilt along with the memory of the accident, but he didn't believe in that kind of intervention unless the patient's life was at risk. Overwriting part of a patient's personality was tantamount to admitting not only that you'd failed as a therapist, but that your patient was so deeply insane that they would be better off dead.

"But you don't need to make it go away to go along with your life. You just need to acknowledge it, make it a part of yourself and learn from it as best you can."

2011-02-23, 11:36 AM
Stellar Galleries

Obsidian chuckled. "A3? I can't say I am any good with remembering names comprised of numbers and letters... but considering our ages, there is a good chance that we might have met somewhere in the past."

Obsidian's optics raised as A3 called him 'young', as well as the sudden change in A3's voice. He suppressed a chuckle -- true, he did maintain his body in a more up-to-date fashion compared to those his age like Ironhide or Kup or Zeta Prime, but he was hardly young.

Of course, A3 looked the world older than him as well...

"I... I have just circled around Iacon just now, A3. And... and I am simply just..." Obsidian sighed. It was hard to admit his weakness- it was a bad strategic movement, the most basic one- but something in A3's voice compelled him to speak the truth. "I am afraid. I saw how much Cybertron has changed, how far it is from the Golden Age. How regions like Kaon and the Dead End have fallen into disrepair. My friend, I view Cybertron as my main priority, but what can a strategist like me possibly do to combat a cancer from within? The problem is with Cybertron's society, and that... that can't possibly be removed by warfare."

Obsidian's shoulders slumped. "I suppose I could be just depressed, because there is nothing I can do to change. I feel... inadequate. Useless. And in these halls I can take consolation in what may have been, and be content that my efforts... and my loss... have brought us peace at least."

War Academy

"Hardtop may not be fast, but he's one heck of a sniper." Warpath told Topspin. "If it comes to speed I'd put money on this Speedbreaker kid too."

2011-02-23, 12:42 PM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

Scavenger nodded

"I am trying just that the situation is complicated because the disaster is so much tied up with Megatrons rise to power some of his party members treat it as symbolic plus of course with the party taking over so much mechs have much more power and influence than would normally be the case just because they're a party member. I think some of them feel having a go at me helps increase they're stature in the eyes of their comrades."



Their was many things Scoop would do in the name of journalism but contributing to the escape of a killer was not one of thme. Plus the drone had forced his hand. A subspace probe was a grey area of technology and not an official piece of equipment . Hopefully he could hand over the data pad
while glossing over the details.

He walked into the Offices

"Officers....theres something I think you should see."

2011-02-23, 03:53 PM
Trainyards, Iacon:

Nightbeat shrugged. "It's obvious that it's something far bigger than a simple accident. The question is, was this done to make a statement to somebody, or was this simply the best opportunity for an 'accidental' death?" The Digital Detective crossed his arms and leaned back against the wall, thinking. "It's not enough of a distraction, if whoever did this thinks he's playing us for fools. We can't go any farther until we find out who this stiff was, and by the time we find that out, we may have stumbled into whatever they're trying to keep us from discovering." His train of thought suddenly derailed by Scoop's arrival, Nightbeat looked over at the reporter. "Oh? What is it?"

2011-02-23, 04:48 PM
Prime's Chambers, Tower of Pion

Zeta Prime extended his right hand in an offer to clasp Yoketron's in a gesture of brotherhood. "Be careful, my friend. You also, Terabolt; Sentinel is no easy mech to handle."

A soft smile crossed the old face.

"A lot like me - when I was younger, of course.

"I shall smooth your way into the training facilities. My authority still counts for something in Iacon even if other Cities are resisting the most commonplace orders issued by the Council. Go in the name of Primus."

The Towers Estate

Naturally, the Estate owned all properties that abutted onto the massive walls and for a good klik beyond. There were shops and warehouses, specialist engineering works, refreshment facilities and domiciliary buildings.

Mirage weaved his way through the traffic, which was lighter here than in many zones, and headed off towards the golden glow of the Council Pavilions lightly tinging the atmosphere. He veered slightly, though, as his destination was Maccadam's.

Aero Blade
2011-02-23, 06:39 PM
Prime's Chambers, Tower of Pion

"Yes, the young often strive to present a challange..." Yoketron spoke, looking over at Terabolt as he did. Terabolt returned them both a smile, though she seemed to be contemplating making a face at them. "Luckily I already have experience with one of the most challanging."

He turned back towars Zeta Prime, accepting the gesture and giving the other mech a firm handshake once more. "May Primus ready us for what is to come. I hope to see you soon with better news, my friend. Farewell."

Their business concluded, the two Temple Knights departed, onto their next destination.

Iacon Mental Health Clinic

It was not the first time Raku had been here, not by a longshot, but never had it been by his choice. It was time for his weekly visit, as ordaned by the great and mighty upper management. He went only because his employers were footing the bill, and the loss of his job from refusing a mental health check-up might make it quite hard to get another.

It was one of many usual thoughts that he had while he sat himself down in the waiting room for his appointment time. Another was to wonder why he was the one visiting the the psych ward when it was others' discomfort that was at fault. Guess they think I care enough about what other people think to go crazy from them looking at me weird. If I cared that much, I'd have found a medical doc change my optical system for a more common one.

Raiku made an audible sigh, leaning back against the bench he had chosen as though to take a nap. At least the waiting room was empty today, and he wouldn't have to chat with any other strange mechs that actually belonged in this place...

2011-02-23, 09:29 PM
Trainyards, Iaacon

Scoop proffered a datapad.

"I found this. I think it belongs to the corpse."

Brave Maximus
2011-02-24, 09:00 AM
"You talk of peace for your efforts, my young bot," Alpha Trion said to Obsidian, his optics weighing his responses, "And if that is what comes of it, there can be no nobler sacrifice."

The old mech seemed to with-draw into himself for a moment, but just a moment:

"I have sacrificed much for peace, many times... even my own brother....."

Pulling out of it, Alpha Trion extended his powers a little, making sure his words sunk in:

"But peace is not on our doorsteps, even you must feel it. We are a fractured and devided race, on the edge of something even more horrible. But war can bring about change.

"I ask you - why is our race like this, as you have described. Bots sit, plot for themselves, seek only to enhance their lives, at the cost of others. Why are they allowed to do this.

"You ask me, what can you do. I ask you the same question. What can YOU do? What can you do to help these people? Does your spark tell you? Why do you hesitate?"

2011-02-24, 11:31 AM
Stellar Galleries

"Peace for my efforts? Well, I suppose when you want to put it that way, it's just about something similar. Indeed, I put everything in line for my duty. My friends, my comrades.... even my consort." those last three words Obsidian barely got out of his mouth. He didn't like talking about Strika. "But if it's for Cybertron's good, then, I will sacrifice everything. But not like this. Not like this..."

Alpha Trion's next barrage of words assaulted Obsidian, however. It was as if a gentle force was prodding him to listen, to consider strongly what this queer old Transformer was telling him.

"I... I am constructed for war, A3. When I was sparked in a Vector computer, it was as if a voice told me to go protect... to defend Cybertron. It was the sole motivation of my life. My purpose. It was all that kept her and me going. But what can I do? Must I delve into politics? What do you mean by Cybertron fracturing? I will defend what we've all worked hard for. But..."

Why could this old hermit spout such riddles? And why do they ring a chord with what Obsidian was feeling right now?

"Who are you, really, A3?" Obsidian asked in amazement. "Why do you know so much?"

2011-02-24, 01:23 PM
War Academy

Kup looked as he watched Warpath, Sentinel and the others attend to their things. (ooc: is anybody with Kup right now?) "Alright, you runts," Kup said out loud to the new recruits "you heard the mech! 50 laps around the circuit! Last one in gets to be partnered up with Volks here to clean out the trash! Get to it!"

"Spark of a glitch," Volks mumbled as he was halfway through his 50 transformation cycles. "There's no way I'm even going to be finishing this training undamaged."

"You got something to add there, kid?" Kup shouted. "No? Then go already!"

Volks transformed to his vehicle mode and started racing. It's a good thing that hes not a guzzler so his energon reserves aren't as depleted as a normal mech's would be.

Kup pulled out his data pad and received an incoming message from the Iaconian Central Justice Complex. A new draftee is going to be sent over that, like Volks, opted for serving in the amry instead of doing time. "Hot Rod huh? Probably one of those turbo revving young punks," he said to himself. "Gonna straighten him out too. Him and Volks will probably get along well."

Kup browsed through the file to see what's on his record. Much to his surprise, it was quite long and he's amazed that it took this long for him to get caught. Probably quite a resourcefull kid, Kup thought. He may have some potential, but I'll wait and see what I think about him untill I meet him.

"Move it Volks! We don't have the whole solar cycle!"

2011-02-24, 01:34 PM
War Academy

"There they go." Warpath chuckled as the rest of the cadets transformed and shot around the lap when Kup gave the order to.

The first few laps were warm-up, only some obstacles and ramps and the like to hassle the kids. But later harder obstacles will bar their way, and the paint guns will come out, and, well, since this was their first training they'll probably be surprised by what awaits them later on...

2011-02-24, 02:16 PM
Topspin watched as the recruits started off, most not having any problem with the early obstacles. He could tell they were gaining some confidence.

"Looks like some are getting the hang of it." He said to Warpath. "Some of them though are already burning too much Energon. Might not make it through the course."

2011-02-24, 04:02 PM
Trainyards, Iacon:

Nightbeat took the proffered datapad, then looked at Scoop. "Strange that a reporter would be so willing to help when it might cost him an exclusive. Even stranger that he got something from the body after we'd done the initial search of it." Then he smirked and looked over at Red Alert. "What do you think, Red? Keep him informed so he gets some sort of exclusive for all of his hard work?"

Prison Transport, War Academy:

The prison transport rumbled to a halt inside the Academy walls, the onboard computer sending a brief message to Kup to let him know that his latest recruit had arrived.

Hot Rod, for his part, scowled. He gave the chains another experimental tug. Nope. Despite the slightly rough ride, the locks on the shackles hadn't given out, nor had the chains shaken themselves loose. Looks like I'm going to have to get really creative, he thought to himself.

2011-02-24, 11:34 PM
Trainyards, Iacon:

Scoop shrugged.

"I have to live with myself. Plus best to stay on the right side of the law."

2011-02-25, 06:09 AM

Red Alert's mouth twitched slightly as Scoop spoke to them, and he felt his hand begin to move toward the handle of his service pistol...for intimidation purposes only, of course. But then Nightbeat spoke up, and he let his partner take the lead. If nothing else, it gave him a few seconds to chew on what the other detective had said.

Whoever set this up either thinks we'll never learn anything about what went on here, or they think we won't be able to puzzle it out in time. Since they're smart enough to throw together a cover-up like this to start with, I'm going to assume that option #2 is the right one. But that only raises the question..."in time" for what?

Nightbeat's question brought him out of his reverie. "I was thinking more like 'don't throw him in stasis cuffs and drag him downtown', since the drones searched the scene and the body quite thoroughly." He looked over at Scoop and asked, "What do you want to bet that I'd find a subspace probe on you, if I searched you right now? Hardly the 'right side of the law', even if I'm willing to look the other way this time."

Iacon Mental Health Clinic

Smokescreen nodded. "So you feel like you can't make a difference in Kaon, because the situation there has changed too much?"

The therapist made a few more notes, nodding to himself as he did so before saying, "But Kaon isn't the only state on Cybertron. If you can't pick up the pieces of your old life there, there's no reason why you can't do it somewhere else. I'm sure someone with your experience could find a place here in Iacon."

He noticed a light blinking on his desk as his assistant indicated that his next appointment was here.

"We've only got a few more minutes today, Scavenger. Was there anything else you needed to discuss, or would you like some time to think over what we've talked about today before we go any farther?"

2011-02-25, 07:22 AM

Scoop shrugged.

"I could have been halfway to my office by now and the story would have been all over the downloads. Instead Idecided to be a good citizen."

2011-02-25, 01:24 PM
(OOC: I'm sorry if I've held anyone up.)

War Academy

What an energetic bunch they were. The moment Kup had given them his order, the cadets bustled in action, taking to the circuit with all the intensity and determination Scattershot could possibly hope to anticipate from them.

Even considering what Sentinel had proposed a little earlier, maximum effort was being employed by these young mechs. Perhaps there still was time to mould these wind-up toys into effective soldiers after all? With the aid of Scattershot's training, of course.

"Kup. Kup!" The rough Autobot was never too certain if the old (older?) mech's audio receptors were functioning at an acceptable level of efficiency. "Do you need any help or anything?

Brave Maximus
2011-02-26, 01:38 AM
Alpha Trion looked directly into the optics of Obsidian "You know who I am. But it is unimportant. All that matters is the future.

"What is important is that you need to ask yourself - why have you been willing to sacrifice yourself, but when it comes to leading people in peace, you are afraid. Is it that much a sacrifice, compared to what you have given so far?"

The old bot turned and walked away, though which way, no one could say, his voice carried back hauntingly:

"Return here, when you have an answer for me, and I will answer more of your questions."

2011-02-26, 02:04 AM
Stellar Galleries

"What-" Obsidian started to say, but A3's glare stopped him from saying any further. He listened to A3's next set of words, considering them carefully. He was willing to sacrifice himself... obviously! It was his programming, his instinct, his nature, his function.

But he is afraid to lead people in peacetime?

Perhaps. Perhaps that is his problem. Perhaps he was so afraid of not being to able to do anything in peacetime that it had led him to freeze up. Yes, that is it.

Obsidian nodded slowly. Yes, might be going about this the wrong way. He kept thinking, he kept telling himself that he can't do anything against Cybertron's society, when he had the means to change them. He had the means to change Cybertron itself... Yes, he had the means to change Cybertron, to really bring it into a proper age of peace and prosperity...

And didn't A3 mentioned a war brewing?

"Thank you, A3." Obsidian called out as the old mech walked away. "It was a... an inspiring conversation. I will return here in some time to find you."

2011-02-26, 07:51 PM
War Academy

Kup grumbles after Scattershot yelled his name. "I may be old," Kup said with an icy tone, "but my audio receptors still work full capacity. One more joke like that and you can join Volks in taking out the trash..."

Kup looks at his data pad again and reads that the new guy had arrived. "Anyway, you're giong to look after these new recruits for me. For the moment anyway. There's a new guy that the ICJC wants me to pick up."

2011-02-27, 12:59 AM

Red Alert crossed his arms. "Don't push your luck, copy boy," he told Scoop. "I still remember that story you wrote about Checkpoint. Don't expect you to do me any favours after that."

Looking over to Nightbeat, he said, "Not that it's likely to be admissible, but is there anything useful on that pad?"

2011-02-27, 09:30 AM

Scoop decided keeping quiet might be the best course of action as he was only going to get himself into trouble.

2011-02-27, 11:14 AM
War Academy

Scattershot waved his hands dismissively in an attempt to mollify Kup's uncongenial response. "All right, all right -- just calm down, would you? I don't want to to overload your circuits now."

Deviating his attention from Kup, the obnoxious Autobot anchored his gaze onto the circuit, his optics searching out for the animated forms racing through the obstacle course. "Listen up, recruits! For the moment, you'll be under my watchful optic. Now, for the blockheads out there, that's not a very long time -- so I want to see cranial units downs and afts up. Move, move, move! I want a 110% out of each and everyone one of you!"

2011-02-27, 09:45 PM
War Academy

They all make fun of me, like I'm some washed up soldier that lost it, Kup thought to himself. Guess I'll have to show these punks that I still got what it takes soon. Kup looked at Scattershot and mumbled something that he couldn't possibly hear, but it's defnately not something nice.

Kup put his data pad away and headed towards the gate where the new recruit was waiting. Probably shackled up and all. He transformed to vehicle mode and drove off.


Volks grumbled while trying his best to keep up with the others. He dodged obstacles left and right as they came popping up from the ground, but he was still the last guy in the race. "Vector Sigma!" he spouted.

He heard Scattershot barking something towards his direction, but he couldn't hear it all. What he made out of it was that they had yet another guy supervising their training. "What kind of operation are you guys running here?! Sentinel leaves, Kup leaves, when are you going to leave," he said jokingly.

2011-02-28, 05:50 AM
Trainyard, Iacon:

Nightbeat activated the padd and started scrolling through the contents. "Well..... the victim's name appears to have been Slick. He was a promoter at one of the local....." The detective's voice trailed off as he scowled down at the screen, then he looked over at Red Alert. "What's a Decepticon?"

War Academy, Entrance Yard:

With a pneumatic whine, the doors of the transport opened, and the guards escorted Hot Rod out, saluting as Kup approached.

Hot Rod watched the old Autobot rolling towards him. "Geez..... what museum did they dig that relic out of?"

Brave Maximus
2011-02-28, 09:54 AM
Alpha Trion flew low and slow through the city scape. He wasn't in a hurry to get anywhere. More than that, the less he focused on flying, the harder it was for anyone to detect him. He had no destination in mind, he was just flying to think. His mind was always racing with a hundred different things - designs for more fuel efficent bodies, potential partnering of Transformers without the need for Minicon Powerlinking. Potential new heroes....

It didn't surprise him that he was coming down close to the War Academy. Though he usually avoided anything to do with Iacon's organizing body, AT found potential here.

Slowly, he decended, making his way to the entrance yard, being careful to avoid any onlookers, both through stealth and his own gifts.

2011-02-28, 10:10 AM
War Academy

"The little orange criminal's gonna get it good from Sentinel and Scattershot, all right." Warpath spoke out loud, to no one in particular. "Ah, to run the circuit for the first time..."

Warpath stood up, flexed his wrists...

Then abruptly transformed into his tank mode, landing on the ground with a loud crash. "Hey, Scattershot, 'paint guns' firing on the recruits now!" Warpath spoke through the commlink.

It was something Sentinel recently implemented. The cadets are expecting usual weak paint guns to fire at them. Things have changed. This was partially to have the cadets have a taste of an unexpected event happening in the battlefield, and partially to show up any cocky recruits.

Out of pity, Warpath did not fire on Volks. Instead, he rotated his turret, aiming at Hardtop, and launched a shell at the sniper. It would explode into a splattering of paint instead of a real explosion, but the shock, should it hit, would jar them a bit.

Warpath's turret swivelled, and he launched several cryogenic shells into the field, creating obstacles of ice. One caused the cadet designated Speedbreaker to veer off course and crash onto the pile of spare tires on the corner.

"Looks like you ain't winning your bet, Topspin." Warpath teased as he began to roll towards the course itself. Sentinel was supposed to enter the fray himself, but since he's busy with the media, well, can't his bodyguard have some fun?

2011-02-28, 12:34 PM

Scoop pondered

"aren't they the goons who follow that ex Gladiator turned Politician around. You know the one the one Megabolt something like that. He goes by the name Excaator or something similar. Something mining related anyway because he used to be a miner."

2011-02-28, 12:49 PM
War Academy

Kup transformed back to robot mode and walked up to Hot Rod. He walked a circle around him and gave him a good look. "So, thought you could take the easy way out just like Volks, huh?" Kup said as he stood in front of him and looked him straight in the optics.

"If you're thinking about escaping this place, the sentries in the watch towers have been given the order to shoot anybody that tries to make a break." Kup pulls out his data pad again and browses it again. "So I've skimmed your profile a little and reading your rap sheet alone will take me a complete solar cycle, so I'm not getting into that."

With Hot Rod still in his shackles, Kup smirked. "I'm suprised that you haven't been able to free yourself from those yet. Guess you're starting out as a dissapointment just like all the others that've been through here."

Kup scratched his chin. "Is is so hard to ask for another Orion or Magnus from time to time?"

War Academy, Training Grounds

"Oh you've got to be kidding me!" Volks shouted. "Live rounds?! Are you crazy?!" I didn't sign up for this!" With that, Volks transformed back to robot mode and took refuge behind a wall that was currently up. He knew that as soon as the wall dropped down, he would have to run over to the next one. Ok, Volks, think! How can you get to the finish line in one piece, he thought and started to look around for options.

2011-02-28, 02:04 PM
War Academy

"BOOM!" Warpath all but sung as his turret opened fire again, stopping a cadet cold with a cryo shell. "Primus on a bike, Scattershot, these cadets are a sorry bunch. They see a tank and they panic."

Warpath has, by now, entered the obstacle course. Two unfortunate cars tried to swerve away from the tank, but one only managed to get flipped over by the momentum and crash near where Volks was, while the other slammed onto Warpath.

2011-02-28, 04:42 PM
"Better spread your targets out!" Topspin yelled down to Warpath. "Don't want to see you only aiming at the person I put credits towards!"

2011-03-01, 04:07 AM

Red Alert cocked his head to one side as he collated all he knew about the so-called 'Decepticons'. He was impressed that Scoop knew about them at all, but of course he'd never be seen to praise a member of the press.

"They're a minor fascist movement out of Kaon," he clarified. "That state's Governor Megatron is one of them, like Scoop here said. He got elected promising to abolish democracy, turn Kaon into a police state and fix...well, everything about that squalid hellhole of a city. Did a pretty good job too, and apparently his cult of personality is starting to spread. Stanix, Vos and Tarn all have Decepticon governments now, and so do some of the orbital and outer-system colonies."

Red Alert frowned. "They got something to do with this, Nightbeat?"

2011-03-01, 04:51 AM
War Academy

"OOMPH!" The paint hit Hardtop right on the front wheel, sending him spiraling toward the side of the course.


A few meters from the wall, Hardtop transformed and slid feet-first into the barrier, as soon as he made contact, he pushed off, launching himself back towards the track. At the peak of his jump, he transformed back, and hit the ground rolling. Unfortunately, such maneuvers seldom work as intended, and he ended up spinning a few seconds spinning out on an ice patch before managing to get going again. Now I'm nearly in slaggin' last place. Slaaag.

2011-03-01, 07:08 AM
War Academy:

One of the guards stepped forward, removing a component from each of Hot Rod's forearms before removing the inhibitors from his upper arms.

Hot Rod, for his part, returned Kup's glare. "Oh, I dunno, gramps. Now that I can use my arms again......" With a almost inaudible snickt, his left hand retracted and a spinning sawblade extended, slicing through the chains binding his wrists together. "If they hadn't pulled the rectifier chips out of my arm cannons, I'd show you the rest of my act." The blade retracted and his hand slid back out. "So what are you, anyway? The mascot?"

Trainyards, Iacon:

Nightbeat shrugged. "Apparently Slick found out that the Decepticons have been making contact with some of his racers, trying to convert some athletes to the cause, I guess."

2011-03-01, 11:23 AM
War Academy

"Ah, but I hit the one I'm betting on too!" Warpath yelled at Topspin loudly over the noise of the next shell he launched. "Come on, Hardtop! I got credits riding on you!"

2011-03-01, 01:10 PM
War Academy, training grounds

Volks had to think quick. The wall was about to drop down and that would mean his cover was gone. Come on Volks! Think! As he looked around, he spotted the console that was operating the obstacles and paint guns. Aha! He looked at Hardtop and saw that he was in a bit of trouble. "Hold on, Hardtop! I have a plan!"

Volks quickly transformed and altough that strained him a little due to the excersise earlier, he went full speed for the console as soon as his cover dissapeared. He quickly trasnsformed back when he reached the console and pulled out a cable from his hip and plugged it in the console. All I got to do now is upload a virus that'll give me control of this panel and..... Bingo!

Volks tapped a few buttons and immediately all walls and obstacles went up. "Let's see how you like a new paintjob, Warpath! With that, Volks aimed all the paint guns at Warpath. "Let's see how pink looks on you!"


"Mascot?" Kup replied, rolling his optics. "So aside from being a crook, you're a comedian too huh?" Kup crossed his arms and gave Hot Rod a stern look. "You'll find that there's nothing funny about the army, kid."

The trick with the saw blade was less than impressive to Kup, and he was wondering why Hot Rod opted for service, instead of jail time. "So tell me, kid. What is it that you can add to our outfit that we don't already have?

2011-03-01, 01:29 PM
War Academy

Scattershot's countenance brightened noticeably when Warpath transformed into his tank mode -- the immense alternate form clangouring as it impacted ponderously on the ground. Finally, the time had arrived to include himself, and Sentinel's newly conceived idea, into the recruits' training. And while it was more aggressive than previous training methods, the cadets would benefit from its results, in the end.

And so would Scattershot.

The red and white Autobot nodded in response to Warpath's transmission. “It's about time, too. These rust buckets were getting it too easy.”

Observing Warpath firing his cryogenic shells had proven to be quite the spectacle. In a matter of moments, Hardtop and another cadet found themselves emerging as second place contenders to the red tank's shells.

Volks, however, had other designs, it seemed. Somehow, the miniature wreck had gained control of all the paint guns. This, Scattershot thought, could not proceed any further. Volks had to be put in his place, after all.

“You see that little piece of slag there, Warpath?” Scattershot pointed a finger in the general direction of Volks. “He's all mine.”

With that, the abrupt Autobot transformed into his attack jet mode and rocketed towards the training ground, his artillery launchers -- with paint pellets loaded to capacity -- bristling in anticipation. Volks wouldn't be able to recognise the ground from the sky once Scattershot was through with him...

2011-03-01, 01:54 PM
War Academy

"Wha- hey!" Warpath yelled as the paint cannons peppered him with the pink paint, the force of the impact driving him over the edge. By reflex, the Autobot transformed, preventing himself from being blown onto the side with his arms.. His entire left flank was drenched in pink paint. "Those things were supposed to be on my side, damn it!"

Scattershot's words, however, brought Warpath some comprehension on why the paint gun had malfunctioned.

"Little punk!" Warpath growled. "That's cheating!" the Autobot aimed his cannon at where Volks was. There was the obvious reload of shells from within Warpath's torso, and he fired again.

Instead of the cylindrical cryo-shells, Warpath now fired something that looked like a four-pronged tuning fork, which transformed in mid-air into a spider-like device. It was a low-charge sonic shell, which would hopefully jar Volks (and anyone unfortunate enough to be beside that blasted criminal) off the computer panel.

Aero Blade
2011-03-01, 04:28 PM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

Raiku continued to chill in the waiting room, giving a brief sigh to himself, as though trying to relax from recient events.

2011-03-01, 08:30 PM
War Academy, training grounds

Volks ducked for cover. "You joining the fight is cheating, pink bot!" Volks screamed back at Warpath. "Me? I'm adapting to the situation!" The sonic shell that Warpath fired hit close to Volks and he had to put his hands to his audio receptors. "Yooowwww! Feels like my brain module's being scrambled!"

Volks was trembling due to the sonics and so he supported himself with the help of the terminal. When he regained his composure a little, he heard a roar in the sky and saw that Scattershot was entering the fight too. Just my luck. I'm going to get slagged for sure. Though with them distracted, the others have a clear path to the finish line, he thought.

2011-03-02, 09:56 AM
War Academy, Training Grounds

Such a thrilling scenario, it was; developing at the most rapid pace possible, it was difficult to envision the Minibot's plan for revenge achieving any measure of success. Not that it concerned Scattershot in the slightest. He was far too engaged in the thought of toppling Volks, subsequently teaching the little fragger that disobeying orders -- his orders, to be precise -- was a critical mistake.

With Volks in sight, Scattershot unleashed a torrential flow of paint pellets at the Minibot, desiring to immerse him in thick, pink paint.

2011-03-02, 10:20 AM
War Academy

Warpath transformed into tank mode, turret firing another sonic shell at Volks (although it might disturb Scattershot, Warpath doubted a small crash would jar the other trainer too much although Scatter would give him an earful later) the turret swivelled as soon as he fired, aiming backwards at the other cadets and Warpath fired more cryo shells.

"This ain't cheatin', scraplet- in real combat y'ain't gonna get the luxury of knowing exactly how many enemies are out there." Warpath yelled at Volks. "An' you can't hack enemy Transformers, eh?"

2011-03-02, 05:27 PM
War Academy:

Massaging his wrists, and using picks built into his fingertips to pick the locks on the now broken shackle cuffs, Hot Rod looked around, taking his surroundings in with greater detail.

This was not going to be easy. Especially without his guns.

He knelt down, picking the locks on the chains on his ankles and tossed them back to the, obviously annoyed, guards, then stood again, smriking defiantly into Kup's stern glare. "If you're the standard around here, old mech, then I'm here to turn things around."

2011-03-04, 07:08 AM
Iacon Communication Tower

Blaster readjusted in his seat as Sentinel answered and then smiled for the camera. "So before we get into anything to serious, did you catch any of the gladiator matches tonight?" Blaster asked. "I know that 's sorta your deal."
I'm only infamous cause we're awesome and I try and **** shit up on a regular basis

"I was partway watching the Sunstreaker fight until duty called me out." Sentinel replied, shooting a winning smile at the camera. "Who won, by the way?"

"I am gonna let you finish that for yourself." Blaster replied with a grin. "I hate to be a spoiler. Down to business. What is new in the Autobot forces? Anything exciting you want the people to know about?"

Sentinel chuckled. "I will, after I finish training this particular batch. Kind of pathetic, but they have potential. I'll mould them properly, you just see. As for what's new... it depends. Does accepting lowly criminals into our fold and giving them a chance to reform constitute as new?"

Blaster picked off off the comment and ran with it. "I was gonna ask you 'bout that. How do you feel about this rehabilitation movement. Is it a good idea or an idea you'd prefer just went away?"

“Personally the reformed criminals are a bunch of trouble. They ain't got no spine, and aren't used to hardship." Sentinel jabbed a finger at the direction of Volks, though the viewers probably won't see that. "This hacker in particular, is a sorry bunch. But for the good of the Autobots, well, it's a good idea. Gives me a lot of pain, though..."

Blaster smiled. "Can we get a shot of whoever Sentinel is pointing at?" He asked is producser. "Sentinel, get your guys to get a shot of who you're pointing at!"

"Absolutely." Sentinel grinned, and gestured to the techie nearby, who moved the camera to point at the obstacle course track where the cadets are moving while Kup watches. "That one. The chunky orange car."
"Hey, how do you like Sentinel as a teacher? Is he setting you up to succeed in the future?" Blaster asked the Cadet."

"Nah, don't ask him now." Sentinel frowned, cutting in Blaster's question before Volks could hear it. "They're in training." Sentinel shot a beaming smile. "Don't disturb them."

Blaster grinned, half expecting Sentinel to not let that slide through. Blaster almost pitied his recruits, but he was a good interview and not such a terrible bot. "Fair enough. So you think that this program is really helping both the Autobot forces and the prisoners they're rehabilitating?"

"Absolutely." Sentinel replied, smiling. "Kup's great idea. It bolsters our forces, and at the same time gives these small time crooks a chance to do good. Better than exile off-planet, methinks." Although they deserve it in some cases, Sentinel mentally thought.

"Now, Sentinel, I know you. If you could make a change to this program what would it be?" Blaster asked.

"Harder training and harsher punishment for them, naturally." Sentinel answered, grinning. "They deserve it for their crimes."

"Now what are the limits for this program? If someone is picked up for boticide and imprisoned will they be pulled it? Or do the forces focus on petty crimes?" Blaster asked again.

"Petty crimes, I suppose. Hacking, robbery, things like that. Murderers or bots that cause collateral damage needs to be prosecuted." Sentinel told Blaster. "Some may argue this is worse than regular prison, though." He added with a grin.

"Now you're always harder on your recruits, admittedly so. Do you feel you're free to be harder on these Bots are you expected to treat them all the same?" Blaster asked.

"I try to treat all my cadets the same." Sentinel said. That bit was true, he was hard on everyone. "But I think they'll probably get more punishments by default. Criminals tend to be. Reluctant to do any work, so they'll find it hard to accept military life."

“Hard to accept. Honest." Blaster admitted. "Do you have any recruits that you forsee as having a long and good career after moving to the military?"

"Several. But I won't name them. If I praise them they will get cocky and proud, and then pride would only lead to their failings. Happened lots of times before." Sentinel told Blaster. "But if you see, many of my students have all have a great and high ranking career. Why, there is this kid, fresh out of my training, and in a week they placed him in command of a squad in Kaon."

"Well I am glad that you've atleast taken a liking to some of these guys. I'd hate to think of the angry killers you'd be pumping out otherwise." Blaster grinned needling at the commander. "So you are getting a steady stream of new-recruits? Is there any truth to a rumor of the Autobot forces implementing a draft to deal with any new threats?"

Sentinel chuckled at the killers jibe, "Yes, well, it's a good thing that most agree that my harsh methods bears fruit, otherwise I would've lost my job." He frowned at the mention of rumours. "Absolutely not. We are not implementing a draft of any sort. I want to assure the public of that. Between reformed criminals and younglings who want the thrill and high pay, we have a surplus of new recruits. Which is why we try to weed out the weaklings here early on in the Academy."

Blaster nodded "And there are stories that the Academy under and investigations about hazings and... " Blaster paused, "Overzealous training." he finished being careful with the last words.

"Investigations? There has been that." Sentinel said slowly, trying to keep his irritation at that particular factor from showing. "But they all yielded nothing. Always better to have hard training than not to have any..."

"There are some claims that the investigations were white washed.?" Blaster asked. "IS there any truth to that?"

"White washed?" Sentinel asked Blaster. "No, no truth to that, of course. The investigators were from a variety of backgrounds. Senates, Yoketron's Templar Knights, entrepreneurs, the media... we came clean."

"Now, I can speak from experience, but when we had our chance to do a little snoopin' around we were definitely not given full access to all the recruits. Not saying it was you personally, but why do you think this was the case?" Blaster asked.

"There are some... sensitive recruits." Sentinel chose his next words carefully. "Which aren't exactly the type you want to have meet unarmmed media types. My orders, actually, and it applies to the rehabilitated criminals, mostly. They might try and use an unsuspecting reporter or cameramech as a hostage to secure their escape. Never happened before, of course, but we can't take the chance."

Blaster nodded at the response. "How have these rehabilitated bots that have graduated worked out in the field? Or have any of them seen combat or serious situations to be judged?"

"Most are still serving under the command of other experienced officers." Sentinel said, suppressing a smug smile for the fact that he had handled that question. True, they had nothing to hide, but well, at least those hopes are now put to rest. "Most of them performed admirably, eager to atone for their crimes. But yes, admittedly none of them have seen much serious situations."

Blaster smiled at the response, taking note of his interviewee's look "So you expect this plan to continue going forward? Do you see it as a deterrent for future crimes? Would you call it worse than prison?" He asked.

"Admittedly I would prefer for all these criminals to be send to the stockades." Sentinel told Blaster. "We think that the criminals might view Boot Camp as simply a reprieve from proper prison, hence the limits on the crimes that warrant rehabilitation. Which is why we need to give them as much... intensive training as possible. If we see them being willing to change, then they won't be treated differently than other cadets. Stubbornness or just plain being irritating would just earn Pit for them, though."

"Are these recruits' leashes much shorter than those of the enlisted recruits?" Blaster asked him.

"Yes." Sentinel told Blaster. "Oh, so much shorter. Any sign of violence, insubordination, et cetera... and their punishment would be more severe. Recruits they may be, but they are also criminals."

"And if they wash-out, it's prison?" Blaster asked,

"Depends. We go case-by-case." Sentinel told Blaster. "Maybe prison with a reduced sentence? It's happened once or twice."

Blaster paused and looked at a teleprompter and then back at the screen with Sentinel, "Changing gears now. We've heard some rumours about the Autobot military having some concern about Kaon and the recently installed governor, the former World Gladiator Champion, Megatron. Is there any truth to this?"

This. This was the question Sentinel has been expecting. He had about twenty responses prepared, from outright putting down of Megatron's probable rebellion, to denial. Instead, he chose something... diplomatic. Distasteful as it is, it won't work to show his support for downing Megatron, not when he's about to send Blaze to kill the Governor. "We acknowledge the restoration work that Governor Megatron has done to Kaon." Sentinel began slowly. "The amount of forces and private mercenaries Megatron has amassed is... worrying, but so is every other private companies with private armies. At least Megatron has a legitimate reason for his little militia."

Blaster was shocked. He'd known Sentinel for a long time, not really on a botal level but he'd known him for a long time because of their positions and his being the only bot willing to stand infront of a camera on a regular basis. That response was diplomatic. "So there is some truth to the rumours then?" Blaster asked.

"We are... concerned, yes." Sentinel said, trying to hide his true emotions behind a poker face. "But we are not deliberating taking action." Yet.

"How much time has been put into looking into him? How likely is it that he is just a more military thinking governor? We've had those in the past and really they ended up beneficial. What makes Megatron more of a threat?" Blaster asked.

The fact that he is a gladiator. The fact that he had a sea of spilt energon on his hands before being governor. The fact that he is, after all has been considered, a common thug with a silver tongue. However, these would decidedly not be diplomatic. Sentinel smiled again. "Megatron is more of a threat because he's new and unpredictable. We put as much time looking into him as with other governors, which isn't much." A lie. "Why, we have Straxus and many other military-inclined governors. They are beneficial. I do prefer them personally, because they coordinate with us better."

Sentinel was lying, and Sentinel had to know Blaster was going to call it. "But you've spent more time investigating Megatron more than you did, say, Straxus who is very smilar to Megatron in tact and planning." Blaster pointed out. "Infact the fact I need to bring this up is a sign that there is a lot more smoke around this governor than there has been in solar cycles." Blaster finished. "So really, what is it about Kaon and Megatron that has you all on edge? The state hasn't been as busy as it is now since he came to power."

"Well..." Sentinel scratched his chin for a while and shrugged. "Probably because of his gladiator background that has some of us- at edge. Straxus and the others were not from a gladiator background as far as we know. I'm not trying to say Megatron is bad or anything-" he's downright horrible "-but, hey, you can't just be too careful, right? Governor Megatron will agree with me, I am sure."

"So what you're saying is that anytime a bot comes from outside the regular circles he is thuroughly investigated because he might not operate the same way as the rest?" Blaster asked, digging in.

"So what you're saying is that anytime a bot comes from outside the regular circles he is thuroughly investigated because he might not operate the same way as the rest?" Blaster asked, digging in. "That sort of makes the planetary assembly sound like a old-bots club."

"No. Not like that at all." Sentinel told Blaster, laughing. "It's just that, well, we've never had a gladiator become a governor before and we are equally curious and worried about his methods of governing."

"You speak as though Gladiatorial combat is so much different than former military leaders that have held similar positions to Megatron in the past. I can't help but wonder if we're getting the whole story on what it is Megatron has done to get this much attention." Blaster pressed the issue.

Sentinel shrugged. "Probably. But sport and military action are different."

"One is a lot more deadly, one offers a lot more training for the sort of thing that you are indicating that you are worried about. Not many Gladiators would know how to command a militia." Blaster identified

"That's exactly what we're worried about. That Megatron may not have the... restraint." Sentinel told Blaster. Wouldn't do to badmouth Megatron so much, so... "But like all fears, it'll probably turn out to be nothing. Governer Megatron seems to have a grip on what he's doing pretty well." Too bad it's not going to last.

"So if he has a grip, why is there worry?" Blasted asked.

"Well, we wouldn't be doing our job if we don't worry about potential threats." Sentinel said with a wink.

"And with that, I don't want to take up anymore of your time. Thank you for coming on the show again, Sentinel. Hopefully chat with you again soon?"

"Of course, Blaster." Sentinel gave the reporter a wide grin. "It has been a pleasure."

"Alright, time for us to take a break. We'll be back after a few short messages!"

2011-03-04, 07:45 AM
War Academy

Sentinel shut off the transmission and disengaged from the recording devices. "Well, that went well." The military commander stretched a little. Considering things, Blaster wasn't too intrusive, and ran with his more diplomatic replies. Plus, it gave him a chance to embarrass that insolent Volks.

That didn't make him any less irritated for the questioning about the War Academy's training methods, though.

Sentinel sighed and slapped his forehead when he saw Warpath and Scattershot attacking Volks... who had apparently hacked into the systems. Pointing a finger at the the officer nearby that is tidying up the live video equipment, Sentinel said, "Get control, throw that hacker out of the system."

Sentinel tore the microphone on his shoulder off and tossed it away. Scattershot and Warpath should've known better. Didn't Kup tell them that Volks is a bloody hacker? Why did they let him anywhere near a computer?

"Can't leave them for five minutes without some incident happening." Sentinel muttered, striding towards the obstacle course, stopping beside Topspin, Bombard and Blaze.

He pulled out the hilt of his energon lance, which soon shimmered into its full length, glowing light blue and humming angrily. Sentinel's Skyboom Shield, named after the legendary shield of Minicon lore, sprang out of its generator on Sentinel's other hand, nanomachines and pure energy reconfiguring themselves to make the circular disc.

He'll see how Warpath and Scattershot deal with Volks, then give all three of them hell. Warpath and Scattershot for their ignorance, and Volks for disobedience.

Warpath saw Sentinel activating weapons from the corner of his optics (well, whatever served as his optics in tank mode) and groaned. Ol' chin is going to be furious...

2011-03-04, 08:14 AM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

Scavenger nodded

"sometimes when you're at the bottom of a hole looking out it looks unsurmountable it just takes someone with a different perspective. Thank You Smokescreen."

Aero Blade
2011-03-04, 03:47 PM
Streets, Iacon

Even in his vehicle mode, Terabolt could detect her old master's irritation.

The two Temple Knights en-route had overheard some of the pedestrians talking about the upcoming radio show, and they decided to stop and listen to it themselves - it might help them get a bead on his current mood to prepare for their own visit. Unfortunately they had heard the whole program, including Sentinel's flaunting of Yoketron's name.

"You've got to expect it," Terabolt spoke in an effort to sooth things over. "Guy like that's always gonna drop names to make himself look good. He'd say he was buddies with that govenor Megatron if he thought it'd improve his media presence."

"It is less in the name and more in the abuse of my previous visit. I came once when it was first established, to check that things were within acceptable standards for the Temple's regulations. As with visiting all facilities like that, as we are now, our approach has to be announced - the fact that I and the others found any hints of the excessive harshness is a sign of his own sloppiness in covering it up before our arrival."

"Well then, why don't we get back on the trail?" Terabolt asked. She made a brief circle as she spoke, then crouched down slightly, the reptilian-feline flexing her claws and digging in slightly to the street. "Let's see if we can beat the messenger, eh? And minimize his preparation time."

"With that line of thought, I would agree," Yoketron answered, the two of them moving out just a moment later.

War Academy

A scout - there wasn't much need for them right now, not with everything calm and most of Cybertron already explored. The military still needed to have them at the ready, and they often found themselves doing other basic labors to fill their days instead. That was how things were with Hound as he left the main building - today's temp role: messenger for the communications department.

It was partly that Sentinel had a reptuation for ignoring radio summons with various excuses, but most that it was tradition and regulations that a mech was contact in-person for certain things, and this was one of them. A quick scan of the area and Hound had easily detected Sentinel, though even without sensors the mech tended to stand out... Hound made his way towards where the remenants of the media circus was being cleaned up, waiting for a good moment and then approached the larger blue mech. He seemed to be focused in on the troops, and therefore probably didn't have any other important business going on at the moment...

"Commander Sentinel, you have been summoned to the communication's rooms. There is a live-feed conference waiting for you," Hound explained.

2011-03-04, 04:25 PM
War Academy

"Why am I not surprised, Hound?" Sentinel asked the scout, sighing as he deactivated his weapons. "Ah, well, Kup will handle Scattershot and Warpath. This seems important." Sentinel gestured at Blaze. "Hound, please escort this gentlemech into a waiting room. I will see to him, providing that there are no further interruptions."

The military commander then set off at a pace towards the communication room. "Warpath, as soon as you can extricate yourself from training, come with me." Sentinel commed his bodyguard.

Aero Blade
2011-03-04, 05:40 PM
War Academy

"Commander Sentinel, it's Zeta Prime," Hound added on as the other mech began to leave. He must have been in a pretty good mood from his media airtime, Hound surmised, to not have even questioned who it was. Better that Hound made sure all the info was passed on than to potentially have Sentinel irritated at him later for not knowing what he was walking into.

The message delivered, Hound turned to Blaze. "Right this way, please."

2011-03-04, 06:04 PM
Prime's Chambers, Tower of Pion

Zeta Prime made the initial contact to the War Academy and, while waiting, sat remembering the good old days when the Temple Knights commanded real respect, the Rituals were widely observed and all units recognised Primus as their originator. It was a sad pass for Cybertron, but he could not see how things had become so bad over the most recent vorns.

Why? he asked himself, focussing back on the present and the desk surface gleaming dully between his blue-grey hands reflected his tarnished image.

He had come to the role late, succeeding Guardian Prime with unseemly haste when the other passed over so... unexpectedly. And he had to admit to himself that he had been unprepared for the changes bearing the Matrix brought, both physical and sociological.

I have clung to the past, he thought sadly. I have tried to keep the old ways alive and our two kinds as one. It appears that I have failed.

A feeling of anger swept through him and his head snapped up. He would not be beaten. His optics flashed and new determination filled him.

He had focussed many of his hopes in Sentinel and it was perhaps time to employ the mech he so favoured.

2011-03-05, 04:33 AM
Stellar Galleries

Obsidian slumped down, gently lowering himself onto what amounted to a sitting position on the ground. His fragile tail curled up protectively like that of a insect larvae, and he leaned on the pedestral that the sculpture of Cybertron hovered on.

Damn that A3 for showing him such clarity...

Several incidents came rushing onto Obsidian's memory. Several that were somehow brought up front from Obsidian's normally ordered mind by A3's words...


"Generals, the Renegades have broken through the gates!"

Obsidian swivelled mid-air above his command perch, regarding the young comm officer that informed him the dire news. "Unacceptable. Send infantry units tango-seven and alpha-three to intercept. Air units delta-three through five, commence aerial bombardment. Pull Blastcharge's squad back; we don't need any losses."

Strika's deep rumble sounded from her own perch. "Sit-rep! Where the Pit are our support? Iacon's cavalry should've been here cycles ago!"

"The High Council ordered all backup to stand down, General Strika!" Another officer yelled. "They deemed Tyrest lost- we are to pull back!"

"Hang the Council!" Strika roared. "Nova Prime ordered the Renegades quashed and Tyrest defended, and that is what we will do!"

Obsidian nodded. "We will not yield. Beta squads, equip yourselves with sniper rifles. Strika, you need to charge into battle and sow chaos. That way our sniper teams can pick out the Renegade leader."

"Finally! I will tear their leader's head personally, Obsidian!" Strika transformed into her heavyset assault vehicle mode and rolled off.

Obsidian frowned. Disobeying the High Council was an insubordination that wouldn't be tolerated so easily. But the High Council don't know the first thing about warfare, they're afraid. Just too afraid. Politics and negotiations would take a long time, by which the Renegades would've obtained much more forces and weapons. And then they'll attack again. No, insubordination or no, this revolution must be quashed now. And he had the resources to do it.

"Follow my orders to the letter, men." Obsidian spoke into the frequencies. "I will take full responsibility for anything the Council will dish out. They have no idea what's happening here."


"General, Chief Med-Officer Amputator was killed by the blast!"

"Then you have just inherited his position, Spotweld." Obsidian spoke calmly into the commlink. "We've got bigger problems. Mach Alert, status report."

"Our people are getting killed out there!" The white-coloured rookie yelled over the explosions that racked the flagship they were in. "Whatever weapons those slimy organic Mumu-Obscurans are using, they are melting through our flagship's armours like acid!"

"Order Spy Streak, X-Gunner and Wind Sheer to pull back to the atmosphere. Get the flagships and the Thanatos-class bombers up and engage. All weapons, lock on and fire." Obsidian ordered. "Comms, get word to Strika that she needs to get the orbital cannons online now."

"General, we've received orders from the Council to launch the fusion bombs on the Mumu-Obscuran fleet!"

"What?" Obsidian asked in disbelief. Such an explosion close to Cybertron, especially with several nuclear-powered warships in range, would tear a good chunk of Cybertron. Plus, it will kill everyone under his command. "Belay that order! Understand? We'll blow up the Tri-Torus States if even a fusion bomb is launched!"

Bloody idiots. They'll sacrifice Cybertron if it means cutting losses...


"Why did you do it?"

The other Transformer, armour dented and torn apart, his face a bloodied mass, arms strung backwards and cuffed with energon chains, did not deign to answer Obsidian, but spat at his chest.

"We will all fall into chaos sooner or later,fool ! Our rulers are corrupt, our society has one leg in the grave! Only by overthrowing them can we ever bring a new age of successful society!"

Obsidian's optics narrowed, and he swiped his hand at the unnamed leader of the Malignus rebellion. His claws raked the other mech's exposed circuits, and he screamed in pain. He tried to lurch forwards and attack Obsidian, but the two guards held him back.

Obsidian spoke. "Your little rebellion killed fifty innocent civilians with your terrorist attacks. You razed a peaceful Minicon settlement. I lost two squads stopping your rebellion. I very nearly lost my consort. That is success for you?"

A Minicon walked up to Obsidian, holding a datapad. He bleeped and blooped, but a translator program translated it for Obsidian."[General, the Senate has orders for you to release the leader of the revolution due to the vote that they had undertaken. They feel imprisoning him would cause too much of a riot in the general public.]"

Obsidian's optics narrowed. "Suppressor, you were one of the survivors of this murderer's rampage, right?"

"[Yes, sir.]"

"How would you feel about letting him go?"

"[Furious, sir.]"

"That's enough for me." Obsidian raised his right arm and his fingers retracted with a loud crack as they whistled through the air. There was the audible sound of ammunition being loaded, and Obsidian aimed his arm, now with five artillery ports jutting out, at the Malignus leader.

The wretch's optics widened and he tried to squirm away. "What- no! I was promised immunity- I-"

Obsidian's expression grew sombre. "You lead the Malignus rebellion, a terrorist sect bent on overthrowing the government. I, General of Cybertron, Vanguard of the Skies, was given orders to apprehend you alive. A pity that a slight miscalculation on my part had led to you dying of a stray bullet." Obsidian leaned closer, and whispered, "This is for the good of Cybertron, you understand. You being alive would only tear us apart more."

With that, Obsidian rammed his gun arm onto the rebel's chest, and fired, unloading an entire clip of bullets into the rebel's internal mechanisms.

"Too bad. This would be the first time one of your campaigns is blemished with an unsuccessful outcome." One of the guards said.

"I beg to differ." Obsidian replied, as he hovered away, leaving the dead, bullet-riddled corpse on the ground. "Tell the Senate of our 'failure', please."


"We didn't do this by choice, you know. But economy is so bad now that the only way to get good honest Energon was to ensign."

"Is that so, Grimlock? I would've thought that your raw fury — a viable asset in the battlefield, I'll grant you that — was what drove you into the army." Obsidian said, barely glancing at the massive, looming ground captain behind him.

"Bah! Iaconians have it good. Us from the Southern regions aren't so lucky, General. We have to fight for mere refuelling!"


"For everything there is, there was, and yet to come..."


"Fire, fire, fire! Don't give in an inch! We Autobots never surrender! Never surrender!"




There were much more similar events replaying in Obsidian's head. Each time, Obsidian disobeyed the Council's selfish, short-sighted decisions. Obsidian disobeyed the Council, the Senate, the guilds... but unlike others, they couldn't blame him. He always emerged victorious, with minimal losses.

He always beat the enemy that Nova Prime, or Zeta Prime or any other military guys above him, sent him at. Such was the General of Cybertron.

"I see now. The problem. A3 was right. A war is brewing... and I intend to be at its forefront! Yes, time for Obsidian, the General of Cybertron, the Vanguard of the Skies, to change the fate of Cybertron!"

A new sense of vigour filled Obsidian. "Obsidian: OBLITERATE!" The General declared as was his habit, transforming into his chopper mode and flying out of the room, out of the Stellar Galleries and into the night sky.

Time to find out what he missed while he brooded inside the Stellar Galleries. He had a mission. He had an objective. He knew who his enemies were.

This was just the next war for him to craft

War Academy

Sentinel nodded at Hound as he jogged away. "Zeta Prime, hmm? It's got to be important, then."

The military commander entered the building, navigated through the corridors and entered the communications room to find the live-feed conference already online. As the door slid open to admit him, Sentinel straightened himself as he regarded the holographic full-size image of Zeta Prime.

Crossing his right arm across his chest, Sentinel bowed slightly as a gesture of respect and supplication. "Zeta Prime." Sentinel said by way of greeting.

2011-03-05, 05:03 AM
War Academy

Blaze nodded at Hound and pulled the cy-gar from his mouth, "Right behind you."



"Rad, this is it. The Covenant of Primus. The very first Covenant of Primus. I'm actually holding it."

"That's fantastic, Sunstorm! Admittedly, I'm much more interested in the old-fashioned gizmo-doodles, but, that there, that's history."

As Rad wondered off and started rambling about the "delightfully archaic security system" Sunstorm carefully placed the Covenant in a protective case and subspaced it.

"Rad, how legal would you think this adventure here is?"

"Oh, I'd say very... very much not. Not legal at all, no. Why?"

"Because I'm pretty sure I just heard footsteps."

2011-03-05, 05:03 PM
War Academy

Kup smirked back at Hot Rod. "If I got 5 shanix for everytime I heard somebody tell me that, I would've retired ages ago. You'll soon find out that there's nothing standard about me."

With a simple gesture, Kup dismissed the guards. "I'll take it from here. Only thing I'll need to worry about is his big mouth." Kup turned around towards the training grounds and saw the chaos that was going on there. A simple excercise gone wrong and two veterans being outsmarted by a criminal.Kup slapped his forehead. "What the frag is happening over there?"

Kup motioned Hot Rod to follow him as he walked towards the training grouds. "Walk with me kid. Seems like you're going to start your training early."

Aero Blade
2011-03-05, 07:57 PM
War Academy

With Blaze in tow, Hound lead the way into the main building of the war academy and to one of the available waiting rooms. It was filled with what one might expect: datapads with the latests newsbytes and periodicals, a monitor with a running news feed, and the manditory pro-military propiganda postings. Hound stepped aside to allow Blaze entry, motioning to one of the many seats.

"Sentinel shouldn't be long. I'll make sure he knows where to find you once his conference is done," Hound explained, then started to head back out towards the communications department.

2011-03-06, 01:43 AM
War Academy:

Hot Rod chuckled. The relic had a sense of humor. There might be hope for him yet. "Sure thing, gramps. Maybe I can show your guys a thing or two."

2011-03-06, 11:21 AM
War Academy

Warpath transformed into robot mode to regard Kup that is walking towards them. He saluted Kup, pink paint dripping from his arm. "ATTEN-SHUN!" He yelled, signalling for all the cadets to stop the training.

"Sorry 'bout that, sir. Little hacker here got his arms on a computer and hacked the systems. I.. lost my temper. Won't happen again."

Oh, slag. Warpath frowned. It was all that little scraplet Volks' fault! At least it wasn't Sentinel who's reprimanding them now, although some would argue that Kup is the worse of the two in reprimanding, because he's normally more decent than Sentinel...

And to think he'll have to accompany Sentinel soon in a holo-conference... with half his body painted pink!

2011-03-06, 07:40 PM
War Academy, training grounds

Volks was doing his best to duck away from Scattershot's fire, but a few still hit him. He redirected the paint gun at him and fired away. "Eat this!"

Kup was fuming. "You bolts for brains," Kup shouted at Warpath. "You're being bested by a slaggin' criminal with no experience in combat and you're stopping the excercise mid-session!"

Kup then got in the face of Warpath and looked him straight in the optics. "You fragging got that right that it won't happen again!"

Kup took a few steps back. "You and Scattershot are going to be disciplined for this and here's how. You both want that hacker to leave the console alone? Then go and make him do that."

"This will be kind of a capture the flag excercise." Kup points towards a position in the field. "You two are going to start at the other end of the field. Volks is going to be at the other end. You two will have the red flag, while Volks and the console will represent the blue one."

Kup smirks. "Doesn't sound too much of a challenge right? Wrong! Because motormouth over here," Kup said referring to Hot Rod, "is going to be coming for your flag with the other recruits while Volks gets his way with the terminal and will run interference! Oh and before I forget, no flying!"

Crossing his arms and still having that stern look on his face, he shouted: " If you need to be somewhere else, tough break! I'd suggest you make this quick! If hot shot over here", pointing to Hot Rod again, "manages to get the flag, Volks doesn't have to clean the waste disposal units. NOW GET TO IT!"

Kup was impressed with Volks even though he'll never show it. It was this kind of thinking in a bot that he was looking for. Quickly adapting to the situation when he needed to even though he knew he would get into trouble for it.
While Volks is far from the ideal soldier, he had higher hopes for Hot Rod. There was something about this guy that made Kup think that it might not be such a bad thing to have a former criminal or two in the force. Just as long as they can be trusted.

(ooc: I can't remember what other recruits are on the field right now, (Hardtop?) so I referred to you as other cadets if you're there!)

2011-03-06, 08:28 PM
War Academy

As Kup explained their punishment, Warpath narrowed his optics until they were slits, glowing blue against the maroon background of his face. "Piece o' cube." The Minibot growled, cracking his knuckles. "C'mon, Scattershot. Let's show these little whelps how we do things in the battlefield. No more cryo shells. This time... we play it serious."

"You-" Warpath pointed a finger at Volks, "-better be able to back up your words, little criminal. Oh, we'll see."

He transformed into tank mode, and began to drive backwards towards the other end of the field. "Hey, Scattershot, do you want to protect the flag, or shall I? One needs to guard and the other needs to get orange boy over there."

2011-03-06, 10:59 PM

"Well, that is news," Red Alert told Nightbeat. "I didn't even realize that we had Decepticons here, let alone that they were active."

He considered that for a few seconds, then activated his comlink. Stakeout, are you done out there? I have a job that might be up your alley."

Iacon Mental Health Clinic

"I'll see you next week," Smokescreen told Scavenger. Then he pressed the call button on his desk, signalling Raiku that it was time for their session.

Aero Blade
2011-03-07, 02:20 AM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

Raiku had just about settled in for a nap when a receptionist called to him, having recieved the signal to send him in. Raiku gave a polite wave to the mech, getting up and stretching before he proceeded to Smokescreen's room.

"Afternoon," Smokescreen called to Scavanger and Smokescreen as he entered, his tone bland yet still managing to be friendly. It was the standard lack of enthusiasm but compliant behavior that he always showed when in the clinic.

2011-03-07, 12:41 PM
War Academy, Training Grounds

Volks had afforded inadequate opportunity for Scattershot to respond in an efficient manner, much to his displeasure. No sooner had he concluded firing an ample load of paint pellets at Volks, the Minibot had retaliated with inimicality, blasting Scattershot with the paint gun he so conveniently controlled.

The rough Autobot banked hard to the right, attempting to evade the bulk of the multi coloured barrage—but it only verified what an availing effort it was. Scattershot was struck by a considerable amount of paint blasts.

He peeled away from Volks, returning to where Kup and Warpath presently were. “I'm not finished with you yet, you little oil stain! Just you wait!”

Descending to the ground, Scattershot transformed, a remarkable display of anger painted on his faceplate. “What? What'd you say, Warpath? I was too busy thinkin' how funny Volks would look with his cranial unit shoved up his aft.”

Clearly, Volks's unexpected performance had rankled the trainer noticeably, causing his audio receptors to fail comprehending what Warpath had told him.

2011-03-07, 01:42 PM
War Academy

"I'm sayin' one of us needs to guard the flag from the little people trying to get at us, while the other heads to little orange scraplet and beat the scrap out of him." Warpath told Scattershot. "We both want the second job. But I ain't nowhere as agile as you are, so I think I'll be doing the guarding."

Warpath punched Scattershot lightly on the lower arm. "Just make sure you give the little punk hell."

2011-03-07, 02:06 PM
War Academy

"All right, I getcha now." Scattershot's tone appeared to have improved, ascending into a fixture of contentment, despite the embarrassment that was inflicted upon him only moments ago. "You're a crack shot with that turret of yours, anyway, Warpath. And I'll give him hell; you can fraggin' count on that. I'll even knock him around a bit for ya. How does that sound?"

2011-03-07, 02:27 PM
War Academy

"That's the Scattershot I know. TRAINING STARTS NOW!" Warpath abruptly transformed into tank mode, and his turret cranked towards several still-clueless cadets, and he let loose with a sonic shell which he ignited mid-flight, knocking them backwards and down onto the ground. "COME ON!" He yelled. "BOOOOM!"

2011-03-07, 03:53 PM
War Academy, Training Grounds

Volks was excited. His attempt turned into another moment for him to shine and show his skills. He strategically errected solid holographic walls from the ground in an attempt to trap Scattershot in a maze, distracting him long enough for Hot Rod to get to Warpath. "I'm still waiting! Come and get me, you overgrown spark reject!" Warpath could easily blow those walls away though.

Volks looked at Hot Rod. "Hope you're more than a bot with an awesome paint job!" Volks prepped four paint guns that were ready to fire if anybody got near him. "I hope we win. That'll teach those guys not to mess with this mini-bot."

2011-03-07, 09:09 PM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

Scavenger nodded.

"See you next time Smokescreen."


Mirage's Quarters

Weirdwolf padded softly round the plush apartment of Mirage.

He growled softly

"I'm sure you're recording this Mirage. See you soon."

2011-03-07, 09:34 PM
Topspin was enjoying the show. Cadets vs Instructors - this had turned out much more entertaining that he had imagined. Volks had certainly proven himself to be an asset so far. He wondered how the new recruit, Hot Rod, would prove himself. Scattershot was already ticked off, and that could prove to be a liability for him if he wasn't careful.

2011-03-07, 09:50 PM
War Academy:

Hot Rod smirked. "If I wasn't that awesome, would I have this paint job? You just keep them away from the flag." He looked over at Hardtop. "Run interference for the little guy. If you can get into a good position so they can't shoot you but you can shoot them, let 'em have it." Transforming to vehicle mode, engine roaring as he hooked around the holo-maze, charging for Warpath's end of the field.

2011-03-07, 11:15 PM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

"Goodbye, Scavenger. Have a good week." Smokescreen took a moment to put Scavenger's file away, making sure that he didn't watch his patient as he walked away.

Most of the patients that Smokescreen saw were fairly mundane cases, people who blew minor problems out of proportion to make themselves miserable. Those patients, frustratingly neurotic though they may be, were a lot easier to treat than genuinely traumatized individuals like Scavenger. For most of them, Smokescreen knew that he was really nothing more than a surrogate drinking buddy, someone that they paid to listen to their problems because, as disconnected as modern society had become, many people simply didn't have any actual friends that they could trust with the mundane troubles of their everyday lives. But with Scavenger and those like him, Smokescreen felt that he was genuinely making a difference, that he was helping them inch closer toward being able to live a normal life.

As Raiku walked in, Smokescreen felt himself unconsciously shift from 'medical professional' back into 'professional listener' mode. Drawing the technician's file out of his storage cabinet -- he'd always had a soft spot for physical rather than digital files -- the psychiatrist smiled a bland professional smile. He had nothing against Raiku personally -- in fact, he rather liked the other Transformer, quirks and all -- but Raiku fell squarely into the "doesn't need professional help" category, regardless of what the company he worked for might have thought. And even though people like him were what paid the bills, so to speak, he couldn't help but consider them a distraction from his real work.

"And how are you today, Raiku?" he asked pleasantly.

2011-03-08, 11:03 AM
War Academy, Training Grounds

Prompting his bulky form into brisk motion, Scattershot would not squander a single astrosecond in reaching his destination. Even with the accompanying solid holographic walls, a ploy fabricated to impede his efforts, he would not even consider slowing down marginally until his task had been accomplished. Volks could learn a thing or two from this experience—and Scattershot. Sometimes pressing on in the best possible speed, regardless of how chaotic your situation, was all the strategy one would require.

Well, Scattershot was an unwavering believer in his own philosophy, at any rate. Anyone who doubted his perspective was to be bestowed as a "tin-plated buckethead."

The abrupt Autobot couldn't see Volks from his current position, but he assumed the stylus neck could hear him. “Getting closer, little mech!”

2011-03-08, 12:08 PM
War Academy

"Eat this. Bang, bang, bang and bang." Warpath yelled, in quick succession aiming and launching cryo shells at the paint cannons, his turret moving with practised ease as they launched their payload at the paint cannons.

Ignoring Scattershot for the being, Warpath aimed at where he guessed Hot Rod would be and launched sonic shells to disrupt the other criminal's movement. "Crackle!" He said, before switching back to paint loaded shells.

2011-03-08, 05:20 PM
Trainyards, Iacon:

Nightbeat shrugged. "If you get somebody who's famous backing your cause, more people will want to sign up. Just a publicity stunt." He subspaced the padd. "Our best bet to figuring out if this is what got him killed is to talk with all of the racers listed. If whoever killed him tries to kill us, we'll know we're on the right track."

War Academy:

Hot Rod could hear the whistling of the approaching shells. "I could get used to this. Just like gang warfare." Skidding into a sharp turn, he angled away from where the sonic shells would impact, zooming into the maze.

2011-03-08, 11:53 PM
Hub-Palace of the Elders, Target Range

Nightstalker smiled

"There's a lesson we won't have to teach you then . There are Officers and then there are Officers.

2011-03-09, 12:12 AM
War Academy

At last, Zeta Prime registered (through the sensornet) that Sentinel had addressed him and was waiting patiently. The old Prime visibly shook himself, the holo-image flickering in response; it was so very easy, so very pleasant, to fall back into his memories rather than focus on the present.

"Ah, Sentinel," he said, vocals clear and precise as ever. "I have received and reviewed all your on-going reports and must say that I am most pleased with the standard of the recruits. That is to say: I observe that your training methods are having many positive results.

"I trust that some of your most recent graduates will soon be transferred to active service at the Decagon?"

Aero Blade
2011-03-09, 01:46 AM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

"About the same as usual," Raiku answered to Smokescreen, his standard answer, settling into a seat as Scavanger exited and the door closed.

"Both of us here on the behalf of our paychecks." As Raiku continued on his pleasantness began to dissapear, his expression becoming neutral and his voice taking an odd tone. "Though this time I might actually make you work for yours..."

2011-03-09, 02:48 AM
War Academy

"Many thanks, Zeta Prime." Sentinel said, crossing his arms behind his back. He smiled as his training methods were mentioned. It is proper, after all, to be credited. But this is Zeta Prime. If it were Kup or Magnus or someone else he would've taken time to bask in the glory, but not here. He won't embarass himself in front of a Prime.

"While some of the graduating cadets have been assigned to the hot zones -- Kaon, Tarn, Vos -- in order to give more manpower should anything break out, most will be sent to the Decagon and other Autobot outposts." Sentinel said.

Sentinel then pursed his lips, wondering how to tell Zeta Prime about his plan with Blaze, and whether his mentor will approve...

Warpath chuckled as Hot Rod moved his way expertly through the maze, whilst other cadets were stopped by the sonic shells.

"You're good, kid." Warpath chuckled, and aimed his turret to the air, and launched another shell onto the air where Hot Rod should be driving in. "BLAM!" This one broke apart mid-air, into multiple smaller shells, which rained down upon the battlefield, ready to drench whomever it hits with paint.

Pity the maze walls blocked his sight, or he could've easily sniped Hot Rod from afar.

2011-03-09, 05:20 PM
War Academy:

Hot Rod had slewed to a halt, stopping short of the rain of bomblets, transforming back to robot mode and smiling. 'Now, how cunning is this guy.......', he thought to himself. 'Well, it worked against one of the meaner thugs in the 'End, might work against him.' "SLAG!!!!! He got me!" And with that, he switched directions, taking a different route through the maze, still trying to steer clear of Scattershot.

2011-03-09, 06:09 PM
War Academy (from Zeta Prime's Chambers)


Zeta Prime, accessing the War Academy via the electronic tie-in, was quite as able to see Sentinel as Sentinel was able to see his image. The old mech was thoroughly approving.

"We must ensure that all strategic locations are protected in case it is necessary to implement a controlled lockdown. I am concerned particularly about Kaon; the industrial and commercial sites are, as you may be aware, of critical importance to our economic drive towards expanding Cybertron space.

"Many groups of citizens are facing great uncertainty as it is becoming increasingly obvious that we are facing a foe in our very midst. There has been a surge in the number of attacks on establishment premises, including Council-controlled offices and, most distressingly, Temples.

"I want you to do something for me..."

Iacon, streets approaching outer Council Complex

Mirage pulled out across two lanes of the Highway and swept down into one of the more local roads. There was more traffic here and many units in root mode strolling along the walkways viewing the mechandise purveyed from the several shops.

He slowed down, took a right, and powered out of the corner. Instantly, he had to swerve to avoid crashing with a pedestrian. Transforming, he landed hard on his feet, momentum carrying him to slam his back against a gleaming wall, and he slid to the floor.

"Ah, sorry," said a rich voice next to him and he looked up at the large, purple and unusually designed mech he had almost hit.

"Shockwave? What are you doing out here?" Mirage asked, standing, surprised enough to not start complaining about his tumble.

"Collecting some research material," Shockwave replied. Luckily, due to his head design (hexagonal presentation, no features except a monoptic that pulsed with his speech pattern), he could not look duplicitous. "I am returning to Vos on the next shuttle."

"The Master was trying to contact you a short while ago," Mirage said. "I am not entirely sure why."

And it was a good job that Mirage had had diplomatic training, because he knew how to conceal the truth when necessary.

"My deputy will have handled it, no doubt. Nevertheless, I thank you for this information."

2011-03-10, 10:04 AM
War Academy

"Name it, Zeta Prime. Is it about this 'Decepticon' faction of Megatron's?" Sentinel asked the holographic rendition of his leader. He already guessed the Prime's view on the Decepticons, but he wanted to hear Zeta Prime's opinion out first before suggesting Operation: Blaze. Gauge how far he's willing to go.

It is all, after all, for the good of the cause.

Warpath chuckled. "Y'ain't gonna fool me by playing possum, criminal. You guys never play fair, especially not when hit by paint bombs."

Rotating the turret to where Hot Rod's voice had appeared, Warpath launched another wide-spray shell. "SPOOM!" Warpath yelled as the shell exploded mid-air. He liked mimicking the sounds of his shells. It's cute.

2011-03-10, 02:18 PM
War Academy (from Zeta Prime's Chambers)

Prime was somewhat startled.

"Megatron? Decepticons?"

He had been certain that, although Sentinel would have found out about the link between the active insurgents and Megatron's so-called personal security cadre, it had not been widely voiced outside secure channels. Zeta Prime was not at all sure why Sentinel had suddenly brought the subject up.

He sounded bewildered as he went on: "I was going to talk to you about Yoketron..." But then he rallied. "What about Megatron, hm?"

Iacon, streets approaching outer Council Complex

Watching Shockwave leave with purposeful steps, Mirage scratched the back of his head; his hand came away with flakes of fine blue paint on it.

"Slaggit - there goes the colour again. Another touch up job, but at least there is no gunshot damage this time."

He turned, started out for Maccadam's afoot.

I was not expecting the stalker out here, but that was still a little worrying, he thought. What is Shockwave doing in Iacon when things are reaching crisis point in Vos? He has complete control of the City, but seems to treat it as a game...


Shockwave was thankful that Mirage has not asked him about his 'research'. How does a senior Scientist and politician explain away a love of trash literature? He had enough clout to place an order from Vos for his regular fix, but did not feel that he could let anyone see such a potential character weakness.

It was not good that one of the Towers elite, especially one of the Master's potential successors, should see him in Iacon. He had some inclination of Mirage's lesser known life of subterfuge, but could only hope he would keep quiet.

2011-03-10, 05:49 PM
War Academy:

'Smarter than he sounds..... but not that smart.' Hearing the detonations in the distance, and smirking all the while, Hot Rod kept moving through the maze, getting closer and closer to the other end.

2011-03-10, 06:05 PM
War Academy, Training grounds

Kup watched from the sidelines as Hot Rod and Volks were making things hard for Warpath and Scattershot. He smiled. Things went better than he had hoped.

"Tell me if you need me to drop a wall, Roddy!" Volks shouted. "I can make it happen!"

Only two paint guns left operational.... slag! Got to make due..... Volks fired a salvo at Scattershot in the hope of taking him out.

With his arms crossed, Kup watched with joy as he saw Hot Rod advance through the maze and Scattershot still trying to find his way through it. If Warpath and Scattershot would start to communicate, they would have a much easier time. Warpath could've blown a path thrugh the walls, but instead they're being led by their resentment towards Volks.

"Are those two the new recruits sent by the Justice Department?" Kup was taken by suprise as a voice behind him spoke. He quickly turned around and had to look up to see who it was. "Magnus!" Kup said. "You know better than that to sneak up on me like that!"

Magnus smiled. "My apologies Kup. It's not often that I get that chance." He stood next to Kup. His white frame was made him stand out easy and always attracted attention. "So? That them?"

"Yup," Kup replied. "Two crooks against two vets. Never thought that those 2 guys would do so well against Warpath and Scattershot. Aside from their lack of respect, it seems that their program is working out."

Magnus looked on. "Good. We can always use good soldiers in the field.

2011-03-10, 06:19 PM
War Academy:

Hot Rod's smirk turned into a grin. A big grin. "Can you keep a sensor lock on me, Volks?", he shouted, keeping moving so Warpath would have a harder time hitting him.

Aero Blade
2011-03-10, 06:42 PM
War Acadamy

Recieving no protest or questions from Blaze, Hound left him in the waiting room and headed towards the communications department. He only peeked in briefly to check that Sentinel had arrived for his video conference, then left to proceed back out to the training yard. It was rare he had a few moments to himself like now, and when he had them he prefered to spend them outside.

Little had changed since he had been out in the training yard to retrieve Sentinel, namely the paint splatters covering the area from Volk's initial insurrection. When it became apparent to him that the two mechs from the criminal reform program were getting the better of the trained soldiers, Hound couldn't help but crack a smile. You guys are getting rusty. If they're doing this good already, won't be long before I have to go track down the escapees.

With that thought in his mind, Hound found himself scanning the entire area to be sure it was secure, just in case some of their older memembers of the same program were using the distraction the new mechs were presenting as an opporunity to take a hike. He settled down a bit once his scan noted that both Kup and Ultra Magnus were in the area - few of the senior reformees in the program would try anything with those two around.

Just as he was about to end his scan, though, two unfamiliar mechs popped up on his sensors, drawing his attention to the main entrance. They had made it through security without any problems it seemed, but something still struck him as odd about them, a fact that became clear as the two got closer and he realized he was looking at a pair of Temple Knights. He'd heard plenty of their kind, but this was the first time he'd seen any. After a moment of staring his mind went back to the immediate surroundings, mainly the paint splattering around the area.

"Uh oh. Company's coming and we haven't spruced up. This should be interesting...."

Yoketron had transformed into his robot mode and been walking since they had arrived at the acadamy, but Terabolt had remained in her alt-mode, the cat-creature. Not many mechs having seen creatures from organic worlds, it resulted in stares, most of which stopped when she returned the gaze at them.

Yoketron largely ignored the stares, continuing at an even pace until he eventually stopped nearby to where Kup and Ultra Magnus were observing the troops. He chose to stand a short distance from them, facing out as though to observe the recruits as well, arms crossed. He was not watching the troops, though, but instead it was clear he was staring at their work - the leftover splatters from the paintball fiasco. Once Terabolt had caught up she sat down in alt-form, joining Yoketron in staring at the paint splatters as though it was the most interesting thing in the area.

2011-03-11, 05:57 PM
War Academy, Training grounds

"I can do just about anything, partner!" Volks replied to Hot Rod. "Just give me a signal and I'll clear a path!"


Kup noticed that the exercise was drawing attention from quite some mechs on the base. He's usually not a big fan of spectators, but since these two are the first two of the new criminal reform program, he allowed it for now. As long as it didn't comprimise the security of the Academy.

2011-03-11, 07:31 PM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

Smokescreen smiled politely, neither agreeing nor disagreeing with Raiku's assessment.

"What do you mean?" he asked. "Do you have something you'd like to talk about?"


Red Alert frowned. "We can do that," he said, "but the minute we do the person who was responsible for this killing will know that we're onto them. He's welcome to try and give us trouble, but if he starts rubbing out other witnesses instead things could get ugly."

2011-03-11, 08:08 PM

Scoop held up a hand.

"um what if I talked to them and you listened in , would whoever's behind this suspect a reporter. If we could rig a come device you could feed me questions."

Aero Blade
2011-03-11, 09:54 PM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

"You're probably the only one who's going to listen," Raiku answered, his tone with a bitter edge that Smokescreen had never heard before.

Normally he was a good sport about these required visits, but that was not the case today. It was almost like a different mech was now sitting infront of him, and his next words made the reason for the change more apparent.

"Someone is trying to kill me."

2011-03-12, 05:49 PM
War Academy

Hardtop rose up from a wall towards the back, checking for the third time that he'd dialed his rifle power down. He scanned the area through scope before deciding on Scattorshot as a target. The maze impeded his line of sight, so he took aim at the larger mech's shoulder and fired...

2011-03-12, 11:54 PM
War Academy

Yoketron? That old processor-ovah-mattah windbag? Bah! Sentinel's got lots of problems to handle without dealing with Yoketron. But he won't say it in Yoketron's face, of course, mainly due to the fact that he disliked seeing his face meet the ground.

"I suspect that this insurgence in Kaon, and the general unrestlessness of the local populace there, is due to Megatron and the 'Decepticon' movement. We have reason to believe that the two are connected." Sentinel told Zeta Prime.

"I was thinking, Zeta Prime, to stop this right at the source. Send a... trusted assassin, former Autobot, preferably, to kill this problem from the root. Megatron. I know it's unsightful, sir, but it's the only way to cull this insurgence before a full out rebellion breaks out. And with our forces in this state, with General Obsidian MIA... Primus help us if they decide to attack. We will win by sheer numbers, but not without a lot of death. Might as well as kill Megatron now, with minimal bloodshed, than later with half our army decimated."

Warpath swung his turret around and began firing cryogenic shells into the air, taking them into arcs around his position so the enemy would find their way to the flag blocked by the ice walls.

Volks isn't the only one to be able to make walls here... or drop them.

"Scattershot, I'll clear a path!" Warpath yelled, and began shelling the maze near the gruff instructor with explosive shells to allow him an easier time to get to Volks. "Watch the sniper!"

(OOC: @Springer85, Volks and Roddy aren't the first 'reformed' criminals in the War Academy... :))

2011-03-13, 11:35 PM
War Academy (from Zeta Prime's Chambers)

Zeta Prime listened to Sentinel with growing unease, because, whether he knew it or not, the younger mech was voicing one of the propostions placed before the Council, which had turned it down out of hand. To put it as basically as Traachon, instigation of the ultimate sanction, whether it succeeded or failed, could precipitate open civil unrest among those units of war-machine origin.

There had been many problems with the war-machines over the vorns. As a group, they were generally programmed to explore, build and protect for the good of Cybertron, but many seemed to have developed the belief that they were the underclass - and there was now a handful of individuals who were using this disaffection for their own ends.

Zeta shook his head. The war-machines were being driven to question their very function within the society Primus had given them, being told that they were victims of exploitation even as they were being exploited. Oh, Zeta had no illusions about Megatron, especially given the fact that, according to the impressions he had gleaned from the Matrix, Megatron's had been the hand behind Guardian's demise.

He had had to abide by the Council's decision, but had always felt removing Megatron would ensure that, if things came to a head, his Autobot forces would be dealing with an easily-controlled mob rather than a devastating rebellion.

"This conversation," he said. "Is not being recorded."

Let Sentinel make of that what he will.

"Now: about Yoketron. He will surely be at your gates by now, along with young Terabolt I expect you to extend a welcome and be prepared to listen to all he has to say. More, I expect you to help him in any way he requests."

Transport, between Kaon and Iacon

Sitting hunched in his seat, staring, unseeing, out of the shuttle's small window, Chameleon was thinking.

He was glad to be out of Kaon; visiting the gladatorial games had used to be an illicit thrill, but he was absolutely certain he would not be going back again, even for Sunstreaker.

And what about Starscream and Jetfire? Why were they in Kaon?

2011-03-14, 04:00 AM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

Smokescreen perked up a bit at what Raiku had to say.

"I don't want to sound incredulous," he assured the other Transformer. "But if someone is trying to kill you, what are you doing here? You should be downtown filing a police report."


Red Alert opened his mouth, ready to chase Scoop off with a dismissive "Why are you still here?", but the words died in his mouth.

Instead he said, "Actually, that's not a bad idea. What's your angle? You won't be able to report on it, not until we've made an arrest. They'd kill you just as sure as they killed our friend here."

Aero Blade
2011-03-14, 04:22 AM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

"It's happening on the job," Raiku snapped viciously, briefly. "If my employer doesn't choose to file the complaint, then it doesn't go anywhere, and they don't believe me when I talk to them. I've got no witnesses, and they already think I'm crazy, or they wouldn't have these little playdates set up between us.

"When it's just me talking, they don't pay any attention," Raiku leaned back hard enough in his seat to make a sound as he hit it. "The drones have attacked me, after the rest of the crew has gone up top while I finish my reports, and I take the blame for mangling the drones as though I'm hallucinating and going off on the things.

"Last night's one was orchestrated well, I'll admit to that. Whoever's doing it tried to make it look like the thing malfunctioned and would've dropped on me. As soon as I go over to investigate it, hologram projector on it flashes 'back off' and then fuses its wiring when I go to open it up - I guarantee you the drones aren't programmed with those features..."

Raiku leaned forward towards Smokescreen again, slowly. His tone had become even and serious again. "That was the second attack. The first one tried to put a laser cutter in my back. I heard the thing skidding on some rubble as it geared up to come charging at me. Once I took that one offline and checked out its database for whatever the pit it's malfunction was, the drive was wiped clean. Entirely. Like factory fresh with absolutely no programming in the thing. How many guys you know that can do that?"

2011-03-14, 04:58 AM
War Academy:

Hot Rod moved around. Moving carefully through the maze, he raised his voice again so Volks could hear him. "When I give you the signal, drop the walls between me and the guy guarding the other flag as well as the wall right behind me."

Trainyards, Iacon:

Nightbeat shook his head. "Given the fact that the murderer decided to eliminate the problem rather than the witnesses, it would make more sense to come after us." Then he looked over at Scoop. "Or we could use bait......"

2011-03-14, 07:14 AM
Trainyards, Iaacon

Scoop shrugged

"I'd like to help , make a difference for a change plus of course once it was all wrapped up I'd have the ultimnate insiders perspective,"

2011-03-14, 09:30 AM
War Academy

"Moron, shoot your mouth out, give away your position. Use scrambled frequencies! KABLAM!" Warpath yelled at Hot Rod, lauching another scattershot shell into the air above where Hot Rod's voice came out from. The shell exploded, raining down paint bullets down upon Hot Rod.

This one is good, Warpath thought. Might even get the best of him...

It's a good thing, then, that Volks doesn't control all the blockades in the arena. His ice walls would slow the criminal down, which in turn would allow him some time to retaliate when he figures out where Hot Rod is coming from.

Sentinel's expression hardened when Zeta Prime said that the conversation was not being recorded. All hints of humour or trying to appease Zeta Prime vanished. Of course it isn't recorded, everybody knows that. But...

Ah, the Council must've vetoed a similar plan, Sentinel decided. And this is Sentinel telling him to do what his judgment thinks right.

And isn't he? Zeta Prime must've reached the same conclusion, that without leadership, the Decepticon is but another rabble instead of a rebellion or a revolution.

"I understand, Zeta Prime." Sentinel said, composing himself. "I will handle this at my end, without involving the Autobot army or the Council. I trust you know Blaze?"

Sentinel left it hanging, however, as Zeta Prime mentioned Yoketron, and stifled a groan. Not more diplomacy... Sentinel silently swore to himself, he had used up the day's store of diplomacy while talking with Blaster earlier, and wasn't sure he could keep a straight face while talking to the old-fashioned Temple Knight. Yoketron himself isn't so bad, he's a master and all, but the other Temple Knights are normally kind of holier-than-thou, and Sentinel hated it.

Obviously Yoketron won't approve of Operation: Blaze.

"Why has he come? And... what does he require of me? Or the Academy?" Sentinel asked, not really trying to keep the annoyance out of his voice.

2011-03-14, 11:51 AM
War Academy, Training Grounds

Volks stood ready, firing his paintgun randomly as he didn't know Scattershot's position, but had faith in Hardtop's ability to cause enough of a distraction for him. "Ready when you are! Consider the walls dropped when you give the signal," he shouted across the field. "We're definately going to win now!"

"He's quite confident," Magnus said to Kup.

"A little too confident is you ask me, Kup replied. "Makes me consider sending you in to lend Warpath a hand."

Magnus cracked a smile. "Appreciate it, but not today. Two veterans against 3 cadets is a good match up."

2011-03-14, 02:50 PM
War Academy:

Hot Rod had moved right before the rain of paint bomblets when he got to the position he wanted.

At his back, Scattershot was behind the wall.

In front of him, from the sounds of cannonfire and the shouting, was Warpath. "Once I get fitted with a commlink, I'll think about it." Then he raised his voice again. "NOW!!!!"

2011-03-15, 08:11 AM
War Academy

Volks enters a command into the console and it does exactly what Hot Rod asked for. "You've got your path! Go! Go! Go!"

2011-03-15, 09:29 AM
War Academy

Warpath heard Hot Rod shout, and swivelled his turret towards that direction, shelling it with more cryo shells to block the criminal's way.

"You're good, but y'ain't the only one that can make walls."

He fired again, the segmented shell transforming into the spiderlike sonic scrambler mine... only he didn't realize that Scattershot was that close to Hot Rod...

2011-03-15, 01:49 PM
War Academy (from Zeta Prime's Chambers)

"Blaze, hm?" Zeta mused. He nodded. Then Sentinel's obvious annoyance with the thought of Yoketron coming to the Academy hit him.

"Your disapproval is noted. However, it is irrelevant. You have acknowledged that Megatron is the greatest potential threat to our social stability; it is imperative that measures are taken to prevent his rise to a position from which he can launch open engagement, be it political or otherwise. Your graduates will be one of the bastions of our civilisation - and the Temple Knights, the other.

"I am directly instructing you to work with Yoketron to establish friendly and positive relations. Be sure that I will not tolerate anything less.

"Zeta Prime - out."

2011-03-15, 03:26 PM
War Academy:

As the walls came down, Hot Rod transformed back to vehicle mode, tires screaming as he rocketed forward, away from ground zero and Scattershot, turning hard to avoid the rain of cryo-shells, then zig-zagging to make himself harder to hit once he clears the edge of the maze. "Better put 'em up, loudmouth. I'm coming for that flag!"

2011-03-15, 06:55 PM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

"Your employers can't stop you from walking into a police station and filing a report yourself," Smokescreen said. "We're not talking about someone stealing from the office's petty cash here. Attempted murder is a serious charge."

He turned toward Raiku and said, "Not to be morbid, but if you don't file a report and whoever's doing this succeeds at killing you, no one is ever going to know about the previous attempts. They would get away with it."

He made a few notes before he continued.

"That is, assuming you're not starting to listen to the people who tell you that you're crazy."


"That's fair enough," Red Alert told Scoop. "But you'll need to check in with us regularly. And if you think they're onto you, get out immediately. The last think I want is another body to clean up."

Turning to face Nightbeat, he said, "It looks like we've got our bait."

Aero Blade
2011-03-15, 07:47 PM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

"Yes hello officer, I'd like to file a report, someone's trying to kill me. What's that? No I don't have any proof or witnesses, but if you ask my employer to cooberate it he'll gladly tell you I've got a few screws loose," Raiku spoke as though rehearsing a conversation at the station, then turned a bitter look back at Smokescreen.

"They've got more important things than the ramblings of a random citizen, I've seen the news lately. If I don't get laughed out of the station, I'll be tossed in a holding cell for observation. And if I start raising the pit without some sort of proof that it's not me going bonkers, I can kiss that job goodbye, and probably any chance of ever getting another one. I'll be an even better target once I'm turned out onto the streets."

Raiku had gotten up and started pacing, unable to keep still any longer. He had gone from a well-adusted, roll-with-the-punches mech to one that was agitated, stressed out, and looked ready to snap at any moment. Having this chance to vent would probably do him some good, but right now it didn't seem to be making any progress.

2011-03-16, 09:13 AM
War Academy

"Hold still!" Warpath yelled, opening fire with another standard paint cannon at Hot Rod, turret spinning to track the speedy criminal.

Despite the anger in his tone, Warpath had never felt more alive for a very long time.

Sentinel cracked a tired smirk when Zeta Prime nodded at his choice of Blaze. Of course this had to be done discreetly. A lot of preparations are going to have be made, and he's probably needing to pull some favours.

Blaze was perfect. He is a rogue, yes, but he is a former Autobot and Sentinel knew Blaze of old. He would jump at the chance for redemption, and for the possibility of violence sanctioned by the law. He's also a good hitman; shame he used those talents in the wrong department. Sentinel hoped Blaze had changed, and was confident that he wouldn't succumb to the Decepticon propaganda. Even if he does, there's nothing to connect Blaze with the Autobots. Or even if there are, they'll be disavowed easily.

Plus, Blaze is disposable. The Autobot army can still function should he be discovered or killed. Sentinel preferred if Blaze succeeded, not because of concern for the ex-Autobot but because if he fails it'll give Megatron an excuse to begin hostilities with the Autobots.

However, he first had to deal with slagging Yoketron (what a stupid name!) and his Primus loving knights.

Establish a friendly working relationship with Yoketron... oh, Sentinel couldn't deny that Yoketron's Knights are a great asset and veritable warriors, but they are simply just too emotional, putting Primus above everything, even if it would interfere with military protocol.

Still, at least they are on his side.

Bloody ninjas.

"Understood, Zeta Prime. I will ensure a good working relationship with Yoketron and his Temple Knights." Sentinel told Zeta as the hologram winked out.

He sighed and opened the commlink built into his wrist, and spoke in the arrogant, irritable tone the world knew him as, instead of the diplomatic, slightly overconfident tone he used with Blaster and Zeta Prime earlier. "Hound, make yourself useful and give Blaze a sit-rep on the Kaon situation. Need-to-know only, tell him about the 'suspected' insurgence and try to know what he knows about Kaon. I'll personally talk to him about his assignment later."

As he said this, he stormed out of the bulding, composed himself, and began walking in an orderly manner towards where Kup, Magnus, Yoketron and Terabolt are watching those idiots making a fool of themselves.

Sentinel's optics widened at seeing Terabolt. Instinctively he reached for his energon battle lance at seeing the organic-based alternate mode, then stopped. No. This is a Tranformer stupid enough to have an organic-based alternate mode, not a real organic. No need to make yourself look stupid, Sentinel.

"Master Yoketron." Sentinel said to the older Transformer, doing the same gesture that he used with Zeta Prime, crossing his right arm against his chest and bowing slightly. "It's a privilege to have you here." Turning to Terabolt, Sentinel regarded the femme with a polite bow as well, although not without the crossed arm, and a little hint of disapproval in his optics. "And your apprentice as well."

He turned to Magnus and regarded the soldier with a curt nod.

2011-03-16, 02:36 PM
War Academy:

"Oh, I'll hold still. After I get yer flag!"Hot Rod kept zigging and zagging, dodging paint as he goes, realizing part of his problem: the area was too open. And the closer he got to the tank, the less he'd have to traverse the turret to fire at him.


There were times, he thought to himself, that derelict buildings had their uses.....

Aero Blade
2011-03-16, 04:09 PM
War Academy

Hound had been fully focused on watching the Temple Knights when his facination was distracted by Sentinel's transmittion. "Understood," Hound replied quickly, readily picking up on the tone in his voice and deciding he should clear out. It didn't take the head of the intelligence department to figure out that Zeta had probably called about the Temple Knights coming, and Hound wanted to be out of ground Zero with the mood the commander was currently in.

Over by the obstacle course maze, Yoketron from his angle was about to spot Sentinel's approach from the corner of his optic without turning himself away from the current action. He also noticed the sudden pause and a gesture as though the soldier was going for a weapon, but Yoketron restrained himself from moving and Sentinel had stopped himself as well.

Though Terabolt was not facing Sentinel's direction, she seemed just as aware of of the action, the metal cat-creature swivelling an ear in his direction as he briefly paused to go for his weapon, which turned back towards the maze when he changed his mind.

Guess this hard metal hide looks more realistic than I thought... Terabolt contacted Yoketron silently. Or his vision is worse than we realized.

As if you did not already know his fear of organics when you chose to stay in that form. Though it will do him some good to face down that fear. Yoketron responded.

I figured as much, since you didn't order me out of it.

By that time Sentinel had reached them, and Yoketron finally turned from the maze to meet his greeting and return it. "Sentinel," Yoketron responded with a similar gesture, the Temple Knight equivallent nod and bow. "But this is not my apprentice. As of this morning Terabolt is a fully inducted member of the Temple Knight order. And, I am proud to say, my combat partner."

That was not a common thing among their order, not for two mechs so different of age and experience. Knights when paired off were of similar skill level and styles that complimented eachother, reinforcing eachother's strengths and helping guard their weaknesses. Just graduated, and already teamed up with one of the most well known training masters...

"I see you are allowing the new recruits to redecorate the training field..." Yoketron couldn't keep himself from saying, and did his best to restrain the smile he felt coming from observing the mess that had been created. "Students of the reform program, I assume?"

Terabolt failed to respond to Sentinel at all, still focused on the maze with the intent gaze of a feline watcing rodents run around. Wether it was her, or just the effect the metal cat-creature form gave her, was anyone's guess.

2011-03-17, 11:56 AM
War Academy

"In yer dreams, cupcake!" Warpath snarled, lobbing shells at Hot Rod, blanks mixed with paint ones in order to save ammunition for when it matters.

Sentinel smiled falsely at Yoketron, his nervousness at Terabolt's organic-based alternate mode still unnerving him somewhat. Why would a Temple Knight pick such an abhorrent alternate mode? Sentinel wondered. But he flat-out ignored Terabolt when Yoketron addressed him. Fair enough, since the femme had ignored him anyway. If it were another Transformer, Sentinel would've repeated his greeting in an irritated manner, but he didn't feel like dealing with the femme upstart.

At least Yoketron was polite enough to return his greeting, but his apprenti- nay, fellow Temple Knight- is either too self-absorbed or too vain to return said greeting. What was Yoketron thinking, having this young lass promoted to be regarded nearly as highly as the old master was? They have no military discipline or etiquette at all!

And to ignore him- just because she's just been inducted into the order! Why, even the old master had enough politeness to greet him! Or worse, she thinks she's so holy that she didn't need to greet Sentinel! And Zeta Prime expected him to socialize with these rude barbarians?

Calm down, Sentinel reminded himself. Fortunately for him, he didn't stay seething for too long, only by the span of time that Yoketron returned his greeting and explained Terabolt's recent promotion. "Aaah." Sentinel said with a beaming smile. "A fully inducted member, and at such a young age, too! My apologies, miss."

Sentinel glanced at the training field and winced at the lack of cooperation between Scattershot and Warpath. Those two are in for a scolding, what with letting Volks get the better of them, and now making an embarrassment out of themselves in front of distinguished guests! "The orange, short one is a hacker, and the one with flame decals are under Kup's care. Both of them are part of the new reform program. The sniper is a normal cadet, though. Talented ones, all of them. It's a good thing, having these untapped potentials be on our side instead of... well, elsewhere."

Sentinel smiled again, "How fare the things at your end, Master Yoketron?"

Aero Blade
2011-03-17, 03:35 PM
War Academy

Yoketron had caught Sentinel's irritation despite how brief it was, and he was given a calm but very dissaproving frown.

"I had hoped you would have remembered from the inspection visit, our protocols being so similar to yours out in the field, but it seems a reminder is in order. Regardless of whether it's two or two-hundred, we must always have someone fully on watch in the event trouble comes up, especially given most recient events which I know you are already aware of. Judging from the number of sentries we passed on the way in I'd assume you know this concept quite well. Rest assured you will be greeted properly with the respect you deserve once things have calmed down, or when I take my shift at sentry duty."

The partial reprimand given out, Yoketron's expression returned to neutral. "Now that the subject has been broached, how aware are you of the current situation with the temples?"

2011-03-17, 03:52 PM
(OCC: The BGM here is "Fuel", by Metallica. Specifically, this version. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rsxv0zjwdYA )

War Academy:

When in doubt, peel out.

Generally, it was good advice. Hot Rod knew it had saved his life on more than one occasion. It didn't work so well when you were charging towards a tank, though.

The trick was fairly obvious. Get in close. Nothing fancy, nothing flashy, just get in under the gun.

The trick would be resisting the urge to saw bits off of the guy. From what admittedly scant information he had, he figured the army wouldn't be happy with 'drag 'em down into the gutter' fighting.

Which was unfortunate, as one thing Hot Rod loved doing was fighting dirty.

With shells, both blank and paint filled, exploding to his sides and behind, he sped up even more, driving his tachometer into the red and smashing it through the other side, flames jetting from his exhaust as he screamed towards Warpath, his path a random, barely controlled fireball.

2011-03-17, 09:26 PM
War Academy

Volks was jumping from excitement behind his console, feeling that this one is going to be a sure win. "Whooooo!!! We're going to beat these guys, partner," he said referring to Hot Rod.

Magnus and Kup were still watching from the sidelines. While Kup could appreciate the cheers from Volks, he's going to give him and audioreceptor full later anyway. This maybe be training, but it's not a game. This is preperation for the real thing and in the real thing you don't give your position away by screaming like a schoolgirl.

Magnus still had his arms crossed and watched as the red mech with the nice paintjob was making his move. "Impressive," was all he said right now.

Kup nodded. "Yeah, the kid got potential. Big mouth too. Might even make half a decent soldier," Kup grumbled. "Don't know about that other scraplet.

Magnus' optics rolled for a few kliks at Volks and then back at Hot Rod.

With Sentinel arriving on the scene, he gave him a proper salute as he nodded to him. "Commander," he said. He then turned to Yoketron. "Master Yoketron," he said, adding the proper bow to it.

Kup only gave everybody a quick nod. He preferred to keep a close optic on the exercise infront of him.

Brave Maximus
2011-03-17, 11:09 PM
Alpha Trion walked through the halls un-noticed. He despised this place. It felt wrong to be walking it's halls. And yet, he knew it was something he had to do.

The old mech let his optics unfocus. He was seeing Iacon as it was, millenia ago, when they fought for freedom, when they first started teaching belief. Now, it was the center of a buracracy, who's only function was to perpetuate itself.

He didn't know where his feet were taking him. He walked deftly through the halls, avoiding those who couldn't see him.
In the distance, he heard the sounds of controlled weapons fire...

Interesting..... he thought to himself, and headed towards it.

2011-03-18, 11:38 AM
War Academy

The nerve! Sentinel didn't tell Yoketron how he should run things at his end, did he?

It didn't show on Sentinel's expression, though, and he regarded Magnus with a curt nod.

"I understand, Master Yoketron. And I did have supervisors — those two that Kup has battling the cadets now. Rest assured they'll be reprimanded. Won't happen again. Not on my watch, anyway." Sentinel told Yoketron, more interested at justifying his actions.

The temples. So the knights aren't total clueless hermits, after all. And they are talking about Decepticons as well... not that Sentinel is interested in divulging too much, in any case.

"I am well aware, Yoketron." Sentinel told the Temple Knight. "An atrocity. I have sent some of my men to investigate, and I have just sent over one of my best fliers to support the local garrison. I'm complementing taking action... What do you have in mind, though?"

"Heh. Yer crazy, kid. I think I like you. Let's get this on!" Warpath revved up his tank treads and charged to meet Hot Rod, turret aimed at the cadet and firing a cryo-missile directly between them.

Or, well, as close to 'between' as he could guess with a zigzagging fireball, anyway...


Forum of Entertainment

Obsidian wasn't sure why he visited the Forum of Entertainment. The last time he did so was... Primus, he couldn't remember. Was it stellar cycle 23506? Or the 2410s?

He could remember that it was with Strika and the Fifth Bastion that he did so, though. To hunt down a member of a cult intent on a suicide bomb in the Forum. Why was the military involved instead of the police? Well, because another bomber had blown up the police headquarters at that time, it's why.

As Obsidian hovered through the streets, he knew that many of the whispers coming from the Alpha Prime Art Gallery are directed at him. Obsidian spared them nary a glance. Those highly decorated high echelon of society, wearing bodies custom designed frameworks... transparent frames... organic-looking parts... a robot mode that was more angled and streamlined than the vehicle mode... body angles designed to mimic flames, or the stars, or a corpse, or the sea...

All in the name of art. Nay, beauty.

Narcissists. Those modifications cost millions of credits, and what is it for? Beauty. Not restoration of Cybertron, not for the army, not even for the downtrodden scum.

Had it been for, say, the manufacture of movies or the media, Obsidian could at least relate (though he never watched much). But these pompous Senators and members of the high class society... Obsidian could almost hear their voices. 'Dear Primus in the Well of All Sparks! What kind of body frame is THAT? Wiry arms, grotesque fingers, hanging tail, no legs... and those rotor blades look like they are from the time of Prima! What a astoundingly horrible body design! No sir I won't be caught dead in that body!"

But can they outfly a missile? When it counts, Obsidian's body, unconventional as it is, would be able to survive when the Senator whose jet parts are arranged so beautifully in robot mode would have had difficulty flying properly.

Oh, how Obsidian wanted to kill them all. To make the society a better place by wiping them all out...

It would have been so simple... and didn't A3 say he would know what to do?

Aero Blade
2011-03-18, 04:44 PM
War Academy

"I had been speaking of protocols for Temple Knight units such as Terabolt and myself," Yoketron clarrified, "But it is good to know you have things well in hand. I know well the kind of trouble energetic trainees can present - I imagine ones with the backgrounds you handle can be difficult to keep in line. The sucess of the program speaks well of your managing."

Laying it on kinda thick aren't you? Though I guess it's necessary for a guy that dermined to be unpleasant.

Ignoring the thoughts Terabolt was projecting to him, Yoketron focused on the question Sentinel had presented. "Action may be an attractive answer to the situation, but without clear evidence of fault, the Temple Knights can do nothing more than investigate. We have our suspicions of the source, but to jump the gun without solid evidence, great mistakes could be made."

2011-03-18, 06:51 PM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

Smokescreen sighed. "So what do you plan on doing, Raiku? If you won't report it to the police, you only have two options. Either you can try to find the would-be killer yourself and probably die in the process, or you can give up and wait for him to succeed. And frankly, if you're just marking off the days until you die I'm not sure what I can do to help you."

He tapped his stylus against his pad for a few seconds, then continued.

"Raiku, if someone is trying to kill you then you have a responsibility to report it. For your own safety, yes, but there are more important things at stake. If what you're saying is true, someone has managed to subvert the security programs in place on the city's repair drones and turn them into murder weapons. Do you honestly think they went to all that trouble just for you?"

Aero Blade
2011-03-18, 10:22 PM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

"Why would anyone bother with me in the first place? I'm practically nothing in the big scheme of things, just some maitenance worker. Not to be morbid, but wouldn't someone with that kind of skill find better use for it attacking someone more important, like a defense secretary or a senator? I know our security isn't top of the line, and what amount of it works I haven't a clue - we're still pestering them to just fix the time clock - but it still can't be all that easy to get through. Why bother with a minimum wage machine patcher?"

Raiku had settled just a bit, returning to his seat to face Smokescreen. "That's all assuming the person is actually hacking their way in. I wouldn't even begin to guess one of my crewmates, I know them too well, but there are all other manner of upper management that comes to visit from time to time and they have full rights to anything in the maitenace areas.

"Two vorns back I recall a few companies that got shut down. There was investigations that exposed they were staging accidents to collect on insurance money. None of the guys put out of work ever got jobs again after that - no-one hires suspected whistle blowers, even if they didn't do the deed, the association is enough. Times are worse now than back then, and clearly our boss doesn't have the spare cash to fix up much of the stuff in our department. What happens if I report it and it's the exact same situation? How do I do that to the rest of my crew?"

Raiku gave a sigh, his gaze not focused at Smokescreen but instead somewhere on the wall behind him. There was the root of the problem, what was truely grinding his gears and stressing him out. Raiku was a loyal mech, very devoted to those he considered friends. If he reported the problem and it turned out like the other companies, he'd have been the one at fault for losing their jobs - to a mech like Raiku, that was paramount to betraying them. If he did nothing, it'd protect them, but he might wind up losing his own life in the process. How could he make such a choice?

"No-matter what I do, someone's life is getting messed up."

2011-03-19, 03:13 AM
War Academy

Sentinel smiled at Yoketron's compliment. Now that's more like it! Dimly Sentinel knew that Yoketron praised him to placate his slightly wounded pride earlier, but his ego wouldn't let it perceive it as anything other than praise.

"Yes. Although I am sure Kup and I can keep these criminals in line and show them the proper way. And stuff. Care for a drink?" Sentinel gestured to an attendant, one of the many that had showed up to watch the training exercise, who was holding a tray with energon cubes.

Sentinel nodded at Yoketron's next words, and pretended to mull over it. "True, we have it the same way with ours... although we can go a bit further than you." Because you are reluctant to deal with unsavoury methods and interrogation, Sentinel thought. "Whomever did this, they cover their tracks neatly, and other than rumours and probable clues we have no solid evidence of the identity of whoever is behind this. And true, we wouldn't want to go to war with the wrong people."

But Sentinel knew. Sentinel knew Megatron, even if he isn't the trouble now, would present a trouble later. Even if he is wrong and it was one of Megatron's lieutenants that instigated the attacks on the temples, Megatron's head would still fall as a pre-emptive strike.

"What", Sentinel finally decided to ask, "Do you know of Governor Megatron?"

2011-03-19, 05:31 AM
War Academy:

Had Hot Rod been in robot mode, he would have chuckled in triumph.

Of course, had he been in robot mode, he wouldn't be about 10 seconds away from slagging his engine and transmission, either, so it was best not to think about that part too much.

Tires screeching a siren song of pain, Hot Rod tortured his suspension through two sharp 90 degree turns. One to sharply avoid the cryo-shell, the other to send him rocketing past the approaching Warpath, almost close enough to swap paint. "Yer good, buddy. But me, I'm greased lightning!"

Trainyards Iacon:

Nightbeat nodded. "Use your own judgement, Scoop. And be careful. Whoever's behind this has to have had a reason."

Target Range, Hub-Palace:

Orion slung the machine gun and subspaced the extra drum magazines, then he looked at Ironhide and Nightstalker. "So, besides protecting the Prime, what are we supposed to do?"

Ironhide shrugged. "Guard stuff, mostly. Make sure no nutcase with a gun gets close ta Zeta. An' th' best way'a doin' that is ta blend inta th' background."

Orion looked at the old Autobot's bright red and grey colors, then looked at his own red and blue, then looked at Nightstalker. "I take it some of us are better at it than others."

2011-03-19, 08:14 AM
War Academy

Warpath engaged his transformation circuits, the big block of a tank shifting, leaping slightly into the air, parts rearranging into his robot mode, as soon as Hot Rod made the first turn. He barely finished transforming and had taken a slow step onto the ground when Hot Rod passed him.

The punk's faster, there's no mistaking that, but Warpath never prided himself in his speed.

As soon as he felt Hot Rod pass him, Warpath lashed out with his hands to try and hang onto the speeding criminal, either to stop them both and send them tumbling, or to go on for the crazy ride.

2011-03-19, 10:23 AM
Target Range, Hub-Palace:

Nightstalkers paint shimmered and became red. He continued talking as if nothing had happened.

"You'd be suprised , in a room full of dignitaries how mechs forget about us bodyguards. Plus theres a reason why all the serving droids sport a red livery. It's one extra layer of security. I have to disagree with Ironhide the best way to prevent the nutcases getting too near is research and intelligence. If you can stop them before they get in the same room as the Prime you don't need to worry about blending in.

Brave Maximus
2011-03-20, 05:08 PM
"Sometimes though, Information can be misleading or not there altogether, or wrapped up in so many lies and half-truths... finding the threat can be difficult at best."

Alpha Trion dropped his guards for those in the room, standing at the door, Arms folded and a wry smile on his face.

"That's why you need both sides of it. Ironhide knows far too well when one side or the other fails in it's job."

He nodded his head and smiled broader "How are you doing, Old-Timer?"

2011-03-20, 07:01 PM
Target Range, Hub-Palace

Nightstalker glanced over at Alpha Trion.

"True information is not knowledge, but as the great philosopher Templemount said True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information and we work with some very intelligent people. We do some very thorough research." He looked pointedly at Alpha Trion.

"But no matter it's all about teamwork we work together to combat all threats, physical, mental , psychological or just plain unknown."

2011-03-20, 07:24 PM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

"Then quit," Smokescreen suggested to Raiku. "If your current employers are so eager to get rid of you, they'll write you a glowing letter of recommendation just to get you out the door and make you someone else's problem."

He crossed his arms.

"Of course, that assumes that it is the company that's behind it. If an outside force actually is up to no good, with you out of the picture they'll be able to do whatever they feel like without anyone to resist them. You need to do what you think is best, Raiku. You can act, you can run or you can just stand around waiting for the end to come. I can't make that choice for you. But before you make up your mind you need to decide whether you trust yourself. Not whether your coworkers or bosses or acquaintances do, but on whether you trust yourself. Because right now, it doesn't sound like you do."


"And as for us, Nightbeat...I think we need to head back to the station and file our report," Red Alert said. "But more importantly, we need to look through the archives and see if there are any other incidents on record with the same pattern as this one. If we're right and a Decepticon conspiracy is behind this, they wouldn't go to all this trouble just for one mech."

Aero Blade
2011-03-20, 10:19 PM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

"If they're looking to stage an accident, they'll just move onto someone else to kill. I'll just be saving my skidplate to put someone else's in the line of fire," Raiku answered to Smokescreen's offer of quitting.

Raiku gave another brief sigh. "I just don't know what I'm going to do. Barely have a few moments to get any rest, let alone defragment properly so I can get a handle on this. I honestly don't trust myself to make the right decision..."

Raiku leaned back, staring up at the ceiling from underneith his visor. His internal clock was telling him the session time was almost up, and he'd have to be getting into work. He didn't feel as though anything had really be accomplished, but at least he'd been able to air his concerns. "I've got some time off in a few days - I'll be able to get away from the workplace and anything else that might be out to bother me. I promise, by the next time you see me, I'll have things figured out."

War Academy

"Thank you," Yoketron spoke as he accepted an energon cube from the nearby attendant, giving a polite partial bow. He did not consume the energy, but held onto it for now, probably to have once his conversation with Sentinel was done.

"I think, that what Govern Megatron is doing, is at essence, an improvement for the Kaon area," Yoketron spoke, his tone entirely diplomatic as he used carefully chosen words. "He is bringing order, rebuilding an otherwise low-end territory, and is stimulating their economy. When viewed from certain perspectives, it might be considered fortification and armament, but that would depend largely one's own background and politics. We do our best at the Temples to stay out of politics."

For quite some time now Terabolt had remained absolutely motionless, gaze facing out towards where the activity was in the training maze. Some might thing she were offline, except for the glowing optics indicating she was still active.

2011-03-22, 05:49 AM
War Academy

Sentinel snagged an Energon cube for himself, but unlike Yoketron, took a sip immediately.

"Aye, can't argue with the success of Megatron's little regime. Kaon's improved. But there are rumours that there are... more than meets the eye to his regime." Sentinel said. More than meets the eye... nice line. "It might be just paranoia, but as Military Commander, well, such a fortification and power under the control of a violent gladiator is... unsettling."

Politics? Sentinel has a love-hate relationship with politics. On one hand, it's a chance to rise higher in the ranks. On the other, it disrupted military action.

"I dislike politics myself, but I fear this may be more than politics. There have been... rumours that Megatron, or at least some of his troops, are the ones that are behind the attacks on the Temples."

There. See what Yoketron and Terabolt thought of that.

2011-03-22, 03:01 PM
Prime's chambers, Tower of Pion

Zeta Prime felt drained. It was happening to him more and more recently, despite the reassurances of the specialists in the Council Medic Corps. He could still rise to the occasion - be practical and focussed - be the Prime - but it took so much out of him.

He was getting too old.

Soon, he would have to turn his attention to his successor. Traditionally, the Council were responsible for naming the new Prime, although it was the Oracle that ultimately accepted or rejected the candidate. And it was possible for the old Prime to make the selection... Zeta knew whom he favoured, but his choice would not meet with the approval of many among the Elders...

Distracting him from his meditations, the comm bleeped twice. "Zeta Prime? Sir?"

Zeta recognised the vocals and now flipped a toggle. "This is Prime."

"It's Chameleon, sir. I'm calling from the spaceport. Sorry. I need to talk to you immediately..."

2011-03-22, 10:44 PM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

"Frankly, Raiku, if someone is trying to kill you I'm not at all confident that I will see you again." Smokescreen frowned. "But I can't make you do anything you don't want to do, and doctor-patient confidentiality means that I can't take this to the police either. So for your sake, I genuinely do hope that you find the time to figure this out."

The psychiatrist took a few seconds to think, then opened a desk drawer and rifled around in it for a few seconds. Finding what he wanted, he closed the drawer after drawing out a small, printed plastic card.

"I want you to take this. If you change your mind, you can contact this officer. He's an ex-patient of mine. Tell him I sent you and he'll take good care of you."

He slid the card across the desk toward Raiku so that the other Transformer could see it. Printed on the otherwise-white card was the Iacon police emblem, a comm frequency and the words "Detective-Sergeant Red Alert".

2011-03-23, 01:51 AM
The Dead End Regions

To make Cybertron a better place...

Obsidian hovered above the decrepit Dead End region. So many Empties milled about. Empties... Obsidian grimaced. The dredges of society, who had no will to live but to beg and ask from others. Mostly either because of drugs, disease or something similar. If they are rehabilitated, it would be a drain on the resources, and it's why nobody bothered to do it.

But left as they are, they will only be a different drain on the resources. Raw material, at least. And space.

These... things are not contributing anything to the society, so what place do they have in it? They aren't even like those Kaonites, with the fighting spirit that allowed them to be raised from the ashes... if only Cybertron could be like Kaon, to rise from the ashes as such...

"Pwleaasze, miss'r... eneeergoohnnn." An green-coloured Empty with his jaw hanging and missing and arm crawled towards Obsidian.

"Have you ever tried getting Energon through hard work by yourself?" Obsidian asked, using his rotors to achieve a higher altitude so the Empty won't be able to touch him.


Obsidian snorted. This will be a mercy-killing. With a squelching noise, Obsidian's fingers retracted inside their casing, revealing the five barrels that housed his fingers. He aimed it at the Empty's head, and fired. Only from one barrel. The impact tore off the Empty's head and he fell down, lifeless.

Disgusting, Obsidian thought, as he hovered further into the Dead End, the tip of his tail nearly grazing the corpse.

One less drain upon the glorious Cybertron.

Aero Blade
2011-03-23, 03:17 AM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

"Why does knowing that not give me any comfort?" Raiku asked as Smokescreen meantioned that he was a former patient. "Oh well, one crazy to talk to another I guess."

Raiku accepted the card, sliding it into a compartment on his arm to store it for late, in the event he actually used it. "Don't worry, you're not getting out of these sessions so easily. You're locked into a contract like I am," Raiku managed a weak smile. "I"ll see you next week Smokey."

War Academy

"Rumors happen when someone has something to say, wants to be heard, but has no proof of what they are saying," Yoketron spoke with no emotion to Sentinel. "Rumors are little stories waiting to become big mistakes."

Yoketron paused to finally take a sip from the cube, but it seemed more a gesture of politeness than anything else. "Rumors should not be ignored, but they should not be trusted either. How much stock do you put in them?"

2011-03-23, 03:58 AM
(OOC: Being sick really SUCKS!!!!)

War Academy:

He had to admit, for a plan he'd literally cooked up on the fly, it had almost worked.

Everything was fine up until the point he felt Warpath's hands grab onto his spoiler. That was unexpected.

And it hurt.

He knew he lacked the mass to drag somebody the size of Warpath along(nor did he want to completely wreck himself trying), he hoped that his momentum would be enough to pull the Autobot off-balance as he transformed to robot mode, launching a wild kick at Warpath's head.

2011-03-23, 02:26 PM
Topspin looked on as Hotrod, Hardtop, and Volks were doing a lot better than he originally imagined. Scattershot and Warpath had their hands full, in Warpath's case - literally.

He looked over and noticed Kup, Sentinel, and two Temple Knights speaking together. Drawbacks of command - not being able to see the show because of duty and obligation.

2011-03-24, 02:37 AM
War Academy

Hot Rod abruptly transformed, like Warpath suspected he would. The momentum did throw Warpath off, but he slammed his feet onto the ground, tearing up the concrete to bleed off the speed. The friction, both from grabbing onto Hot Rod and from trying to stop, hurt, but it was good pain.

Hot Rod's kick slammed onto Warpath's head with a clang, but the head snapped back into place, and Warpath would've smiled. The chest cannon now pointed straight at Hot Rod and he opened fire with a cryo-shell...

2011-03-24, 02:03 PM
Iacon spaceport, comm booth

"Immediately?" Zeta Prime demanded querulously. He was due to meet with Council representatives within a few breems and wanted to take the opportunity to review the agenda, especially in light of Yoketron's visit.

"Sir, sorry, yessir," Chameleon stammered before falling silent in embarassment; he might be part of the Prime's protocol section, but his rank was nowhere near the highest.

"Hm, out with it, young Chameleon..."

Chameleon glanced all around him. The spaceport was as busy as usual, but no one else was using the comms. "I've just returned from Kaon by express shuttle, from furlough, sir, a bit of window-shopping..." He realised he was babbling. "Er... I've seen Starscream and Jetfire..."

Prime snapped to full attention. "What? Darkmount has sent no notification of their return. You must be mistaken."

"Sir, sir, sorry, nossir. It was them, definitely, in Kaon. After all, it's not like anyone can mistake Jetfire, sir."

"Get back here. And tell Wheelarch that you are to be admitted to my chambers." Prime cut the link, opened another. "Prime to the Decagon!"

2011-03-24, 04:28 PM
The Dead End Regions

Three more Empties lie dead, their heads cleanly shot. One energy blast each; Obsidian didn't like to waste ammunition.

Obsidian tsk-ed at the mess the fourth Empty made, he had tried to escape, and in the result had slammed onto a trash compactor prior to being shot and toppled it over, bathing the corpse in a thick, greenish-black fluid that Obsidian didn't want to know where it came from.

Obsidian as his skeletal fingers slid out of his gauntlets with a squelch, and Obsidian flexed them experimentally. His face contorted in an expression of disgust. He brought his arms close to his chest as if hugging himself, but said "Obliterate." Transformation circuits engaged, and his body folded neatly into his sleek helicopter mode, parts compacting, fingers retracting, lower body rearranging, in a silent transformation.

Red rotors mounted on angled wings whupped in the air, taking Obsidian further up. He doubted that the murders won't be found out by the law, but who would investigate these random murders? After all, they are Empties, they are nobodies.

Now, had he killed one of those obnoxious politicians or businessmen that are leeching off Cybertron's funds...

Obsidian sighed. Wouldn't do for him to do that, they're too high profile. On the other hand, there had been tales, told to him by his protege Onslaught... tales of a certain gladiator rising up into Governor, and rising Kaon out of its proverbial grave...

Yes. That was one Transformer with vision, that seemingly cared for Cybertron. A3 had told Obsidian that he would be the driving force behind what is to come to Cybertron. One of, anyway.

But Obsidian knew that while he was a great military leader, the great military leader, one of the best, while he knew how to run campaigns, he had no idea how to lead people. How to inspire people. Charisma and all that, he lacked them. Obsidian can only lead soldiers and fighters. He needed a figurehead. They needed a figurehead for Cybertron to flourish.

It was supposed to be Prime. Obsidian had served loyally under Nova Prime, under Guardian Prime, and now Zeta Prime. The Prime was supposed to be a figurehead, but it's mostly a mockery now. The Senate and the High Council and whatever random system elected by democracy -- which was garbage in Obsidian's opinion. Those having a seat in the Council had never spent a day in the trenches, or even held a gun. And they get a say in how Cybertron is run, while those who actually fought to protect Cybertron are shoved around in the army, unappreciated?


"We need a change." Obsidian hissed, and opened one of his long-range commlinks. "Onslaught? This is me."

2011-03-24, 08:56 PM
Iacon Mental Health Clinic

"Out of all my patients," Smokescreen told Raiku gently, "I would expect you to be the least-judgmental of people who've seen a mental health professional."

He made one last note in Raiku's file, then closed it and stood up.

"Good night, Raiku," he said.

2011-03-24, 11:38 PM

Scoop looked across.

"Won't I need some way of keeping in contact with you."

2011-03-25, 06:40 AM
War Academy:

Hot Rod spun desperately to Warpath's left, the shell burning between his arm and side as he pivoted, left arm seeming to straighten out from inertial drag as he spun through a 360 degree turn.

But by this point, all bets were off.

He could stand being shot at with paint. It was a heck of a lot better than being shot at with bullets, lasers, missiles and bombs, that was for damn sure.

But this moron, shooting at him with live ammo when he didn't have any guns? Not fair.

Which was just how he liked to fight. Down and dirty.

Staying in close(hopefully inside Warpath's weapon arc), Hot Rod moved in as he finished his spin, left hand retracted, saw blade out and spinning at full speed as he slashed at the bigger mech's left knee.

Target Range, Hub-Palace:

Ironhide cocked an eyebrow. "Not too bad, fer a relic, Alpha. How're you?" He motioned to Orion. "C'mere, kid. Don't think he's gonna bahte. This' our new recruit, 'Rahon."

Orion saluted. "Greetings, sir. I am Orion."

Trainyards, Iacon:

Nightbeat shrugged. "Call into us like you're calling a story in, or calling your editor for instructions."